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Fantasy Theomachy - A Greco-Roman, Egyptian, and Norse Mythology RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    Θεομαχια: Theomachia, a war between the gods.

    Setting ? [blockquote]Second century AD, under the pax Romana

    While the Roman Empire rules the Mediterranean basin completely unchallenged, so do the Olympian gods dominate the other pantheons of the ancient world. Two centuries ago, an assassination sent the Republic careening into a civil war that nearly ended Rome?s domination?but it ended with an imperial monarchy. This very same course of events has just transpired in the heavens.

    The Thunderer, known to the Romans as Jupiter and to the Greeks as Zeu-pater, was slain by forces unknown. On his death, his wife Juno fully expected to receive the reins of power since she had already been queen for so long. However, Jove?s daughter, Pallas Athena, seized control of Olympus in a cunning coup. Commanding the lightning that her father had entrusted solely to her, Athena contended that she was always intended to inherit the throne as it was prophesied that she would be even greater than Zeus.

    Hera did not take very kindly to what she regarded as a usurpation of her rightful role, but she knew she was no match for Athena?s power even without the divine lightning. She fled Olympus to reside in her favorite city, Carthage, and there she simmers, plotting revenge against Athena. The two brothers of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, always expected that they would assume control of Olympus on his demise and even now constitute a threat to her: but they cannot overpower her while she possesses the lightning that allowed Zeus to maintain order. It is possible that they might seek to join forces with Hera in revolt against the new sky goddess?and a marriage between one of them and Zeus?s former queen could convince other gods to join them.

    The other Olympians are undecided. Athena is widely disliked on Olympus, but Hera is too. The older gods might support Hera, while the gods of Athena?s generation might back her?but this cannot be known for certain. Ares has little love for Athena, while Apollo?who agrees with Athena?s ideas of order and justice?might turn against her if she emulates the tyranny of her father.

    Olympus, never united in the best of days, now finds itself increasingly splintered. The formerly quiescent pantheon of Egypt stirs once more, seeing this as an opportunity to return to their old days of dominance by overthrowing both Olympian and Roman rule of Egypt, Cyprus, and Syria. The Norse gods, constantly at war with the Romans on the northern frontiers of the Empire, see the chance for freedom and expansion. One of these gods may have even slain Zeus for this specific purpose.[/blockquote]

    Player information: [blockquote]Each of the three pantheons are available for play. I ask that players please select the major gods first, as they will be the ones who drive the plot. Lesser deities and gods from other pantheons may become available if the game becomes big enough to warrant it.

    This will be a freeform RP. That means that I will not be posting updates and scenarios for people to reply to?instead, players can interact each other in however ways they see fit. My role as GM will be to approve profiles, arbitrate disputes, and nullify posts that don?t make sense or can?t work. Other than that, players will be given extreme latitude to play as they see fit. With a backstory like this, it?s far more fun to let the players drive the plot themselves.

    The chief deity of each pantheon will be responsible for leading it IC and OOC. I will be playing Pallas Athena, so Olympus will be my responsibility. Those who play Odin and Horus will be responsible for the Norse and Egyptian pantheons, and will be sub-GMs to me. My expertise is classical, so I ask that the people who head the other pantheons be knowledgeable about them to some degree, as I may ask them to make judgment calls. Since this is a freeform game, I don?t expect the sub-GM positions to be a ton of work.

    Note: for the purposes of this game, we?re going to have a syncre
  2. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    This post reserved for character roster, updated faction information, and a running overall summary of the game.

    Rosters: (characters in bold have been taken)

    Παλλας Αθηναια (Pallas Athena) - Sky goddess and Queen of Olympus [GrandAdmiralJello]
    Αφροδιτη (Aphrodite)
    Απολλων (Apollo)
    Αρης (Ares) [Kahn_Iceay]
    Αρτεμις (Artemis)
    Δημητηρ (Demeter)
    Διωνυσος (Dionysus)
    `Αιδης (Hades)
    `Ηφαιστος (Hephaestus)
    `Ηρα (Hera)
    `Ηρμης (Hermes)
    `Ηστια (Hestia)
    Ποσειδων (Poseidon)

    Set [DarkLordoftheFins]

    Loki [Rilwen_Shadowflame]
    Tyr [Kev-Mas_Colcha]

    I used the list from WotC's deities and demigods for the Nordic and Egyptian pantheons: if there are errors in spelling or some of the figures listed aren't actually major gods, let me know.
  3. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    This post reserved for my sample profile, and for any other information that will be needed in future.

    Class: Warrior/Tactician/Ruler
    Name: Pallas Athenaia Parthenos Tritogeneia
    Alternate names or epithets: Athena, Athene, Tritonia, Minerva, Promachia, Polias, and innumerable other cult epithets.
    Gender: Female
    Age: Younger Olympian
    Pantheon: Olympian
    Favorite city or temple: The Parthenon in Athenai or the Capitoline Temple in Roma

    ---Height: Slight of frame and athletic of build, but appears taller than the other gods as Zeus was wont to
    ---Eye Color: Stormy blue-grey, known as ?bright-eyed?
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Honey blonde to light brown, braided in back with bangs shifted to the side of her face.
    <img src="" height="100" alt="Bow, filthy pleb!">

    ---Clothing: She wears her father?s robes. The outfit is a peplos pinned on her left shoulder with a brooch, and gathered with a belt at the waist to form a mid-thigh length skirt. Her arms and the right side of her torso are uncovered, like statues of Jupiter or Dea Roma, with one and a half smallish breasts bared. Athena wove the silk herself and it is embroidered with gold, like [link=]this image[/link] but without the sleeved tunic or armor.
    ---Weapons/Armor: When in battle, she wears an anatomically sculpted golden cuirass draped with the aegis, a pteryges skirt, and a military cloak clasped to one side. Her primary weapon is a spear and she wields a shield, though she has also been known to use swords. She sometimes wears a plumed Attic helmet, but is most often seen wearing a plumed Corinthian helmet.
    <img src="" height="100" alt="Bow, filthy pleb!">

    Personality: Sober-minded and detached, but occasionally maternal and arrogant. Was seen as Zeus?s little princess, and may be a haughty ruler as a result.
    Habits: Biting her lips in thought, speaking in riddles, condescending to others, making grandiose pronouncements, etc.
    Likes: Heroes, empires, great cities, works of art, nobility, high-minded conduct, and courage, etc.
    Dislikes: Aggression, brutality, sexuality, marriage, etc.
    Talents: Wisdom, War, Strategy, Civilization, Arts, Crafts, and newly the Heavens
    Weakness: Arrogance, overthinking, off-putting to others, etc.
    Limitations: Cannot understand her fellow women.
    Special Attributes/Powers: Perpetual virginity, commands lightning, can summon arms and armor, etc.

    Personal Familiar: Jove?s eagle and her owl.
    Background: I begin to sing of Pallas Athena, whose shout shook the very earth when she was born. I have not the verses nor the months, turning on revolving cycles, to detail her exploits in full: this is no epic, no hymn.

    Athena was born from the brow of the sky father, Zeus. No mother bore her, though she possesses wisdom granted to her by the Titaness Metis (who would have been her mother had Zeus not swallowed her whole). Almost immediately after her birth, the Gigantes?Titan-spawn?rose up against the Olympian order. Piling Pelion upon Ossa, they stormed Olympus and were only stopped with the aid of the half-mortal Hercules. Athena distinguished herself in the war, defeating the giant Enceladus single-handedly.

    She was responsible for the creation of humanity, alongside the crafty Titan Prometheus, son of Iapetus. She aided the son of Aeson in retrieving the golden fleece from Cholchis, and fought alongside the descendants of these Argonauts when they were called by the Atreïdes to demolish Troy. Yet she always rejoiced in Athens first, and tales conflict as to whether she was named for the city, or the city for her. So it was that the grandson of Atreus fled to Athens, and she established justice in her city by holding the first trial by jury.

    When the Roman Empire came, Athena saw great things for the Eternal City: she deemed that it could be the bulwark
  4. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Class: Trickster/rogue
    Name: Loki
    Alternate names or epithets: Loptr, Lopt, Loki Lie-Smith, Loki Laufeyjarson and various other nicknames.
    Gender: Male (most of the time)
    Age: Mythological age? Old. Maturity? Zilch.
    Pantheon: Norse
    Favorite city or temple: Wherever there is amusement to be found.

    ---Height: Currently favours being tall
    ---Eye Color: Green, mostly
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Red, mostly
    ---Clothing: Varies vastly. Generally tunic and trousers.
    ---Weapons/Armor: Whatever he can find/steal.
    ---Other: Slim, sharp-featured but handsome, but with a scarred mouth where it was once sewn up.

    Personality: Chaotic beyond belief. Highly erratic and fond of mischief. Does not however like being slighted.
    Habits: Pranking people, causing trouble, sometimes being helpful.
    Likes: Showing off, being admired, out-witting others.
    Dislikes: Punishment for his misdemeanours.
    Talents: Shape-shifting, deceit, mischief.
    Weakness: His other forms have their natural weaknesses.
    Limitations: Not the greatest fighter in the pantheon, and frequently short on allies.
    Special Attributes/Powers: Changing forms.

    Personal Familiar: None.
    Background: Half-giant, Loki doesn't really belong amongst the Aesir. He's useful to them, however, and his talents have solved almost as many problems as he has caused. Odin's brother by blood oath, he rather counts on this tie... since it's pretty certain that most of the others aren't vastly fond of him. He does not talk about Sleipnir. The children he will admit to include the serpent Jörmungandr, the wolf Fenrir, and Hel. With his wife, Sigyn, he has two other sons, Nari and Narfi.

    Loki knows what is to come. He knows what the Aesir are likely to do to him. It's uncertain how he'll react to this knowledge. He might scramble frantically to avert his fate. He might, on the other hand, throw himself into deserving the inevitable, making them pay in any slight way for what is going to happen.

    One thing is certain; Loki is wildfire, and somebody's going to get burned.

  5. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    We gots approval.

    Class: Warrior
    Name: Ares
    Alternate names or epithets: Mars
    Mars Alator
    Mars Albiorix
    Mars Balearicus
    Mars Barrex
    Mars Belatucadrus
    Mars Braciaca
    Mars Camulos
    Mars Capriociegus
    Mars Cocidius
    Mars Condatis
    Mars Corotiacus
    Mars Gradivus
    Mars Lenus
    Mars Loucetius
    Mars Mullo
    Mars Nodens
    Mars Ocelus
    Mars Olloudius
    Mars Rigisamus
    Mars Rigonemetis
    Mars Segomo
    Mars Teutates
    Mars Thinesus
    Mars Ultor
    Mars Visucius
    Mars Vorocius
    Gender: Male
    Age: Younger (Of Athena's Generation)
    Pantheon: Olympian
    Favorite city or temple: Thrace (as Ares) Rome (as Mars)

    ---Height: Tall
    ---Eye Color: Yellowish
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Clothing: Hoplite Armor and Cape
    ---Weapons/Armor: Spear and Shield, Hoplite armor
    ---Other: Muscular

    Personality: Bloodthirsty and ruthless, Ares is slaughter personified.
    Habits: waging war, bloodshed, and inciting violence.
    Likes: Aforementioned war, bloodshed, and violence, the people of Sparta and to a degree Thracians.
    Dislikes: Not very fond of Athena, the Norse god Tyr, and general peace making
    Talents: Combat, war, strength. Adept at fostering war and the evil nature of men.
    Weakness: bits of blind rage and fury, often acts with brawn and not with brain
    Limitations: though a master of war, its more in the regards of waging it, not planing it. i.e. he's not the greatest tactician, contrary to Athena.
    Special Attributes/Powers:
    Power: Ares is incredibly strong and durable, able to unleash physical punishment upon his opponents and take large amounts of punishment as well.
    Spear: Ares can summon his spear to him at any time, calling it back to him if it is thrown or if he is disarmed.
    Torch: One of Ares' symbols is that of the burning torch, and Ares himself can manifest divine fire and hurl it at his enemies or manifest it around his spear.
    Quadriga: Ares rides into battle on a quadriga pulled by 4 gold-bridled fire-emitting immortal stallions. He might ride upon the ground or through the air, and to be trampled by the hooves of these four beasts is to be burned and crushed.

    Personal Familiar: His sacred birds are the Woodpecker, Eagle Owl, Stymphalian Birds, and Vulture.

    Background: Ares is the son of Hera and Zeus, the God of War, Bloodshed, and the Personification of Slaughter. He is a powerful deity and one of the "Twelve Olympians". Though Athena is Ares' half-sister he holds no love for her, but he is not a fool. He knows the true power of Olympus lies with Athena and is not keen to find himself upon the losing side of a war. Though he is tentatively aligned with Athena his ultimate goal is to take the former power of his Father for himself. He knows as it stands he cannot hope to take the power from her, but Ares can be patient. He can foster evil nature in men, and is sure he can foster the same in his fellow gods, all he need do is wait, play the part, and strike when the time is right. As Mars he is the most prominent of the military gods that are worshiped by the Roman legions. The martial Romans considered him second in importance only to Jupiter. As Mars he is generally revered and rivaled Jupiter as the most honoured god. He is also the tutelary god of the city of Rome. He is regarded as the legendary father of Rome's founder, Romulus, it is believed that all Romans are descendants of Mars.
  6. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Amendments/additions to Loki character sheet;

    ---Height: Currently favours being tall
    ---Eye Color: Green, mostly, with yellow being second most frequent.
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Red, mostly.
    ---Clothing: Varies vastly. Generally tunic and trousers.
    ---Weapons/Armor: Whatever he can find/steal.
    ---Other: Slim, sharp-featured but handsome, but with a scarred mouth where it was once sewn up. Most common appearance is a young man with long red hair. [link=]Pic.[/link]

    Special Attributes/Powers: Changing forms, rune-based magic, the flight earning him 'Loki Skywalker' as a nickname, and a truly devastating amount of charm that keeps people listening to him even when they should know better... or can be flipped into a talent for sowing dissent and discord.
  7. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    GM Approved!

    Class: Warrior
    Name: Tyr
    Alternate names or epithets: Týr, Teiws, Tiw, Ziu, Tîwaz
    Gender: Male
    Age: Older God
    Pantheon: Norse
    Favorite city or temple: Asgard


    ---Height: Tall
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Blonde
    ---Clothing: Varies, from a loincloth, to long tunic and trousers.
    ---Weapons/Armor: Lamellar Armor/Chain Mail, Nordic Helmet, Sword, Spear
    ---Other: Missing Hand, lost to the Fenris Wolf (Fenrir)

    Personality: Known for his great wisdom and courage.
    Habits: Tends to act impulsively, even when it means harm to himself.
    Likes: Victory, the thrill of battle, acknowledgment for those things.
    Dislikes: Silence, losing, being picked last, the Greco-Roman God Ares.
    Talents: Waging war, feats of strength and heroism.
    Weakness: Has only one hand, is headstrong.
    Limitations: Has only one hand, isn't the greatest tactician.
    Special Attributes/Powers:
    Strength and Durability: Tyr is able to accomplish great feats of strength, as well as withstand great amounts of punishment.
    Spear: Like his Greco-Roman counterpart (Ares), Tyr is able to summon his Spear to his side at any time, if it is thrown or he is disarmed.
    Rune Magic: Tyr is able to use Runes in order to accomplish magical feats.

    Personal Familiar: None
    Background: Tyr is a Norse God of Single Combat, Victory, and Heroic Glory, son of Odin, and his left hand man.

    He was one of several Norse Gods that attempted to shackle the Fenris Wolf, Fenrir. After the beast broke every chain they put on him, they had the dwarves make them a magical ribbon called Gleipnir. It appeared to be only a silken ribbon but was made of six wondrous ingredients: the sound of a cat's footfall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, bear's sinews (meaning nerves, sensibility), fish's breath and bird's spittle. The creation of Gleipnir is said to be the reason why none of the above exist. Fenrir sensed the gods' deceit and refused to be bound with it unless one of them put his hand in the wolf's mouth.

    Tyr, known for his great courage and wisdom (and arguably his being headstrong) agreed, and the other Gods bound the wolf. After Fenrir had been bound by the Gods, he struggled to try and break the rope, When the Gods saw that Fenrir was bound, they all rejoiced, except for Tyr, who had his right hand bitten off by the wolf.

    From then on, Tyr has been called the "Leavings of the Wolf", which is known as a very prestigious title.
  8. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Class: Romantic
    Name: Aphrodite
    Alternate Names or Epithets: Venus, Cypris, Cytherea, Dione
    Gender: Female
    Age: Old
    Pantheon: Olympian
    Favorite city or temple: Paphos, as that was where she was ?born?

    ---Height: Tall
    ---Eye Color: Light Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Long, beautiful blond hair
    ---Clothing: Long, Bright White Robes, Flowers upon her hair, small pieces of jewelry.
    ---Weapons/Armor: Her beauty
    ---Other: She is very beautiful. The legend was she could make any mortal man fall in love with her in one look.

    Personality: Selfish, out right arrogant when needed. Moments of brightness and shiny attitudes. Vain, ill-tempered, and easily offended.
    Habits: To associate herself with men whom she wouldn?t and shouldn?t love.
    Likes: Beauty, respect, bravery, and ruler Athena
    Dislikes: Disrespect, cruelty, anger, war, woe, death
    Talents: Beautiful singing and enticing men
    Weaknesses: Becomes so in love with her appearance she shows outright evil to others.
    Limitations: Not very good at thinking ahead
    Special Attributes/Powers: None

    Personal Familiar: Doves
    Background: Aphrodite was born from Zeus and Dione. Zeus was afraid other gods would arouse jealousy, so he married her off to Hephaestus. Aphrodite was angry of the marriage to a hideous smith, resulting in several affairs. Her children are as listed. Eros, Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia, Arethousa, Adrestia, Anteros, Himerus, Atesia, Eryx, Tyche, Rhodes, Peitho, Eunomia, Hermaphroditus, The Charities, Hymenaios, Priapus, and Aeneas. With Athena taking power, she actually loves it. She thinks the girl has the right attitude, and deserves to have the crime. Of course she is too busy caring for her children to get into the actual affairs.
  9. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002

    Class: Demonic
    Name: Amatsu-Mikaboshi
    Alternate names or epithets: August Star of Heaven, Ama-no-Kagaseo (Brilliant Male), Kaos/Chaos, Ginnungagap (yawning abyss), Nu [The Watery One] (Nun/Naunet [The Inert One])
    Gender: Genderless, but generally takes the form of a male.
    Age: Old
    Pantheon: Lost from all three, currently worshiped in Shinto.
    Favorite city or temple: Yamato, Wa

    ---Height: His corporal form is tall.
    ---Eye Color: Unknown, hidden behind a mask in natural corporal form.
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Clothing: Robes and kimonos with varying degrees of decoration.
    ---Weapons/Armor: No weapons or armor aside from strength and powerful dark and demonic magics.
    ---Other: Can shape shift so though his corporal form has one distinctive look, there is no way to discern what form he shall appear in.

    Personality: As a demonic entity he is ruthless and cunning.
    Habits: Even against his better judgement, he can't control his urges to kill anyone when given the chance.
    Likes: Nothingness, the emptiness of the void.
    Dislikes: Life
    Talents: Evil, Stars, Void
    Weakness: The light that is life has splintered his control of the universe. Though he still retains powers on equal to a pantheon leader, he is nowhere near as powerful as he once was. His in ability to control his hatred for long also leads to his alliances often falling apart due to betrayal.
    Limitations: His ability to play nice with others limits his relationships with other deities, and his power is at an all time low until he can begin killing both deities and mortals.
    Special Attributes/Powers: He has the strength of whatever form he chooses, extreme durability, and regenerative properties. His main talent is shape shifting, but he commands a vast amount of power in the dark arts of magic. As part of his dark magic and connection to the void before life, he can manipulate the desires and emotions of all living creatures.

    Personal Familiar: As the Shinto deity of evil and the stars, he commands the Oni as his personal army.
    Background: Before there was life, before the universe, there was the void. The blackness that existed before form, before the light of life formed the universe and splintered the void. To the Greco-Roman tradition this existence was Chaos, and from Chaos sprang the gods that would eventually form their Pantheon. To the Norse, this place was Ginnungagap, the void wherein Niflheim and Muspelheim met in the middle to begin the birth of life.

    To the Egyptians and Japanese, however, this void had a sentience to itself if not life. Nu, for the Egyptians, was the source of the primordial liquid and entity that existed alongside the creator Atum. The Japanese had the Mikaboshi. The emptiness of the void, splintered by the movements of In and Yo, that seeped into the newly created universe to feed the dark emotions found in life. To push these dark thoughts to the surface and cause turmoil and strife. To wield the power of the void was to be able to wield the emotions of those around you. The Egyptians also noticed this of Nun, but chose to place more faith and power into Ra and his pantheon.

    It is only in Wa, Ancient Japan, that Amatsu-Mikaboshi could harness his power, could focus his hatred for life. Still without form, still only existing as the darkness of the shadow, of the blackness of the abyss, of the anger and hatred inside of man's heart, Mikaboshi sat in wait for something to happen. He waited for a new schism, a weakness to present itself within the western pantheons. Building his army of Oni, using their evil to fuel his power and destroy life, he pestered the other Shinto deities from a place they could not reach.

    Until now, as the Sky father Zeus has fallen and war begins to weaken the pantheons of the west, Amatsu-Mikaboshi has chosen the hidden shrine in Yamato to fix himself to a corporal form, to provide him with an immortal body in w
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    Nov 28, 2000
    I'm thinking we'll wait through the weekend for a few more profiles that are supposed to be coming, then we'll try and get started.
  11. One_Man_Army

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    Too late to join in?
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    It's never too late to join in.
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    Sending you a CS :)
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    Jul 1, 2000
    Le Approved by the Almighty Jiggleness

    Class: Priest
    Name: Anubis
    Alternate names or epithets: Inpu, Anpu, Anupu, Ienpw, Hermanubis, Jackal-god
    Gender: Male
    Age: Ancient
    Pantheon: Egyptian
    Favorite city or temple: Cynopolis



    ---Height: Varies
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Clothing: See image
    ---Weapons/Armor: See image, plus a habard like staff, blunt on one end, sharp blade on the other.
    ---Other: Has a jackal form which is all black and wears a few pieces of his jewelry such as the broad collar and armbands. Also possesses an Ankh.

    Personality: Mostly macabre, serious and humorless brought on by the importance of his duties. He has taken pity on mortals and the gods before and has interfered in mortal affairs when he feels the cause is righteous enough for his interference or he's summoned but never directly gets involved, preferring riddles and vague advice to lead a mortal (or god) to their goal. He does not favor any one soul when it comes time for the Judging of the Heart. He is fair in his judgments and gives those what he knows is rightly deserved. Does not care about the other pantheons or their motives, believing that all souls (mortal or god) will eventually come before him for judgment to the afterlife or oblivion by the Eater of Souls.
    Habits: Tends to give annoying, short answers when someone wants an explanation for an answer. Also has an annoying laugh like, you guessed it, a jackal.
    Likes: Jackals, guiding the dead and mediating disputes between his fellow gods.
    Dislikes: Dishonesty, souls trying to sneak past him or rigging his scales to favor them during the Judging of the Heart. Hades kidnapping and later tricking Persephone to remain in the Underworld during the winter months, believing that she does not belong there yet. Corrupt mortals summoning and forcing him to take them as his avatar.
    Talents: Embalming, mummification, funerals, death, afterlife
    Weakness: Anubis is apparently unable to harm someone who possesses an ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life.
    Limitations: One would think that since he is the god of death, he would have the power over death however he does not. He can only guide and prepare the dead or bring death. He cannot bring them back to life unlike his father, Osiris.
    Special Attributes/Powers: Can cause death to all things mortal if he so chose, but his morals prevent him from doing it on a mass scale. Can be summoned and can temporarily take on an avatar via a rite from the Book of the Dead, a page he purposely misplaced after one fiasco with a mortal abusing his powers. But the page still exists somewhere on Earth.

    Personal Familiar: Khet, a jackal
    Background: Anubis is an incredibly ancient god, and was the original god of the dead before Osiris "took over" the position. After that point, Anubis was changed to be one of the many sons of Osiris and the psychopomp (conductor of souls) of the underworld. His totem of the jackal is probably due to the fact that jackals would hunt at the edges of the desert, near the necropolis and cemeteries throughout Egypt.

    Prayers to Anubis are found carved on the most ancient tombs in Egypt, and his duties apparently are many. He watches over the mummification process to ensure that all is done properly. He conducts the souls through the underworld, testing their knowledge of the gods and their faith. He places their heart on the Scales of Justice during the Judging of the Heart, and he feeds the souls of wicked people to Ammit.

    In some stories, Anubis is the son of Ra and Nephthys, or Set and Nephthys (probably due to Set and Anubis having the same totem animal). Some have Heset as his mother, and still others say Bast. This apparent confusion is still another sign of Anubis' origins in the most ancient of times. He also has a daughter, Kabechet, who helps him in the mummification.
  15. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Class: Like so many things about him, it is hard to define. A tyrant he is, surely. But he was a warrior when it suited his bloody intentions . . .

    Name: Set, God of the Desert

    Alternate names or epithets: Seth, Sutekh, Seketh, Typhon, Father Set
    Gender: Male
    Age: As old as the desert and the wind . . .
    Pantheon: Egyptian
    Favorite city or Temple: Ombos in Nquada, a fortified city around his temple


    ---Height: Always described as tall . . .
    ---Eye Color: Depends on the animal he shows.
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Dark usually . . . his skin is always black, though.
    ---Clothing: Changes. Robes or simple clothes.
    ---Weapons/Armor: A scythe
    ---Other: He wears the head of the Set-Animal, Which might changes with the aspect of Chaos he does represent. It is beyond his control, but always it is an animal whose resemblance he takes. Most often the typical typhonian image, sometimes the typical mule. Also snakes, dragon, scorpions, crocodiles, often jackals and all animals impure and less respected by people were seen

    Personality: Legends describes him as evil, devouring, hungry. But he is also a frustrated outcast to his brothers. A loner and a protector. He has love for those who love him. Also his love might be fatal. That is the nature and tragedy of a God of chaos
    Habits: Pushing the boundaries of things considered possible. Devouring souls, the stronger the better. Less out of "vampiric" need, but more because he considers it his purpose.
    Likes: Sin. Chaos. Desert. Purity. Rebellion. Anarchy. Pain. Murder. Confusion.
    Dislikes: Order. Peace. Harmony.
    Talents: Son of the long faded Gods of the Earth and the Wind he is a contender of the Thone of Osiris and rival to Horus himself. He has a friendship with a mysterious God called Ra, who has not yet revealed his power to the Pantheon. And a long lasting feud with Apep, who seems to feel threatened by the God of Chaos.
    He has several sons. With several wives. Some of the most notable wives (beyond Nephthys/Nebet Het) are Neith (with whom he is said to have fathered Sobek), Amtcheret (by whom he is said to have fathered Upuat - though Upuat is also said to be a son of Anubis or Osiris), Tawaret, Hetepsabet (one of the Hours, a feminine was-beast headed goddess who is variously described as wife or daughter of Set), and the two Canaanite deities Anat and Astarte, both of whom are equally skilled in love and war - two things which Set himself was famous for.
    Weakness: He is unable of anything that involves order. Even his realm he allows to be guided by his priests out of a growing awareness his nature does not allow it . . . he is isolated. He also is hated b< all peple outside his domain. Lacks allies.
    Limitations: See weaknesses.
    Special Attributes/Powers: Comands desert and storms, is said to be able to devour souls, obviously can change his form, also the means with which he accomplishes that are unknown.

    Personal Familiar: It´s his very nature to be alone. Even among servants. Crockodiles, snakes, scorpion and all creatures of the desert are his. Yet, none
    Background: Desert, Evil, Chaos, Storm. set is the God of all things feared bythe common man. And feared he has become in this age.
    When his father splitted Egypt into two, divided by wealth and riches and the merciless deserts it was his son Set to rules the chaos made of sand. And so Set did. But his father faded into the realm of forgettfulness. Not so his sons. But when Horus commanded Set to lead his realm into the Pharaos hands, to unit what was not to be united, Set refuesed. Horus, angry declared war. And Set brought his most fearsome weapon into the world. Evil. Evil spread everywhere and nobody was safe from it. Evil was his weapon and chaos followed evil soon. So did fear. And so did the desert, burying those settlements burned and raided by men. The peace came as a burde
  16. One_Man_Army

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    Feb 18, 2010
    I'm not eligible to send PMs..
  17. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    GM Approved

    Class: Warrior
    Name: Thor
    Alternate names or epithets:
    Gender: Male
    Age: newer god
    Favorite city or temple: Bilskirnir in Thrudheim (?place of might?).

    ---Height: Tall
    ---Eye Color: Lightning
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Dark Red
    ---Clothing: Dark tunic arms bare to show his muscular arms, trousers knee high boots, deep red cloak.
    ---Weapons/Armor: Mid thigh scale armour, golden wrist guards, neck torque, magical belt Megingjard, Hammer Mjolnir
    ---Other: (build, scars, anything else you?d like to stress) broad handsome features, the top of his shoulder length hair is held back in a warriors topknot, broad shouldered and powerful.

    Personality: Thor was a good-natured, careless god, always ready for adventure, and never tired of trying his great strength, having a great sense of personal honour he is a great friend to Loki.
    Habits: drinking, leaps before he looks, can tend to trust to much
    Likes: Fighting, drinking with his brother gods, protecting midguard, testing his strength.
    Dislikes: lies, people abusing their power or those under his protection.
    Talents: God of war, thunder and protector of midguard
    Weakness: trusts his good friend Loki too much, great pride in his strength
    Special Attributes/Powers: God of thunder he creates lightning wherever he throws his hammer, he helps to drive off frost and bring on spring

    Personal Familiar: rides a chariot pulled by the goats Tanngrisni (?gap-tooth?) and Tanngnost (?tooth grinder?).

    Thor, also known as the Thunderer, was considered to be a son of Odin by some, but among many tribes Thor actually supplanted Odin as the favorite god. He is considered to be the protector of all Midgard, and he wields the mighty hammer Mjollnir. Thor is strength personified. His battle chariot is drawn by two goats, and his hammer Mjollnir causes the lightning that flashes across the sky. Of all the deities, Thor is the most ?barbarian? of the lot; rugged, powerful, and lives by his own rules, although he is faithful to the rest of the Aesir. The day Thursday (Thorsdaeg) is sacred to him.

    Thor was the god of war, thunder and strength. Thor destroyed the enemies of the gods with his magic hammer. It was he who chased away the frosts and called gentle winds and warm spring rains to release the earth from its bondage of ice and snow. He was also the god of the household and of the common people. He even married Sif a peasant woman. The lightning?s flash was his mighty hammer, Mjollnir, hurled in battle with the frost giants, and the rolling thunder was the rumble of his fiery chariot.

    Thor was a good-natured, careless god, always ready for adventure, and never tired of trying his great strength. He could shoulder giant tasks with the greatest ease and slay bulls with his bare hands. For sport he sometimes rode among the cloud-veiled mountains, hurling his hammer at their peaks and cleaving them in twain.

    This adventurous god once visited Jotunheim, the land of the giants. The king of the giants looked at him scornfully and said, ?Is this stripling the mighty god, Thor? Perhaps you are mightier than you appear. What feats do you deem yourself skilled in?? I will test my prowess in a drinking bout with anyone,? smiled Thor.

    The king thereupon bade the cup bearer bring a drinking horn, and said, ?Whosoever is a good drinker is able to drain this horn at a single drought.? Thor placed the horn to his lips and drank long and deep, but when he removed it the liquid had scarcely diminished. Three times he tried to empty the horn and failed, and at last he threw it down in disgust.

    Next he was challenged to lift the king?s cat from the ground. After a great effort he only managed to raise one of its paws. ?Is this the mighty god we have been taught to fear?? scoffed the king.

    Thor held his temper and offered to wrestle with anyone who would stand against him, and a toothless old crone accepted the challenge. Thor placed his arms about the woman and tried to pull her to
  18. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005

    Class: Wise man
    Name: Odin
    Alternate names or epithets: Wotan, Wotanz, Oden, Woden, Wodanaz, Alfodr, the All-Father, the Wanderer
    Gender: Male
    Age: Older, near-ancient.
    Pantheon: Norse
    Favorite city or temple: Valhalla

    ---Height: of a medium height
    ---Eye Color: One blue eye
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Gray hair and beard
    ---Clothing: A simple cloak overtop a leather jerkin and breeches with worn boots. A wide-brimmed hat atop that. A black eyepatch over his left eye.
    ---Weapons/Armor: Grungir, a mighty spear that never misses its mark and always kills.
    ---Other: Bearded

    Habits: Grins and smiles are Odin's currency, as is pulling at his beard.
    Likes: Long walks, riddles, mysteries and birds.
    Dislikes: Foolishness and large dogs
    Talents: Wisdom, war, the hunt, transformation, prophecy, magic, cunning, and victory.
    Weakness: A need to solve things and learn.
    Limitations: A tendency to get wrapped up in his own games and plans.
    Special Attributes/Powers: Wise beyond measure.

    Personal Familiar: His two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, fly the world over and bring Odin news and information. Sleipnir, his eight-legged horse, is the best steed among Gods or Man.
    Background: Husband to Frigg, father to Thor (among others), yet bound to none, Odin is the wandering old man shaping the world with his knowledge and cunning. Odin rules Asgard from his hall in Valhalla, and yet he rules from Midgard as well. One day Fenrir will tear out his throat, but that day has not yet come. Odin knows this for Odin knows all and yet knows nothing, for he knows there is still much to learn. Therein lies the nature of Odin's being - he must learn and change and discover and share with the world around him...if the world around him would only listen. Things are changing and Odin must change with them or bend them to his well. Not through force or wizardry but the power of knowledge.
  19. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    So when we starting?
  20. GrandAdmiralJello

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    I was waiting on a few players, but they've told me they'll be a while. So we can be good to go now. I'll start off and tag the Olympians, and the other pantheons can begin as they will.

    [b]Olympus ? Palace[/b][blockquote][i]&Pi;&alpha;&lambda;&lambda;&alpha;&sigmaf; &Alpha;&theta;&eta;&nu;&alpha;&iota;&alpha;[/i]

    ?What do you mean, she [i]fled[/i]?? demanded Pallas Athena, enthroned on her high golden chair. Her blue-gray eyes crackled with divine fury--barely suppressed. ?You were supposed to keep watch! Artemis, night huntress indeed!? She made a first, and thunder echoed through the high vaults of the empyrean.

    The virgin daughter of Leto visibly winced. Despite for all her bravado, she was very sensitive about her skills and had always sought Athena?s approval. Now she seemed abashed and on the verge of tears; she was most certainly frightened of the new sky goddess. She looked down at the smoothly polished marble floor of the throne room, and her forlorn expression was reflected back at her.

    Her brother stalked into the room and pointed an accusing finger at Athena. ?You should have expected her to flee. You arranged this coup most skillfully, yet you neglected to realize that Hera would not just yield her place to you. She did escape us, but surely she had the help of Aidoneus?with the helm of Hades, she could have evaded any sort of detection. Why didn?t you move to secure Zeus?s brothers??

    Athena rose from her throne and glared at Apollo. As always, he wore his golden locks long, so they swept over his shoulders in an incredibly effeminate fashion. Athena?s own hair was bound and braided behind her with a parting of her bangs to either side of her face: her coiffure was simple, but elegant. Apollo also seemed to delight in prancing about naked, as if to flaunt his oiled muscles and youthful good looks--in rare accord, Athena and Ares had always mocked him for it. All the sun god wore to cover his nakedness was a chlamys draped around his shoulders, and his gesticulating arm swept enough of it aside to give Athena an eyeful that she wished she hadn?t seen.

    ?You would never dare speak to father this way,? Athena said darkly. She had discarded her usually voluminous robes?symbols of a subservient and well-behaved daughter?for the garb of Jupiter. She had woven the garment herself out of the finest silks and embroidered it with gold patterns. One shoulder was draped over, and the garment wraped around her waist and hung from there like a skirt, with the mid-thigh hems also embroidered in gold. Her sculpted abdominals and the right half of her chest were bare in the style of Zeus, an unusual look for her.

    Though distressed at first, she began to think nothing of it as she assimilated the portfolio of the sky father: anything that enhanced her resemblance to her father was for the better. She had always taken after him and regretted her slight feminine frame: she would never overawe by majestic bulk or carry the immense beard of the sky father. So be it: she was his successor, as she was always meant to be. The fates may have given her a female form, but they had prophesized that she would become even greater than Zeus.

    ?Face it Athena: you may usurp his throne and his attributes?you may even wear his clothes?but you will never command the obedience of Olympus as he did. You are a schemer, not a tyrant: you may have power, but Poseidon and Hades would break you with little effort. My sister and I could too: I help you because we are half-siblings, but don?t push us.?

    Athena?s eyes flashed. ?I [i]am[/i] Olympus!? She raised her right hand to the air as blue forks cascaded up her arm to coalesce into an azure ball at the end of two extended fingers. She projected her arm forward and lazily flicked her wrist towards the handsome Apollo. A bolt of lightning snapped down at him like a whip and sent him flying across the room, accompanied by a thundercap.

    Acrid steam rose from his body as he skidded to a halt along the floor, and he convulsed as he lay there. Artemis shrieked and ran >
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    Wandering in Valhalla

    Alone he walks through sunken dreams of man
    And devises the while of such a master plan
    As will be remembered for such years to come
    And feared by all, for this, 'tis true, in some
    Strange ways doth meet their end and truth
    For this, when spoke by few, is sooth
    And tailors all the while to hearts
    That mix above everlasting parts
    But lo! Who be this wanderer grey?
    Be he the lord as some do say?

    Indeed, upon his shoulders perch
    Two mighty ravens, whose eyes do search
    And see into truth, so deep and dark
    But not to delve for such a lark
    As would cleft the realms of man in twain
    And keep the mad from going sane
    Upon a mighty horse rideth he
    To distant lands beyond our proud sea.
    One day his mighty reach will fail
    And to his grave his soul shall sail;
    But not this day, good friends of mine!
    Today he rides and his standard doth shine!

    We meet him as he meets his spies
    Whose ever-watching, careful eyes
    Hath inform'd him of news afar
    From thence beyond a lightless star
    Athena! Proud warrior she who speaks the law!
    But now, it seems, her conscience dost saw
    And cleave the minds of all who dare
    To gaze upon her gazely stare.
    If sense be not apt to see
    Her gainful'y darkened livery...

    What shall be done? What shall indeed?
    Saith he, "We have so great a need,
    To stop this here before she break
    The peace of Gods and power take
    Away from us who would be free.
    We cannot live in this slaver'y
    So o'ercast with darkened mire
    As pitch upon the funeral pyre.
    Therefore I set my mind to steel
    and these mighty wounds my hands to heal."

    Sleipnir his mighty steed doth rear
    And turn his flank with no hint of fear
    So that his master, who, seated there
    Might raise a spear 'gainst those who beware
    The might of Asgard and of the Grey,
    That Wanderer who walks each day.
    Thus rideth Odin, Father of All
    To his mighty, hallow'd hall.
    Upon arrival, his steed is kept
    In stable mighty, wherefore he slept.

    "My kind and kin! what news with thee?
    Hath yet thee seen beyond the Tree?
    The world we ken and keep alive
    Is badly kept by those who strive
    For power great and power apt
    Against us who they would have trap'd.
    We fight for peace, we fight for thee,
    O Man, whose soul must be set free.
    My friends! Speak to me comfort thus
    And leave me not alone; solus!"

    Tag: Norse!
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    Rhyming, eh? I may have to up the ante with dactylic hexameter, then. :p
  23. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    IC: Loki

    Oh, joy. He's in one of those moods again. Graaaaand Allfather, gathering his 'loyal subjects' to him...

    Loki Lie-smith, known also as Laufeyjarson and countless other names, rolled his eyes. Still, if his blood brother there was calling everyone to him, perhaps there would be something interesting to do. Of late, with Asgard feeling like close confinement after long enough periods of inactivity, he'd become restless again, looking around for something to do.

    Petty jokes and minor pranks were all very well, but they didn't stave off the restlessness for long. He needed more. Something big. Something that would be impressive, and involved, and... would make him forget again the things that were inevitable.


    He hated that word. He was chaos itself by nature, and chaos could not be bound to an ordained fate. One might as well cage fire in wooden bars. And yet the Æsir and Vanir so grimly and doggedly went on, fixed in their course and determined that others should be so also.

    He would change it, he vowed to himself. He was Loki. If all his tricks could not contrive to spite destiny and cheat it of unwilling meat, what use were they to him?

    With that decided, Loki sauntered into Odin's hall, an odd little smile lingering upon his scarred lips.

    "As requested... brother."

    Tag: Odin, Norse
  24. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Theme: [link=]The Beginning[/link]

    [blockquote]Tyr, Nordic God of War, the "Leavings of the Wolf", left hand man and son of Odin, heard his father's call from his hall of Valhalla. Valhalla, sat in the divine city of Asgard, of which he did reside at the time, which thankfully made his trip a relatively short one. Tyr began his journey, by postponing his daily excercises and readying himself.

    He switched from a very minimal outfit containing a simple small loincloth, to a heavy outfit containing a heavy tunic, and pants, topped off with his armor. He then grabbed his shield, and clasped it to his arm with the missing hand, attached his spear to a sheath on his back, and slipped his sheathed sword onto his belt.

    After his short journey to Valhalla, he walked through the gates, his lamellar armor clanking over his jingling chainmail, his soft soled boots padding his heavy footsteps.

    Paying no notice to Loki, he looked straight ahead towards his father, Odin. Bowing his head in reverence, he began to speak.

    "I have come, heeding your call, Allfather."[/blockquote]

    Tag: Odin, Norse
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    [link=]God of War[/link]

    [blockquote]A storm brewed about the peak of Olympus and Ares the God of War made his way to the very likely source of said clouds. Ares had little love for his half-sister Athena, that much was a fact, but Ares knew that in the situation Olympus was in the God of War would be a commodity to important to simply dismiss. Yet as he made his way towards the throne room that Athena now occupied, he witnessed the results of the end of his sister's pacience.

    Apollo, supported by Artemis fled from the throne room. An acrid stench permeated the air. Coupled with the recent thunder clap and Apollo's current condition it was not hard to discern the cause was Athena, and her newly gained Lightning. Exhaling on disgust at the two's condition he redirected his gaze forward, to the throne room. The metallic clangs of his greaves and other armor making his approach well known.

    As he entered the throne room he let his eyes fall upon Athena. There she sat, upon their Father's throne, wearing their father's robes. Deep in the pit of his stomach it made him sick, but he made no show of it, no his true feelings would come to light later, for now though he would play his part. "Athena," he spoke her name slowly, "You have summoned, and I have answered. What is it you wish of me?" Though it pained his ego to do so, he bowed before her, for now at least.[/blockquote]

    Tag: Olympus, Jello
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