Saga Theory on the Saga film titles

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    With the naming of Ep 8 it seemed the pattern of naming the films was broken (namely the second film in a trilogy has four words) but what if it is part of a larger naming pattern?

    With TESB as the middle film in a 9 film saga we have:

    TPM (3 words)
    AOTC (4 words Inc of the)
    ROTS (4 words Inc of the)
    ANH (3 words)

    TESB (Middle)

    ROTJ (4 words Inc of the)
    TFA (3 words)
    TLJ (3 words)
    Ep9 (4 words inc of the)

    Based on this it is my prediction that 9 will be called Balance of the Force
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    do you mean think of "the"?
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    The Balance Of The Force
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    There are many patterns to GL's titles, not just the number of words. To me, it's strange that so many fans seem to only notice the one of least importance.

    TLJ broke several of those patterns, but since the new trilogy is an entirely new narrative, that hardly matters. Yes, it's entirely possible that EpIX will be called "Balance of the Force" (and it wouldn't surprise me in the least) and that would actually be in keeping with the new tradition of breaking patterns ;)
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    ANH & TPM - Three words, same structure, with an abstract thematic focus. (opposites to each other)
    AOTC & TESB - Four words, same structure, focus on a military event from one of the main factions. (opposites to each other)
    ROTS & ROTJ - Four words, same structure, focus on the rising spiritual/monastic faction's end goal. (opposites to each other)

    TFA & TLJ - Irrelevant.
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    ...and no words except "of" and "the" are repeated.
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    I can't add anything to the number of words, but here is another thing I noticed about SW titles. Only 2 of them are actual sentences, meaning they have a verb: The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens. Not sure if there is any meaning to that or just coincidence.[face_dunno]
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    It means that you can count on the Empire and the Force to take action ;)