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    We know the worlds Yoda told Obi Wan in TESB and to Luke in ROTJ and that they refered to Leia in ROTJ. Originally Lucas intended the words from TESB to mean Luke's sister that is not Leia and would have featured in the original Sequel plans that were conflated into ROTJ ultimately making it Leia.

    But TCW came and in the Yoda arc we learn many things, but the last words the Priestesses say to Yoda before he returns home after one helluva ride and lessons are the very same: There is another Skywalker!

    This, taken out of OT context, gives it an entirely new spin! Yoda only knows Anakin Skywalker at that point before Luke and Leia even are born. Was Padmé already pregnant? Maybe, maybe not! With the entire vision journey of Yoda, and the incoming doom he now knows, it could mean many other things as well:

    It could tell Yoda that Anakin Skywalker is not the Choosen One but there is another.
    Or it says that Anakin is a Choosen One but not the only one!
    Or that Anakin might die/fail but that does not mean to loose hope, Luke and Leia will be born and be a new hope.

    A lot of the Yoda arc was also about fate and free will. Some paths were described as fated, others though remained open as possibilities. The Whills or Priestesses, Mortis Gods or however you name them, contacted their chess pieces and brought them in position. They fated some peoples lives with others free to decide?

    Note the sentence issued is not there will be but there IS another Skywalker! Luke and Leia are not there yet... so who does it refer to? Or did the timeless luminous beings simply use present tense because of their own timeless nature and knowing the future already?

    Viewing this sentence in the light of the Mortis trilogy, did the Force beings intend Anakin to replace the Father? Then in their eyes Anakin failed. And that means they need another Skywalker to do that. Mortis showed Anakin torn between light and darkness, and because in this microcosm of the Force he denied to take the Fathers place, denied to walk the middle path, returning to the light (!) he unleashed the dark as a balancing force. If light rises, so does darkness to meet it. He unbalanced the scales and darkness tried to rebalance it by rising. After Mortis back in the mortal realm, he became a father without knowing it and his children (ironic and tragic!) and took control of the darkness he had unleashed by joining the Sith. Only through his children was he redeemed and could use his control from within the darkness to destroy it (and Palpatine). Maybe upon death and becoming one with the Force, Anakin Skywalker took finally the Father's place and will now balance his children and his childrens children.
    Cue Kylo Ren who seems to have communicated with Vader as Luke or Rey might with Anakin. The helmet and lightsaber being special and "alive", "giving visions" kinda is unlike any lightsaber ever before it. So Anakin/Vader might use those to contact his heirs. A true father figure guiding both sides towards balance, giving advice to Kylo Ren as well as to his counterpart in the light.

    In that case the other Skywalker(s) might be the lineage and descendants of Anakin after all.

    Unless, present tense is to be taken literally and there is someone alive during the Clone Wars who is a Skywalker and not Anakin!

    ROTS had a planned but not realized scene that might have done a I am your father reveal with Palpatine and Anakin. Might Palpatine be a Skywalker? A Sith'ari Choosen by the Force? Or responsible for Anakins creation via Plagueis directly or indirectly? Given Yodas search for the Sith Master, maybe the line was a hint at who the nemesis is he seeks.

    Or did Shmi have two children and never told about Anakin having a... brother or sister?

    In the light of Rey and Kylo being like the Mortis son and daughter, does it refer to them? Or is the singular "another Skywalker" to be taken literally?

    What are your thoughts on the Yoda Arc and Force Priestesses using this phrase?
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    I think the line from the Yoda arc is supposed to foreshadow or was going to foreshadow something in the sequel trilogy, given the Force Priestess seems to have a connection to the midichlorians/whills and Lucas has stated his trilogy was going to focus on that more. Since these episodes were made right around 2012-2013 when George was still working on the ST, it makes sense to me.
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