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Fantasy OPEN Things We Lost in the Fire

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by The Jedi in the Pumas, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018

    My beloved city. You withstood invasion for over 100 years. Within your walls, our people have remained protected for generations and have prospered.

    But all things come to an end.

    I know that. Yet to see the flag of a foreign nation raised in our capital...

    The walls that were supposed to protect us - breached.

    The guards that were supposed to defend us - betrayed their duty.

    Our king that we respected and honored - abandoned us.

    All that remains are a broken people - at the mercy of bad people with power.

    To you who reads this message, I say...

    I still believe.

    I believe in the strength of our people.

    I believe in the loyalty of our allies.

    I believe in the good in the heart of our enemies.

    I believe we will rise again.
    Written during the Fire Nation Coup d'etat of Ba Sing Se

    Welcome to Things We Lost in the Fire. A game based in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but does not require knowledge of the television show in order to participate. This game is centered on the Inhabitants of the Earth Nation Capital City of Ba Sing Se, during its occupation by the Fire Nation. The FIRE Nation is an expansionist and oppressive government that has set its sights on conquering the world and recreating it in fire.
    This story will tell of the citizens' survival under this new regime. It will tell the story of the burgeoning resistance. And if all else fails, it will tell the story of a grand escape to fight another day.


    Character Sheet
    Bend Element: (Choose between None, Earth, Water, and Fire)
    Bend Proficiency: (Choose between Beginner, Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master)
    Weapons and Equipment:
    Biography: (Explaining why you are in/near Ba Sing Se at the time of the invasion)


    1. All Character Sheets must be sent to the GM for Approval
    2. Always respect the TOS
    3. No God-Modding
    4. This game will be realistic and kind with schedules and updates, but I will try to establish a pace that allows for each adventurer to explore the world and experience their story. The goal is to have everyone able to play through one entire story arc for their character, so characters and arcs will come and go.

  2. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    @The Jedi in the Pumas Approved.

    Name: Jiao Yuan
    Age: 18
    Allegiance: Earth Kingdom
    Bend Element: None
    Bend Proficiency: None
    Weapons and Equipment: Clothes on her back, a tea set
    Biography: Jiao was insignificant before the invasion, and is insignificant now that it has come. The youngest child five and only daughter of the Yuan family, nothing much was expected of her, work at the family tea house, get married, have kids, a normal insignificant life. The invasion came, took her oldest brother, Tao, a member of the guard from her. Then her other brother, Lei disappeared after the Fire Nation took hold. Fang and Zhi, her other two brothers, haven't been heard from in a while. Worst of all her father has been arrested leaving only her and her mother to run the tea house that has been in her family for generations.

    She is still insignificant, a tea house girl trying to survive a new paradigm. An insignificant girl, in a significant city, at a significant time.
  3. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Character Sheet, Blu Approved

    Heng Li
    Age: 26
    Allegiance: Earth Nation
    Bend Element: Earth
    Bend Proficiency: Journeyman
    Weapons and Equipment: The clothes seen in the image, along with rock gloves
    Biography: An orphan from a young age, taken in by the Earth Kingdom Government. After receiving long years of training from the legendary Earth Bender Bumi, the Earth Bender Heng Li (Li Heng in western style naming) left the Earth Kingdom to settle high in the mountains to follow a monastic way of life, similar of that to the old Air Benders. For years and years he practiced in the way of Earth Bending, until making a return to the Earth Kingdom, specifically Omashu. Here he joined the White Lotus, where he trained for some more time under Bumi. After the city fell to the fire nation, Li fled to Ba Sing Se as a refugee. Now, after the fall of Ba Sing Se, as a White Lotus operative he now attempts to break free from the control of the Fire Nation and free the people from their tyrannical rule.
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  4. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    GM Approved
    Character Sheet

    Name: Kasai Oban
    Age: 28
    Allegiance: Earth Kingdom/Water Tribes
    Bend Element: Fire
    Bend Proficiency: Apprentice
    Weapons and Equipment: Earth Kingdom peasant clothing. Fire bending scroll.
    Biography: Kasai was a fire bender for the fire nation army. Initially he joined out of patriotic fervor but he grew to detest the fire nation’s scourged earth policy. After a particularly brutish attack on one earth kingdom village Kasai rebelled against the fire nation and used his fire bending to protect the villagers. Now an outlaw, he did what he could to help earth kingdom citizens but had to keep his fire bending secret. He decided to journey to Ba Sing Se as he thought that would be his last refuge from the fire nation. But alas fire consumes all things.
  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Approved by our Amazing GM, @The Jedi in the Pumas

    Character Sheet

    Name: Xian Nin


    Alias: White Tiger Xuen

    Age: 32

    Allegiance: Neutral/ Independent

    Bend Element: N/A

    Bend Proficiency: N/A

    Weapons and Equipment: Tiger Mask, Red Dragon Sword.

    Biography: Xian Nin called the Fire Nation his Home. He is a certified Young Martial Arts Master and Philosopher with extensive knowledge in Qigong and acupuncture. Master Nin was often asked to train many members of the Nobility, as well as High Ranking Military personnel, benders and non-benders alike. The Red Dragon Sword, which is a priceless family heirloom, allows him to fire bend whenever it is in his possession. Master Nin considered his work to be both an honor and duty, for it brought him a great sense of accomplishment. The Young Wushu Master was particularly proud of having had the young and talented Ty Lee as one of his students for a time.

    Overall, Master Xin admired the Fire Nation for its strength and Martial Excellence, attributes which were coupled with fairness and respect. However, he began to notice how the Fire Lord changed, and the Nation with him.

    The campaign against Ba Sing Se caused the young Master to retreat in silent protest, but the truth of it was far deeper. Slavery was an abomination he could not abide- and would not. Such oppression was not strength at all, it was cowardice. Thus, Master Nin adopted an alias and a mask in his mission to free the enslaved inhabitants of the Earth Nation.

    His knowledge to either block or release the flow of chi would prove instrumental during these perilous times. Master Nin was also able to perform more traditional feats using chi. Despite all this, the young Master was still uncertain if his efforts would be enough, and reasoned that perhaps he would need allies. Still, he could not sit idly by and watch as the great nation of Ba Sing Se was lost to the fire.
  6. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    Approved by GM.


    Character Sheet

    Name: Mei-ling Shu
    Age: 15
    Allegiance: Earth Kingdom
    Bend Element: Earth
    Bend Proficiency: Apprentice.
    Weapons and Equipment: No weapons. But she does have a backpack with her food, blanket and a few medical supplies she found.
    Biography: Mei-Ling was born in Omashu, though she was given to an orphanage soon after her birth. She has no knowledge of her birth family, and wonders why they would give her up in the first place. The truth of the matter is, her mother was from the Fire Nation and her father from the Earth Kingdom. They left Mei-Ling when to protect her, and to give her a chance away from the disputes the plagued the Earth Kingdom. She was a quiet, studious child who soon began to show an ability to Earth Bend, where upon she was sent to apprentice to the old Master Shang. He taught her all he knew, and she in time; became his apprentice.

    A few years ago, Mei-Ling decided to venture out on her own after old Master Shang passed away, seeking a teacher and trying to find anything out about her parents or family that had left her all those years ago. Though still quiet, Mei-Ling has grown more talkative then in her past, and more ready to aid those who may need her help; whatever the Nation they belong to.
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  7. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    GM Approved! May the Tides rise in our favor!

    Character Sheet


    Name: Varayik Toroq
    Age: 20
    Allegiance: Greater ~ Water Tribes / Local ~ Azula’s Regime
    Bend Element: Water
    Bend Proficiency: Journeyman
    Weapons and Equipment: Jian Sword and Pouch of Money and Food

    Water is not always submissive. It can recede only to form the unstoppable tsunami of legends.

    This is a saying that Varayik lived by. And still lives by.

    He grew up in the small Southern Water Tribe, though his home with his parents were further out than the main camp the rest of the tribe resided in. When the Fire Nation came when he was younger, his parents went to defend the tribe. They told him to flee if it went poorly.

    It didn’t take long to see from a distance how poorly it went. Very. As the fire benders proceeded to eliminate all threats from the tribe, but before they could send some soldiers to the more distant hut; Varayik fled as he had been instructed. But bitter the whole way.

    However, unlike most who would let it recede into the acid called poison, it instead simmered and brewed itself into a different poison. A warped sense of strength that made him believe that perhaps the Water Tribe, as much as he loved them, deserved it. They were too small, too weak, too pathetic.

    They had practically been begging for the Fire Nation to come stomp all over them.

    In the end, instead of hating the fire benders for their act, he came to respect them. Not quite idolize, but dangerously close enough.

    As he made his journey more north, searching for a place to live while studying the water bending scrolls his father had once owned, he came to formulate the opinion that the Water Tribe had also been too disorganized, which was a major cause for its weakness. Order by a firm hand that stoked great strength and an indomitable will, were the way to go.

    With this mindset he eventually found his way to the fabled Ba Sing Se within the Earth Kingdom. The fact that he was a water bender was no secret, using it to his advantage to help water crops out in the outlying sectors of the walled city. Or perform other such tasks that his bending could aid.

    And when the Fire Nation finally grasped the city, with Azula reigning. He was the only one around who cheered. The lazy, ridiculous, Earth King slunk away while a powerful ruler with the right perspective had arrived with the full intention of cleaning up Ba Sing Se’s messes.

    How many water benders fully cooperated with such a person? How many tsunamis really rose? Perhaps he would be the first.

    It’s this thinking that has Varayik on his way to pledge his loyalty and support to the young woman whom he believes is the genius the world needs.

    Little did he realize what he was getting himself into.
  8. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018
    Eight Days after the Coup of Ba Sing Se
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring


    ~Don't come to the Tea House today~

    That was all the letter that had been slipped under the Yuan Family Door read. A warning. But not from the Fire Nation; warnings were not their way. When they took Jiao's brother, Feng, they kicked down the door and dragged him away. Not very subtle. That was a week ago and the Fire Nation had not paid them a visit since. This letter, then, could be assumed to be from someone else, possibly a friend.

    Her mother, however, paid it little attention. Her mother was under intense stress and there was a loss of light in the woman's eyes. She directed Jiao to come with her to the tea shop. Whatever awaited them there would be what they would face, together.

    For the first quiet hours of the morning, there was nothing of note. Very few guests walked through their doors, which was not unusual given the situation of the city. One of the guests was a young man, about her age, maybe younger, but definitely not much older. He smiled repeatedly at her, out of the corner of Jiao's gaze, but despite having been there for over an hour, said nothing. He had long black hair, tied in a ponytail. A long staff strapped to the back of a blue jacket he wore. A fresh wound across his face; so fresh that a scab had not yet formed.


    Maybe Jiao barely noticed him or maybe she was watching him while her mother worked and cleaned intensely in the back.

    All of this was overshadowed by the growing murmurs of a crowd forming outside of their small shop, accompanied by the distinct marching of Fire Nation Soldier boots echoing throughout the district.


    The gathered crowd outside of the Yuan Tea House formed a circle around Five Fire Nation Soldiers, Three Dai Le agents, a man who was an obvious water bender, and Three men, blindfolded and tied up on their knees in front of them. It was later recorded by Pon Lan Fu that this was possibly the first public execution of Earth Nation citizens by Azula's new regime. The men were blindfolded but the crowd of Lower Ring citizens would recognize Feng Yuan, of the Yuan Tea House. Another captured man was less known: Kasai Oban, traitor of the Fire Nation. Lastly, there was a woman who no one knew, but was unfortunate enough to be beside her fellow doomed companions.

    Varayik Toroq had proclaimed his admiration and allegiance to Azula and the Fire Nation. He would now have the opportunity to prove it. A waterbender who had been victimized by the Fire Nation suddenly having a change of heart and wanting to serve? A highly improbable story. Fire Nation Captain Chirou placed his hand on Varayik's shoulder as his second-in-command read the charges of the men aloud to the crowd.

    "You said you wanted to serve the Fire Nation, kid. Here's your chance. Choose one of these criminals and make an example of them."

    In the crowd, Ty Lee wore a hood over her head and clinched the arm of Master Nin. She was excited that he had come to the city, but frowned at having met up with him during such a sordid and traumatic occasion. She explained to him, quietly, that these men were criminals and that Azula would not punish innocent people. It was what had to happen. But Master Nin likely did not agree. These were the exact atrocities that he would have wanted not to be true, though by now he would have heard the cruel reputation that young Lady Azula was making for herself.

    Prince Zuko and Azula had just killed the Avatar after all.

    An early morning public execution was nothing in comparison.

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    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall
    "When's the best day to fight the Fire Nation, Heng Li?"

    "Every day is the best day to fight the Fire Nation!"

    The young, burly chested man crouched beside Heng Li was called Bohi Shohun. He was not a bender. He was not a Soldier. He a farmer from the Agrarian Zone. Later, Pon Lan Fu would write that Bohi and his actions were the beginning of the rebellion. The man had no formal education or combat skills. But he was a member of the White Lotus. Heng Li had been sent to find him, out in the Agrarian Zone. Surely, he must've been expecting more than just a farmhand. What Bohi lacked in bending ability or combat experience, he made up with Earth Kingdom pride and a never say die attitude. He was brave and head strong and as soon as he met Heng Li, he knew he had met a fellow White Lotus member who was dedicated to liberating Ba Sing Se with him.

    This is what led them to sneak into a Fire Nation controlled station along the monorail track. Bohi carrying a pot of explosives.


    There was light security in the station right now because they were awaiting a transport from the Outer Wall. The transport was supposed to be carrying a small infantry unit and equipment. A worthy target of the rebellion's attention.



    Being surrounded by a small Fire Nation infantry squad was not how Mei-Ling would've thought her first day in Ba Sing Se would have started. She and a 5 year old boy with no parents had been allowed to enter the city, but the only room was aboard a cramped transport. The boy had said nothing. He was scared. The Fire Nation soldiers in their uniforms were indeed an intimidating sight. He was alone, having been separated from his parents in the outside scramble of refugees still attempting to enter the city, despite it being controlled by the Fire Nation. He clinched Mei-Ling's shirt as the transport came closer to the large wall.

    Soon they would be in the city. Everything would surely be fine.

    The transport entered the station and came to a slow crawl and then a complete stop. The Fire Soldiers all stood in unison, grabbed their equipment, and started to exit the transport. There four transports carrying 5 Soldiers each. A small unit began to form outside the transports doors.

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  9. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Kasai Oban
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    How ironic thought Kasai Oban. Here he was tied up on his knees about to likely die to the hands of a water bender. Perhaps this is how he would go down in history: the first fire bender to be executed by the fire nation via the hands of a water bender. Ah and not to mention he had thought Ba Sing Se would be the last place the fire nation would have captured him, let alone execute him.

    How often Kasai had been on the other side. Executing innocent civilians. It made Kasai sick to his stomach. He deserved this he thought. The number of innocent people he had helped kill, it was harrowing to say the least.

    And for what?

    To stay alive?

    To invoke fear in the hearts of these lesser people that could not defend themselves?

    To serve his country?

    If only he had kept his mouth shut, if only he did not fire bend against his comrades, his brothers in arms, but he could not of lived with himself one more day knowing that innocent people would die by his and his fellow soldiers' hands.

    None of that matter anymore anyway, no use in figuring out why or how he got here he thought it was all going to end soon. Kasai baited his breath and awaited his destiny.

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  10. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Mei-Ling Shu
    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall

    Mei-Ling was starting to question if coming to Ba-Sing Sei was such a good idea after all. But she, along with this little kid had been selected for a train car filled with Fire Nation soldiers, and she understood why he was scared. She placed a hand on his head as he clung to her shirt and kept an eye on the others in the car. It wasn't long before they reached the station, and Mei-Ling waited until the soldiers had left the car until she knelt down for a moment and lifted the boy into her arms.

    "Don't worry. I'll take care of you until we can find you're family." Mei-Ling told the five year old boy. "We'll pretend were siblings okay?" She said low enough for him to hear. "I'm Mei. What's you're name little one?" She asked softly as she moved to get off the train. She hoped that when she got off the Fire Nation soldiers would be long gone, and she could breath a little easier.

    She had a little kid to look after now, after all.

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  11. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Jiao Yuan
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    Jiao didn't want to work today, not solely because of the note slipped under the door, but because of the quiet in the house. It had only been a week sense Feng had been dragged away, and now a house that had been filled with noise and laughter was dead silent in the morning. Every morning her father's voice would wake the family bright and early to start the day. Now she just got up on her own, before the sun was even above the horizon. The silence sapped the will from her, the drive to keep going. However, she still had a job to do. The Yuan family had run that tea house for generations, and it wasn't about to stop. Even with all the male family members gone.

    Her mother had gotten up at the same time almost sleep walking, a dead look in her eyes. All she had was the tea house, it was the only thing that got her out of bed. It was the only thing that got the Yuan women out of bed these days. Though the note was there, Jiao's mother didn't heed it. Why would she? The tea house had never closed before, not even after Tao died, or Lei disappeared or even her father getting arrested. It stayed open. This day would be no different.

    With a plastered on smile Jiao walked to her place of business, a quaint little place in the lower ring. A place where weary travelers or workers would sit, and enjoy tea. A place of great conversation, and mirth. Now with the fire nation holding the city in it's burning grip, the place was quiet, just like the house. Everywhere was so quiet. It wasn't too long ago that the streets would be filled with noise. Now there was hardly anyone walking them.

    Jiao did her best to serve, attending everyone that came in with a smile. It was becoming noticeably less fake, all that practice was paying off. With her mother in the back fixing tea preparing light food, and cleaning, Jiao was the one to handle the front. It wasn't too busy only a few people in and out. Though there was a man, recently injured by the looks of him, around her age with a staff on this back.

    He'd hung around for some time, and hadn't said a word. Though she could swear she could see a smile on his face. While it was disconcerting it wasn't too off putting. Outside she could hear a sound, hushed voices, and marching boots. What was the fire nation doing here? As the sounds came closer then stopped Jiao couldn't help herself from looking out the window to see three people forced to their knees in front of the tea house.

    Her eyes widened as the cup she'd been holding fell to the ground, shattering on the floor.

    "Feng." She said her hands shaking. There he was, her brother blindfolded, prostrated before the place his ancestors had spend blood, sweat, and tears for years. Without thinking she threw open the door to the house, "Stop...please…" She cried out. "That's my brother! He's done nothing wrong!" She hoped that her words didn't fall on deaf ears.

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  12. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Master Nin
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    It was true. He had hoped for a stroll with his prized former student to be a pleasant one. He’d look forward to doing a bit of socializing, to enjoy a spot of tea at the famed Yuan Family Tea House. Being a recluse did wear on one’s spirit, after all.

    But seeing Ty Lee, being around her unceasing exuberance, well, it cheered him up, more than he had anticipated in fact. Memories of a more pleasant and civilized time flooded his mind. He’d even smiled, a sensation he had forgotten.

    But that had been a momentary pleasantry, as the horrid reality of present day Ba Sing Se came crashing around the idyllic scene.

    Xian’s expression grew as neutral as he could make it, mostly for Ty Lee’s sake, but his inner distaste for what was clearly a public execution, galled him to the core. This was a perverse campaign against fellow humans, one that, if left unchecked, could destroy them all. Why were they all too blind to see this simple truth?


    Master Nin took a moment to offer his youthful protege a wan smile as he listened to her speak of Lady Azula approvingly. He neither agreed or disagreed with her statements or views, but rather, took mental notes on her observations. They contrasted greatly with what news he'd received from other reliable sources.Ty Lee was still young and fairly innocent to the ways of the world. Innocent, but not blind. Master Nin surmised that her innocence, sad to say, was ticking to an end.

    Xian’s eyes narrowed momentarily as he focused suddenly on a figure. Of the three who were to be executed, it seemed that Feng Yuan was among them. Was he not the son of the owner? They would have him killed in front of his family Tea House? How depraved had the Fire Nation become?

    Xian did not recognize the other two figures, but one certainly looked like he was Fire Nation. Was he a thief, a traitor, or rebel? There was no way to know. Still, no one deserved such base and cruel treatment.

    What happened next, was not only unexpected, but had also moved him deeply. Out of the Tea House, Feng’s younger sister came running, pleading for her brother’s life.

    Enough was enough.

    How fortunate for these foot soldiers that he’d decided to go on a stroll ‘unarmed’.

    “Please remain here.” Master Nin intoned gently, but firmly to Ty Lee. He knew she would be safe as long as she remained hidden in the crowd.

    Captain Chirou!”

    Master Nin called out in a loud voice as he stepped out from among the gathered crowd. With graceful, yet measured steps, Xian approached. This was a volatile situation, yet he felt compelled to intervene. His eyes regarded the company of men that gathered about the Captain, subtly sizing them up.

    Master Nin offered Captain Chirou a respectful bow as he came into the man’s presence. This was a Fire Nation Captain and thus far, was deserving of respect.

    “I am Master Nin. Might I have a word please.”

    Xian inclined his head, pausing enough for the Captain to acknowledge him, before issuing his statement.

    “Our Great Nation has laws we observe during Peace Time and War Time. Clearly, we have won the war captain, which means due process is something we still observe. No matter the crime, any and every person accused, foreign or domestic, has the right to a fair trial, which this is clearly not. Do we invite lawlessness and chaos into our nation by ignoring the very laws that make us great? You do know of what I speak of, do you not Captain?”

    The words were spoken calmly and respectfully, so only the Captain could hear. The man did not appear to be a ‘hot head’, the way Prince Zuko was, the way he always allowed his emotions to control him. That one was in sore need of discipline and guidance.

    Either way, it was Master Nin’s hope that the good Captain was someone he could reason with.

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  13. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Ah, so I bring up the rear in the posting order, eh? Apologies!

    Varayik Toroq IC:

    ~Outside Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring, Ba Sing Se~

    He marched through the city with the soldiers and Dai Le agents, bringing up the three convicted prisoners behind them. Varayik could hardly believe his luck on one hand. The water bender had managed to be allowed entry into the Palace, made his proclamation of loyalty to a trusted officer of the Princess’ (sadly, he wasn’t able to meet with her…not that he had expected to), and had it all go over smoothly. It caused a stir certainly, but a good one. There was a little bit of eyeing on him from the others, but he didn’t begrudge them that. If Varayik had been in their shoes, he’d be wary of such an improbable case as well.

    On the other hand, he felt he had become a little unlucky too. Asked to go with this group and watch the execution as his first task. Tough business this was. Probably a silent statement to him as much as others watching, but he understood. Again, he didn’t begrudge them uncertainty. Still, the whole thing was sordid, through and through. No getting around it.

    The other little detail that had surprised him was the fact that though he was a former Water Tribe member of bending skill, he had lived in the Earth Kingdom now for a few years and had liked to dress like the many other citizens that lived within it. Varayik didn’t hide his identity as a water bender, but he hadn’t liked just throwing it out there for the world to see without a demonstration. Hence him discarding his old garbs years ago to fit in. Made others more comfortable too.

    But before he joined the execution squad, he had been asked to wear the old water garments. He did as asked without question, but there had been a look of surprise on his face for sure. The young man continued to question the little detail all the way down to the Lower Ring, but then it dawned on him just as they were reaching the well known Yuan Family Tea House.

    They wanted to parade him around. To show that even a water bender could swear fealty and see reason in the Fire Nation’s approach. It irked him that they hadn’t simply asked him before just shoving the clothes in his hands earlier and possibly figuring he wouldn’t figure it out. An unwitting pawn.

    But then, they didn’t know him. There was no bar of expectation yet. Well, he’d just have to show them.

    That chance came a lot sooner than expected. And in a much different way than thought.

    As the blindfolded prisoners were lined up on their knees and the second-in-command read off the charges regarding Feng Yuan, Kasai Oban, and Mii Yisho; Captain Chirou who seemed rather competent, clapped a hand on his shoulder. It made him jump slightly as he hadn’t expected it.

    Varayik looked up at him quizzically with raised eyebrows.

    “You said you wanted to serve the Fire Nation, kid. Here’s your chance. Choose one of these criminals and make an example of them.”

    Wait, wait, wait! He had to be the executioner!? That was a twist he hadn’t expected! A test he hadn’t expected on Day One at the very least.

    But…I guess this is what it means to wield true strength…

    Knowing his face was shocked, he quickly looked away. At the prisoners and surrounding onlookers. Probably a bad place to look instead, not that there was anywhere else to look. He did his best to hide the shock now, replacing it with an almost numb fear.

    Shuffling forward, just enough, he did his best to shake that off to. Appear neutral. Impassive. Yes. Like the stone the earth benders worked with. Honestly, he wasn’t sure how successful he was given the circumstances, but he did his best.

    Now to pick which one he proved his will on. What had their charges been again? His eyes seemed to temporarily settle on the traitor, Kasai, as he thought as swiftly as his numbed mind would allow. Wait. The woman…Didn’t the second in command state she had attacked with water bending?

    Another dirty realization began to blossom in his breast, when something happened to give him a most welcomed reprieve.

    The doors of the tea house flew open and a girl, young woman truly, that wasn’t much younger than himself ran out. “Stop…please…That’s my brother! He’s done nothing wrong!”

    Blinking, he slowly turned to look at the Captain questioningly. Should they ignore her? I mean, one’s family member would say anything to protect them naturally. But what if she was right? No, they wouldn’t just snatch up anyone like that. Yes, this was something the Captain should deal with.

    Right? Right…of course…

    “Captain Chirou!”

    Turning his head to the crowd, Varayik could only wonder: What now?

    A man of his thirties or so, with striking white hair and an almost regal air, came striding out toward them. Who was this guy? He spoke their officer’s name almost casually, if loudly to catch his attention. Couldn’t be a coincidence. Perhaps the girl had a point then?

    As this newcomer also approached, seemingly sizing them up, Varayik just watched more confused than anything. This was beyond him, he was barely a recruit at this point in time after all.

    At that point, he said some kind of introduction he couldn’t hear and engaged in a quiet conversation with his superior. This was clearly not meant for the rest of them, though Varayik suspected the Dai Le agents were probably keeping especially close tabs on the situation.

    In the end, he stood in between where his execution unit stood and the prisoners were waiting for judgment, one shoulder facing each group and his gaze lingering on the Captain and White Hair’s discussion. His back facing at an angle toward the incoming sister of Mr. Yuan.

    Might as well let his Captain handle the current predicament first, before carrying out potentially changing orders.

    Also gives me time to process all of this.

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  14. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Yuan Family Tea House
    Captain Chirou raised a finger in the direction of the young Jiao Yuan as she exited the Tea House.

    "Restrain her!"

    Two of the Dai Li agents made quick, precise motions with their hands. Rock formations grabbed Jiao's feet, her momentum caused her to fall forward onto her hands, which were immediately trapped as well. Captain Chirou nodded and turned to Master Xian Nin. He placed his hands together and bowed low before the Master. Master Nin was well respected in the Fire Nation, specifically among the army for his public lectures on duty and loyalty. But what was he doing here?

    Captain Chirou rose back to an upright position and placed his hands behind his back, listening intently to every word Master Nin said.

    “Our Great Nation has laws we observe during Peace Time and War Time. Clearly, we have won the war captain, which means due process is something we still observe. No matter the crime, any and every person accused, foreign or domestic, has the right to a fair trial, which this is clearly not. Do we invite lawlessness and chaos into our nation by ignoring the very laws that make us great? You do know of what I speak of, do you not Captain?”

    While the young Master spoke, the boy in the blue coat stepped out of the tea house. He took the sight of the execution in, the number of Soldiers, Varayik, and Master Nin. A casual flick of his hand, as if to throw off some water, and he knelt to the ground beside Jiao. He kept his gaze on the Dai Li agents, as they kept theirs on him.

    Captain Chirou agreed with what Master Nin was saying, but shook his head.

    "Master Nin, with all due respect, Princess Azula has ruled that no dissension, or acts thereof, shall be tolerated. I don't think...I know this may seem excessive, Master, but it is the way Princess Azula has ruled. These prisoners are guilty and the punishment for their crimes is execution." His back stiffened as he stood tall. "Now, please, Master Nin. Step away. We have our orders."

    He turned away from Master Nin and nodded towards Varayik. His second-in-command was finished reading the crimes of the prisoners. They all knew what the next step was. "Varayik, proceed with the first execution. Princess Azula will not tolerate weakness." Captain Chirou made a fist with his right hand and placed it firmly in the open palm of his left. "We find strength and security, through Order. Crimes must be punished."

    The boy in blue leaned close to Jiao and placed a hand on the rock covering her foot. Suddenly, all of her restraints became soft, loose sand. He smiled nervously at her. "Don't worry, Jiao. Everything is going to be fine."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Master Nin
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    Master Nin gave a curt nod to Captain Chirou, then sighed heavily with disappointment, but did not step away as instructed.

    The Captain had acknowledged that the proceedings were excessive, but chose to simply follow orders; maybe because it was easier to do so than to risk his own position and reputation.

    Xian knew that it was impossible for him to intervene in every execution. He could not stop past ones, and might not be present at the next one. But the fact was, he was here, present at this execution- and he simply could not allow for it to happen.

    To deny one’s own conscience was to slowly poison one’s own soul. Evil always flourished when ‘good men’ did nothing. How easy it is to agree that a life was precious, but how far was one willing to go to preserve said precious life?

    Master Nin had shared these words of wisdom many times over the course of his life, with many prominent figures in fact. He himself was a man of means and status. Here was a perfect setting, where words of conviction transformed into action or became empty and vain platitudes.

    Xian came to realize that, if he were to be true to himself and his tenets, he really was left with no choice. Exploiting the weak was never and would never be, an affirmation of strength. Overcoming overwhelming odds was the truest definition. Whether physical, mental, emotional or circumstantial.

    A ghostly wisp of a smile came to him then. He'd had no warning that today he would be faced with a test.

    Should fortune favor him, He could very well petition to speak with Lady Azula in person, about a great many things.

    Good Laws were drafted with the conscious intention to benefit the people. The people were the heart and life blood of the land. The petty whims of a cruel dictator were always self-serving, and too often, pain, fear and death became tools for their trade.

    Furtively, Xian counted the Dai Li gathered. Separated the Earth and Fire Benders from the sole Water Bender in his mind. He’d also noticed the young boy who had come out of the Tea House.


    If there was ever a moment to act, it was now.

    “The Avatar is dead, Captain. This should be a time to mourn and heal. Alas, I offer you my sincerest apologies and pray you can one day forgive me.”

    In a flash of sudden motion, Xian moved with enhanced speed. He struck true at each Dai Li’s chest, with a chi-blocking technique. His aim was to disrupt their ability to Earth Bend, not their martial mobility. Those were his primary targets. The Master remained in morion, flowing and twisting between targets, alert to everyone and everything in his surroundings.

    He would engage them in a different kind of conversation to make his point. Someone needed to set an example. There was justice, then there was cruelty. A decree that went against humanity, against nature, against good conscience, was not worth keeping. It would only lead them to destruction.

    This, was worth the risk.

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  16. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Jiao Yuan
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    Jiao felt her momentum stop dead carrying her body forward. Her hands were thrown out in front of her to protect herself. As she tried to get back up her hands were bound in stone. Her breathing was panicked, tears streaming from her eyes.

    "Please…" She begged again looking up at the white haired man as he spoke to the captain that held her brother's life in his hands. "Please...he's done…" There was a glimmer of hope in her eyes. A chance that this man could speak to the fire captain and allow her brother to go free. All she wanted was her brother to come home, that was all she wanted.

    When the man ordered for the executions to continue, she hung her head, her long brown hair spilling over her shoulders and onto the dusty ground. Her tears fell from her eyes staining the dirt. She closed her eyes tight, and wanted so desperately to cover her ears so she wouldn't hear her brother's final moments. She didn't want this to be her final memory of him. She tried to remember the day he took her to the market, how he bought her a sweet bun, well haggled the stall owner so much that she ended up just giving him the bun along with what he was after.He was always so good at that, had a silver tongue...could haggle anyone down.

    In the darkness behind her eyes she tried to picture the scene, her brother's confident smile, the way he stood just a little taller as they walked back to the tea house, and how he was already planning to tell father of his exploits.

    She held onto this memory trying to remember the happier days that seemed so far away.

    "Don't worry, Jiao. Everything is going to be fine." The words from the boy in blue snap her out of her memories. Feeling the bonds around her loosen she looked to him.

    "Please…" she asked, begged with her eyes red, cheeks streaked with tears, a stray lock of hair resting between her brows. "Please save him…"

    Even with her bonds gone she couldn't move, the man with white hair launched into a flurry of blows striking with precision. Was he going to save her brother? She didn't understand, she didn't know what to do, but she knew she just wanted one thing. In the confusion she rushed to her kneeling brother wrapping her arms around her neck.

    "Feng...Feng…" She said his name holding him close, her tears staining his shoulder. "I...I…" she couldn't find the words. Something in the back of her mind told her that this might be the last time she ever got to hug him, to feel him close to her. "I'm right here…" She held him as tight as she could. "I'm here Feng."

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  17. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Kasai Oban

    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring
    Kasai Oban bowed his head slightly as he heard the man shout out for the captain, he listened intently to the words spoken by the unknown voice that Captain Chirou would later identify as Master Nin.

    “Our Great Nation has laws we observe during Peace Time and War Time. Clearly, we have won the war captain, which means due process is something we still observe. No matter the crime, any and every person accused, foreign or domestic, has the right to a fair trial, which this is clearly not. Do we invite lawlessness and chaos into our nation by ignoring the very laws that make us great? You do know of what I speak of, do you not Captain?”

    These words gave Kasai hope not only for his life but for the future of the fire nation. Perhaps there were still good left in the fire nation, perhaps it could be rebuilt to protect not to slaughter. The fire nation was glorious but was being corrupted by unnecessary slaughter. Why not share the prosperity of the fire nation peacefully?

    As Master Nin spoke, Kasai felt his wrists loosen, his bonds had been cut.

    Intriguing thought Kasai. If there was ally on his side maybe he had a chance to make an escape. But he did not know how many guards there where, Kasai remembered there was a mix a Dai Li agents and fire nation soldiers. He also knew all full well that fire nation execution squads were typically a five-man team but that did not number of Dai Li agents or the placement of his executioners as well.

    Ah and then there was the fool water bender to contend with as well.

    No Kasai and his mysterious friend would not be enough. As all these thoughts raced through Kasai’s head as the Captain and Master continued to speak. The captain ordered the executions to continue.

    'Stay calm' thought Kasai 'Don't rush into this'

    "We find strength and security, through Order. Crimes must be punished." Spoke the captain.

    'Order?! What order was the slaughtering of thousands of innocent earth kingdom citizens? What order was that?' Kasai could not believe the words he was hearing. Anger boiled within Kasai as tears rolled down his face. He was not about to roll over and die.

    He had to fight
    He had to hope for a better future.
    He had to redeem himself to atone for all those he had killed.

    But before Kasai could even begin to draw breath, he heard Master Nin speak and then launch into a flurry of attacks.

    Kasai ripped of his blind fold and leapt up hoping the soldiers and agents were temporarily distracted by Master Nin’s attacks. Quickly Kasai extended his palm pointing it towards the nearest Fire Nation solider and letting out a uncontrolled gust of fire.
    This was it. It was do or die.
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  18. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Heng Li
    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall

    When Heng Li had arrived in Ba Sing Se, he had hope. Hope, that even after the fall of what he considered a home, Omashu, he and his people would recover, stronger than ever. That was the way of the mountain. The mountain must remain steadfast. He needed to remain steadfast. For if he didn't, he would fall. And if he fell, he feared he would not get back up. Then, Ba Sing Se fell to the Fire Nation. Many lost hope, many gave up their faith in the fight against the Fire Nation.

    But the mountain must remain steadfast. That is why, when Bohi Shohun the farmboy, asked when the best day to fight the fire nation was, Li smiled. Even words as simple as those reminded him that, although the city fell, they would recover. For that is the way of the mountain.

    Initially, when Li saw Bohi Shohun, he was worried. He had great faith in the leadership of the White Lotus, but if this is all they had to offer then they were in trouble. But then Li saw his spirit, and understood. Spirit is what they needed most. Li tapped Bohi on the shoulder, and nodded to him.

    "Today, we show the Fire Nation what we are made of." Li said to Bohi, before spying out the exact number of guards in the station.

    "Do you think you can do this quietly, or should I deal with these guards?" he asked his comrade, offering him a smile of encouragement.

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Made brief mention of some buckets full of water nearby. I hope that is alright. If not, ignore that and detract from his attacking strength as much as you wish, GM Pumas. :)

    Varayik Toroq IC:
    ~Outside Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring, Ba Sing Se~

    To say things moved quickly, very suddenly, would be an understatement. It was clear from the very beginning that Varayik’s first day working for the Fire Nation was going to be an eventful one. A very eventful one!

    Upon orders from Captain Chirou, the girl had been restrained by the Dai Li agents, who proved their speed and precision. Not that there had ever been any question of their skill as they were famed throughout the Earth Kingdom.

    The conversation with White Hair continued for a bit, with the Captain not giving into whatever the man had said despite clearly deserving some respect. In the end, all he heard were the last words.

    “Now, please, Master Nin. Step away. We have our orders.”

    Master Nin, huh? The water bender could only begin to wonder who he was and what he meant within the Fire Nation. Literally. Because his attention was then refocused back onto the task that had been asked of him. Reality snapping back into place.

    “Varayik, proceed with the first execution. Princess Azula will not tolerate weakness.” This statement had Varayik straighten immediately. No, of course not. Why would she? That would oppose even his own ideals. He had to prove himself beyond reproach!

    The man made a simple show by putting his right first into his open left palm. “We find strength and security, through Order. Crimes must be punished.”

    Varayik found himself nodding. Yes, yes, of course. This was all terrible, but they had committed crimes. In the end, it was only justice. You reap what you sow as they old adage went. He had to steel himself and do what was necessary!

    Ignoring the girl and the newly arrived boy next to her (he didn’t even notice him right away), as he was completely focused on the executions now; Varayik took his stance before the prisoners again.

    He began to take a deep breath. The young man wasn’t even able to properly exhale before the chaos began.

    The Avatar is dead, Captain. This should be a time to mourn and heal. Alas, I offer you my sincerest apologies and pray you can one day forgive me.”

    And just like that, this man. This “Master” Nin was in motion. Attacking the Dai Li agents, of all people, in a blur of speed that amazed the water bender!

    Once again, Varayik had to turn back away from the prisoners, because clearly this was now a definite change of plans!

    With a swift, practiced motion, the former native of the Southern Water Tribe had slid his hands smoothly up into the air and began his circular motion, pulling the water forcefully out of his jug (every little bit matters) from his food pouch and pairing it with the water from the few nearby puddles outside the Yuan Family Tea House.

    If only there was more water readily available, but oh well. He would make do. It would be enough to start with.

    Coming out of his graceful spin, the water moving with him shot out like a whip and straight at the supposed master. Once. Twice. Thrice. The first strike coming from the first spin, the second simply from a raised hand in mid spin, and the third strike out of that raised hand bending it in mid-motion to fluidly form into a second, concentric spin. As if giving each water whip momentum and a savage strength. Each shot struck at the man’s lower legs and feet, hoping to strike him solidly and knock him down so his comrades could then follow up against him.

    He barely registered the girl somehow being freed and running behind him while he was in a spin to put her arms around one of the prisoners. Varayik idly noted it in his second spin, but discounted it as not priority for the moment. Letting her go unscathed unless she actively tried to pry her brother away from the scene.

    However. That was the other issue. Just as he was completing the third whip attack against Master Nin, one of the other prisoners stood back up and ripped off their blindfold. The traitorous Fire Nation man. What was his name again?

    Varayik was in mid-motion at the particular instant and thus could not react in time to prevent this new foe’s initial attack. Thankfully, it was not directed at him.

    A strong palming motion and a large fireball shot straight out toward the soldiers. So, not only was he a traitorous one. He was a turncoat Fire Bender. No wonder he received the death penalty, that was almost a blot of shame upon the Fire Nation.

    Quickly halting his spinning movements at that point, he moved his arms in a way to redirect the surrounding water again. And he took full advantage of that man’s fire attack.

    Fire equals heat. Heat plus nearby humans equals perspiration. He would take every opportunity to increase his supply of water at his disposal. That was the way to survive. And that, for a good few years, had been his life. Survival.

    Coupling the water from before and now everyone’s sweat, with some water he now noticed nearby on a merchant’s stall in a few buckets; Varayik launched it all in a rolling water wall in an attempt to intercept the fire blast and put it out before it hit the soldiers.

    This was then followed up by an outstretched arm moving toward the traitor (Kasai) and essentially firing a small horizontal geyser at the man’s chest. If it connected, it should smash him squarely off his feet, where he would then hope to freeze him in place if he could get the time to capitalize on it.

    Not how I thought today was going to go!

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  20. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Yuan Family Tea House
    Lower Ring

    It was happening fast, but the boy in the blue coat had the best vantage point to see it all.

    Master Nin's attacks landed on two of the Dai Li agents, both falling to the ground incapacitated. The third Dai Li agent leaped backwards to dodge the close quarters combat style and launched two rock gloves that latched onto the feet of the master. The master's strength would break the gloves, but the momentary hindrance left him open to Varayik's water attacks.

    Master Nin would dodge the first.

    The Second as well.

    But the third slash was powerful and knocked him off his feet.

    The Dai Li agent saw his opening and joined two Fire Nation soldiers surrounding the Master, preparing to attack before all of them were swallowed by mounds of sand surging upward from the earth. The sand enveloped their entire bodies, stopped at their neck before solidifying and hardening.

    Sand rose over Mii Yisho, Jiao, and Feng Yuan, protecting them from the elements flying between the combatants.

    Kasai Oban's fireball was unstoppable. It surprised and knocked out the other two Fire Nation soldiers, whose bodies were quickly enveloped in sand. The geyser that surged forth from Varayik almost reached Kasai, but was blocked by a wall of sand. The boy in the blue coat, both palms dug into the dirt, smiled. A pool of quick sand formed under Varayik, but Captain Chirou grabbed the waterbender and pulled him away before the sand pulled the boy down.

    "You... Sandbender. Release my men!" Captain Chirou ordered, before assuming a fighting stance.

    The boy in the blue coat stood and clinched his fists. He seemed confident and focused. His brow furrowed. "You misunderstand the situation here, Captain. I'm not here to take prisoners." He inhaled and stomped his right foot forward, thrusting his palms downward at an angle in front of him. The captured Fire Nation Soldiers and the Dai Li agent sank down into a sand pit, disappearing altogether.

    "You're going to kill them!" The Captain screamed and launched a fire ball that was immediately extinguished by a large wave of sand. The boy in the blue coat now had a look of resolution in his eye.

    "I am. And I won't stop with them." He then began to launch a barrage of sand projectiles and whips at Varayik and Captain Chirou.

    The crowd began to scatter. Kasai Oban now had ample room to escape. Ty Lee, Master Nin's former protege, leaped to her Master's side. "Master, we must get out of here!"

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    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall
    "Quietly?" Bohi chuckled as he unstrapped the cart-sized pot of explosives from his back and assumed a throwing stance. Incredible strength for a man of fitting size. "My mother says I haven't been quiet since I was born!"

    Bohi stepped out from the cover in front of the infantry squad exiting the transport and yelled as he launched the pot across the station towards them. Just as he predicted, one of the Fire Nation soldiers, and all it took was one, punched a fire attack at the pot. It detonated, blowing most of the soldiers away and rocking the transports off the rails.


    However a few were able to contain some of the blast into a ball before quelling it entirely. Approximately 7 Soldiers remained and Bohi cursed and looked back at Heng Li...

    "I forgot they could do that." The farmhand pulled a long shovel off his back and charged at the Soldiers. He was definitely brave, but Bohi would need more than bravery to survive this encounter.

    The transport containing Mei-Ling and the boy was blown through a gap between the pillars on the left side of the transport station and was only holding on by a slab of rock that was giving way. They only had seconds before the ledge gave way and they plummeted to the ground stories before.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Master Nin
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    Things were not going quite as he had planned in his mind. But the situation, though challenging, was still salvageable, or so he hoped.

    Master Nin now had confirmation that the water bender was indeed working with the Fire Nation, and possessed competent skills. The thought that someone of the water tribe would actually do this was troubling, but he could not focus on that right now. Certainly, there was more to that story.

    Now, the sand bender. Xian was initially a surprised by this, but his surprise was dashed by the young boy’s declaration of violence.

    Despite the boy’s welcomed assistance, Master Nin’s position remained unchanged.

    Xian took note of the remaining combatants as well as those who were captured in sand prisons. He too adopted a defensive fighting stance and circled, keeping himself at a distance where he could dash-in and engage when necessary.

    His eyes immediately went to the young sand bender.

    “No killing.” He commanded sternly and without hesitation. The fierce look in his eyes said it all. “If you kill them, then you are no better than the Fire Nation.”

    The boy now attacked both Captain Chirou and the water bender. Judging from the boy’s range of skills, Xian guessed the boy was himself a prodigy or a very young Master, one that lacked wisdom.

    How was the boy blind to the fact that the sand pit was excessive and unnecessary, just like the execution? Master Nin would not trade one type of cruelty in favor of another. And so, depending on the boy’s actions, he might be forced to act in a compromising manner.

    A voice he recognized cried out suddenly, but he did not turn.

    Ty Lee had left the safety of the crowd and approached, despite his instructions. Xian was grateful that his young protege was at least mindful to keep her visage hooded.

    “Master, we must get out of here!”

    “No, I must remain here and do what must be done. Please, leave while you still can.”

    The situation at the Yuan Family Tea House was growing more complicated by the moment, but Master Nin was resolved to see things through until the end.

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  22. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Jiao Yuan
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    Even as everything was happening around them Jiao did not let go of her brother. Water whips were thrown, unrestrained fireballs were let loose but she never let go. She didn't know when or if she would see the rest of her family, this was the final time, she wasn't going to miss a moment. With her brother's hands bound all he could do was brush his cheek against hers, the stubble of a week old beard rubbed against her skin.

    "I know Jiao." His voice cracked under the emotion welling in his chest. "I'm glad we got this moment."

    "I'm not...I'm not letting go…"

    "You have to sis...I don't want you getting involved in this."

    "You've done nothing wrong." She could feel his tears soaking into the fabric of his blindfold. "Nothing..." Her voice was nearly gone, broken under the immense pain in her heart.

    "They will paint you with the same brush. We can't lose you." Feng pressed his chin into her shoulder letting out a shaking breath.


    "I love you sis…" Her brother spoke his voice barely above a whisper with all the noise and chaos of conflict.

    "I love you…" She replied her chest heaving with sobs.

    "Tell mom I love her too…"

    "I...will…" Jiao held to Feng tighter, as tight as she could but she could feel her strength fading.

    "You have to go now."

    "No, Feng I won't."

    "Jiao please…"

    "No...No…" She held on with all that she had only to feel her brother duck his head to escape her grasp. "No...please."

    "I'm sorry." Where the last words Feng said before he slammed his shoulder into Jiao's chest sending her sprawling out of the dome of sand that protected them. As she tumbled sand got into her eyes, blinding her.

    "Feng…" She cried out as she tried to rub her eyes, to try and clear them. "FENG!…" Her scream came from the pit of her sadness, from the deepest parts of her soul as she blindly tried to crawl back to her brother, to steal just one more moment with him.

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  23. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Kasai Oban
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    Kasai looked down at his hands with slight confusion.

    Since when has my fire bending been that strong?” Kasai thought to himself then a mad grin stretched across his face. He was getting stronger… Kasai then noticed out of the corner of his eye the water geyser hurtling towards him but before he could react a wall of sand blocked the water bender’s attack. Kasai’s blood was now boiling. How could this water bender help the fire nation? He’s brain went blank and was filled with only one word.


    Kasai may have hated the fire nation but his training was engrained into him. It kicked in; he became a primal machine filled with nothing but rage.

    Kasai locked on to the water bender named Varayik and snarled. He then kicked his leg out towards him, releasing a train of fire more intense and larger than before.
    He was going to make sure the water bender would never have the chance to hurt or kill innocent people.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Mei-Ling Shu
    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall

    The explosion had come quick, and Mei-Ling ducked down with the boy, using her body to shield him as the train car flew past some pillars and now leaned over the edge of platform. She let out a nervous, quick breath and checking the the boy was alright, started to move slowly to the opening. It moved again and Mei-Ling knew that she had to be quick. With a burst of adrenaline, Mei-Ling ran to the doors and leapt through them, the edge of her feet catching the platform as she wavered on the edge. Mei-Ling felt her stomach drop, and she pushed herself forward and fell onto the platform, rolling so the boy was still protected. She winched as she scrapped her legs on the hard surface, and soon found herself looking up at the ceiling of the platform, wondering just how she had managed that.

    Great. My first day here and I get attacked. What a welcome.

    "You okay kid?" Mei-Ling asked, sitting up. She let the boy down next to her, and kept a hand on his back. "I'm sorry if I scared you." She apologised. "We need to get out of the station though. Do you think you can be my second in command and help me navigate?"

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  25. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Apologies for any lack of quality, was writing as quick as I could with multiple interruptions. (On the road as I write this)

    Varayik Toroq IC:

    ~Outside Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring, Ba Sing Se~

    And the chaotic combat only grew more intense as time went on. Sand began moving on its own, being bended against them, a pool of quicksand appeared beneath him, catching him by surprise. Thankfully Captain Chirou noticed and quickly grasped his arm, pulling him to safety before he sank downward into the possibly fatal trap.

    Varayik nodded curtly and appreciatively. “Thanks.”

    Where had all this sand come from? Where was the assailant. It seemed his superior knew and he followed his gaze, adopting a fighting stance alongside him to show his solidarity.

    “You…Sandbender. Release my men!”

    Varayik said nothing to this mysterious boy in blue he now saw. Yet. But he furrowed his brow, ready for anything.

    “You misunderstand the situation here, Captain. I’m not here to take prisoners.”

    Varayik’s eyes widened as the sand bender stomped his foot and had his compatriots disappear into the sand completely.

    “You’re going to kill them!”

    “I am. And I won’t stop with them.”

    “Madness!” He exclaimed while moving as quickly as he could, sweeping his left foot in a wide arc and moving the water he still had with him to form a brief water wall, to which the Captain added his own fire blasts to counteract the barrage.

    It would seem Master Nin’s words of “No killing,” were simply lost in the rage blowing in between the rest of them.

    As Chirou began trading barrage with barrage in mid-air, Varayik’s sweeping motion continued without hesitation. His arms sweeping down and around along with it; the water went striking down into the sand pit. The moisture should soften where the sand might still be somewhat soft and the truly hardened parts would be blasted as hard as he could. Pressurized water rather than explosive fire was far better suited to this hopeful rescue task. If he could at least do just enough, perhaps a Dai Li agent might be freed enough able to help get them out the rest of the way.

    As he finally came out of his sweep (as this was all taking place in the span of seconds), he moved his hands as if pulling something to him. Which via bending, he did. All those barrels so conveniently placed right behind the boy in blue. They would explode out of them and come rushing as quickly as Varayik could make them go, where he aimed to have them splash against the boy and freeze him right where he stood, from the shoulders down.

    That was when the Captain seemed to have an idea of his own and saved the water bender a second time, jumping to his other side as the leg kick from Kasai had roared toward him while he was open. Now in the path of the assault, he used his own more experienced bending ability to take the flame and all its heat and redirect instead to the area of sand that was in between both the sand bender and the traitor. (But slightly closer to the sand bender) From there, he released a powerful kick and punch combo, forcing the traitor to move, before turning and releasing a powerful torrent of his own flame at the sand.

    Varayik looked over, briefly puzzled before grinning. He knew what he was up to.

    Heated sand in such a way made…glass. Less to be utilized by the enemy and a nice slippery surface for water. And there were other ways Varayik now was starting to plan out if all went well.

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