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Fantasy OPEN Things We Lost in the Fire

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by The Jedi in the Pumas, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018
    Yuan Family Tea House
    Lower Ring

    Master Nin's observation would prove to be correct: The boy in the blue coat was indeed a master of Sandbending and Earthbending. He would go on to prove his proficiency in both.

    The water jetstreams missed their targets and crashed into each other as the boy leaped forward into a roll. Master Nin would see the attack being summoned before anyone else. He could sense the increased chi levels in the young man and the surging forth of amazing kinetic energy. The boy rolled forward onto the ground that was becoming a form of glass and as he rolled back to his feet, slammed both his fists on the ground.

    A tremor.

    Then the earth cracked and shifted in a 10-foot radius around him; A vast wave of sand erupted from his impact spot and surged forth towards Captain Chirou and Varayik. The Captain knew there was no stopping the wave, but he could do one thing. He grabbed Varayik's tunic and launched the man to his side, not completely out of the way of the wave, but to a position that he would take considerably less force than Captain Chirou was about to take. The wave hit the Captain head on and sent him backwards into an alley between two shops across from the Yuan Family Tea House. Varayik was hit by the wave as well, but the impact was only strong enough to send him through the closed doors of the Western Yao Noodle Shop.

    The boy in blue was satisfied with the damage he had done and jumped to his feet. He ran towards Feng Yuan and Mii Yisho.

    "Lady Yisho, it is time to go before they send reinforcements." He lifted the woman over his shoulder and stood Feng to his feet, cutting his bindings. "Jiao, your brother will be safe." It was a testament to his master of earthbending that the area around Jiao Yuan was left undisturbed, despite the young woman being within the radius of his sand wave. With two upward fists, the block of earth that the boy in the blue coat and Feng stood on rose high and they disappeared onto the rooftops, escaping. Feng Yuan, removing his blindfold, stole one last tear-filled glance at his sister and his family's tea house before following the boy in the blue coat.

    In front of Master Nin and Ty Lee, uncovered by the broken earth the boy in the blue coat had dislodged in his final attack, a lone Fire Nation soldier was unconscious trapped between the blocks of earth. A single green sleeved arm emerged from the rubble a few yards away: the Dai Li agent began to pull himself out, but it was clear the man had been injured. Captain Chirou's body was stuck in hardened sand, raised halfway up the side of the buildings he was between in a macabre symbolic display. One leg, one arm, and his head were the only things not engulfed in the sand, but it was clear the mad was unconscious and badly injured. Master Nin and Kasai Oban would silently understand that those that were not uprooted by the earth shifting attack would likely now be lost.

    In the distance, down the street, a larger squad of Fire Nation boots could be heard echoing down the street. It would only be minutes before they arrived.

    Jiao Yuan's mother emerged from the tea shop with a spoon and a kettle, raised as weapons towards Master Nin and Kasai Oban with tears streaming down her face. "JIAO!" She shouted. "WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?"

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  2. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Kasai Oban
    Outside Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring, Ba Sing Se

    Kasai dodged the redirected attack from the Captain. He paused to catch his breath and then took a deeper breath allowing the air to fill his lungs. However, before he could counterattack the sand bender made his move. The large blast of sand shocked Kasai, now interested in who this boy was. He turned wanting to ask the sand bender who he was, but once again the boy in blue was too quick and disappeared before Kasai could say a word.

    Kasai just stood there, frozen in place, his anger dissipating as he saw the carnage that had been wrought.

    I almost killed three people

    He plummeted to his knees, staring at both his hands in shock once again. He was horrified, he was no better than before. He had no evidence to suggest this water bender was a murderer or that these fire nations soldiers deserved to die. Perhaps his bending was more powerful but at what cost? What if he had killed or hurt the innocent civilians in the crowd or that earth nation girl and her brother?

    Kasai knew that he could not help those trapped in the sand so there was no use helping them. The echo of distance foot steps could now be heard. More soldiers thought Kasai. He needed to get away, but before he could come up with a plan a woman emerged from the teashop.


    He lifted his head and looked toward the helpless mother, kettle and spoon brandished in her hands.

    Who am I?

    Kasai looked around frantically. There was not much time. Even if he did get away, he had nowhere to go. After all he was still an outlaw of the fire nation. Turning his gaze to Master Nin, Kasai wondered if he could be trusted. Clearly, he was Fire Nation but he had asked for Kasai’s life to be spared. The panic began to set back into Kasai, crawling up his skin.

    What should I do?

    Kasai began to walk over to Master Nin only then did notice the girl with him and paused. The situation was now even more complicated. Kasai began to way the risks of asking this unknown who might help him or flee and hope for the best. Kasai stood there puzzling over what his next move would be.

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  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Jiao Yuan
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    The earth shook around her, sand was blasted in every direction, the heat of flames washed over her still wet cheek. Wiping her eyes she still couldn't see, not clearly. It was all sound and fury and cloudy visions around her. Greens and reds and a little blue danced and swam through her mind but she couldn't make sense of it all. Then she heard the boy's voice.

    "Jiao, your brother will be safe." She let out a breath her eyes finally clearing as she looked up to her brother Feng as he was carried away by the sandbender. He looked down at her with equally teary eyes. Her hand reached out to him, almost begging him not to go, but she knew she couldn't reach him, couldn't ask him to stay. The Fire Nation wanted his blood, and it was better that he stay away then invited the oppressors to come and take him away again. It hurt, hurt so much to see him taken away again. Though she could find some solace in the fact he would be safe, that the fire nation couldn't take his life.

    The tears still streamed from her eyes as her mother came barging out kettle and spoon brandished. Jiao got to her feet and instantly ran to her mother wrapping her arms around her waist in a tight hug.

    "I'm here mom, I'm right here." She looked up into her mother's teary eyes, a smile on her face. "Feng's alive...he's still alive mom." The young daughter buried her face into her mother's chest again, wiping away her tears. "He's alive…"

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  4. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Master Xian Nin
    In the Wake of Violence

    The boy in the blue coat was indeed a powerful and skillful Master of two bending disciplines. A literal prodigy unlike any he had encountered before. The white haired Master was left with too many unanswered questions and no time to be impressed. There was an immediate need of critical importance right before him.

    At a glance, he surmised that the Yuan women were relatively uninjured, though they clearly suffered from shock.

    “Please see them safely back inside the Tea House and remain with them.” Xian said calmly to Ty Lee. She was the daughter of an aristocrat and he would not fail his charge, her safety was just as important to him. In his mind, he committed the name 'Lady Yisho’ to memory. A name was a lead he could use in his upcoming investigation. Deep within himself, he was also satisfied that Feng Yuan had not been cruelly executed in front of his family’s place of business.

    Moving now without hesitation, Master Nin addressed the unnamed water bender. “Don’t just stand there, either help heal the injured or help get them out of their traps. See to Captain Chirou first.”

    Without waiting to see if the water bender complied, Xian took a flowing step and came to the spot where an injured and trapped Dai Li struggled to free himself from fallen rubble. Xian clapped his palms together and summoned a surge of strength, then began to quickly and systematically move heavy rocks from the buried Dai Li.

    He payed no attention to the growing sound of marching boots. He had already chosen his path. Xian did spare a glance to the Fire bender who had been among the prisoners scheduled for execution and now cautiously approached, looking quite undecided as to what he should do.

    “Flee now and you can live the life of a fugitive, always looking behind your back. Remain and help make things right. Help the wounded, free those who are trapped.”

    That was all he would say to the man. The final choice would be his alone.

    War. The Fire Nation had won, but now a more critical struggle was being waged. The Fire Nation’s very soul was at risk of being destroyed, and without the Avatar as a unifying symbol, it would take everything they had and more, to save it from itself.

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  5. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Kasai Oban
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    The words that Master Nin spoke to Kasai echoed in his ears.

    “Flee now and you can live the life of a fugitive, always looking behind your back. Remain and help make things right. Help the wounded, free those who are trapped.”

    He was right. Kasai should help.

    But he could not bring himself to do so even if he did the soldiers would kill him. Kasai once again had failed and put people in harm’s way. He knew too that Master Nin would likely be killed too, even if he was a member of the upper class.

    “I’m sorry but I can’t. They will kill me, and they will kill you too. There is no dishonor in running to fight another day.” spoke Kasai shamefully to Master Nin. While Kasai knew there was some truth to what he said he could not rid himself of the shame of leaving these people to die.

    He did not wait for a response; he ran as fast as he could. One leg in front of the other, tears running down his face. He did not know where he was going or where he would hide he just ran.

    Forgive me

    Master Nin was a good man, Kasai could see that. He hoped that in the future their paths may cross again.

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  6. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Varayik Toroq IC:
    ~By Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring, Ba Sing Se~

    With an audible groan, Varayik shifted amidst the dust, sand, and ruins of the closed doors of the Western Yao Noodle Shop that he lay in, on the floor. Propping himself slowly up into a sitting position, he shook his head to clear it of sand momentarily.

    Captain Chirou had saved him again. What was that? The third time? Fourth? He was quickly starting to owe the man. How had he fared against that wall of sand that had essentially erupted into their faces? All he knew was that the captain had chosen to be the one to take the brunt of the attack and he hadn’t needed to do that. And even with only taking a portion of the force, he still had been blown through some doors!

    Giving a small wince, he realized his back was going to be rather painful for a couple days. Still, as he gave time for his head to stop ringing (and being inwardly thankful no further signs of attack were forthcoming so he could do so), he did notice Master Nin appear in the doorway to the noodle shop and seem to just look at him for a very brief moment. Then he spoke.

    “Don’t just stand there, either help the injured or help get them out of their traps. See to Captain Chirou first.”

    Then he was calmly gone, just like that. Varayik couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at this.

    Now just wait a minute. Who was that guy? The water bender hesitated to just jump up and chase after him because he had clearly shown himself to be someone of note. He proved this twice by speaking to the captain and again showing both of them on casually dropped name basis. As if to say ‘of course we know each other, why wouldn’t we?’

    Except why would they?

    Varayik felt thrown into the deep end of the pool on his first day now in more ways than one. Because while this was all true, it was also equally true that this “Master” had engaged him and his comrades as an enemy just mere moments previous. An engagement that had led, his direct fault or not, to some obvious casualties among his comrades.

    Now he just comes and tells him to ‘get-off-your-feet-and-do-something-if-you-please-thank-you.’ The nerve! While he finally got himself to his feet, he felt like he made one clear assessment.

    He’s either self-absorbed or a noble. Quite likely both.

    As he let his senses come back to him fully and his head to finally settle down, unknowingly giving Kasai time to escape, Varayik finally moved back outside, surmised the prisoners and sand bender were indeed gone, and went to find the Captain. Of course he would help them. As if he had needed to be told.

    Glancing to the side, he noticed the white haired man clearing away rock and rubble with surprising strength to help free one of the Dai Li agents. Notable, but not enough. He paused long enough to make sure the Dai Li was free then with a graceful motion of his hands from about twenty feet behind Nin, he gathered some of the water that still remained soaking into the soil or splashed onto the buildings (not to mention more of the water from his pouch); then shot it all out at the man’s feet, hoping to freeze him in place as strongly as he could. There would be no aggression in this act, not at this point in time, just simple duty.

    His eyes would have a firm expression if the man looked back at him (whether success or failure) and then began briskly walking away, toward where he caught a glimpse of whom he thought was Chirou in an alley.

    His voice carried back to Nin however, “If you truly wish to help suddenly, prove it and just don’t move. We’ll get to you shortly.”

    Sighing as his sight took in what happened to the Captain, he moved quickly, using water to precision cut away the hardened earth keeping the man in place, while being mindful of the position of his body. It wouldn’t do to hurt him further on accident. As soon as he was free, making sure he would gently fall into his arms right in front of him rather than a sudden drop; he would lay Chirou down gently on the ground. The Fire Nation reinforcements should be there any second now, judging by the sound of their marching. Some of the worst injuries would cause him to rip off parts of his tunic and bandage, the rest he would have to leave to trained professionals. Water bender he may be, but the healing arts were not techniques he studied. And an untrained healer trying to wade into such uncharted territory with such level of injury was liable to make things way more likely than help.

    Please let him make it, I need to thank him.

    As soon as he had him as stable as possible, he would do would he could for the Dai Li agent Nin had rescued then nod at what remained of the sand pit trap.

    “Could you help me get the others out? It doesn’t matter if they are dead, their families will still want them back and not left there like this.”

    Without waiting for a reply, he began using his bending to have water begin softening the sand and rock while also carefully slashing out key areas to aid in excavation. Much like he had done for the captain. This whole time he ignored Jiao Feng and her mother, feeling them innocent in the whole affair and thus of no priority to be focused on just then.

    This would be how the reinforcements would find him (and possibly the Dai Li agent). Excavating and gently laying down the soldiers and agents’ bodies on the ground beside the site in as respectful repose as could be given.

    As for Nin, well, if he stayed put; that was on him.

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  7. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Master Xian Nin
    Yuan Family Tea House, Lower Ring

    He had not expected the water bender to restrain him. Indeed he had sensed the gathering of water, but he had assumed it was for the purpose of healing the injured.

    Without a doubt, it was a well crafted restraint, but the water bender had only captured his feet and not his hands. Xian could have delivered a well placed strike to shatter his shackles to pieces as his strength was still enhanced, but he did not.

    The water bender’s own actions revealed that the man was deeply troubled. Not only was he blinded by duty to the Fire Nation, the very Fire Nation that had visited misery of Water Tribes, but acted in blind obedience to an amoral and fascist regime. The water bender could have attacked him, but did not, which bespoke his lack of malice, but underscored his misguided thinking.

    “If you truly wish to help suddenly, prove it and just don’t move. We’ll get to you shortly.”

    Master Nin shook his head lightly and gave the man a sad smile. ‘We’? Was he speaking for the Fire Nation?

    For a moment, Master Nin simply observed the man. It became apparent that he was not versed in the healing arts after all. That certainly impaired his ability to help the wounded, but at the very least he was helping Captain Chirou as best he could.

    “Could you help me get the others out? It doesn’t matter if they are dead, their families will still want them back and not left there like this.”

    Indeed, the water bender was not thinking things through and just going on basic understanding of the situation. He was asking a wounded man to lend him a hand.

    “He is unable to help you, as he too is injured. You and I are the only uninjured ones here, and if you truly wish to help them, I strongly suggest you accept my assistance. If you haven’t noticed, I was not intending to flee. I could have done so already if I chose.”

    Here was a soldier who did not know who, what or why he fought for. A man who was apparently willing to help the enemy of his people and likely execute a fellow tribes man in the process. Why?

    The white haired Master sighed to himself.

    The damage the Fire Nation has wrought upon its victims ran deep, indeed.

    Still, Master Nin remained in place. This man had something to prove and more lessons to learn, painful ones if he did not wake up to the truths unfolding before his very eyes. It was his hope that the water bender learned them before it was too late.

    The sound of marching feet grew nearer still, and with that, so did other possibilities.

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  8. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Heng Li
    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall

    Heng Li yelled at Bohi to stop, but the farmhand charged towards the Fire Soldiers with a shovel, of all weapons. He rooted himself into the ground, and bending the earth floor around him, he formed a protective shield around Bohi, stopping anyone getting in or out, and then sunk two of the seven guards into the ground, with only their heads being free. He looked at the remaining five, and cracked his knuckles.

    "This is for Omashu." he growled, before encasing two guards in huge slabs of stone. One of the soldiers launched a ball of fire at Li, but it crashed into a protective stone wall that Heng Li quickly formed out of the ground. Li launched this wall forward, thrusting his hands forth into the air in a pushing motion, as the large stone wall rushed towards the remaining three guards. It knocked two of their feet, throwing them off the station and plummeting to their doom. The final, however, launched a barrage of small fireballs at Li, in quick succession.

    Li reacted by bending small boulders to crash into the fireballs, before he kicked his foot into the ground, sending a wave of shifting earth towards the final guard before a large blunt spike launched out of the ground, slamming against the soldiers chest and throwing him backwards, leaving him unconscious. Li felt a biting pain, and looked down to his arm to see scorch marks etched into his forearm. He grimaced, before biting down and bending the earth shield around Bohi away.

    "Don't rush at firebenders with a shovel." Li warned Bohi, fighting away the pain in his arm.

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  9. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018
    Yuan Family Tea House

    The Fire Nation Soldiers arrived and swiftly assessed the damage. The three Dai Li agents were injured, but alive; Only Captain Chirou, Varayik, and one Fire Nation soldier survived the attack. The casualties and damage to the street were noted and a clean up crew would be called in, but the Fire Nation squad turned their attentions to Master Nin. The Master was quickly placed under arrest, much to the chagrin of Ty Lee who protested until the soldiers allowed her to ride with Master Nin back to the Upper Ring; Captain Chirou was placed in an ambulance coach, along with Varayik at the barely conscious Chirou's order.

    The ride back to the Upper Ring would detail the disparity between the rings of society that made up the occupied Ba Sing Se. The lower ring was still for the lower class and the middle ring housing the middle class, though some larger buildings had been repurposed to house Fire Nation companies. The Upper Ring was almost entirely made up of Earth Kingdom citizens that had turned over their loyalty to the new ruler. They were, as Master Nin would suspect, sycophantic and only interested in preserving their wealth. The ride to the Upper Ring took only 2 hours, during which...

    In one carriage, Ty Lee begged her master to renounce his condemnatory attitude towards the Fire Nation. She talked about the fond memories they had and how he was revered. If he apologized, she was sure that he would be forgiven. Azula never would have to hear about it, she promised. This carriage arrived at a small, upscale house that Master Nin had been offered upon his arrival. He was to be placed under house arrest until the hierarchy of the Fire Nation army decided his fate. Ty Lee bade him goodbye and asked him to be under his best behavior until this was all taken care of...

    In the other carriage, Captain Chirou was beginning to stir. The man had taken the brunt of the attack and was in bad shape, but he was tough and strong. His resiliency was one of the things that had garnered him the nickname "The Fire Boar." He turned to Varayik and would thank the man for helping him and fighting by his side. He no longer questioned Varayik's loyalty and praised him for how he had handled the situation. "We will get another shot at that sandbender. Don't you worry, Varayik." But for now, he admitted, he would need rest for a few days and that Varayik should stay in the barracks with the rest of his squad. "Continue to strengthen your waterbending, Varayik. With me out of commission, I will be counting on you to keep order in the Lower Ring. That is our place of responsibility." This carriage would stop in front of Ba Sing Se Hospital and Captain Chirou would be unloaded and carried inside. Varayik would know the way back to the barracks...


    Master Nin's Quarters, Upper Ring

    The Fire Nation guards stood outside, respecting the Master's privacy. They still respected him and Master Nin could sometimes even hear them voice their surprise at the man's turncoat actions. As the high afternoon sun shined upon the Upper Ring, the rumors began to spread through the ranks of Master Nin's actions. What would they think? Maybe some, maybe most, would give the man the benefit of the doubt. He was, after all, a citizen, they would say. His actions could've even been justified. It would remain a hot topic for days.

    But in Master Nin's secured abode, he would sense a presence he had not felt in over 5 years... Dol Huzieng!


    She had been a gifted student of his. The daughter, like Ty Lee, of Fire Nation nobles. Her combat prowess was exceptional and, despite her only being 12 years of age at the beginning of his tutelage, she had an extraordinary connection to the spirit world; A natural gift that even surpassed the masters that Master Nin had studied under. But at the age of 16, 5 years ago, Dol, without warning, attacked Master Nin. Viciously, uncontrollably, and at her highest level of skill. Master Nin defeated her and she fled. Since then, he had only heard scarce sightings and words of Dol. Most of them in relation to her committing assassinations as a hunter of some sort over the world.

    So, her presence, here, now, would no doubt result in some shock to Master Nin.

    Dol sat on the floor in what would be his sleeping quarters. His perfectly wrapped sword in front of her. She looked up as he walked in, smiling an exaggerated childish teethy grin. "Master!" She raised her hands in excitement, but did not move from the floor. "You're in quite a bit of trouble. But don't worry..."

    She had gotten past the guards...Or had been here before the carriage even arrived. It was hard to say. But her rising levels of chi; the threatening equipment: a sword on her back, a bow in her lap, and daggers on her wrist...Dol was here on a mission.

    "Don't worry...I've come to get you out of here. The people of Ba Sing Se could use your help, Master."


    Fire Nation Barracks, Middle Ring


    Two Fire Nation Soldiers cornered Varayik as he approached the barracks. Moku and Kon, both men Varayik's age, with enthusiasm and capable bending. He had only known them for a few days, but they had welcomed him with open arms. They congratulated him on fighting off the sandbender (the story they had been told) and fighting alongside Captain Chirou. Then they presented him with a bit of a plan: If he was up for it, they wanted to sneak down to the Lower Ring and dispense some justice against the people who allowed the attack...They told him they had a lead on the Mii Yisho that had escaped!

    Yuan Family House, Lower Ring

    Jiao's mother held her hand all the way home. She closed the tea house early, for obvious reasons, and complained that she was not feeling well. Jiao knew her mother well enough to understand that her mother was overwhelmed. She almost witnessed her son be executed, her daughter in the middle of a bending fight, and the horrible deaths of the Fire Nation soldiers at the hands of the young boy in blue. It was too much. When they arrived home, her mother went straight to bed and stayed there for the rest of the day. What would be going through Jiao's head, no one could be certain, but a *tat tat tat* came at her bedroom window an hour later. Highly unusual.

    Even more unusual, was that it was the boy in the blue coat. Only now, he did not wear his coat, but more traditional earth kingdom clothing. His scar, however, was unmistakable; especially to Jiao who had gotten a look at the young man's face so clearly.

    He waved, nervously. He seemed more uncertain. Very different than he had seemed at the tea house in the middle of combat.

    "Jiao, hi...I...You might remember me....Uh...I wanted to make sure you and your mother were okay. My name is Rumi...I just wanted to help."

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    Streets of Lower Ring

    The streets were crawling with Fire Nation soldiers now and Kasai Oban was a wanted man. He had nowhere to go and knew no one. If he had any chance of survival, he would have to change clothes...cut his hair...find a place to live...go-

    As he was running, he was tripped and fell hard on the ground. The tripper...a woman in Earth kingdom clothing beside a large camelephant...


    She bent over, getting unusually close to Kasai's face.

    "Y'know... I've travelled all across the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom... Y'know the dead giveaway of a criminal... They're normally the ones running with no regard for other people's space. So..." She squatted down beside him and flicked him on the forehead. "What're you in trouble for?"

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  10. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Master Xian Nin
    House Arrest, Upper Ring

    He did not resist the soldiers when they arrested him, but went peaceably with them. He did not speak in his own defense or at all for that matter, though he did wish that Ty Lee had made a different choice. Still, he was comforted by her company in his time of need, though it was one of his own creation.

    How easy it would have been to simply stand idly by and spectate that horrific public execution. How effortless the act of snuffing out someone else’s life and wounding one’s conscience in the process, continually deceiving oneself that atrocities done in the name of the law somehow made them good.

    Master Nin sat within the carriage, and listened to his former protege as she implored him to reconsider his contrary position. Xian realized that she wished to spare him an audience with Lady Azula, which unbeknownst to her, was something he was secretly counting on, despite what he suspected would be the cost to his person.

    The very idea that he should apologize for disrupting a public act of cruelty was like asking the moon and the sun to trade places in the heavens. If they did, the results would be catastrophic. It just wasn’t possible.

    Xian listened and offered young Ty Lee a reassuring smile, indicating that all would turn out well. He could clearly see, that unlike most members of the Noble Houses, or Highly Esteemed denizens that fell in step with the present fascist regime, Ty Lee remained a Noble Soul, and for that he was internally grateful. Xian was confident that she would wake up to the truth when the time was right. That one day, she would become a compassionate and worthy leader within the Fire Nation. As her former Master, that brought him more than enough honor and peace. He need not sully her good name with his current state of affairs.

    “Do not worry.” He assured her. “For worry of it self is of no value.” His faint smile grew wider. “Take courage when your choices and actions are honest and true.”

    After arriving at their destination, Master Nin was pleased to part ways on a good note, and promised he would ‘behave’.

    In the grand scheme of things, there was still hope. For Ty Lee was a rare jewel amidst a burning pyre.


    Xian took his house arrest in stride as he waited for his fate to be decided. He did declare his wish for an audience with Lady Azula, but had received no assurance that his message had been carried forth. Several times when he had gone to his garden to practice his forms, he'd hear the soldiers speak of him just beyond the walls. Most of it wasn't complimentary or accurate, nor did he expect it to be, but it pleased him to hear that at least one of the gathered soldiers mustered enough courage to honestly question what was being said, who was willing to look deeper. If there was one, surely there would be others...and that was enough.

    What he had not, could not have expected, was to feel a presence he had not felt in half-a-decade. Much less have that exact presence -that person- to be more accurate, appear within his guarded abode.

    Dol Huzieng.

    The one, if things had proceeded on the right path, he was hoping to one day name as his successor, though he never mentioned this. So magnificent was her gift, her talent. Xian had trained her for four rigorous years, pouring his teachings and his knowledge. He had been proud, just like her parents. And then….then they blamed him for the shame that had befallen them. For what he had become.

    The Legendary Master who had failed.

    On that fateful day, their fight had been beyond intense, it was epic. Dol had pushed him to the limits of his defenses, for he did not wish to hurt her. But thankfully, it'd been enough.

    The event had been most unsettling, likewise the rumors that followed, but he never allowed himself to believe them, he could not. As much as he’d meditated on the event, he could not glean the answer as to why. So he lived not knowing, for that too became enough.

    And now, on the day off his arrest…

    Xian entered his sleeping quarters where he had sensed her. The white hair master stood by the door and gazed as Dol sat on the floor- with his priceless sword before her.

    “Master!” she called out with a happy grin. A complete contrast to her expression the very last time he saw her. To him, it felt like yesterday. Xian couldn’t help himself as he smiled back. Dol had managed to enter his abode, even his quarters undetected. If she’d wished to steal the sword, she could have done so already and he wouldn’t have been the wiser for it. She was one of the very few people who knew the weapon’s secret.

    Xian also took note of her attire and of course, she knew he would. He was the type to notice in which direction her hair was braided and what kind of leather her belt and her quiver were made of, which would connect the work to a maker and the maker to a region.

    Her entire attire spoke of her readiness for an encounter, this was not just a pleasant visit. Her array of weapons covered all the ranges, just as he and other masters had taught her. It spoke to him of her present life, of the past five years. How did he fail someone so talented, so brilliant?

    “Don’t worry…I’ve come to get you out of here. The people of Ba Se Se could use your help, Master.”

    Xian chuckled despite himself.

    “Worry is of no value.” He repeated to her as if she were back in class, yet he did smile despite the thoughts going through his mind. Still, he remained by the door. It wasn't appropriate for her to be in his chamber, given their traditional relationship, despite her being of age.

    “I looked for you for almost a year.” He said casually, then blinked subtly, but in a way she already recognized whenever he would change topics.

    “Helping the people of Ba Sing Se is exactly what I intend to do when I speak with Lady Azula. These atrocities cannot continue. History has shown us, that acts of abject cruelty are a clear sign of a declining civilization. It is my duty to help her see this. That's why I have to stay.”

    It was odd, talking like this, as Master and student. They used to have such talks for hours in the past. A past that remained unresolved. So, what and who were they to each other now?

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall

    Bohi looked over the damage that Heng Li had caused with his earth bending. "Well not all of us can do that! But ole rusty and I can do some damage too."

    It was then that Bohi heard the sound of a transport sliding off the ledge, crashing into the ground below. When he turned his head in the direction, his eyes widened slightly as he noticed a young woman and a boy dusting themselves. They must have been on the transport with the soldiers, he surmised and immediately he felt regret and shame. He'd almost killed them; this was what his sister had warned him about when she heard about his plans of attacking the Fire Nation today. He quickly began to run over to them, acknowledging the words of the masters of the White Lotus: We're doing this for the people.

    The boy turned to Mei-Ling, sweat on his face and dirt on his clothes. He was not crying however, instead he breathed hard and scratched his head, a smirk emerging from the corners of his mouth.

    "Holy smokes, what a ride! And did you see how that earthbender took down the Fire Nation troops!" The boy continued to scratch his head as he looked Mei-Ling over. "My name is Torval. Thank...oh, you hurt your legs." Torval bent down to try to inspect it when a giant man charging at them came to a sudden stop.

    "Fear not, fellow Earth citizens. I am Bohi and I am here to help!"

    "What's with the shovel?" Torval asked.

    Bohi looked down at Torval. "It's my weapon: Rusty."

    "I don't think you can fight the Fire Nation with a shovel, Bohi."

    Bohi grew red with embarrassment. "Not all of us can earth bend!" He yelled before regaining his composure. "And that's MISTER Bohi to you. Respect your elders! Young lady, you are injured and the Fire Nation will be swarming this place any minute. Allow me." He quickly picked up Mei-Ling and looked back at Heng.

    "Let's get back to the storehouse!"

    Sha-Sin Shohun's Noodle Storehouse, Lower Ring


    Bohi slid the doors to the storehouse open.

    "Please don't touch the barrels...or the crates...or well anything...My sister runs the business side of things; I'm more of the farmer and she'll throw a tantrum if she finds out that this is my base of operations." Bohi laid ole rusty against the wall. "You guys are welcome to stay here until you recover...I'm sorry about the whole..." He made an explosion sound and illustrated a bomb with his hands. "Back there at the transport station. I would never have launched the attack if I knew civilians would be yea...sorry. I'll be back with noodles! That's what my pa always says: 'Everything is better on a full stomach."

    As he turned to leave the storehouse, he leaned close to Heng Li so that only the two of them heard his words.

    "A master is coming here a
    White Lotus master...From there, we're going to plan out next steps." Bohi gave Heng Li an exaggerated secret nod and turned to leave, returning a few minutes later with multiple bowls of hot noodles.

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    Awesome combo with the Awesome GM @The Jedi in the Pumas [face_dancing]


    Master Xian Nin
    Upper Ring Residence

    Dol frowned at Master Nin’s insistence on meeting with the Princess. The seriousness on her face reminded him that she was no longer the young woman he had seen so much promise in; the fire of innocence that Ty Lee still lived was extinguished in Dol and replaced with something else. Something darker.

    There was no tenseness in Dol’s face as she spoke. “When was the last time that you’ve been out there? Actually out there to see what our Fire Nation has done?”

    Master Nin did not answer immediately, because there was nothing to argue. Most of the terrible news he'd gotten regarding the Fire Nation's atrocities on the field he'd receive through reliable sources, which would be later confirmed by drunken and boastful soldiers as well as high ranking officials. He'd even managed to read some reports before they were, re-fashioned.

    The issue was not that he was blind, but that he was, after all, one of the elite. The famous Young Martial Arts Master of the Fire Nation, sought-out by Nobles who wished to learn true Martial Arts, or so they claimed. He could not argue that he had been sheltered by his own celebrity. Had he seen those things with his very own eyes.....

    "No, I have not seen, but have heard more than enough. Your eyes also speak of things I have not seen."

    Master Nin sighed heavily. When he heard about an Agni Kai between
    Prince Zuko and the Fire Lord, how the Father had burned his own son's face, then sent him into exile, he could hardly believe it. How did that man even sleep at night?

    "What do you know of a sand bending Master?" Xian suddenly asked without preamble. His mind was clearly working things out once again. There was nothing he could do about the past. But the present and the future, those were still filled with possibilities.

    The blink and quick change of subject. She knew it was coming. It almost brought a smile to her face. Almost. Master Nin... there was a flash in her memory. His silver hair, long before a man should have silver hair. His elegance. His patience. Even the way he smelled. It all was coming back to her and teleporting her back to her 15 year old self that admired him so much.

    Why couldn’t he see that their leaders had changed the world into a place where peaceful men like him met early, painful ends?

    “Sand bending master... You’re in the Earth Kingdom, Master. There are quite a few of them in the Sand bending tribes.”

    She blinked... almost exactly like he himself did when he changed subjects.

    “Azula will kill you. There’s no one who can reason with her... I can’t let you go through with this.” Dol picked up the sacred sword and stood. She tossed it gently to her former master.

    “A lot has changed in the past 5 years, master.”

    With a motion so graceful and so swift that one could miss it in a blink, Master Nin's Sword seemed to have leapt right into his hand. With loving grace did he strap it to himself, a soft smile appearing on his face as he did so. The Dragon Sword was now where it belonged, in the hands of its true Master. Xian inhaled, then exhaled as he felt energy course through him, the room seeming to expand with his breath.

    "I have always trusted you, but please, tell me what is going on. What I do from here on out will have considerable consequences."

    Dol watched him strap the sword to his back and contemplated his words. She couldn’t tell him what was going on. He’d try to stop her. He’d use his way with words that she worried still had power over her.

    “A kingdom has been infiltrated and is being subjugated... The Avatar is dead, Xian. There are those that are fighting back. Passiveness has allowed the Fire Nation to become the oppressive regime it has.”

    She took a step towards him.

    “Leave Ba Sing Se. It is the only way I can know that you’re safe. But if you try to meet with Azula...I’ll have to stop you. She’ll be returning to the Fire Nation in a few days. I’ll be making my move then.”

    Master Xian Nin grew silent and held his ground. Somewhere in there, behind the hardened expression, she still existed. His little doll. But there was someone else there as well, someone new he needed to get acquainted with. A battle hardened warrior with a spirit and conviction to match his own. He should know, since he instilled it in her. Needless to say, he did not only believe her, but was completely convinced that she would do her best to stop him from meeting with
    Lady Azula. She was certainly dressed for it, but that is not why she had come.

    Ty Lee had implored him not no go through with Lady Azula and now Dol, after five years of absence, was resolute to make that happen. Xian suspected this could not be coincidence and often warned others about the pitfalls of pride. His plan seemed like a 'good one' in his mind, but perhaps there were things he could not readily see. Ty Lee was more directly involved with court intrigue and Dol, well, she clearly experienced the harsh realities of the world first hand. From his abode, Xian strongly suspected he had a manicured view of events. His career as a Martial Arts Master was over, that much he knew, but not helping those who truly needed it because of pride, now that was altogether selfish and irresponsible.

    His two proteges were concerned for his safety. That was no small thing, in fact, it was something he could not ignore, not with so much at stake. Xian knew he would be taking a great risk should he be brought before
    Lady Azula, but he also trusted in the advise of his proteges.

    "You know I won't fight you. Never again." Xian said as calmly as he knew how.

    Of a truth, he would never get to the bottom of the Fire Nations corruption while he remained a prisoner. What's more, how else would he reconnect with his lost pupil? It was time to make a choice of what he would hold on to and what he would let go.

    "So, where are you taking me?" He asked with an easy smile.

    Master Nin’s response caused his former pupil to smile with a warmth that she thought was gone inside her. Once again, she flashed back to how she used to view him...

    She mentally shook herself out of it to answer his question. “There is a man... headstrong in the Lower Ring who is causing a stir and wants to fight the Fire Nation. He can help hide you and could use your help.”

    Dol brushed past him, pausing to touch his shoulder. There was a part of her that missed him, but she realized that he could never know why she had attacked him. She then approached the front door.

    “Oh yea, I’ve been keeping up on my technique.”

    No weapons. She kicked the door open and with a rapid succession of punches disabled the three guards at the door. She turned to give him a thumbs up, but she then realized that they weren’t the only guards around the house now.

    Approaching from down the street, was a squad of fire nation soldiers, led by a noticeably distraught Ty Lee. It would seem that everything had not gone as she planned and that Master Nin would not be forgiven for his earlier actions. Her expression changed as she saw Dol with her Master.

    Dol clinched her fists together and cracked her neck.

    “Ty Lee... How good did she turn out to be?”

    Master Nin walked out of his abode with casual steps, then breathed the fresh outside air. One look at the downed guards informed him that Dol's strikes had not been lethal, as they were still breathing and their expressions were peaceful. This was good.

    "You may test her and judge for yourself." He responded to her question about Ty Lee with a barely perceptible hint of amusement.

    "But I forbid you to hurt her." The way he said that last part. Dol would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he meant each single word. It wasn't often that her former Master gave ultimatums, because that inherently meant that one would have to carry them out.

    "Just permit me to have a word, if you don't mind." Here he gave her a deferential nod, as she was the one in charge of his, now publicly seen, escape.

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    Varayik Toroq IC:
    ~Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom~

    Even after being frozen into place, the white haired man continued to speak as if he was looking down on him. Varayik was quickly coming to dislike that man. This Master Nin.

    “He is unable to help you, as he too is injured. You and I are the only uninjured ones here, and if you truly wish to help them, I strongly suggest you accept my assistance. If you haven’t noticed, I was not intending to flee. I could have done so already if I chose.”

    The water bender only shot him a brief look. And if you could actually think outside yourself, you’d realize the only logical thing would be not to trust you from my point of view.

    He kept the retort to himself however and just glanced at the Dai Li agent, who appeared ready to attempt helping anyway. Varayik shook his head and muttered.

    “No, don’t. He’s right on that at least. Rest. I’ll do what I can on my own.”

    And that was exactly what he did until the Fire Nation reinforcements arrived, blatantly ignoring his “captive” the whole while.

    In the end, he managed to get out three other people. The two other agents still lived as did one of the soldiers. Honestly, that was better than he had begun to expect.

    Sitting on a barrel to catch his breath from his exhausting efforts, Varayik just watched silently as the soldiers placed Nin under arrest (he unfroze his feet for the soldiers, naturally) and was curious as to the pretty girl with long braid who kept trying to speak up on the “master’s” behalf.

    For some reason that just made him dislike the man even further.

    When Captain Chirou was placed in the ambulance coach, he found himself surprised when the barely conscious man requested he accompany him. He complied of course.

    “Honored to ride with you, sir. Hang in there,” was all he could manage to say on the way over before his superior slipped into a fitful sleep. If you could call unconsciousness sleep that is.

    For most of the ride he just peered out over the Earth Kingdom city, uncertain as to what was to happen now. On his very first day, already it was evident things were not going to be easy. Not by a long shot. Rebellion was stirring.

    Eventually the Captain stirred again and caught his attention by speaking quietly. He leaned forward to hear the man. Varayik had no idea of his nickname at the time, but eventually when he learned, he’d immediately know why.

    “We will get another shot at that sand bender. Don’t you worry, Varayik. Continue to strengthen your water bending, Varayik. With me out of commission, I will be counting on you to keep order in the Lower Ring. That is our place of responsibility.”

    That had been more in between, telling him that while the Captain would rest for a few days (probably more than a few the water bender guessed), he himself should stay in the barracks for now with the rest of the squad. Varayik promised he would do and reiterated it was his honor to be inducted into the man’s squad.

    Soon enough the carriage stopped at the Ba Sing Se Hospital and Chirou was unloaded. Hopping out right after him, Varayik made a respectful bow at the man being carried away then turned and moved toward the barracks he had been briefly shown in a hasty orientation earlier that morning.

    It wasn’t long at all that he was approached by others when arriving at the barracks. In fact, he didn’t even make it to the front door.


    He paused and hesitated a moment. Who knew him so casually? Then he saw them. The two fire nation soldiers radiating easy grins and marching toward him swiftly. Ah yes. What were their names again? The two welcoming ones who had been walking with him and the Captain during his early morning orientation. Most of the fire nation people eyed him suspiciously, even the Captain had at the time; but not them for some reason. Varayik wouldn’t question it, just welcome the unexpected gift of welcoming.

    Moku! That was the one on the left’s name….the one on the right…uh. Give it a moment, it’d come to him. As they reached him and immediately launched into the stories they had been told and congratulated him for fighting off the sand bender, he remembered that he had seen them around Ba Sing Se the last couple of days before he had made his pledge. Ah, that was probably why they were so welcoming. Because he was one of the few people around who had welcomed all of them when they took over the kingdom. It was being reciprocated unexpectedly. At first just friendly strangers, now comrades in arms. And bending.

    Fire and Water. Who knew, right?

    Varayik almost argued about the sandbender, but their exuberance and pride of being the only friends of the water bender that had done it (“We knew all along, others feel stupid now I bet!” They kept saying) that he decided against it.

    He even managed a weak chuckle and a: “Heh. Yeah, I showed him real good. He comes around again, he’ll be sorry!”

    Wise? Probably not. But it felt great! This was the course of the conversation for a while as they made it into the barracks. Eventually they presented him with a plan they cooked up. In hindsight, he shouldn’t have been surprised. Oh, and the other’s name was Kon! (The former Southern Tribesmen felt relieved that he had that out of the way)

    Sneak back down to the Lower Ring, dispense some retaliatory justice, and then go after Mii Yisho! That was the water bending woman, if he recalled correctly. There was still a bad pit in his stomach when he heard that name.

    After a few moments, he gave his reply. They should be extra cautious sneaking around and no going after the people, they were just caught up in it all. Best not to make more enemies. Wait till they got themselves caught in the open, was bound to happen!

    But he also said this, a hard look coming across his face: “…Mii Yisho. Yes, if there’s one thing that make me feel better and get some true vengeance for the Captain, it’d be catching one of those fugitives. If that’s who have a lead on, then lets do this.”

    Avatar have mercy them, may he Rest In Peace.

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    Jiao Yuan
    Yuan House, Lower Ring

    Jiao never let go of her mother's hand. She was shaken her brother was gone again but at least he was alive. She only saw some of the bending battle but what she did see was terrifying. More so were the dead bodies dredged up from the sand pits created by the boy in blue. Could that have been her, she was largely unharmed, but it didn't make her feel better. And it clearly did nothing for her mother. They both were rocked by this event, their tea house closed early, and they seemed to be jumping a little at the noises around them. Jiao was still trying to piece together what was going on.

    Why was her brother taken away, why was he going to be executed, what did he mean when he said he 'Didn't want her mixed up in this'? She was swimming in questions though one that rose to the top was who was that boy, the one in blue?

    Arriving home her mother went to lay down, Jiao went to her room curling up on her bed, again the quiet in the house sent shivers down her spine. Rolling onto her side she began to hum a little tune, something to keep her thoughts from overrunning her. Though she could still see the fire nation soldiers pulling their own out from the sand. People died, but her brother lived, did that make it ok? Her brother was innocent they were going to kill them...she wasn't prepared to handle such questions, she wasn't a soldier or a scholar like that man with the white hair. She was just scared and glad, an terrifying set of emotions roiling inside her.

    As she curled up a little tighter she heard a tapping at her window. Rolling over she heard a few more raps on the window before she got up to see what the noise was. Outside she saw the boy in blue but this time he was in green. The traditional colors of the earth kingdom. Though his scar was a give away.

    Before he spoke he gave an uncertain wave and looked askance for a moment. Jiao had grown up in a tea house. She'd seen many people, seen their actions and their attitudes. This boy was not acting like the quiet earthquake he was in the tea house and in the scuffle outside.

    "Jiao, hi...I...You might remember me" Jiao arched a brow of course she would remember him. He'd saved her brother, and taken the lives of fire nation soldiers. "....Uh...I wanted to make sure you and your mother were okay. My name is Rumi...I just wanted to help."

    "If you wanted to help…" she started leaning out the window and attempting to pull him in. Jiao wasn't the strongest, even growing up with four brothers their roughhousing often didn't go well for her. But she was going to try. "...You wouldn't have come here…"

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Kasai Oban
    Streets of the Lower Ring

    Kasai could the echoes of Fire Nation soldiers through out the streets as he desperately ran.

    He was a fugitive, a life that would take some time for Kasai to adjust to. Ba Sing Se was his last hope and now, even here, the fire nation had found him. What hope was there? No there was hope, all he had to do was find more people like Master Nin. People who hated the fire nation and would give him shelter. Easier said than done.

    All these thoughts raced through Kasai’s head as he ran through the dusty streets. Not paying attention to his surroundings or really where he was going.


    Kasai suddenly felt his blood running down his face. He was on the floor, dust covered all over his face. He looked up; a woman’s face was mere inches from his own.

    "Y'know... I've travelled all across the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom... Y'know the dead giveaway of a criminal... They're normally the ones running with no regard for other people's space. So..."

    His brow furrowed in confusion.

    Who was this woman?

    This could be the person that Kasai was thinking about, a person that would help him hide from the fire nation, keep him safe. This did not take away from his annoyance of being tripped. Even more so getting flicked in the head.

    "What're you in trouble for?"

    Kasai began to pick himself up and dust himself off, seemingly haven forgotten that blood was still streaming down his face. Perhaps this woman could help him.

    “Maybe we should start with names first, I am K- Kuzun.” Kasai was still wary, if the fire nation was searching for him giving his name out so freely was not the smartest idea. Not to mention if this woman found out he was a fire bender he could say goodbye to any form of aid from her. Kasai waited for the woman’s response, hoping she would help him.

    “I...I was going to be executed, that is my crim-”

    Kasai collapsed to the ground. The mixture of his demanding fire bending and lack of food, sleep, and water was too much for him. To say Kasai was exhausted would be an understatement.

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  16. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Mei-Ling Shu
    Monorail Transport Station, Remains of the Inner Wall

    "I'm alright." Mei-Ling told that boy, Torval and was a little surprised at his enthusiasm. She opened her mouth to reply when a large man came and started to fuss over her, eventually picking her up and taking her to a noodle storehouse. This has turned into a very strange day. Mei-Ling thought to herself as she was placed down and the man, Bohi told them he would be back with some food. Her stomach growled. When was the last time she had something like noodles?She smiled slightly. "Thank you." Mei-Ling told him when he returned with the noodles. "I'm Mei-Ling. From Omashu." She dipped her head in a bow but winched when she moved her legs. "Do you uh...know a doctor or anything? I'm not sure I should take care of these wounds myself."

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  17. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Sha-Sin Shohun's Noodle Storehouse, Lower Ring

    Bohi chuckled as Torval and Mei-Ling began to eat. He had to think.

    "Yes...I do know a doctor, but...I uh..."

    The storage door swung open and a woman with a giant camelephant stood in the doorway, almost blocking out the sun. There was a man strapped to the back of the camelephant who the woman directed Bohi to pull him off.

    "Hey sis...How's everything-?"

    "No Bohi...I saw the explosion and whadya know...I get back to my storehouse and there's an injured girl and little boy here." She shook her head in intense disappointment before walking over to Mei-Ling. Sha-Sin had met Heng Li briefly in the previous days, but did not know the man was an earthbender, though she suspected. She knelt beside Mei-Ling and looked at the wound on her leg. "Are you okay, young one? My name is Sha-Sin Shohun. This is my storehouse."

    Bohi dropped Kasai's body on the ground with a thud and looked at his sister. "Is he dead?"

    "No." Sha-Sin responded sharply. "He fainted after almost bowling me over. Wake him up." Sha-Sin looked at Torval and back at Mei-Ling's leg. "I should be able to bandage you up, but due to my brother's actions and a failed execution today, I don't think it would be best for you be on the streets as nightfall comes. We will find a doctor in the morning."

    Bohi grabbed a bucket of water while his sister spoke and dumped it on Kasai's face. "HEY...WAKE UP!"

    Sha-Sin shook her head at her brother's tactic and Torval let out a laugh as he continued to eat his noodles. "Are you an earthbender, Mei-Ling?" Sha-Sin asked knowingly.

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    Streets of the Lower Ring

    Moku and Kon did a dance and set off with Varayik in tow. They were youthful and distinctly different than the older members of the Fire Nation Army. They were not cruel, but definitely felt entitled by the authority of the Fire Nation backing them. They had no ill will towards the Earth Kingdom people and had no desire to terrorize the people. They were like minds with Varayik. They looked up to the Fire Lord and Princess Azula (And now even Prince Zuko) as being stabilizing forces in a chaotic world. They were spreading the graciousness and wonder of the Fire Nation with the rest of the world and only fought when there was undue resistance to Fire Nation influence. Things would be better once the war was over and Moku and Kon were looking forward towards the end now that Ba Sing Se had been conquered and the Avatar had been killed.

    As they scurried through the streets and boarded a monorail transport headed to the Lower Ring, they filled Varayik in on some news they had received: Apparently Princess Azula would be leaving in a few weeks time and they were bringing in some big shot General to preside over the transition period. General Feng Zhu. General Zhu had a reputation of being able to crack down and break the most iron wills in the Earth Kingdom and Ba Sing Se would be his reward for years of war. Moku voiced that he hoped the citizens of Ba Sing Se would be nicer and more helpful before the General arrived for he had no taste for the violence that Zhu was known for when it came to dissidents.

    Their transport ride was quick and the sunset on the horizon cast an orange tint onto the faces of the young men. Moku and Kon laid out their plan.

    -Mii Yisho was some kind of doctor to the lower ring. Her sons had been part of a small rebel cell and were on the run back to their mother's clinic when the Fire Nation cornered them.
    -The boys were struck down in an ensuing fight and Mii Yisho struck out against the soldiers. Injuring them. Which was punishable, under the new regime, by death.
    -Moku and Kon figured that the woman would go underground at a local pharmacy that doubled as a holding place for criminals to escape the city.

    How much trouble could one woman be to bring in? They thought.
    The Pharmacy was closed when they arrived and there appeared to be no one there. Moku and Kon looked through the windows but saw nothing.

    "Maybe... they already came and went." Moku stated, but Varayik would get an acute sense of boiling water coming from beneath the building.

    Someone was definitely home.

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    Upper Ring, Outside Master Nin's residence

    "Master Nin!" Ty Lee shouted as she signaled to the troops to halt.

    "Please Master, they just want to take you in...Lady Azula thinks it would be best that you be kept at the palace."

    Dol scoffed and noticed the rising chi levels of the Fire Nation soldiers, as would Master Nin. "They're looking for a reason to strike us down, Xian. And as I told you before, I'm not letting you go off to your death."

    There was silence on the empty dirt road outside Master Nin's former residence. Ty Lee's face pleaded; she really believed that Master Nin would be given a fair shot at proving his innocence, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Dol knew better and her eyes shifted from soldier to soldier; their faceless helmets hid sweaty and worried faces in the midst of a sunset staredown.

    An older unmasked, Fire Nation Captain then stepped forward from behind Ty Lee. "We tried your way girl, return to the palace. Lady Azula said to bring him in or dispose of him. I choose the latter. ATTACK." He leaped forward and shot a large fireball half the size of the street towards Dol and Master Nin. His 7 soldiers quickly joined beside him and their fireballs created a rolling wave of fire spanning the width of the street. Ty Lee's cries for them to stop were drowned out.

    Dol turned and began to run. "We gotta go, Xian! We have to get to a transport station."

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    Yuan House, Lower Ring

    Jiao was stronger than she thought and came pouring through the window onto the floor.

    "I know...I'm sorry. I didn't think it...all the way through. I was the one who left the note at your door to not come to the execution. I was sent to rescue Lady Yisho and when I heard they would be executing your front of your family tea shop, I tried to spare you."

    Rumi could tell from the look on Jiao's face that the young woman was judging him for his actions back at the tea house. He couldn't blame her. To her, from the little she had seen of him, he was nothing more than a rebellious, remorseless killer. But in truth...He was not. He was doing what he thought he had to do. What he had been sent to do. He explained to Jiao that he was from the oldest sandbending tribe. He was sent to Ba Sing Se to rescue the Avatar but arrived too late and was trying to help out where he could. His people believed that Ba Sing Se would be lost without the Avatar and he had been sent to fight the Fire Nation in any way he could to give people enough time to flee the city.

    "Your brother...They arrested him because his name was on a list given to the Fire Nation by a man from the Upper Ring. Most of the Upper Ring are selling you guys out just to keep themselves above water. The same probably happened to your father and your other brother. I don't think it's safe for your family to run the Tea House anymore, Jiao. And I don't think you and your mother are safe in the city at all anymore."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Master Xian Nin
    Upper Ring, Ba Sing Se

    For a man who thought himself prepared for any given situation, this was likely not one of them. That he should need to choose which of his two proteges to disappoint, was never something he’d considered.

    Ty Lee. Still wholesome, still naive, still willing to see the best in people, even if they were monsters. She was too close to Lady Azula to see her for what she really was. Her please did not fall on deaf ears, for he heard every single word she spoke. It was clear that she had his best interest at heart, the Fire Nation soldiers on the other hand, betrayed their true intensions with their posture. He could see that quite clearly as well.

    Master Nin was not given a chance to speak, as Dol Huzieng, his original star pupil took charge of negotiations. She made it abundantly clear that she would not allow him to be taken to the palace. It was not a threat, but a simple fact.

    For the second time in the same hour, Dol addressed him by name, abandoning the honorific ‘Master’, for in fact, he was no longer her teacher. Although she was not wrong to do so, yet stil,l he felt it to be an overly ‘familiar’ gesture on her part. Of course, that was far from the immediate concern.

    Xian calmly regarded the Fire Nation soldiers as they stood there, elevating their chi levels. Master Nin couldn’t help but to think they all needed instruction to better control their flow technique. They were all giving themselves away too easily.

    The impasse dragged on for long moments, before one of the soldiers, the Captain from the looks of him, made a choice for them all. He ordered his men to attack.

    In a blink of an eye, thought became action, resulting in disappointment for Ty Lee.

    The Fire Nation Captain launched a large fireball, which was quickly joined by his seven soldiers adding fireballs of their own, merging their attack into a rolling wave of fire.

    Dol wisely turned to escape, bidding him to follow.

    At the same time, Xian felt the unmistakable powerful surge of the Red Dragon Sword strapped to his back. His eyes flashed as the sensation threatened to overtake him. However, he was the Master, not the other way around.

    “Not yet, Huo Long, not yet.”

    In a blink, Xian thrust a palm out and pulsed, instantaneously dissipating the rolling wave of flames.

    Without waiting for a reaction, Xian’s entire body surged with chi, as he called upon the ‘Lightfoot technique’ to expedite an escape, as he now sped forth.

    “Dol! we fly!” he said, catching up to her in a single bound.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    (A combo post between @The Jedi in the Pumas and myself.)

    Jiao Yuan
    Yuan House, Lower Ring

    Jiao was still trying to process everything. Rumi was a member of a sand bending tribe, he was sent here to rescue the Avatar, other things that the young woman's already bewildered mind could hardly deal with. She could see the determination in his eyes, the righteousness of his words. He truly believed in what he was doing. While it was admirable did that really necessitate murder?

    Then he made his request, his insane, mad request. To leave behind the tea shop, to run away from the city her family had lived in for generations, a tea house that had never been closed for nearly a century. The only thing she had left...her home, and her tea house.

    "I can't," She shook her head. "I can't it is all my family has, all I have..."

    A moment of silence fell onto the small room. Rumi looked out at the setting sun. He was uncomfortable and not used to assuaging sadness in others.

    “Maybe... you can set up a new one... somewhere else once the war is over.” He suggested as he scratched his head.

    “I know some people that can get you out of the city, Jiao. But the window is closing.”

    "Set a new one up?" Tears came to her eyes. "Do you know how long that tea house has been there? How many of my family had given their lives to that place?" She paused taking heaving breaths. "My ancestors put everything they had into it, my father would never leave it, not like this." Another pang, her father was gone, possibly killed it only brought more tears. "I...I can't leave it...It's all I have of my family..." Rubbing her eyes she looked up at him. "And this war is already over, the Fire Nation has taken Ba Sing Se, the Avatar is dead."

    Rumi backed away from Jiao, but stomped his foot in protest to her last statement.

    “No!” He argued. “No it’s not over. There are still people who will fight. Like me... I’ll fight. I’ll fight until I can’t anymore. That’s what the Avatar did. That’s what I’ll do.”

    Jiao’s room was small and the step that Rumi had taken back placed him back against the door of her room. He was shaking. Get a grip, he thought.

    “Jiao... I don’t want you, or your mother, or anybody else to get hurt from what is coming. Ba Sing Se is going to become a battleground.”

    Jiao hung her head, as she slid to the floor of her room.

    "Your fighting brings more pain, can't you see that? The more you fight the harder they strike back the more they do to keep control..." She looked up at him with red eyes. "If...If we'd just...just accepted it...maybe...maybe...." She couldn't finish that sentience, there was part of her that knew it was wrong, but another part of her that just didn't want to leave behind everything she'd ever known.

    “They didn’t care about any of that when they took your father and brothers. They were going to kill your brother in front of your tea house. That’s the kind of people they are!” His fist tightened and his trembling ceased. “Accepting it won’t stop them. It didn’t stop them when they marched over every Earth Kingdom town on their way to your doorstep.”

    Pulling up her knees to her chest, Jiao rested her forehead against them. Her sobs were quieter, though they hadn't stopped. She didn't want to leave, but it seemed she had not choice. As she looked up again a mournful look came over her.

    "Promise me you will do what you can to preserve our tea house...please?"

    He kneeled down beside her.

    “I promise, Jiao. No one will do anything to the Yuan Family Tea House. Whenever you and your mother are ready, I’ll be waiting outside. It’ll be easier to move at night anyways.”

    Rumi shined an awkward smile and helped Jiao back to her feet. He walked to the window, looked back and nodded at her, and leaped out.

    Taking a moment, Jiao took a few heaving breaths trying to calm herself down...they could come back, they could return to their home once this was all sorted out. It was a faint hope but it was a hope non-the-less. Slowly exhausted from the emotional outburst she staggered to her feet and packed a bag. It wouldn't be much, some clothes, some money she had saved up, and a small sturdy tea set. With that all done, she moved to her mother's room rapping on the door.

    "Mom..." She called out, "I think we should go..."

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    Varayik Toroq IC:
    ~Pharmacy, Lower Ring, Ba Sing Se~

    Varayik grinned as Moku and Kon did their dance and was pleased to see the initial phase of their little plan went well. Moving pretty much undetected and fairly swiftly with the information they had with them. Glad to have easily convinced the pair to leave the people in general alone from any retribution, they could focus on the only thing that was really important.

    Lady Yisho.

    They went through the streets, got onto the monorail transport, and filled him in with further news. Princess Azula would be leaving in a few weeks? That was a shame. He liked having such a powerful presence around, made things simpler and easier. Plus it was all thanks to her that the Earth Kingdom could now be remade into something far more orderly and above all, efficient.

    But this General Feng Zhu sounded like a good, strong hand as well. Probably what Ba Sing Se needed unfortunately. Like his current partners, he too hoped that the citizens calmed down before he arrived however, so that further violence wouldn’t be needed. It was absolutely imperative that they strike down these beginning sparks of rebellion now.

    Recapturing the woman in question would be a start.

    The orange tint lit upon their faces as they hunched forward into a kind of huddle, going over their plan once more. It was likely she would be hiding underground at a local pharmacy, one that was known as a staging area for criminals to escape the walled city. They’d have to raid it hard and fast, or flush her out if that failed, and prevent any such escape.

    He felt for the woman a little, not just because she was a fellow water bender from what he heard, but because she had struck out after her sons had been killed. That was…very understandable. But given the overall situations, she couldn’t be given a free pass, right? If they allowed her to get off with anything less, with clear rebellious elements already at play; it’d only encourage defiant factions.

    It was tragic and distasteful. But her sentence had to be carried out. Yes. Surely.

    Varayik wrapped himself in such thought processes as they arrived, also knowing unlike Moku and Kon, that she could be much more of a problem than they thought. He knew quite well what a water bender could do.

    As they came up to the building, it was closed and appeared very much deserted. Looking through the windows, nothing was readily evident. No presence of anyone or anything.

    He closed his eyes and felt his surroundings. Listening, feeling, paying heed to that which marked him.

    “Maybe…they already came and went.”

    “No,” he stated firmly. “There’s water underground. Boiling water. Remember why we think she came here. There’s no way she’d be up here for all to see. She’s a fugitive.”

    Inspecting the door for a moment, he turned to look at his companions again, inquiring as to whether either of them knew how to pick a lock. Sadly, it wasn’t a skill he had himself. If so, he let one of them do so.

    If not…well. The door would meet his and Moku’s shoulders, smashing it open forcefully. Not the preferred method, but if they moved fast, could still be effective. Make their target panic, which could be an opportunity.

    Once in, no matter the method, he’d begin to go into his bending movements without delay, taking control of just a little of the steam from the boiling water. Trying his best not to be conspicuous about it; having it waft up to them.

    This would show the way to the hidden room if all went well. In the meantime, he whispered:

    “Keep your eyes open, she might have friends protecting her.”

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    IC: Mei-Ling Shu
    Sha-Sin Shohun's Noodle Storehouse, Lower Ring

    Mei-Ling looked up at the commotion and listened to the banter. She looked up when the woman spoke to her, Sha-Sin about getting a doctor, and she paused in her eating, swallowing nervously when she asked if she was an Earth Bender. "Yes. But how can you tell?" Mei-Ling asked politely. She gave her a cautious look and wondered why that was so important. She didn't want to fight anyone, let alone the Fire Nation. Mei-Ling was only an apprentice. And not a very good one, most days. I'm lucky I can even block. But I still don't understand how she could know that in the first place. " I was trained by an old master in Omashu, but he's not around anymore. I couldn't even finish my training." Mei-Ling ducked her head, and seemed lost in thought for a moment.

    "You aren't focusing. Mei-Ling, what has gotten into you today?"

    "I'm sorry Master. I was thinking about my parents again."

    Master Shang regarded her carefully. "You're parents...yes. But you must grow Mei-Ling. The Fire Nation never sleeps."

    "But you told me that my mother was from the Fire Nation!" Mei-Ling frowned at him. "How can she be my enemy?"

    Master Shang gave her a sad look. "You must never tell anyone that you are not from the Earth Kingdom. You know it works differently in Fire Nation controlled areas. If they find out, they will take you away."

    Mei-Ling ducked her head. "I am not the enemy."

    "Then you must learn to fight them." Master Shang nodded at her. "Get ready, we are going over the forms until you Master them Mei-Ling."

    "....Yes Master. As you say."

    Mei-Ling looked up and shook her head slightly, looking down at her food. She had only eaten half the bowl and did not feel hungry anymore. She wondered if they could tell she was the daughter of a Fire Nation woman too.

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Heng Li
    Sha-Sin Shohun's Noodle Storehouse, Lower Ring

    Heng Li nodded as Bohi informed him of the arrival of a White Lotus master that was soon to come.

    He watched the arrival of Bohi's sister, whom carried another. Li silently chuckled as Bohi dumped a bucket of water on the unconscious man. Li raised a brow when he heard Mei-Ling confirm she was an Earth Bender. What surprised him more was she was also taught in Omashu.

    Could she have known Bumi? He thought, and narrowed his eyes. He mused to himself, scratching his chin before speaking up.

    "Omashu, huh? I used to live there as well. I'm sorry you had to see it fall." he remarked apologetically, before continuing. "But if you never finished your earth bending training... Well, I think I know a way for you to learn.' He stepped forward, clearing his throat.

    "I can teach you." He offered simply, folding his arms.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Kasai Oban
    Kasai Oban’s Mind
    Kasai was floating in a dark, boundless void. He was curled up in the fetal position, naked, bare to the void. A single flame ignited in front of him, small and whimpering, on the verge of being snuffed out. Kasai lifted his head and gazed into the flame.

    Fire. The element of power, he had desired power once.

    Power to dominate

    Power to demolish

    Power to slaughter

    But now these things disgusted Kasai. The flame was now growing, moving closer to Kasai. It first touched his feet, slowly moving upwards. The pain was unbearable. His skin began to melt, as his blood began to boil. However, Kasai did not scream, he lowered his head and allowed the fire to consume him.

    Water. The element of change. Change, something Kasai was so desperate for.

    To change himself

    To change the Fire Nation

    To change his fire bending

    Water then came crashing down on Kasai, extinguishing the fire consuming him.


    Sha-Sin Shohun's Noodle Storehouse, Lower Ring

    "HEY...WAKE UP!"

    Kasai came crashing back into reality. He leapt up confused, eyes wide open like a deer in headlights. Kasai looked up and recognized the woman that had tripped him earlier. He scuttled back as he exclaimed:

    "You! Where am I? What do you want?"

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Sha-Sin Shohun's Noodle Storehouse, Lower Ring

    Sha-Sin smiled at the girl as she wrapped her leg with bandages. "I've been around a lot of earthbenders, sweetie. I have my ways, but don't worry. You're safe here." Sha-SIn could tell the young woman was nervous and, possibly, melancholy, but did not ask anymore probing questions. Her brother had a tendency to involve himself, and others, in dangerous situations and she was always there to help him straighten things out. This seemed like another one of those situations.

    When Heng Li stepped forward to offer to train the girl, Sha-Sin raised her hand to stop him, but Bohi interrupted her.

    "Yea, that'll work. Li is a master earthbender! He took out an entire squad of firebenders earlier." He said proudly, standing over Kasai, who was regaining consciousness.

    "So, is that what you were out there doing? Attacking the fire nation and putting innocent people in danger?" Sha-Sin snapped at him. She turned a defensive gaze towards Heng Li. "I don't know you guys, or what business you're into, but maybe we should let you guys get some rest before anyone does anymore bending. We can continue this in the morning."

    Bohi noticed the rising Kasai backing away from them and laughed. "Calm down, fella. You're safe here. I'm Bohi and that's my sister, Sha-Sin. She brought you here after you fainted. Maybe you should sit down."

    Sha-Sin finished wrapping Mei-Ling's leg and rubbed her temples. "Okay everyone, this is alot. You're all welcome to stay the night and we will figure this out in the morning. You're not expecting anymore guests, are you Bohi?"

    Bohi looked at Heng Li, knowing they were supposed to be welcoming a master of the White Lotus sometime in the night. He looked back at his sister.

    "Nah sis, of course not!"

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    Middle Ring Wall

    Dol looked at her former master's footwork. The man was a master of the craft and she owed a lot of her skills to him. But the years had been more than generous to her skill. She smiled at him and performed the same "Lightfoot technique" to a level that Master Nin would have to admit, rivaled his own. Of course, this was Dol; the one who was gifted enough to have one day become his successor.

    "Try to keep up, Master." She launched herself to a nearby rooftop and began to disappear into the night, leaping from rooftop to rooftop with Master Nin following behind. The firebenders lost them immediately and a clearly saddened Ty Lee watched her Master become a confirmed enemy of the Fire Nation. Things would never be the same between them, she knew, and it hurt. People always spoke about how this war could turn friends to enemies, but this would be her first experience with the sad truth. It stung.

    Dol and Master Nin made their way from the Upper Ring to the Lower Ring. Dol reminded Master Nin that it would be best for him to leave the city. They stopped on the wall that separated the middle ring from the lower ring.

    "You haven't lost a step, in your "old" age." She admired him for a moment before he turned to her. Dol felt weird. It was as if she still needed his approval; an evaluation of her skills. She quickly dropped her soft face and grew stern again. "There's a small pharmacy, about 2 miles that way. It has been used to as a holding location for people that need to leave the city. You should go there, Master."

    She faced him and nervously extended a hand. "I think where we say our goodbyes. You shouldn't be here for what comes next. I know how you disdain war, but...that's what is going to be necessary to liberate this city. A lot of people around the world...seeing Ba Sing Se fly a Fire Nation flag symbolizes the end of the war. But it's far from over."

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    Outside the Pharmacy, Lower Ring

    Rumi held Jiao's mother's hand and Jiao's hand as he led them covertly through the night to the Pharmacy. Jiao's mother would normally have been a hard woman to convince to leave, but the day's events had convinced her that Ba Sing Se was lost and that in order to preserve her family, her daughter, the best thing to do was to leave. The conversation between her and Jiao had been short, but difficult and filled with tears. One day, they may be able to live and work at their Tea House again, but that day was long and far away on the horizon. Rumi brought them to a stop a block away from the Pharmacy, but even from this distance he could see something was wrong.

    The door was bashed in.

    "Lady Yisho... She's in there." He whispered to himself. She was in danger. But he had led Jiao and her mother out into the night, abandoning everything they had known, to trust him to lead them to safety This was not the only safe house, but it was the closest and the one he had used multiple times in the past three days. What was he to do? Leave Lady Yisho, someone else who had trusted him and hired him for his skills, to perish at the hands of the Fire Nation? Or leave Jiao and her mother alone in the streets after dragging them from their home?

    "Jiao..." He bit his lip and the grip on their hands tightened. "This place is no longer safe, I have to take you somewhere else...Have you ever heard of Sha-Sin Noodles? We must go there. I have a friend there."

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    The Pharmacy, Lower Ring

    The steam rose to a hidden trap door underneath the floorboards behind the counter. Moku and Kon grinned at each other and ran off to slid over the counter. Moku grabbed the latch and Kon prepared to jump in. Just before that, Varayik would feel a surge of steam erupting towards the trap door that he was not summoning. Before he could warn the men, Moku had lifted the door and Kon jumped in and was immediately burned by an overload of steam. He screamed and quickly climbed back out, rolling around on the floor in agony.

    "Kon!" Moku cried out as he grabbed Kon and tried to help him.

    "Just go get the witch!" Kon screamed back as his skin began turn red and bubble.


    Moku nodded and called for Varayik as they jumped down into the basement. When they landed there was a long tunnel, with large pots of boiling water on the side lining the path. The tunnel was lit with hanging candlelit lamps and standing further down the tunnel was Lady Yisho, resolved and seemingly at peace. This was immediately taken as a sign of weakness by Moku who, without warning, charged forward, preparing to launch a fire blast.

    "You hurt Kon, you water witch!" And he was immediately blasted into the wall by water that jetted out of one of the pots and frozen to the wall.

    There was a thick, impossibly so Varayik would feel, constructed behind Lady Yisho. She was guarding it. "I cannot let you pass, young waterbender. Nor will I allow the Fire Nation to take anymore children from me." Water surged from the pots with her sweeping hand motions and surrounded her in three larges, scalding hot loops that circled around her. She was ready for a fight, even if it was against her own countrymen.

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    IC: Mei-Ling Shu
    Sha-Sin Shohun's Noodle Storehouse, Lower Ring

    Mei-Ling smiled back, and then looked up as the man, Li offered to train her; and the enthusiasm around it. But she didn't want a teacher. She just wanted to live her life. "No thank you." Mei-Ling answered quickly, firmly. "I don't want to fight anyone. I just want to help people. And I don't know you." Mei-Ling told them seriously. "I appreciate the help, but I'm sorry; I don't usually stay in one place for very long." Mei-Ling sat up; and leaned against the wall. It would be safer for everyone wouldn't it?

    She shifted and felt the weight of a pendent around her neck, the one she had been left with as a baby, and the one that had kept her at arms length from other children in the orphanage that were from the Earth Kingdom. Or at least, their parents could claim lineage for generations; unlike Mei-Ling.


    It felt warm against her skin, and Mei-Ling wondered what would happen if they discovered it. From what she had read about the Fire Nation and what Master Shang had told her, they usually only gave the pendent to the First Born, and the family had to be of some wealth to be able to afford it. So why had they left then? Taken her to the far reaches of the Earth Kingdom. Mei-Ling just wanted answers. She just wanted a home.

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