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Science Fiction Third Eye

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Master Vo'Un'Var, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    The man was gasping and breathing heavily, as he collapsed into the snow. He was pressing his hands against his forehead like he was trying to squeeze out the pain.

    "Are you alright, Sir?" Andrew was cautious as he came closer. He had come close enough to speak to the man, but anyone running around barefoot in the winter in a dirty grey overall was a bit creepy.

    The man shook his head. "Help me." He whispered. "Please ..."

    Something was odd about the voice. Something was not right. Andrew let his hunting rifle slip from his shoulder and took it into both hands. "Sure. What's wrong pal? Did someone do something to you?"

    The man suddenly stopped gasping and then ... he burst into laughter. "Do something to me? Do SOMETHING TO ME?!?" He raised his hand and on the palm of his head Andrew saw ... no that was impossible ...

    The blast radius was over a mile. Within a hundred feet no tree had been left standing. Twelve people were missing afterwards. Hunters who had been resting on the nearby camping site. The Government obviously had a perfect explanation for this.


    "A meteor strike? That was no meteor strike! It was one of the subjects. He escaped. But they are not stable! We never get them stable! That is what they do, you understand? That is what these poor bastards become!" The man was agitated. Sitting in a police station he was gesticulating wildly with his handcuffed hands. Police had picked him up in a diner screaming at customers.

    Officer Moore kept his cool and smiled. "You imply the explosion was man-made, Dr. Rivers? As a result of your work?" He had stopped making notes by now.

    "I am just the medical advisor. I ... tried to help those poor souls. The Project, it is what this thing does to them. It is ..." He was looking for words, also head told this a dozen times over already.

    "Unnatural? Wasn't that the word you used about twelve times before?" Officer Moore fought not to grin. The Doctor nodded and began screaming about Government conspiracies again.

    Behind the mirror the elder Dr. Monroe looked at Chief Westborn and sighed.

    "As I said, tragic. His father died last week and ... we knew he had a history with paranoia, but I assume he stopped taking his meds." Monroe said with a sympathetic smile.

    The Chief nodded. "A total nutjob." He agreed. "So what is it you guys up there are researching?" He turned to Monroe and the Doctor smiled.

    "Weather. We research weather." He said

    Westborn knew the man behind the mirror in the interrogation room was clearly insane ... but he wondered why he had this feeling Monroe was lying.


    Third Eye


    This game is an original game.

    It follows a story full of mystery and suspense that will lead to a secret that will shake the world as we know it to its core.

    Something is happening in the shadows and rumors persist of a well funded Government project out there that researches the most extreme limits of human development. Secretly funded and protected from public exposure an incident in Nebraska has recently revealed a few disturbing bits to those who knew how to look for them.

    An organization named Truth has been searching for recruits to try and help them find out more on this project and if necessary stop it before it gets out of hand. Their leader believes this project might be the key to a power far to great to be held by any nation. For a long time he was doubted, but an explosion in the Nebraska woods have given him some credibility lately.

    This game has quite a bit of lore built around it. However, this cannot be revealed yet for the sake of the experience.

    This game is currently open to all players, but will close once I receive enough applications.

    How to join

    Carefully read the above paragraphs, and then the small amount of lore below to help with character creation.

    Secondly, begin to make a character, the character sheet is further down. I ask that you try as best as you can to relate the character to the story, and if you want to try to tie in subplots for your character or need help, do not hesitate to contact the GM (Master Vo’Un’Var)

    Then, send your CS to the GM for approval and make sure you’ve read the rules.

    The World of Third Eye

    While Third Eye begins as a government conspiracy game, it quickly turns into a mysterious sci-fi game with much to discover beyond this world and even this reality.

    However, you start off not knowing much about the lore of this game. What you know, is that an organization called Truth is searching for a group of individuals who will be able to find out more about this mysterious project and then from there the plot will unfold and more will be revealed. Your character can be whatever you want, but make sure to give some reasons why they would be involved with the plot.

    Character Sheet









    1. Obey the TOS as always
    2. GM’s word is law
    3. PM your CS to the GM for approval
    4. Use the OOC thread to ask open questions, or discuss the plot/lore of the game
    5. Have fun!

    Many thanks to LordT for looking over and helping me write this opening post.