Saga Saga - ST This IS the way: Mando with cats and things happen (2021 Fanfiction Summer Olympics)

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    When gizkaspice is in the writer's seat, anything can happen 8-}

    LOL. It would be super funny if they're sitting watching this and are all, "uhhuhhuhhhuh...Mando's cat has a butt." "BUNNNGGHOLLLEE." [face_laugh] Now I need to stop before I get weird plot bunny ideas. Thanks for commenting!

    Thanks so much for reading! Mando's quite the mango [face_laugh]

    Thanks so much! Well, it IS the Unknown Regions so anything goes, including cat butt databases, man-eating plants....and maybe some planets where people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people (probably @amidalachick gets that last reference :D)

    Those shifting-eye genes must be strong! Glad you liked it.

    Aww, thanks so much! Glad you liked it. [:D]

    Last installment coming right up.
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    5. The Cat Whisperer
    (4x100 Relay: 4x100 words on the four types of love (affection, intimacy, friendship, and charity) as experienced by your character, family, friendship or couple in one post.)​


    “You're such a kind mandarin orange,” said the old lady at the local adoption centre as she supervised a bunch of cats and babies. “Thanks to you, the children and cats can bounce on the trampoline safely and happily.”

    “I'm glad to help,” said Mando, making final safety adjustments with a screwdriver to the trampoline. The thing was totally broken when he arrived and everyone was sad about that. “But it’s Mandalorian.”

    “Eh, margarine? We have some margarine in the fridge, young man. You go ahead and get some margarine and I’ll bake some mango cookies for you.”

    He sighed.


    All he did was order apple juice at the local cantina and already some woman was all over him for some reason.

    “Guy sits all alone in a cantina. Maybe you’re looking to mingle,” said the woman with a wink.

    “I’m just here for some apple juice, thanks.” Now he wished she would leave him alone and go away.

    Suddenly, the tiny black cat slithered from under his helmet, shifted its eyes suspiciously and turned to the woman, making a small hiss with a very, very small tongue.

    The woman screamed bloody murder upon seeing this freak of a cat and ran out the door.

    “Thanks, friend,” said Mando before they exchanged a paw-fist pump.


    Din Djarin found the black cat in his mustache and was now chasing after it with a hair trimmer to try and shoo it out of there. To his disappointment, he accidentally shaved off half of his beautiful mustache and was now on the verge of tears.

    The tiny cat felt sorry for the man and molded its body to replace the half missing mustache, turning into a mustache-cat with yellow eyes peering from the middle of it.

    Din wasn’t totally convinced, but the cat tried its best to make amends and he forgave it. Until his mustache grew back, this would need to do for now.


    After the Jedi left with Grogu, the ship was strangely quiet and the black cat saw a small tear drip down Din Djarin ‘s cheek, visible only to the eyes of a tiny cat. Purring, it jumped out of his helmet which he was holding and onto his shoulder, standing strong on all 4 tiny paws.

    Din glanced to the cat from the corner of his eyes and acknowledged that this would be the tiny cat’s new place. Now they would meet Grogu someday again. Together!

    Bo-Katan saw this and sighed, rolling her eyes. “Cats. It’s always about the cats.”

    Notes: For “Intimacy”, Mando gives off an aro/ace (Aromantic/Asexual) vibe for me, so this is my headcanon how he'll react and I don’t think he’ll appreciate random cantina ladies flirting with him.

    And this concludes my pentathlon! Hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks for all who read/commented—so nice of you to give this story a chance. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the stories for this summer Olympics challenge!
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    Cats and kids on trampolines [face_tee_hee] And a cat-mustache [face_mischief]
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    mandarin, mango, a defensive friend, mustache and Jedi friends. All are funny.
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    Okay, I laughed through the entire series. [face_laugh] Mandarin orange!. The woman screaming upon catching sight of the kitten. The cat in his mustache. [face_laugh][face_laugh] Congrats on finishing. =D=
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    Ninja Kittens for the win! (And @Chyntuck's video was an added bonus. :D ) For everyone else, my recommendation is One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Train Its Human, transcribed by Celia Haddon. (Yes, this is a real book.)

    I knew it! Why is this not covered in Physics classes everywhere??!!
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    Oh, what a purr-fect finish! :D

    [Palpatine voice]DO IT![/Palpatine voice] [face_mischief]

    So down there in, say, Argentina or Rand McNally all the water runs backwards? [face_mischief] Also I would totally read a story where, perhaps, certain characters journey to these planets and have wacky (possibly cat-related) adventures there. [face_batting]

    Now, onto the actual story lol!

    Trampolines! Mandarin oranges! Margarine! Mango cookies (those actually sound really good :D)! I love it.

    [face_laugh] I could totally hear this in Mando's voice, and it made it even funnier.

    Haha! Yay for creepy tiny helmet kitty helping Mando out!

    Also, yay for aro/ace representation (says the aro/ace who is an enthusiastic shipper, loves fictional romance, and writes about romance and sex 99% of the time :p)! I get that vibe from Mando, too, and I actually think it's interesting and kind of refreshing that there is no romantic storyline in the show so far.

    [face_laugh] This line made me laugh really hard. And mustache-cat! That is such a (weirdly, creepily) sweet thing for it to do. :D

    And "Affection" was so great! The kitty trying to comfort poor sad Mando and then Bo-Katan with the final line.

    Amen. [face_laugh]:D

    Congrats on finishing this pentathlon and I can't wait to read any other Mando & cat (&/or Kylo) adventures you may choose to share with us! =D=:D I know I've said it many times but these stories always make me smile and brighten my day. So thank you for writing and sharing! [:D]
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    Thanks so much everyone for reading/commenting! Totally appreciate the encouragement and I'm glad this brought some smiles.

    No doubt after that, Grogu is probably mad Daddy-Mando didn't let him jump on the trampoline!

    Thanks! Glad you liked it.

    Glad you liked it! If you're going on side quests, there absolutely needs to be bizzare ones Disney will never show us, am I right :D

    Great book--Absolutely need to get that for my cats. My cats are too obedient and I don't think they're training me right LOL.

    Outdated research and cat-hating teachers? Basically, cats need to teach Physics--they defy it on a daily basis!

    Oh, absolutely a story for the future. Like, Mando/Grogu/cat adventures in the Unknown Regions where they meet a Chiss that talks like Boomhauer from King of the Hill in a cantina or I dunno. Need some more sugar/catnip for proper plot bunny formation.

    Yup, totally relate to everything in the above with the addition of writing alien romances I will never have the guts to post (they're just seriously very corny) :p

    This is why I loved the Mandalorian: no unneeded romantic subplots (except that minor romance story with frog lady and her husband, but honestly who doesn't want a love story between two adorable frog aliens :p [face_batting]?) I also hope Disney doesn't toss him a love interest out of nowhere like it did for Rey/Finn/Poe because :rolleyes:. Just let Mango Mando decide for himself if he wants to be in a relationship or not.

    I'm not really sure why I decided Mando's mustache should have a cat in it, except that since he does indeed have a mustache, it would make a great bed for a tiny cat :p Everything totally makes sense when you have too much caffeine :D

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! There might will be more, but I'm not sure when. And once again, I'm super glad these stories brighten your day and I'm happy my writing can spread some smiles as a result!:)
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    Between "mandarin orange", "margarine" and "mango cookies" it's kind of amazing how badly you managed to phonetically mistreat "Mandalorian" in so few words [face_rofl]

    I'm loving the relationship between Mando and his kitty, who rescues him from unwanted female attention (with paw-fist pump!), replaces his moustache and even comforts him when Grogu is gone. Bo-Katan may be onto something here :D

    Congrats on finishing the pentathlon!
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    Poor Mando---everywhere he goes, he's either a mango, or a mandarin orange, or a type of processed butter. The in-universe explanation is that in the other story, Kylo Ren went back in time and called him "Mango" and somehow this affected the past and now nobody can get Mando's name right for some reason or something, I dunno :p

    Thanks! Did you know Bo-Katan's name was derived from Dave Filoni's wife's cat name? This gives me the impression she knows about cats and Mando is yet still young and naive about this cat stuff and what it can lead to.... 8-}[face_laugh]

    Thanks again all for reading/commenting!
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    You should get your own comic series. I laughed all the way over your latest updates. Thanks for being so blessed with creativity and sharing it with us. [face_love]
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    Thank you, Azure! Maybe someday when I have some more time and more motivation, I will make my own comic series about Mando's cat adventures. You can't wait for Disney to do these kinds of things! I'm still waiting for my Millicent series.... [face_laugh] Lovely to read your comments as always.
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