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Beyond - Legends This Perfect Moment - K/J, OneShot, Desire, Sparks, Mush?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mayo_durron_666, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Title: This Perfect Moment
    Author(s): mayo_durron_666 [SITH_MAYO]
    Timeframe: 35ABY
    Characters: Kyp Durron, Jaina Solo
    Genre: One-Shot, AU, Romance, Mush? …
    Keywords: Desire, sparks …
    Summary: Kyp and Jaina have been playing it low key for a while until…
    Notes: Haven’t wrote K/J for a while and missed them …[face_batting] Hope you enjoy! Comments welcome..
    Disclaimer. Just playing with SW toys.


    This Perfect Moment

    Kyp picked up a champagne glass. He took a sip of bubbly alcohol and scanned the ballroom.

    All finery and sparkle was out tonight. The grand space was packed with important leaders, government officials, military men and women, all done up for the evening.

    Free drink flowed, tables chock-full of food enticed and live music lured guests onto the middle dance floor.

    It was a splendid looking event. But he didn’t plan on staying long.

    Then he saw her.

    His rich emerald eyes stopped roving instantly.

    He was transfixed. On one person.

    She was a sight worth admiring.

    She stood confident, casually laughing with a group of pilots. Her presence shone as brightly as her brilliant smile.

    Jaina Solo was a striking woman. Especially tonight. In a clinging dark ruby dress that flowed beautifully round her legs, with her shoulders bare and her long brunette hair in cute curls, she created quite a picture.

    Damn she was stunning, he thought silently.

    As if sensing his gaze, Jaina glimpsed over her shoulder and offered an affectionate smile. Oh that smile could melt a man to his knees. Kyp was grateful he had the bar for support. Did she have any idea how potent her warmth and beauty was?

    It was hard not to stare.

    He raised his glass to her with a cheeky wink. And her response was to flush a little red and roll her eyes as his obviously appreciative gaze.

    Smoothly, she excused herself and made her way through the crowd.

    Kyp watched her. It was impossible to look away.

    Each step was graceful. Her movements were faultless, naturally sexy and feminine.

    The fitted garment showed off her womanly figure to perfection, hugging her tiny waist and emphasizing her swaying hips.

    It gave a lush show of cleavage that had Kyp swallowing hard. His throat was dry. Yet his mouth watered.

    She looked good enough to eat.

    A deep v dipped at the chest of her dress and went all the way down to her navel. The sly parting was cleverly fashioned. It showed teasing glimpses of smooth silky skin. Enough to make blood race and pulse erratically. Despite the temptation, the sophisticated dress didn’t show too much to cause outrage.

    Taunting. The two sides of the v opening were held together loosely by a couple gold chains. It was sweet torture to catch tantalizing glimpses of what laid beneath the clothing.

    When Jaina bumped into someone who recognized her or wanted her attention, she’d smile politely and chat briefly, then slip Durron the look.

    He knew that gaze.

    It had been a couple weeks since he’d last encountered it but he was familiar with those dark imploring eyes.

    After a couple short conversations, Jaina managed to sneak away.

    She was making good progress across the floor. But Kyp couldn’t help chuckling when she got stopped a fourth time by general who clearly found her appealing.

    Again she snuck Kyp an almost desperate look, a plea for help.

    Those fine chocolate eyes made his heart clench. They were enthralling. And Gods help him he wanted to lose himself in their beauty.

    This time he couldn’t just watch.

    He placed his champagne back on the counter and strolled over.


    The rare damsel look had worked its charm.

    Kyp was making his way over at last.

    And what a sight he was.

    His usually long black hair was trimmed short, slicked back, unruly at the front from the way he’d occasionally ran his fingers threw it.

    Donning a crisp dark suit, his black trousers and diner jacket were cut to precision, highlighting his tall, toned, masculine physique. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the top, revealing hints of his muscular chest and the dusting of hair upon his fairly tanned skin.

    Then there was his roguishly attractive face. True, his nose was a tad too long. He wasn’t flawless. Very faint scars lined his right cheek and forehead. Yet they only added to his scoundrel appeal.

    His strong jawline was sharp and distinctive. And his mouth had a unique quirk of humour pulling at the edges, warming his expression and giving him an air of mischief.

    But it was his eyes. So intent. Completely focused. Vividly green, swirling with heat, they took her breath away every time.

    It was very uncommon for Durron to show up to these events, let alone dress the part for them. He must have wanted to make an impression. And he definitely had Jaina’s attention.

    As the tipsy general was about to lead her to the dance floor, Kyp suavely slipped his hand into hers and saved the situation.

    Inserting his body between hers and the drunk, Kyp spoke coolly as he swept Jaina away,
    “I hate to cut in but this dance is taken, chief.”

    In a low voice, only he could hear, Jaina sighed,
    “What took you so long?”

    A crooked smirk tugged at his lips, as he replied quietly,
    “I was enjoying the view.”

    Expertly Kyp pulled Jaina onto the dance floor.

    She went into his arms willingly.

    When he brought her flushed against him, she embraced the closeness and followed his sure lead.

    With an hand on her waist and the other in her hand, Kyp turned them around the floor, swaying seamlessly, dancing in time to the slow song. It was a sheer joy to hold her. He’d dreamed of this, her, in his grasp, so beautiful it made his heart stutter.

    Cheek to cheek, Kyp whispered,
    “Do you have any idea how damn tempting you are?”

    His felt her triumphant grin as she pressed a subtle kiss to his jaw,
    “Look who’s talking …”

    Feather light, her lips lingered against his skin.

    And his fingers tightened on her hip.

    She could be a ruthless seductress. Igniting passion in a simple touch, kiss or mere glance. And worse, she knew what power she wielded over him.

    Jaina had lured him with her natural sexiness. Yet he was sure he was falling hard and fast for much more. For all of her.

    Yes he loved her smile; eyes alight with laughter and rich hair in unruly tresses around that stunning heart-shape face. But he also loved her confidence, intelligence, wonderful wit, sassiness and never ceasing diligence.

    For several months, since that first sizzling kiss, they’d managed to keep their deepening relationship a secret. Neither wanted the attention or pressure others would automatically put upon their union. However it was becoming obvious to them this wasn’t a passing fling.

    Lustful caresses between them held a tender trace, soft and cherishing. Every day their bond grew, linking soul to soul, showing all fears and hopes gradually.

    Gazing down at her, his eyes clouded with desire, Kyp uttered,
    “I thought we were playing coy ..?”

    “I can keep up appearances.” She told him quietly, “Real question is should we continue to?”

    Wrapping her up snugly into his chest, uncaring of watchful eyes, Kyp grinned,
    “I’m content to act all innocent … or the complete opposite. As long as you’re mine, I’m a happy man.”

    Unconsciously circling her arms round his neck, she beamed up at him with stars in her eyes and replied,
    “I’ve decided the same. Kiss me.”

    “Here?” He faked embarrassment and quirked up an eyebrow in jest, “But people will notice something’s different.”

    Jaina laughed huskily,

    With that Jaina leaned up as his mouth came down to claim hers. Intensely hot, his kiss burned her up inside out, melting away all reservations. The breath rushed from her lungs, escaping as a satisfied sigh.

    She drew him closer, needing this, his branding kiss and possessive embrace. Jaina was lost in him. Everything narrowed to this man and his commanding lips. His teeth grazed ever so teasingly, his talented tongue swirled and his well sculptured lips pressed softly over hers. With both tenderness and lustful hunger he captivated her.

    He poured all he felt into that kiss. Trying with one touch to convey his deep aching love. He kissed her hard one second then gently the next, switching between wanting to savour the precious moment and the overwhelming urge to consume her sweetness.

    When they parted for air there were many shocked faces around the room.

    Ignoring them, Kyp and Jaina smiled, totally absorbed in one another’s joyful gaze.

    The relentless questions came. But neither Solo nor Durron answered.

    Just because their relationship was out in the open didn’t mean they were going to give away the secret to how it had started. That story was for them only.
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    Jan 27, 2001
    I'm always in favor of more K/J, and that was lovely. :D
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  3. bellum stellarum

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Ah thanks - what a wonderful surprise for birthday, two new K/J stories. There are way too few of them around these days.

    I enjoyed it very much. But I'd like to read the backstory, too. ;)
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh, delicious! Rhetorical duh question of at least a decade: is there any pairing you can't make me squee over? [face_dancing] Yuuuum! Kyp as one-half of any pairing is edible however =P~ Jag is perfect for Jaina, but in your maestral hands, Kyp feels right as well. LOL [:D] !!!!
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    Feb 23, 2012
    Personally I always liked the Kyp/Jaina this was a nice change of pace for me. :D
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Oooh, nice touch in that he poured everything he had felt into the kiss and she was so happy, maybe relieved, that everything was in the open? Had to smile at the 'inevitable questions' and the looks on each of the faces ....
  7. mayo_durron_666

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    Sticks: Glad ya approve..;)

    bellum stellarum: Ah hope you had great birthday & good to hear ya enjoyed!:D

    Jade_eyes: Haha! I'm glad my mush has that kinda power to swing ya from one couple to another..:p I like Jag but there will always be something appealing about Kyp! Cheers for clicking!

    EmeraldJediFire: Good to hear other people like this fav couple of mine..

    pronker: Of course she was happy to have it out in open ;) she (& Kyp) just didn't wanna talk about..they'd rather enjoy the look/kiss moment..[face_love]
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    Dec 25, 2013
    The way you described that kiss -- yummy! Again I love the Kyp/Jaina pairing.