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    Title: Through A Dusty Lens
    Author: brodiew
    Characters: Ben Skywalker, OC Lens Eli, Tionne, OC Duster, assorted Solo/Skwalkers.
    Genre: drama, angst, humor, et al.
    Timeframe: 35 ABY-ish
    Summary: This is the story of how Ben Skywalker met his future best friend Lens Eli when neither wanted a friend, but both needed one.

    Through A Dusty Lens

    Part 1

    Ben Skywalker needed some air. His mom, Force love her, was fauning over him and his father, Force love him as well, was so graciously trying to draw him out of his shell, that he wanted to scream. Didn't they understand that there was nothing wrong with the only son of the two most powerful Jedi being okay with not using the Force. No. How could they? His reluctance was more of a challenge or puzzle for them to solve, just one breakthrough from him falling in love with the Force and being best buds. They were not getting him and it was frustrating. Hadn't he told them so many times that the Force scared him. Even though he didn't like saying he was scared, fear is fear and the Force made him uneasy and unbalanced. That one really baked his dad's brains. The Force was supposed to bring one into balance, not make them feel unstable or out of tune. But, there it was. He was unstable, unbalanced, and out of tune. Now that he put it all together, it didn't sound good at all. But, the fear remained and there had been little his parents had been able to assuage it. So, he decided to take a walk.

    When you live in the Jedi Temple and almost everyone from Masters to initiates know you are shunning the Force, it makes for plenty of odd stares. In fact, it was rare for Ben to be in public. So as he made his way from the sparring arenas through the commisary to the fountain court, he drew stares like he was an exotic animal on display for a limited time. He didn't mind. He had perfected his dispassionate countenance and air of apathy. It wasn't that he truly didn't care about anything, it was more that he didn't care about anything Force related. Therefore thick skin for parents and padawans. He hated the word. Pardon the tangent, but it was so pretentious. Why padawan when apprentice worked just fine? Rant over. Thankfully, his father had never adopted that piece of Jedi ceremony.

    As he entered the fountiain court, previously The Room of a Thousand Fountian, he saw Master Tionne standing near the fountain of Master Jocasta Nu, whom Ben remembered was the Jedi Archivist just prior to the Palpatine's purge. He liked Tionne, as much as he liked anyone outside of the family. No, he liked her more than most. There was a peace about her, a gentleness that he had not encountered even in his parents. His sour mood counseled him to move by her and exit the court, but something slowed his steps and he terried longer than normal.

    Tionne turned, having caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye. Ben's ability to hide from the Force was known to many of the Masters as he simply wasn't present in the Force. The could not sense him or attempt to locate him when he was out of sight. His father had told him it was a unique gift, one that other Jedi had not fully mastered. This was not a good thing in Ben's eyes, just another reason for Masters to be suspicious and initiates to think him weird.

    “Ben Skywalker,” Tionne began, pleasantly. “What a pleasant surprise. What brings you out and about today?”

    “Nothing really,” he replied, evenly. “I just needed some air and decided to take a walk."

    Tionne considered that and nodded her acceptance of it. “Very well. Where are you off to next?”

    The boyshrugged and said: “Probably 'The Farm'. It smells nice there. Lots of green too. Comforting, you know?”

    “I know just what you mean, Ben,” she replied, smiling genuinely. “Before you go, do you mind if I ask you a quesiton?”

    Ben thought nothing of it and replied affirmatively. “Sure.”

    “Have you met Lens Eli? He's one of the initiates nearing graduation in the Creche.”

    “The foundling?” he replied, without thinking.

    Tionne frowned, regarding Ben disapprovingly. “That's not kindest way to reference another initiate, Ben.”

    Ben was not about to correct her and explain that he was not an initiate. That would have made things worse and he didn't want it getting back to his parents that he was talking back to one of the Creche Masters. “No, Master Tionne. It is not. I apologize. I have not met Lens. I have only heard, or overheard, bits and pieces. Why do you ask?”

    Tionne's mouth shifted from a frown back to pleasant surprise as she accepted his apology. “Do you mind having a seat with me? I won't take much of your time.” She motioned to a nearby bench.

    “No problem,” he said, following her. “Is there something wrong?”

    Tionne chuckled softly. Ben thougth it becoming and began to relax.

    “No, nothing is wrong. I just thought that maybe you two should meet.”

    “Why do you think that?” Ben asked, curiously.

    “I've heard a few bits and pieces about you as well, Ben. Well more than that. I am one of the leaders of the Creche. It only makes sense that Mara and Luke would talk to me.”

    “So you know all about me?” Ben said, his defenses rising again. “How odd I am? How afraid I am of the Big Bad Force?”

    The older Jedi knit her brow, seemingly confused. “I know a lot about you Ben. But I would never call you 'odd' or any other such name. Your parents simply explained some of your fears about the Force and how that has made you more reclusive than other intiates your age.”

    “I am not an initiate, Master,” he stated, not allowing his frustration get the better of him.

    “Fair enough,” she conceded. “But you do keep your distance from almost everyone. Your fear of the Force is creeping into your ability to socialize. I hear that your cousin, Jacen, has been working with you, at least a little. Isn't that right?”

    “Yeah, I guess,” he admitted. “But we just started.”

    “Right,” she said. “My only reason for bringing any of this up is that I think both you and Lens could benefit from a friend.”

    "I don't have any friends, Master,” he replied, stoically. “And, I don't really want any.”

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    Insightful and in character. Ben's conflicted feelings are well depicted as is Tionne's gentle compassion and non-pushing. :) She gently nudges Ben towards finding an unexpected friend. And Lens too.
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    This is a story I've wanted to read for a long, long time – how Ben and Lens met and became friends – and I am very, very happy to see it posted at last [face_dancing]

    I love how you elaborated on the impact of Ben cutting himself off from the Force in this opening chapter. He thinks of it as something that is intended to bring him peace, but it's causing him issues with pretty much everyone around him – and with himself, even though he'll never admit to it. And those around him clearly don't know how to address this, if they're causing him to retreat into even more seclusion so as to avoid this conversation (and every other conversation, just in case). Even Tionne, whom he likes, is someone whose intentions he'll interpret wrongly... but he doesn't realise who he's up against :D
    This was such a perfect ending to the chapter. It tells us everything we need to know about both Ben and Tionne. He's opting for complete isolation, and she sees right through him.

    Can't wait for more!
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    That's so interesting that the Force affects Ben differently. Uneasy and unbalanced. Great job with Ben's voice, and how frustrated he is that no one understands! I'm glad he has the gentle Master Tionne to help him.
    I have a feeling that Skywalker stubbornness doesn't fall far from the tree! It will be interesting to see how he and Lens get together. :)
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    LENS FIC!!!!!

    As marvelous as it is to see Lens in your drabbles, it's just so fantastic to see a meatier story to really sink into featuring him. I am so here for every word of this! :D [face_dancing]

    I love seeing this family of heroes going through such mundane family things here. On a higher level thanks to the Force and their leadership roles, of course, but it's very easy to identify with Ben. [face_love]

    I can completely see Luke feeling this way! Oh, the poor dear. But I more than understand Ben's reluctance, as well. You are setting up an interesting inner conflict. [face_thinking]

    Oh, Tionne!! [face_love] I miss the EU characters so much, if not all of the plots themselves. :p You have her voice down pat!

    I love that Tionne is playing matchmaker. She's seeing a need, and filling it. :)

    This is off to a great start! I can't wait to see what comes next for Lens and Ben! [face_love] =D=
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