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Science Fiction Timeship Two-Point-Oh : The First Voyage into Who-Knows-What!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Zedd-Vega, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003
    Is this---is this thing on?​
    It is? Great!​
    Hello! Or should I say goodbye? Haha! If you’re hearing this message it means several things:​
    One: I am not on the ship with you.​
    Two: You are on a ship.​
    Cee: You’ve been selected.​
    But selected for what exactly? That I cannot answer for you. I can however, give you a rundown of what has occurred before your arrival.​
    Aaaaaabout thirty-five hundred years ago (that gap of time being relevant to when this recording was made) a group of brilliant minds on a planet called EARTH decided that it would be a good idea to create a device capable of traveling through time. Let’s just say they succeeded to save some lengthy explanation. Aaaaaanyway! Those brilliant minds didn’t anticipate that the very same technology was actually leaving traces of itself behind in the timestreams.​
    These timestreams, like normal streams, all flood into one giant ocean of time and space. Think of it like a toilet bowl: when you flush, it all goes to one place. But there are more than just the timestreams from Earth. You see, other universes have this same technology and that same technology was used for the same reasons. Funny how things can parallel across dimensions huh?​
    Long story short: you’re on what is called the TIMESHIP which serves as a central hub for anything and everything that is sucked from its original time. But how do I know that this is the case? Well, there we have another story.​
    This isn’t the first Timeship.​
    The ship that you are on is TIMESHIP 2.0, and let us just pretend that it was supposed to be the improvement on the first one, okay? The first one… you don’t need to know what happened to the first one.​
    But you’re probably still asking so many questions aren’t you? I knew the Timeship would choose a curious bunch of candidates!​
    If you’re wondering what you have to do exactly, well that answer is simple: NOTHING! The ship itself will record all of your interactions, all of your travels, and store them away until a proper receptacle can be found to deposit the information gathered. So until then, I suppose you could do whatever you like! I wouldn’t advise leaving though… depths of space and whatnot.​
    But I should probably wonder what you are, shouldn’t I? I mean, you could be anything from an enlarged, irradiated chipmunk to a German soldier from World War 2! No worries! Even if you’re some marauding space beast from twelve galaxies away, it shouldn’t cause too many problems. None that I could foresee anyway. All I know is, you could be absolutely ANYTHING.​
    Oh! I almost forgot! You’re probably wondering how you can understand me. Some of you don’t even speak (well you do now, but that is beside the point. Go on, try it out!) but those of you who do speak probably don’t know what ENGLISH is. That’s what you’re speaking because that is how we have designed the ship. We wouldn’t want there to be a lack of communication anywhere, would we?​
    I’m being signaled by my assistants that I may have given out a little too much information… or too little. In any case, best of luck to you! Godspeed! Oh! And just remember to---​
    - - - - -
    Rules? Eh? You want rules? Fine!
    1.) A character sheet will be provided in the form of a sample character.
    2.) Think of anything you want to be from anywhere: history, math, film, cave etchings, something you doodled in the third grade and BAM you're it. No muss no fuss.
    3.) Have fun. If you break this rule, I will break things. Period. [/4srs]
    4.) There are established rules around this place, so don't break those. Other more important people will break things for you.
    5.) Don't worry about committing for a long-term. This is here for fun and whimsy. So be whimsical and come and go as you please.
    6.) Make sure you let the guy running this thing have a look at your sheet before you do any posting. Or else you will stub your pinkie toe every day for a year. Nobody wants that, now do they?
  2. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003

    Name: Netter Dugan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Species: Fishman (White-tip Reef Shark)
    Homeworld/Province: Grand Line, Fishman Island
    Affiliation: Deep Wave Pirates
    Division/Trade: Pirate
    Family: Juno (Mother), Aldo (Father, deceased), Manson Gruel (Older Brother)

    ---Traits: Dugan, like most Fishmen, has an extreme dislike for humans. Of course the racial prejudice was bred into him from early on in his youth by his older brother who idolized Arlong growing up and wanted to instill the ideals of the famed pirate captain in his brother. He can be quite anti-social around newcomers, but eventually he can be persuaded to change his opinions of them.
    ---Likes: Being at sea, serving on his brother’s pirate crew, being in a position of power.
    ---Dislikes: Humans, the Navy, most vegetables.
    ---Habits: Rather sharp with his words, tends to let his own prejudices get the better of him, can sometimes go on a power trip if left unchecked.

    ---Body: Roughly 8’3” tall, close to 380lbs (most of which is muscle), sharp saw-like teeth, flat nose.
    ---Skin Color: Light gray skin with white patches on his hands, forearms, feet, and calves. Dugan bears a deep scar that runs from his sternum to just above his bellybutton as well as another that bridges his flat nose.
    ---Hair Color: Navy blue hair wrung into tight dreadlocks, usually worn in a rather loose ponytail.
    ---Eye Color: Oval-shaped eyes with black pupils and no visibly colored iris.
    ---Clothing: Often sports a green bandanna around his head, a shark tooth earring in his left ear, a light blue Hawaiian shirt worn openly, black trunks with yellow pelicans on them, and a simple pair of wooden sandals.
  3. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Cause teh GM SAYS I can!! :p

    Name: Pak'tik (Weaver)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Xixchil
    Homeworld/Province: House of 3 Blue Stars Seven (Tu'chuk'cha)
    Affiliation: ?
    Division/Trade: Body Weaver (Healer/Modifications Specialist)
    Family: The Blue Star Clutch

    ---Traits: Likes to talk, and listen to stories. She lives for making enhancements.She earned her name 'Weaver' from her body manipulation work. She wants to create something special.
    ---Likes: Likes: TECHNOLOGY...and SWEETS! . Likes making new friends to increase her clutch. loves diversity of lifeforms, likes to experiment with new "combinations" Has trouble understanding other lifeforms, sometimes and their reactions. Has respect for hunters.
    ---Dislikes: prejudice aliens. Low tolerance of bullies.
    ---Habits: Always working on new design ideas, Loves drawing tattoo designs.

    They look like a cross between humanoids..and a praying mantis. "Mantoids." They have 4 arms. And are accomplished craftsmen. Using the fine scalpel-like manipulators at the ends of their forelimbs, they create fine metalwork, clothing, and clockwork devices whose complexity and beauty rival even that of many other species. 4 fingered clawlike hands. Xixchil have large, dangerous mandibles and compound eyes. Two small antennae sprout from the tops of their heads. The two smaller arms are used for fine detail..the upper arms are much larger. Their forelimbs, which have sharp retractable blades.
    ---Body: cross between humanoids..and a praying mantis. Mantoid.
    ---Skin Color: Dark Black exoskeleton shell color with blue tattoos. Treated to withstand cold and energy weapons mods
    ---Hair Color: N/A
    ---Eye Color: mufti-faceted multicolored.
    ---Clothing: A simple harnesses for carrying weapons and equipment. Being around humanoids, Weaver likes to wear a sash that identifies her as a healer/body manipulator, with a simple blue tunic.

    There ya go!
  4. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 1, 2000

    Name: Minghan (min-gan)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Species: Lykosa (wolf spirit, quasi-werewolf)
    Homeworld/Province: New York City, Earth
    Affiliation: Catholic Church
    Division/Trade: Priest
    Family: Archbishop Richard MacCaffery (foster father), Sister Anne (nanny), Tala (foster sister)

    ---Traits: Minghan is aloof and distrustful of lycans, the werewolves borne from his species generations ago. Although he is friendlier with humans thanks to the kindness then Father Richard had shown him and Tala the night they had fled DuMont, he has difficulty trusting and making friends with them. When he is alone with his family or Tala, a playful side completely opposite of his usual manner emerges, that Sister Anne often compares him to a wolf cub having come out to play.
    ---Likes: He loves Tala, his childhood friend, and would do anything for her. He also has a penchant for symphonic and cathedral music and can sometimes be found playing the St. Patrick's Cathedral organ.
    ---Dislikes: Abhors Pierre DuMont, the alpha of a vicious werewolf convent that had abducted him and Tala from a Native American tribe in Canada when they were too small to remember. Due to his experiences as a child within DuMont's convent, he has a hatred toward abusers of children and women and does what he can to help them. He becomes offended when humans mistaken him for a lycan when he's seen prowling in the countryside.
    ---Habits: When irritated he has the tendency to growl at whatever is causing his ire. Unfortunately, and much to his shame, certain behavior expressed by others cause flashbacks to his childhood and he retreats into himself and becomes submissive like the omega cub he and Tala had been forced to be in DuMont's convent. Though he does try very hard, and has made some progress, to overcome the trauma of his childhood.

    Appearance (Human)
    --- Physical: Six and half foot in height and athletically built, fair skinned with black hair kept short and neatly combed back and dark brown eyes; the world of women cried when he decided to follow in his foster father's footsteps and become a Catholic priest.
    --- Clothing: Wears the typical vestments of a priest with a silver and gold crucifix showing. Underneath his clothing is a moonstone pendant inlaid with a gold colored metal harder than steel. He is unable to remove the pendant, the chain just large enough to wear comfortably but not able to pass over the head and there is no latch. Tala also has an identical pendant.

    Appearance (Lykosa)
    --- Physical: Seven and half feet from head to toe and covered in dark gray fur and glowing white eyes, Minghan's true form looks very much like a lycan with the only physical difference being that his snout and ears are more pronounced like a wolf's and he has an actual tail.
    --- Clothing: Minghan tries to avoid being dressed when he changes, but when he's unable to strip in time, his lykosa form will wear shredded pieces of whatever he had been wearing as a human for half the night. Typically the only thing he wears as a lykosa is the pendant he's unable to remove and the crucifix.

    Background: As far back as Minghan can remember, he has only known three things in his life. One is that lycans, or werewolves, were evil creatures, another is that not all humans were lycans or cruel, and the last is that he has always possessed the moonstone pendant that is identical to Tala's own.

    As a human child growing up in a lycan convent led by an alpha named Pierre DuMont, Minghan understood very quickly that if he and his friend, Tala, wanted to survive the hierarchy of the pack, they had to be willing to do anything. Being abnormally human left them at the very bottom of that hierarchy and susceptible to the abuse and hatred of their so-called betters. Even the omega cubs were considered superior to Minghan and Tala.

    On the full moon of their seventh winter, Minghan and Tala escaped the convent that was located in the subterranean tunnels beneath New York City, fleeing into the busy streets of the human world above. Frightened and believing that every person they came across was a lycan, the children found sanctuary in St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was here that they would meet their future foster father in the guise of Father Richard MacCaffery. Seeing two frightened children being hunted by a monster, the Catholic priest took them in and in time, adopted them as his own.

    Years would pass and the Lycan-Human wars would see to the destruction of the New York convent (but not DuMont) that had tormented Minghan and Tala. It would be during the fourteenth year of their life that the two children would discover the truth of what they were. Neither human nor lycan, they appeared to be more wolf-like and that the moonstone pendants they wore had something to do with it, but neither of them understood what exactly.

    Afraid for his children, Father Richard kept them hidden in a countryside house that he owned where they would have plenty of land and forest to keep them safe and roam freely. Home schooled at this point, Minghan had few friends and most of them were either Tala or the altar boys from the Cathedral. Only when Richard believed they were in control of themselves would he allow them back to their apartment home in New York.

    At the age of twenty, Minghan and Tala would undergo Catholic training to become a priest and nun respectively, following in the footsteps of the man that had saved them. Minghan's faith in God was resolute, believing that it had been the Lord's hand that guided them to St. Patrick's and to Father Richard during their hour of need and giving him hope where before he had none. The archdioceses would accept the two lykosans into their ranks, unawares of their true natures.

    Now Father Minghan, he has since then spread the word of God and helped his local community as best he could, especially the victims of abuse and of lycans. He only leaves New York with Sister Tala to stay in the countryside during the full moon to hunt the wildlife in the nearby forest, more as a precaution rather than being an actual threat to the city like lycans typically were.

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  5. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
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