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    Title: To the Mountain Top
    Author: Briannakin
    Characters: Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben Skywalker
    Timeframe: 14ABY, 24 ABY, 34 ABY, 44 ABY
    Categorization: Legends Canon
    Genre: Angst? Introspection? Humor? I just don’t like Father’s Day.
    Notes: Written for the LM June/July challenge. There was more, but I just had to end it where it went. It was too good not to.

    14 ABY

    Luke Skywalker made his way up the forest path long since abandoned by storm-troopers and Ewoks. The small, furry natives of this moon had long since moved on from this area - probably because the feeling of death still hung in the air. A monumental battle had been fought here. He didn’t blame the Ewoks for moving on, after all, the rest of the galaxy had.

    Had it really been just 10 years since the battle of Endor?

    It had felt like a lifetime for Luke.

    Today was Paternal Day - a day to celebrate fathers and fatherhood. Luke usually let the day pass him by him quietly. Luke had always felt like just a nephew to his uncle. Deep down Luke knew he should be visiting Owen’s grave on Tatooine instead of being here, but Owen was dead, what did he care?

    Luke’s black boot dug into the soil as he reached the top of the mountain. There he met a surprising sight. The twisted, charred remains of his father’s funeral pyre remained, but in front of it was a woman.


    The red-head turned and gave Luke a sour smile. “I wasn’t expecting you here.”

    “I was about to say the exact same thing.”

    “I come here every Father’s Day,” she said, calling the holiday by its core name. She looked away from him. “Karrde aways takes this week off to be with his father.”

    “There’s a Papa Karrde?” Luke blurted.

    “Apparently," Mara said with a shrug. “So I come here. It’s quiet. It gets me thinking.”

    “About what?” Luke pried. “And why here?”

    Mara didn’t go for it. “Why are you here?”

    He shrugged. “I was in the area and figured I could come here to pay my respects. I’m not one for the holiday. It isn’t celebrated on Tatooine, not that I consider my uncle a paternal figure.”

    “Why not?” It was Mara’s turn to pry. “I know you never got along with him, but didn’t he give his life for you? He protected your location when the storm-troopers came looking for Artoo.”

    “He did. I guess I always forget that. The other 19 years of yelling at me always makes me forget that fact. Perhaps you are right, Mara.”

    “I’m always right,” she countered. “Father figures are funny things. Mine turned me into a killer at eight-years old. Yet, I will always be thankful for their lessons. They taught me what I never want to become.”

    Luke nodded slowly, finally understanding why she was here.

    * * *

    24 ABY

    “I kinda hate you right now,” Luke told his wife as they walked through a mild sand storm.

    “Oh, grow up,” she replied, pulling her cowl tighter. “We were in the area, it is Father’s Day, you are visiting your uncle’s grave.”

    “Why can’t we visit your patriarchal figures?” he asked.

    “Because one of them threw the other down a shaft on a space station, then the first got burned by his annoying son on some moon in the middle of no-where.”

    “Oh, sorry about that,” Luke groaned. They reached the top of the sand dune. Mara waited behind as Luke approached the gravestones and hunched over one.

    After a few moments, Mara approached and rubbed her husband’s back. “I think he would have been proud of what you’ve become.”

    “No,” Luke disagreed. “But he would have expected nothing less from me.”

    * * *

    34 ABY

    “Momma, I’m not tired,” eight-year-old Ben Skywalker insisted as he rubbed his eyes with tiny fists. “I really want to give Dad his Paternal Day gift on Paternal Day.”

    “Alright,” Mara said, hoping Luke would be back from his mission soon so he could keep his promise to his son. “Just go brush your teeth and get your pyjama’s on.”

    * * *

    By the time Luke got back, Ben was sound asleep on the couch, clutching his messily wrapped gift for his father.

    “You’re really late,” Mara said, getting up to kiss her husband as he shrugged off his robe.

    “I know, I know.” He glanced over her shoulder and saw Ben. “Should I wake him?”

    “Yes, you should. He’s ready for bed. I’m going to bed.”

    Luke nodded as she walked off. He walked over to the couch and bent down. “Ben.” He ran his fingers down his son’s shoulder.

    The boy stirred. “Dad?” he groggily said.

    “Yeah, bud, it’s me. I’m sorry I’m so late, but hey, tomorrow, I don’t have to do anything. I’m yours all day,” Luke whispered.

    “Okay. Can we go fishin’?” Ben asked.

    “Yeah, of course.”

    “This is for you,” Ben said, pushed the poorly wrapped gift at his father.

    Luke gasped. “For me?” He opened the gift. It was a holo of him and Ben after a hike on Galino VI about three months ago. Luke was standing atop the mountain they had climbed, Ben on his shoulders. The frame looked hand-carved out of a soft wood.

    “I carved it myself,” Ben said.

    “I love it, Ben. Thank you so much. I’m going to put it in my X-Wing so that I can see you even when I’m far away.”

    Ben nodded and yawned, so Luke scooped him up. “Come on, son, let’s get you in bed.”

    * * *

    44 ABY

    “I once found your mother up here on a Paternal Day,” Luke said as he trekked through the overgrown forest. The path had long since overgrown and faded from the face of the moon. “Before we were married.”

    “What was she doing up here?” Ben trailed behind his father. He was eighteen years old.

    “Same thing I’m doing right now. Visiting a paternal figure. She said Karrde always gave her the week of Paternal Day off so he could visit his father. So she came here.”

    “There was a grandpappie Karrde?”

    “I asked the exact same thing.”

    “Wait,” Ben said. “If both you and mom saw Vader as a paternal figure, does that make me the product of incest?”

    Luke rolled his eyes up, closed them, then let his head loll back then flop forward. “I’m going to kick you off this mountain top.”

    “That would be murder. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

    “No,” Luke replied, turning around, “I am your father, I can do what I want with you.”

    “No,” Ben said in the whiniest voice he could muster. “That’s not true. That’s impossible!”

    Luke shook his head as he turned back around and continued climbing. “Now I know why my father forced me down that shaft. I’m about to push my own son off a mountain top.”

    “Dad, you’re talking to yourself again. You might want to get that checked out.”
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    This was terrific! Funny and insightful and touching all together. And I love Sassy!Ben.
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    Briannakin - I loved all the time spots. Each had their own particular feels: funny, snarky, sweet, and then snarky again! [face_rofl] Each also had their just-right for the moment feel too, i.e., where L/M are/would be on their personal journey with themselves regarding their paternal figures ;) and towards one another. The scene where Ben gave Luke the carved pic and what Luke said was adorable. [face_love] Also was touched and agree with what Luke said/thought about Owen. Awww. Thanks for sharing. [:D]
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    YAAAAAAASSSSSSS, THIS IS WHAT I NEED. Angst behind the humor is what makes you appreciate it even more. And with this dysfunctional family, how can you avoid it? :p Great blend of poignant hilarity.
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    I thought this was so sweet.

    Now the last section had me roaring when Ben asked if he was the product of incest. That whole section was wonderful.
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    Aw, this was great! Loved the Luke and Ben sass and Ben inheriting his Dad and Grandad's affinity for carving.

    "Grandpappie Karrde" [face_laugh]
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    I was expecting this to be much more angsty based on your intro but it made me smile instead. Wonderfully capturing the complexity of all the Skywalker family relationships.

    '“Why can’t we visit your patriarchal figures?” he asked.

    “Because one of them threw the other down a shaft on a space station, then the first got burned by his annoying son on some moon in the middle of no-where.”'

    Perfect Luke and Mara!

    And Granpappie Karrde - oh my!
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    Awesome story!
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    SUPER adorable!!! I love the Luke/Ben interaction at the end--LOL!!! [face_laugh]
    That's my favorite part. I laughed out loud at that one, and made my husband look at me funny. LOL!!!! ^:)^
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    So very cute!
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    When Luke threatened to throw Ben off the mountain because of the incest comment. That got a chuckle from me...and a groan because the comment was..funny yet weird.
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    PLOT TWIST: The mountain in the first segment is Mount Sorrow.

    While I can see that this is a quickie in so many ways, I am seeing weirdness potential in it and I am not even sure why. Perhaps my view of the world is incredibly warped. The weird comment makes it even more possible to rewrite it in my head and then laugh. WHAT DID YOU JUST START, OH, MY?

    On a serious note, it's got to be hard for Ben to deal with the burden of being the child of these two exact people and have such a bizarre family history.