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Star Wars To the Victor Go the Spoils

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rilwen_Shadowflame, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Rilwen_Shadowflame

    Rilwen_Shadowflame Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Mar 27, 2005
    Wealth. Fame. Glory.

    For ages past they have driven men - yea, and countless other beings - to strive for victory. The urge to be known, to shine brightly in the view of others, to command the influence of wealth - these things have motivated billions. To rise from mediocrity. Anonymity. To surge in a blaze of glory into the public eye, and to let all tremble at one's name. To be strong. The strong survive, it is said, while the weak falter and fall.

    And now, on a far-off world, a call has gone out.

    The call seeks the strong. The call seeks warriors, stragegists, gamblers and risk-takers. Any, in short, willing to take their chances. Bloodthirsty, reckless or desperate: it matters not.

    The prize: one billion credits, and fame the likes of which to make the Galaxy marvel.

    Who will answer the call?

    [b]OOC:[/b] With thanks to Battle Royale and Survival of the Fittest, this is a game about a contest. Your characters will compete for a great prize - but it should be emphasised now - [i]they do not know more than what has been announced already[/i]. They do not know any more than that the contest entails fighting and competing for the money. The rest will be explained to them, IC, when they arrive.

    [b]The Rules:[/b]
    * No god-moding.
    * No metagaming or using OOC knowledge IC.
    * This will not be a slow-paced game. Prompt and regular posts are appreciated. Prolonged (ie two weeks) absences may result in decisive character removal.
    * If it?s not on your sheet (or PMed to me and approved for a secret) then don?t expect to get away with manifesting new powers out of nowhere.
    * Please abide by GM decisions.
    * If your character is so precious to you that you?re not willing to take a chance they will actually die, then make a less precious character or find a gentler game.

    Please PM all character sheets to me for approval.

    [b]Force-sensitive Y/N:[/b]
    [b]Powers/Abilities and Skills:[/b]
    [b]Preferred Weapons:[/b]
    [b]Weaknesses and Fears:[/b]
    [b]Why do you want or need the money/fame?[/b]

    [b]Final Warning: Characters will die in this game. Yours may well be one of them.[/b]
    With that said, have fun!>
  2. JaceV

    JaceV Jedi Youngling

    Feb 25, 2011
    GM Approved!

    Name: Grussk
    Age: 26
    Gender: M
    Species: Trandoshan
    Homeworld: Trandosha
    Force-sensitive Y/N: N
    Powers/Abilities and Skills: Hacking, Turret shooting, Computer skills, Repairing, Regenerating
    Preferred Weapons: Vibrosword, slightly modified blaster pistol
    Strengths: Using Computers and Regenerating one limb at a time
    Weaknesses and Fears: Piloting, Climbing, Swimming.
    Appearance: Face and mouth smaller then most Trandoshans. Skin is sandy brown. Eyes are orange. Head has no horns, really smooth. The rest of his body has scales of all kinds. He wears dark green Composite Armor, but keeps the helmet by his side.
    Biography: Grussk was born in a wealthy city on Trandosha. His mother was a chef and his father an accountant. They both paved the way for Grussk and his sister. One day, an illness swept the city. Some believed it to be a virus of some kind. The sickness got ahold of his parents and killed them. A half grown Grussk was left with his sister to take care of. He still was struggling with grief at the time so taking care of himself and his sister had been a burden. Broke without their parents to take care of them, the siblings departed from the city. Grussk befriended thugs along the way to help him secure currency. As long as his sister was safe, Grussk didn't care what he was doing to make a credit. He had to keep her safe, she was his only family left. Years later the virus caught up with his sister. He had earned enough money for medicine, but the medicine only assisted her slightly. A couple years after that, the gang he had been running with heard rumors of a competition....

    Why do you want or need the money/fame? To buy a cure for his sister.
  3. afellowjedi

    afellowjedi Jedi Knight

    May 22, 2011
    GM Approved!

    Name: Narra Vaalin
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Species: Togruta
    Homeworld: Shili
    Force-sensitive Y/N: yes but untrained
    Powers/Abilities and Skills: Force sense, i.e. sensing of life forms and impending danger. Skilled at Hand-to-hand combat and bojutsu, Accurate shot.
    Preferred Weapons: Favors retractable Bo staff, with retractable pointed ends, made of beskar, a heavy blaster pistol, and a hold out blaster for emergencies.
    Strengths: Slicing, electronics, stealth
    Weaknesses and Fears: Heights and climbing, has the tendency to be impatient and to lose temper.
    Appearance: Red orange skin, White face markings: diamond shape above both eyes and checkmarks from her cheeks to the where her face meets her head tails. She has green-blue eyes. She is 1.7 meters tall including montrals. Head tails reach about to her waist. She is of average build, with arms and legs that are slightly muscular. Wears black sleeveless mid drift turtle neck and a deep red miniskirt with gray tights underneath. Black Utility belt, her holster is on her right side and her retractable Bo staff on her left (resembles a lightsaber when closed up) and high brown worn boots where she keeps her hold out blaster.
    Biography: Orphaned at 9, she grew up on Shili going from tribe to tribe, who never trusted her due to her uncanny knack for sensing danger before it came. Annoyed by always being an outcast she smuggled herself on an outbound ship at age 15. The captain of the ship, who was a smuggler, discovered her and took her in out of kindness. He trained her to fight and how to fly a starship. At 17 the ship was attacked by pirates and the captain killed, Narra held off the pirates and was able to take back the ship and escape but the ship was too damaged to go far. She crashed on Mandalore and was injured, but even with her injuries she gave her captain, who she had come to love as a father, a proper burial before collapsing. A mando warrior who had witnessed the whole thing, and respected her for her strength and her duty to family, rescued her and took care of her till she was healed. While she was with him he trained her further in the fighting arts. At 18 she wanted to make something of herself. When she left the warrior gave her the retractable Bo staff, with retractable pointed ends, that was made of beskar. She drifted around for a while from place learning as she went. Then she heard of this contest.
    Why do you want or need the money/fame?
    Narra dreams to own her own starship and make something of herself.
  4. aWOLtrooper

    aWOLtrooper Jedi Youngling

    Jul 14, 2011
    I'd love to join this thread, but I can't seem to PM you my Character idea since I'm a brand new member! Alas, I will return!

    LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod star 10 Staff Member Administrator

    May 25, 2002
    Trooper - use [link=]this thread[/link] in our Welcome forum to get your 20 posts so you can PM. That's what it was set up for. :)
  6. aWOLtrooper

    aWOLtrooper Jedi Youngling

    Jul 14, 2011
    Agh... I swore I wouldn't be a forum n00b, but alas, you've got me... Thanks!
  7. aWOLtrooper

    aWOLtrooper Jedi Youngling

    Jul 14, 2011

    Name: Chaladdik

    Age: 370

    Gender: Male

    Species: Wookiee

    Homeworld: Kashyyyk

    Force-sensitive Y/N: No

    Powers/Abilities and Skills: Militant training and an ideology that has been strongly influenced by the ways/teachings of the Force [a clear mind, focus, inward reflection, attributes of that nature]

    Preferred Weapons: Bowcaster, Staff

    Strengths: Perseverance, Mental stamina, Patience

    Weaknesses and Fears: Letting people down, not quick to trust people, slight Claustrophobia, easily angered, stiffening joints

    Appearance: Chaladdik, a Rwook, is roughly 2 and 1/2 meters tall, with a fine chestnut fur on most of his body, with his chest and some streaks of his hair a brassy color. His facial hair is weaved into several thick strands that hang loosely over his thick chest. He stands tall and proud, as if he was living a life full of accomplishments and glory.

    Biography: Chaladdik was a warrior who was outcast from his family clan when he was labelled as a 'madclaw' early in his life. He sought refuge on a trade barge, and has lived a life of solitude and contemplation ever since; moving from world to world, city to city, passing by like a leaf in the wind, picking up temporary jobs here and there for a few meager credits. Every day he meditates on his dilemma, trying to find the best way to return to his village; for being separated from his clan is a hardship that most Wookiees will never know. Hardened and strong from his independent life, Chaladdik will, one day, not only return to his home, but return the glory to his vilified name.

    Why do you want or need the money/fame? Chaladdik overheard of the competition from a cantina patron and fellow refugee he had done a few odd jobs with. He hopes to climb to the highest rank and bring that glory back to his people on Kashyyyk.
  8. Croesus

    Croesus Jedi Youngling

    Jul 7, 2011
    GM Approved!
    Name: Mok Crold (Pronounced: Mah-K Crow-ld)
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Neimodian
    Homeworld: Neimodia
    Force-sensitive Y/N: N
    Powers/Abilities and Skills: None
    Preferred Weapons: A purse of credits and a quick word.
    Strengths: Bargaining, Gambling, Good at reading people, expert manipulator.
    Weaknesses and Fears: Violence, Pain, Vanity Taxes, Government Regulations and talk of equalizing wealth.
    Appearance: A typical Neimodian he stands at a slender 6"3 (1.9 meters), he wears the traditional Neimodian hat and robes but they are of the finest materials found in the galaxy. He has light green skin and large red eyes. His hands are delicate and well maintained, as are all parts of his body. Mok has not done a day of physical work in his life, though he keeps himself in excellent physical shape due to his vanity.
    Biography: Mok grew up on Neimodia, the son of wealthy traders in a society where nothing but wealth is respected. He skipped school often, paying the teachers to make sure he kept perfect grades and spent his time scheming and gambling the days away. His father couldn't have been more proud on the day Mok not only purchased his own University diploma, but also bribed the University to fail several classmates he worried about as competition. Despite his lax attitude towards traditional schooling, Mok was a bright boy and young man. He could read people in an instant, was a very astute gambler, and became an expert manipulator. Mok could glance a fellow over, smooth talk him a bit and soon know exactly how to convince the poor soul to do exactly what Mok wanted. Mok left Neimodia at the age of thirty, and began his quests through the galaxy. He is involved in seven business ventures in four star systems and has won dozens of Sabaac tournaments throughout the galaxy. He is incredibly well financed, having proved to be a success in most terms but not close to a Neimodian success.
    Why do you want or need the money/fame? Mok desperately wishes to return to Neimodia, he hates it outside. However, he has not done enough to go back and show his face, his vanity will not allow him to return until he would be seen as an enormous success even in the riches filled world of Neimodia. To return home he must win the billion credits.
  9. UnknownRogue

    UnknownRogue Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 17, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Keldari
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Togorian
    Homeworld: Togoria
    Force-sensitive Y/N: No
    Powers/Abilities and Skills:
    Preferred Weapons: Vibrosword
    Strengths: Melee combat, unarmed and bladed combat
    Weaknesses and Fears: Fears weakness, and being nothing,being known by no one
    Appearance: 3 meters tall, white fur with black stripes
    Biography: Keldari was born on Togoria and spent his days hunting like a nomad until his hunting prowess was witnessed by a Mandalorian. The Mandalorian took him to Mandalore and taught him different ways of fighting. He also taught honor above all things. Possessions meant little to Keldari, he learned the only thing that would be left when he died was his legacy so he vowed to become the most famous warrior in the galaxy, everyone would remember him, hear his name and shiver.
    Why do you want or need the money/fame? He wants the fame. He wants his memory to live forever
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