Top ten sexiest scenes in sci-fi

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    Aug 28, 2009
    Ten sexiest scenes in sci-fi? And just for the record, PROPER sci-fi you'd see at the cinema or on mainstream TV not the 'Virgin Cheerleaders from Beyond the Galaxy 4' DVD or anything else you've got stashed where you mum/wife/girlfriend won't find it. And definitively sci-fi, not so much fantasy (or Xena and Buffy would just dominate my picks). And let's keep it non-graphic, talk only in broad terms.

    My personal choices;

    1) Tracy Scoogins as the corseted and stockinged holowhore Captain Lochley in Babylon 5; Thirdspace

    2) Princess Leia as Jabba the Hut's slave girl in Return of the Jedi. I know it's so wrong but it just has beauty and the beast appeal as Friends testifies. Apparently there are a group of girls who tour Star Wars conventions dressed up as her.

    3) Ripley stripping off at the end of Alien. Lot's of sexual metaphors and theories about the Alien series, not least that the alien know's she's there and is actually voyeuristically enjoying her disrobing (as do we!). What's more up to this time Ripley has been this serious and no-nonsense career woman and we half expect her to have cammo boxer shorts so the feminine lingerie is a pleasant suprise. Of course Ripley can also look extremely sexy when carrying a small child in one hand and combination of large guns in the other.

    4) Eliza Dushku as a whip-cracking dominatrix in Dollhouse. You have a series about what's essentially the ultimate fantasy brothel starring one of the most beautiful women in the world, seems a shame not to exploit it. You can see them just sitting around in the writers room discussing "What kinky outfit can we put Echo in this week?"

    5) Megan Fox inspects Bumblebee's engine in Transformers/astride the motorbike as she pains it in Transformers; Revenge of the Fallen. Pretty stupid films that stray from the Transformer mythos to their extreme detriment but a star was born with these scenes.

    6) Probably shows my age but Wilma Deering getting stripped by telekinetic dwarves in Buck Rogers.

    7) Deckard and Rachel in Blade Runner. VERY controversial scene, it's been pointed out that he practically forces himself upon her and she has no option but to submit, she can't fight him off and she can't go to the police because she's a replicant, a non-person who'd be executed if she did. The other interpretation is that now she knows what she is she can just let go of all her inhibitions as she knows they're not real, they've been programmed into her so she can now unleash her hidden passions?

    8) Brinke Stevens and JJ North take a shower together in Hybrid. Straight to DVD B movie? Yes. Appalling written, acted and shot? Yes. Blatantly recycling the props from Damnation Alley in order to stretch it's clearly pitiful budget? Yep. Made by Fred Olen Ray, the king of low cost yet imaginative titillation? Yes. Hot? GODDAM YES!

    9) Jenny Agutter and Michael York in Logan's Run (as Coupling observed Jenny Agutter next to water always a good bet)

    10) Summer Glau's naked Cameron in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. "Put'em back in the holster!"

    Any other suggestions?
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