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Star Wars [Training Game]: The Hunt for Warlord Sarkasey

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by s65horsey, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    The Hunt

    The Battle of Endor is long over. The Empire has fallen, Darth Vader dead, the second Death Star destroyed. The galaxy rejoiced at the death of an age of tyranny -- a death that did not come.

    The Emperor, for all his machinations and hidden powers, was of little actual importance to the Empire. When Palpatine fell, the Empire struck back. For three years fighting raged across the galaxy as Imperial admirals, commanders, hands, and heads of state all vied for control of the most powerful military power in history, and the death of the Rebellion.

    Seven years after the battle of Yavin, the New Republic achieved the impossible by capturing Coruscant. Imperial Center, the center of all Imperial authority throughout the galaxy, had fallen to the hands of, what had been years ago, a rag-tag group of freedom fighters hoping for a better future. Yet still the Empire was not defeated.

    Warlords -- Imperial personnel with aspirations of conquest and command. Zsinj, and ?his? Empire has fought a long, hard war against the New Republic, and he is not alone. There are others, other Admirals and Governor's -- self labeled warlords vying for power and the end of the New Republic. It is up to the brave men and women of the New Republic Armed Forces to hunt down and stop these tyrants, before they resurrect the tyrannical dominance of the Galactic Empire.

    The Game

    The players of this game will all work together, on the same ship, the Poetic Justice an old reconditioned Venator-class star destroyer. As the game progresses, the players will need to work together to solve issues, overcome obstacles, and develop their own characters? personalities. When it comes down to it, The Hunt for Warlord Sarkasey, is about teaching players to work together, to coexist, to share the game.

    The Characters

    Players are the lifeblood of any role playing experience. They bring personality to, what is otherwise, a story prompt.

    Everyone, including the GM ([link=]kahniceay[/link]) and CO-GM ([link=]s65horsey[/link]) are limited to service personnel: gunners, soldiers, fighter and transport pilots, the heart and soul of the Republic military. You can come from all walks of life, and have any sort of personal choices for joining the rebellion.

    The Rules (lifted largely from BobaMatt)

    [ul][li]PM your character sheets to one of the GMs before posting. If you are playing a non-pilot character PM your CS to [link=]Kahn[/link]. If you are playing a fighter pilot or personnel related to pilots PM your CS to [link=]s65horsey[/link].[/li]
    [li]Keep solely OOC posts after the start of the game to a minimum. If there?s something that needs addressed, add it onto an IC post or send a PM.[/li]
    [li]No One Liners![/li]
    [li]Combat will be turn based, obviously.[/li]
    [li]Do not god mode and no auto-kills or hits.[/li]
    [li]Be aware that you can die.[/li]
    [li]Do not take control of another?s character without his/her permission.[/li]
    [li]Don?t try to carry too much stuff. A being can only bear so many items in their packs or pockets.[/li]
    [li]Don?t curse. If you must, use Star Wars curses like ?Kriff?,?Frak?,?Sith Spit?, ?Poodoo?, ect.[/li]
    [li]Save for the GM, you will be limited to 1 character, though additional characters will be allowed with the GM's permission in rare cases.[/li]
    [li]No Force Users; the point of this game is to be a soldier in the new republic, not a Jedi one man army. (That said No Non-Force Users with Lightsabers. It should go without saying, but I?ve seen it. Average Joe with a lightsaber who knows how to use it. We?re aiming for realism here.)[/li]
    [li]Post regularly. If you are absent for more than a week without warning, the GM will move your character so the group doesn?t lag behind. If
  2. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    Name: Beskaryc Taab

    Gender: Male

    Age: Mid-40s/Early 50s

    Race: Human Mandalorian

    Height: 6'2"

    Appearance: grey-green eyes, shaved head, usually wearing armor

    Languages: Basic and Mando'a

    Personality: Quiet, but with a quick and violent temper. Enjoys "spliting hairs" in an arguement.

    Weapons: Full beskar Mandalorian armor. Jet pack with concussion missile. Blaster carbine, disruptor pistol. Flame projector in right gauntlet, blaster in left gauntlet. Assorted blades hidden throughout armor.

    Bio: Typical Mandalorian childhood. Fought for both sides in the clone wars at a young age with a squad of other Mandalorians. Took on various jobs post clone wars, enforcer,protector,assassin. Disliked bounty hunting and again took to mercenary work during the Galactic Civil War. Fights for the money, not the politics. Divorced. Has one child, a son, learning to be a beskar blacksmith on Mandalore. More accustomed to Mandalorian equipment and fighters. Has never flown an X-Wing.
  3. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Queen of something I'm sure of it. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003

    Name: Adalia (Addie) Amber Tehanis

    Homeworld: Akrian

    Age: 29 Standard Years

    Hair: Auburn/red

    Eyes: Emerald Green

    Height: 5'9"

    Weapons : Blaster, Holdout blaster and virbroblade, withering stare!!

    Ship: X Wing - purple detailing.

    Callsign: Vixen

    R2: Squirt

    Tattoos/Marks: [image=]on right shoulder blade as she was once decscribed as Fire and Ice in one.
    (Thanks to Evil King Wiggins for this picture he did for me. [face_love]

    Born on Akrian to common parents who owned a farm outside the main city. Her father was a retired pilot but that was a part of his life she never saw. The Empire invaded Akrian and suddenly her family became part of the resistance, she was mostly left at home during the first years. At the age of 16 she joined the resistance as a courier and fought with the underground Southern Resistance Cell on Akrian against the Empire's rule. During one of her many 'missions' she was attacked and assualted sexually, and swore never to let a man near her again.

    She later became the Southern Cell Leader and was instrumental in the overthrow of the Imperial Rule of her homeworld. Her parents died months apart during the uprising on Akrian, had no siblings till a recently found half brother, Jem Vercetti was discovered. His mother had an affair with her father. Trained as a pilot with the NR and became not only the top of her class. Staying on Akrian for many years and rising slowly through the ranks, but she wanted more. She left her home and headed to Coruscant to join the New Republic defence forces.

    Adalia is tough but fair and she has been a pilot for 12 years, long lived by this galaxy's status. Also thinks only like a woman can and that makes her dangerous to the males around her. Has a twisted sense of humour and can be considered dangerous physically if pushed, able to convey that emotion with one look. She has a temper that is well known but is getting better as she gets older. She has grown to love several members of the squadron like siblings and cares deeply about them, despite the outward anger they often see. She is mellowing with age, but still leads with strength and courage and determination. Single minded, she rarly is distracted from her goal, so if she has a target, its only a matter of time.
  4. Princess Cambria

    Princess Cambria Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 20, 2006
    *Sey Approved!*

    Name: Alexandra ?Alex? Russo
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Homeworld: Taanab

    --Height: 5?8?
    --Skin Color: White
    --Eye Color: Brandy
    --Hair Color: Sunkissed Brown
    --Marks/Tattoos: A small rose tattoo on the inner aspect of her right hip bone.
    --Clothing: Leather mojo [link=]jacket[/link], tee?s or tanks, and low rise jeans with boots for casual wear, otherwise flight uniform or standard flightsuit, and sometimes mechanic?s overalls

    Profession: Starfighter pilot, mechanic
    Rank: TBD
    Callsign: Alleycat ? Given to her by her flight school buddies as she was always scrounging around for stimcaf.
    Weapons: New Republic issued blaster pistol, small vibroblade keep in boot sheath
    Possessions: T-65 X-wing, copper red astromech droid R2-M7 [link=]"Rusty"[/link], mechanic?s tool kit
    Languages: Basic, ?Droid Speak?

    Biography: Alexandra Russo was born on the agricultural planet of Taanab and was raised on a hop farm in the beautiful and bountiful Landu Valley near the city of Pandath. Growing up on a farm was hard work to which Alex learned a strong work ethic early on in life. Taanab had come away from the Galactic War relatively untouched with a thriving ag industry paving the way for economic success for the planet and sector. Unfortunately, a notorious pirate gang in the sector wanted in on their prosperity and did seasonal raids during harvest time. Without much of a planetary defense force at the time, the farmers had little to stop them. During one of these such raids, the pirates destroyed her family's farm, taking all the 'liquid gold' as the hops were called and killing her family in the process. Alexandra was the only family member to survive the raid. With no place to live and no other family alive, the young teenager was forced to move to the city and find work. One of the jobs she'd taken was that of a janitor cleaning the hangars after hours at the spaceport in Pandath. A veteran pilot of the war kept a private hangar there and noticed Alex's fascination with a Z-95 Headhunter he was refitting for a crop dusting business he was starting up. The Taanab native befriended her, offering to teach her about aeronautical mechanics and how to fly in exchange for working as a crop duster for him. The older pilot often shared with her his daring exploits during the war, which lit a fire in her belly to become a starfighter pilot herself. Shortly after her 18th birthday, Alex applied to the Flight Academy for pilot training and was accepted. Upon finishing her initial pilot training, Alexandra chose to return to Taanab and enlisted in the newly formed Taanab Air Defense Force (TADS). She flew with a squadron of T-65 X-Wings commanded by none other than the veteran pilot that had befriended and inspired her to fly in the first place. Under Gus Ketch's guiding hand once again along with her hard work ethic and raw determination to be the best, Alexandra proved herself to be a top pilot for the squadron. When her commander heard there was a call for new and experienced starfighter pilots for the New Republic?s main fleet, he sent an application for consideration on the aspiring pilot's behalf. When Alex received an acceptance letter, she was totally surprised, elated and scared to death. Strapping in anyway, Alex took off to meet up with the New Republic Forces seeking a chance to prove herself in the big league.
  5. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    [hl=black]GM Approved, which is to say, I approved this CS[/hl]

    Name: Viel Temanka
    Species: Echani
    Gender: Female
    Age: 34
    Homeworld: Eshan
    Appearance: Has the standard angular form and shape of her people, lithe and agile, but not very subtle. Her white hair and silver eyes are hard to miss, her face is striking but not quite what most would consider beautiful, and the cool controlled voice so common with her people is easily noticed. If all of this can be overlooked, her height has her standing above most.
    --Height: 5?11?
    --Skin Color: Pale (Alabaster)
    --Eye Color: Silver
    --Hair Color: White
    --Marks/Tattoos: Full arm tribal tattoo design, right arm
    --Clothing: Outside her Duty uniform, and her standard issue Rebel Trooper armor she wears simple off white and grey loose clothing, a tunic and trousers, nothing fancy.
    Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle, Dh-17 Carbine, Echani Vibrosword (personal effect)
    Possessions: Aforementioned Vibrosword, Echani Accuracy gloves, standard equipment belt: small fusioncutter, multi-tool, commlink, energy rations, etc.
    Profession: New Republic Marine, Rank: Sergeant
    Languages: Basic and Echani (both spoken and physical)
    Biography: It is often mentioned that the Echani are a willful race. Whether this can be attributed to their unique genetic development or their decidedly warrior culture the point stands that they are quite stubborn. So when the Galactic Empire came into power, the Echani were not exactly thrilled. Viel, growing up as a youth in this environment of totalitarian rule clashing with cultural defiance of rule, came to in simple terms despise the Empire.

    When she was 24, she celebrated, in silence, the victory of the the rebels in Yavin, an event that inspired her to seek out to join the rebellion. It took her 4 years but she joined the rebellion shortly after the fall of the second Death Star. Lacking piloting skills and having her species natural combat abilities she joined the ground forces of the Alliance. Over the next several years she fought first as a member of the Alliance Army, then the New Republic Marines.

    She has fought against the Empire in various campaigns, including the Seige of Coruscant, Battle of Mindor. Now a Sergeant, a simple rank she?s more than happy to stay at she is part of a much larger task force dedicated to locating, and stopping Warlord Sarkasey before he can do any more damage to the Galaxy than the Empire has already done. To this end, she is one of many marines and other ground forces, together with fighter pilots and dozens of other military personnel on board the Poetic Justice.
  6. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    [hl=black]!!!Sey Approved!!![/hl]

    Name: Xander ?Xan? Illiam
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Callsign: Doc
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Affiliation: New Republic
    ---Traits: Quite, introspective warrior. Prefers the company of his own thoughts, but has been known to work with partners when the situation calls for back up. Likes to play his cards close to the vest, sometimes literally.
    ---Likes: Cards games, his X-wing, girls (when they aren?t being complicated)
    ---Dislikes: Bothans, girls (when they are being complicated)
    ---Habits: keeps to himself
    ---Skin Color: Lightly tanned
    ---Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
    ---Eye Color: Deep Blue
    ---Height: 5? 10?
    ---Build: Muscular
    ---Clothing: When not in his fight suit, grey t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, khaki cargo pants, and combat boots.
    ---Other Details: Never leaves home without some kind of side arm somewhere on his person
    Weapons: Scout Trooper Blaster Pistol (boot holster), DL 22 Blaster (hip holster)
    ---Name: Fire Sabre
    ---Class: Incom T-65 X-Wing starfighter
    --Astromech Droid: R4-J3 (Jay Trey)
    Profession: Pilot / Combat Medic
    Languages: Basic
    Biography: As the youngest of 9 children in the Illiam family, Xander parents could not afford to send him to an expensive university to study. Instead he joined the Royal Naboo Starfighter Corps at the age of 16 standard years. There he distinguished himself from the rest of the cadets in his class and was assigned to the famous Bravo Squadron.

    Although the Royal Naboo Security Force had been disbanded during the fall of Naboo, the Empire allowed the RNSC to remain, since they did not try to aid the then Queen Apailana. Xander severed as one of the escort fighters to Queen Kylantha and Senator Pooja Naberrie whenever the dignitaries were away from Naboo.

    After several failed relationships with some of the female pilots in the Corps he was betrothed to his childhood sweetheart. Unfortunately, during a trip to Coruscant, she was killed by a drunken veteran clone in an airspeeder accident. The loss of his fiancé caused Xander to no longer want to share himself with anyone.

    In 4 BBY he decided that he could no longer stand to serve under the puppet Queen Kylantha. In the middle of the night he took his assigned astromech R4-J3, Jay Trey, his N-1 Starfighter and headed for Krant. The Rebel Alliance had a base there under the name of Ghost Base. Unfortunately his stay on Krant was short lived, since shortly after arriving there the Empire discovered the Rebels.

    He was assigned a Y-Wing to escort the relocation to Dantooine. There he flew several missions with Gold Squadron stationed off the Mon Cal Cruiser Independence. He was present at the Battle of Yavin, but was grounded due to a fractured arm. He broke his arm in a fist fight with ground crew member that claimed he had cheated in a game of Sabaac.

    Gold Leader was going to confine Xander to quarters, but his talents as an experienced fighter pilot and mechanic were needed in the impending attack on Yavin. He was barred from flying until his arm completely healed and the Rebels had taken up a base on Hoth.

    On Hoth he was assigned as one of the escort flights to protect the escaping transports. During the journey back to the Alliance Fleet he fell in love with the Incom T-65 X-Wing and has only wanted to pilot one since.

    During the Battle of Endor he was again assigned to Gold Squadron once again in a Y-Wing. Once the Death Star?s deflector shield was brought down, he followed, as ordered, towards the opening in the battle stations superstructure. However instead of entering on the run to the main reactor, he drew off some of the TIEs who were trying to protect the core.

    After the capture of the Coruscant he found an open s
  7. Loupgarou

    Loupgarou Jedi Knight star 3

    Jan 19, 2010

    Species:2-1B Medical Droid
    Gender:Masculine Programming
    Age:25 years since activation
    Homeworld:Unknown Industrial Automataun Corp. factory
    Appearance: That of a 2-1B Medical Droid, as in:
    But with 2 small red stripes on his left shoulder, for distinction. Put there by his previous owner.
    Weapons:None, but he has access to and knowledge of many potentially lethal chemicals. His claw-like hands are capable of powerful grips,and can be swapped out with a needle injection system.
    Possessions: A small surgical kit attached to his waist, which contains surgical knives, Bacta, bindings and other emergency options. At his usual post, he has a vast array of medical tools.
    Profession:New Republic Medic
    Languages: English, Wookiee, Bothan and Trandoshan. English is his natural programming, a Trandoshan language module was added by an old owner, Bothan and Wookiee by New Republic engineers.
    Biography: In the waning days of the Republic, a cargo ship traveling to Coruscant from Nubia was ambushed and captured by pirates. the ship was transporting various medical and engineering droids for the war effort, and though most were dismantled to sell for scrap, a few were taken by the pirates for their own use. One such droid was a 2-1B model, who was made to be the personal doctor of the Trandoshan pirate captain. Although this droid had not seen any other life, his purposefully programmed nonviolent personality caused him to despise his master. He grudgingly would attend to him after raids both out of a need to and fear of punishment, but refused to aid in torture. Two small stripes were painted onto his left shoulder, the symbol of the gang, but he was not given a name. In this condition he spent his days for ten years, an emerging cynical side conflicting with his predisposed amiability. It was then that the vessel he served, while on the run from imperials, accidentally found itself in Rebellion space. When the pirates shot first the Rebels fought back, half-destroying the vessel and killing the entire crew. Low on resources they scoured the remains, and took, along with a few spare parts, the droid. He needed a little repair after damage sustained during the battle, but Rebellion engineers found quickly got him back into working order, nicknaming him 'stripes'. Stripes was then allowed to choose if he wanted to stay and work for them or be taken somewhere of his choosing,as the engineers considered him a refugee. This offer of choice, so alien but so intriguing to Stripes, caused him to decide to stay with these new, nicer organics. He was assigned to a Rebel frigate, and mended the wounds of star-fighter pilots during combat. He quickly gained a reputation for his speed and skill, as spending ten years on a pirate ship had taught him. He was then sent to whatever battle needed him most, which was a lot in these early days. Seeing so many failures and losing many patients, Stripes maintained his cynical bent, but now truly cared for those he took care of.

    When the rebellion finally became the New Republic, after so many years of service, Stripes was a veteran and a familiar face to many. He was known as pessimistic but polite, and very professional. He often has a paternal outlook on his patients after all this time, but usually manages to not be condescending.
  8. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006

    Name: Seth Kinser
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    --Height: 6'0"
    --Skin Color: A tad on the pale side
    --Eye Color: Blue
    --Hair Color: Black
    --Marks/Tattoos: None
    --Clothing: In combat, Seth sports the standard-issue armor of the Marines and pack for his explosives. When not in battle, Seth just wears whatever pants and shirts that he can scrounge up from his personal belongings.
    Weapons: A280 Blaster Rifle, Merr-Sonn Model 57 blaster pistol, Akrab vibrodagger, and whatever mines and other explosive devices he may carry on missions.
    Possessions: Equipment belt complete with commlink, grappling hook, bomb defusal kit, etc. Pictures of Coruscant that he has pinned to his room, a cookbook, black bandana that he always wears, and a couple translation dictionaries.
    Profession: New Republic Marine - Demolitionist
    Languages: Other then Basic, Seth has taken on the unusual approach of understanding more visual languages; specifically lip reading and has even started to study sign language and a few of its different forms.
    Biography: There is really nothing special concerning Seth's childhood. He was born on Coruscant to a mother and father, lived in one of the hundreds of thousands of apartment complexes with them while he studied at public schools and...that was it. He was just an ordinary kid that liked to play sports like grav-ball and - as his grades would prove -, his intelligence was on the average scale as well. Of course, that's what made him entertain the thought of joining the Imperial Armed Forces in order to pay for further education.

    His parents shot that idea very quickly. That was the only thing that can be considered as interesting; his father had participated in the Clone Wars as one of the few non-clone personnel. However, it was not exactly that exciting since his father had been stationed on an old Dreadnaught on support assignments - the usual place for people like him - and thus saw very little combat. Apparently that career was still enough for him to dislike what has become of the military and the entire Republic with its transition to the Empire. Seth didn't care and only saw this as an inconvenience since he was soon reduced to ordinary jobs such as flipping nerf burgers for money.

    But apparently his parents really, really disliked the Empire as, with the destruction of the second Death Star, they had been out in the streets of Coruscant during an uprising. Imperial troopers came in and on that night Seth lost his parents to the ensuing violence of the riots. Before he knew it, Seth was getting a call from Uncle Sten - a family friend that came to visit his parents a lot - who was in fact a Rebel sympathizer. Young and distraught, Seth was convinced to head offworld and join the Rebellion.

    So how did a burger flipper become a New Republic Marine? Not easily as Seth's ordinary life was drastically shifted to drills, jogs that lasted for miles, and lessons on tactics and procedures that were crammed into his brain. Ironically, war seems to be where his talents shined as his shooting skills were superb with blaster rifles and an inherent understanding of demolitions and their explosive nature allowed him to become a successful demolitionist. After a fully year of training, Seth was sent out to cause what damage he could. The years spent afterwards were filled with your standard missions: raids on Imperial worlds, takeovers of space stations, even boarding actions of frigates and cruisers. Seth himself had been involved in the taking of Coruscant with him and his squad being part of a boarding action to disable a Golan III Orbital Defense Platform and, later, transported to the surface to reinforce the rest of the Republic's ground forces.

    Currently a Sergeant, Seth has been transferred to a Venator-class Star Destroyer named the Poetic Justice to hunt for the Republic's
  9. Katana_Sundancer

    Katana_Sundancer Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2009
    Sey Approved!

    Name: Accalia (Kaylee) Kalaré

    Species: Half-Human, Half-Felacatian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20

    Homeworld: Corellia

    --Height: 1.5 m (4?11?)
    --Skin Color: Lightly tanned, bit of black fur, esp. down the spine
    --Eye Color: Gray ? slightly feline pupils (slitted)
    --Hair Color: Black hair, thick and curly
    --Marks/Tattoos: Feline features ? long black tail, pointed ears, sharp nails
    --Clothing: One-piece jumpsuit, no sleeves, dark blue or green; knee-high black boots

    Weapons: Blaster, small vibroblade
    Possessions: A gold necklace of her mother's
    Profession: Crewing aboard her father?s freighter, the Ivory Scar
    Languages: Basic. Felacat. Can swear fluently in half a dozen languages

    Biography: Kaylee Kalaré, born aboard the (sometimes legitimate) trading ship, Ivory Scar, is the daughter of a human father and a Felacatian mother. She calls Corellia her homeworld, but has spent most of her life travelling with her family. Out of five children (three boys, two girls), she is the only one to exhibit signs of her mother?s feline heritage, which lead to her being discriminated against by the Empire. Deciding to break out of the family business, she joined the New Republic. She has recently graduated from Fleet Command Academy, and has been assigned to the Poetic Justice.
  10. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    GM approved

    Name: Culain Del Jinn
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Appearance: short hair, strong clear face, broad shouldered athletic build, several scars, one going from his hairline down the right side of his face to his jaw line.
    --Height: 5'8
    --Skin Color: tanned
    --Eye Color:hazels
    --Hair Color: light brown
    --Marks/Tattoos: several scars
    --Clothing: black light weight boots, black combat pants, dark green shirt, black waist length jacket
    Weapons: (keep in mind their profession)DL-44 blaster pistol, KX-60blaster rifle, several vibro blade knives, throwing knives
    Possessions: (personal nick-knacks, tools of the trade)whet stone,ammo/utility belt, small combat pack several faded medals(kept hidden)
    Profession:(Former Imperial agent) Republic Commando
    Rank: Private
    Languages: Basic, nohgri
    Was born on Coruscant and abandoned by his parents to a small orphanage, was constantly in trouble with authorities for gang activities till he joined the imperial military at the age of 17, due to his intelligence and ruthlessness we was picked out for further training. he was transfered to imperial intelligence and trained as a Field agent/infiltrator, he became a highly trained proponent of Teras Kasi, as well as, infiltration and exflitration. He became a successful and well used agent, Although it was found that he had Rebel sympathies. He was soon seen as a liability and was ambushed by his former associates, killing two of the four assassins sent after him he fled wounded into the outer rim. After recovering he made contact with the rebellion, and after several gruelling tests and missions to prove he was not an infiltrator he was recruited to the Rebellions special operations command. For the past few years he has fought where the rebellion/Republic have needed him, till he was posted to the Poetic Justice as a scout/ commando, asking for and expecting nothing in return, he has serious problems with authority and will only give grudging respect to a higher rank if he feels they earnt it, he still finds most people dont trust him but he is used to it now and is unfazed by it as he fights for redemption not the pay.
  11. Loupgarou

    Loupgarou Jedi Knight star 3

    Jan 19, 2010
    So we now have 9 characters, how much longer till you want to start this? I think this is a good number, but you're the gm.
  12. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    GM OOC: Me and Sey will be having a meeting shortly about the start of the game, but you should expect it to be tentatively within the next 5-7 days.
  13. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    Chapter 1: The Raid

    During the days of the Rebellion, an Imperial attack had destroyed the main supply base of the Rebel Alliance's forces. A major setback for the Rebellion, Alliance leaders had decided that the only way that they could gain supplies was to ally with a coalition of smugglers that had just recently formed in the Outer Rim. Using a cargo-sharing pact, the smugglers would deliver a percentage of their cargo to the Alliance for a certain amount of credits or even other trade goods that the Alliance would be willing to give them. One such manner that the smugglers would gain precious cargo were to hire pirates or other mercenary groups for protection or paramilitary operations that extended to attacking and looting civilian and Imperial cargo ships. Despite a point of conflict having been initiated with the pirate group known as Hurrim, the pact between the Alliance and the smugglers had remained intact and continued even after the Battle of Endor.

    With it being seven years later and the Rebel Alliance having become the New Republic, the agreement with the smugglers has now been largely ignored to the point of being severed completely as the New Republic - now arguably the new body of galactic governance with the capture of Coruscant - has relatively no use for them. The cargo-sharing pact having been a great source of income for the smugglers, the practical disintegration of the agreement has hurt their wallets over the last few months. More radical members of the group, upset over this turn of events and wanting to go back to the old days, have broken off from the smuggler coalition and now seek to find more work.

    These radical smugglers and their hired pirate and mercenary protection forces have since allied themselves with Warlord Sarkasey.

    The Poetic Justice


    There was an uneasy silence about the old Venator-class Star Destroyer. Under normal conditions the halls and corridors bustled with activity as droids and sentients moved back and forth from duty stations, swapped stories, and issuing forth scuttlebutt. Such was not the case on this day, as everyone knew what was coming.


    The ground pounders, Marines, Commandos, Army personnel assigned to the navy, had all gathered in the operations center deep in the bowels of the ship. Though built for naval engagements and starfighter operations the old Venator class was equipped to handle up to 2,000 troops, though the Justice operated a fraction of that, dedicating much of its troop space to fighter support crew.

    This lead to the ground troops assigned to the ship to be closer than normal, with so few individuals to commune with everybody knew each other even if just in name. Standing off to the side of the main group Viel Temanka and the other Sergeants and Squad leaders, like Seth Kinser all knew the downside of this. Combat meant lives would be lost, it was an unavoidable, sad fact, but with the members of the crew being so close it meant that those losses would have emotional repercussions on those who lived.

    Temanka herself had experienced such things countless times in her career as a soldier. She?d lost more men than she?d care to admit, and each weighed on her as it would any sensible person, though she?d never show it. A leader had to be strong in front of their men, to do anything less would do them and those who were lost an injustice. She imagined Seth[/b] knew this as well and gave him a slight nod as the ground forces Commanding Officer, General T?nae took the central podium of the operations room.

    ?I?m sure every one of you knows why we?re here but we?re going to have this briefing anyway.? The view screen behind the General lit up and displayed a rather inconspicuous blue green world like many others in the galaxy. ?This is the planet Danadine. It?s not much in the way of importance to either the Empire or the New Republic, in fact its only real points of interest are a number of collection agencies headquarters there.?

    ?That however all changed recently when a group of smugglers and pirates a
  14. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    Beskaryc Taab

    Taab didn't need the 360 degree view his helmet afforded him to see the sideways glances he was garnering from his new crewmates. As a 1.8 meter tall Mandalorian in full armor he was used to attracting attention in these kind of settings. Slate gray and black, his armor looked much like any other Mandalorian, though the range finder on the helmet was on the left, as opposed to the right side which was the norm. He removed his helmet as the briefing began, revealing a grim, tanned face. His graying hair was shaved close to the scalp, and his gray-green eyes bored straight ahead, his attention on the General as the briefing began. Taab inhaled slowly, his demeanor changing to that of one waning nostaligic, whispering to himself.

    "The last time I was aboard a Venator class was...Kashyyyk".

    *Suddenly the smell of blood overwhelmed his senses, as he began to hear the clanking of battle droids and their incessent "roger, roger" echo in his head. He saw the bodies of clone troopers laying dead at his feet as he prepared another grenade. It was supposed to have been a simple smash and grab. Board the ship, get the intel and get out. But the droids, as usual, had mucked things up. They always seemed to get in the way, hopefully the squad's next contract would be with the GAR, at least the clones seemed to know what they were doing. "Oh well better get on with it..."*

    Shaking his head of the vision from his past, Beskaryc Taab glanced around at his new squadmates. Most looked determined, focused on the mission. Others looked curious about him, but not afraid. Than again these were mostly veterans he was dealing with, not some Hutt's entourage on the outer rim. He was sure they were mostly asking themselves why there was a Mandalorian here, now, with them.

    The answer to that was simple. His farm back on Manda'yaim wasn't doing well, and while bounty hunting could pay the bills, Taab personally detested it. He preferred straight mercenary work, real soldiering. Although since the fall of the Empire there wasn't much of that to go around. Though they hired bandits and pirates, the Imperial leftovers didn't have the cash to hire too many mercs, not any of Taab's caliber anyway. The New Republic seemed to be philosophically opposed to hiring mercenaries, but their position in the galaxy was stretched thin. Tasked to now hold territory, instead of just denying it to the Empire, the Republic needed ever growing numbers of new personel, and had been forced to hire some outside help. Taab was here on a one year contract to the New Republic and had just recently been assigned to the Poetic Justice. He didn't know anyone aboard ship yet, but that would soon change. Serving in combat, you either got to know your squad real quick, or you got dead, and Taab had no intention of dying.



    TAG: Other Ground Pounders
  15. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    Culain del Jinn

    from a corner of the room Culain watched silently as the briefing went on, it seemed a solid enough plan, he payed particular attention to the outline of the two devices that needed to be dealt with, a delicate bit of work no mistake achievable as long as they hit hard and fast. He had dealt with similar devices in the past and was confident they would succeed, he surveyed the room as he idly trimmed his nails with a small knife he seemed to have produced from nowhere. The other troops were all solid, maybe no all with his level of training but they were dedicated and a good team, at some point he figured it would be nice to be accepted into that team and not be seen as an outsider, but it was a secondary concern that he didnt bother with overly. All in all he was looking forward to getting in there and getting his hands dirty.

    Tag: All
  16. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Seth Kinser
    Poetic Justice


    That probably wasn't something that would be considered appropriate when you were gearing up for a mission but if there was one thing that Seth figured out during his years of service, it was that you had to enjoy the little things. Combat could be an ugly thing where friends died, you saw horrible things, and could even end up crazy yourself. They say it takes a little over thirty days of uninterrupted combat before a soldier - a human soldier anyway, Seth wasn't sure how aliens coped - would undergo some kind of mental breakdown or some kind of psychological problem. Such psychological problems could include enjoying combat a bit too much and thus becoming a bloodthirsty monster or something along those lines.

    Seth felt the stress of combat sure. He's seen good friends die whether they were shot right in front of him or were flying in an unlucky dropship that would get shot down. He's killed plenty of people and there was nothing like having the blaster bolts flying all around you while you were trying to set a charge, all the while knowing one errant twitch or one stray blaster bolt could prematurely detonate his explosive and completely and utterly disintegrate him. As a soldier fighting in a war you experienced all of that. Fortunately, Seth learned that a hobby was always a good thing to have to help you cope during your off hours.

    For him, it was cooking. Before he was a Marine, Seth had his fair share of jobs at restaurants and fast food places when he was young. That was another thing about being a soldier for the Republic; you had to get used to a lot of the food that they liked to serve which made Seth long for a good nerf burger. Which was why, when he got the chance, he would get in touch with a contact that could smuggle a few ingredients that, when used in the kitchens of the Poetic Justice, could help satisfy some cravings for some unhealthy food. See? Simple things.

    So while the mission was laid out before them, Seth thought about what he would do after the mission. It wasn't a question of whether he would survive or not but rather how he was going to fix himself an unhealthy snack when it was all over.

    Blow up a warehouse and come back in time for dinner, Seth pretty much summed up the breathing as he examined his blaster pistol. It was an old Merr-Sonn Model 57 blaster pistol that, while perhaps aging, still found some use in the New Republic military. Ejecting the blaster pack from the weapon, Seth made sure that it was full before slamming it back in. He didn't want his dinner to be ruined because of such simple mistakes like not making sure his weapon was loaded.

    "Alright guys," he spoke aloud when the briefing concluded. While checking to make sure that his A280 blaster rifle was similarly armed and ready, the Sergeant raised a hand in the air and spun his index finger; the universal sign of 'form up'. "Those who are with me should know your assigned dropship by now so pack up and get ready to move out. Check your gear and the guy standing next to you; once we get out of hyperspace in the next hour I want us all prepped and loaded."

    Speaking of gear, Seth bent down and retrieved the pack that he had placed on the floor next to him when the meeting had started. This was his demolition pack that was quite full with the latest mechanisms that took such materials as baradiums to be used as very powerful, very loud explosive ordnance. It wasn't just a burger that Seth knew how to fix; he could plant and arm a charge just as easily as flipping food. Funny thing talent and how it worked but Seth was just happy to have a job that he was good at. But from the sounds of it, it may be that the starfighter pilots will get all the fun with blowing things up instead of him.

    TAG: Ground Personnel
  17. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Xander ?Doc? Illiam
    Poetic Justice, Hyperspace

    The hunt for Warlord Sarkasey was on and Xander was doing what he always did prior to a fight? laying in his rack. Unlike most of the compliment and crew of the Venator-class Star Distroyer, who spent most of their time prior to a mission together on the Mess Deck, the leader of Phantom Squadron?s 2nd flight preferred to relax.

    One of the advantages of being a flight leader meant that he shared his quarters with one other individual, Lt. Tor Nisten. Tor, however, was also the squadron?s XO, which meant he spent a lot of time out of their quarters. The only company that he had was his astro-droid, R4-J3, who was sitting in his charging station nearby. About an hour prior, Tor told him that they had received a WARNO and now he was waiting for Capt. Tehanis, who would most likely be receiving her briefing in Starfighter flight control, to call him.

    Moments later, his comlink chimed indicating that ?Vixan? was ready to issue their part of the OPORD. Phantom Squadron had rehearsed this routine since their forming. He would then tell his flight what their part of the mission would entail. He had already briefed his wingmate, FO Russo, of his expectations, but he wasn?t quite sure how she was going to handle the unavoidable fight that was before them.

    She had only just been assigned to him and they had only run through a handful of simulations in preparation for this mission. Phantom Squadron was assigned to run interference so the ground units could hit their target zones. After his quick flight briefing, Xander prepped a jumpbag, stowed it in his hold, and sat in the cockpit of his T-65 with Jay Tray secure in his socket behind him.

    Once they received the green light to launch, Xander led Two Flight to their assigned zone of responsibility, and assessed the situation that lay before them. He switched his comms over to the channel dedicated for his Flight. ?Phantom 6 this is Phantom 5, ?Alleycat?, do you read me? Keep sharp rookie, we have assorted eyeballs in bound. Don?t try to be a hero and take them all out by yourself. We?re going to do this one by the book, so stay just off my Six. Phantom 7, take your wingmate and split off low, I am going to take 'Alleycat' over top.?

    Just as he was about to give the order to lock S-foils into attack position and to accelerate to attack speed, a FRAGO scrolled across his tactical display:

    The commandos on the ground will light up a target. Your task is to make your way to the storehouse and destroy the target after the signal from the commandos. Make sure to aim true since there will be friendlies in the area.

    ?Here we go kids. This is where the fun begins.?

    TAG: Phantom Squadron
  18. Katana_Sundancer

    Katana_Sundancer Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2009
    IC: Accalia ?Kaylee? Kalaré

    Kaylee had barely started eating when the call to combat stations came through. Her sharp ears flattened against her head as she ran for the hangar. She dodged around a slower-moving crewmember, her tail lashing in agitation.

    This was it? her first combat. She?d done fairly well in the Academy, and in the simulators on Poetic Justice. But she?d never been in a real battle before? never had to face real beings through her fighter.

    Scrambling up the ladder, she dropped into her cockpit to the tones of her astromech. ?Hey there, Hummer. Ready to fly?? A sharp whistle was her reply as she pulled on her helmet. ?Let?s go.?

    As she ran through her flight checklist and left the hangar, she tried to bring her nerves under control? and to get her fur to lay flat again. There was no time for worries and doubts now? All she could do now was fly and fight? and hope that she did not let her new squadron down.

    She eased into formation beside Lt. Nisten, and took a deep breath. ?Phantom Nine, four green and standing by.?
  19. Princess Cambria

    Princess Cambria Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 20, 2006
    IC: Alex "Alleycat" Russo

    One week earlier, Tanaab Air Space...

    ?Why?d you stop??

    ?Because it?s time for you to go.?

    ?Oh, come on, hotshot... Just one more for old times sake. We can make it a quickie. I?ll even let you lead for once,? purred the brandy eyed beauty into her companion?s ear.

    ?Sorry, sweetheart. You simply wore my stick out with all those evasive maneuvers,? answered the handsome, dark haired flyboy in his sexy baritone drawl as he slide up beside her.

    ?You know when you say it like that, it just makes me want to test your limits even more.? she giggled, picturing his brown eyes full of mirth and a smirk forming right about now on his lips hidden well behind his darkened visor on his helmet.

    ?Well Al, I?m just telling it like it is... You always seem to challenge the best of my abilities...?

    ?And we know you're definitely not lacking in that department," came a light quip followed by a period of silence.

    "I?m going to miss our dances.?

    ?I know.?

    ?Take care, Ketch.?

    ?Clear skies, Alex.?

    Alexandra gave a salute to her now former wingman, mentor and commanding officer through the side viewport of the canopy, then rolled her X-Wing away, sending the snubfighter into a gentle arc toward the horizon and the dawn of a new day. This was her favorite time of day. She just wished she had a steaming cup of strong stimcaf to enjoy along with it.

    Sighing, Alex loaded the coordinates into the nav computer and sent them to her astromech droid.

    ?Well Rusty... another chapter closes and a new one begins for us. Tanaab Air Defence Squadron is all, but a memory. We?re headed to our new home onboard the New Republic's Poetic Justice.?

    The copper red droid scrolled a question across the cockpit screen.

    ?How do I feel about the change? I?m quite frankly terrified and thrilled all at the same time. To fly for TADS is one thing, but to be given an opportunity to fly with the newly minted Phantom Squadron as part of the NR Task Force to hunt down Warlord Sarkasey is the biggest honor any pilot could hope for, unless of course it is flying for Antillies as a member of Rogue Squadron."

    The next message that scrolled from her domed friend made her laugh.

    "Hey... A girl can dream, you know."

    With that said, Alexandra pulled back on the hyperdrive lever and watched the stars elongate, then fade into a blur of white. After everything checked out, she reached down under her pilot couch and pulled out her datapad with the latest copy of the holomag, Aeronautical Mechanics, loaded onto it, then began perusing through to get new ideas on how to get faster regeneration of her shields without sacrificing power from her engines to help pass the time until her next hyperspace jump. Which would take her to the meet up point with the task force already enroute towards their mark.

    Present time, Poetic Justice, Hyperspace...

    ?Phantom 6, this is Phantom 5, ?Alleycat?, do you read me? Keep sharp rookie, we have assorted eyeballs in bound. Don?t try to be a hero and take them all out by yourself. We?re going to do this one by the book, so stay just off my Six. Phantom 7, take your wingmate and split off low, I am going to take 'Alleycat' over top.?

    Alex bristled when her wingman, Two Flight Leader, called her rookie as if she was right out of the academy and green. If the lieutenant had taken the time to read through her flying log for the last four years, he'd realize the former TADS pilot and academy graduate had just as many hours in the cockpit as most of the regular's in the New Republic elite squadrons. Though, because her previous squadron flew what was considered 'minor league missions' that dealt mostly with local sector piracy issues, the Taanab native was considered a noob by 'big league standards'. Well I'll just have to show them just how determined I am to be one of the Phantom's best pilots, the brandy-eyed brunette mused, then turned her attention over to the incoming FRAGO scrolling across her tactical screen.

  20. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Queen of something I'm sure of it. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis - Phantom One
    Location - in Ship - in space.

    The Phantoms were a mixed bag, but Adalia had watched the Sims, read the Flight Histories and reports and watched them interact. She was pretty sure they'd be able to work together, although she suspected a few of them were a little more cocky than she'd have liked.

    After her briefing she'd called her pilots to launch and listened to the comm chatter, it helped her to learn more about them and she prefered they forget she was listening.

    ?Here we go kids. This is where the fun begins.? She couldn't help but smirk, part of her agreed with Xander.

    Tilting her head to the right Adalia cracked her neck for the 3rd time today, it always locked up just before a battle, but cracking it helped to her prepare. This was a new squadron, she didn't know most of them, and had yet to see them in action, so she hoped they knew their stuff. Opening a channel she addressed the Phantom Squadron.

    "Vixen here, let's keep it tight, keep the chatter down and get this done, wait for my signal, clear?"

    Adjusting her heading slightly she then spoke to her droid. "Check I get all 11 Squirt, and if not, note the missing." She'd expected them to obey orders, and this would be the first test. She had asked a simple question, and a quick concise responce was all that was needed. In her mind, this would sort the Kaiburr Crystals from the Bantha Fodder.

    Tag - Phantoms
  21. Katana_Sundancer

    Katana_Sundancer Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2009
    IC: Kaylee Kalare

    ?Here we go kids. This is where the fun begins.?

    Kaylee's ears twitched under her helmet. "Not sure this is my idea of fun," she muttered to Hummer, who cooed in response. Maybe once she had as much experience as Lt. Illiam, maybe she might think differently. But right now her heart was pounding and her mouth was dry. "Let's see if I've really got what it takes."

    She remembered her family's reaction when she'd told them of her decision to join the New Republic Starfighter Command. Her mother and father had both been supportive, but older brother Nikal had been reduced to laughter. "You wanna fly snubbies, duka? Good luck with that. I give you two weeks before you wash out. Aren't you the one who got all freaked out when you got stuck in the maintenance conduit while in hyperspace? A snubfighter cockpit is a lot smaller than that."

    Kaylee frowned, the hurt still lingering. Truthfully, the first few weeks at the Academy had been very difficult for her. Being away from her family; being surrounded by strangers; she'd been so tempted to just go home... In the end, the thought of Nikal being right had strengthened her resolve.

    "Vixen here, let's keep it tight, keep the chatter down and get this done, wait for my signal, clear?" The sound of Captain Tehanis' voice broke her from her reverie. I can do this... I have to do this.

    "Nine reads, Lead." Bring it. I'll be ready.
  22. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: ?Doc? Illiam
    Space over Danadine

    "Copy you loud and clear, Phantom 5. 'Alleycat' is with you on your right four."

    Doc took a quick glance at his rear radar display and noted the friendly dot just off to the right of his own indicator. He switched his comms over to Jay Trey?s dedicated channel. ?Designate her F1 and keep a close eye on her. I don?t want anything to happen to her.?

    Of course Xan didn?t want anything to happen to anyone of the Phantoms, but especially Russo. She reminded him of what he must have been like when he first signed up with the RNSC, full of spice and sithspit. But after a few too many battles, his idealism and fire was slowly fading. He didn?t want the same to happen to the young Taanabian.

    Young?!? Ha! Xan laughed at himself, she was merely five standard years younger than himself. Yeah, but those years feel like decades. Xander had studied Alexandra?s flight-jacket, cover-to-cover and over again. Like him, she had local defense force experience prior to joining the Phantoms. But, unlike him, she had not endured the hardships and pains that came with being part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

    He had watched idealistic hotshots run head long into battle against the Empire, only to burnout like a star going supernova. He couldn?t help but wonder if he wouldn?t have been one of those supernovas. If he hadn?t of been stupid and broken his arm just before the Battle of Yavin, he may have had his name added to the roll of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice that day.

    He rubbed his arm as he remembered that fateful day.

    Then there was Endor, and once again he need to laugh to himself. As he sat there flying towards yet another swarm of TIEs, he couldn?t help but wonder if this was what it looked like to his adversaries at that battle: a bunch of starfighters screaming towards them with a planet looming in the background and nowhere to run and hide. Of course we didn?t have a half built battle station with superlaser of death to back us up.

    Suddenly he was brought back to reality?

    "Vixen here, let's keep it tight, keep the chatter down and get this done, wait for my signal, clear?"

    Snap out of it man! Get your mind off of young girls and old battles. He clicked his comms once in acknowledgment and waited on Vixen.

    TAG: Phantoms
  23. Princess Cambria

    Princess Cambria Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 20, 2006
    IC: Alex "Alleycat" Russo
    Space over Danadine

    "Vixen here, let's keep it tight, keep the chatter down and get this done, wait for my signal, clear?"

    Alexandra gave the customary 'single click' response, then adjusted her crash-webbing for a snugger fit as she usually did right before going dancing. The brandy-eyed brunette's dance card today would be filled with eyeballs, squints and possibly dupes.... since Sarkasey's minions flew Imperial style starfighters. With only having a few days time training in the sims with her new squadmates, Alex felt just a tad bit more nervous than normal before an engagement. Hopefully, after their successful first mission together, thinking positive, and the post-mission debriefing was all done with, she'd be able to sit down and get to know her new family better. Although the grease monkey preferred to spend her free time with her nose buried somewhere in an engine compartment, Alex did like to socialize with others, especially the male variety. She'd always had more guy friends than gal friends for some reason over the years. But then again, females were in the minority amongst the ranks of starfighter pilots.

    "Rusty... Keep an eye on that starboard engine. It's having those fluctuations again. Remind me when we get back to check the compensator. Hopefully, the New Republic has a replacement one. I can only patch it up so many times before it blows for good," Alex sighed. Being the main mechanic for her old squadron, the former TADS pilot had to usually scrounge around to get spare parts for their used and abused T-65's. Her ship being one of them. As soon as things got into rhythm of sorts between training and missions, Alleycat would systematically recondition her old snubfighter and bring it back to pristine shape now that she had the means to do so.

    TAG: Phantoms
  24. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Willow Griffin
    Deep space

    Willow felt like she had been flying her whole life. This really wasn't the case for the young Coruscanti woman, but in her dreams she had been a pilot for many years. The Empire did not look highly upon women so Willow did not have a chance to be a pilot while the galaxy was ruled by Emperor Palpatine. She had joined a resistance movement upon reaching the age of 17 and spent many years on the run from stormtroopers as their cell reeked havoc on their little corner of Coruscant. Five years later Coruscant fell into the hands of the Rebels and Willow finally got her chance to make her dreams reality. At the age of 25 she graduated from the New Republic's flight school and was assigned to the Poetic Justice as Phantom 2.

    The bubbly woman could not contain her excitement as she double checked to make sure her helmet was secure. "Angel, you all snug back there?" She asked her R2 unit.

    Beeps and whistles answered her as an answer scrolled across her screen.

    "Alright then, let's be on our way."

    Willow's voice showed a little nervousness. This would be her first real combat mission and she hoped she was ready. She brought her X-wing out of the hanger and the wings bobbled slightly as she passed through the magcon field. She gasped and tightened up her grip and hoped no one noticed. She followed Phantom 1 out into the darkness.

    "Vixen here, let's keep it tight, keep the chatter down and get this done, wait for my signal, clear?"

    The automatic response of clicking her comm unit to notify Lead that she understood occurred before she had a conscious thought. Some things were just drilled into a pilot at flight school. She flicked a switch and the X-wing locked its s-foils into position. She was ready for anything.

    Tag: Phantoms

    [b]IC: Tor Nisten[/b]
    [i]Deep space[/i]

    The Phantom's XO leisurely walked into the pilots lounge. There on the table was a box of sugary goodness. He picked one up and bit down, his tastebuds wiggling with delight. He sighed a heavy sigh and plopped down into a chair. The squadron was preparing to go into battle, the first for this group of pilots. Tor, himself, was a seasoned veteran but part of the squadron was new. The black haired man didn't mind the newness. New pilots tended to listen to everything, while pilots who had been around for awhile tended to think they knew it all. He was more worried about those pilots. At least he wasn't completely in charge, he could just let Captain Tehanis deal with those pilots.

    Tor grinned suddenly around the sugar clinging to his lips. Tor was known as a practical joker among the pilots of the New Republic. His talents at training and piloting could probably earn him command of a squadron if he so desired, but it was more fun for Tor to not be in charge. It allowed him to be lax and goofy. His goofiness sometimes got him into trouble, like the trouble he was sure to get into when Captain Tehanis discovered the modification he made to her R2 unit. Everytime she launched a proton torpedo, the droid was going to play an old recording Tor had discovered of a voice saying "Bombs away!" in a bizarre accent. He couldn't wait to hear her response.

    He glanced at his chrono. It was about time for the mission to start so he heaved himself up off the chair and headed to the hangar as the alarms started going off in the ship. His flight suit was secure and he climbed the ladder getting into the X-wing. He gave her a pat as he settled into his seat as he always did before a mission. The crew handed him his helmet which he fastened securely.

    "Three and a half cylinders lit and ready to roll. I think one of my lights is burnt out." He comm'd to his squadron when it was his turn to check in.

    The squadron finished up checking in and Tor pulled lightly on the stick to lift the X-wing off the ground. He followed Phantom 9 out of the hangar and checked his display to make sure Phantom 11 and 12 made it out safely as well. The feeling of flying in open space never got old. He loved flying more >
  25. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Location: Hangar Deck, Poetic Justice.

    Taab was not happy. He had been unceromoniously bumped from his spot on one of the dropships by his new platoon leader. "I guess their distrust of mercenaries goes farther than I thought." he muttered inside his helmet. "Well I am not going to miss this battle." Taab looked at the other dropships, but they had already sealed their hatches and were preparing to depart. He could go from ship to ship demanding to come aboard or...

    He saw a single X-Wing sitting alone at the other end of the flight deck attended to by a young technician, but missing its astro-mech. Taab walked directly to him and in his "command voice" interogated the tech. "You, aruetii, is this fighter prepped for combat?"

    The young crewman merely stammered in the affirmitive. Oh good, a nugget, this will be easier than I thought. At least some in the New Republic had some respect for a Mandalorian. "I am appropiating this fighter, get me a droid"

    The tech rushed to comply as Taab settled into the cockpit. He had never actually flown an X-Wing before, but he had numerous hours in similar craft, and had flown everything from Z-95s to StarVipers in his long career. He had also flown against X-Wings in his past and was well aware of their capabilities. The tech returned with a small navy blue and silver R2 series astro-mech, plugging it into the slot behind the cockpit. When he was finished, Taab taxied the craft to the launch area and brought the engines to 100%, catapulting him off the deck and into space. The droid wharbled a defiant cry to him.

    "Its ok, little beskar'ad, I'm on your side, just open my S-foils and find me a freq that I can communicate on." Within moments Taab heard a female voice in his helmet.

    "Vixen here, let's keep it tight, keep the chatter down and get this done, wait for my signal, clear?"

    "Beskar'ad, make sure our IFF is on, I don't want to be a fratricide" The droid's confirmation rolled as text across his HUD. Taab liked the droid already, it was responsive. He also knew he was in a dangerous position, he was flying unannounced and alone in a battle sure to have been rehearsed by seasoned pilots. He began searching for a good target of opportunity, one that was as alone as he was. He found it in a single Marauder Corvette, coming around from the far side of the planet. He probably couldn't destroy it outright, but maybe he could drive it off. He activated his comm.

    "To all squadrons, this is... Ironhand flight, I am a single ship formation and I am engaging the Marauder, Oya!"

    TAG: Phantoms

    OOC: Sorry ladies and gents, there was some confusion as to my charactor's role. Its been cleared up now though, I am to be one of the pilots.
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