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Turning Point - The Betrayal of Darth Revan

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 15, 2019.

  1. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Atin-Kot
    Briefing and Greetings

    The droid had trundled out, a fairly familiar model. Atin-Kot stayed still as it came to a stop and delivered Bastila’s message. He’d known her, briefly, of old. She was powerful and her battle meditation would be of enormous assistance. He digested all she said and knew this mission was one of importance but also one with a low likelihood of success.

    Looking around the bar, he watched the others reactions as the briefing was delivered. Everyone had a different skill set, hopefully ones that would be useful to their objective, and their ages varied, but in this time you were either a veteran or dead. Which meant they’d all faced dangers and enemies, whatever side drove them or paid them, in the case of the Mandalorian.

    As the droid finished one of the humans stepped forward and introduced himself and the female human who had come with him, the lovers he’d called them. They were only vaguely familiar, it had been many years since he had been anywhere near the temple, so he did not know much of them.

    As the man’s greeting wound down, the silence grew for several moments. Atin-Kot sighed, ‘Might as well get this over with as soon as possible.’ he thought.

    Stepping forward into the area of more light, he swept back his cloak, and lowered his hood. Standing before the group now was a tall, whipcord lean being dressed in midnight black armor, similar to the design the human male who had entered first had but of an older design. His helmet hung by his belt so his features were clear. His species was immediately recognizable, the downturned mouth, triangular shape to the face, the blazing yellow eyes.

    “Yessss, I am Taung. And yessss, I am a Forccce user. You younger Jedi have probably been taught my name among a number of otherssss, to watch out for. One Taung ever known to ussse the Force and I have not been ssseen in the Temple in yearsss. Ssssso yesss, I am he, Atin-Kot, and I had to leave the fleet we hope to gain admittancccce to join you here.”

    His hands stayed low, one by his dual saber and the other near the hidden spot on his belt, where his secure communicator to the Council was situated. “I know of thisssss Commander Sssscherp, a brown nossssing toady. But doesss just enough to remain ussseful to ussss….I mean them. He isss paranoid and isss a deadly shot, but assss Bastila sssaid will flee when outnumbered. He, like the Jedi here, knowsss me, ssso I may need to be more sssupport to this particular part of the objective."

    He knew they’d not enjoy having him here, possibly ignore Shan’s words and see him as an immediate threat so he had to address that too. “Ssssso get over any disssslike you have of me now ssssso we can accomplissssh this missssion, The longer I’m gone the more sssusspiciousss the othersss will be.”

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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Yula Loranth


    Yula absorbed the message and its implications and felt her lekku twitch in something between apprehension and anticipation. She listened as others made their introductions.

    "I am Knight Yula Loranth. I hope to be of greatest assistance in the aspects of a stealthy resourceful strategy."

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  3. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Revan
    Aboard the Dark Protector, near the Nouane system

    The fleet was marshalled for the advance Coreward, to break the deadlock in the Southern Core. The Republic and Jedi had done well to stymie his invasions there, and to prevent a flanking movement on Coruscant. Not impossible.

    But Darth Revan was peering down at the ancient world, which he had visited before.

    When he had been merely 'Revan'.

    As much as he had been changed by Korriban, by Medriaas, by Dromund Kaas, he had also been changed by this little world, which had been attacked by the Mandalorian clans, ending twenty-one thousand years of glorious Nouanese neutrality. The Mandalorians had typically loathed the concept of neutrality, but had also seen the tactical advantage to leaving nonaligned states alone. The Hutts had been target practice, but the Nouanese? The Mandalorian invasion had deviated to take this world, and Revan had, at the time, wanted to know why.

    Instead he had been questions; about times thirty-one thousand years gone by.

    About the Sages of this world, and what they had intended for the Republic, ten thousand years for their passing.

    Now, he intended to demand his answers.

    His mind wandered, intending to peer into the future for what the Sith Emperor intended for them, but for a moment, his gaze shifted further, even further than he had expected. The Force was letting him see.

    Nowhere, no when, no how, in the past, and the future

    The True Dark Lord reflected on all that he had achieved and done, on all that he was to triumph over, on all that he was to fail to oppose.

    His Last Plan was Enacted.

    He reflected on it all, no-where, no-more.

    During the Battle of Naboo, Episode I: The Phantom Menace, some four thousand years from now

    A tremor took hold of the planet.

    Sprung from death, it unleashed a powerful wave, at once burrowing deep into the world's core and radiating through its sacharine atmosphere to shake the stars themselves. At the quake's epicenter too Sidious, one elegant hand vised on the burnished sill of the expansive translucency, a vessel filled suddenly to bursting, the Force so strong within him that he feared he might disappear into it, never to return. But the moment didn't constitute an ending so much as a true beginning, long overdue; it was less a transformation than an intensification - a gravity shift.

    A welter of voices, near and far, present and from eons past, drowned his thoughts. Raised in praise, the voices proclaimed his reign and cheered the inauguration of a new order. Yellow eyes lifted to the night sky, he saw trembling stars flare, and in the depth of his being he felt the power of the dark side anoint him.

    Slowly, almost reluctantly, he came to himself, his gaze settling on his manicured hands. Returned to the present, he took note of his rapid breathing, while behind him the room labored to restore order. Air scrubbers hummed - costly wall tapestries undulating in the summoned breeze. Prized carpets sealed their fibers against the spread of spilled fluids. The droids shuffled in obvious confliction. Sidious pivoted to take in the disarray; antique furniture overturned; framed artwork askew. As if a whirlwind has swept through. And facedown on the floor lay a statue of Yanjon, one of four law-giving sages of Dwartii.

    A piece Sidious had secretly coveted.

    Also sprawled there, Plagueis: his slender limbs splayed and elongated head turned to one side. Dressed in finery, as for a night on the town.

    And now dead.

    [INDENT]The [I][I]Darth Plagueis[/I][/I] novel, pages 3-4, by James Luceno[/INDENT]​

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera

    Shysa had finally found the place she was looking for, and entered, keeping a low profile as the other's spoke up. "I'm Shysa Cadera." Shysa said quietly, and kept close to the wall and the door within her sights. She wasn't sure if she trusted anyone here yet; and planned to keep her distance; even when she was around them.

    They seem okay, but I always know to trust the force before anything.

    I hope that it keeps me safe.

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    Mar 23, 2001
    The Ugly Duckling, Sernpidal

    IC: Roan Cass

    Roan remained by Greer’s side, though his patience was wearing thin. She was trying to remain noncommittal, to be the last to show her true colors and reveal them both as a part of this ragtag team going after one of the most revered Sith Lords in recent times. It was clear to him on the surface and in the Force that that was why they were here with this stranger, and then with the others that eventually filed in. But he let her maintain the lead for now.

    She was more manageable when given the reins.

    The last to arrive, though sensed, tried to give the impression of being hidden for a moment before it spoke. Roan shook his head with a sigh; they had not even begun the journey and already someone had a flair for the theatrical.

    “Very funny” Greer responded, perhaps more to the inclination that they were a romantic pairing than anything else. Admittedly, he did bristle along with her but this wasn’t the time for such superficial issues. He gently grasped his fellow Knight’s arm and guided her back from the bar as the utility droid made an appearance, sensing her guard pick up should something untoward happen. He gave her a squeeze.


    His breath caught as they waited, his side now pressed against Greer’s back, releasing it in welcome relief as a holographic image rose from the droid’s projector. Bastila Shan, a face they both knew very well, greeted them and proceeded to offer their first official mission briefing as a full unit.


    IC: Greer Gali

    Roan’s presence was soothing as ever, keeping her thoughts calm and focused just by being close by. Bastila’s image provided much-needed resolve, her voice reassuring as she went over the specifics of their first assignment. She turned to glance over her shoulder at her partner, offering a small smile and a nod. Relinquishing the lead to him.

    He in turn shrugged, then spoke as the droid’s recording came to its end.

    "I may as well start. We're Roan Cass and Greer Gali; Jedi Knights. Some of you I might recognise from the Temple, others clearly not. But we're here, and Master Shan has the essence of what we need to do."

    Greer looked at the others assembled around her, her chin lifted slightly. Roan had this naturally authoritative way about him, commanding attention in a crowded room. She loved that about him, but it was also why she would usually fight him for point on a mission. She used to be more submissive, and always had to actively remind herself to take charge and be more independent.

    He was her example, the high bar to reach for. And had been the reason she was able to get out of her own way and make changes more becoming of the Jedi she wished to be.

    "Let's get the awkward introductions out of the way so we can get on with this,” Roan added with an air of impatience. Greer bit her lip, stifling a chuckle before her attentions were realigned to the first of their group to follow their lead.

    Atin-Kot, a Taung Force sensitive and a name she recognized. They had never met but he was a rare thing that had been talked about among their ranks – the only one of his species to be able to touch the Force. She gave him a low nod, practically a shallow bow to give her warm welcome. He seemed antsy and suspicious, which they all had a right to be of each other, but she felt none for the alien. He was chosen for a reason as she was, so she had to trust in the Council that her trust in Atin-Kot would not be misplaced.

    Yula was the next to announce herself and Greer grinned in the twi-lek’s direction, before continuing on to Shysa. The latter looked so young that it gave her pause, a wash of sorrow passing over her features as sh looked upon the face of a child. Again, the young girl was here for a purpose but to see this prospective Jedi out on a mission of such magnitude and danger… well, she was suddenly worried for her. Even without being given grounds to be.

    A protective instinct that was sort of maternal, though Greer had no children of her own to speak of. How odd.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Zeseem Dunkel
    The Meeting. . .On Sernpidal

    It was with some mild annoyance that he discovered they only had flat water that he could find behind the bar when a gaunt figure loomed out of the shadows. Wonderful, they had their token Fallen. If they wanted to blend in this fellow likely was their ticket through doors and aboard many ships. Token Evil. He shuddered at the thought, sending his head tails a tremble as he looked at those yellow eyes.

    It was then that a T3 came out of nowhere and thankfully responded before any of them could. Then played the message.

    Well, that took care of trust. He nodded his head and raised his glass of water to the droid before taking a drink as the introductions began. When they finally seemed to have rolled around to him he stood a little straighter. "I am Zeseem Dunkel. Biology Specialist from the Temple." he simply stated. Rank mattered little here, this was going to be a mission of abilities and strategy, not titles.

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  7. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Adenn Aka

    He watched silently as the others introduced themselves. Downing and pouring himself drinks all the way. He cleared his throat when it came to him to introduce himself.

    "Adenn Aka."

    Two words, one name. That was all he said. He nodded briefly to the others and fell back into watching, anticipating what was to follow.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malak
    Elsewhere, aboard his flagship

    "This is moving too slowly," his voice rumbled, metallic as ever.

    The cloaked man shrugged, raising gloved hands. "Alright, alright. I'll nudge things along."

    Malak simply glared at the man, as if to say. This was your plan. He didn't need to speak the threat.

    "I know, I know."

    IC: Darth Revan
    Nouane, orbit

    Turning to regard the red pyramid again, Revan had been correct.

    Beneath the recordings made by the present Gatekeeper there had been whole entries. The Holocron was resisting him, and Revan could not so easily risk diving into the Holocron; he might become lost, as if he had thrown his spirit into a mind trap. Then, the Gatekeeper would simply fillet out his body and take it.

    That was the dangers of consulting with a Holocron and diving too deep.

    But why risk his mind?

    He may as well go to Nouane himself.

    Turning to Darth Voren, the sole other member of his Sith Council present, he nodded.

    Voren bowed, and followed him to the shuttle.

    IC: Greer Gali
    Sernpidal, The Ugly Duckling

    "I am Knight Yula Loranth. I hope to be of greatest assistance in the aspects of a stealthy resourceful strategy."

    "I'm Shysa Cadera."

    "I am Zeseem Dunkel. Biology Specialist from the Temple."

    "Adenn Aka."

    The introductions were what they were. Though they were both curious about the Taung, Atin-Kot, because he seemed to be entwined in the Jedi Shadows, if her guess was right. More like the Jedi spy secret service, and a Taung to boot? There weren't many left since many of them died in the Mandalorian Wars at Malachor V...

    T3 uploaded the specifications for the estate of Scherp to their datapads, so they all had the data and the location from here to there.

    All of a sudden, the door clanged open, the Force having not warned the Force sensitives to the arrival whatsoever. An old woman fell in, scrabbling around on the floor to try and stand as she slammed the door shut behind her. "You need to run; Sith Troopers are on their way!"

    The droid squealed, repeating that they need to remain hidden from the Sith for as long as possible.

    Greer swore. "We need to split up, re-group at the mansion."

    Then the Force did warn them of the danger, and most of the wall blew inwards, the woman vanishing in a hail of brick and smoke.

    A mere sensor scan would reveal a squad of four Sith Troopers, but that wasn't the point.

    "An illegal gathering has been reported," a speaker shouted into the fray. "Surrender, or we will open fire."

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    Apr 15, 2019
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    IC: Atin-Kot
    Gathering Disrupted

    At the door bursting open, Atin-Kot brought his cloak back around him. He was supposed to be on a world far from here and any disrupting that could bring his presence into notice of the other Sith could raise more questions than he needed to attempt to answer right now. The old woman’s warning was hardly necessary as moments later the wall blew inward. As the dust and smoke swirled he took the opportunity to vanish back into the shadows. Reducing his presence in the Force as low as possible, he all but vanished completely.

    By the time the voice from outside shouted its command, he was already halfway up the ladder to the roof access. The back door, he was sure, would be guarded by a second squad of Sith Troopers, and the roof would have the same but it offered more opportunities to escape. Atin-Kot reached the hatch to the roof, stopping there. Placing his hand on the hatch, he reached out his senses, feeling for the squad he knew had to be there. A thin lipped smile, a grimace to be honest, crossed his face when he felt them there. Building up energy in his hand, he let it build until his hand ached, then released it against the hatch and the frame. They blew out spectacularly, raising dust, smoke, and debris from all around the hatch.

    A second later he used the Force again, boosting his jump, flashing through the cloud, knowing the sensors of the troops would rapidly adjust. His hand dropped to his belt as he flew and he pulled a flashbang from it, priming and dropping it into the smoke. It’s shockwave assisted his leap and he could see the troopers, still disoriented, slowly recovering on that roof, until he landed behind equipment on the roof of the business adjoining the bar.

    Crouching behind the equipment for a few moments he listened as the sounds from the bar and just outside grew. However, there was little aid he could give them for the moment, without revealing too much of himself. Glad that night had fallen he turned and began a careful exfiltration from the area.

    Staying low, he flitted from one shadow to the next, moving as rapidly as possible away from the ruckus that was occurring where he had just been. A twinge of concern for the others crossed his mind but then he thought more, that if they weren’t up to escaping something like this they shouldn’t have gotten involved or have been recruited. He could sense and hear speeders crisscrossing the skies, some had to be other Troopers keeping an eye out for any that attempted to escape so he had to stay out of sight.

    As soon as he was sure he’d gotten a decent distance away he found an alley and dropped into it. Glad that he had secured a typical robe for this culture he ensured it was wrapped around himself, hood up, and he emerged from the alley, joining the pedestrians that still moved about their evening’s business. Checking his pad on occasion, as though he were looking for directions to a friend’s home, he walked in a roundabout route that moved him toward the North-East. He backtracked and turned in different directions to attempt to throw off anyone that could possibly be following.

    He knew the others, should they have escaped, would likewise be working their way to the mansion. For now all he could do was head that direction, keeping a lookout for the others along the way.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Yula Speedily Exiting the Ugly Duckling

    Well, things sure had a tendency to unravel in under a minute, Yula thought. No time to discuss or even form a working rapport. Thankfully, they had gotten a warning just in time and also thankfully, there was more than one exit. She weighed quickly the pros and cons of splitting up too much -- going in twos and threes would lend strength in numbers. Even as she thought this, she dashed out the secondary exit -- probed out with all senses and headed in the direction of Scherp's mansion.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Zeseem Dunkel
    The Meeting. . .On Sernpidal

    It was with some trepidation when all of a sudden, the door clanged open, the Force having not warned the Force sensitives to the arrival whatsoever. An old woman fell in, scrabbling around on the floor to try and stand as she slammed the door shut behind her. "You need to run; Sith Troopers are on their way!"

    The droid squealed, repeating that they need to remain hidden from the Sith for as long as possible.

    Greer swore. "We need to split up, re-group at the mansion."

    Nodding at this Zeseem headed toward the opposite door away from the woman. Just in time to not be looking when the Force was heavy with the scent of danger and most of the wall blew inwards, the woman vanishing in a hail of brick and smoke.

    A mere light sensing revealed a squad of four Sith Troopers, but that wasn't the point.

    "An illegal gathering has been reported," a speaker shouted into the fray. "Surrender, or we will open fire."

    Well, that was his cue. With a grin he hunkered low and made a scurry for it. If anyone came close he planned to put them in temporary stasis until he would be able to get out of their line of sight. Not that that was the point, the point was to just get away quickly, like everyone else scattering into the night. Floating away to regroup in an outlook position of the mansion.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Colonel Scherp
    His Mansion, Sernpidal

    There wasn't much to the late-mayor's personal home, but it was well done for the world they were on, deep in the Outer Rim, arguably, in this era, the Unknown Regions.

    While Atin-Kot, Zeseem Dunkel and Yula escaped the Ugly Duckling first, they would find a City that was on alert, T3-3TH would zoom out of the pub, blowing smoke into the area with its custom-fitted mini-fire extinguisher.

    The city Sith Troopers patrolled, and a transport headed towards the mansion as if to reinforce the position, which was the kind of sound tactical move that a man in a bunker would think of; to pull everyone back to him that was spare and make him as safe as possible. Such a mentality applied to Scherp.

    About the time they would arrive, so too would the transport, waved through without issue.

    But that would merely give them a moment to assess what they faced.

    A four-meter tall, one-meter thick permacrete wall surrounds the property and has two entrances: the main gate and the delivery gate.

    The main gate is guarded by two Sith troopers and a surveillance camera that will allow security to raise an alarm and summon reinforcements in the form of twelve more Sith troopers if the heroes create a scene here. The delivery gate, on the other hand, has no guard post but has a camera in place that is typically used to allow the gate to be unlocked when a truck arrives. There is a dataport located under the camera with access to the system, though using this will alert the guards.

    Of course, they can try to scale the wall, but they will have to contend with what is on the other side.

    Once the heroes get past the wall, they need to get to the house as quickly as possible - or deal with a group of Sentinel droids.

    Two units of four droids each patrol the grounds and may spot the heroes trying to break in if one of them succeeds in jumping that wall... even then, the droids must be incapacitated almost immediately, or they will radio for reinforcements which will arrive in moments.

    The only saving grace in all of these defenses?

    The doors - both of them, are actually unlocked.

    But, with all that smoke eclipsing the Ugly Duckling, the Sith Troopers opened fire, weapons to kill.

    In all of that, who could say what happened to the others? Did they react as swiftly, and escape as cleanly? Adenn? Greer? Roan?

    And what of the old, blind woman?

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Atin-Kot
    The Colonel’s Mansion

    Atin-Kot had arrived at the rendezvous, the swiftness with which he'd moved allowing a minute or so to observe the location, received the data dump that included all the files about the Colonel’s mansion, but the others had not arrived yet. Placing the native robe on the rooftop he’d been occupying, just beyond the cleared zone around the mansion, he pulled on his usual robe, one he’d worn for many years, one that tended to blend in to the surroundings, especially at times such as now, during the dark hours of the night.

    He had the data but preferred his own reckoning of the defenses. Taking a small, masked, hover droid, he sent it back, away from the mansion, but high in the air. From there it was able to survey the grounds and the patrols, verify that the droid patrols did roam the grounds, on seemingly random routes, but ones that covered all the open spaces and left them where one patrol could assist the other in case of an assault.

    Likewise it reported on the gates and their security or lack thereof. He saw the cameras, the troopers, and the reinforcements arriving. He knew that the man inside was paranoid and knew there was a threat to him but as Atin-Kot considered her began to sense more and more that this was a setup. First being called away when if they needed codes, and while it could blow his cover, he would be able to provide a set. Second, bringing such a disparate group together, one that had never worked together before, even if Shan was the leader.

    Third, no real plan so far, except find the Colonel and steal his codes. Which, to be honest, would be deactivated as soon as it was known the Colonel was dead, so if the team did not include a shapeshifter the codes would be useless by tomorrow morning. Fourth, ‘Who the frack was that old woman and how did she know who we were, why we needed to be warned, and that the patrol was there for us?' That alone raised his hackles.

    Finally, the ‘setup’ had surely roused the entire garrison of the planet which had to be combing both the cities and the countryside looking for anyone who didn’t belong. Many innocents would be caught up in those raids. Some not so innocent as well, and they would face the firing squads on the off chance they were part of whatever had caused the alert in the first place. If the team survived the gauntlet of the troops and arrived here they still had to coordinate and assault the place, retrieve the codes, find a ship or ships offplanet, and get to the Fleet before the Colonel’s codes were rendered invalid.

    All in all, the odds of them succeeding in any part of that venture were extremely slim. For now, having both the data and his own observations, he waited to see if the remainder of the team made it to the rendezvous, and hopefully did not decide to start the assault individually. It had been chaos enough and they truly needed a solid plan to get through, and deal with whatever chaos was here, not to mention as they progressed.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    His Mansion, Sernpidal

    Shysa had managed to escape in the confusion. She quickly made her way to the mansion and settled in with everyone else, a little out of breath and anxious about the situation. She didn't even know her own Master and she was on a mission alone with others that she would have to learn how to work with.

    What do I do now? Shysa thought to herself as she kept in the shadows, looking at the tall menacing wall that surrounded the perimeter. Why would my Master send me by myself. I don't even know what I'm doing.

    She sighed, and sat down on the ground, already feeling tired. I just want to be a good Jedi.

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    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Roan Cass

    He swore quite loudly as the hail of debris rained down at the front end of the cantina. A thick spray of dust and smoke flung at them after the wall gave way, to which he grabbed Greer and spun her around to face the opposite direction, his own body shielding her from anything solid.

    A protective instinct born out of someplace deeper than looking out for a colleague, so deep that he wouldn’t even think the word.

    Fortunately, the only thing that came at his back was the powerful shockwave, but Roan stood fast.

    "We need to split up, re-group at the mansion," Greer shouted over the din as she came away from his hold. He knew she was right, and quickly scanned the vicinity for an alternate exit. Clearly the way they had come was no longer viable. He then caught wind of the Taung fleeing, followed by Yula. Zeseem next. The rest he couldn’t be sure, though he detected no grievous pain and no death among their group so it was safe to assume they were all on their way to the rendezvous.

    That just left himself and Greer.

    “Shall we head on?” he asked her after spitting soot from his tongue, his senses casting a wide net in all directions and its reach bolstered by the same from his fellow Knight.

    Not having to wait for an answer, Roan swiftly led them to the same rear door that several others had already disappeared through. A short time later they burst into a back alley that was eerily quiet, and to a rickety ladder skyward that hung on the brick wall to their right.

    “Up we go.”

    He motioned for Greer to go on first, knowing the best chance at staying undetected and ahead of their pursuers would be to have the vantage point of the high ground. And to keep moving. They were about halfway up when they heard several loud crashes, an explosion, from above – Roan sensing a flash of familiarity amidst the chaos. There and gone so fast that he could only discern that it was one of those he had just met down below, but couldn’t tell which. However, there were several more signatures along with it, ones who intended great harm and malice though it wasn’t emotional, more routine.

    Greer must have felt it, too, as she began climbing two rungs at a time, her constant desire to offer aid – to be involved - overriding caution.

    “Wait!” he shouted to no avail, and could only accelerate his ascent as well and have her back when they arrived at the top. She leapt out of view for a brief moment before he caught up, seizing upon being on her own for that singular minute and violently shoved out at a pair of troopers who had scopes raised in their direction through a dissipating haze. They went soundlessly sailing through the air, and over the edge of the building.

    “Greer! What are you doing?” Roan roared at her while attempting uselessly to reel the bodies back up just as they fell away from his reach, careening towards certain death. He had enough thought to grab his blaster and set to stun, picking off the remaining two troopers who were thankfully dazed by Greer’s impulsive display and therefor sparred from death for it.

    He shook it at her in exasperation. “You have one of these, too. Why didn’t you use it?

    “They were trying to kill us,” she snapped back at him, whirling around to make sure there were no other threats upon the rooftop. Eyeing the troopers that Roan had subdued, he caught a clearly disappointed expression that flitted over her features. She regrouped with a shrug. “Don’t be upset with me…” And then she turned towards the next building and leapt for it.

    “I never could,” he muttered, watching her lithe frame as it landed gracefully on the neighboring rooftop, taking off after her.

    A while later…

    The mansion and its perimeter wall loomed just ahead, Roan peering around a large tree to get a better view while Greer tried to locate any of the others. He had already made the attempt and couldn’t feel any of them. Turning back to her, he crouched low into the shadows of the tree line that ran parallel to the permacrete barrier, the main entry within view as was a patrol of guards and at least one sentinel droid in the distance, making its rounds.

    “This seems overkill,” he quipped, wiping sweat from his brow and eyeing Greer. She was tucked behind a thick shrub, eyes closed and legs crossed, meditating into the Force for a greater understanding of their surroundings.

    “The girl,” she said abruptly. “Shysa, she is here and close.”

    Roan tensed, feeling Greer’s keen interest in the young Jedi and finding it rather oddly placed. “Close as in…” He picked up on her signature then, confused as to how he had missed such a bright spot in the Force before. Distractions had their way of blocking the obvious, he knew.

    Real close.”

    Greer was looking at him then, already climbing to her feet though remaining low. Together, they stayed in the shadows of the foliage and moved along to where they both knew the young girl would be – tired, and alone.

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