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Star Wars CLOSED Turning Point - The Betrayal of Darth Revan

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Zeseem Dunkel
    Confronting the Commander . .On Sernpidal

    With everyone else laying out the modified plan he simply nodded. This seemed the best way he could envision a path forward. A way they could so and succeed. Securing his saber in his inner belt he stepped forward to stand in position as indicated on the other side of Sherp, with a tap from his cane he steadied the floating man stop spinning like a top. Was better not to make a mess on the way out.

    Nodding he gestured with a gentle tap on all to proceed forward.

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  2. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    Hostage situation, never fun

    Shysa scowled, and nodded in agreement, following the others and taking point behind them. She didn't want to get in the way, and knew she would be better off staying behind everyone. She wasn't a great fighter after all, but trusted her senses enough to keep the others safe. Shysa squared her shoulders and hope she looked tougher then she felt in that moment. I have to keep a clear head right? Like soldier.

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Scherp
    On their way

    Reluctantly, Scherp led the Jedi team through the mansion. Yet again, clearly valuing his life more than his principles, he had told the truth and they were completely unmolested as they took the route he said, and found his escape ship - a souped up Sith shuttle. They would find, once they hooked into the shuttle, a transmission on their team channel from T3.

    The Sith had impounded all of their ships - holing the engines of each one - after hitting them with ion fire to disable them in full. This didn't appear to be an order from the Sith officer, merely routine on Sith worlds. T3 had managed to confirm that none of the other members of their team had been captured, and High Command had ordered the team to escape Sernpidal by any means necessary. He also supplied a code which would pass muster with the Republic fleet.

    Indeed, as soon as they entered the shuttle an easily detectable subroutine activated, taking the ship swiftly into orbit and into hyperspace one system away before requesting new guidance. Scherp spent the entire process smugly sitting in his chair. "See, I told you. No treachery. I really was going to call in some entertainment, too."

    Jedi Knight Bastila Shan requested an immediate update; they had located the Dark Protector and she had a new rendezvous for them.

    Edge of Republic-Sith space

    Having set course to rendezvous with the Republic fleet parked in deep space near the Sith-Republic border. The trip does not take long, and they find themselves reaching the coordinates sooner than they expected. As they arrive, they will be hailed by the lead Republic ship, the Viscount - a sturdy Hammerhead-class cruiser.


    Hammerhead-class cruiser, Viscount


    Aurek-class fighter - nicknamed the A-wing

    Several seconds after the code is transmitted, they are met by four Aurek Tactical Strikefighters which escort them to the ship’s hangar bay. Once the ship had landed, at least a dozen Republic soldiers welcome the heroes - and take custody of Scherp - and escort them to a conference room, where several high-ranking officers have assembled to discuss their next stratagem. As to the the conference room...

    When they walk into the brightly-lit room they would see a large, oval table with several chairs surrounding it. Half of the chairs are filled by representatives of a few different races: Humans, Bothans, Duros, and even a Cathar , but all of them are wearing Republic uniforms, except one. This person stands at the head of the table, a Human female with dark hair wearing reddish clothing. The lightsaber clipped to her belt obviously indicates that she is a Jedi. As the team is ushered in, discussion stops and all eyes turned to watch them enter.

    The silence was awkward, but thankfully only lasted a couple of seconds, as the woman at the head of the table states, “Welcome aboard! I’m Bastila Shan. We’ve been expecting you. Do you have the codes?” While the code cylinder is passed to her, Bastila continued with the briefing but does not dismiss them...

    "You have all done well. Our plan is to take the fleet and meet the Sith in battle - using this fleet as a lure. While the Viscount exchanges fire with the enemy, we will clear a path to the Sith flagship, which will allow a boarding party to land and execute their true mission -" At this point she took in a small intake air. "To capture Darth Revan or kill him if necessary." But she pressed on.

    "My plan is to have each of you fly ahead of my boarding party to clear the way of any opposing ships - to let my boarding party land on the Sith flagship without incident." Each of the them was to granted the use of an Aurek Tactical Strikefighter for this mission and will be allowed a little time to learn its systems before they arrive at their final destination. While the Republic fleet is en route to face the Sith fleet, each would have a little time to restock supplies; medpacs, powerpacks, and other small assistance, but the weapons available were no more potent than a blaster pistol or rifle - the Republic is, at this critical moment, low on all other weapons and supplies.

    It had happened in a whirlwind of events, but time was short; the codes they had would not last forever, and the Dark Protector - Revan's flagship - may deploy at any time. If they were to attempt a boarding during a real battle, with other Sith assets in play, it would only become much, much more complicated.

    As such, for the smallest of moments, they had time to restock, question, reconnect, and maybe a few hours to rest if need be.

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  4. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    On their way

    Shysa felt a little proud as they walked into the meeting, and then it fell flat as everyone turned to look at them. Shysa hated attention, and she glanced up as Bastila Shan greeted them. She knew of Bastila, but had never met her before. She had heard the stories of course, that Bastila Shan was a prodigy, she had Battle Meditation too; but Shysa didn't know if that was true or not. Like any good Jedi Padawan, Shysa felt the need to bow; but she refrained for the moment; watching the others in the meeting. When it was over, Shysa didn't really know what to do with herself. They wanted each of them to go on their own? She had hardly been out of youngling training and they were sending her and the others; to lead the way for the boarding party.

    I haven't even met my Jedi Master yet. How am I supposed to go into battle like that?

    Shysa frowned, and moved away to a corner where she sat down; back against the wall and arms around her knees. The reality of the situation had caught up with her.

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  5. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Atin-Kot
    Onboard the Viscount

    The trip to the fleet was uneventful, but Atin-Kot had also mostly kept to himself. When they boarded the Viscount, he rejoined the others. The walk through the ship took him back both to the days serving the Jedi and assisting in the fight directly as well as his time with the Sith and Lord Revan, carrying out operations.

    When they arrived the joyous greeting was a small start, he hadn’t expected such and it was slightly disconcerting as it meant many more people knew about the operation than he’d thought. ’Thisss remindsss me of that old quote ‘Three can keep a ssssecret if two of them are dead’’ he thought, darkly. Scherp was taken from his custody and good riddance to the rat, he was more trouble than he was worth.

    They followed the escort to a briefing room and again he stopped short as the room was filled, Republic officers everywhere. ’The amount of people involved here issss getting ridiculous.’ colored his thoughts before he saw her, an old friend, foe, compatriot, wizard of a Jedi, Bastilla Shan.

    He listened to her speak, the praise, the hook, the bait of the attempt to surprise Lord Revan and either capture or kill him. She explained the plan of battle and it truly did hinge on a few small factors working exactly as they needed, even to reach the ship in the first place. He considered the plan and observed the others, the Padawan seemed awed by the gathering but then again she was fresh faced and new to the depth of what was going on. The others were crowding in as well and he knew they had their work cut out for them.

    He left the group for a moment, moving toward Bastilla, ”Well met, Massster Ssshan, it has been many yearsss. I do have a ssssmall alternative, if it is allowable. My persssonal Sssith interccceptor isss in a hangar on a world not far from here. I can return to the Ssssith fleet in my craft and assssissst with getting Republic craft into the hangar of the flagsssship once they passsss the outer defensssesss with the codesss. And, in that case, we have an assssset already onboard.”

    He did not wish to interfere with the battle plan of such a renowned Battle Master but he did feel it was a chance to make such a suggestion, given they did have a member of Revan’s Sith available to use that way, himself. He doubted the Republic generals or admirals would approve, especially as he wasn’t sure they even knew of his allegiance, or allegiances. But any little thing that could benefit the operation further was worth the effort to suggest.

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  6. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Zeseem Dunkel
    Onboard the Viscount

    The trip to the fleet was uneventful, but Zeseem had also mostly kept to himself as they traveled, he didn't particularly feel like airing anything in front of the prisoner. Landing and walking onto a vessel of the Republic was but another step in the motion and flow of things. Unless they lined these halls with plants he doubted he would ever truly feel comfortable aboard any ship.

    When they arrived the joyous greeting was a small start, he hadn’t expected such and it was slightly disconcerting as it was a celebration for merely one step in a chain. Celebrating should be saved for when all was said, and all was done. Scherp was taken from their custody and finally he felt he could relax.

    They followed the escort to a briefing room that was packed, it surely had to mean they were about to embark on the last step and there she was, Bastilla Shan.

    He listened to her speak, the praise, the hook, the bait of the attempt to surprise Lord Revan and either capture or kill him. She explained the plan of battle and it truly did hinge on a few small factors working exactly as they needed, even to reach the ship in the first place. Once all was said and done he had little to do but restock his supplies and change in the Jedi Battle Armor that he was used to wearing. Not much else had to be done, but to find someplace to meditate and wait.

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  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    Yula Loranth on the viscount

    It was such a relief to relinquish the prisoner and head to the briefing room, to be greeted by Bastila Shan, a very well-known figure indeed. She laid out her plan and the group dispersed. Yula took advantage of the respite to restock and grab a light meal in the refectory.

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  8. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Bastila Shan

    The ship shook with a hyperspace jump, and Bastila spent the moment focused on them as they regrouped. She had thought on their comments, and state of mind. In short order, as the reconvened - some of them having taken advantage of supplies and foot. In the interim Admiral Dodonna had disputed the wisdom of sending an agent ahead of time, in light of how dangerous Revan was. There was too high a risk that Atin-Kot would be discovered, and if this failed, they might need his credentials.

    However, he had a message from a Sith code; it was a recording, and as the Viscount micro-jumped in and out of hyperspace, it was received and then they were back in hyperspace. The Republic fleet had reasoned that a random rather than straight line course to Nouane would hide their intentions and avoid any active Interdictors along the way. It was from Lord Malak. Communicate with me when you next decant from hyperspace.

    Such messages piled in for the others.

    Jedi Master Lonna Vash messaged Shysa from Dantooine, to congratulate her on her successful first mission away from her Master. Vash and other Masters had been required to stay back at Coruscant, Dantooine or other academy worlds to ensure that Sith Intelligence tracked them, rather than a small team of Knights and Padawans. Vash told Shysa that she had personally recommended her for the mission to Sernpidal, and was proud of her for it.

    Zeseem had a message from his colleague on Coruscant - Jedi Master Atris. She was expressing her own thoughts that capturing Revan would prove too dangerous, and that the Council had debated for a lengthy time that were Revan to die, it would be neater, but against present Jedi dogma. But they had made it clear, in session, privately, that they would understand if Revan did prove too difficult to subdue and his death be the only alternative.

    For Yula however, she had a curious message from her family back on Ryloth. They did not often get in touch with her, for being a Jedi created a natural boundary between attachments and connections, but it was her father. He had heard she was at the front now from a Twi'lek officer aboard the Viscount, and he wanted her to be careful, and stay safe. It of course implied a lot about the general knowledge of their mission... but also that they were indeed going into sufficient a danger to warrant such extraordinary measures.

    Each of them, from the briefing notes, would know that the fleet was going to arrive at one more system, near the contested battleground of Chazwa, before jumping to the target. This would be the last calm before the storm, and their last chance to get their affairs in order, to speak to their comrades in private, to reply to loved ones, to lament and to worry, before they were called to the hangar bay exactly half an hour after they arrived near Chazwa.

    The Dark Protector was waiting.

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  9. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC Atin-Kot and Malek
    En Route

    The meeting had ended, they had all gone their separate ways to prepare for the assault and Atin-Kot had found himself sticking to relatively unused sections of the ship as most of the crew was wary of him still. With the coded message, that he was relatively certain the Republic had broken, in hand he wandered until he found an area that had not seen use in quite a long time. Slipping inside he concentrated and cut off the compartment from the Force, from sensing, and spread a lattice of energy around the compartment to try to keep prying eyes from hearing or seeing any of the conversation.

    Having accomplished that he took out the encrypted comm that would connect him with the Sith fleet and Lord Malek. Crouching near the floor he activated the comm, bowing deeply into the pickup before he spoke, ”Lord Malek, I recccieved your messssage and am resssponding asss ordered.”

    He knew it could be any length of time before Lord Malek responded and he waited, calmly, in anticipation of when the second in command of the Empire chose to reply.

    Malak was evident, and for a brief moment, there was a shadow behind him, before it stepped out of view. It was as if they had realised they were within sensor field suddenly and swiftly moved away to attempt to conceal their presence. But Malak was a force of fury, his eyes smouldering golden as he glared at Atin-Kot.


    Atin-Kot nodded his head in respect to Lord Malek, ignoring the shadow that to his mind had to be Lord Revan. Which meant his report would be known to both leaders of the Empire immediately. When he lifted his head his yellow eyes glittered with malice and a dark smile creased his upside down mouth.

    ”Everything proccceedsss assess anticccipated, Lord. The worm isss removed from hisss posssition and isss coughing up what very little he knowsss. They, obvioussssly, do not fully trussst me, but have accccepted me asss a part of the team. All the piecccesss are falling into placcce and I will be back to the fleet sssshortly. And not only mysssself. The package issss at the heart of the endeavor.”

    He didn’t need to feel the anger of Lord Malek to know that the report was late in coming but the needs of the mission had required that he maintain comm silence for the time that he had maintained it. Even now he could only speak in generalities and what should be known in what he was saying to the Sith or Republic Intelligence would immediately flag it and he would lose the ability he had to stay a part of the mission.

    Lord Malak looked unimpressed. "Has the Republic fleet discovered the location of Lord Revan? His task force is primarily at Chazwa, engaged there." He lifted a finger. "It is essential that we are appraised of the attack before it occurs. Much of the Sith Council is in transit to other worlds, so we are arguably vulnerable."

    Atin-Kot chuckled, the Sith were vulnerable yes, but not so much that such a team would present much of a threat without some extreme luck or the aid of Bastilla’s battle meditation. And strife meant openings in the ranks to move higher.

    ”They have, Lord. The fleet issss but one sssstop before reaching Chazzzzwa. They have taken a roundabout route but are very clossse now. Asss long asss the worm’sss codesss remain valid I give it only a dozzzen hoursss, at the most, before the fleetsss join to battle.”

    e paused, thinking about the time they had been given, ”This current lull hasss been given for communicationsss with thossse that have reached out to the team, ossstensibly asss a sssort of being able to sssay farewell, ssshould a member of the team die in the assssault. But alssso for meditation to prepare for the battle. It isss approaching rapidly and sssoon thisss sssseemingly minor ssstrike may determine the future courssse of the war.”

    "The codes need to remain valid to lure Bastila Shan into our trap,"
    Malak intoned. "Lord Revan acknowledges that he is bait. His location will be exposed, but make no doubt that other ships will be present to assist."

    "You should ensure you are on her team, so we can keep track of her movements more easily."
    Malak paused. "He is not at Chazwa, of course. But I imagine the Republic is aware of that..."

    Atin-Kot nodded, of course Lord Revan was not there, and his suspicions heightened that both heads of the Sith were listening, if not taking part in this conversation. ”I am and will remain part of the team, Lord. I have not been made privy to their knowledge of Lord Revan’sss whereaboutssss, but I am ssssure you are correct, Lord.”

    He thought again about the last few minutes of the briefing, before they were released to be able to make their communications, ”The team issss to gather in the hangar of thisss ssship just before arriving at Chazzzwa sssso I am ssssure we are to divert to where they believe him to be, to carry out the attack while both fleetsss are engaged.[“/color]

    "Good," Malak said curtly. He glanced back to the other behind him. "Ensure the team falls into our trap, and you will be rewarded. Fail me, and I shall kill you myself." His hand held up, ready squeeze. "Are we understood?"

    A nod, eyes shadowed but also not subservient to Malek, not that the man expected less, ”It will be done, Lord Malek. The team will be exactly where it isss expected.”

    "Good," said Malak, and he turned away. For a moment, as he turned, a man with his cowl up was evident. Then the transmission ended, and it was over.

    Atin-Kot’s half smile returned as he saw the man in the background, the blind was turning into a double blind and a triple blind. He retracted the energy that had blocked off the room, relaxing and breathing deeply.

    Standing, he turned and headed toward the door to the space, opening it and stepping out into the corridor.

    Bastila Shan was, as it happened, passing the room on her way to the hangar. She blinked at the Taung, reminded that the species had been essentially decapitated by the Mandalorian Wars - that they had formed the core of the Crusaders and Neo-Crusaders, and died for it. "Knight Kot?"

    Atin-Kot paused as he stepped out, as he noticed Bastilla. A small smile appeared and his yellow eyes glittered. Memories surfaced and submerged, of times long past. Turning his gaze to her, ”I am ssssure you know of the communique I recccceived. It wassss the one we’ve been waiting for, old friend.”

    Bastila arched an eyebrow, not betraying her anxiety in the Force at all. "Ambush?"

    He could have drawn it out, could have made her wait but there was no need. He nodded, ”Yesss, but you knew that it wouldn’t be asss sssimple asss ssstealing ssssome readily altered codessss and ssssneaking on board the flagssship.”

    Bastila nodded. “Which is why we’ll have two teams. I’ll lead one.” She nodded. “Are you looking to lead the other? The Sernipidal team lost nearly half its members... possibly because we didn’t have a leader.”

    She looked at him neutrally, leaving herself open to the Force’s impression of him.

    He frowned for a moment, in thought. Looking back at her, he squared his shoulders, ”I would enjoy leading the sssecond team, yesss. However, I’ve been given ordersss that the team mussst fall into the trap, ssso if there are to be two I mussst be on the one that doesss, or they will sssussspect a sssecond team.”

    Bastila narrowed her eyes. "We'll arrive as one to start off with, so it may be that we all end up on the bridge together anyway. If we encounter a large enough threat along the way, I want the versatility to split our deployment without sacrificing speed."

    Nodding, the small smile returned, ”I meant no dissssressspect, old friend. But they mussst not sssussspect until it issss far too late. I do underssstand the tactical adaptability you sssseek, and asss that isss what you mean, yesss, I will lead that half team, in that eventuality.”

    Bastila nodded. "Alright; we will wrap it up this way for now, and then move forward."

    The Jedi peered at Atin-Kot. "Once this is all over, I would recommend a cleansing, perhaps a retreat to Dantooine, in the more isolated parts of the galaxy. You are becoming too close to too many darknesses... I would not want to lose you, as we did the Revanchists." She paused. "May the Force be with you."

    Atin-Kot bowed his head in acknowledgement, ”I knew when I took thisss assssignment that I would be ssssurrounded by Darknessss, need to accept it into mysssself, and there issss alwayssss a price. Ssssome sssolitude and reflection may be what isss needed, asss you sssay. Until then, we musssst defeat thisss Darknesss, my friend.”

    ”May the Force be with you, Bastilla.”

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  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Yula Loranth on the Viscount

    Yula's thoughts were full of the potential follow-up of their arrival on Chazwa and with the astonishment of a message from her family. She sent a message burst back saying: "Thank you for the well wishes; so far all has gone better than I might have expected. Happily, our team acted with resourcefulness and swiftness to avert disaster when the unexpected occurred. I have a feeling the action is only going to ramp up from here, however."
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  11. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera

    Shysa was surprised when she heard from her Master, Lonna Vash. They had never met personally, and she was surprised even more so that her new Jedi Master had recommended her for this mission personally. But she still wasn't sure. She had not had formal Jedi Training with Master Vash yet, and she was only going on what she had heard about Shysa, did that make her worthy enough?

    "Why did you pick me as you're Padawan Master?" Shysa asked suddenly, curiously. She had been a quiet student, and went unnoticed most of the time.

    Lonna was quite surprised by the sudden question. "What an odd thing to ask of your Master?" The Council member paused. "Though I appreciate we have been separated by events to date."

    "It was a request, in-fact, by your parents."

    "My parents?" Shysa asked quietly. "I don't remember them Master. They requested you to train me?" She thought that was strange, because she had never really given much thought to what she didn't have. "Jedi aren't allowed to have contact with their families after they enter the Jedi Order."

    "They did so request it, yes. Well - consider this an incentive, my young Padawan," Lonna said. "I shall tell you about them when we next meet. I would not want you to have the news on your mind as you enter your second mission." She paused. "You know of how dangerous Darth Revan is?"

    "Yes Master." Shysa relied, feeling nervous. "Revan is consumed by the darkside. And a lot stronger because of that." Shysa wondered if she could ask to be taken off the mission, but didn't want to be considered a coward. "You're sure we will meet again? I'm not exactly walking into a tea here Master."

    She nodded. "I have seen that you survive this mission. In a vision, many years ago. It's one reason I took you as my Padawan." There was another drip-feed of information, as was her Master's habit, clearly; she was economical with the truth, as was her responsibility as a Jedi Master. "In time, I shall speak to you more of such visions, and teach you how to peer in the Force."

    "But you must remain focused. Even visions can be wrong," said Vash. "The future is not fixed, as we all know."

    Shysa nodded solemnly. "Yes Master. I'll keep myself focused." She sighed and nodded, more securely. She's right though. Even visions can go wrong. And the force is constantly in motion too. "I'm sure we will be able to meet again before you know it!" She tried to smile, but felt a little worried. It was still a lot of pressure.

    "Of course we will, my Padawan."

    The door clicked open, and Bastila Shan stepped in, looking surprised. "My apologies, I was so focused I didn't sense you here."

    Vash chuckled. "My Padawan has an example of a wider attention; no harm, Bastila."

    She nonetheless bowed to the hologram. "There is much to do, Master Vash."

    Shysa's Master regarded her, and then Bastila again. "Then I shall leave you to it. May the Force be with you both."

    With that, she signed off, and Bastila turned to look at Shysa. "I argued against your coming on this mission, you realise. But the Council insisted that you came." Her words were not harsh, but they were not sugar coated, either.

    "And also with you." Shysa answered quietly, both startled and awed by Bastila's presence. She glanced up at Bastila for a moment as she spoke, and thought for a moment before answering, "I know I look small and untrained, but I promise I can hold my own." Shysa answered nervously. "I was a little surprised to be chosen myself you know. I usually keep to myself and hope for the best. It was a surprise." Shysa admitted and thought about the the countless hours she had spent reading, and training.

    And not a completely welcome one. But Master says she believes I can do this. So maybe I really can.

    Bastila paused. "If you are confronted by the Dark Lord, he could make the smallest gesture which a Master could deflect, or a drive back a Knight... or kill a Padawan." She sought to meet Shysa's eyes. "I need you to understand that coming on this mission will be a great deal more dangerous than any confrontation you may have had on Sernpidal."

    Shysa looked at Bastila, worried. "Yes. Alright, I'm sorry. I should be taking this more seriously." She quickly added, "I guess I'm just a little nervous." She nodded.

    "You know everyone talks about what a great Jedi you'll be back at the Temple. I can see why. You're about as wise as any Master I've talked to." Shysa pointed out, admiringly. "We're really lucky to have you to lead us."

    Bastila felt her cheeks red slightly. "You do me a great honour, Padawan Cadera." She bowed. "Your forthrightness will serve you well; you will be a great Sword of the Jedi..." The words tumbled from her mouth absently. "For you need not worry about the dark side... as your light shines too brightly."

    The Jedi Knight seemed to come back to herself. "Well, yes." Bastila managed to keep speaking on. "I have a great many things to attend to before we make the final jumps to Nouane... may I have the room?"

    Shysa smiled back, and thought for a moment how wonderful it would be to become a Sword of the Jedi before she bowed as well. "Yes, of course." She stood and turned towards the door, looking back at Bastila. "May the force be with you."

    "May the Force be with you, Padawan Cadera," Bastila said, troubled by the words that had leapt from her tongue as if it had a mind of it's own. She turned away from the young woman, letting her go.

    Shysa felt a warm tingle go up her back and stepped away from the room. She went to the fresher and cleaned herself up; changing into fresh robes, and sat down to make sure her lightsaber was function properly. Little things to help clear her mind. It wouldn't be long, she reasoned. And then things will take off.

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