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Star Wars CLOSED Turning Point - The Betrayal of Darth Revan

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 15, 2019.

  1. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV, SWC and RPG star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    Coruscant, Jedi Temple

    Shysa had slipped on her helmet before they arrived on Courscant, the familiar security of it resting on her head felt safer. She didn't want anyone to know who she was quite yet, and she kept close to Mheri as they descended on Courscant. There were so many ships, but it still had been incredibly easy to get to the Jedi Temple. Shysa didn't remember it so well in physical memory, but there was a familiarity in the air; like she had been here before, like she knew people here.

    As they reached the Jedi Temple she watched as a leaf guided them inside, and watched Mheri as she prodded it with her foot. "The force is playing a game with us, I think." She teased her, and then turned to face the doors as they opened and a Jedi was standing there. He greeted Mand'alor by name, and Shysa dipped her head at Mical. The force felt a little familiar here, and it reminded her a little of Master Tokarre.

    This is strange. It's like I'm a Padawan again about to face the council.

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  2. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Combo with @Mitth_Fisto, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, and @Sinrebirth

    IC: Atin-Kot, Zeseem, Yula
    Darkness and...children…?

    Atin-Kot slowly returned to himself. He’d been shattered, rebuilt, and shattered again so very many times. It took what seemed like an age for him to realize he was himself, as he awakened. His head spun and he began to realize that that was because he was hanging upside down. Looking around, he saw that both Zeseem and Yula were also hanging upside down near him.

    A sound made him turn his gaze toward the floor of the darkened chamber. He vaguely recalled the Sith Emperor coming to tempt them in various guises, and a partially remembered thought that Revan had joined them for a time. But...what he saw below didn’t make him think of the Emperor except for the fact that the children that were there bore a resemblance to one of the forms that man had worn.

    He glanced back over at Zeseem, ”Are you okay?” he asked, voice rough from disuse. He looked at the children before looking back at the Jedi, ”What...what do you make of this?”

    Opening eyes as vision and world came into view, and pain the only constant slid away. Who was to say which was real or more viable? Life was pain, but then how was life less painful than the endless void? He thought on this briefly, he always thought on this when their breaks came.

    Vitiate brought pains of a different kind. Words, thoughts, and life. What pain hid in such simple things, for they no longer were.

    Only instead they saw children, and from their place at the bottom - upside down - he heard the voice of Atin-Kot. Such a simple question, "Never." was the simple answer. The next questions, from children and from Atin was confusing, "Improper storage. These are not the Emperor seeking our knowledge, these do not know what we are." If he could have shrugged he would have. Instead he waited for Yuma, Yuda, Yu-something! He waited for the other to speak, he waited for the pain.

    Of any of the myriad things that Yula might have expected if ever the real world came back to her, it was not and would never have been... younglings? Was this an illusion, a trick? She heard a question ... "Are you all right?"

    She tested her voice. "I... think so. What is this place, and why are we here?"

    Vaylin was suddenly huddled by her older twin brothers. Arcann, in white attire, brandished the yellow blade. "This is our Father's private quarters. We've snuck in, worked on our lightsaber."

    "Yeah!" Thexan in black shouted back. "We're not afraid of you! We're Knights of Zakuul!"

    A giggle, and Vaylin spoke up. "Not yet you are. Father is gonna be so upset with you when he finds out you were in here."

    "You were too!" Arcann said back, genuine terror filling the two boys.

    "Father loves me most, Mother said," she grinned.

    "He does not! He doesn't even speak to any of us!" Thexan bit back.

    ”Father?...” these...children were the children of the Sith Emperor…

    Atin-Kot coughed, tried to breathe harder, which was a chore as his chest was still trapped and reduced space to breathe. ”No one sssneaksss into hisss private workssshop…” he said softly but warily.

    Glancing back at Zeseem, he tried to turn his head in a way that suggested they did their best to scan the darkness, try to see if there were truly only the children in the room besides them.

    ”And how could we be a danger to you, ssstuck in here?”

    Zeseem shifted his black eyes, yearning for the pain to return again. It was simple and it was pure. Sighing he blinked slowly at the others, at the children, at life.

    "We could tattle." he simply sighed, weary of this existence. "They have their choices. Free us to cover their tracks, or hope we are not woken again for many years - hope they are not noticed having been here. Kill us, but bear the wrath." His eyes opened slightly as he looked away, a shrug at the meaningless of this all. It wasn't the pain, the life was worse. It had always been worse. Yet he had never been bored like this before.

    Yula gave a sigh ... feeling glad that the pain had ceased but also on edge lest it return. "There's got to be a reason we've been brought? left? here." She said slowly. Her brain felt too muddled to try and figure it out though. She was glad, also, that she couldn't think like a Sith.

    The three children focused upon Zeseem and their choices.

    “Would you tattle? If we didn’t kill you?” Arcann said that.

    “We could just say that we heard them escape and we ran into the room to stop them,” Vaylin suggested. She held out her hand for ths lightsaber hilt.

    Thexan drew it closer to himself. “Father would know. He always knows.”

    “We can’t let them go, he’ll definitely know it was us. Nobody else would dare come in here - it’s why we picked here to build our own lightsaber in the first place!” Arcann was getting frustrated, stressed, even.


    "We could say anything. Question is, why would we keep your secrets? Life loses purpose as we are. Death more so." Zeseem stated in annoyance and headless of death. Death was a carrot that had lost its allure, but so to in some ways was life. For life was only this, the pain was duller. It let him think and that, that was worst of all.

    Atin Kot tried to squirm but there was no give, except where his head was located. ”Threatening usss, after all your father hasss done, humorousss.” he said with a wincing chuckle.

    Tilting his head back, he looked at the two boys and the girl, a growl, not truly directed at them, ”If you’re going to do sssomething to usss, do it. There are thingsss that are worssse than worrying about you maybe trying to kill usss, like the fact my legsss have begun to itch and I cannot ssscratch them.”

    Yula had to laugh at Atin-Kot's remark about an itch, and she found herself agreeing with him. "Yes, this endless wrangling debate is giving me a headache." She said.

    Vaylin sighed. "I'll do it then."

    She reached up, and they fell to the floor in unison

    Arcann gasped, Thexan ignited the lightsaber, holding it ready.

    But they were looking beyond the three Jedi.


    He stood.


    Almost inert, his expression neutral, gaze fixed upon them...

    He fell. Zeseem fell limp and wetly, like a marionette with the strings cut all at once that falls to the stage in a heap. He gasped. Head turning ever so fractionally as he heard the lightsaber humming just beyond them. Turning, turning just enough.

    Only the child was not pointing it at him, nor at his fellow wall decorations. The child was pointing it at the man of many faces. The man that had given them the pain! Smiling he rolled onto his back. The pain was so dull now, so weak. "Pain?.?.?" he asked, it came as a longing. A question and a hopeful request. He looked on the man with longing, and in longing he waited. Death or pain or life awaited them. For his lot, he dreamt of pain. Life was a foggy thing removed from him, and even yet free from the crystal in endless ages seemed unreal. Death also was a longed for thing that had faded and lost it's vitality with the passage of time.

    Pain, pain had been the reverse. It had been shunned, but over time it was accepted, it was lived with, and now it was yearned for. Pain.

    Atin Kot fell into an untidy heap as the material encasing them released and let them fall to the floor. It took several long moments to feel that his limbs could lift him and he shook his head, it wasn’t really a surprise that he saw the architect of their torment standing silently before them. He got to a seated position, one hand absently scratching the itch he’d mentioned as his mind whirred.

    He saw Zeseem and nodded slightly at the man’s almost whispered question. He had many himself but he had no idea what the Emperor’s purpose here, now, was. His eyes lifted, the corners of his upside down looking mouth turning upward. ”How long? Why now?” he managed to croak out.

    Yula felt physically and mentally disorientated as she settled on the floor, leaning against a wall. Her companions' questions echoed her own, if she could think coherently.

    Valkorion did not respond, did not comment.

    Did not even breathe.

    The children screamed the moment they recognised their father, and rushed to leave the room.

    The door yawed open, and the three of them were gone in an instant.

    Atin Kot let out a pained chuckle as the three children darted from the room. It seemed the Sith Emperor was just as intimidating to his children as he was to everyone else. And he did so without even a word to them. That was...power. As more sensation worked it’s way back into his limbs, and he scratched away the travelling itchiness, he slowly brought himself to his feet. He shuffled slightly, to get to the table and used it to support himself as his strength began to return. If the emperor wasn’t going to respond he’d wait for the man to do so before he gave him the satisfaction of another response of his own. He did look over at Zeseem and Yula, just to be sure they were also recovering some.

    Yula felt poised for anything, although she did not know what her next move would be, could be.

    Zeseem looked at it, waiting. Turning Zeseem sat up, painfully, not painfully enough. Still, he gasped slightly as he worked his way a wobbly standing. Looking at the Taung and the Jedi Yula he shook his head. Slow and sad, “No pain.” Looking back he sighed, “No death.”

    Stepping away from their wall he went toward a table to support himself and look for a weapon. Ready or one he could make, and a crutch or staff to support himself with.

    And still the man did not move.

    In the Force, there was nothing there.

    He was an empty shell.

    Wherever the Darkness named Vitiate was... it was not in that body.

    Closing his eyes he focused, focused on what pain he had left to him now. Felt it and let the pain wash over him, making his headtails dance and spasm until the calm clarity within that pain blossomed like a small bud within his mind's eye. With that he felt in the Force, reached out for his lightsaber staff if such a thing had been kept. Reached out for any lightsaber he could sense. Any Kyber. He needed a weapon. That mocking body, that body was seriously harshing his mellow right now.

    Atin Kot’s head tilted to the side, eyes shifting from the still form of the Emperor to that of his companion. Something that Zeseem had sensed caused his companion to change his focus from recovery to attack. ”What...what isss it?” he asked wearily as he glanced over the table and parts for lightsabers that he was leaning on.

    Yula noticed the shift in focus towards the implements on the table. Was there anything they could use? Could they perhaps forge a battle meld?

    There was a single kyber crystal, and components, yes, for a lightsaber. Perhaps the children had intended to make more, for each other - two kybers, in-fact. Both were yellow, the sense of duty imposed upon them.

    The room darkened, but still the older man did not move.

    As Atin Kot felt the lights dimming, he memorized the locations of all the parts and the kyber that he needed. Lowering his hands over the table he took the various components and, as he’d often done, blindfolded, he swiftly assembled them. Zeseem was close, and as he finished the assembly, he thrust the completed saber into his companion’s hand. ”Here, I have no accessss to the Forccce ssstill, ssso bessst for you to ussse thisss.”

    Looking down at the lightsaber in his hand Zeseem felt his head tails twitch, a spasm that shuddered through them in the dark as the body loomed behind them. He turned the pain sparkled within his limbs and body, but it was not the pain he was still hopeful for. Life had become suffering, but this the ease of pain by margins was so much worse.

    For a moment he thought of turning the lightsaber on himself. He paused on that, only he knew the lightsaber would not give a satisfactory level of pain with his death, and then he had it. Hope. If he stayed alive, if he lived, he could find more pain! Better pain! Perhaps never as good, but maybe something - something that would do.

    Raising his arm he aimed the lightsaber at the neck of the man that did not move, did not breath. Depressing the stud he waited for the blade to buy them time. Time to flee, time to live, time to find pain before a new face came after them.

    Yula lent her strength to Zeseem's attack even as she sought for an avenue of escape that would be unpatrolled.

    A hand raised up, and the blade terminated, half-ignited, by it.

    The eyes focused.

    A grave voice emerged from the man's mouth; refined, cultured.


    "You should have run."

    A massive electrical surge ran through them all, exploding the lightsaber in Zeseem's hand -

    The electrical discharge drove Atin Kot to his knees just as the lightsaber exploding in his companion’s hand threw him against the table. Blinded by both the darkness and the bright flashes that had burned into his corneas, the Taung breathed heavily, wincing. One hand on the floor, on his knees, he reached one hand to the edge of the table

    Pulling himself up slightly, ”What more can you do to ussss, even death isss a releasssse, after your eternity of pain...Kill usss, turn ussss, but your ssstoiccccissssm issss ussselessss, sssad.” he rasped out.

    Zeseem smiled.

    The pain was beautiful! It was beautiful. Ah, that was so good. So good. So cleansing. "A man cannot outswim a shark - if you needed a new face, a new face - we might could limp away." He stated idly, coughing at the end of it. Lifting a burned stump to wave at the Emperor as though to underscore his remark.

    Valkorion - for this is what Vitiate was known as in this form, though he was much, much older than Tenebrae, the young Sith boy he once possessed - he lifted a hand.


    The Force pressed upon them, pushing them back into the abyss of stasis. As long as the Sith Emperor - the Eternal Emperor - lived, they would never be truly free.

    As consciousness began to flee them again, there was a clatter of armour as Eternal Knights, wielding yellow blades, came into the room. “Take them to Atrisia. Place them within the First Emperor’s tomb. There they shall rot for all eternity. I have no use for them now.”

    His tone grew grave. “And bring my children to me.”

    Atin-Kot felt the, by this point, bliss of unconsciousness and return to the endless nothing wash over him. He had suspected the Emperor was simply toying with them and he’d been correct. The pain was there, also by now, an old friend. He let the abyss that beckon take him, even as he heard the Emperor speak to beings that had entered the room as the Emperor finished his ‘game’. ]’Sssso, Atrisssia…’ was the last that passed through his mind before he drifted into the sea of nothingness.

    Focusing on the pain, that glorious pain. The darkness of nothingness was closing in, but that pain was still there. Perhaps if he could hold onto that pain, just long enough. Just long enough. Just a little longer. . .

    He wasn't sure, Zeseem didn't know. Only hoped. Vaguely like an idea that doesn't truly exist. Perhaps he could pull himself out from stasis some day, pull on that pain? He had no plan. Just hope.

    The darkness closed in.

    Hope. . .And Pain.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Mical
    The Jedi Council

    They were ready for her words.

    With a kind of serene understanding, they, wordlessly, knew that Shysa Cadera had something to say, and they would let her say it.

    Atton Rand, Bao Dur, Brianna, Visas Marr, Mira, Deesra Luur Jada.

    Six of them, with the seventh seat taken by Micah.

    An eclectic bunch, all among the Lost Jedi that Meetra Surik had recruited or discovered.

    But she was gone, now, looking for Revan.

    There were five vacant seats, for the Jedi Council members not yet recruited, or perhaps not present.

    A wise-crack seemed to pass on Atton's lips, but a glance from Visas, even without traditional vision, stalled it.

    The Twi'lek, Deesra, was present by hologram from distant Dantooine, having taken over the rebuilt Jedi Enclave for now.

    Brianna, the new Jedi librarian, beetled her brow, almost entirely pale in attire, hair colour, skin texture. She was pure, and that frown, it indicated something else, but it didn't come out of her lips either.

    Mira, almost as laconic as Atton, arched an eyebrow and shook her head slightly when Bao Dur, the Zabrak, looked over at her. He had a droid arm, but a resoundingly calm countenance, within and without.

    And so they waited for her speech.

    For why she would not return to the Jedi Order.

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    IC: The Master of Many Names

    En route to Atrisia

    It wasn't unsurprising that even Valkorion, or whatever Tenebrae called himself nowadays, had conquests he had yet to fulfil.

    Before the ancient Sith history that he had mastered as Darth Vitiate, there had been the Eternal technology, which he had seized control of as the Eternal Emperor. Before that, there had been the Rakatan technology that he had bid Revan and Malak take as their own, so that he could create a second disposable force. Aside from that, there was the Gree and Kwoth technology - hypergates - but the Gree didn't know entirely how to use their eldritch creations, and the Kwoth were no longer able to claim a form of sentience, so brutal had been their devastation.

    But before all of that?

    Celestial technology.

    The Rakata had sought it and tried to seize what the Gree and Kwoth had been bequeathed.

    The Sith had taken from the Rakata and founded their own Kingdom, which the Dark Jedi Exiles had shaped as the Dark Lords of the Sith.

    But the Celestial mastery of gravity, of hyperspace weapons, of the movement of stars and planets - like at Corellia, at Tython, at Empress Teta - or the erection of impossible disturbances to block galactic travel - such as the barrier between the Known and Unknowns, such as the hyperspace sinkhole around Hapes, around Korriban, around Roon - those such techniques were beyond Tenebrae.

    No surprises, as they had been used against him in days gone by.

    A hundred millennia ago Celestial weapons had ended the reigns of the Six Darknesses.

    Sixty five millennia later, they had sought bodies, for reasons too elaborate to discuss.

    One escaped a variety of traps, and took a Sith child on Medriaas, a world where Eternal technology was buried. Form that spark - a red-skinned babe, and the Machine God Zildrog, that Darkness had taken a name; had became Tenebrae. And so had caused untold havoc for the last millennium, and had more planned yet.

    In the three centuries since their capture, Vitiate's Sith Empire had spread across the Unknowns, and his Eternal Empire had been born and refined. With these twin regimes, he would take the galaxy, conquer it so bloodily that it would fuel a ritual that would consume the stars. But the Force had that in-hand, and the Master of Many Names, who had aided Malak in capturing Revan, in turning him away from his investigations into the so-called Black Coat, the man named by some as Darth Trayus, he had other matters to keep in mind.

    Tenebrae knew that to consort with Celestial technology was to tempt fate.

    That any one of the innumerable traps and prisons left behind by the Gods of Mortis would be able to undo him; if not inadvertently, purposely, if the Celestials known as the Ones so decided. The Father was far-seeing; the Son was wily; the Daughter was resolute; the Mother was madness and cunning combined. They would ill allow a Darkness to take the stars.

    He knew because he had encouraged Dark Jedi to tamper with such devices. The Cosmic Turbine ended the Second Great Jedi Schism abruptly by consuming the Dark Jedi and the entire Vultar system. The fallen Force users that seized the Kathol Gate destroyed themselves and blew a hole in space.

    So Tenebrae would lock away his keys, and knowledge, and words, all that spoke of the ways to the Celestials - to Mortis, and their Monoliths.

    Hidden aboard the Eternal Fleet cruiser transporting Zeseem, Atin-Kot and Yula, he watched the artefact that represented all those threats.

    It was a jet-black holocron.

    A hundred millennia old.

    The oldest and most dangerous of all the Sith Holocrons.

    The so-called Dark Holocron.


    The Master of Masters regarded it.

    And then he regarded their stasis chambers.

    There were four of them; but one was not taken.

    He nodded.

    One would be, one day.

    He needed to keep someone from... interfering.

    These three former Jedi would be kept in Atrisia, though the Dark Holocron would end up... elsewhere, before it returned to here.

    But between now and then would be some millennia.

    The Master of Masters would trust these three Jedi Knights - even one without the Force, to protect the Dark Holocron when it returned to this place, even as a host of Sith artefacts were also stored with them by Jedi Master Luminara Unduli in the time leading up to Order 66; stolen from the Bogan Collection on Coruscant to ensure that, if the worst should happen, they did not fall into the wrong hands. Vitiate had even taken the rather surprising step to record his own Holocron, to remind him, should he become deranged, to not access the Dark Holocron and consort with Celestial technology.

    In short; to command Mortis was to doom oneself.

    And so.

    The three Jedi Knights would remain in stasis.

    Until fifteen years after the Hosnian Cataclysm.

    In the depths of the first Atrisian Emperor's tomb.

    The one who had founded the Atrisian Empire for the Six Darknesses...

    But they would keep the Dark Holocron safe.

    Wouldn't they?

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    All sheets to me before 1st January 2022, please.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    Jedi Council Chambers, Jedi Temple, Courscant

    Facing the Jedi Council, the heaviness of the force in the room made Shysa nervous. The last time she had faced a Jedi Council they had sought to expel and re-train her. She remembered how angry she had been, how upset. Shysa took a deep breath, and wondered how she was going to get out of this. Shysa turned and looked at Canderous and Reeve, and then caught Mheri's eye as she slipped off her helmet.

    Maybe there was a way to get out of this?

    Shysa looked at Mheri as she approached her and placed her helmet in her hands, the implication in her eyes was clear. Play along. She let her hands linger for a second too long and and moved her head to whisper in her ear, "Taylir ibic par ni Ru'kel gar ner mesh'la riduur?" Hold this for me would you my beautiful spouse? She smiled, kissed her on the cheek and stepped away, turning back to face the Jedi Council, and tell them why she would not be returning.

    "I'm sure you all know that I was once a Jedi Padawan with the Jedi Order. I trained at the old Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, before I was sent away to fight against Revan with Bastila Shan. I never understood why the Jedi thought I was so capable of going to face a Sith Lord, and then put me on the verge of expulsion and send me back to Courscant for re-training well Bastila was left alone. I was just following the teachings of the Jedi, but in the end; they cared little about what I thought or what they had sent me through. I was upset, I'm sure if you had been cast out for doing what you were told to do you would feel the same." Shysa took a pause and looked at the members of the Council more closely.

    "In the end a Sith let me go. And I found myself in the presence of my family, Mandalorians. They cared about me, taught me how to use my strengths and my weaknesses and never expelled me when they thought I did something wrong. They taught me how to become a better person. I know that having the force is complicated, but I will always have it. Just as I will always be a Mandalorian. Those are two things that will not be taken from me." Shysa spoke with conviction, confidence. "And now that Mheri and I are married, I have a new responsibility. We're planning on starting a family soon, so I ask that the Jedi leave me alone. I won't ever be cruel to you, but unless our paths cross, I will be focusing on my family, clan and serving Mand'alor wherever that takes me."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Atton Rand
    Jedi Council chamber

    Mheri looked at Shysa with some surprise, but it was a blip, and Mheri covered it to well.

    If the room hadn't happened to include a group of Jedi Masters, that is.

    Atton flashed a grin, and glanced to the others. "Well, we wouldn't want to force a Jedi to be a member of the Order..."

    "Oh of course not," Mira said drily. "Nor would we want the Jedi to have attachments..."

    "... we've not decided how to handle that rule," Visas said, well articulated, almost stiff.

    "Exactly," said Brianna leaning forward. "So we can hardly rule on it right now."

    "Marriage or not," Bao-Dur said softly. "We don't force adults to join the Order."

    "Is she an adult?" Mical asked, staring her down. Mheri blinked; the Mandalorian couldn't help it.

    "By the standards of the Clans?" Atton said with some amusement. "Yes."

    There was no questions about the Sith. Why would they? Malak was dead, as well as the other Lords of the Sith Council, and, along with them, the Sith Triumvirate.

    "And we wouldn't want to upset, Canderous, would we now?" Mira wondered aloud.

    "No, we would not," Visas said unhappily.

    There seemed to be a consensus. It was a much softer room than the Jedi Council meeting on Dantooine all those years ago.

    Mical looked exasperated, somewhat. "Alright. Shysa, we release you from the Jedi Order."

    "But your Jedi lightsaber has to be handed in," Brianna said, lifting a finger.

    "I agree," said Visas.

    Mical looked to Atton, and he shrugged. He seemed to represent Mira and Bao-Dur in matters, and Visas and Brianna a more traditionalist approach.

    But lightsabers were dangerous.

    The Grandmaster looked back to her.

    "If you still have it, please kindly pass it over... and no lies this time."

    Mheri didn't like that, but stayed quiet.

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  6. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV, SWC and RPG star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    Jedi Council Chamber

    Shysa went red, but held her tongue. They all were making good points, and they had obviously caught her on her lie. She smiled ruefully at Mical. "I don't have it." She told him honestly. "The Sith that captured Yula and the others made me throw it away before he allowed me to use the escape pod. I've never made another."

    Mical nodded. He seemed to accept that. "Well, that's something."

    Atton held up a hand. "Do you think you could track it?"

    "What?" Visas looked over. "Why?"

    "Well, we want to be sure those Sith are also gone, don't we?" Atton quipped.

    "I don't that's necessary," said Mical. "It's been over a year without any Sith sightings."

    "Sure, sure," Atton stretched. "It was just a thought." But even Mira was looking at him quizzically.

    Looking back, Mical sighed. "Well, citizen, can you?"

    Shysa looked unsure. "If I'm a citizen why do you need me to track down Sith." She questioned them, and looked back at Mheri for support before she faced Mical again. "I don't know if its wise for me to help you. If the other Mandalorians find out I have the force there will be serious consequences."

    Brianna scowled.

    Bao-Dur raised his cybernetic arm to her. “A citizen wouldn’t want the Sith to return, but I appreciate your position.”

    “But a Mandalorian wouldn’t want the Sith back either,” Kira pointed out.

    “And Canderous wouldn’t either,” said Mical more calmly. “I don’t expect you to reach out now, from here on Coruscant, but as a citizen of the galaxy, I would appreciate you keeping it in mind.”

    “Yeah, kid,” Atton drawled in his Corellian manner. “Just let us know if you get a bead on your lightsaber anywhere. Not much to ask, is it?”

    Shysa sighed. "Alright alright." She raised her hands in defense. "I'll keep an ear out for my lightsaber with the force. If I can figure out where it is I'll let you know." She felt like she was being pressured into it, but didn't voice those thoughts. "Was there anything else you needed from me?"

    They looked at each other.

    “No,” Mical said. “May the Force be with you, and you be gracious with your gifts. You may not be a Jedi, but you remain responsible for the galaxy. Remember, in our darkest days, you, or your descendants - they may be needed to take up the blade for the Light one day.”

    He dismissed her, and Atton looked hard at the Jedi Grandmaster.

    "Thank you Master Jedi. I'll try to remember that." Shysa said and she gave them a little bow, before she turned and walked over to Mheri, grabbing her hand. "Let's go let's go-" She whispered to her, although she made no move to take her helmet from Mheri.

    Mheri bowed, Reeve too. But Mheri lingered with Shysa while Reeve essentially rushed to leave!

    "He can't get away fast enough." Shysa shook her head but paused outside the door to look at Mheri. "Hey look, about what I said-" Shysa looked embarrassed and felt nervous. ""-I was just uh...trying to get them off my back. I thought they'd kidnap me or something."

    Mheri's expression did something, and in the Force there was a degree of pain.

    Behind Shysa, but probably visible in her peripheral vision, Atton winced and touched his forehead.

    "Yeah, sure," Mheri said neutrally. "I understand."

    Shysa blinked, liked she been slapped with the force and seemed to be aware they had an audience. "No I meant...I didn't mean it like that." She quickly pulled her out of the room so they were alone. "I just...I meant. Thank you. For pretending to be my wife. I mean, I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else-" Shysa blushed and clamped her mouth shut, suddenly terrified.

    Mheri smiled at her. It just erupted on her face. “Same.” She held out her hands to her to take. “Repeat after me?”

    "Shouldn't I get you're fathers permission?" Shysa squeaked, but she took Mheri's hands anyway. "You really want to marry me?"

    “What about your father?” She said, smirking back.

    Shysa laughed. "Okay okay. We won't tell either of them." She looked at Mheri expectantly, although there was warmth in her expression. "Shall we start?"

    “Yes,” Mheri said, smiling warmly.

    She began the words -

    "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar’tome, mhi me’dinui an, mhi ba’juri verde." Shysa told Mheri amd squeezed her hands-

    "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar’tome, mhi me’dinui an, mhi ba’juri verde," she said, and squeezed her hands back.

    "I love you," Mheri said, and kissed her.

    Good thing Reeve had already turned a corner or he would have seen that.

    There was a cough.

    "You may want to get going," Atton said drily from besides them, down the corridor between them and the Jedi Council Chambers - the rest of the Council was simply watching them!

    He reached into his jacket and handed her a colorless Kyber crystal. "You may need this. If Canderous trusts you, so do I."

    Shysa looked delighted at the fact that they were now married and that Mheri had kissed her. She responded to the kiss and smiled at her before she heard a cough and saw the entirety of the Jedi Council staring at them.

    "Oh force." Shysa muttered and tried to hide behind Mheri. Thank the force that Reeve was already gone or she would never hear the end of this.

    She looked at Atton when he spoke and took the colorless kyber crystal. "Thank you." Shysa felt the warmth of it and smiled a bit. "I'll take good care of it." And then, "but you're right. We should really get going..."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Canderous Ordo
    Sitting just inside their ship

    On the bench by the ramp, Mandalore had his helmet off, was shining it, as he looked up at them. Reeve was already aboard.


    "Took your time catching up, didn't ya?"

    He regarded them for a moment, Mheri appearing coolly innocent.

    "So whatcha hiding?"

    Mheri twitched and looked at Shysa. "One of the Jedi Master's gave Shysa a kyber crystal. Thought she'd need it."

    "Atton, I bet. Good guy. Bit mouthy. Mical didn't give you a hard time? With strict and annoying Visas and Atris on one side, and Atton and Mira so casual, it's not easy to manage that bunch." Canderous sniffed, and replaced his helmet.

    "You going to imprint on that kyber now, or later?" He indicated it. "Lots of colours mean different things. Revan taught me that."

    He clipped his suit back together, a seal compress squealing out.

    "Makes me wonder what a Mandalorian would make of it. If you're not a Jedi anymore, deep down, that is."

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera
    Inside the ship

    Shysa stole glances at Mheri all the way back, full of love. She couldn't believe they were married. It was as if this was something she had been waiting her whole life for, and it had finally happened.

    As they approached the ship, she ignored Canderous's comment about them taking too long, and was relieved when Mheri covered for them. Even their Mand'alor didn't need to know they were married yet.

    She stood next to Mheri, brushing against her, keeping maybe half an inch of distance between them as Caderous spoke, talked about Atton. The Jedi.

    "Atton wasn't too bad Mand'alor. The others didnt trust me. Asked me to tell the truth about why I left so I did. Turned out, it wasn't what they wanted to hear. Thought I might still have a lightsaber. I don't of course-" Shysa added quickly. "-but you'd think they would know that."

    Shysa frowned and stared hard at the crystal in her hand. Maybe it's better to find out the color of this crystal sooner then later. I don't have to imprint on the one Cassus gave me yet.

    She looked up at Mheri, as if wondering if she was okay with this; before she turned to Mand'alor. "I guess I could try. But I still want to just be Mandalorian. Even if I have powers." She paused and added, "The Jedi would never let me have half the life I have here now. I hope whatever color I get suits me better then that life did."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Canderous Ordo
    Rendezvous point between Coruscant and Onderon

    Cassus Fett hadn't come to the Core for the obvious I'm a war criminal issues from the Mandalorian Wars, though Canderous expected he could have wangled it with the Jedi and maybe the Senate. He was unsure, because Chancellor Cressa was pretty determined that the Republic would project all manner of strength. They'd invaded the Gordian Reach sector when it attempted to secede, which hadn't precisely endeared Canderous to the current government, but as long as the Jedi Council included his close friends and allies, he was sure Mandalore would be fine, ditto their colony on Dxun near Onderon.

    They docked with Fett's ship, the former troop transport, and he placed a hand on his ear. "You go and speak to Cassus, I need to talk this call." He pulled his helmet back on, and shut himself in the cockpit. Cassus, his arms folded, looked at them from the other side of the docking tube.

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    Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Shysa Cadera

    Shysa tilted her head in acknowledgement and respect as Canderous left, and then turned to look at Cassus standing there. She shifted closer to Mheri and looked up at her with a small smile of reassurance. She wanted to take her hand, but figured being as close as they were was good for now without giving themselves away.

    She turned to look at Cassus, "I didn't join the Jedi again. I'm staying here." With Mheri.

    "Staying here, you say?" Cassus nodded his helmeted head, approvingly. He eyed the two of them, his impassive expression tilting from one to the other. "Concord Dawn, Dxun, or right here at this random rendezvous?"

    Shysa flushed, embarrassed. "Well that is to say, I meant staying here with Mheri. Not this exact location, and not uh..I meant-" She panicked slightly, because she had never been good at lying. "I mean, I don't know what I mean except I'll continue to be a Mandalorian and not a Jedi."

    Shysa was out of breath and looked desperately to Mheri for help.

    Fett watched her flush. Mheri did the same.

    "Come on. Out with it. What did the Jedi do?"

    He had the wrong end of the stick, but he knew there was a stick.

    "They tried to get me to come back and I refused." Shysa took a steady breath, and added, "They also gave me this kyber crystal-" She held it out to Cassus. "-and uh...they weren't too happy I don't think. About me wanting to stay Mandalorian. You know how Jedi are. Mheri helped me get out of it. " Shysa shifted on her feet and looked at Cassus. Had he figured them out?

    It didn't seem likely to her. Not yet. Although she wondered how suspicious he was.

    "That doesn't seem sufficient to warrant your reaction." Fett looked again from one to the other.

    "Did Atton do something?"

    "No!" Shysa said with a shake of her head, with conviction. "It wasn't anything the Jedi did exactly." She glanced at Mheri and tried to keep the surprise off her face when she realised she still had her helmet.

    Cassus followed her glance, but before he could say anything.

    Canderous called out from the cockpit. "Fett, I have Atton on the line. He overheard something."

    "Oh?" Cassus stood up. "You could spit it out now, or Canderous can tell me."

    Mheri tried to stand her ground, but she wasn't sure what to say. She had hardly ever interacted with her father. It always felt tense when she did. Still, Mheri sighed. Maybe it was best to get it over with.

    "Shysa and I got married. She's my wife now." Mheri stood close to Shysa and wrapped an arm around her protectively. Challenging her father to say anything bad about her or Shysa.

    "I'm sure you were well on your way to figuring it out." Mheri added, and Shysa gave Cassus a weak smile.


    Cassus looked nonplussed for a moment, as you would with a helmet on, which he removed. He was actually grinning.


    The big man nodded, his own helmet off. "Atton wanted you to know."

    Cassus reached over for Mheri and gave her a massive hug.

    "Welcome to the family!"

    Mheri frowned into the hug. "Please let me go." She tried to push away from Cassus, and Shysa went over to gently pry them apart. "Isn't Shysa the one you should be hugging?"

    Cassus reached an arm over and drew her in too. "I can hug whoever I want. I'm a proud buir."

    Shysa glanced up at Mheri, but she was happy. She gave her a smile and remarked, "It's okay Mheri." She wrapped an arm around her, and reach for her hand.

    Mheri tried to relax, and she took Shysa's hand, trying not to ruin the moment. Her father was proud? Because she had married Shysa?

    "Thanks." Mheri said quietly. She bit her lip. "I'm glad I was finally able to make you proud."

    "Not finally," he said. "Always. But you don't need my praise. You're Mandalorian." Cassus grinned.

    "What I'm proud of," he held up a finger. "Is that you found someone. It's not easy."

    Canderous snorted. "Nor easy to keep them." He had an ex-wife, after all.

    Mheri softened and looked at Shysa. "I think I knew I would marry you since we met." She looked back at Cassus, frowned.

    "I'll do my best to keep Shysa. I love her." Mheri told him. She blushed when Shysa leaned up and kissed her cheek.

    "I love you too." Shysa said, and looked at Cassus. "Please don't tell my parents yet. I don't know how they will react."

    “Ah,” Cassus said. “They won’t have an issue, surely. An addition to the Vhett clan and all.”

    Ordo kept a neutral expression to his face. He’d twigged at least one potential issue…

    Shysa glanced back at Canderous, feeling his mood change in the force. What did he know?

    "What is it Mand'alor?"

    “You come from two powerful clans, after all. You’ll be tugged one way, or the other. You may have to choose, at some point.” Ordo looked to Fett. “I’ve experience managing the clans, and it’s dicey. Especially intermarrying.”

    "So they could try to pull us away from one another?" Shysa asked cautiously. "I mean, aren't Mandalorian's free to choose their last name?"

    Mheri gave Shysa an amused look. "I should have taught you more about marriage Mesh'la." She looked at Canderous. "But Mand'alor isn't wrong. It might cause us a lot of problems. Maybe you're parents thought they would marry you off to someone else."

    Shysa grimaced. "I'm a Fett now. They can think what they like but I'm you're wife now Mheri." She said softly.

    Mheri's lips quirked up into a half-smirk, half grin. "Are you?" She teased.

    "The point." Shysa said, blushing. "Is that they can't know yet. Not right away. I don't want to lose Mheri."

    Cassus grinned. "A Fett, you say?"

    "Careful there," Canderous said. "Your folks may have a view of that. I heard they were in talks with another clan about a marriage."

    "You what?" Cassus was furious. "Without talking to me?"

    Shysa looked at Mheri sharply. "They want to marry Mheri off?" She asked Caderous.

    "What?" Mheri asked, furious. "Why didn't they say anything?"

    "I don't know how far the conversation got," Canderous said, carefully. "But Tarre Viszla was also a Force sensitive, so it seemed a natural pairing, probably."

    Shysa looked confused. "Wait, I'm sorry. I'm confused. Are they marrying of me or Mheri. Also-" Shysa sounded annoyed. "I-I'm not Tarre Vizsla. How could they even think that?"

    Mheri looked at her father. "I think we need to look into this. If we can counter them before they do anything we will have the advantage."

    "They were going to marry you off to Tarre," Canderous explained. "He is a bit younger than you, but yeah."

    Cassus was fuming. "Home. Now."

    Shysa looked embarrased. "Sorry. I misunderstood Mand'alor." She frowned a little at Cassus, not wanting to upset him any further.

    "Yes." Mheri said a little stiffly. She paused and then added, "I want to see this Tarre for myself."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Tarre Viszla
    Concord Dawn

    Well this was awkward.

    He'd been sent to meet up with a potential match, something to created unified and powerful House Viszla out of several clans, and they weren't here.

    The Viszla's hadn't been as strong in the so-called Sith Wars as other clans, but with the disruption of the traditional groups, and the decimation of the Taung, influence and power was up for grabs... and so he was here.

    The family looked a bit contrite when they explained that Cassus Fett had taken off with his betrothed-to-be... but a ship was arriving in-system, and apparently heading towards the farm; an old converted troop transport. Tarre had arrived with his own fighter craft, but the clan had larger ships at the edge of the system a call-away. It hadn't been all too long ago that the clans nearly fell into complete civil war, after all.

    If not for Mandalore the Preserver, they'd already have started, he cynically thought.

    Shaking away the 'adult negativity', the teenager - by Republic standards, anyway - attempted to settle for abject curiosity as the ship dropped down.

    Cassus Fett stormed down the ramp before the rest, a blaster already in hand.


    Tarre embraced what he felt...

    Behind the notorious war criminals rage were...

    Other presences.

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    Shysa could sense Tarre before she followed Cassus off the ship. He really is force sensitive. If I can sense him he can definitely sense me. She looked at Mheri as Cassus went out, blaster at the ready and saw her wife put her hand on her own weapon.

    "Don't worry. I wont hurt him." Mheri said to Shysa. Yet.

    "You're both being too over protective. I can handle myself." Shysa scolded lightly. She kissed Mheri and followed Cassus.

    As they walked down the ramp, Shysa reached out with the force to the other force signature she felt and pulled in it, before she moved around Cassus to get a look-

    You're a Jedi aren't you?

    Tarre stiffened as she reached for his mind.

    I'm not, but I want to be.

    Cassus was shouting at the parents.

    "You were going to set up a marriage without me?!"

    You do?
    Shysa pulled back a bit and gave him a strange look. What an odd Mandalorian. A strange man. She jumped a bit when Cassus shouted.

    "That's you're betrothed? He looks scrawny." Mheri glared at Tarre.

    Shysa sighed. "Enough!" She shouted, worried Cassus and Mheri were about to start a fight. "If everyone could please calm down-"

    Someone's going to get shot-

    That shot rang out.

    It was a blue one, and it enveloped Cassus.

    The family shouted their support, and then blue circles enveloped them too.

    It was only Canderous, Mheri, Tarre and Shysa for a moment.

    Mandalore replaced his blaster, and pointed to the ship.

    "Inside. Now. Talk it out."

    He sat on the ramp, watched the twitching bodies and waited to see if he needed to stun them more.

    Shysa startled before she realised they have only been stunned. She looked at Mandalore incredulously and then back at Mheri.

    "I guess we can talk." Mheri motioned her head and looked at Shysa. "But he'd better not try anything." Mheri looked at Tarre with an expression that was on the verge of tolerance. She turned and went inside.

    Shysa looked at Tarre and sighed. "I'm sorry for all of this." She said with a shake of her head. "Its a little complicated. Let's talk inside."

    Canderous shrugged as they went by.

    Tarre looked amused, after a fashion, but schooled his features. He looked from Mheri to Shysa. "Which one of you am I betrothed to?"

    "Me." Shysa answered, and she flushed a bit. "But there's a but of an issue Tarre. I'm already married."

    Tarre was just about working on whether he found her attractive when she dropped that.

    He looked at Mheri. "Ah. Fierfek. With or without clan permission?"

    Shysa gave her a stern look. "What do you think? Mheri and I weren't planning on telling my parents yet and they dropped a betrothal on me..."

    Mheri looked between Shysa and Tarre. "...she's a Fett now. Not a Vizsla or whatever you want her to be you force sensitive Bantha."

    "The point, is that I don't know how to get out of this. I love Mheri but I don't know you." Shysa said to Tarre. "I don't want to break our vows."

    “So don’t,” Tarre said drily. “I don’t want to be a pawn in the clans hierarchy. To be honest, I want to be a Jedi.” His eyes sparkled somewhat. “The first real Mandalorian Jedi.”

    He smiled at them, and then a bit sourly at Mheri. “Yes, I’m a Force user, and so is Shysa. I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but I can understand her in ways you can’t.” He pointed at her. “But you’re pure Mandalorian. You understand me in ways that Shysa can’t.”

    His warmth was infectious, if a bit intense.

    Shysa put her hands on her hips and looked at Tarre. "You know my parents will try to force us to marry. Whether you want to be a Jedi or not."

    But he's not wrong. He can understand me in ways Mheri can't.

    Mheri glanced at Shysa and frowned before looking at Tarre. "Well I can't argue with that." She paused. "But Why do you need to marry exactly?" She asked Tarre. "If you're going to go off and play Jedi."

    “As if I can do that on my own,” he said, drily. “Until I’ve completely my marital alliance, my father wants to puppet me. So I’m going to get married and make my own fate from there.” His eyes met Shysa’s. “With someone.”

    Shysa took a steady breath. "What if you marry both of us?"

    Tarre opened his eyes wide; Mheri too.

    "Um, what?" Tarre said, his voice raised.

    It wasn't negative, it was purely surprise.

    "Well it would solve everything wouldn't it?" Shysa blushed and looked at them. "And you would have two beautiful wives?"

    She smiled at him, like it wasn't a big deal and looked at Mheri. "And we could stay married without a second thought."

    Mheri looked at Shysa. "Seems pretty convenient," her voice was neutral.

    Tarre looked to her, and then back to Shysa. "It would solve all of our problems, in theory."

    Shysa reached over and took her hand. "I love you." She told her, reassuring. "This will help all of us."

    She looked at Tarre. "We'll get used to each other I'm sure." She paused, and her stomach flipped. "What would you expect from us?"

    Tarre's stomach flipped too, and she definitely sensed that.

    "Um, no idea," he said. "Political marriage to start? I'll need to figure my head out."

    He blushed, and hard.

    Mheri nearly found the younger man attractive.

    "Romance-only marriage," Mheri said, pointing to her and Shysa. He pointed to Tarre. "Political marriage only, forever, here."

    "Sure," said Tarre, his head still spinning a little.

    Mheri suddenly blushed too. "I love you, as well." Had they said that before now?

    Tarre looked to her, back to Shysa.

    "So, um, we doing this? Before our parents wake up and start a Mandalorian Civil War?"

    Shysa laughed nervously, sensing his reaction. Her stomach flipped too and she gave him a shy look. "Okay. Political marriage is fine Tarre. But...will you're parents expect you to you know..." She dropped her voice a little, " have a heir?"

    She looked at Mheri and smiled shyly, reaching over to hold her hand before turning her gaze to Tarre. "Yes, I imagine we have to tell them our plan before we get married yes?" She raised an eyebrow-

    "Let's not get into how much sex we're gonna have," Tarre said, amused. "I get you want to jump my bones but -"

    "Shouldn't you consummate with Mheri first?" He smiled at her, and she blushed hard, stopped from being upset with his wording before she even had chance.

    Tarre shrugged. "How about, we get married tomorrow. It's getting late. I don't want to get in the middle of what you have..."

    "... thank you," Mheri said, squeezing Shysa's hand. Tarre shrugged, turned to go.

    "I'll deal with the parents. You go and have fun." He was genuinely supportive of them, it was... touching.

    Mheri watched him go. "Well, he's perfect."

    "That wasn't why I asked!" Shysa said, her voice high pitched. "We have expectations-"

    She shut her mouth as Tarre continued, glancing at Mheri shyly before she spoke again. "Well okay. I guess we can get married tomorrow." Shysa didn't meet Tarre's gaze, blushing. She liked how supportive he was of them though.

    Watching him go, Shysa looked at Mheri. "He is. I'm surprised." She admitted. She looked at Mheri. "Good looking too, but nowhere near how perfect you are-"

    "Uh-huh," Mheri said, teasingly. "You're gonna have to do more than just butter me up if you think I'm going to put up with a husband." She stepped forward and placed a hand on her face.

    Shysa gave her a look, almost pouting. She leaned into Mheri's touch. "I can think of a few things..." she teased back. She smiled at her. "...unfortunately we have to go to our room..."

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    IC: Adas
    A Holocron

    He had been thwarted.

    His Holocron had remained among the Sith for twenty-four thousand years.

    It was older than the Republic, than the Jedi Order, than the ridiculous issues of the present day.

    Long had he been passed to the Shadow Hand of the time, or taken from the corpse of the Sith King. Those Sith that had withdrawn underground after Soa took Korriban... those Sith that had nurtured the monarchs of the Stygian Caldera, such as Sakkra-Kla, Nakgru, Wyrmuk, Dathka Graush, Hakagram Graush...


    But then the Kings had become Dark Lords, and he had spoken to them, too.

    Ajunta Pall, Tulak Hord, Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow...

    His Holocron had been in the possession of Lord Garu when the Great Hyperspace War burned down the Sith Empire, and Freedon Nadd had found it a millennium later... bringing it to Onderon...

    ... where Adas's Tome had been. Conveyed by way of Arkania during the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War, he had been able to rhyme, and reason, and create - a new Sith legacy. Freedon Nadd, Ommin, Amanoa, Novar... the seeds of the Second Sith Empire.

    The one birthed by Exar Kun... nurtured by Jorak Uln... reinvigorated by Revan... divided by Traya, Nihilus and Sion...

    ... and now his Holocron was about to be consigned to the waves.

    To the seas of Kodai, to be drowned.

    Too dangerous to be kept in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, they had said.

    They were right.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Combo Part 1 of 2 with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Shysa Cadera, Tarre Vizsla

    Shysa sighed and rubbed the back of her neck as she folded her clothes, and then move onto Tarre's. Laundry was one part of domestic life that she still hoped to get used to. But Tarre was leaving tomorrow, and she wanted to ease his stress anyway she could.

    She couldn't say she wasn't worried though.

    "Tarre?" Shysa called out, and tried to figure out where her husband was through the force.

    "Hmmm?" He was in the other room, clearly with something in his mouth as he spoke. Knowing his habit, it was a pen of some kind, to keep his mind occupied. He stepped in; it was actually a lolly of all things. "Yes?"

    Shysa turned to look at him, wiping her hands on her pants. She felt uneasy, but tried to brush it off. "So you're leaving tomorrow..." She said, and looked back at the clothes. "It feels strange you know. I'm worried." Although she couldn't pinpoint why she was so worried.

    She tried to smile at him, but it was hesitant. Instead Shysa walked up to him. "How long are you going to be gone again?"

    "As long as I need to be," Tarre said with a shrug. "I'm a Jedi Padawan, you tell me, Shysa." It was a little defensive, but he was pretty upset too. It had been a whirlwind romance - for the three of them, both him and Mheri sharing her.

    Shysa gave him a glare. "You're right. I'm well aware of the length of training Tarre. There was a reason I left." She sighed sharply and turned away, face burning. I dont need to be this upset about this.

    "I dont want to argue with you the day before you leave." Shysa said quietly. She really didn't. She loved Tarre as much as she loved Mheri, but she could also sense the tension between them sometimes.

    "I'm sorry," he said, genuinely. "But I just... need to do this. I know it's hard, because you left, but it's important to me. It's not as if I can learn the Force anywhere else. Most of the other organisations were hit by the Sith, and the Jedi are the ones bouncing back quickest."

    "I know." Shysa said, her voice thick with emotion. She felt a few tears roll down her cheeks and wiped her eyes. She turned to look at him. "And I know you have to do this. But I'm worried you won't come back the same man."

    He drew her into a hug. "I'll always be Tarre. I'm irresistible," he quirked. "I'm going to be the first Mandalorian Jedi."

    Shysa hugged him back tightly, and tucked her head against his shoulder. "Well I guess you're sort of irresistible." She teased him. Shysa leaned up and gave him a quick kiss.

    "Just don't let being the first Mandalorian jedi go too you're head." Shysa joked a little, feeling better. "I'd hate to have to bring you back to reality love."

    "You think you could take me?" He quirked an eyebrow, smirking. "We could test that, if you like."

    He winked.

    Shysa sighed, amused. "I think I'm more then capable. I'm you're wife after all." She kissed him again. "See? I'm already winning..."

    They wrestled, of course, and, also of course, it led to other things.

    Soon enough, they were laying where they had fallen, breathing, exulting.

    A seriousness took Tarre, and he rolled onto his side. "I love you, Shysa. Please don't forget that."

    Shysa looked at Tarre curiously, before she gave him a warm smile. "I love you too." She reached out with the force, full of warmth. "Stay safe for me love."

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Combo part 2 of 2 with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Shysa Cadera, Mheri Fett

    Shysa felt her stomach lurch again as she came out of the fresher. She reached out to grip the wall and steady herself. I probably have the flu. She thought, and started to make her way back to the bed.

    Her stomach gave another lurch and Shysa groaned, leaning against the wall. "Mheri? Wake up."

    Mheri was awake in an instant, the typical Mandalorian mind kicking in. They had a blaster in hand, hidden under the pillow as ever. The Sith Wars had ended a few years ago, but it wasn't all that long. "What? What?"

    Shysa slid down the wall, and leaned her head back on it, watching as Mheri grabbed her blaster. "There's something wrong with me." She managed to get out. I've never been this sick in my life. Never in the morning. "Can you help me back to bed?"

    Mheri looked at her, eyes wide, rushing to help her up. "Come on, come on, what -"

    She brushed Shysa's stomach inadvertently, but didn't hold to the thought, merely helping her back into bed as the blaster clattered to the floor -

    Shysa laid down in the bed with a sigh, and brushed her hand against Mheri's face. "Thank you." She winched as her stomach turned. "I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm just not feeling good." She looked at Mheri.

    "I just need to rest. I'm sure I'll feel better later."

    Are you sure? Shouldn't we get a doctor?"

    The comlink chimed, and Mheri looked at who was calling.

    "It's Tarre," she said, surprised.

    "Not right-" shysa started to answer and then the comlink beeped. Oh no. She looked at Mheri desperately and then move to answer it.


    "What's wrong," Tarre said, tightly. "I sensed something - "

    "Shysa felt sick," Mheri said, "and she fell out of bed, we've got it under control." She was becoming more upset than not, perhaps because she wanted to be the one to help Shysa.

    Shysa smiled weakly, and reached over to pulled Mheri into bed beside her. "Mheri's taking good care of me love." She told him gently. "I'm sorry I worried you. But I'll be okay. If it gets worse I'll go to the doctor alright?"

    "Are you sure?" Tarre seemed to be closer to the comms, his eyes roving over her, though they did dart to Mheri once, and his gaze seemed to take in her as well...

    Shysa paused, because she wasn't sure if she was being completely honest. A thought had crossed her mind in the fresher about what could be the cause but she hadn't wanted to acknowledge it.

    She forced a smile at Tarre. "I'll be okay." Shysa reached out and took Mheri's hand. Brushed her fingers over her knuckles. "I'll rest today and I can call you whenever you're free. But please dont worry too much."

    Tarre frowned. There was a noise behind him, and the man looked off-screen. "Yes, Master."

    He looked back. "I'll be back. I love you both."

    And he cut the line.

    Shysa startled a bit and didn't have a chance to say goodbye before he was gone. She looked at Mheri, watching to see her reaction. That was the first time Tarre had ever said he loved Mheri.

    "Hey, are you okay?" Shysa said softly.

    Mheri blinked hard. "He's never said that before."

    She held Shysa's hand. "I wonder why he said that." She was in awe, after a fashion, of this warm feeling inside of her.

    Shysa looked a little amused. "Because he means it. Tarre might be...overconfident. But he cares deeply for both of us." She kissed Mheri on the cheek.

    Meeting turned and kissed her. She was smiling. “I do love him too, y’know. It’s kinda hard not to love someone who loves someone I love.”

    A laugh. “That was a mouthful.”

    Shysa laughed. "It was, but I'm glad. I love you both very much too." She paused and looked nervous. "But Mheri, I think I might know why I got so sick..." Her stomach rolled in response. "I just...I don't know if I can tell Tarre."

    She paused serious, and looked at Mheri shyly. "I think I might be pregnant Mheri."

    Mheri looked blank for a moment.

    An emotional surge filled her up.

    And then it broke into a massive grin.

    “We’re gonna have a baby?”

    Shysa let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "I think so, I need to get an official test done-" She blinked away tears, and smiled back at Mheri uncertainly. "'re okay with this?"

    “I mean it’s insane, but why not? Mandalorian’s are whatever the Manda we want or need to be. Family isn’t blood, not for us. It’s the decisions we made.” Her smile broadened.

    “We need to get it checked out and you need to ring back Tarre.” She stood up. “Now. Yesterday.”

    Shysa kissed Mheri deeply. "I love you." She told her as she pulled away. "But were not telling Tarre. He has enough to focus on right now. He doesn't need to be distracted."

    I think he’ll be upset if you don’t tell him, Shy.” She looked troubled. “But it’s your decision, I guess. I think. I mean I’m his wife too, so I don’t like the idea of lying to him either.”

    Shysa ran a hand over her own face in frustration. "He'll be even more upset if they kick him out of the order for being too distracted Mheri." She looked up at her, pleading. "Please don't say anything yet?"

    Mheri pursed her lips. “You have until the first sonogram. Okay?”

    Shysa stared back hard, but nodded in agreement. "Okay. I have until the first sonogram." She slid off the bed and stood up. "I promise I'll tell him before then."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Weeks later...

    The sonogram day came, and the baby was confirmed, so far, to be healthy. It was too early days for determine the gender, and the second scan was booked in for months off, as normal.

    In that time the reports of the Sith Empire's total collapse were essentially confirmed, as the Republic and Jedi seized Korriban and worked to build an immense space station to ward off opportunists and prevent Sith artefacts from causing another crisis.

    A short-lived droid-led separatist movement was crushed in the Gordian Reach.

    The Tapani Sector righted itself at long last, sparking an economic boom.

    Fauna from Telos and Onderon was spread across the galaxy to help restore worlds damaged by what people were calling the Old Sith Wars.

    Memories began to form over the bad ones.

    Mheri, to her credit, didn't once mention the promise Shysa gave.
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    IC: Shysa

    Shysa knew she should have told Tarre, but there was so much change in the galaxy going on..And she had to focus on keeping the baby healthy and strong. She was bigger now, her stomach more defined. And Shysa had taken to wearing loose dresses instead of her armour most days.

    Mheri hadn't said anything to her either, about her promise.. Although Shysa hadn't meant to lie to her wife. She was more scared about Tarre's reaction. She didnt want him to get hurt. She didn't want him distracted. Shysa frowned a little and looked down at her cup of tea. I can't hide it forever though. And he should be able to sense it soon.

    In the Force the little shape reacted to its mother, a reaching out that connected the two of them, symbiosis and sameness.
    It was expectant, as if it knew her.

    "Hello little one." Shysa greeted softly. And placed a hand on her stomach. "You're being such a good baby this morning. I'm sorry if Mama seems a little upset."

    A turn, as if the baby had understood, but gotten distracted, as babies were want to do. There was a little surge in the Force, as if the baby was using it to reach out. If the child was present, it would have been the equivalent of trying to get to a toy just out of range of its fingers. But with the Force…

    She would recognise that the baby was reaching out to something it recognised.

    The father, at an extreme distance.

    Shysa jolted, startled as the baby reached out. She didn't want Tarre to find out this way. "Stop. Don't. You.need to let me tell you're father." Shysa said quickly-

    The baby didn't understand, but it did know when mom was upset. That upset the baby, too, and its panic erupted into the Force, the equivalent, perhaps, of an emotionally overstretched tantrum in a toddler.

    It stopped reaching, though.

    Shysa held her breath and then tried to calm the baby down. "I know you want to see where you Papa is little one. Do you..." She swallowed hard, because maybe it had been too long and she didn't know of Tarre had felt it, but she should tell him about the baby? Before it was too late. "How about I call your Papa?" Shysa ran a hand across her stomach.

    The baby seemed to roll over, as if thinking, and then a squeal of delight.

    Shysa sighed, nervous. But she was glad she had got her baby to calm down. Moving over to the her comm. she pressed the button to call Tarre, half-hoping he wouldn't pick up.

    Tarre didn’t reply; he must have been out in the field. He couldn’t answer his comlink at all times, especially as he was sometimes on worlds in entirely different time zones.

    But the baby did settle, and sleep.

    Shysa frowned a little when he didn't pick up. She didn't want to say anything over a message, but if she didn't tell Tarre now when would she? Shysa swallowed hard and began to speak.

    "Tarre. I hope you're doing okay and staying safe." Shysa paused. "I need to tell you something and I'm.not sure where to start. I'm also really really worried, because I should have told you a few months ago..."

    Shysa looked away for a moment. "You've only been away for a few months but it feels like years. I'm sure you've noticed I haven't been myself lately, and there's a reason for that. The truth is Tarre...I'm having a baby. You're baby."

    Shysa wiped her eyes. "I know I should have told you sooner but I was scared. I didn't want you to lose focus and get hurt." She sighed. "I hope you can forgive me one day." Shysa hesitated. "I love you Tarre."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Mheri
    Days became weeks

    Time passed.

    Tarre didn't check in.

    At all.

    Mheri knew the weight of it would crush upon Shysa, and she spent most of her days - when she wasn't out on mercenary jobs - helping Shysa cope.

    But eventually she returned to Shysa with a datapad in hand, and her helmet under her arm.

    "I know where Tarre is."

    She licked her lips; her tell, often the reason she lost sabacc in the tavern; nervousness evident, even if Shysa didn't have the Force.

    "He's escorting a Senator by the name of Avner to Coruscant. He'll be on Sernpidal in a few days."

    Mheri held out the 'pad.

    She knew Sernpidal had memories for Shysa.

    "Shall we go?"

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera

    Shysa didn't answer Mheri right away at first. She was exhausted, not only from carrying around there son, but mentally. It felt like Tarre had decided to abandon them. Shysa didn't sleep well most nights, although she tried to eat well for their baby. It had been weeks, months since she had heard anything. And knew it was her fault. Sge should have told him sooner.

    She looked up at Mheri. "Good. And once we find him I'll make sure everyone knows how he abandoned us." She stood up and smoothed out her clothes. She was too big to wear her armour now. "And if it's the Jedi preventing him from coming home they'll regret it too. They've never faced pregnant Mando I'm sure."

    She sighed and reached out for Mheri. She loved her wife a lot. But she needed to know where Tarre stood.

    Mheri squeezed her hand and drew her close.

    "Come on, we're going to see our husband. He should have called, anyway." Her voice was tight, but also laced with humour. The idea of their husband still pleased her.

    Their son burped in the Force, and reached out to his mother, wanting to help her.

    Shysa leaned her head on Mheri's shoulder and sighed. "Okay. Let's go then." Shysa kissed Mheri and put a hand on her own stomach as she sensed his reaction. "Its okay my son. We're just going to look for Papa."

    Mheri hugged her, and led the way to their ship.

    There was, leaning against it, Cassus himself.

    "So. Fed-up of waiting for Tarre to call home?"

    Shysa let out a huff. "Yes. I need find out of he wants to be a father or not to his son." She bit her lip and looked worried. "And then Mheri and I have to figure out what to do if he doesn't."

    "I'm coming," Cassus said, firmly.

    "Buir," Mheri replied, exasperated. "We don't need a third wheel."

    "Fourth wheel," he corrected. "I'm a Fett. I have a rep to uphold." He stood up, hooking his thumbs into the belt of his kama. "So, it's up to Shysa."

    Shysa hesitated "I mean, I don't mind. But we need to speak to Tarre ourselves first."

    She gently nudged Mheri to get her to look at her. "Please love? Just this once?" Shysa looked at her wife, pleading.

    "Fine, fine," Cassus said, waving them aboard. "You speak to Tarre first, I break his nose after."

    Mheri pursed her lips, but nodded. "Fine. I won't be swinging for his nose, anyway."

    Cassus chuckled. "Love it. Shysa, let's go."

    Shysa fought back a smile and walk aboard the ship, a little slowly and found a seat. She sat down with a heavy sigh, her joints aching. I didn't think being pregnant would make me this sore.

    "How long until we get there?"

    Couple of hours," Cassus said, as he keyed controls. "You want to nap?"

    Mheri narrowed her eyes slightly. Did he want to speak to her separately from Shysa?

    Shysa yawned. "Yes. I think so." She curled up on the chair and looked at Mheri curiously. "Just for a little bit. Mheri? Can you wake me up when we get there?" Shysa muttered sleepily, and then her head dropped as she fell asleep

    Mheri kissed her forehead. "I promise."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Avner Shan

    It had been some years since the Battle of Rakata Prime put the Second Sith Empire on the defensive.

    Having spent the decades since the death of Exar Kun refining Sith doctrine, cutting at the confederation of cults that had left the Great Sith War, by the time Darth's Revan and Malak revitalised the Empire with fallen Jedi, Rakatan technology, and military assets pilfered from the Republic, the Empire had conquered a third of the known galaxy in a mere two years.

    That was not an easy position to convince the Outer Rim about.

    Mainly, that it wouldn't happen again.

    Many worlds had not rejoined, and the Republic had taken much time to recover from the damage of the Second Sith War and the subsequent Dark Wars against Revan's successors - Darth's Traya, Sion and Nihilus. Thankfully the Empire had withered away, and the Republic had acquired second hand knowledge of a host of systems in the Unknown Regions that Revan had unified under his rule. Many of them had only been civilised by the arrival of the Mandalorians, and then liberated by the Sith-Imperials.

    The Republic's defeat of the Empire had thus caused a great deal of disquiet in systems that were now essentially left to fend for themselves.

    It didn't help that the most intransigent of them, a group of worlds including Ruuria, Belkaden and it's capital, Sernpidal, had been struck at by a team of Jedi and Republic agents and their actions cast as terrorism for many years.

    It also didn't help that one of Avner Shan's Jedi protectors, Tarre Viszla, was married to one of those Jedi.

    So they'd been isolated in their diplomatic efforts, and Shan, Senator of Coruscant and foreign minister for the aging Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa - who had been re-elected by a very thin margin - to the point that Tarre especially had been forbidden from using his comlink. And it had been months now, that Avner had been caught in the quagmire of legalities and negotiations. He felt especially bad for Tarre, who was taking it on the chin.

    And so when Cassus Fett, former war criminal of the Mandalorians, arrived at a world he had once conquered, he did pull a face.

    "Mheri, wake up Shysa. This is going to be messy."

    This is where their story had begun.

    And where it could, seemingly, end.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera

    Shysa started awake, and she sat up enough to look out as they approached. She could sense Tarre and let out an unsteady breath as she stood up.

    "Get him on the comm." Shysa said quietly.

    No answer," Cassus said, grumping. "It's switched off."

    He pointed out the viewport to a Hammerhead-class cruiser in Republic reds.

    "Diplomats vessel."

    Mheri reached over to indicate a second capital ship.

    A Sith-Imperial Interdictor.

    "I'm more concerned about that," she said, drily.

    "Could be worse; could be a Centurion," he said, referencing the 1200m battlecruisers. "But no surprises that the Sernpidalian's hanged onto some ships from the Empire."

    He looked over to Shysa, his helmeted gaze piercing. "But did they hang onto any Sith Lords, is my question."


    "I'm going to use the force to contact him." Shysa braced her hands against the console. "Keep an eye out."


    Please answer me

    There was an immense twitch in the Force; Tarre sensed her, and then, panicked.

    What are you doing here?

    Censure; complete and utter, and then, concern.

    Sernpidal can't know you're here.

    I need to talk to you.

    Tarre please.

    She wondered briefly if their son would sense him.

    I haven't heard from you. Are you upset I didn't tell you I'm having you're baby?


    Tarre went full blown into shock.

    Cassus spoke up. "We have someone comm'ing us from the Imp ship."

    Mheri hesitated. "Shysa?"

    You didn't know?

    I sent you messages Tarre.

    She looked at Cassus. "Ask them what they want."

    Tarre. We need help.

    I've had to have my comm off; diplomacy is tense here.

    Cassus rolled his eyes behind his helmet. "Hey, what do you want?"

    Mheri blanched.

    "You're in Sernpidalian Space," came a gruff voice. "Identify yourself, or we'll shoot you out of the sky."

    "Wouldn't do that if I was you," Cassus said.


    Clearly the controller wasn't used to such responses.

    "I mean, shooting in-front of a Republic ship and all. They might have an issue with that."

    A huff. "It's our planet."

    Is Mheri with you? And Cassus? We're getting word of a confrontation in orbit. The diplomats are accusing Senator Shan of plotting an invasion!

    "Tell him were not here to cause any issues with their planet. Tell them that you have a pregnant woman seeking...medical care." Shysa told him quickly, even though she felt fine and focused back on Tarre.

    I thought maybe you didn't want to talk to me anymore. I'm sorry I thought that Tarre. But Mheri and I were so worried. Cassus came because he was concerned.

    She paused.

    Tarre I love you. I'll take care of things don't worry. I'm so happy you're not mad.

    Mheri leaned over before Cassus could reply. "We've a medical emotion, apologies for my buir."


    "Father," Mheri supplied, wincing. "My wife, she's pregnant, and we were on way to Telos, and we've had to decant here to get emergency care -"

    She looked back at Shysa to be dramatic for the benefit of the comm.

    I would never be mad.

    He was upset, though, clearly, and he withdrew from their bond.

    The baby shifted, awake now, and clearly upset.

    Shysa felt Tarre withdraw, upset and tried to reconnect at the same time as their baby woke up upset as well. She felt her stomach clench and yelled out in pain, in surprise.


    "Mheri." Shysa shook her head, "Tell them I would appreciate it if they got me a doctor."

    The controller sounded panicked. "Why didn't you say earlier! Emergency rights granted!"

    Indeed, a pair of Sith fighters that had been hiding in their sensor shadow leapt forward, and moved to escort them. "This is Reaver Seven," spoke a pilot. "Follow me."

    Cassus twitched. "These guys are good."

    Shysa's son grew more disquiet, but they were being directed to a landing pad, by all accounts, by a hospital.

    It was where Shysa had infiltrated Sernpidal all those years ago...

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Tarre Viszla
    Hospital, Sernpidal City

    The Jedi was there, on the landing pad, surrounded by troopers in Sith silver armour; no, two had silver, one had crimson; a commander.


    He didn't have his lightsaber, they'd be able to see, as his robes flowed in the disturbance caused by the landing ship.

    Tarre wasn't quite glowering, but he was radiating concern, his face set firm so as to not betray himself to anyone who didn't have the Force...

    Or wasn't Tarre-sensitive.

    Cassus winced. "He's mad."

    "Yeah," Mheri said. "But at who?"

    The troopers caught her eye. "Sith?"

    "Doubtful," said Cassus. "Armour is armour, and Sernpidal would want to project strength. Why not scoop up what the Empire left behind years ago?"

    He began to take off his armour, and place it in a smuggling compartment. "Being Cassus Fett, second in command to Mandalore, the architect of the Mandalorian Wars probably won't go down too well," he said wryly.

    As the ship settled down, medical staff walked up, one nurse, one droid, escorted by a man in Senatorial attire.

    Senator Vaner Shan.

    He was a handsome man, but it would remind Shysa of someone...

    Of someone she'd faced.

    He didn't have the Force, but he felt similar.

    "Ready, Shysa?" Mheri said, eyes searching.

    She, too, was Madelyn-sensitive.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Shysa Cadera

    She looked at Tarre, sensed him and despite his hard expression she felt his concern through the force.

    I'll be okay. Its...just a stressful day. You're son has every bit of you're personality.

    Shysa looked at Mheri and then Cassus. And then back at the party that had come to greet them. "I appreciate you letting us land here." Shysa smiled weakly, unsure because it had been a long time since she had seen Troopers like that.

    Shysa eyed the Senator, and he felt familiar. Like she had met him before? No. That couldn't be it. She looked back at Mheri with a sigh, and put a hand on her own stomach protectively. She had never thought about her belly being too big, but felt a little self conscious in front of everyone.

    She winched slightly as their son kicked. "Our son is restless." She looked at Mheri and squeezed her hand. "I'm ready though, if they want to take a look."

    Cassus tried to look neutral, but regarded Tarre, who arched an eyebrow, and looked to the baby. He stepped forward, placed his hand on the baby, kissed her, and then Mheri.

    That saw a quirk of an eyebrow from the Senator, who seemed to peer more presciently - but not with the Force, no. He had none. "Has your medical emergency calmed?"

    "Fake contractions, perhaps?" Mheri supplied, trying to sound casual.

    "But a checkup will do no harm, no?" the Senator eyed the red-armoured trooper.

    "Fine," came the unhappy, overlaid, voice. He nodded to the medical team.

    The Senator smiled, genuinely, seemingly. "Thank you, Commander. Might we leave them to their reunion? I have been accommodating for the past several months."

    The commander looked at Shysa, seemingly gauging whether the baby was real or not. "The immediate family can stay." He eyed Cassus. "The pilot remains with his ship."

    Tarre looked at Cassus as he began to bluster. Mheri squeezed Shysa's hand. It would take her to reassure buir.

    Shysa kissed Tarre back, removed closer to him; keeping his hand on her stomach as he kissed Mheri. She looked at the Senator and nodded, "It's possible. I don't mind getting check out." Shysa admitted, and gave her free hand to Mheri to hold.

    "He's our child's grandfather." Shysa countered quietly, lowly. "I don't know if you've had a pleasure of going against a pregnant women's wishes before Commander, but you really don't want to see me upset." She argued back lightly. She looked at Cassus. "Unless you actually want to stay on the ship."

    Cassus looked back and forth. “Keep your comlink open.” He padded back to the ship, clearly intending to stay on watch and ready to launch. The troopers departed, save for one in silver armour, which guarded the landing ramp. Cassus eyed that, looked back to Shysa. “Don’t be long.”

    Tarre and Mheri went along with Shysa, and the medics respectfully withdrew to give them a minute. “This is an insanely dangerous situation, Shysa, Mheri,” Tarre whispered. “The Sernpidalians are very wary of the Republic; they’ve never been members and their first encounters with civilised systems was the Mandalorians and Sith. As far as they’re aware, the Jedi and Republic are incredibly dangerous.”

    Mheri smiled slightly. “I mean, they’re not wrong.”

    Tarre rolled his eyes.

    Shysa nodded and turned her com link on, running a hand along her wrist. She walked away with Tarre and Mheri, and stopped for a moment as they were given some space. She looked at Tarre, and put a hand on his arm as she spoke. She couldn't believe she was seeing him again after their months apart.

    "I understand why their scared. But they need to make a choice eventually. We can't force them but we can show them we aren't a threat by being here." Shysa looked at Mheri. "I know it was dangerous Tarre but we had to come. You understand why don't you?" She looked at him-

    There was a rustle, and a clatter.

    Armoured soldiers were on their way.

    Tarre fished his lightsaber from a pocket, and looked beyond the privacy curtain. "I understand," he said, firmly, filling the Force with his love. "But the chief negotiator, he knows you -"

    "Padawan Shysa, you can come out now."

    A pair of booted feet were evident underneath the curtain.

    The voice was one she'd not heard for many years -

    Mheri's eyes widened.

    "What do you mean?" Shysa asked and then quieted as the voice spoke up. She hesitated and looked at the feet under the curtain before speaking.

    "I'm not a Padawan. Or a Jedi for that matter." Shysa managed to get out. "What are you doing here?"

    "You were, once," the curtain was swept aside.

    It was Scherp.

    He grinned. "So are you intending to infiltrate our paradise world again, criminal?"

    Shysa stilled, and put a hand over her stomach protectively. "I am pregnant. I'm not fighting anyone." She countered. "You think too highly of me."

    "I simply remember how you and your Jedi friends kidnapped me during the war, is all," Scherp said drily.

    "A war which was years ago," Tarre pointed out.

    "A war which your Republic wants us to simply forget and move on. Do you know how many people died because of your terrorism here? The unrest it caused?" Scherp's eyes glittered.

    "I was a child. And I left the Jedi and never went back." Madelyn sighed. "I'm sorry for what happened." She paused. "But I'm here now and I'll listen to you. Tell me what we did."

    Scherp seemed to be deriving all kinds of glee from her position; perhaps egging on the troopers, who seemed angry at what had happened. "Why, riots, of course, and chaos. Many hundreds of civilians died, because of the Republic and it's Jedi."

    He turned to the medical staff, that had all stopped to watch the scene - even some of the other patients. Mheri felt her hair stand up on end, on guard. Tarre knitted her brow.

    "This is what the Republic wants us to join? The chaos it breeds, with it's child army?"

    Scherp was riling them up...

    Shysa felt the tension and looked at Tarre. Get Mheri out of here now. "You're right." She told him, and paused to think. "We never should have attacked you're planet. We never should have hurt you or your people. I know apologizing isn't enough, but the Republic is trying to be better then it was. If you quell it back into violence then it will only bring suffering to everyone here and out there."

    She looked him in the eyes. "I was a child when I fought true, but I was following orders. It seems so odd now..." Shysa looked curious. "But you do not need to fight us to have your voices heard. You are still rebuilding yes? And you don't like the Republic. Why don't you join the Mandalorians instead?"

    Trust me. She thought to Tarre.

    "We can help you even after all this war. You can be our brothers and sisters. Our Vode. Be our equals." Shysa looked him in eyes. "Rather then subject you're children to the same chaos again."

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    IC: Scherp
    Arch and snarling

    Before the man could make a further comment, the displays that Shysa was hooked up to burst into alarms half a second before a powerful contraction took her. Tarre winced as the pain slammed into him, and Mheri looked panicked as she realised. "It's... it's too soon. We're only just in the third trimester -"

    A set of droids bustled in, with a burly, burly looking medic that was obviously Cassus in a nurses outfit, his face half-covered. "Everyone out!"

    Scherp, unsure what to do, looked to the others, and suddenly realised he didn't want to watch a childbirth.

    He withdrew without another word, scuttling out of the ward.

    Cassus pulled down the mask as the curtains swept shut. "What's happening?"

    Another contraction -

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    IC: Shysa Cadera

    Shysa threw a hand on her stomach as she contracted, and reached out to grab Tarre as the pain shot through them. She didnt have time to react to Cassus in a nurse's outfit before another wave of pain went through her-

    "No. It's too early. Why..." Shysa shook her head, and wondered if she had been to stressed. Hold on baby.

    The baby disagreed. It was stressed, this place was tainted, somehow -

    And there it was.

    Low-level, but evident.

    The Dark Side.

    Tarre Vizsla spoke up. "Yes."

    He narrowed his eyes.

    "That's what Avner and I feared. There's a Sith hiding on Sernpidal."

    "And you didn't mention that?" Cassus snapped. "I thought the Sith were all gone -"

    Shysa groaned and reached out to grip Mheri's hand. "Help me on the bed..." She sat heavily, trying to push away the darkness. "Look, sith or not this baby is coming now." She screamed then, as another pain went through her.

    Cassus and Tarre panicked. "Calm, calm -"

    Mheri pulled a face. "Use the Force, Shysa, to numb the pain. You got this -" She began to take sensors from the wall and connect them to Shysa at the fingers and over her heart -

    "You've got this."

    "We can't rely on a Sith nurse," Cassus said, firmly -

    Shysa let put a shaky breath and nodded, trying to numb the pain with the force. "Someone has to deliver this baby." She told them, trying to calm down. "I'd appreciate it if you could all figure it out-"

    Cassus looked to Tarre, and Mheri pulled a face. "I'll do it. Get me some towels, or a droid -"

    Lurching to get someone, Cassus was gone -

    Tarre stepped to the head of the bed and held Shysa's hand. "You can do this."

    A droid was shoved into the room by Cassus, who sealed the curtains. "Sir, I must insist -"

    "I'll shoot you if you don't."

    "Of course, of course," the droid said. It opened a cavity and produced what seemed to be a scoop of some kind. Replacing a hand, it began to head to help, before asking Shysa. "Sedative?"

    Shysa looked a little relieved. She looked at Tarre as he held her hand and tried to smile at them. "Thank you." She told them, and then paused as the droid came in.

    "Yes okay. But not too much. I don't want to be completely out of it when our baby is born." Shysa agreed.

    "Sedative," the droid said, nodding, and placing an injector to her neck.

    Mheri, Tarre and Cassus were all there, as consciousness was taken from her.

    Shysa tried to keep her eyes open...and then blissfully; darkness.

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