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Saga "Twists in sobriety", UDC XX complete now, a thanks to everybody!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by AzureAngel2, Mar 26, 2017.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    DarthUncle = For this alone I could be willing to cook more in the weekends, dear husband. (And try to have the courage to be more upstairs in the fitness centre, where the courses are and the machines.

    Sith-I-5: Thanks for popping by and bestowing me with such nice comments.

    The person making Anakin angry by wearing a dress he knows to well is Nagina herself. Prince Xizor gives it to her, when he invites her to the opera.

    Xizor assists me to dress up for the occasion and has one of Coruscant's best stylists work on me. I end up wearing a black costume, that consists of a mermaid skirt, a leather corset, and feather shawl. My hair is done with two braids running across my head, and the remainder of my hair is put in a simple pony tail.

    As I gaze into the mirror I cannot help to think that I look like a dark version of myself. A Sith lady keen to conquer. “I wonder if my uncle will recognize me at all,” I mumble, touching the mirror with my trembling finger tips.

    “Of course he will. You are the delight of his heart.” (Chapter 11)

    Later on in the same chapter Xizor tells Padmé how he came into the possession of the dress.

    Xizor notices my distress and dives into our conversation with doubled effort. “I have a confession to make about the dress.”

    Blinking my tears back, I say, “Tell!”

    He smiles indulgently. “I got it during a charity auction very recently. It is adjusted to your seize, especially the bustier.”

    “You buy lady clothing second-hand?” I tease him.

    “Not a lady.” His smile gets wider. “She was once a queen on your home planet.”

    Shock pulses through me. “I wear something that Senator Amidala possessed?”

    “She sold some of her private garments for a charity. Lunch parcels for children in badly hit war regions seemed to be a good cause to tribute to.” He winks at me. “I feel doubly rewarded with my purchase.”

    As you can imagine Anakin reacts very badly on seeing another woman in Padmé´s clothing, as the rest of the chapter tells us:

    You dirty Falleen look all the same to me,” General Skywalker interrupts him, his brow wrinkled in anger. And suddenly his blue glance is fully set on me. “I don't believe it!”

    He is not referring to me, but the dress. I try to take a considerate step back, but I fail because Xizor does not allow me to do so. “I am Prince Xizor and this is my charming companion...”

    I am not interested to become acquainted with one of your brainless dolls. A woman that is so cheap that she wears other people's old clothing. Does she also rummage rubbish bins? That would explain why she is as fat as a Hutt.”

    As my heart sets out a beat, Xizor's heart rate doubles. “You just insulted a flawless, excellent kindergarten teacher that is a dear guest of mine tonight.”

    This is a kindergarten teacher?” General Skywalker narrows his eyes. “And banthas can fly at midnight. She is your... personal blow-up mattress.”

    A vein pulses at Xizor's throat. “If you can use a metal blade instead of that silly torch of yours, we will meet at dawn for a private vendetta.”

    Sheev has appeared behind us all. His gaze tells me that he is not amused of the havoc his protégé has caused. And that he is sorry for me. “Ah, Mistress Samye,” he smiles and takes my right hand to kiss it tenderly. “I am happy to see you again so soon.”

    You know this... person?” asks General Skywalker, his voice rising some octaves.

    Of course.” My uncle lifts an incredulous eye brow at him. “She is one of the best pedagogues on this planet.”

    The Jedi Knight mumbles something incomprehensible.

    Anakin, we all could not hear you properly.” Sheev is the epiphany of friendliness, but I know his real game.You must speak more pronounced.”

    Mistress Samye, pleased to meet you.” The Jedi Knight does not go for eye contact nor does he attempt to give me a kiss on the hand. “But if you would excuse me now, I have important business to do.”

    Jedi business?” cajoles Xizor.

    Which is way better than being part of a crime syndicate,” General Skywalker challenges him. “We are knights of the Republic and protect her values.”

    earlybird-obi-wan: Thank you. It´s always a pleasure.

    Kahara = Thanks for reading and commenting! The Palpatine POV ones are also my favourite, but also the most difficult. You always have his alter ego as a Sith lurking in the nice, charming man that he can be.

    The Bail perspective is indeed based on the meeting between him & Nagina. Here some text lines from one of the chapters. Actually Chapter 7:

    Even though I squirm and fidget in my seat, I find the courage to move on. Many lives depend on what I have to say. If I can only save a few Jedi knights, the darkness will not win. “I know your family remembers Darth Malgus and the pain he brought to Alderaan centuries ago. This is why I accepted your invitation.”

    Immediately, Senator Organa sits forward, his brow crinkled. “You seem to know an awful lot about the Sith and their bleak history for a kindergarten teacher.”

    Heat suffuses my cheeks. “I am the daughter of a servant girl, but my maternal grandfather was Cosinga Nero Palpatine.” Now I have reached the point of no return. My hands cramp together in my lap. “I am here to tell you that his oldest son Sheev, my uncle, is the Sith lord who is responsible for the Clone War that tears us all apart.”


    After the first shock has ebbed away my host reaches over to squeeze my hands. “Normally, I do not drink any alcohol before dinner.” His gaze is warm. It holds but deepest respect for me. “But right now we need something stronger than herbal tea.”

    I watch Senator Organa getting up. He walks to a small cupboard, where he puts a fragile looking decanter and two elegant glass tumblers on a silver tray. He comes straight back to me. Fascinated, I stare at the golden liquid he pours for me.

    “Alderaanian whiskey,” he explains. “You need that right now.”

    This is an observation I cannot argue with.

    He pours himself a glass while I pick up mine. His toast is brief, somewhat restrained. “To honesty! And courage in dire situations.”

    While I savour the strong, yet comforting whiskey taste in my mouth, I let him do the talking.

    “First, I want to offer you my honest condolences.”

    I raise an eye brow. “You make it sound as if my uncle is already dead.”

    “You have lost him to the dark side a while ago. You know it to be true. Otherwise we would not have this conversation.” His hands, big and gentle, close around mine once more. “The monster that he turned into might outlive us all.”

    “To me he is no monster. He is just my uncle. A man who chose the wrong path.” I close my eyes, my voice starting to quiver. “I cannot help it. I... I love him so much. Still.”

    “Yet you mastered the strength to contact me. For which I am grateful. I promise that I will deal carefully with the information that you gave me. Most citizens of this Republic would not grasp the gravity of your accusations, but I do. And so will my secret allies.”
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Because DarthUncle puts so much effort into the beta-editing & earlybird-obi-wan once more lead the way with her own drabbles, I post this tonight.
    Perhaps Kahara is pleased, too.

    Twists in sobriety”, drabbles 6:

    Week VI

    26. Dream

    Working for the war ministry in such times is not a dream job. The woman in front of you shows all the signs of a great trauma.

    “You are very much mistaken,” she says, her voice forcefully cheerful. “My husband was not on that flight.”

    Wearily, you gaze at her. “Mistress Samye, there is DNA proof that...”

    “Barin was on another ship, I am sure of it.”

    It will take some time for the truth to kick in, it usually does.

    The Separatists have a lot to answer for these days. All in all Clone Wars produce thousands of dead.

    27. Stars

    Nagina takes you out of your cradle. “You can't sleep either, can you?” she asks.

    Holding you ever so gently, she walks towards the window with you.

    “Look, Orson!” she says. “The stars.”

    And then you gaze at them for the first time ever.

    You stretch out your arms, keen on touching the blinking lights above.

    “Are they not beautiful?” she sighs.

    That they are.

    You swear to yourself that one of them will be yours one day. A death star. You will make it collapse on your parents. Then Nagina will take care of you. Forever.

    You start smiling.

    28. Barricade

    You look at the barricades, every single one of them.

    The battle field that used to be the main square of NiJedha reminds you of latest Coruscanti scenes you witnessed.

    You sigh deeply.

    The woman you loved had little time to warn the religious community of Jedha. But many heeded her words and fought. For the holy kyber crystals, for all that is good and decent in a galaxy that has gone mad.

    “What about the Guardians of the Whills?” you ask an old friend of yours cowering next to you.

    “Either dead or heavily wounded, Lor. Losing their faith.”

    29. Rain

    The rain clashes down on the broken body of the man that you had great plans for. He has managed to end up as a badly fried Nerf steak.

    The latest events have not turned out as you had planned them.

    The remains of Master Windu's body could not be found.

    Master Yoda has vanished from the radar and so has Master Kenobi.

    Valuable items are missing from the Jedi temple.

    Not all clone troopers executed order 66 without question.

    With a sour face you walk through the rain.

    At least Nagina is safe on Lothal now. What a relief!

    30. Home

    The dark side of the Force is your new home now. The only place that you can turn to for shelter.

    Padmé is no more. Nor is the child.

    The child.

    You stare out into the depths of space.

    Only hate can keep you going.

    Under your mask, you press your lips together.

    Pain spreads.

    You should go find that silly kindergarten teacher that annoyed you at the Galaxies Opera House before. Surely, she does not have your master's regards any more now.

    You imagine all you could make that bantha cow feel of the dark side.

    A smile spreads.

    "Who is who":

    26. Dream= Somebody from the war office tells Nagina that her husband Barin died (21 BBY).

    27. Stars= Baby Krennic gazes at the night sky of Chandrilla with his baby sitter Nagina (53 BBY).

    28. Barricade = Lor San Tekka visits his home planet Jedha right after his fiancé Nagina is gone to Chandrilla (19 BBY).

    29. Rain= The Emperor, a heavily injured Sith apprentice at his side, misses his one and only niece Nagina (19 BBY).

    30. Home= Darth Vader, freshly anointed Sith lord, would like to have his revenge on a certain kindergarten teacher (19 BBY).
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    Aug 21, 2006
    These were great and touching.
    DNA to be the evidence
    Krennic young as he is already with terrible plans.
    The devastation of war
    Sidious and his plans
    Home for Darth
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Je bent echt een dichter, hoor! Wat voor een imponerend poëzie, earlybird-obi-wan!

    Het maakt mij blij dat de dingen die ik schrijf toch terwijl een reactie in mensen oproepen. En dan nog een zo leuke.

    Bedankt! Je hebt geen idee hoe urgent ik zo iets moois nodig had.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    En wel door blijven gaan hoor met deze leuke dingen
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    Jun 14, 2005
  7. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Gewoon korte dingen zoals deze drabbles blijven doen
  8. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    earlybird-obi-wan: Strange, at work I manage to believe in others (= children, parents, colleagues). I encourage, I give advice. But in private I fail these days. But because you write such nice emails I will go on with this experiment, but I do not expect much from it.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Twists in sobriety”, drabbles 7:

    Week VII

    31. Tangy

    Dexter managed an unusual combination of sweet and sour with the dish right in front of you.

    When his human waitress Hermione comes by, you stop her. “What's this called, dear?”

    Your Wookie companions laugh.

    Tangy Mushroom Skewers,” Hermione beams.

    You smirk.

    Trust Chewbacca to order a Kashyyyk meal on Coruscant.

    You raise your glass to the brave warriors, before you make your way to the ladies' room. Even a pirate queen like you needs a pit-stop like a pod racer now and again.

    Soon you bump into the middle aged woman with sad eyes. Haunted by the dark side.

    32. Sweet

    Nagina is as sweet as the chocolate milk shake in front of her. It felt right bringing her here to CoCo Town tonight. Especially after her trials with both Grievous and Dooku. She did well, but it cost her a lot of energy. You want to recharge her inner batteries with your stay here at “Dexter's Diner”.

    Not many people know that blood and chocolate have been used by the ancient Sith for their unholy rituals.

    Enchanted, you watch your niece drink.

    Corrupting her never worked. You were the one who fell under her spell. For better or for worse.

    33. Spicy

    After your short emergency meeting in that closet you sneak out of the building through Dexter's back yard and walk in again through the front door.

    The place is crowded with other bounty hunters and CoCo Town's working class community. In the back you can even spot a table with Wookie warriors and an alien lady with orange skin.

    You decide that you badly need a drink. No matter what!

    Studying the menu, you decide on something called 'Spicy Mandalorian Bubble Tea'.

    Meeting me'suum'ika makes you nostalgic all the time. Perhaps this is why old Palpatine loves her so much.

    34. Bitter

    The bowl of cabbage soup that Ina just served you is gorgeous. You cherish every spoon of it. But her betrayal leaves a bitter taste in your mouth anyway.

    She has been seeing a mysterious man, whom you cannot identify. Since his arrival all of your monitoring technique fails you. There is no audio recording of him and the only visual you have is vague.

    The Emperor won't be pleased with you.

    With growing anger you glower at Ina, who keeps playing innocent.

    And suddenly, there is a Loth-cat.

    How you hate felines! They are incorrigible, feisty and incalculable.

    35. Bland

    You are asked to follow a 'Bland Diet' because of the gastric distress you are having. That's the understatement of the millennium!

    Obi-Wan also destroyed your stomach when he denied you the higher ground.

    Your artificial hands curl into fists.

    Hate and pain are the only ingredients left in your life.

    Considering hard, you could add a bit of fear though.

    Perhaps you can find that kindergarten teacher from the opera again. Reorganizing her organs will surely cure her weight problem. Everyone deserves a life-changing experience.

    Back at the temple the creché keepers always pointed out the value of sharing.

    "Who is who":

    31. Tangy = Maz Kanata at “Dexter's Diner” (The Night before Grievous & Dooku took the Supreme Chancelor in RotS, 19 BBY)

    32. Sweet = Sheev Palpatine at “Dexter's Diner” (The Night before Grievous & Dooku took the Supreme Chancelor in RotS, 19 BBY)

    33. Spicy = young Boba Fett at “Dexter's Diner” (The Night before Grievous & Dooku took the Supreme Chancelor in RotS, 19 BBY)

    34. Bitter = Orson Callan Krennic in Nagina's new home on Lothal (just days after RotS, 19 BBY)

    35.Bland= Darth Vader on far away Coruscant (some days after RotS, 19 BBY)

    Perhaps DarthUncle, Kahara, Darth Gangrenous, earlybird-obi-wan, DarthMarly & Cowgirl Jedi 1701 are interested in this update. One never knows!
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    Jun 1, 2005
    mmm, tangy Mushroom Skewers...

  11. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    To be honest, Darth Gangrenous, I checked some on-line cookery recipes on-line for this drabble update. Then I changed some names into meals or drinks that would come out of a kitchen in a galaxy far, far away.

    Next I decided the character and the place.
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    I might have to make that one day, Azure. :D
    *finds a couple nice recipes*
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    Aug 21, 2006
    And Dexter was having Palpatine in his dinner? He was serving Jedi (Obi-Wan) and Sith

    nice set
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    Jun 14, 2005
    earlybird-obi-wan: Yes, Sheev and Nagina were at "Dexter´s Diner" in Chapter 5. And so were Maz Kanata & Boba Fett. Nagina even gave a message Dexter himself an urgent message to Master Kenobi. Here an excerpt:


    Dex's Diner is full with customers, even at this time of night. Coruscant is the city that never sleeps, especially CoCo Town, a dilapidated industrial area. A lot of tired and hungry workers are around us, the regulars of this home cooking-style eatery.

    The owner, a bulk of a male Besalisk, gives us thoughtful looks now and then. For my uncle keeps his right hand linked with my left all the way through dinner, choosing to eat one-handed rather than release his hold on me.

    “Let him think about us what he wants.” His voice, as mild as it sounds, does not leave much room for argumentation. “It does not bother me and it certainly does not bother you. It never did.”

    I bite my lip. “But if anybody recognizes you...”

    “People just want to see what suits them.” He grins so big that it lights up the corner booth that we sit in. “I could be a black unicorn and they would mistake me for an old gelding.”

    Without warning my uncle gets up and walks up to the old-fashioned jukebox. He puts a Republic credit inside and makes his choice.

    The melancholic sound of a piano fills the diner, soon joined by the voice of a male singer. I recognize the blues song as one of my uncle's favourite oldies from Radio Coruscant.

    At his return the waitress, a freckled human woman, brings us our second round of drinks. I can tell that she knows exactly who my uncle is. But, as most people who work in the service industry, she is discrete. I will give her a generous tip when we are finished here.

    While he sucks in his drink, I let my gaze wander around to scan the crowd better. It is an old kindergarten teacher tic. My eyes always search for behaviour or dialogues that do not fit in. “You know that there are at least two bounty hunters in here?”

    “Of course, Nagina.” He seems not to be overly anxious about it. “Xixor seems to have developed an unhealthy fixation on you. They will tell him that you and I are an item. This will drive him crazy, because he thinks of himself as a very big catch.”

    I blush crimson red. “You are not overly bothered about it.”

    “Enjoy the fact that this lizard face thinks that you fall for elderly gentleman with an acquired taste.” He winks.

    I shove my chocolate milk shake away and cross my arms in front of me. “Do you want to kill everybody who is desperate to date me?”

    He pauses with his own drink. “I allowed Barin to marry you, right? Because he was very much deserving. But of late my dark influence rubs off on you. A lot of psychopaths gather around you like hungry Rathtars. I cannot possibly sanction that.”

    I wrinkle my nose. “Why do you put me on display like that anyway?”

    “It's this tom-cat thing again.” He looks sorry. “I cannot help but to brag about you. You are my darling niece.”

    I roll my eyes at him. “You never went to those therapy sessions that I suggested to you, did you?”

    He makes an extra loud noise with his plastic straw.

    “Of course you have better things to do with your precious time than getting better,” I sniff.

    “I cannot get any better.” He smiles, but his eyes are steely. “Some people are born psychopaths and killers. Perhaps even some of your own kindergarten wards.”

    His words wound me deeply. “Don't!” I beg faintly. “It is not fair.”

    “The dark side is a powerful tool only the witty can use. Rejoice instead of being so heartbroken all the time! Some of us grasp for the opportunities being offered. Especially when their lives are rotten.”

    The waitress bustles back, picking up empties and replacing them with clean glasses. When she turns up at our table, I use her appearance as an excuse to take another pee.


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    Jun 14, 2005
    Twists in sobriety”, drabbles 8:

    Week VIII

    36. Rebellion

    Your left hand rests on Ina´s chest. Even in her sleep her heartbeat is strong and fierce. A smile is painted on her face. You cannot help but ask yourself if she dreams of more foolish acts of rebellion.

    Of late she is wicked and sneaky. A death adder in your pocket, really. Its a part of her that you never knew before.

    Drop your bundle !” you mutter, upset and deadbeat.

    Since you know that Ina is a Palpatine your universe has been turned upside down.

    But you will continue to protect her. Even from herself if you must.

    37. Revolution

    Vader is losing your interest, and that is very dangerous for him. To bring him back from the Netherworld of the Force cost you a lot of energy. He is so undeserving of your care and attention.

    On Mustafar that fool lost it all – his good looks, his limbs and, on top of all, his wits. He is but a raving madman. Not the sympathetic advertiser for your Empire you hoped for. It is a pity that Nagina is against your new order. At least her attempt at a little revolution makes you smiley and happy. You love playing games.

    38. Freedom

    You might have lost freedom forever more, but as a Sith lord you sure can take liberties. Inside your meditation chamber you imagine all the harm that you can do to other people. To those who failed you. Or annoyed you.

    Obi-Wan crippled you.

    Ashoka abandoned you.

    Master Yoda always had his extremely bad grammar.

    Even that fat Kindergarten teacher from the opera will feel your revenge one fine day. Perhaps you should ask Boba Fett to hunt her down for you. These days she is on your mind fairly often. How can she be alive when Padmé is dead?

    39. Martyr

    Just two weeks ago the Republic landed on the dung heap of history. There is no way around that fact. Yet evidence suggests that your godchild is very keen to play martyr.

    Shaking your head, you apply a new layer of make-up to your face. “Stupid, stupid girl!” you tut.

    Sheev always praises Nagina for being so very clever. You strongly disagree here. For somebody with a university degree she is plain stupid. And she does not understand the finesses of politics.

    Instead of going on tour with her, Krennic should lock her up somewhere out of sight.

    40. Veteran

    Convors are supposed to be graceful creatures that carry secrets of the Force with them. But the one that appeared to you inside the temple dropped bio-weapons out of the sky.

    It was a mistake coming to NiJedha. You had hoped to take out Krennic, which would have helped Galen and his family. Instead you ran into his mistress, who dared to criticize a battle-hardened veteran like you. Shame on her!

    You start cleaning your head.

    Shame on that bird!

    And shame on Mister Bay who used fireworks in the middle of a street fight. You are surrounded by incompetence!

    "Who is who":

    36. Rebellion = Orson Krennic is upset with his former babysitter for many, many reasons (19 BBY).

    37. Revolution = The Emperor regrets that the wrong person is at his side (19 BBY).

    38. Freedom = Darth Vader is trapped inside his suit… forever (19 BBY).

    39. Martyr = Sate Pestage still is miffed about his godchild not functioning as she should (19 BBY).

    40. Veteran = Saw Gerrera just after his encounter with Nagina in the temple of the Whills (19 BBY).
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    Aug 21, 2006
    36 Nagina should upset him
    37 Sheev has trained him from the beginning
    38 Trapped but he will be free in the end
    39 Nagina is smart
    40 Nagina and shame? No way
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    Mar 20, 2005
    36 - Interesting to see the difference between Sheev, who's proud of Nagina being rebellious, and Krennic, who's unsure of himself, and thus dislikes Nagina thinking different than him. But in the end both seem to want to put her in a (golden?) cage.
    37 - Thinking you plotted it all out might not have been the right course, maybe sometimes you'd have to be a bit more like a jedi and let things happen, instead of micromanaging things towards what you think you need, because a) then you never get a positive surprise, and b) you might have missed something, like the way your trap might snap and also catch you, ending you in the core of the 2nd Death Star sheev.
    38 - Is this chilling or pathetic - see also my previous comment ^^ But it has a humorous side too, him actively working to feel sorry for himself, quite ingenious somhow.
    39 - Someone is locked into his own world/galaxy view for sure. In the end it doesn't really help him, but I suppose he's then had 30 or so years of enjoying being close to power.
    40 - Like in rogue one, there is somewhat of a mental likeness between Darth Vader and Saw - and you make me laugh at them both a bit. Oh, and indeed earlybird-obi-wan, Nagina need not be ashamed of anything she'd done so far.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    earlybird-obi-wan & DarthUncle, I am grateful for such thoughtful, analytical feedback comments. Thanks for taking the time to post them!

    Kahara & Darth Gangrenous, I should tag you, too.

    Twists in sobriety”, drabbles 9:

    Week IX

    41. Bright

    Like a little queen Mara sits on your lap and beams. Your fingers move through her red locks, while you continue to gaze around in the morning circle.

    The main reason you came here today was your curiosity about Nagina's duty rota. By chance you have found a valuable treasure. An animated kyber crystal, burning bright in the Force. So much potential. For both sides.

    To snatch one of your niece's kindergarten students away is a crime. There is little room for doubt.

    But to leave Mara with her jade eyes unattended would be inexcusable. She needs tutoring. And you.

    42. Star

    “Ten ways to tame your kids tantrums,” the woman reads aloud in a shaky voice.

    You stand upright in your crib, clutching on to the sides. Your knuckles are white and so is your anger. Blending white.

    You want Ina to change your nappies. Being with her is always fun. She is your bright star.

    The woman, who leans against the wall, is but an annoying stranger to you. She never smiles, never sings songs to you or has funny stories to tell. Instead she cries a lot.

    “Ina! Ina! Ina!” you crow.

    “Stop it, Orson!” she yelps. “Just stop!”

    43. Mama

    Many months ago a young paediatrician of Theed Main Hospital warned you that the girl might stay mute. That the horrors that she had been through would be too much for her little soul to bear.

    Gasping, you kneel down in front of your foster daughter.

    Mama,” she repeats with a little smile.

    It is a bridge of hope, high above the valley of fear.

    Before you can clasp your arms around her, she engulfs you in a hug.

    “Nagina stays with us, Senator Palpatine!” you tell your late night visitor.

    He sighs, but he is not a sour loser.

    44. Please

    She is afraid, you can feel that in the Force. But she walks the narrow path of conflict and reaches out for you.

    Please, Maul!” the girl begs, her eyes wet with tears. “Let me help you to get up!”

    You stare at her small white fingers. How easily you could crush them!

    Pondering on it, you could harm Nagina in a lot of ways, but her gaze reminds of of things you nearly forgot.

    Of home, of trust among kin.

    Mother Talzin would not like you to hurt this one. She is special.

    “Thank you, little sister!” you breathe.

    45. Shine

    The holovids of Padmé's funeral shine bright through the semi-dark. But you cannot enjoy her angelic beauty for long. Outside your meditation chamber are voices.

    Your master's personal body guards are not supposed to talk at all.

    Curious, you tune into the conversation.

    Mistress Samye must be stopped!” hisses Vede Kennede.

    That name has meaning to you. Why?

    On Lothal there is not much harm she can do,” sneers Sate Pestage. “He found a playgroup for her.”

    Babies? She prefers working with preschoolers.”

    Suddenly, you remember.

    The fat kindergarten teacher.

    You claw your fingers.

    There will be a reckoning. Soon.

    "Who is who":

    41. Bright = One day before the events of RotS the Supreme Chancellor loses his heart. Once more actually.

    42. Star = The baby boy of organic apple farmers will not stop to cry out for his babysitter.

    43. Mama = A little girl does not want to leave her foster home with her uncle, an influential Naboo politician.

    44. Please = A young Sith apprentice discovers that he has a soft spot.

    45. Shine = The moaning of a widower is disturbed by palace gossip.
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  19. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    41 and has his claws into another one
    42 Nagina knows?
    43 and she can be controlled or not?
    44 Maul should have listened more to her
    45 Darth has even a small light
  20. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    41 and has his claws into another one
    = A certain episode of the "Clone Wars" series made it clear to me that Force-sensitive children are not save around Sheev, earlybird-obi-wan:

    42 Nagina knows?
    = She is about 8 years old at that time, so there is little she can do. Orson´s mother is deeply depressed after the birth and that destroys their relationship forever more. And his father is simply overtaxed. The Anils help out their Krennic neighbours as good as they can, but there are limits in inter-human interaction, you know.

    43 and she can be controlled or not?
    = Stealing Nagina away from her foster-family runs utterly wrong and Sheev has to give in to her wish to stay on with them. She is about 3 years on around that time. This is after "the incident" in the wine cellar at Convergence.

    44 Maul should have listened more to her
    = He already made his decision to follow the path of revenge, destruction and, on top of all, power. There is not much to listen to, really.

    45 Darth has even a small light
    = I rather would say he has a serious obsession in finding Nagina and having his revenge on her.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Because DarthUncle is such an inspiration, I have the next set of drabbles.

    I wonder if earlybird-obi-wan, Kahara and Darth Gangrenous will stumble over this update as well.

    Twists in sobriety”, drabbles 10:

    Week X

    46. Raise

    You look at your wife and then back to the gynaecologist. Instead of upsetment you feel nothing but termination. “Then we will find another way to raise a child,” you announce.

    Gita squeezes your hand. “Just one?” Her eyes are alight with glee. “Don't you think we can handle more than that?”

    “I was thinking of various races, too,” you answer. “Twi'lek, Rodian, Wookie.”

    Eagerly, she nods to that. “Many children out there need a stable family home. Not only here on Naboo.

    “Let's go for it then!”

    You beam at one another, the doctor and his bleak diagnosis forgotten.

    47. Juvenile

    Trouble with a juvenile is an understatement. Aurra must be aware of that.

    You shake your head, gazing at the battlefield.

    Parts of battle droids, dead jedi knight, slaughtered Geonosians, lifeless clone troopers and mutilated beasts of prey.

    This is almost worse than the massacre your uncle committed on-board the Palpatine family yacht so many years ago.

    But you fight your flashbacks, defy your darkest fears.

    There is a boy kneeling in the middle of the arena. He presses a Mandalorian helmet against his brow. It is not empty.

    “May the Force be with you, Nagina!” offers Aurra.

    “Yes, indeed.”

    48. Mature

    You expected Ina's lover to act more mature. But he keeps playing childish 'Hide and seek' games.

    “Does he always jump out of the window in the middle of the night?” you ask.

    “You keep bursting into other people's bedrooms like a toddler,” she retorts.

    Annoyed, you lean forward and pick up a woollen sock that is too large for her feet. “Tell me that he did not leave totally nude to avoid meeting me.”

    “Just bare foot, Orson,” Ina smiles.

    “I get tired of asking,” you growl. “Who is he?”

    “My sun and stars.”

    You feel like hitting her.

    49. Growth

    Literature is good for inner growth. But your library is of a special kind. While you remove the script role from her small hands, you speak to your niece in the softest voice that you can muster. “Pray, Nagina, why would you pick up the teachings of Darth Bane? He lived approximately one millennium before you.”

    “I want to know your heart, uncle,” she replies.

    Lacking an answer you just swirl her into your arms, holding her tenderly.

    You never expected a miracle like her. She loves you the way that you are, remains untainted by the things you do.

    50. Elder

    Your daughter bows in front of Maxiron Agolerga. “Namaste,” she mutters, her eyes demurely fixed on the floor. I bow to the divine in you.

    You are very proud of Nagina. Even with barely three years of age she shows deep respect to an Elder.

    The anointed pontifex of the Brotherhood of Cognizance, reaches out for her chin and cups it ever so gently to make her look up again. Then he speaks the Gayatri Mantra to bless her.

    Sheev has nothing but contempt for the religion of the honoured ancestors. But he does not mind Nagina sharing your values.

    Who is who”:

    46. Raise = Gita and Chetan Anil, a young Naboo couple, make a life changing decision (about 62 BBY).

    47. Juvenile = The battle field of Geonosis has an unusual visitor in Nagina (21 BBY).

    48. Mature = On a hot summer night on Lothal Orson Krennic almost loses his nerves around the woman who helped his parents to raise him (19 BBY).

    49. Growth = Darth Sideous has a tender side to him and shows it to his niece while being with her on Byss (52 BBY).

    50. Elder = A kitchen maid of House Palpatine visits a local temple with her young daughter (about 56 BBY).
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    Jun 1, 2005
  23. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Darth Gangrenous: You are a taciturn man, sweetie, but I love you for deep gestures like this. [:D]:*
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    Aug 21, 2006
    LOve what you do with those, showing new characters and old ones
  25. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks for stopping by to comment!

    For Nagina´s main story I had to make research about SW characters that already exist (either in canon or they became legend through the Disney take-over). But since the niece of Palpatine is an OC of my own imagination, I had to come up with other OCs (such as her mother Mandré or the Anils).

    I would like to paint some characters soon in Disney style, since buying the latest comics of the movies inspired me to do so:

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