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  1. Layren

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Title: Two of a Kind
    Author: Layren
    Summary: When Dooku is punished for his disobedience he meets a child who will forever change his life.
    Disclaimer: I don't own star wars. Please don't sue me.
    Rating: G
    Notes: Thanks for Kynstar for the inspiration of how Dooku would respond to a child. This was written originally in response to the Childhood Qui-Gon challenge on [link=] THIS [/link] thread. Since the plot bunnies were attacking horribly I decided to go ahead and start my own thread rather than flood the challenge list with my story. I hope everyone enjoys! Feedback is welcome!
    Special Thanks to Jennifer_Lyn for the wonderful cover art!


    The walls of the crèche were brightly decorated. Vivid reds, oranges, blues and purples adorned the walls. Pictures of the children?s work were tastefully displayed around the room. The sounds of happy children playing reached Yan Dooku?s ears as he pushed open the door to the crèche and stood in the entryway with a scowl.

    He did not want to be here.

    His Master had thought it was a good idea for punishment for his actions earlier that morning. One did not insult Master Yoda or his apprentice and get away with it. Dooku had seen to that. He knew what people said did not bother his Master, but Dooku could not stand it when taunts were flung out about him and his teacher and how he would someday be a disgrace to the Order he served. It made his ears burn and his anger flare.

    It had given him distinct pleasure to beat the other boy?s face in who had insulted him. He would never dare insult him again. Yoda however, had not been pleased at all. ?Controlled you should be,? His mentor had said, his ears dropping more with sorrow than anger. ?Controlled you were not. Help in the crèche to learn control you will. Good test it is.? Twenty words and a whack on his knees with Yoda?s stick and he was sent immediately to the crèche, his shins still stinging.

    A small boy, no older than four caught his eye. He was a serious looking boy with brown hair and he was tall for his age, but it was his eyes that caught Dooku?s attention. They were a deep, crystal clear blue and the Living Force seemed to radiate from him. Dooku walked over to the youngster and sat down next to him. He sensed something from the boy.. he felt.. sad about something.

    The boy turned away shyly as Dooku approached him and didn?t say anything.

    ?Hello little one. What is the matter?? Dooku pressed the lad, wondering with some since of shock why he was showing any interest at all.

    The boy shrugged and his eyes strayed to where two bigger boys, one a green skinned Rodian and the other a human, were playing with a toy spaceship.

    ?They took that from you didn?t they?? Dooku said guessing by what he sensed from the boy.

    The young one nodded and his eyes filled with tears but they didn?t fall. ?They don?t like me. They said I couldn?t play with them. I?m not big enough and I?m not like them.?

    Dooku was outraged that they would treat such a young one that way. ?What?s your name??

    ?Qui-Gon Jinn,? the boy replied. ?I?m three and one half,? he added.

    Dooku chuckled a little. ?I?m seventeen myself.?

    Qui-Gon?s jaw dropped. ?You?re old!?

    Dooku laughed even more at that. His eyes twinkled and he patted the boy on the shoulder. ?Do you want to know a secret Qui-Gon??

    Qui-Gon looked back at him with wide eyes. ?What?? He asked in a whisper.

    ?I?m not like them either,? He said jerking his thumb back to the other boy. ?We?re different you and I. We feel things that other Jedi don?t feel. That?s just how we are.?

    ?Why?? Qui-Gon asked looking down.

    ?The Living Force.. you are strong in it Qui-Gon. They don?t feel that part of the Force like we do. It?s their loss,? he added with a scowl.

    ?But you?re like them a little aren?t you? You?re big too. Big people always fit, don?t the
  2. Kynstar

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    Mar 2, 2004
    Aww you gave it its own thread! [face_love] Isn't Dooku such a sweetheart? Ahhh those two are similar when it comes to the Living Force. Dooku is right about that assumption - they are different from most Jedi. Way to go! You did great with the Count to be! [face_love]
  3. maychorian

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    Jan 7, 2005
    Yay! Absolutely adorable. Keep 'em coming! One a day has been nice so far, but I understand if you can't keep that up.
  4. Alethia

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    Feb 13, 2005
    Chapter 1: Aww...I really liked the Dooku/Qui interaction. And Qui-Gon calling Dooku 'Dook' was just too cute. Yes, Qui-Gon will definitely grow... And oh, I just have this grin on my face. It was such a sweet fic.

    *grins* There you go, my reviews from the Challenge Thread, as per your request.
  5. Layren

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Kynstar Hey girl thanks so much! I"m really glad you think I did a good job there with Dooku. He's hard for me to get a handle on..but young Qui is easier. I"m glad you liked it thanks for reading!

    maychorian I'm going to try to update once a day .. but if things get really hectic then I'll cut down to once every couple of days. THanks so much for reading!

    Alethia thanks I'm so glad you liked it ;) And thanks for posting your review on this thread too.. I didn't really think you would do it :p
  6. Layren

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    Oct 28, 2003

    Chapter Two

    The next day Dooku trudged down to the crèche at the appropriate time. On reflection, though, Dooku had to admit it wasn?t as bad as he thought it would be. The boy Qui-Gon was so much like he knew he had been at that age it was almost uncanny. In spite of his mood, Dooku smiled thinking of the boy. He pushed open the entryway door.

    ?Dooky Dook Dooku!!? said an excited three-and-a-half year old as he raced over and grabbed the padawan around the knee in his eagerness. He remembered the other boy from the day before.

    Dooku smiled and lifted the lad into his arms. ?Hello Qui-Gon. It?s nice to see someone is happy to see me today,? he remarked.

    Qui-Gon beamed. ?We planted trees today!? He shouted in his eagerness.

    ?You did?? Dooku was amused at his enthusiasm. Yes, the Living Force was strong in this boy.

    Qui-Gon nodded earnestly. He squirmed in Dooku?s arms. ?Down.? Dooku complied and the boy grabbed his hand and led him across the nursery to where several pots were filled with dirt and he pointed to the one that had his name on it.

    Dooku couldn?t help but smile. The child?s glee was infectious.

    ?When they grow we?re going to put them in the gardens!?

    ?That?s right, I did that when I was your age.?

    Qui-Gon?s eyes went wide. ?You did??

    ?Indeed I did. Did you feel the tree calling to tell you what it needed?? Dooku asked the boy curiously.

    Qui-Gon nodded solemnly. ?It needed more water.? He pointed to his spray bottle that he used to water his tree.

    ?Hey tree boy! Why don?t you go back into whatever hole you came out of!? Sneered a voice. The green skinned Rodian boy had not noticed Dooku behind Qui-Gon. ?Did you hear the plants talking again??

    Qui-Gon?s eyes filled with tears but they didn?t fall. He nodded once.

    ?Oh really? What did it say?? the other boy shot back, pushing him so that he fell hard and sat down. ?Plants don?t talk you baby.?

    Dooku stepped between them and grabbed the other boy by the collar of his tunic. ?It is saying that if you do not leave this one alone, I will see to it that you do,? he said darkly, his brown eyes flashing.

    The other boy looked back at Dooku with wide eyes.

    Dooku?s grip tightened on his collar and he hauled him back to where Master Perchel, a Togarian female crèche Master, was taking care of a boy who had skinned his knee. ?This one was picking on the little ones again, Master Perchel.?

    The Master sighed and glared at N?hirik. He had been doing that quite a bit these days. ?I will take care of him. Thank you for stepping in padawan Dooku.?

    Dooku nodded curtly and turned around to go back to Qui-Gon. He wasn?t where he had left him. His eyes swept the nursery and he cursed silently. He was nowhere to be found. ?If you?ll excuse me Master Perchel, I?ve got someone I need to go locate.?

    Master Perchel frowned. ?Do you have any idea where he might be?? she hadn?t seen the boy escape but now it made sense.

    ?Yes I know exactly where he?s gone.?


    Qui-Gon sat by the rows of trees in the gardens with tears running down his cheeks. He didn?t see how he could ever be a Jedi. N?hirik was right. He should go back into whatever hole he had come out of. He glanced down at his clothes and tried to rub off the dirt from planting trees. He gave a huge sniff.

    ?Qui-Gon?? he heard his name called softly and he turned to look at the speaker, but then turned away in shame, tears still falling. Dooku?s heart broke for the child. The Living Force was a blessing that most Jedi didn?t have but at times it was a curse. Like now. /We are both cursed. Destined to be different./

    ?It is alright, little one. He can?t hurt you now,? he said as he squatted down next to him.

    Qui-Gon wrapped his arms around Dooku?s neck and sobbed. ?See?? He blubbered through his tears. ?They don?t like me. Nobody does? except plants.?

    ?Is that so?? Dooku said rubbing his back awkwardly. ?Do you know something??

    ?What?? Another sniffle and a hiccup.

    ?I like you,? Dooku said and with some surprise he dis
  7. Alethia

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    Feb 13, 2005
    Just checking in quickly, but I had to read this. It was so sweet. I really like the way you're developing the relationship between Qui-Gon and Dooku. And Qui-Gon's an adorable three-and-a-half year-old. Dooku's cool too... especially hauling that boy off of Qui-Gon. Really, you'd think he'd know better...

    Copied again...
  8. Kynstar

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    Mar 2, 2004
    Hehehe isn't he such a doll? [face_love] (Yes Qui-Gon is too but I was talking about Dooku :p [face_laugh] )

    Dooku and Qui share the same when it comes to the Living Force and I liked the aspect of Dooku asking Qui about the tree talking to him ;) great one there :D
  9. maychorian

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    Jan 7, 2005
    Favorite bits: Dooku being so protective, and realizing that he likes this little kid. Qui-Gon butchering his name in a very cute fashion and Dooku taking it in stride. The who "two of a kind" theme came out very strongly here. Really nice.

    Yeah, it's about Qui-Gon, but we're getting a lovely picture of Dooku, too. Nice!
  10. Layren

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Alethia He just wanted to cause trouble ;) And he didn't know Dooku was there ;) or he would've been smarter and held his tongue :p Thanks for reading!

    Kynstar Thanks! I figured that was something Dooku would do :D Glad I have your confirmation that it was correct LOL. THanks for reading!

    maychorian Thanks so much! I'm glad you caught that :D I was going for a theme indeed when I mentioned the talking to trees bit :D Thanks for reading!!
  11. Layren

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Here is the next update!! The creation of the drug "yanthamine" belongs to Durhelediel and she was kind enough to allow me to use it. Please ask for permission before borrowing :)

    Edit -- oops caught a few comma booboos..

    Chapter Three

    The days of Dooku?s ?punishment? flew by. The bonding he had done with a certain young initiate helped him look forward to the days in the crèche rather than dread them. He wondered about taking the boy as his padawan when he was knighted. /That?s a long time away, Yan. Just concentrate for now on actually getting knighted/ he told himself.

    With a smile he pulled open the door to the crèche.

    The instant he walked inside, however he knew something was wrong. He glanced around. Qui-Gon was nowhere to be found. Concerned at what he sensed, here he headed over to Master Rayeln, a human female crèche Master. He didn?t see Master Perchel anywhere.

    ?Where is Qui-Gon??

    She sighed heavily and turned to face him. ?He contracted some type of illness. He had severe stomach cramps and then stomach upset and had to go to the Healers. He fainted early this morning and hasn?t awakened since.?

    Dooku felt the bottom drop out of his stomach at her words. ?Is he going to be alright??

    ?They don?t know. Senior Padawan Han?yaie is running tests to see what could have caused this,? she explained. ?I was with him most of the night.

    It was only then that Dooku realized how tired she looked.

    Dooku?s comlink beeped then, startling him. ?Heard I have that sick young Jinn is,? came his Master?s voice. ?What is his status, Padawan??

    Dooku relayed what the crèche master had told him.

    Yoda hummed to himself. ?Sit with him you should. Needed in the crèche today you are not. Help Qui-Gon will need when he awakens. Frightening it might be to awaken and find no one there.?

    Dooku paused at that. He hated being in the Healer?s Wing. He was in there often enough without visiting. However, if he was honest with himself he knew that he did care about the boy and didn?t want him to be alone when he awoke. ?Yes, Master. I will go sit with him.?

    ?Very good that is. See you later I will. Keep me informed of the little one?s status, you shall.?

    Dooku acknowledged his Master?s orders and then headed for the Healer?s Wing.

    Dooku approached the Healer?s Ward with some trepidation. What would he do if the boy never woke? He crushed that thought, pushing it away marveling at the fact that he felt such attachment to this little child.

    ?Here again Padawan Dooku?? the apprentice at the front desk smirked.

    Dooku scowled. He was not in a laughing mood. ?No,? he said curtly. ?I am here to visit Initiate Jinn.?

    The padawan sobered and nodded. ?Master Yoda informed me that you were coming. I am sorry I had only hoped to lighten your mood a little. He?s in Room 118 at the end of the hall on your right.?

    ?Thank you,? he said tersely and stared at the other padawan before turning on his heel and heading in the indicated direction. Once there he pushed open the door.

    The sight that met his eyes made his heart stop.

    Qui-Gon lay on the bed, pale as a ghost and sweating. He was dressed in the gown of a medical room patient and he had monitors with wires of all kinds attached to him. Dooku slowly went closer and put a hand to the boy?s face. The boy was burning up with fever.

    He sat down on a chair next to the boy and took his hand. ?You have to get better Qui-Gon. You have such a bright career ahead of you. You will be a Jedi and travel the galaxy saving lives. Maybe even with me,? /Did I just say that? My stars what am I thinking?/ Dooku realized then that there were tears on his face and he wiped them away angrily. Crying was a weakness and it didn?t help anything. ?Doesn?t that sound nice??

    Qui-Gon made no reply.

    Dooku bit his lip. He had to pull through this. Just then he happened to glance down at the boy?s arm and he noticed something peculiar. His brow furrowed. It looked like an animal bite.

    Had Qui-Gon been bitt
  12. Kynstar

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    Mar 2, 2004
    Awww loved the last bit about maybe not being a disgrace to the Order. [face_love] Gotta love him! Well all don't have too, but I know I sure do!! 8-} [face_laugh]

    Great job! Loved how he was concern and trying to figure out why he was overly concern and said the things that he did about them perhaps traveling together! Han'yaie as a Senior Padawan! Liked that bit ;)
  13. dianethx

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    Mar 1, 2002
    They are so cute together. I hope that Dooku realizes just what a treasure Qui-Gon is... Funny that he's already looking to a Padawan when he is still one himself. Good job. Keep going!
  14. DarthIshtar

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    Mar 26, 2001
    Heehee, poor Han'yaie, gives us all a perspective on how long he's had to suffer those two!
  15. maychorian

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    Jan 7, 2005
    Lovely! It's neat that Dooku is seeing a purpose in his life now, all because of this little one. And the part about the food! :D Dooku is really going out of his way for this one. And it was sweet that Qui-Gon was suprised by how much the older boy cared.
  16. Alethia

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    Feb 13, 2005
    I'm so glad to see Qui-Gon getting a bit better. I loved that 'Awful' of his, though, when the Healer asked him how he felt. Very cute. And poor guy, getting bit by a rodent and then being allergic to the poison nonetheless. Good thing that Dooku was there and noticed the bite.

    And I really liked Dooku in this as well, the way he started to think of Qui-Gon and him belonging together. I found the last paragraph very telling of the way their relationship is progressing. And Dooku really is good with Qui-Gon. I#m sure he'll make a good Master.
  17. ZaraValinor

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    May 31, 2002
    Who can help but love little Qui-Gon and Dooku. This is so much better then the way Jude Watson wrote their relationship. I never liked the thought that Qui-Gon, so intrenched in the living Force, didn't love his Master. I'll be waiting for more.
  18. Charmisjess

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    Jul 31, 2003
    OH LAURIE! I adore this!
    You really have come into your own as an author, I am very impressed! *claps madly*
    Your situation is believable, your Dook-oooh, we're gonna have to ramble about your Dooku, you wrote him so well! Like, you added in the darker edgier bits but you didn't make it annoyingly foreshadowy, it was still a lighter, fairer portrayal of Dooku. Qui is so cute, and a believable three-year old, and oh, I just like it so much! :D Very nice job, I want to see MORE!
  19. darshaassant

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    Mar 13, 2005
    Heh... sweet snow! I bet it's ice cream. Nice to see the original challenge vig developing so far! :D
  20. -Darksaber-

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    Mar 22, 2005
    It is ice-cream. And very nice, it is too.I bet Qui-Gon'll love it. Awww, these are so nice.More please.
  21. CodeName_Targeter

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    Nov 7, 2003
    Eep!! Little Qui-Gon! And younger Dooku too!

    So cute!

    More Layren, more!!! :p
  22. Miana Kenobi

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    Apr 5, 2000
    Aww! Such a sweet story! Though Dooku still makes me a bit uneasy... He's being all sweet, but you still can't help sensing the anger building up in him.. creepy.

    But anywho, very good job! I look forward to reading more of this! :D
  23. Healer_Leona

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    Jul 7, 2000
    A whole new thread sweet... I'm going to skip to chap 3 though.... :D :D

    That first line says a lot of what Dooku thought it not being a punishment. Ahhh, so Yoda's lending his hand in keeping the two together... how sweet. You were worried about me?? He asked softly, as if in disbelief that anyone could care about him that much. .. aww. :D
  24. Layren

    Layren Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 28, 2003
    Kynstar Thank you! I'm glad you liked that. I wondered for awhile if it was a bit too forshadowy but then I decided I really liked the way it came out so I didn't change it. Glad you enjoyed seeing Han'yaie still as a padawan :D he had to be one sometime ;)

    Dianethx Thanks so much! Dooku is slowly but surely realizing just what Qui-Gon is and will mean later for the future. I plan to keep going -- I have ten chapters planned ;) And I've finished the fourth I just need to type it. Thanks for reading!!

    DarthIshtar Poor man indeed :D first Qui/Dooku then Qui/Obi.. and then Obi/Ani.. Han'yaie needs to retire LOL.

    maychorian Yes he really is going out of his way for Qui-Gon. He wants to get to know this little boy for whatever reason he can't explain ;) Thanks for reading and hopsital food is always nasty :p If adults think it's bad kids think it's even worse ;)

    Alethia You know how kids are melodramatic when they feel bad :p THe slightest headache is a calamity. Of course he'll make a good master :D look at how Qui turned out ;) Thanks for reading!

    ZaraValinor Thanks so much! THat's one of the things that always bugged me about how watson wrote him . He's not a cold unyielding tyrant. If they both had the Living Force that requires a certain amount of empathy :) Thanks for reading!

    Charmisjess Well despite the fact that I normally view Dooku as a bad guy the fact remains that he wasn't always evil ;) otherwise he wouldn't have been in the Order for so long :D I'm so glad you like how I've written him :D Your support means a lot to me --Thanks for reading!

    darhassant Yes sweet snow is ice cream but hey I didn't want to be TOO earthy :p Thanks for reading!

    Darksaber Stick around and find out ;) I'm so glad you like them thanks so much for reading!

    CodeName_Targerter Okay okay!! I've got more :D I just haven't typed it yet, it should be up later today :)

    Miana Kenobi Dooku always did have problems with his anger. I thinik that's part of the reason he fell to the dark side ;) Maybe that's just me :p Thanks for reading I"m really glad you like this!

    Healer_Leona Well with N'hirik's attitude and the fact that he doesn't have many friends, it truly was a shock to Qui-Gon to find out that anyone was worried :) Sad but that's how it is with poor little Qui until he meets Kyran ;) Thanks for reading and kudos to you for speaking out on the other thread. You have more courage than I do. [:D]
  25. Layren

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Chapter Four

    When Dooku came to the Healer?s Wing two days later, Qui-Gon was on the verge of being released from their care. He had stopped by the crèche and gotten a bag of clothes for Qui-Gon from the crèche Master at his mentor?s orders and then had gone to see the lad. He was glad Qui-Gon was being released. /I?ve seen enough of this place to last me for awhile, but at least I wasn?t the patient,/ he thought.

    Qui-Gon was sniffling when Dooku walked in. Han?yaie had a syringe in his hands and Dooku quickly put the two together. He hid a smile as Han?yaie took the opportunity to beat a hasty exit. ?What?s the matter Qui-Gon??

    ?He sticked me and it hurt!? Qui-Gon cried. ?I?m better! What did he stick me for??

    Dooku chuckled a little. ?He just wanted to make sure there was no more poison in your system. You don?t want to get sick again do you??

    Qui-Gon shook his head.

    ?Well then as soon as you are released we?ll go and get some sweet snow. How does that sound??

    Qui-Gon stopped sniffling at once. Tears changed to excitement. ?We can?? he asked eagerly.

    ?I am a man of my word, Qui-Gon,? he said with a smile.

    The joy that filled Qui-Gon?s eyes was worth giving away his free afternoon to spend with the boy. /He is such a bright boy. He truly is a special light. So innocent and pure./ Dooku hoped nothing ever spoiled the light and goodness in this boy.

    Han?yaie came back then and smiled at Qui-Gon. ?Everything checks out. You?re free to leave with Padawan Dooku,? he said warmly.

    Dooku took out some clothes for Qui-Gon out of the bag he had brought. ?I got these for you before I came. I thought you might need them.?

    Qui-Gon grinned and struggled with the straps on the medical gown. He glanced up helplessly. ?I need help. It?s stucked!?

    A mixture of emotions flickered across Dooku?s face. He bent down and helped Qui-Gon out of the troublesome gown. ?Can you dress yourself??

    Qui-Gon nodded. ?I need my privacy.?

    Dooku looked slightly perturbed. ?I won?t peek, Qui-Gon,? he said in exasperation.

    ?You already are and I?m naked!? He argued.

    Dooku sighed and resolved to never try to argue with a three-year-old. He turned around, his back to Qui-Gon. ?Is this better??

    ?Yes,? Qui-Gon said. He quickly dressed himself. ?All dressed!?

    Dooku turned back around. ?Ready to go??

    ?I just said I was Dooky,? Qui-Gon said as if that explained everything.

    Dooku hid a smile. The boy was still having trouble remembering how to correctly say his name. ?Well let?s be off then. Qui-Gon, I?m going to take you out of the temple to my favorite sweet snow shop. You must listen to everything I tell you while we?re out, okay?? Dooku said sternly grasping Qui-Gon?s shoulders to make sure he was listening.

    ?Okay,? Qui-Gon said in agreement.

    Smiling a little, Dooku took his hand and the two headed to the front entrance of the Temple.


    Qui-Gon?s eyes were as large as saucers as they left the Temple. He had never been away from the Temple before. He was staring at all the different species of beings that he had never seen before. He had never known there were so many races in the universe, let alone just on Coruscant.

    After they walked what seemed like forever he started dragging his feet. He was tired. He couldn?t keep up with Dooku?s pace.

    Dooku was thoroughly enjoying himself. He always liked getting out of the Temple and any excuse would do for an outing. Sweet snow was one of his favorite treats. He glanced behind him and saw Qui-Gon had fallen behind. ?Come on Qui-Gon.? He said stopping so the boy could catch up.

    Qui-Gon came obediently, but slowly. ?Dooky??


    ?I?m tired,? Qui-Gon said.

    Dooku paused at that. He bent over and picked the boy up. ?It?s not much further, but I?ll carry you.?

    As they turned around the corner, the sweet snow shop came into view. Qui-Gon giggled excitedly and clapped.


    It was a swelteringly hot day on Coruscant and the shop was crowded with families, sena
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