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    Nov 22, 1999
    Author: Raissa Baiard
    Title: Drabble-licious
    Time Frame: Saga
    Characters: Whoever the moose muse invites
    Summary: Raissa joins the Drabble Side in the UDC VIII.

    Week One: Rebel Drabbles (Honor, Valor, Sacrifice, Defeat, Victory)
    Week Two: Doran Drabbles
    Week Three: Ezra Drabbles
    Week Four: Teenage Drabbles
    Week Five: Raissa Drabbles
    Week Six: Mara Drabbles
    Week Seven: Foodie Drabbles
    Week Eight: Hera Drabbles
    Week Nine: Annina Drabbles
    Week Ten: Kanan Drabbles
    Week Eleven: Chopper Drabbles
    Week Twelve: Zeb Drabbles
    Week Thirteen: Babysitting Drabbles
    Week Fourteen: Star Crossed Drabbles
    Week Fifteen: All Our Yesterdays drabbles
    Week Sixteen: Sabine Drabbles

    So I gave in to peer pressure and joined the Drabble Side...because c'mon, everybody's doing it!. Ewok Poet and Findswoman, this is all your fault! :D
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    Nov 22, 1999
    The first set of Drabbles turned out to all be about the characters from Rebels, which I know must come as a real shock to those who've been reading my recent stories… ;)

    All those years running from the Empire, the rules were simple: keep your head down. Don't be noticed. Don't take chances.

    Then Hera came along, and against his better judgement, he broke all those rules. She reminded him what it was like to have a purpose, to fight for something bigger than himself. To be part of a team. Her idealism made him remember all the things his Master taught him long ago: stand up for the weak. Do what's right because it's right. Remember the Code.

    Now he knows.

    You'll never make a difference if you never take chances.

    What good is an Honor Guard with no one left to guard?

    He should have died that day, should have died rather than fail the ones he swore to protect. Knocked unconscious as if he was no more than a cadet, when he woke his people were gone. His life destroyed.

    This man, who lays there clutching a bo-rifle like a trophy, was at the massacre. He should kill him now for what he did. The Imperial is injured, helpless. At his mercy.

    He turns away.

    Everything is gone. The Lasat are gone.

    But he still has his honor.

    It was hard to keep moving, knowing what was coming. Even knowing it was necessary to save her save herself and Ezra. This was...had been…her childhood home. Not the easiest of childhoods, perhaps, but one that made her who she was. It was hard to keep looking ahead, knowing the explosions would shatter her home and rip apart her mother's portrait, leaving the ruins in the Empire's hands.

    "I'm sorry," she said, embracing her father, but in the end, it was only things that would be destroyed. More important were her memories, her family.

    Sabacc at Old Jho's--the game is hot, lots of credits on the line. We could use 'em, too. Gotta eat somehow. Put fuel in the ship. The Rodian throws down his cards and storms away; just me and the Human now. And my hand can't lose. Only one thing…I'm all outta credits. So…"I'll bet you my droid."

    Chopper protests; he never trusts me, stupid droid. I show my hand and grin. "Sabacc!" Ha! Let the smooth-talking scoundrel beat that!

    The gambler smiles like a Loth-cat as he turns over his cards. The Idiot's Array.


    Three hundred twenty-five.

    That's how many rocks he missed during lightsaber practice.

    Three hundred twenty-five times he didn't focus. Swung too early. Swung too late. Fell short. Screwed up.

    He can't count the bruises anymore; they're all starting to blend in to one big bruise. He's lost track of the lumps on his head.

    But three hundred twenty five times, he didn't give up, even though he wanted to. He kept trying--no, doing, because there is no try. He kept going, rock after painful rock. He's sore and stif, but still standing.

    That's a victory in itself.

    Kanan Jarrus, reflecting on the events chronicled in the novel A New Dawn
    2. Zeb Orellios, based on the episode "The Honorable Ones" [hl="black"] The injured man is ISB Agent Kallus, whose life he spares after the Imperial is injured and they are stranded together on an ice moon.[/hl]
    3. Hera Syndulla in "Hera's Heroes" [hl="black"]when she blows up part of her childhood home, which the Imperials are occupying, as a diversion during a prisoner swap,[/hl]
    4. Zeb, again, this time in "Idiot's Array" when he bets--and loses--Chopper to Lando Calrissian.
    5. Ezra Bridger, based on a tidbit in Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars that stated he missed 325 rocks during lightsaber practice.
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    Jul 31, 2014

    Valor: Hera as the bringer of light, the purpose. Love it. [face_love]

    Honor: I have not arrived to this Rebels episode yet, but I have heard nothing but praise for it, so this little tidbit is going to make me want to watch it even more. Plus, Zeb's comparison of the current events to his own fate is heartbreaking.

    Sacrifice: I am sure that Hera's dad will understand...but the thing with mother's portrait is just so sad. :(

    Defeat: GARAZEB ORELIOS! Has your mama taught you not to gamble? Lando is an excessive slimeball sometimes. AND WHYFORE WOULD YOU PUT CHOPPER INTO THIS LIKE THAT?

    Victory: LOL, typical Ezra. :D One day he'll remember this and laugh at it.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Hooray! So glad to see you in on this—and you're acing it so far. And yes, I'm shocked, absolutely SHOCKED, to see you writing about the cast of Rebels. I mean, really, you writing about Rebels? Unprecedented! :p ;)

    As I know you know, I'm not quite yet out of the "meaning to see" stage with Rebels, and have only seen a clip here and there. But from what I do know of the characters, this is very true to them. Kanan, who's had to hide his Jedi abilities his whole life, gains a renewed sense of purpose through joining with Hera and the Spectres; just like the Bourn gold-mining family in 1910s California, his motto too could be "Filoli"—fight for a just cause, love your fellow man (or, well, being), live a good life. Hera was instrumental in leading Kanan to that sense of purpose, but at the same time she has her own ghosts (!) and sorrows. I don't know yet the full story behind the scenario you describe here, but it looks like she had to somehow [hl=black]put her family and home in danger in order to save her Rebel comrades[/hl]—and wow, that's a choice I sure don't envy! :( Zeb has a heart of true honor beneath that burly purple exterior; "honor guard" is not just a title for him but also a quality he carries with him, and which will help his lost people live on through him. (Though he too, as we see, has his moments of defeat, especially as concerns unctuous, blue-caped card sharks—and I just love that you and I both have a Calrissian-card-playing scene for "Defeat"! :D ) And finally, Ezra is chockfull of gumption and perseverance as he embraces his newfound power—even when it cracks him one (or several!) on the noggin. :p

    Great stuff—do keep the 'licious coming! :cool:
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    Aug 14, 2002
    All very good.

    325 rocks?! That's a medical intervention!
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    Jun 14, 2005
    You did a great answer for the challenge. And I love it even more because it´s the cast from "Rebels". Thank you!

    I also liked the phrase "smiles like a Loth-Cat" a big deal. Your entire drabbles are sprinkled with such wonderful gems.
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    Nov 22, 1999
    Thank you! Filoli would definitely be a good motto for Kanan, at least once he meets Hera and reconnects to his sense of purpose. A New Dawn was actually my first introduction to both of them. It's a short-ish novel, well worth the read, and it chronicles how Kanan moves from being a cynical drifter to becoming the man we see in Rebels, all because of Hera (though his motives for helping her initially are not quite as valorous as they might have been ;)). And of course, Filoli would be Hera's motto, too. She understands what's really important in life--that it's who you're fighting for that makes the fight worthwhile.

    Zeb is a great character, who's capable of comic relief and deep emotions. Yes, he's a bit of a curmudgeon who doesn't always make the best decisions, but underneath his gruff exterior, he has a heart as honorable as Kanan and Hera's. (And I got a kick out of the Calrissian connection in our drabbles, too). And Ezra, poor Ezra, that's a lot of rocks to miss, but I think it says a lot about his character that he sticks with it even though he fails so many times. Not that he doesn't complain, but he doesn't give up. Sometimes that's the biggest victory.

    Hera really is the heart of the Spectres, the one who keeps them on track, even after Kanan rediscovers his honor. Without her, Kanan would still be a drunken drifter and Ezra a street urchin. Her dad does understand, and though it is sad to lose her mother's portrait, in the end Hera realizes her memories are in her heart and with her family.

    "The Honorable Ones" really shows the depth of Zeb's character [hl="black"]and shows that Kallus, too, has a side we never knew.[/hl] It really is a great episode, showcasing the character development that makes Rebels a surprisingly moving cartoon.

    Thank you! :) Hopefully Ezra didn't get hit by all the rocks...but, yeah, at the least he's going to need some aspirin and an ice pack :p

    Thank you. [face_love]I will have to see if I can do drabbles for Sabine and Chopper in future weeks so I can complete the set. ;)
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    Nov 22, 1999
    This week's prompts all feature my OC, fugitive Jedi turned cantina owner, Doran Blayne.

    He left his name, useless pieces of an old life, behind in a slicer's den on a planet he never knew the name of, prying open his lightsaber to use the crystal inside to buy a new one. The slicer charged him double to pick his own name, his father's name and his master's. He built a new future with pieces of his past.

    Now he holds his daughter in his arms, whispering the name they've chosen for her. The name that was once his. Those pieces of himself weren't useless after all. They've built her future with them.
    Doran was born Domnic Jade; he takes the names of his father, Doran Jade, and his Jedi Master, Blayne Onfroi, as his new identity, and gives part of his old name to his daughter, Mara.

    How many worlds are there in the Galaxy--he will not call it the Empire--and how many cantinas on all those worlds? Millions? Billions? Trillions, even?

    How many Jedi are left of the ten thousand there once were? Not zero, no matter what the Empire says. But she is the only one that matters now.

    The odds that one Jedi would find this cantina out of all the millions and billions in the Galaxy are so high it makes even his Corellian gambler's heart quail.

    Of all the cantinas in all the worlds, she had to walk into his.
    In "Everyone Comes to Doran's Place", Doran encounters his former lover, Alyse Bergeine, also a fugitive padawan. The last line is a riff on the line from Casablanca, "of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she had to walk into mine."


    He's been waiting all his life to bear that title; now it doesn't feel like he should.

    He failed his trials. Broke the rules. Ran from his past. Disassembled his lightsaber. Turned away from the Force.

    It's a battlefield promotion that the Council would never have granted if they still existed, but the stern Master, maybe one of the last, assured him he'd prevailed in circumstances more difficult than any trial the Council could have devised.

    Maybe someday he'll feel like a real Jedi, but today he only feels like an impostor, with a title he will never deserve.
    Another scene from "Doran's Place", after Jedi Master Paolo L'szelo confers the title of Jedi on Doran.

    Sometimes you can name the date your life changes forever. The day Master Onfroi took him as his padawan. The day he failed his trials. The day the Jedi Temple fell.

    But he doesn't remember what day it was when Raissa walked into his bar for the first time, just that she came to fetch her drunken boss. She must have worn gray, she must have been snarky...but the date? The time? Those are lost. He didn't know until much later that that moment would be as important as those others

    More important…The day he met his love.

    The knife is the only thing he has of his father's, a meager legacy by most standards, but it's enough to remind him of the man who owned it--a man whose yes was yes and no was no. Who walked straight down the center of the road. Just a barkeep, but honorable as any Jedi.

    That's the legacy he wants to carry on, the strength he wants to have. He remakes his lightsaber to resemble his father's knife, so he will never forget that, knowing the Council will disapprove. Knowing they'll postpone his trials.

    Because his yes is yes.

    This is a scene depicted in "Proud of Your Boy.". Part of the Drabble is based on a wonderful quote by Katherine Hepburn about Humphrey Bogart: "He walked straight down the center of the road. No maybes. Yes or no."
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    Nov 30, 2005
    These are awesome. I love the first set - you have such a great understanding of the Rebels cast. And the second set adds such great depth to Doran. The first one:
    says so very much! The idea that he pawned his kyber crystal to buy a new identity - and the slicer had the nerve to charge him double to keep some semblance of control over who he became. Love that last line.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Your Doran sounds like a pretty interesting character. I would like to hear/ read more about him in future.

    And how you fitted in that line from "Casablanca": splendid!
  11. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Yay for Doran!

    Name: Aww, best things in life are free - even when they're an eventual results of the worst things ever that were more expensive than you want to remember. Lovely one of Doran and baby!Mara. <3

    Number: It's the moment of destiny, for Doran and Raissa. And a hopeless romantic, of course, loves reading it.

    Title: I need to revisit the story, but I remember Paolo being quite odd. So happy that Doran got what he deserved. To this point, I was not sure how his Jedi title came to be.

    Date: Aww, another side to "number". And they're both...numeric. Kind of fits Raissa's rationality, too. :)

    Legacy: I can recognise the knife from POYB and it's sad to see it in this heartbreaking scene. But the Jedi Council kind of sucks.
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    Apr 18, 2000
    Very well done! Week 1 captured the characters of Rebels quite well. Week Two has me intrigued with Doran. I'm going to have to go read. :D
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Doran's back! Well, he never left. :cool: These little sketches are wonderfully poignant and revealing, and I love that they fill in some of the blanks between the Everyone Comes to Doran's PlaceStar CrossedNot Exactly an Old Fashioned Life Day eras and the more recent stories with FamilyMan!Doran (especially in "Name," with the birth of [hl=black]A Certain Redheaded Girl[/hl]). I love how he's more than just the garden-variety renegade Jedi—he went from one of the Galaxy's most romantic, most exciting, most adventurous vocations to one of the most ordinary. He changes his identity along the way—which is a logical and understandable step, since we know that [hl=black]Kanan does so too[/hl]—but in order to do so he goes to the unprecedented lengths of selling his lightsaber crystal ( :eek: ! ). BUT—he manages, in the end, to regain his identity, in a "new and improved" form—through passing part of his name to his daughter ([hl=black]and I know he'll pass another part of it to his son later[/hl]), and through remaking his lightsaber in a way that pays homage both to his Jedi identity and his own humble origins (and yes, wonderful tie-in to Proud of Your Boy there.) And the catalyst for all of this was none other that snarky prefect who once walked into his cantina. @};-

    And of course, of course, you worked in a Casablanca quote. Such a quintessentially Raissa touch. [face_love] And now, for some reason, I feel the urge to burst out with "The Sequential Passage of Chronological Intervals"... :D @};-
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    Nov 22, 1999
    Thank you so much! I do love the Rebels; they're such a strong cast of characters, with lots of depth. And Doran is obviously special to me. Selling his lightsaber crystals to buy a new identity (and later the Café Alderaan) is a mark of both his desperation and disillusionment, but his choice of names suggests that he isn't quite as, well, jaded as he seems.

    Thanks! I have plans for more stories about Doran (and his family) in the near future :) He will also turn up in some of the stories involving his daughter and her friends. I had to use the "Casablanca" quote since Doran is essentially Rick Blaine in the GFFFA :D
    She's Daddy's little girl! ;) Someday I want to do that story you suggested of Doran training little Mara.

    Actually, this one is about the moment in "Doran's Place", when his former lover Alyse shows up at the Café and his past catches up with him.

    Paolo is quite a character (and his glitchy holocron version, even more so). He's got a very black and white view of morality, but he sees Doran's strength of character and realizes what Doran himself can't see--he never really gave up on the Force.

    This one really is about Raissa;) Their first meeting was perfectly ordinary--no fireworks or violins when their eyes met--but it grew into something extraordinary

    They kind of do :p They suck even more in POYB. But I think the whole non-attachment doctrine pretty much stinks.
    Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed them! :)
    I'm not sure Doran ever found his time as a padawan romantic or glamorous--exciting, maybe, but a lot of that was probably his own fault ;P Going to serving booze and fixing blenders (and later changing diapers and minding a certain red-headed toddler) was probably not as much of a wrench for him as it would have been for some Jedi. He does find the balance between his past and future, between the Jedi and the barkeep with the help of that snarky prefect.

    Here's looking at you...;)
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    Nov 22, 1999
    …And another set of drabbles based on Rebels. :D This set is devoted to Ezra (another surprise, I know. What can I say? Unlike Sabine, I do find his character inspiring :ezra:)

    Scrambling though the ventilation shaft with the wriggling Ithorian in my arms. I can feel his fear, and he can feel mine. The youngling won't stop wailing. Every cry gives us away; the Inquisitor's saber pierces the shaft.

    I can't get Pypey to be quiet. I can't calm him down unless I can be calm.

    I have to be calm. Reach out to the Force. Quiet my thoughts.

    The red blade stabs up at my feet again--close, too close.

    I have to be calm. I have to…

    I promised his mother we'd bring him back.

    Please, Pypey be calm…

    It always feels good to complete a mission, but this one better than most.

    Pypey is safe; we brought him back like we promised He isn't crying anymore. Now I only sense happiness from him, and I feel his mom's relief and joy. He and baby Alora giggle at the silly noises Chopper's making for them.

    They'll stay with their families where they belong, where they're loved, not be honed into weapons for the Empire. The Dark Side won't dim their spark. Maybe they'll even grow up to be Jedi.

    And maybe, someday…I'll be the one to train them.

    The years when he was on his own, he struggled to have enough. Enough to eat. Enough to wear. Enough to get by.

    Though he doesn't have to struggle anymore, he still doesn't have a lot of things. There's not much that truly belongs to him. His collection of stormtrooper helmets. His lightsaber. The holo of him and his parents. Not even enough to fill his half of the cabin he shares with Zeb.

    But he has the important things--the things that aren't just things. A purpose and a place. A home. A family.

    And it's more than enough.

    Jedi training with Kanan. Lightsaber practice. Meditating on the Code. Concentrate! You have to focus if you want to be a Jedi.

    Blaster training with Rex. Aim, fire, miss... Again! You need discipline if you're going to be a soldier.

    Cleaning the Ghost for Hera. Stay on base until chores are done. Manual labor builds character! You have to do your part to be a responsible member of this team.

    Everyone has plans for me. No one asks me what I think. Be a Jedi. Be a soldier. Some days, I'm not sure I want to be either.

    He knew when he saw the smoke on the horizon it was already too late.

    They called it Tarkintown, after the man who drove them from their homes, but there's nothing left of the refugee camp by the time he gets there. The tents and shacks smolder, the farmers' last meager hopes crumbling into ashes. The people have been taken captive.

    And it's all because of them.

    The Empire did this to punish them for helping, to make them afraid. But he will not give in to fear.

    They don't understand that everything they do feeds the fire of Rebellion.

    "Helpless" and "Satisfied" are both based on the episode "The Future of the Force", in which the Rebels rescue Force-sensitive younglings from the Inquisitors.

    "Non-Stop" is from "Brotherhood of the Broken Horn", when an overscheduled Ezra is frustrated by Kanan and Rex's bickering and conflicting expectations of him.

    "Burn" is based on "The Seige of Lothal", when [hl="black"]Vader orders a refugee camp that crew had aided burned in order to draw them out[/hl]
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Another wonderful set—you're really an ace in this medium! :D I too am becoming partial to Ezra, and I think it's partly because I have a young boy of my own who will someday be going through all this teen craziness (well, probably minus the Jedi training part, though preparing for the bar mitzvah is close :p ).

    Even in his young years Ezra's already been through more than most 14-year-olds (if I'm getting his age right; I think that's at least where he is in season one). Taking care of babies is difficult enough when they're not also Force-sensitive—and when you don't have an Inquisitor hot on your heels at the same time! :eek: What an extreme situation in which to "have to calm"—because even muggle babies, and muggle children, can sense when people around them aren't calm. It's such a relief that Ezra and Pypey make it all right, that Pypey is returned to his mother (whew! [face_relieved] ), and that there's hope for all the babies' future. Plus, I love that Ezra sees himself potentially being part of that future, and in such a important way. (I know I shouldn't be sending any more plot bunnies your way right now... but it would be cool to see those kids rescued in "The Future in the Force" meet Ezra later on, when they're grown or at least older.)

    Even with all his trials and tribulations, with Kanan yapping at him to do one thing and Rex another and Hera something else (and what teenager has not struggled with that that feeling of conflicting expectations so aptly portrayed in your "Nonstop"?), Ezra has found a family and a home among the Spectres—a place where he finally can enjoy the feeling having more than enough, after having been deprived of so much early on. And what few possessions he does have become all the more meaningful because of it.

    "Burn" is the most wrenching of the bunch, but the way the fire motif is transformed is just so cool. Yes, each inferno the Empire creates ultimately just fires the hearts of the Rebellion, and Ezra's not one to let his heart smolder with regret. I have yet to see this episode, but now I'm very curious about it!

    Keep on keeping the 'licious coming! :cool:
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Your Ezra insights are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us. They enrich my perception of the TV series, back it up.

    I hope that Ezra will never turn from the light and continue to fight for young ones like Pypey and folk like the people of Tarkin town.
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Sabine is missing on a lot. Heck, it's Ezra-licious we're talking about 'ere. :)

    Just kidding, they'd make the worst couple. MARZRA 5EVER.

    Helpless: I have not arrived this far with Rebels, but I can guess whom the red blade belongs too. Poor Pypey, but I'm glad that Ezra can help him and will help him out. What a hero!

    Satisfied: asdf asdf Chopper and BABIES. And Ezra hoping to train these younglings someday. A wonderful, wonderful moment.

    Enough: This one got me close to crying. But Ezra's family ARE his mates on Ghost, whether his folks are ghosts or not. And yes, it's a pun.

    Non-stop: Kind of expected that this one would be about chores, knowing how our hero hates them, but you brought it up to eleven, plus you told us about one more episode that I can't wait to watch.

    Burn: I read about this and got so angry since, as far as I can remember, we do get to see the camp mid-season 1. These people's pain is very, very real. :( And seeing it from Ezra's eyes, knowing what happened to him, is a gut-puncher.
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    Oh, this is a wonderful collection so far! I'm sorry to reply all at once to these, but I have to say that I've enjoyed . . .

    Week I

    Valor: A beautiful look at Kanan's shifting to a proactive stance against the Empire. But then, Hera has that effect on people. [face_love]

    Honor: Oh, Zeb! This was a fantastic addition to the episode. The last line really hit hard.

    Sacrifice: Another resounding final line; things can be replaced, but the people you love cannot. [face_love]

    Defeat: Karabast is right! [face_laugh] I'm still playing catch-up with Rebels, but this remains one of my favourite episodes to date, and you really captured the humor of it.

    Victory: While it was immensely entertaining to see Ezra getting pummeled in that episode, the line about him still standing really stuck out to me. Yes, indeed, he was! That certainly counts as a victory. [face_love]

    Week II

    Name: Oh, I was not expecting this one to hit as hard as it did. This was just strikingly beautiful. His selling his lightsaber crystal for his name and future; then giving his name to Mara - I just can't even. [face_love][face_love] (After reading, I can say that this one is my favourite yet. :))

    Number: With odds like that, the Force had to have something to do with their meeting! Again, the last line just made this one. (I promise that I'm not trying to sound redundant with saying so - honest, I'm not! :p)

    Title: Yet something tells me that his feeling less than worthy is what makes him ideal for the title of Jedi, even if it's not by the exact code of the Old Order. It's his humility, and heart that really go along so well with the appointment. This was another great piece of introspection.

    Week III

    Satisfied & Enough: I loved the strong family feelings in both of these. (Seriously, as a side-note: Chopper with the baby was perfect! :D) Ezra thinking about maybe someday having a Padawan of his own, and reflecting on his family that he's picked up out of the Ghost crew - just wonderful. [face_love][face_love]

    Non-Stop: Oh, sweetie. :( I liked the staging in your writing with the way each segment built onto the last. While you could certainly boil this down to the quintessential teenager being overwhelmed by expectations, there is so much put on the shoulders of youths in the SW universe - to an alarming degree, and Ezra is no exception. :(

    Burn: While reading this, I could just hear Leia telling Tarkin that the more he tightened his grasp, the more star systems he'd lose. Because it's true - the more the Empire tries to force so many into submission, the more rebels rise up. Again, this drabble tied itself off so nearly with the last line. A very, very powerful way to end the set.

    These have all been fantastic so far. I look forward to reading what you come up with next. :)=D==D=
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love your OC Doran and like to see him more in your drabbles.
  21. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Thank you so much :). I like that you say Findsboy's teen craziness will probably be minus Jedi training :D You never know!

    Watching the scene with Ezra crawling through the ventilation shaft with the crying Pypey, knowing that if he can't calm himself and the baby, they'll both be killed was just gripping. I certainly remember the increasingly desperate feeling of not being able to calm down a baby no matter what you try from the Youngling's infancy...I think that would be the worst possible situation to be in. But Ezra does succeed in calming Pypey and brings him safely to mom...which leads to an absolutely adorable scene of the Ghost's crew with the babies. [face_love] And someday, I would love to write that story...just let me get a few things finished first!

    Even though there's a bit of "I never had to do this stuff when I was on my own" in Ezra's frustration with chores, a lot of it comes from those conflicting expectations (and indeed, conflict) between his mentors, particularly Rex and Kanan. But he does come to realize that, whatever their conflict, they are all truly family, and that's the most important thing of all.

    I think it's also a measure of how far Ezra has come from the beginning of Season 1, not even knowing that the camp exists, to the end of Season 2, where their plight kindles a fire in his heart for them. He's no longer just in it for himself, or even just for the Spectres, he's fighting for all those who are oppressed by the Empire.

    Thank you! I've heard a lot of strange theories about Ezra's future, but I have to say that I don't see him turning to the Dark Side. He struggled with the temptation, but I really think he's on the right path and will not give in in the future. [hl="black"] and I feel like this was borne out in the Rebels Season 4 panel at Celebration, because his voice actor, Taylor Gray, spoke of Ezra making "good choices" in the next season. And that's honestly as much of a spoiler as I have![/hl]

    :ezra: :ezra: :ezra:

    As I said earlier, I think that was one of the most harrowing scenes in Rebels, but in the end Ezra acquits himself well and returns Pypey safe and sound.

    Chopper and Zeb with babies was the squee-inducing flip side of the episode. Too adorable for words. And though the episode never mentioned Ezra thinking of their future, I think he would have...given their Force-sensitivity and the fact that they very nearly lost their family, as he lost his.

    [:D] Didn't mean to make you cry! They really are...and of course, Kanan helps Ezra realize that his parents are, on some level, always with him in the Force.

    It is a great episode (okay, I say that about all of them, but still...) Plus you get to meet the inimitable Hondo Ohnaka, who is one heck of a character, and voiced by one of the greatest voice actors ever, Jim Cummings :)

    Yes, it's the same camp you see in Season 1. It's a gut-puncher for him as well, knowing that the Empire did it in response to their aid.

    Thank you so much! And thank you for all the responses :)

    She really does. She's Space!Mom in the best way...nurturing and encouraging her family to be their best and do what is right.

    That episode shows Zeb's heart more than any other, I think. He's so much more than just a big purple, lug, and his honor and mercy pay dividends in the future.

    And another great moment for Hera; she is all kinds of awesome in this episode in her determination to save everyone she loves [hl="black"] and I love how she stands up to Thrawn![/hl]

    Sometimes, Zeb is more of a purple lug than others! Never go in against Calrissian in a sabacc game!

    Staying with it is the first victory--the one that makes all the other possible! When I read that fact, I was impressed by his perseverance...especially when contrasted with another Jedi in training who wants to give up after the first five minutes;)

    [face_blush] Thank you! Doran taking his father's name was something that came to me while writing "Proud of Your Boy," and I like the way all of his names become part of an interlocking circle of Doran's past and future, of his old life and his new.

    The Force undoubtedly had a (metaphorical) hand in things :) Alyse showing up in his cantina is the catalyst for bringing Doran back from his bitterness...and the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Raissa. ;)

    It takes Doran a long time to get over his feelings of inadequacy as a Jedi, but, yes, his uncompromising principles make him a better candidate than even he realizes.

    Chopper + baby = SQUEE! I loved that part of the episode. [face_love] Rebels is so much about family, and I have to think that that mission was especially close to Ezra's heart because it was all about keeping families together.

    So true...think of Leia, a Senator at 19, Anakin--a pilot at 10, Padme--queen at 14. They're growing up under pretty much the hardest conditions one could imagine. Ezra's facing a host of new responsibilities, plus dealing with the conflict between two people he admires.

    Thank you, again :) The Empire miscalculates badly the results of its actions, in general and particularly in this case. They may be trying to sow fear, but they've only strengthen Ezra's resolve to help the people of Lothal.
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  22. Raissa Baiard

    Raissa Baiard Chosen One star 4

    Nov 22, 1999
    The drabbles in this set are a bit fluffier; they're inspired by my DDC entry "Teenage Rebellion," featuring the diaries of young Luke Skywalker, Ezra Bridger, and Mara Jade Blayne (a teenage AU Mara who was never discovered by the Empire).

    After clearing vines off the perimeter sensors all morning, I was starved. Until I saw the greenish-gray chunks floating in a sea of greasy gravy on my plate. "What is this?"

    "Sign said it was apple slug stew." Zeb grunted, poking at the unidentifiable lumps.

    "Apple slug? Like apples and slugs or slugs that were in apples?"

    "Does it matter?"

    I tried to spear a chunk, but it bounced away. "You first."


    "Right." We took a bite…and gagged on rotten apple-flavored rubber. So that's what slug tastes like. "Tok-nut butter sandwich sound good to you?"

    Notes: in "Teenage Rebellion", the quality (and lack thereof) of food in the mess hall on Yavin 4 has become a running gag. The cook is Dexter Jettster, and "apple slug stew" is something he used to serve in his diner. Really.

    He slipped into the galley with a furtive glance to make sure no one was around. Reached into the highest cabinet. Located his cache of caf hidden behind the dehydrated veg-cubes that no one ever seemed to eat. Rustled in the cabinet to find the sweet sand biscuits that were so tasty dunked in caf. Opened the precious box of caf pods.

    Which flavor today? Esky...isky …usky ...espresso!

    The shiny caf distiller hissed to life. Filled the purple mug with dark liquid.

    He breathed in the rich aroma, took the first, heady sip.

    Ahhhh, karabast, that was good!

    Notes: Zeb, making caf with the shiny new Evoluo distiller he received for Life Day in "Not Your Mother's Life Day". "Esky, isky, usky.." is my GFFA version of "eenie, meenie, miney, moe," using Aurebesh letters.

    The Rogues visited me today, descending on the infirmary like a plague of…plagues.

    "Hey Luke, you realize there's a reason that plant's called touch-not, right?"

    "Next time, think before you do something rash!"

    "Great job in flight sims today. Wait, scratch that! You weren't there!"

    "Yeah, we missed you; we're itching to have you back!"

    "You guys are so funny." I'm SUFFERING here, and all they can do is make LAME PUNS?

    "Aw, don't look so pouty, Skywalker. We brought something to cheer you up." Grinning, Janson pulled out a big bouquet of touch-not leaves.


    Notes: refers to an incident where Luke encounters a patch of Yavin 4's equivalent of poison ivy.

    Since you've been gone, I miss you more than I would have thought I could...miss your voice, your laugh, your smile. I think of you every day.

    It's so hard not knowing where you are, what you're doing, if you're safe. All I can do is look up at the night sky and reach out to you there. I hope that maybe, somehow, you can sense my love across the stars.

    May the Force be with you.

    May it keep you safe, wherever you are, whatever your mission.

    May it bring you back to me. I love you, Ezra…

    Notes: [hl="black"] Mara, at the beginning of "Teenage Rebellion" when Ezra is on his secret mission to locate any remaining kyber crystals on Jedha.[/hl]

    The luminous orchid was just off the path, just out of reach, high enough that I'd have to jump to pick it. I don't know exactly why, but I did.

    "Why that one?" Mara asked, as I tucked it in her hair.

    I knew what she meant--it wasn't the biggest flower or the fanciest orchid. There were a lot of others that would have been easier to get. But this one was the right one. "Because it glows the brightest, just like you."

    Mara's smile lit up the clearing. When she kissed me, it made the Force glow, too.

    Notes: there is a species of bioluminescent orchid on Yavin 4. In case you haven't guessed from the previous drabble, the speaker is [hl="black"]Ezra.[/hl]
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  23. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Great stuff!

    Thanks for the apple slug stew insight. Didn't know it was canon. Maybe bird species dig it.

    I like your version of eenie, meany, miney, mo.

    Yeah, almost went the stinging nettle route on Itch too; great puns from the guys. Oh wait, "Scratch that!"

    Notes for the last one, which might lead to my Ysanne getting a flower in the hair sometime, the drabble speaker was the black slab out of 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  24. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Hunger - This is dead gross. But so kriffin' funny. :D :D :D I love it how Ezra and Zeb, rivals and buddies, are trying it at the same time. :D

    Thirst - I can't stop laughing here. Finally, Zeb gets a moment with sophisticated coffee and learns how to deal with this temper...except that the latest will never happen!

    Itch: Hey, Rogues, that is not very nice! Poor Luke was hospitalised over his own nonsensical behaviour and you're reminding him of why he's there. Still, his reactions are dead funny, in a way. It's like tragicomedy!

    Yearn: I love to see a more emotional Mara, just like I love to see a more emotional Ezra! And this is pure mush-mu****y-mush. Wonderful!

    Impulse: And this is drop, dead romantic. Creative, wonderful, luminescent...the kind of a kiss scene that I like!
  25. Raissa Baiard

    Raissa Baiard Chosen One star 4

    Nov 22, 1999
    It might be something the Hoatzeri would enjoy :) I'm not sure if anyone else would find this particular dish appealing :p

    Thanks! I wanted to do something with a GFFA feel to it for the counting rhyme and the Aurebesh letters seemed to be something that kids might use (they're E, I, and U, respectively).

    :D Rogues and lame jokes and bad puns just seem to go together. They'd never miss a golden opportunity to give their friend a hard time.

    Yes, most people don't know that the slab is actually a very sensitive and romantic fellow ;) (the text is in the black highlighted part; if you're on mobile and can't highlight it--as I frequently am-- you can copy and paste it into the reply box. In this case, the speaker is Ezra).
    Yeah, I think that Zeb would usually eat anything, but even he has to draw the line somewhere! They're like a couple of kids..."you eat it!" "No, you!" :)

    I had to work in the ZEBSPRESSO :zeb: Caf has charms to soothe the savage Lasat... especially when it's frou-frou, high-end caf!

    How dare they TORMENT him when he's in ENDLESS AGONY?!11?! Because they're the Rogues....'nuff said.

    Thank you :) Of course, Mara will deny all mushiness...she's not a romantic. Except when she is. And worrying about her absent Ezra definitely brings out her mushy side.

    [face_blush]thank you again. Like Mara, Ezra's got his softer side...he may not be writing her (horrible) love poetry, but he finds ways to show he cares.
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