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Saga [UDC VIII]Drabble-licious--Week 9 posted 5/24

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Raissa Baiard, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Week IX : When she saw that "star" was one of the prompts, Annina Blayne, the sparkly Star of the Idiot's Array demanded her turn.

    I figured out a long time ago that being cute makes people underestimate you. They'll say things in front of pretty girl they wouldn't otherwise because they don't think she can have a brain. A winning smile, a pair of dimples, and some curls will get them to do things even when Jedi-mind tricks won't work.

    My whole family knows how to put on masks and hide in plain sight, but being myself has always been my best disguise.

    No one expects the fluffy, girly-girl to be a Jedi. No one ever expects her to be a spy.
    Notes: A future Annina reflects on the uses of cuteness

    "Nick has a card. Mara has one. You have them. I want one too!"

    Raissa hesitated, but Doran fanned the sabacc deck out in front of his three-year-old daughter.. Annina might not understand what a call sign was, but she knew that they marked her brother and sister as part of the family, part of the team. "Go ahead, kiddo; pick one."

    She frowned seriously as she pored over the cards, paused at the darkly lovely Queen of Air and Darkness (please not that one!) and finally chose. "This!"

    Doran smiled at her choice. The Star. "Perfect, 'Nina."
    Notes: Annina picks her call sign in her family's Rebel cell, the Idiot's Array.

    "Mama, tell me a story!"

    Raissa scoops up her youngest, so different from her older siblings. Mara wanted stories of adventure--heroes, monsters and lots of fighting. Nick wanted true stories about spaceships and exploration. But Annina is the romantic. For her, a story must have princesses, enchanted hold-parents and, above all, true love. Raissa doesn't quite understand it, but hopes her little girl will always have the trusting heart that believes you can turn a Gungan into a prince with a kiss, knows that love triumphs over all, and hopes for the magic found "once upon a time."

    "Can we keep her? Please?" Annina holds up the ball of gray fluff. Big green eyes stare into Raissa's and the pittin cub's mouth opens in a tiny "meep".

    Raissa sighs; they already have a pet, and she's not sure what Frugly would make of this fuzzy interloper. She ought to say no. But then Annina coos and rubs her nose against the pittin's tiny pink one, and she senses it; the cub is for Annina what Frugly is to her. When the pittin meeps again, it's an echo of her daughter's "please."

    She knows what her answer will be.
    Notes: Like her mother, Annina is strongly empathic with animals. Her companion is the gray pittin she names Princess.

    He sees the girl across the courtyard. She seems familiar somehow, but he's certain he'd remember those golden curls and laughing eyes...more than that, the way she shines in the Force. She sees him, too, and runs towards him, throwing her arms around him in an impulsive embrace.

    She laughs at his gob-smacked expression. "You don't remember me, do you? It's Annina Blayne, the little pest who used to follow you around on Merkesh."

    Now he remembers her--Mara's little sister tagging after him like a lost pittin. But the now...the little pest is quite grown up.

    Luke Skywalker encounters Annina ten years after their first meeting (which will occur during "Teenage Rebellion."
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Bright - Cuteness and brightness in a single person. Darn, that Annina is clever. The way Aayla Secura used her beauty, Annina is using her cuteneness to fool the enemy. :)

    Star - This one is self-explanatory, but it's cool to know how the Star became...the Star!

    Mama - Looks like Raissa and Annina are the polar opposites here, or maybe it just looks that way since, in a way, Raissa turned Doran into a prince by making him a better person and getting all the good out of him. So, shut up and tell Annina the cute story. Loved the Gungan prince metaphor, by the way.

    Please - Oh, I am curious now. Is this pittin supposed to have a Force connection with Annina the way Frugly does with Raissa? Either way, this was adorbs. <3

    Shine - Wooow, whatever is happening here could make it for a pretty interesting story. They're both old enough and she can give him a lesson on how to treat little girls with respect because they will be smart women someday. That, and she's pretty and he's stupid. :p
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I like the fact that your Mara version has siblings. That she is not a loner. That there is family.
  4. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    I love Annina, as you know, and what a thrill to see her get her own set of drabbles. I think this is the first time you've shown us in her adult (or at least older teenage?) years, which is just so cool—it's always so interesting to track which of a character's aspects change or mature with age, and which stay the same.

    "Being myself has always been my best disguise"—that's just WOW, especially given that most of her family members have had to (or still do) wear multiple masks at various points throughout their lives. She has found a way to use her own natural characteristics to fight for what's right and further the cause—and I can see that making her ultimately one of the most formidable members of the Array. It's also particularly amazing in light of the inherent challenges of being the youngest sibling—the one who is the last to get everything and last to be a part of everything. That we get a taste of in "Star," where she gains her extremely apt family callsign. (Though with her shrewdness and undercover abilities, "Queen of Air and Darkness" would be no means unfitting either!) I love too how that drabble shows Annina's talent for taking initiative, for getting things moving—which indeed is such an important and feature of hers in other recent stories of yours. ;)

    One thing you do here is create a really interesting trajectory with the differences and similarities between Annina and her mother. In a way, she's the child most different from Raissa of any of them. Raissa, true to character, is at first cautious about giving her a playing-card callsign (especially in that moment when she juuuust miiiight choose the Queen—oh noes!), and she also doesn't quite get her daughter's taste in stories. But she's got the perspicacity to notice the strengths and advantages inherent in her daughter's interests—and that romantic need not equal vapid and fluffy. And then we see that, despite those differences, Annina and her mom have a very important point of commonality: animal empathy. Princess the pittin isn't just a ball of fluff; she is Annina's faithful familiar and companion just as dear Frugly is for her mom, and no doubt will be by her side many years. [face_love]

    And what interesting possibilities are being set in motion by that last drabble! [face_batting] This sparkly Star doesn't just shine to the external eye—she shines in the Force, too, and Someone Very Important is taking notice... <3

    Thanks so much for these—great job adding yet more cool depth to an already intriguing OC! :cool:
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  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderful sets. I'm all caught up. Loved the ones featuring Ezra, Doran, Raissa, and Mara. I was struck especially by Mara's picking up on her "other self", the fact that she needs an emotional barricade, and her realization of what home really signifies. I eagerly anticipate the upcoming Doran/Raissa adventure.
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  6. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    @Ewok Poet's recent return to drabble-dom inspired me to take a look at my own drabbles, and I have a new set for Week Ten! [face_dancing]
    But first, some long delayed responses:
    Yep, Annina is one smart Wookiee cookie! Don't let the curls and freckles fool you, she's got the mind of a Corellian card shark underneath all the fluff. She and Raissa aren't quite opposites, but it's close sometimes (And I knew you'd enjoy any metaphor involving a Gungan ;) ). Raissa's always been the practical one (and Mara takes after her in that), but just like Annina, Raissa sees the best in people, and they both share a talent for animal empathy. The pittin in Please is indeed Princess, Annina's companion and the do have the same kind of bond that Raissa and Frugly have. That last drabble...yes, there's a really interesting story to be told there; it's in the works :D
    Thanks! I'd always planned to give Mara a brother, even when I was plotting a Legends compliant story, but Annina surprised me. (She was probably a surprise for Raissa and Doran, too ;) ) The idea of Mara having a fluffy, girly-girl little sister was just too much fun to pass up. Annina turned out to be more then just fluffy, though!
    I think Annina is about twenty in the first and last drabbles, and yes, I think this was the first time I ever wrote her as a young adult. I don't think it will be the last time, though!

    She's very much the go-getter, whether it's asking for own callsign or wheedling her mother to adopt a pittin...or running up to and embracing that Certain Someone in the last drabble. And she's shrewd enough to see that her youthful cuteness lead others to underestimate her...and shrewd enough to take advantage of it!

    I think that like Mara, Raissa has a hidden romantic streak. She may not be as overt and enthusiastic in expressing it as her daughter is, but Annina probably has a good idea of what True Love looks like from watching her parents. [face_love] Raissa may not get Annina's taste in stories, but she knows those hopeful, loving qualities are something to encourage.

    Oh, aren't they interesting, though?;) Like a true fairy-tale princess, Annina is virtuous as well as lovely, and that catches the attention of someone else with a hopeful, loving heart. He may not realize what hit him ;)
    Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed them. It's been interesting to see the circular path of inspiration--stories inspiring drabbles which in turn inspire stories (or parts of stories). I've been working on that Raissa/Doran story on the side, though it still needs a good title before I can post anything :p
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    Nov 22, 1999
    Week Ten: Kanan Drabbles :kanan:

    Jedi don't raise children, yet here he is with a pair of youngsters in his care.

    He's not their father, but he's done his best to guide them both. When he looks at them now and sees how far they've come-- from a self-interested street-rat to a young man whose ability in the Force may exceed his own, from a hot-headed runaway to a woman who's faced her past and is ready to lead--he thinks this must be the pride a father feels.

    They're not his children, but he couldn't love them more if they were.

    “Master Billaba, why do Jedi only make one lightsaber? Maybe we should have a backup, just in case? Could we use wood or plasti to make the hilts instead of metal? And why do we only use blue and green crystals? Why not orange or, I don’t know, pink?”

    She laughs. "So many questions! I hardly know where to begin.”

    He hangs his head, chagrined. The other younglings always made fun of him for asking too many questions. "I'm sorry, Master. I'll stop."

    She ruffles his padawan-short hair fondly. "No, don't ever stop questioning, Caleb. That's how you learn."

    “I’m not a kid!”

    He tries not to laugh at Ezra’s proclamation; he remembers saying those words himself— to Master Billaba, to Commander Grey, to Janus Kasmir—so insistent that he was mature and able to handle anything, when of course, he wasn’t. He wasn’t ready for any of it.

    The Force has a way of throwing things at you when you least expect them. When you’re certain you’re ready to handle anything, it’s a sure sign you’ve still got a lot left to learn, a lot of growing left to do.

    At least now he’s mature enough to realize that.

    Life is growth. Sometimes growth is pain, lessons learned through storms and fire. He’s had plenty of those—the Jedi’s betrayal, his master’s sacrifice, facing his doubts in the temple on Lothal, his blinding on Malachor.

    Life is growth. Sometimes growth is joy, lessons that unfold slowly as flower blooming. And, yes, there have been plenty of these, too— Hera teaching him to believe again, letting go of the past to trust Rex, taking Ezra as his padawan, watching him grow in turn.

    Life is growth. Growth is pain...and joy.Through them he’s grown into the man he is today.

    How is it possible that he‘s a master now? Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was a padawan himself? When he was a youngling his teachers seemed so wise, so old. He doesn’t feel like he’s any of those things. He doubts Ezra sees him as a respected elder, anyway. He doesn’t know if the boy ever will. How can he be a good teacher when his training was never completed? How can he show Ezra the Jedi path when he strayed from it for so many years?

    He can only trust the Force that he is ready.
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Raise aww. So sweet and wonderful to find Kanan has these feelings.

    Juvenile [face_laugh] Love that Kanan is so full of questions and that Master Billaba didn't discourage that. :)

    Mature =D= The "I'm not a kid" line, ;) definitely a sentiment/expression Kanan is honest enough to realize he spoke more than once in the timeless assertion of "I'm grown". :p Very insightful that when you realize you have a lot to learn still is a sign of maturity. [face_thinking]

    Growth This line is lovely:
    "Life is growth. Growth is pain...and joy. Through them he’s grown into the man he is today." I am happy Kanan is able to see and balance the pains and joys and celebrate the latter. @};-

    Elder ... Ah, these self-doubts and musings - that I think is often behind his gruffness and pushing of Ezra. It's not so much doubting Ezra's ability to learn but his to teach. [face_thinking]

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I'm glad to have inspired you to come back. And kind of proud, I must admit. :)

    I'm only familiar with Kanan's past life as Caleb from Rebels and I am yet to read the other material, so if I say something stupid, I apologise.

    Raise - I must admit that I don't know if the second person in this is Sabine or not. But I loved it. <3

    Juvenile - Depa Billaba is a great teacher. The types who hate being asked questions and who expect their students to figure out everything, pronto, are not. This was very, very sweet!

    Mature - I can totally see why Kanan would keep this to himself. There is no point explaining young people that they're still young. :p And it's wonderful how he can recall all of the memories and important moments that led him to where he is at the time.

    Growth - Love how the first and second paragraph contradict one another. One is a series of bad things, the other is a series of good things, yet all of that is life. And all of that is, well, growth!

    Elder - The way Kanan became a Jedi Master was so "out there" and unique, breaking the rules we knew from the past universe and other Jedi's experiences that I can see how he doubts it. But it's true. And yes, he is capable of taking the lead!

    An awesome set and a great return to the challenge! =D=

    P.S. I know you've been having a rough day, so I hope that this mini-comment-a-thron cheers you up! @};-
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Loved these Kanan sets! [Mod edit on user's request]
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Yoicks, @pronker...

    ...that may be a borderline spoiler! :eek:

    Comments on the story soon; RL has been doing a number on me these last weeks, but I too am glad to see this continuing. @};-
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Oh noes1! I forgot, and shall see to its removal.

    EAD: I fixed it with 'edit.' It's now Gone With The Wind, except in people's memories, I guess... :/
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    Nov 22, 1999
    This drabble was partly inspired by hearing Freddie Prinze, Jr. speak at Celebration about how impressed he was by Tina Sircar’s performance in “Trials of the Darksaber.” I think Kanan would definitely have the same feelings towards his Space!Kids. He’s not their father, but he cares deeply about them and he’s had a huge impact on the young adults that they’ve become, especially Ezra.
    These two were both based on the Kanan comics series . Master Bilaaba was a wonderfully compassionate and understanding master to young Caleb, encouraging his inquisitiveness and independence (and he and Ezra were a lot more alike than Kanan likes to let on).
    With all that Kanan goes through, I think he’s truly learned that balance and understands that it isnt’ just “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Love and friendship make you stronger, too.
    Oh, yes, that feeling of “who made me a responsible adult while I wasn’t looking?” I think you’ve hit it on the head, it’s Kanan’s own doubts that make him stern sometimes. He wants to do his best, but doesn’t always know how.
    Glad to be back to the drabbles! I’d forgotten how much fun they could be, so thanks for the nudge :D Yes, the second person is Sabine, and I think now that you’re most of the way through S3, it might be clearer. Sabine’s got her own issues with her past and Kanan plays a big part in helping her move past them.
    She and Qui-Gon have to be my favorites of the Old Jedi Order. Those two seem like they have a good deal of compassion and aren’t locked into “the way it’s always been” like a lot of the Council.
    Yep, it’s one of those things you have to learn for yourself.
    You could say they complement each other as much as they contradict each other. Sometimes growth is hard and painful, but sometimes it’s joyful, and both those types of growth are important and necessary.
    Kanan has to learn to trust himself and the Force as much as he has to teach Ezra to do the same. And when he does, great things happen for both of them.
    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them
  14. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    WEEK XI: Chopper

    He sees the look on Ezra’s face, the one that means he’s been told not to do something, but is going to do it anyway. Chopper can respect that attitude; he prefers to treat most orders as suggestions at best. But this time he knows what the kid has planned is more than he can handle-- “borrowing” a fighter and flying off to confront Maul while the others are preoccupied with battle preparations. He heaves an electronic sigh as he follows Ezra. Someone has to keep him out of trouble, and as usual it looks like it’s up to Chopper.

    The desert’s heat is relentless, but the scorching temperatures bother Chopper less than sand in his gears. Ezra isn’t so lucky. His steps slow and falter, but he presses on, until finally he stumbles and sinks to his knees, leaning against Chopper.

    Chopper lays one grasper against Ezra’s head and whines in frustration. His job is to fix things, but there’s nothing he can do now. None of his fancy tools are of any use in repairing a fragile, failing Human.

    All he can do is stay with the boy. So he’ll wait until help comes… or until the end.

    Ezra leans forward and stares at the bowl, deep in concentration; slowly it begins to rise. He sits up straight in astonishment— until he notices Chopper’s grasper beneath the bowl is what’s “levitating” it.

    “Bwahahaha!” The droid chuckles at the expression on Ezra’s face. It was another excellent prank, but the boy is unamused.

    “Not funny, Chopper!” he shouts, leaping out of his chair.

    The droid wheels out of the galley at top speed, laughing mechanically and maniacally, as Ezra dashes after him in pursuit. It’s so easy to get a rise out of these organics, and so much fun!

    “Love” is an organic concept, they say. Droids don’t really love; their attachments to their owners are just amusing quirks of programming. He thinks this is typical condescending meatbag poodoo.

    What he feels for Hera is more than just a glitch in his personality matrix, the accumulation of ones and zeroes, whatever what those know-it-all organics say. She saved his life when she pulled him from the Y-wing’s wreckage, and gave him a second chance though others told her to have him scrapped. No matter what he does, she stands by him

    If droids can love, then he loves her.

    Chopper’s circuits sizzle in anger as the attacker grapples with Hera. She’s fierce and fast, but no match for this strange alien’s speed and skill. He pins her to the ground, raising his shock-staff.

    The ugly Imperial meatbag hasn’t spared a sniff for the droid—the more fool he! He should know better than to turn his back on an astromech! The way the assailant twitches when Chopper’s electro-shock overloads its nervous system and the thud he makes when he hits the ground are quite satisfying. Chopper gives a “Bwaah!” of triumph.

    He won’t let anything harm Hera, no matter what.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Go LOL Nice musings here. Very in character.
    Wait Aw. Sweet & protective. [face_shhh]
    Rise Chopper the pranking astromech. [face_laugh]
    For & Against Reminds me of the journal of I-Five where a most improbable but it still worked 'ship was I-Five and Magash. ;) =D=
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    Feb 27, 2014
    The wonderful character studies continue—time for me to get caught up! These last two sets are heartfelt, nuanced looks at two very different Rebels protagonists—and the fact that you aced both shows just how deep your understanding of the whole ensemble is.

    :kanan: : Love how Kanan's group spans his whole life, from his padawanship with the dear and wise Depa Billaba (who in her way will turn out to shape so much of his own outlook), to his "I'm not a kid!"-hood on the streets of Kaller, to his mentorship of both Ezra and Sabine. One of the things that makes him such a compelling character is the way he's suddenly thrown into the position of father and mentor figure with these two talented young teens, even though his own training never was technically completed and he doesn't technically hold the rank of Master. His whole position as space!dad to the Ghost crew is definitely something the Force has "thrown at him when he least expected it." But his own inner compassion and good nature allowed him to rise to the occasion with flying colors, and he gets such an incredible amount of naches as a reward.

    :chopper: : Love the voice you've given to our favorite li'l orange-domed bwopper, and the many sides of him you've shown here—indeed, you've shown us that he does have many sides. On one hand, he is capable of any number of pranks and highjinks to keep those organics on their toes—I remember that levitation prank from early in the series! On the other, though, he truly does care about his flesh-and-bone companions and is there for them no matter what, as we see in the way he watches over Ezra on Tatooine (I would say on Malachor too, where he plays a very Sam Gamgee-like role). And it stands to reason that Hera would have a special place in his processing circuits, as the one who rescued him and got him back to working order. She is his space!Mom, too, and although I don't think I've yet gotten to the episode with the scene you describe in "Against," it makes total sense to me that he would defend her in the best way he knows how in a situation like that. (Those electroshocky little graspers are quite redoubtable!)

    And I have to say I ADORE the fact that Chopper uses the expression "meatbag," à la a Certain Assassin/Protocol Droid of a few thousand years ago... and yes, I remember well that "droid brain in the bargain bin" cartoon you showed me that time. :D

    Keep these coming, please! :D
  17. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Chopper might just be bwopin' his way around as if he had been a scat singer from a black and white TV era, but in fact, he knows more than anybody else on the Ghost ever would. Just like Artoo in (most of) the films, he is the historian of his time and place. And this drabble-icious pack of bite-sized snacks pictured it masterfully! ^:)^

    Go: Well, aren't all of the folks mentioned in this particular drabble like that? Doing what they want, on their own terms? The next thing I know, I will start seeing Chopper as the lead enabler, the one who influences the others' subconsciousness. :choph: There must be some sinister pocket-sized HAARP-like device hidden underneath that orange-yellow dome. HALP!

    Wait: I cannot recognise this exact scene, as the last episode I have caught up with was Trials of the Darksaber and I digested quite a lot of Rebels in a short period of time, but whether I have seen this or not, it's wonderful to give Chopper some depth. While Zeb's depth is obvious to a skilled writer and avid reader from the first glance, it takes a lot to understand that Chopper is the kind of a frenemy that's more of a friend, the kind of a friend you never knew you had! @};-

    Rise: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Chopper, Chopper, CHOPPER! You're one little troll, don't you know? I can totally picture this and it's not 100% in-character, it's 101% in character. [face_rofl]

    For: "More than just a glitch in his personality matrix"...well, that was just...just. [face_love] Never thought that one could put "Chopper" and "mush" in the same doctoral dissertation, let alone a drabble, but well...ladies and gentlemen, it just happened and it's awesomesauce! [face_dancing]

    Against: Great contrast to the previous drabble! And great use of the grabber for something serious, given that it was used for something irrelevant in the third one. Clever ways of intersecting and connecting all of these.

    Sabine, please? For me?
  18. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Technically, I’m on vacation, but what are you gonna do on a 5 1/2 hour flight besides write drabbles? :p This set is everyone’s favorite big purple lug:zeb:
    I promise to catch up on responses when I have a bit more time.

    There’s something so satisfying about the way the bucket heads’ helmets feel when he bashes them. The “conk” they make when he slams a couple of them together. The way the troopers inside grunt like poleaxed banthas when they go down. They think they’re invincible with the might of the Empire, but they might as well be lizard-monkeys in those shiny white shells as far as he’s concerned. He can plow his way through a squad, thumping and tossing aside the bucket brains as he goes. And he does...can’t think of a better way to spend his time!

    The quiet after the battle is the peace of the grave.

    He wanders through the wreckage of the Royal Palace. Rubble crunches and grinds beneath his feet, but he hardly feels it. In all his years as an Honor Guard, he’s never seen anything like this. The Empire didn’t come to conquer, but to destroy. Their disruptor rifles left no wounded, only dead. Should he be satisfied at the number of Imperial corpses that lay scattered among them? How can he be when he stands alone?

    His anguished cries echo shatter the quiet, but there’s no one left to hear.

    The legends are true. The prophecy. It’s all true.

    Lira San is real. The Lasat still live. Zeb looks around in wonder at a people he thought he’d never see again; his hosts are equally in awe, because for them the lost colony of Lasan is the legend. They listen to his story in horror and pity, welcoming Gron and Chava home like lost children.

    He can’t stay, much as he would like to. There’s still too much he has to do. But he promises to return some day...and to bring this hope to the few who still remain.

    The Empire has much to answer for; Zeb adds another death to that tally...


    His best friend.


    The man who helped him find his way back from the edge of despair after the siege of Lasan. Who gave him a purpose, a way to fight the Empire besides brawling with bucket heads. Who made him remember what being an Honor Guard was all about. Who offered friendship and hope to a warrior who believed both were gone.

    Kanan’s death was his sacrifice for his friends, they said. And knowing Kanan, that’s true.

    But the Empire’s going to pay...


    The baby is such a tiny bundle in Zeb’s arms. He looks almost human, except for the fuzz of green hair that covers his head. Zeb looks down at him in wonder and gently touches his cheek with a claw-tipped finger. “Uh… hey there, kid, I’m your Uncle Zeb. Well, not really your uncle, but I promise I’m gonna take care of you…and your mom...don’t tell her I said that, though. You dad was my best friend—he was the finest man I ever knew. When you get older, I’ll tell you all about him...I’ve got lots of stories…”
  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    And so the awesomeness of Raissa continues unabated. =D= @};- @};- This certainly runs the gambit of emotions and so insightfully and naturally. The anguish of loss, the burgeoning of hope, mourning of a friend, and forging "family" ties through memories and legacies. :cool:
  20. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, ZebbyzebbyzebbyzebbyZEB! :zeb: [face_love]

    It’s always such a treat to see your incomparable Rebels touch at work—and this set of drabbles is doubly so for me, since this is my favorite of those characters. Far from being merely “the muscle,” as he was originally billed, Zeb is actually an amazingly versatile character, with such an incredible range of expression from broad humor to serious emotion—and you’ve really captured that wide range here. We do see “the muscle” here, in the burly brawler who loves the sound those bucketheads make when bashed together. But we see too the depth of the losses that he has experienced, and that perhaps led to his taking on that persona to begin with. First, his people and homeworld—and what very, very haunting image that is, of him walking through the rubble of the Lasat royal palace, with only his cries of anger and grief piercing the deadly quiet. Then, later, the heartrending loss of the best friend and brotherly space!dad who did so much to bring him from the depths of despair. :kanan:

    And then you show us the amazing moments of hope and redemption that are also part of this character’s experience. “Lives” is probably my favorite here for the way it caprures Zeb’s awed joy at the rediscovery of Lira San and expands so beautifully on the events of “Legends of the Lasat.” I must say, I just ADORE the idea of the lost colony of Lasan being as much of a legend on Lira San as the lost homeworld of Lira San was on Lasan (if that made any kind of sense). As I’ve said before, it’s a bit of a bummer that that episode doesn’t show us any of the other Lasat on this lost homeworld, so I appreciate the glimpse of that that you gave us here and will treasure it as my heart canon. @};-

    And of course how I could not “aww” and squee over the image of sweet Uncle Zebby cradling little Jacen in those huge stripey purple arms? What a darling uncle he makes! I love the idea of Zeb being someone special in Jacen’s early life, and I have no doubt he shared many, many inspiring stories with him. The Space!Family goes on! <3

    Bravissima on another drabblelicious triumph and indeed on all you have done for this character and his story. =D=
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
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  21. Raissa Baiard

    Raissa Baiard Chosen One star 4

    Nov 22, 1999
    Catching up...

    I think Chopper and Hera’s relationship is space!mom and droid!kid (though sometimes Chopper turns it around to protect her) than it is a ‘ship. He loves her, but more in a platonic/filial way. Chopper has a kindred prankster spirit in Ezra, and he has a definite soft spot for him, too. There are several instances of Chopper being the one to follow Ezra when he’s haring off on some wild adventure or staying with him when he’s feeling low.

    [face_blush] Aw, thank you... I can’t say it enough, though, the writers and cast make these characters so compelling and vivid; they’re just a joy to write.

    Kanan’s had a lot of things thrown at him, but he’s handled them with strength and compassion. It hasn’t always been easy for him; he’s had to grapple with his own doubts and feelings of inadequacy, but in the end, he’s been a profound influence on the entire crew, though that influence is probably most evident in the way Ezra has grown into responsible and caring young man. One thing I loved about the Kanan comics series was seeing how much he and Ezra do have in common in their backgrounds; it really explains a lot about why Kanan has those feelings of inadequacy as a role model for Ezra, and why he pushes Ezra (and himself) so hard.

    Chopper is a lot like Zeb in the fact that he seems like cranky comic relief at first, but the more you see of him, the more you realize there’s a heart (or processor) of gold underneath that curmudgeonly exterior. He’s the one who stays next to Ezra when he’s mourning his parents, he follows Ez when he nearly joins Hondo’s crew—and gives him good advice about running way from his problems!—and of course he loves his rescuer and space!mom, Hera, even when she calls him by the Full Designation of Doom (and I was so tickled to hear her do that :D) And he even gets to be an action hero on her behalf in Season 4....that particular moment literally made me cheer for him! :chopper:There are also some lovely moments in Season 4 when you realize just how much he really cares for Hera and Ezra, and how much they care for him in return.

    “Meatbag” just seemed appropriate in this case. Droids need their own derogatory slang for their organic counterparts, along the lines of “rust bucket”, and HK-47’s term just encapsulates it so perfectly. :D

    I love it! Yes, Chop is the only one who knows what’s really going on :D If only those silly organics would listen to him, they’d all be a lot better off...of course I have Chopper playing matchmaker for Kanan and Hera in one of my stories.

    I think by now you may have seen this episode; if not, I won’t spoil things for you, but as far as devotion in a droid...R2D2’s got nothing on Chopper here.

    He is the eternal prankster, even though it lands him in the ill graces of his crew mates. He’s lucky he’s got that rocket booster, or Zeb probably would have reduced him to his component parts long ago!

    Aw, thanks! Chopper really does have a good heart underneath, and that aspect really gets a chance to shine in Season 4.
    Action Chopper—with electro-shock attachment! He gets to prove he’s as much a hero as any of them [face_love] This particular opponent deserved to be taken down by the one character everyone takes for granted!

    And yes, I’ve got a set in the works for Sabine, completing the set!
    [face_blush] Thank you so much! Zeb is such a versatile character—there are so many aspects to him that he really can traverse the spectrum of emotions. Well, they all can—and do—but Zeb and Chopper in particular have so much beneath the surface, that you only discover as their stories unfold.
    Shai, is that you? [face_laugh]

    Awwww [face_love] thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed them, because I know how dear the big purple lug has become to you! Part of the fun of these drabbles has been the way the various prompts bring out different aspects of the same character. Zeb’s got his broad comedy, bucket-head bashing side—and Action Zeb is all kinds of awesome!—but he’s got a lot pain and sorrow in his past. The image of him wandering alone through the wreckage very nearly made me cry when I was writing The Beginning of Honor. And though we never get to learn the circumstances of his first meeting with Kanan, I can imagine that the Jedi played as big a role in bringing Zeb back from the edge as he later did for Ezra.

    Again, thank you. Writing it made me wonder what the Lasat of Lira San thought when the trio showed up. They had to have been pretty surprised as well, and the idea of lost colonies that plays through mythology seemed so fitting here...Zeb gets to be part of multiple legends! (And why not? He’s already larger than life!)

    Ever since I saw “The Future of the Force” I’ve thought that Zeb + baby = SQUEE:D I know that as strong a family as the Spectres are, Zeb would be there for his “nephew”...and Hera. And I’m sure that he not only told Jacen stories of his father, but taught him about honor, friendship and duty...all the virtues that Kanan and Zeb embodied day-to-day.

    Thank you...this means so much coming from you—you’ve captured Zeb’s spirit in a way no one else can and added a new dimension to it with your stories in the Lasan Series! :zeb:
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  22. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    The idea of Zeb and little Jacen was so cute, It inspired and entire set of drabbles :zeb: [face_love]

    “No!” The green-haired toddler pushes his plate of grilled nuna and diced topatoes away emphatically. “No, I not eat it! No!”

    Zeb sighs and drums his claws against the galley’s table. The little boy is as stubborn as both his parents put together…and then some. He’s already gotten soaked in a disastrous attempt at bathing the kid. Zeb pushes the plate back. “C’mon, Jacen. You gotta eat your dinner. Your mom said…”

    Screwing his tiny face into a scowl that rivals Zeb’s own, Jacen summons his unformed Force-powers and flings the plate back to splatter in his babysitter’s face. “NO!”

    Zeb plunks another plate in front of Jacen and leans forward. “Right, here’s the deal, kid: you eat all your vegetables and I give you a cookie for dessert.”

    The toddler considers this momentarily before crossing his arms over his chest. “Two!”

    “Fine, two cookies.”


    Zeb growls under his breath. Babysitting one kid shouldn’t be harder than being captain of the Honor Guard, but how do you negotiate with someone whose favorite word is “no”? “Nope. You gotta eat the veggies first.”

    Jacen starts to get that look again; Zeb whisks the plate away just before he shrieks, “NO!”

    It takes another forty-five minutes of threats, promises, pleading, and cajoling, four plates, and several dozen rounds of “here-comes-the-x-wing” to get Jacen to eat half a piece of nuna and six chunks of topato. He bolts for the common area as soon as Zeb lets him out of his seat.

    Zeb watches him as he climbs onto the dejarik table and crawls between the holographic monsters making “rawrrr” noises. “You know what’s next, right? Bedtime,” he tells Chopper. “Think you can electro-shock him a bit? Kidding!” he assures the droid, at his outraged “BWAAAAH!” Mostly. “Here’s what we’re gonna do…”

    “Bwah bwop!” Chopper announces, rolling into the common area. Bedtime!

    Jacen scrambles off of the acceleration couch with a giggling shriek and runs...straight into Zeb. “Gotcha! Time for bed. Right now.”

    “Noooooo!” Jacen squirms futilely in Zeb’s strong arms. “I not tired! I wait for Mama! I want Mama!” His voice rises to a teary wail. “Mama!”

    Zeb’s Guard Captain resolve to Get This Kid to Bed Now dissolves into a puddle of goo. His hold on Jacen turns into a hug. “Aw, c’mon, kiddo, let’s get your jammies and I’ll tell you some stories til your mom gets home.”

    The Ghost is quiet when Hera returns, but the soft humming of a lullaby comes from the common area. When she peeks in, the music stops as Chopper holds up one grasper and makes an electronic “shhhh!”

    Zeb sits on the acceleration couch, his head lolled to the side, snoring. Jacen is asleep on his lap, nestled against Zeb’s shoulder. They wear identical expressions of innocent slumber. Hera smiles as she scoops up her son. He murmurs sleepily when she plants a kiss on his forehead.

    On a whim, she leans over and kisses the top of Zeb’s head, too.
  23. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Raissa, when so many of the L/M specialists left/stopped posting, I thought, :( but then you came along with your Rebels nummies, and [face_dancing] my SW love glomped on for good and all. =D= [:D]
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  24. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, these are absolutely adorable! Both li'l Jacen and his Uncle Zebby are such rays of sunshine, each in their own way, and Zeb really makes such a sweet uncle-figure. [face_love] And a long-suffering and persistent one, too: his Honor Guard toughness really stands him in good stead between all the bathtime soakings, the Force-assisted food in the face (ouch!), and round after round of "here-comes-the-X-wing." He's right, Jacen is one stubborn li'l kiddo—no surprise, though, given his folks! :D His tactical prowess comes through, too, as we see from his little plan to get round up Jacen for bedtime (a Zeb-Chopper collaboration worthy of "Warhead"! :D), and of course his natural good-heartedness as he comforts and cuddles the distraught little fellow.

    And that final image of them dozing together on the acceleration couch with the same sleepy face... oh, there are not enough "awws" and "squees" and purple and green hearts! [face_love] What darlings they are! I love, too, the way the scene recalls Kanan and Hera's sleepy cuddles in the award-winning "Date Night"; even if Sabine wasn't there to sketch these two, I bet Hera will cherish the image in her own mind! And YES YES YES, sweet Zebby most definitely deserves a little kiss, too. @};-

    Beautiful job once again with our favorite purple lug and his adorable little spinach-topped space!nephew! =D=
  25. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    So, why didn't you mark these weeks? I don't know what I'm responding to right now, so, yeah... I HAD TO LOOK IT UP. SHAME ON YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. :p

    Zeb, Week 12

    Break - Zeb could easily write a scientific paper on how to effortlessly bonk two bucketheads. It's art at this point. He is so well-versed at it that he's turned such a barbarian practice with neither elegant nor other weapons involved into pure, pure art. :D

    Quiet - This is just heartbreaking. :( We never got a proper glimpse of the destruction of Lasan, other than who was involved and what weapons were used. This one, it's just like the big guy's heart is breaking into thousands of little pieces, disintegrating.

    Lives - Gah, you're evil. They didn't show Lira San in the episode where the Ghost crew and the two refugees discover it, and you're not showing much of it now, either. Sure, it's only 100 characters, but you're the best author in the Saga era, you can do anything. Okay, I'll be serious, I'll be serious - love how Gron and Chava are immediately accepted as everybody's brother and sister. The Lasat need to stick together!

    Dies - Another heartbreaking one. :(

    Story - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! Jacen! Zeb's softer side. SQUGGLES! I cannot be coherent here, this is just too precious. And, apropos the connection to the above drabble, this should comfort the burly one in a way - Kanan lives through his son. <3

    Zeb & Jacen, Week 13

    Uprising - Uh-oh, this toddler is a troll like uncle Ezra. :p I mean, not technically an uncle, but you get the idea.
    Isn't that ironic? There is always somebody to mess around with poor ol' Zeb, even when Ezra himself is MIA

    Negotiate - Of course that Jacen's favourite word is NO. His name is No, his number is..oh, wait. He's a Rebel like his father before him and NO is the key to rebellion. Looks like Zeb is starting to get a grasp of this, though. :p

    Convince - Wow, it worked out. I bet the little one got tired of his own shenanigans. Therefore, eeeeven if Chopper would take Zeb's joke seriously, I don't think an electro-shock would be necessary!

    Overthrow - Looks like I would have lost this bet. But if nothing else, the other side of Zeb has never been seen this clearly. Maybe in the episode where he's stuck in the hole with Kallus, but just maybe. Of course that sometimes one has to be NICE in order to achieve a goal.

    Unite - And that was just precious. Hera now has not one, but two babies. And looks like she doesn't mind kissing teh smelly at all. :)

    Probably one of the most original drabble sets, ever! =D=