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    Since I have already read the longer version, I have nothing to add for Week Seven. It is a worthy drabble set, and you are still in the race. Keep going. :cool:

    Now, Week Six was good; good coherent story, and that first one, Dream, I particularly liked. You could feel the concern of the mother(?) that her wokling was quieter than the other kids.

    Rain and Home were good too, with the latter feeding into a later story that I recall where Teebo and Logray were working together.
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    Loved the drabbles with Teebo. The little guy was always destined for special things.
    and a smart little guy, too. I like this line. It's a realization that the magic that comes from you transforms, not just manipulates. Subtle but so, so important.

    And the ANGRY MACE !!!111eleven!!!1!! cooking skit was great. I liked Armitage's cupcake apron that changed color as he went along. Although I almost expected a fight between Kylo and Hux, I rather liked the construction droid approach. Echoes of the Construction Droid Theater earlier. Mayhem and madness!! :D:p
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    Thank you for the comments. :)

    Thanks. :D


    I believe that it makes me more hilarious than a man in a box sitting next to a TV while grannies on motorbikes chase dead parrots. And that's quite a big deal. :D

    The first season has only thirteen episodes and there's a good collection on this one YouTube channel, so they're not that hard to catch up with, if you like them. And I am a fan of Gungans myself, I can definitely see the appeal.

    That's the way it goes and he realised it early - which doesn't mean that his ego won't get the best of him every now and then.

    Not sure if you read my dare response, but let's say gets weirder than that. :D

    Why, thank you. :) I'm trying, despite numerous problems with pretty much everything.

    And the shorter version features a different skit, but still. :D

    Yes, Batcheela is Teebo's mother. And she's really caring. And Teebo will be Logray's apprentice in the future. :)

    That is the difference between real magic and various tricks and illusions. :)


    Construction droid almost came to negotiate for Kylo.
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    Week Eight

    Here's a link to the announcement with prompts. I am not particularly inspired these days.


    “You…dirty…Rebel!” somebody yelled behind her. Doria turned around. It was that annoying Dak Gauree.

    He continued. “What do you think you’re doing going outside in the same clothes all the time. Is that because you’re not a girl or something?”

    She frowned and continued her way home from the Lyceum. Once far enough from Dak, she burst into laughter. She didn’t even know why. Perhaps it was the fact that Dak was getting less and less creative. Last week, he mocked her red boots, the week before it was her expression. He would be out of insults come next week.

    Doaba Ke'demii: Doria Vorr and "friends"


    “Revolution!” the little dark-haired girl announced. Her mother ran to the den from the kitchen.

    “D-doria, where did you hear that word?”

    “Brave Little Banthas say it all the time! It’s the Imperial Revolution upon the remains of the Old Republic.”

    “But that word is not allowed in the progressive world, you know?” the mother scolded the child.

    “Brave Little Banthas are progressive!” Doria quickly hugged her Lero cushion.

    Maris shrugged and went back.

    Ten days later, she picked a newsflimsi with a concerned parent letter about the use of word “revolution”. Looks like she was not the only one.

    Doria Vorr and Maris Inesedam-Vorr, at least ten years before the events of Doaba Ke'demii


    Throwing them off the command bridge,
    One by one all his soldiers fall down,
    There is no single reason to do it,
    But this king has lost his crown.

    That is one weird admiral
    Wondering what’s his diagnosis?
    What are you doing with this verses?
    This was supposed to be prose.

    He just got sick of everybody.
    They were talking too much,
    At this stage of being himself,
    He no longer wanted human touch.

    This drabble sucks and so do I,
    Sometimes there’s no power to fly,
    But the freedom to write stupid things
    Is the wind below my wings.

    Nonsense poem about a homicidal Imperial admiral. GO NONSENSE.


    Use the Force.

    My aunt and uncle died for me.

    Use the Force.

    Old Ben died for me.

    Use the Force.

    Han and Chewbacca almost sacrificed themselves for me.

    Use the Force.

    I’m afraid.

    Use the Force!

    My life changed within a span of two days.

    Use the Force!

    How am I supposed to do this?

    Use the Force!

    How am I supposed to get through this?

    Use the Force!

    Why is the answer always the same?

    The Force is with you and within you. What you’re going to do is up to you, but it will remain with you.

    The Empire Strikes Back: Luke Skywalker, talking to his own inner voice on Dagobah.


    Only thirty years old and a veteran. Did that even make sense? Veteran of the Clone Wars and now a veteran of Rebellion. In his mind, always on the right side, in his body, always with a clock ticking, for his days will soon be numbered. A disposable veteran, one could say.

    What’s your name? No, what’s my number.

    What’s your place of birth? It’s not on any map you know.

    What’s your story? Sit down and I will tell you the little I know. I will tell you of millions of faces like mine lost on the galactic battlefields.

    Captain Rex during a particularly sad moment. I have not seen TCW and the Rebels episodes with him, but this is how I assume he would feel every now and then.
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    Oh, wow, I didn't realize I had fallen so far behind! I do apologize and here's a major ketchup post:

    Week 3:
    Helpless: I can only echo what others have said about the metaphor of Leia as Luke's "other hand." What a striking way to encapsulate how their relationship has developed, that she is as much part of him and he can rely on her as much as if she was his own hand.

    Enough: As usual, Branna is wise. Following your heart is always enough.

    Non-stop: Poor Salacious Crumb. Like the jesters of old, if offends his patron, his head is on the line...Jabba would literally eat him! And I love that all Jabba wants to hear is Han Solo jokes.

    Week 4:
    Ewoks! Mischievous Latara and meddling Bozzie threading through the drabbles.
    [face_laugh] So true; there's no remedy for self-important busybodies like her. And amorous Latara is not going to let her, or picky things like warrior practice, get in the way of quality time with Teebo. :D

    Week 5:
    [/b]Dinner: Oh, Taide and poor, puzzled Mammon--always a pleasure to see these two [face_love] Of course, we know the reason why Taide won't go from "Quite a Handful" and his disastrous danger dinner danger with Maris.

    Theater: CONSTRUCTION DROID COMEDY! CONSTRUCTION! Love C5-A4's method of dealing with the heckler. Take that!

    Pint: drunken Ewok, befuddled Threepio...and Lando... Indeed, what was Lando thinking? I don't know either, but it's funny! [face_laugh]

    Shot: And speaking of funny, this one is my favorite [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Love, love, love that the standards are so low that all it takes for the supposedly bad-shebs Phasma to become a commander is to hit a single target!

    Week 6:
    Lovely set of linked drabbles about wokling Teebo and the perceptive Jinda fortune teller. I like how you've got references to the events of "Snowed In" and "The Other Moon" in Stars. And sweet Teebo's musings lead him to realize that he wants to use magic not for himself but to help others [face_love]

    Week 7:
    The return of "Cooking with the First Order," and you have definitely brought the snark!
    Love Snokes's face in a grilled cheese, paralleling those unlikely divine appearances in food form :D and Hux's color changing cupcake apron that reddens the more he gets embarrassed. Interesting use of Zuvio and his pot--hat--thing. And of course, I'm always stoked to see ANGRY MACE brands appear. SOUP FOR THE WIN :D
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    So, you ninja'd me, and now I must pour ketchup on the ketchup post :p

    Rebellion: Good old Dak... bullies are never very creative, are they? He's just regurgitating insults he heard somewhere else, without a clue what they mean. Good for Doria that she can laugh and realize his taunts are so much empty air.

    Revolution: I love seeing the Brave Little Banthas again! Sacorria is indeed an odd place, where even the officially sanctioned Imperial propaganda is not progressive enough and even--especially?--children's entertainment must be held to rigid standards of progressiveness.

    Freedom: not exactly sure what to say about this one, except YOU DO NOT SUCK! GO NONSENSE11!!

    Martyr: A touching look at Luke's thoughts as he realizes that so many of those he loves have died or suffered for him...and if he does use the Force, it's only going to keep happening. I like to think that the voice telling him to "use the Force" is the Force itself.

    Veteran: This is my favorite of the set. For not having seen him in Rebels yet, you've really captured the essence of his character there, particularly in the part about being "a disposable veteran." That's what makes him, and the other post-Clone War clones, so poignant. They were created to do one thing and they did it to the best of their abilities, only to be abandoned by the Empire who created them. Now they are so much "trash", considered useless. Rex finds a new purpose in life, but there must have been many who succumbed to despair :([/b]
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    I found Ewoks on YouTube, per your recommendation, so thank-you for leading me in that direction! I look forward to catching up on the series. :D

    Now, for this set -

    Rebellion: That's the best he can come up with? o_O :p What a sad bully - but I love that Doria can see through his ridiculousness and laugh at him. That's really all you can do, sometimes.

    Revolution: Yikes, this world is such a stressful place that I just can't even sometimes. Poor Brave Little Bantha, not being propagandist enough!

    Freedom: Hey, but a drabble is still a drabble! And this one didn't suck; I'd call it a unique response to the prompt, yet again. ;) =D=

    Maryr: Wow! The repetition in this one was powerful - what a great look into Luke's mind!

    Veteran: Aaaand you did it: you just socked me right in my heart and hit all of my fangirl buttons. Yes sirree you did. This is such a spot-on look inside of Rex's head that I'm surprised that you've not watched TCW or Rebels before. Rex may have been created to do one thing, but he forged himself into so much more - even so, the weight of that has to weigh on him, being the last one of so many. His being a warrior with a body that was created to break down quickly after a certain amount of time is even more painful to contemplate, yet you hit that too. But the last line of this is what really got me - you can even hear RL veterans with their stories to share echoed there, and it's a fantastic legacy for his brothers that he's able to leave behind, in what small way he can. Just gorgeous. [face_love]

    Fantastic work, as always. :) =D=
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    5: This week is a real smorgasbord of variety: OCs, ECs, and some in between. In the third category I was thinking of the rather goofy but charming tipsy Ewok in "Pint"; I first thought that might be [hl=black]an aging Wicket[/hl], but there are several others who would fit the bill too (and what kind of research is Mr. Calrissian doing? Hmmm.... [face_thinking]). I was charmed to see good ol' Taide and his old chum Mammon Hoole leading off—poor Taide, I know exactly which dinner date he was burned by, but I hope lunch will be an acceptable compromise. (I doubt Mammon is one to be fazed by any awkward hand-related comments, anyway, as he can just shift his hands into looking anyway he wants them to!) Woot for the Jindas and the new member of their troupe—enjoying your zany take on C5-A4, and good on him (it?) for standing up to that pomato-thrower—trust those Duloks not to be able to recognize a good time when it whacks them upside the head with a rolled-up newsflimsi. :p Wonderful to see Phasma again; I've grown fond of her, as you know. I am guessing this ties in to the whole "stormtroopers can't shoot" thing, though I sympathize with her feeling of frustration at how contrived this testing situation is—not at all like life. And it's fantastic to see more wonderful OCs of yours closing the set as well: I now wonder at what point Doria will learn the whole story of why Branna is so anti-alcohol and other addictive substances (I'm guessing she will someday). And I love that even the snarky, sullen Doria we are getting to know in Doaba Ke'demii has a very considerate side—Branna and her clanmates are clearly very special to her. @};-

    6: One of my favorite sets from you so far! I knew you would do great things with prompts like "Dream" and "Stars," which after all tie in so well with your stories' overarching themes, and you couldn't have chosen a better character for these prompts than Teebo. Her (?) prophecy about him is beautiful and so true to the character; he will indeed become all the things she says, both a watcher and a traveler of the stars (and she seems to be foretelling [hl=black]the events of Snowed In, too[/hl]...). The way he keeps on holding her hand tightly, even after she's finished, tells us that he has been listening hard, and we see that he keeps thinking about it, even afterward. For him, even a completely understandable youthful desire like an ice-on-a-stick segues into thoughts of how he might use the magic the fortune teller sees in his future—and this being Teebo, of course his first thought is to use his powers to help others. [face_love] It's an added bonus to see the moment when he first learns of the sage who will become his mentor, the one who will teach him to watch and listen to the stars. (And that his mom so readily tells him about Logray of course reflects how very much she supports him in following this path—go Batcheela! =D= )

    7: It's back, it's back, Cooking with the First Order is back! And with a surprise guest chef, too—the appropriately plate/skillet/wok-headed Constable Zuvio! Sweet rice oil, a secret Teedo spice blend, ohvanille seeds, red nebula onion, a bitter mystery ingredient ... foodie!Finds does indeed like the sound of this. (And it's neat that the "bitter" ingredient shows up in conjunction with Hux's own bitter feelings about his cooking show and whether to continue it or not.) :D Of course Kylo has to barge on in and ruin everything with his "I can see my grandpa in the food" shtick (poor Zuvio, after all that work and all those tasty ingredients!). But naturally the quick-thinking Phasma saves the day with one of our favorite product lines—SOUP'S ON, YO! :p

    As for C5-A4: a very resilient droid! I guess he figured that if the Jinda magic show wasn't working out for him, he might try his luck in cooking shows. And who knows, he might be just what they need to breathe some life into Cooking with the First Order! :p

    8: This is another wonderfully varied group, and how cool to see it lead off with the one and only Doria! "Revolution" is the first time I've seen Doria before her teen years; there already is the snarky, boundary-pushing wit we’ve come to love so much (and go Brave Little Banthas! Serving the Republic Empire, salutes! [face_dancing] ) I too am so glad to see that Doria’s not letting Dak’s immaturity and nastiness get her down. That’s the resilient girl I know—keep rockin’ those ([hl=black]very familiar[/hl]) red boots! Speaking of boundary-pushing, you definitely do that with “Freedom,” which in no wise sucks and which is a new and different approach to the prompt, applying it not just to the crazy admiral who’s its subject but also to the act of writing the actual drabble.

    I can only echo what others have said about the two very penetrating EC portraits in the last two drabbles of your week 8 set. There are echoes of A Rough Trade in the one of Luke (and each of those losses he mentions is itself a rough trade), and in a way his self doubt here is foreshadowing the even stronger doubts that affect him in that story. It's so easy for us (or at least for me) to forget that Luke went through a lot of sorrow and self-doubt to get to where he is by the end of episode 6, and that the Force wasn't always a given for him; he needed to have moments along the way where he wondered, as he does here, what "use the Force" really means, and why the heck he's being told to do so all the time. And Rex... wow, if you hadn't mentioned that you hadn't gotten to the Rebels episodes featuring him, I would not have known at all, because this is very true to the way things seem to be for him there (and the two fellow clones that he retired with). It's harrowing to think of a human being who nevertheless was not designed to live a normal human lifespan, and I had never thought about the clones that way before. But you're right, that is exactly what he is—and ditto all those millions of men, with faces just like his, who fell in battle. (And wonderful way to re-work in the "name" and "number" motifs from earlier on in the challenge!)

    Great work here—do keep 'em coming! =D=
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    I am not sure if I'll ever be able to comment on this set of comments, given the enormous volume and all, but I just thought I'd say that I'm grateful for all you said. [face_love][face_love]

    If there are comments in the future, they will be added to this post. :)

    Comments added on November 27th, 2017.

    All of that, PLUS a helping hand. Literally. ;)

    Nothing to add. :D

    Latara manages her time much better than Bozzie ever would. She's, like...constructive. ;)

    Glad you like them.

    P.S. *whispers* You never read the last chapter, yet you know what happened?! I guess I'm nuts. 8-}


    Wish I knew that myself. The idea came pretty much out of nowhere and I couldn't work it into a proper story, became a drabble. :)

    The standards ARE low, but she's basically bored to death. It's not easy when you're a badass woman surrounded by absolute cretins.

    Nothing to add...swoon! [face_love]


    The wok-hat was my first thought when I saw Zuvio. Guess I'm being a nut, again. 8-}

    "Come to Cow and Chicken's 'Happy Meat', where nothing is ketchup!"

    It's one of those rare moments where she's not letting him get her down.

    I eventually worked a reference to this into the DDC, but this is where it came from...or wait, was it the other way around?

    You don't know what to say? But-but-but, it's my SIGNATURE MASTERPIZZA...err, MASTERPIECE.

    Re: the bolded part...that's a chilling realisation, isn't it?

    I'm glad that I managed to do this without getting him wrong. Means a lot, especially when YOU say that. :)
    Still waiting for your feedback. :)

    Nothing to add here, other than...BUY SAYGO!

    The way it goes, if I ever come back to this, there could be more of these. And I didn't tell you that, mmmkay? :p

    That was the idea. I was afraid that it would not be poignant enough, or over-the-top, as it's hard to find the balance - glad that neither of those things occurred.

    Aww, you're flattering me. @};-

    But seriously, this is probably my favourite of all 50 drabbles I've done in this thread, so far. :)
    Nah, it's some random Ewok. :) And Lando is...being Lando. :p

    Mammon, the way you wrote him, obviously has a lot of patience for Taide and his quirks. Or perhaps not? He's quirky himself, they make a good match, both being oddlings and all. :D

    Just remember them when the Jindas came to the swamp...that was AWFUL. They totally needed a little revenge here. :p

    Yup, that was the idea. ;)

    Doria might, just might end up developing the same stance as Branna, come to think of it...

    ...and yes, she will learn. Very, very soon.

    I didn't think of the character's gender at the time of writing, but I'm OK with the character being female. We don't get a single spoken line from female Jindas in the cartoon and all of those that we see are bellydancers, so why not have one that speaks? :)

    And yup - the whole thing is a gigantic, planet-sized spoiler. :p For, well...anything Teebo!

    I knew that the foodie in you will enjoy this, but in this case, I am not sure if the recipe could be translated to something that would make sense in our world, unlike those two recipes in Kylo and the Ghosts of SNARK!

    Perhaps he should cook next? :eek:

    I bet that Comradette Nola is proud by how memorable the boots ended up being. :D

    And yeah, little Doria is a plucky one. I was inspired by myself as a kid - I once saw footage of this Kosovar Albanian protest and the next thing you knew, I was running around the living room, yelling out the names of the intellectuals supporting the protest. My grandmother was horrified. I was, like, four years old at the time. :p

    Come to think of, there could have been such cases. I only realised that now. People do go crazy in war. Pearl Jam - Red Dot.mp3

    For some reason, I just can't see Luke as a character without internal conflicts at every single step he takes. That's how he got into my mind the first time I saw the Original Trilogy, that's what he will always be like to me. :) He's miles away from the original Prequel Trilogy Jedi, his ways just have to be different.

    I need to look up those two as well. You told me about them before (Gregor and somebody else, right?), but I did not get a chance yet.
    Re: the bolded part he idea came to me when I was ruminating on the Movie Quote Challenge, which I have told you about before, and it seemed like an interesting concept. We are mortal, but Clones' time is so limited that it hurts to even think about it.
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    I simply love what you have done with week 8
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    I loved the K2SO vs. C-3PO one especially! Would love to see that expanded. With R2 snickering in the background.

    And "millions of faces like mine..." That can really apply to any war.

    And the cooking show! I'm sorry, I can never get enough of Hux trying to get through one--just ONE--episode, without someone (*coughKylocough*) to muck it up on him!
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    Your Hux sure is somebody to reckon with, even in the kitchen department.

    And your K2SO is a force of nature! Sure thing.

    I liked all the updates and I am sorry that I have fallen behind, but my energy level is extremely low these days. I manage to read during lunch breaks, but to comment from a mobile phone is tough. And I just make it online for comments once a week.
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    Jul 31, 2014

    Thank you. Week 8 loves you back. :D

    R2 snickering in the background would be absolutely fun, I agree. :)

    I know what you mean, my energy level is low, too. Let's hope it will soon be OK, for both of us.
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    Week Nine

    Here's a link to the announcement with prompts.


    The stars were so bright that night. But he knew who was the brightest of them all. Lying down in the smaller of two ponds, she was calling for him to join her for a bath. And this time, he knew what it would lead to. This time he knew that they both were ready for it.

    He skipped from one rock to another and soon found himself on a very slippery one.


    The water was cold. But seconds later, it felt strangely warm. With the one you love by your side, it cannot be any different, he thought.

    The love scene in The Other Moon, from Teebo's POV



    Years later, she was the IT girl. Who could have believed that a member of a species nobody has heard before the Battle of Endor could appear on the covers on various holomags and newsflimsi, leaving the other two of her wailer-group members behind.

    Everybody talked about the magic Ewok flutist and her stage presence. Not just that, but on top of it, she designed all of her own hoods and bibs.

    She could not understand what makes her so special on the worlds that were nothing like Endor. After all, they had many other beings they could obsess with.

    From a future story - Latara is sort of an IT girl



    Teebo came back fast.

    “I had some blue milk. And they said the same as you, that I don't look drunk. Was I supposed to drink something else?"

    Latara giggled.

    "Do you feel better now?" Teebo asked.

    "Still a bit bruised and, at the same time, wondering if I would have survived this at home. The doctor said that my hips are too narrow. But I am happy. Our little girl is…magnificent.”

    “Let me hold you.”

    And they fell asleep - him holding her and her holding the baby who was quietly nursing for a little more before dozing off.

    From a future story - Latara gives birth to Luufi



    "Say...are you expecting?" Antonio tried to chat the Ewok IT girl up.

    "No, I swallowed a probe droid. Now they cannot get it out of me. Chak, I am expecting. What sort of a question is that?"

    "Also, I am part Kiffar. I can read from that gem on your chest."

    "Antonio, you are really disgusting sometimes, you know?" another man said.

    "You are just jealous at my pick up skills, Anjie. If you were anything like me, you would have the most beautiful woman in the Galaxy flocking to your bunk."

    “But I already do, Antonio. I already do.”

    From a future story: Antonio Nokaarbe attempts to chat up a pregnant Latara - don't ask me how it came to that



    "Somewhere, in another world, in future, there are star-crossed lovers, one or both of whom never came to realise what we did. Unable to let go of their pride, step out of their comfort zones, break the social norms imposed on them." She pointed to the sky above and sighed. "A part of me feels sorry for them, for that particular, I don’t know, Ania Horn will never stop being angry at, what’s that common name, Jax Pavan for things he never did; and that Jax Pavan will pretend Ania Horn was just a twist in his sobriety."

    “Their loss.”

    My OCs, not saying which ones
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    Teebo is a great character in these five drabbles.
    Love the one in Mama and Shine is superb with much loved character Jax Pavan in it.
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    Jul 31, 2014
    That's not that Jax Pavan. :) I'm using it like "John Doe" here - just to make sure. :)
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    Bright: Aw! What a fantastic mixture of romance (not too saccharine), and light-hearted, put a smile on your face good-humor. I absolutely adored the tone of this drabble. [face_love]

    Star: I love how she still has such humility, even with her unexpected fame. I also liked the tidbit about her designing her own hoods and bibs. How fitting. :p

    Mama: Once again, you created a beautiful atmosphere with this drabble. The relief and softness of the new family holding each other was just beautiful.

    Please: *snorts* What really cracks me up is that this guy expected his pickup lines to work. Latara's response was perfect in reply. [face_laugh]:rolleyes:

    Shine: I can't put my finger on the OCs, but the imagery in your language and the way it tied in to the prompt was lovely. Very nicely done. =D=
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Always wonderful to see your Teebo and Latara. [face_love] What a sweet couple, with such a sweet talent for lovingly savoring their moments together—whether it's that romantic encounter by the starlit pond or their first moments of gazing on their baby girl. It sounds like the birth was a little bit rough for Latara, though it's a tribute to the unbreakable resolve that she displays not only in the Ewoks cartoon but also throughout your Ewok stories. Her response to Antonio's ridiculous chat-up attempt is perfect, and so in character. For some reason I don't quite totally believe him about his psychometric capabilities—though bringing the necklace into the picture reminds me of another beautiful stone necklace in your oeuvre that also featured prominently during a love scene. (And what a contrast, because [hl=black]that love ended sadly, but this one quite the opposite[/hl].) Kudos to the "other man" for stepping in and defusing the situation—and I know just what other man that is, and who the beautiful woman flocking to his bed is too. [face_love]

    And I totally recognize that couple in the last drabble, as well as the beautiful themes that unites so many of your stories... love, the stars, lost connections, regained connections. That Ania and that Jax may have missed their chance with each other—but the star-crossed love between them remains out there in the other stars, for other lovers in the galaxy to recognize and feel. Which is what is happening with these two right here and now. Absolutely gorgeous encapsulation of so many important and lovely things there. [face_love]
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  19. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    That's from one of my Ewok epics, The Other Moon. There's a chapter which is basically a giant courting and love scene. I think you'd like it. Not breaking the rules, subtle and romantic.

    That's what a real star should be like, in my humble opinion. :)

    Thank you. I've had that scene written about two years ago and it's lovely to see that people like it - even in its most abridged form.

    Antonio expects ALL of his pickup lines to work. And he's not specieist, he'd go for ANYTHING.

    The OCs are all over my stories, usually not named when they're together. You'll spot 'em. ;)

    I am glad that my Teebo and Latara are likeable. <3

    And yes, the idea was that the birth was rough, but that she was determined to get over it fast. And Teebo is always with his girl, even though some medicine students wanted him to get "drunk", which didn't work, given what he ordered and his conscience.

    Antonio is a moron, and that's a known thing.

    The other man is rawwwr and that's a known thing, too. He does need crap like that in his life.

    Didn't notice that particular contrast, you're a genius - as usual.

    Yup. Even when you are super-happy, somebody else over there has made a huge mistake, and you can realise the greatness of your love by thinking of their failures. Or at least that's the message I was trying to convey here.
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I am feeling really unwell these days (could barely read and write last week) and I didn't know if I will continue to take part in this, but Findswoman and Raissa Baiard encouraged me to give another week a go. So, here goes. I apologise if I'm slow and brief with my own comments or if I just leave a "like". It's not on purpose, it's a genuine health issue.

    Week Ten

    Here's a link to the post with the announcement and prompts.


    From nobody wondering the deserts, she became the one whose duty might as well be to save everybody else.

    From the one eating grey goop in front of the modest home, she became the one to fight the most notorious First Order Knight of them all.

    She never knew the world was so big, that there were things such as greenery and rain, but she made it just fine.

    And she found the light that had always been there, waiting for her. The brightest of the brightest lights in the night sky.

    And she found somebody to call “my friend”.




    That’s what he was. That’s the step he missed somewhere during his formative years. That was the love he thought he missed, that he had been receiving in small portions. Juvenile at thirty years of age, which was quite a lot for Humans.

    He could have been juvenile in some other way – chasing girls and trying to pick them up from his speeder. Participating in Zelosian zherry bomb drinking contests.

    But he was not.

    He chose to slay, he chose to rage, he chose to fail to accept the other side.

    His way of juvenile was deadly from day one.

    Kylo Ren



    This is not the way he used to do it. It was all play and no work. It was “finish today’s practice and then go to the secret wooing spot with Latara”. But today, it was different. He was ordered to set a trap larger than usual, as if it was supposed to catch the Skull Ones themselves. And he got a whole group of Ewoks to command over – among them Asha Fahn and Paploo. He felt so unusual commandeering a group of other hunters and warriors and he had no idea why Chief Chirpa assigned him to do this.

    Teebo, hours before he first appears in Return of the Jedi - one for Mistress_Renata who wanted me to do ROTJ from an Ewok POV



    Lahsbees from Lahsbane.

    Watching them while they’re small is a blessing. They’re so cute that you wish to cuddle with them, stroke their feline fur and rub their bellies. Of course they wouldn’t allow you to do that because they’re a sentient species, but you have to agree that they’re among the sweetest living things in the Galaxy. Their language is almost as sweet as they are themselves.

    And then, zap, they transform into the fearsome, semi-sentient large predators who could kill you on spot. Who’d say that?

    Huhk from Lashbane. Play them some music and hope for the best.

    Musings on two species that morph one into another and change temper from mild to full of rage. They appear in old Marvel comics.



    Crossed the world,
    Seen everything that was there to see.

    Seen all the stars,
    Been everything that I wanted to be.

    Had a heart,
    Gave it to one who deserved it.

    Had a soul,
    Decided it was all mine and kept it.

    Served the tribe,
    They helped me whenever I needed it.

    Never took a bribe.
    And everybody who knew me appreciated it.

    But now I must go.
    I really must go.
    Now I must go where trees grow from the ceiling.
    But now I must go.
    I really must go.
    Now I must go where the darkness is concealing.

    An Ewok elegy - fanon
  21. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    So glad to see you back in action on these drabbles, especially given how rough these these last several weeks have been for you. I hope things will continue to get better. @};-

    And if you ask me, you haven't at all lost your touch—not that I thought anything would really cause that to happen! This is yet another group of wonderfully rich miniatures, in true EP fashion. Your subject matter fits the prompts perfectly in each case. Rey is raised from being a "nobody" (I see what you did there!) in a humble, humdrum existence to a potential savior of the galaxy, from arid wilderness to lush greenness, from solitude to acceptance and friendship. Kylo's murderous outbursts show him to be childish in the worst possible way, and I could definitely see it being due to many missed steps—and missed love—in his early years. Teebo has to grow up all of a sudden with this new mission and the group of warriors now under his command; I don't blame him for feeling utterly confused by it all (and for wondering whether he'll ever be able to go back to his favorite grove with his sweetheart). Those Lahsbees/Huhks are pretty mindblowing—who indeed would have thought that a sentient, mild-mannered species morphing into a pretty much totally different semi-sentient, predatory species! That definitely takes the idea of "growth" in a wacky and unexpected direction. Finally, the elegy of "Elder" is just beautiful, and so perfect for the Ewoks, the people for whom heart, soul, stars, the tribe, and the trees (all of them wonderful EP motifs!) are one. [face_love]

    And I can only repeat: please don't feel at all bad about being slow or brief with comments, or sporadic with writing, or anything of that sort. We understand, and we'll be here. For now, do what you need to feel better—everything else will come. <3
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  22. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Wonderful insights in the various characters and that poem was beautiful. Please keep on writing.
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  23. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Liked your Rey and your Kylo/ Ben approach! =D=

    You should write on!
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  24. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    The great thing about drabbles is that they are always here when you are - there's no time constriction on the challenge! The same goes with reading and leaving reviews - we've all been there ourselves at one point or another, and we'll all have highs and lows to come. That said, I definitely hope that your health improves, and that it lets you write as much as you want! In the meantime, I am still enjoying reading these. :) [:D]

    Raise: What a beautiful piece of introspection for Rey! The last line, in particular, really stood out to me. Without those connections, everything else has an emptiness about it, so to speak. [face_love]

    Juvenile: 'Childish' really is the worst word you can apply to murderous outbursts, but in Kylo Ren's case, that really is the only word that fits. A sobering, chilling look at his character. [face_plain]

    Mature: Whew! Yes, that is definitely a moment of truth for a young one taking on the burden of command. A wonderful missing glimpse into the events of RoTJ.

    Growth: Huh . . . fascinating! This was a very interesting drabble about a species I've not heard of before. [face_thinking]

    Elder: I love how creative the drabbles are this year - and this one is no exception! Your lyrics were beautiful - I could completely see this as an Ewok elegy. [face_love][face_love]

    Fantastic work, as always! I definitely don't see where you feel as if you've lost your touch. ;) :)

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    Week Eight.

    Martyr and Veteran were the best of the batch, with the former being simple, yet poignant; how does one cope when their life changes in two days? And on one level, you really need more advice than "Use the Force." However, Return of the Jedi bares out that those three simple words were the right thing to say.

    I did like Revolution. Although if the series did not get censored or pulled at the first complaint, that is a broadcaster that knows exactly what they are doing.

    For the nonsense poem, good work. I recognise the desperate attempt to just get something down for the drabble set to work, hello Fourth Wall! The first drabble was also good. Yep, Dak is running on empty, there.
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