Saga [UDC VIII] "She Says in Parenthesis"

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Author: Mira_Jade
    Title: "She Says in Parenthesis"

    Genre: Everything
    Rating: PG
    Time Frame: Mostly Saga, with some Beyond-Legends thrown in for spice
    Characters: Ensemble - see the Index for individual weeks

    Summary: A collection of drabbles for the Ultimate Drabble Challenge VIII.


    The Index

    Week I: "I Remember, So You are Eternal" (Luke & Leia & Vader | Rex | Anakin & Obi-Wan)

    Week II: "Rank and File" (Cody & Obi-Wan | Cut/Suu Lawquane | Shaak Ti | Rex & Ahsoka)

    Week III: "A Strong Enough Foundation" (Bail/Breha & Leia | Bail & Vader | Leia & Anakin Skywalker)

    Week IV: "Requires Sorest Need" (Kyp Durron | Zekk | Tenel Ka/Jacen | Luke/Mara | Tahiri/Anakin Solo)

    Week V: "Old Enough to Die" (Ahsoka & Anakin Skywalker & Fives & Echo & Rex)

    Week VI: "What We Could Be" (Bant & Obi-Wan | Siri & Obi-Wan | Qui-Gon & Tahl)

    Week VII: "Those Who are Hungry" (Dexter Jettster & Obi-Wan & Rex & Anakin/Padmé & Luke)

    Week VIII: "You Were a Revelation" (Jag/Jaina | Jaina & Han | Jaina & Anakin Fel)

    Week IX: "In a Second Key" (Winter & Leia | Han/Leia & Anakin Skywalker & Luke | Padmé & Leia | Mara Jade)

    Week X: "Somebody You Used to Know" (Arla Fett & Jango Fett & Tor Vizsla)

    Week XI: "Marching Far Away" (Jango Fett & Jaster Mereel & Boba Fett)

    Week XII: "A Turn of Face" (Boba Fett/Sintas Vel & Fenn Shysa & Mirta Gev)

    Week XIII: "If This Really Means Freedom" (Owen & Luke | Leia & Bail | Hera/Kanan | Mon Mothma | Ahsoka)

    Week XIV-I: "From Light You Came" (Breha & Leia | Bail & Ahsoka & Leia | Mon Mothma & Leia | The Naberries & Leia | Leia & Anakin/Padmé)

    Week XIV-II: "In the House of Mourning" (Breha & Padmé | Fives & Echo | Winter/Tycho | Luke/Mara & Kyp Durron | Han/Leia & Chewie)

    Week XV: "I Have Loved the Stars too Fondly" (Obi-Wan & Anakin | Ahsoka & Anakin | Aayla Secura & Bly | Depa Billaba & Kanan | Obi-Wan & Luke & Beru)

    Week XVI-I: "Lights Will Guide You Home" (Tenel Ka/Jacen | Leia & Allana)

    Week XVI-II: "And Ignite Your Bones" (Teneniel & Tenel Ka | Teneniel/Isolder | Jaina & Allana | Leia & Jaina | Augwynne Djo & Tenel Ka)

    Week XVII: "The Skywalker Chronicles" (Anakin Solo & Anakin Skywalker | Jaina & Mara | Luke | Nat & Kol Skywalker | Cade & Luke Skywalker)

    Week XVIII: "With Another Burning Bright" (Poe/Holdo | Rey & Holdo | Leia | Rey & Finn)

    Week XIX: "By the Student You'll Be Taught" (Anakin & Obi-Wan | Ahsoka & Leia | Ahsoka & Kanan | Kanan/Hera)

    Week XIX-II: "Where You Lead" (Cody & Obi-Wan | Bly & Aayla Secura | Wolffe & Plo Koon | Kanan & Styles & Grey | Ahsoka & Rex)

    Week XX: "Worth Fighting For" (Shmi Skywalker & Anakin Skywalker | Obi-Wan & Luke | Kanan/Hera | Leia & Luke | Anakin Skywalker & Luke )

    ~MJ @};-
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Week I: “I Remember, So You are Eternal”

    I. Valor

    A fire burned; small, when compared to the celebration she'd just left behind.

    At first, Leia merely wanted to find Luke (her brother, the thought was already ease and familiarity), yet . . . there with him . . .

    The idea of tending the funeral of Darth Vader (her father, such remained an impossibility, a gross untruth) when she could, instead, only remember every fallen comrade . . . every compatriot missing that eve . . . it was unthinkable. She could not move from the forest-line.

    The valor of an uncountable many still deserved her respect. Darth Vader could remain in the shadows a while longer still.

    II. Honor

    He sensed his sister, lingering amongst the trees before turning to whisper away in the night.

    A part of Luke understood: for Darth Vader, his solemn memorial was unthinkable - abhorrent, even. Yet, for Anakin Skywalker . . . in a way, their father truly had been the first to perish on Darth Vader's blade. Luke would remember that, always.

    Yet, Leia . . .

    She had a relationship with Darth Vader that he did not . . . could not understand. Her scars were gouged deeper; they would take longer to heal.

    (So, when she was ready, he would honor their father and mourn him anew by her side.)

    III. Sacrifice

    The Jedi left a trail in the forest to follow. Luke Skywalker may have known war, but he was no soldier . . . not like his father.

    After a long day of combat - his last, most likely - his over-aged body protested kneeling by the still smoking pyre. For years, Rex hadn't honored this name in his litanies . . . but now, he bowed his head, cycling through every fallen comrade aloud, until -

    “ - . . . and you, General Skywalker . . . nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la.”

    (This time, he wouldn't be far behind.)

    IV. Defeat

    There was no death . . . only the Force.

    As Darth Vader, he'd scorned that truth; his very existence mocked it. It was a curious thing, then: the return of so much light, engulfing his being until he was nothing but a luminous being . . . freeing him from his hate pain rage as the Force rejoiced to embrace him anew as its chosen son -

    “ - you,” defeat sharpened his voice. Even as a spirit, his former mentor had a unique way of summoning his shame. “ . . . you must think yourself so smart.”

    V. Victory

    “Well . . . not really,” was Obi-Wan's wry admittance. “In the end, I'd say that we were both wrong . . . wouldn't you agree?”

    So very wrong, Darth Vader – no, Anakin Skywalker knew . . . only, he did not know where to begin in setting things right.

    “It's not impossible, Anakin,” Obi-Wan's absolution was painful in its gentleness. He held out a ghostly hand; beyond him, eternity beckoned. “This is not the end . . . not nearly.”

    (For not even death itself could defeat the light.)

    So . . . he trusted, and allowed himself to be led.

    For those who are curious: "nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la" is Mandalorian for "not gone, merely marching far away." It's a custom of their culture to say a daily list of fallen comrades to honor their spirits. "I remember, so you are eternal," is the opening line of the remembrance litany - which did not fit in the hundred word limit, but it's where the title for this week came from.

    And, Rex on Endor? Well, I totally subscribe to writer Dave Filoni's theory that Rex was the old rebel on the Endor strike team you can see during Episode VI. That was the last drabble I needed to fill, and it felt fitting to have someone who knew Anakin as he was, not just as Darth Vader, to round the set out.

    ~MJ @};-
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    Jun 14, 2005
    You are all so wonderful when you make your texts for those challenges. It is always so hard for me to tell who is best for each writer is different and has a different approach. And your texts are always so beautiful. With a few words we are inside the head of an SW character and the magic fully unfolds. Then it is not "Being John Malcovich", but Leia, Luke, Vader and so on.

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    Once again, I am not familiar enough with CW - which is the reason I only gave supportive likes on your other stories, but I LOVE these and I love the theory of Rex on Endor. :D

    Valor: Lovely missing scene that would kind of fit the film better than what we eventually had. Then again, it could also be happening the next day, right? I love how this one is Leia watching Luke and the other one is the other way round. And the titles/prompts could not be any more fitting for this!

    Honor: Leia's relationship with her father was purely antagonistic, yet she is coming to pay respect. I always thought of the emotional stress of finding out that somebody who tortured you is your father and then, the next day, he dies. Seeing it all from Luke's perspective is even more chilling.

    Sacrifice: This is starting to have some things in common with that fic-gift I wrote in January and I'm loving it. I love it how we all see these little holes and fill them in, fill in the blanks. Now, knowing how fast Rex is aging breaks my heart. But knowing why he's there to honour the pyre is even more touching - especially with that expression in Mando'a.

    Defeat: I am not sure who speaks here - Obi-Wan, Palpatine or, well, Anakin to Darth Vader and vice-versa? It got me curious, so please do get back to me on it. The oneness with the Force, however, might be making my question redundant...?!

    Victory: This one makes me think that Palpatine was in the previous one and that Obi-Wan symbolically took the Anakin out of Darth Vader. Wonderful, wonderful description of eternity here. <3

    P.S. I thought you were saying it wrapped in a pair of quotation marks, with too many elipses that somehow come out as separate (. . . rather than ...). I WAS WRONG. FORGIVE ME. :p
    - The RANDOM ALL-CAPS person, REALLY.
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    May 15, 2005
    Love this exploration of Anakin Skywalker. And that touch with Rex at the pyre? Wonderfully done.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    Those first two were really great, especially Luke's observation that his sister had a different relationship with Vader, and I loved the Her scars were gouged deeper; they would take longer to heal bit; you weren't nursing a cat scratch were you?

    Sacrifice kicked in once I realised that it was Rex, one of the clones who knew Vader as General Skywalker, making this drabble surpass the previous two.

    Defeat - "the return of so much light", I read.

    "Yeah, that's the Death Star exploding, Mate." I thought.

    Like Ewok Poet above, I also did not know who greeted Anakin; its not like he was short of mentors; at least four candidates, Palpie, Kenobi, Qui Gonn, Yoda.

    With Victory, well done stretching your arc to five drabbles.
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    Wow. I really enjoyed all these and how they were all connected together. Rex at the battle of Endor isn't something I've heard of before, but Rex at Anakin's funeral pyre is totally my canon now!

    (And I love the title and use of parenthesis).
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Beautiful. Going from Luke, Leia, Rex (I love seeing him there) Anakin to Obi-Wan
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    A beautiful group (heck, when is any of your stuff not beautiful? :D ). I love how you're unified them thematically around Vader/Anakin's funeral scene at the end of ROTJ. I have to say that Rex's moment stood out for me too; there's been a lot written about how Anakin's family, both literal and in the larger Jedi sense, remembered him, but this is someone who came from outside that fold and who knew him in a totally different way. The Mando'a tribute (tell us the translation, please! :D ) adds a lot of poignancy here, given the the not-always-so-friendly history between the Jedi and the Mandalorians. And with Rex himself close to death, it's kind of a Nunc dimittis moment for him.

    I really like Leia's reflection a lot here, too; we don't get to see it much in the film because the film is so centered around Luke. It makes perfect sense given her experiences with Vader; unlike with Luke, there was nothing redeemable or even semi-redeemable in the way he acted toward her, and she is fully justified in not feeling ready to mourn yet. Also, as we see in the New Canon lore leading up to TFA (Bloodline, etc.), Leia's connection to Vader will turn out to haunt her and hamper her arguably more than it ever did Luke, and this fits with that perfectly.

    Finally, what a cool idea to show us Vader's own response to his defeat and to his transmigration into the Force-ghost otherworld—an otherworld where his old teacher is very same old deadpan self! [face_laugh]

    So much light, indeed—thanks so much for sharing. :)
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Aww, thanks! That really is the best part about this challenge - seeing each author bring their individual takes on a hundred words! The UDC really is my favourite challenge for that alone. [face_love]

    Well, even the likes are appreciated, I can tell you! [:D] I understand how hard it can be when you want to leave meaningful comments on something you have no background on - that seems to be half of my job as a NSWFF mod 8-} - but I thank you for checking in and leaving your thoughts here. While the next week will be CW based - heck, just look at those prompts! Can you blame me? :p - I will try to include all sorts of characters in this collection. :)

    I actually thought of your fic-gift while writing this! There are so many holes to fill in canon, and that's half the fun of fan fiction. [face_love]

    I'm glad that Rex's inclusion was so well received - he is one of my favourite characters, and thinking about his aging breaks my heart too. Chronologically, he's just two years older than Han, and when you think about it that way . . . :(

    Anakin to Obi-Wan! Of course his first reaction is still a bit defensive and guarded - but there's no room for that kind of emotion for long when you're one with the Force. It should lead right into the next drabble - which I would have made more clear if I was allowed more words! :oops:

    [face_laugh] Well, I think that I slaughtered the rules of grammar with my elipses and parenthesis here, so, really! But, that's just what drabbles do . . . [face_mischief]

    Again, I thank you for reading! :)

    Thank-you so much! [:D]

    Nope. But I see where the imagery would suggest that. :p

    Thank-you! That seems to be the favourite. [face_love]

    It was indeed Obi-Wan. :D But you're right - it could have been any of them.

    I thank-you for reading, and for leaving such a nice review. :)

    You gotta love fan fiction for that - we're sharing head-canons one reader at a time. [face_laugh] But, yeah, as soon as I read that interview, I could not get the idea out of my mind, either . . .

    What can I say? It's a heady power, bending the rules of the English language to my will. ;) [face_mischief]

    I am glad that you enjoyed these! Thanks for reading. :)

    Thank-you. :)

    Aww, thank-you. [face_blush]

    Thank-you! Rex's inclusion just fit, and I'm glad that it was so well received. [face_love]

    "Not gone, merely marching far away", is basically the gist of the translation. The intro to the Mandalorian litany means "I remember, so you are eternal", which was where I got the title for this week. It's a custom to daily list their fallen comrades, so it meshed right in to the funeral scene, and the rest wrote itself from there! [face_love]

    (I find the Mandalorian culture fascinating - which is why their depiction was actually one of my least favourite aspects of TCW. Ruthless terrorists or extreme pacifists? o_O Yeeeaah, that is a gross over simplification of an entire culture, and I will forever regret that Satine was not our first female Mand'alor instead. But, that's what fan fiction is for, I suppose . . . [face_mischief])

    Thanks! Leia has so much burdening her psyche where Vader/Anakin is concerned - in a very different way from Luke, and exploring her relationship with her birth father is always something that has interested me. Not to go into detail about it here, but I'll admit that I've not read Bloodline yet - parts of the New Canon I adore, like Finn and Poe and Rey. But, the rest of it underwhelmed me, to be honest, and I've yet to read the associated books. But, if they handle her relationship with her father with any sort of grace, I'll definitely have to check that out. [face_thinking]

    Once again, I thank you so very much for reading, and for taking the time to leave your thoughts! [:D]

    To anyone else who simply left likes, or to my lurkers, I thank you all for reading, and I hope that you continue to enjoy. :)

    ~MJ @};-
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    Week II: “Rank and File”

    VI. Name

    Throughout his training, he'd long imagined his Jedi general. Yet, this droll - (perceptive, centered, dangerous) - man Cody was assigned to instead had eyes that laughed - curiously so. He'd thought the Jedi god-like. What use did gods have for humor?

    And, what use did a Jedi have for -

    “ - no, that is your number. What is your name?”

    (Names were for the vod'e alone - secret and hidden. Yet . . . )

    “Cody," he dutifully followed orders. Still, he half-tensed for a rebuke.

    ( . . . for this Jedi too, he slowly understood, was more than his tool and trade.)

    “And I'm Obi-Wan," his general only approved. "Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

    VII. Title

    For years, the title of brother was the only one that ever mattered. Soldier, clone, tool, were merely assigned labels; they did not define him. Yet . . .

    “You'll have to take my last name, of course,” was Suu's cheeky response to his – in his mind, quite understandable - worries on the matter. Cut had nothing to offer in return, but she bestowed on him the title of friend and husband. (Provider and protector and life-long companion.)

    And, her children . . .

    The first time Shaeeah called him daddy, an inexplicable feeling of joy rose in him, and he counted the title amongst his favorite yet.

    VIII. Rank

    Shaak Ti had, in some ways, forgotten how to be Togruta.

    Her stationing saw an unexpected resurgence of her heritage. The clones called her buir for her simply fostering individuality and opposing the Kaminoans' more barbarous practices, and her spirit cried clan as she grappled with the fine line between teacher and general . . . compassion and attachment . . .

    . . . yet, the Living Force resounded in those years. While the war tied her hands, after she could fight for her men – the hunt-sons of her heart – as both a Jedi and Togruta.

    She only had to wait a little while longer still.

    IX. Date

    For CC-2224, the early days of the Empire blurred by in a bloody haze of enforcement and regulation. Even so, he clung to the day he'd lost his name. He remembered pale desert stone . . . a sinkhole filled with violent winds. He remembered taking aim, carefully calculating every variable -

    - only to miss.

    CC-2224 never missed; failure was unacceptable.

    (CC-2224 was bemused, but Cody took comfort knowing that, somewhere, Obi-Wan Kenobi was still alive in the galaxy. His Jedi had not fallen by his hand.)

    But it was hard to remain himself for very long. CC-2224 marched on, lost to his orders.

    X. Legacy

    Beyond their shelter, storm-winds howled, giving them cover to rest and regroup. Ahsoka was still shaken: her eyes were glassy; her lekku hung pale and despondent over her shoulders. She had yet to recover from the psychic onslaught of . . . of Order 66, and, now . . .

    “So . . . do you regret helping me yet, Rex?” She tried for humor, but failed miserably.

    Yet, standing there in scavenged armor, with his general lost and his every brother stolen from themselves -

    ( - strangely, he remembered Cut with his smiling family and simple farm, full of belonging purpose home, and knew - )

    “No, Commander . . . and I never will.”

    Mando'a: "Vod'e" means sibling/siblinghood, and "buir" means parent. The Mandalorians don't have gender assigned roles in their culture/language.

    Cut and Suu Lawquane: For those of you who haven't watched the Clone Wars, do yourselves a favor and at least watch the Deserter episode in Season Two. It's fantastic. [face_love] Anyway, Cut fought at the battle of Geonosis, but his transport to his next assignment came under attack and crashed on Saleucami. All the survivors were killed off but for Cut. Instead of returning to duty, he was taken in by a local Twi'Lek woman named Suu. Rather than fighting for a Republic who couldn't have cared less about him as an individual, he married her, and helped raise her two children from a previous marriage to a human. Rex had to confront a lot of ugly questions and uncomfortable emotions when meeting Cut's family, and the entire episode was priceless.

    Shaak Ti: I have to imagine that some species find it even more difficult to live by the Jedi Code than humans. Torguta are one of them. They are a fierce species of hunters, a clan species where individuality is shunned. This may have been built upon by fanon, but family roles extend to all in the clan - so even if you are not a biological mother, you are a mother to all who require your guidance. Because of their advanced bio-senses, they are all attuned to the Force to some degree. I have to imagine that a planet full of clones ("hunters") to nurture would hit Shaak Ti hard on a cultural level. It's a fun idea to explore. And, of course, the up and coming ranks pretty much adore her. You can't tell me they don't. :p

    The rest I believe are self explanatory, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :)

    EDIT: (I somehow wrote 'rank' rather than 'number' when jotting down the prompts, too. I'll be more careful in the future to right for the correct prompts. :p :oops:)

    ~MJ @};-
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    Jul 31, 2014
    You need to cut on those elipsises...elipses someday. They're dead distracting, at least to me. And by "need", I mean, "I beg you" or something. :p

    Anyway, let's try and dive into the CW stuff. *snaps nose with two fingers and jumps*

    Name: Okay, this one is easy to go through. Sympathising with Cody, absolutely. He is so used to being a number that he has got to be flattered by Obi-Wan's approach to him. But in a way, this is sad. :(

    Title: I read the footnotes and this one literally made me cry. Happy tears. Now, to think that he won't be a daddy for long enough, or for as long as most daddies... :( *sob*

    Number: I think that the de-individualised could, perhaps, go the other way round (until Order 66) at least and realise that Shaak Ti is their leader as much as she is one of them. A thought-provoking scenario, either way.

    Date: Another one with identity as the central theme! Cody becomes a Stormtrooper and gets yet another number, not a name. Yet he still remembers Obi-Wan's kindness. A nice sequel to Name.

    Legacy: I can totally see why girls are falling for Rex. He might look like all the others, Jango's frozen head and Boba himself, but he's surely the one to go for. ;) A good heart goes a long way. Unless I'm wrong, he removed whatever chip he had, right?

    A wonderful, enjoyable set! =D=
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    Jun 14, 2005
    You helped me to discover a totally new side about Shaak Ti. Thank you! @};-

    And you also manage to give clones individuality, a face.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love your insights in the clones and what they are becoming. Not all were mindless
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    Nov 30, 2005
    Set 2: Rank and File
    Love this look at the clones – their cohesive uniformity, but also their obstinate independence. The first one (Name), where Obi-Wan asks:
    made me think of Finn and Poe.

    I also like the progression from the first one (Name), where the possibility of self-identity is introduced; then the middle, where Cut redefines who he is entirely and where Shaak-ti vows to help the clones discover their unique individuality; to the end, where the Rex mourns the fact that “every brother [was] stolen from himself." They discover their individuality, then explore it, then hope for more, only to have it ripped away from them.:(

    This part:
    Is the most poignant. It’s as if Cody feels his unique self being washed away and he is helpless to stop it.

    Lovely as always! And I can’t help wondering who the “she” is who speaks in parenthesis.
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    Ok, so I'm writing this while flying home from a conference and these about made me cry (not cool on a full plane... :p ), particularly Date. I have often wondered what happened to Cody. That Order 66 would make him lose his sense of self as contained in his name is understandable and heart-breaking. Bravo! :D
  17. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, I'm sorry! Believe it or not, I do try to be aware of my 'extra grammar', but I will pay more attention to it in the future. Honestly, I write with such an emphasis on 'flow of thought' that I find elipses to be a helpful tool in slowing down and even tapering off a sentence of introspection or dialogue. Dashes help me speed up and digress. So, together, that makes up a fair bit of my style. BUT I will be aware of how distracting that can be in a drabble form, especially.

    When you think of it, for the ten years up to that point, Cody was trained to view his Jedi as an infallible god, in a matter of speaking. He was programed to live and die for his Jedi - literally. So, to find out that Obi-Wan is just as sentient as any other being in the galaxy, and interested in him as a sentient being too, not just as a breathing weapon, had to be an eye-opening moment. [face_love]

    . . . not that I have thoughts on the matter, or anything. :p

    The Lawquane family will never not give me feelings! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one. [face_love][face_love]

    Honestly, though not to such a gross extreme, the Jedi too are broken down to fit a 'de-individualized' mold, so it was interesting to explore that correlation here. Shaak Ti and the up and coming ranks do make for a fascinating dynamic.

    Yep, he removed his chip! (And I totally agree with you - I'm firmly a Rex fangirl and proud to be so. :p [face_love] But I started as a Fett/Mandalorian fangirl back in the day, so it was a natural progression when I had a heart of gold to put with the face. ;))

    Thanks for delving in to a new(ish) set of characters! I do appreciate it. :) [:D]

    I'm glad that I could provide you with some food for thought! :)

    They truly are the furthest from. [face_love]

    I love how TFA focused on Finn becoming, well . . . Finn. The Stormtroopers were such a disgusting echo of the clone army that the dynamic is an interesting one to think on.

    That really is as gross a part of Order 66 as the Jedi being massacred was - that the clones were used as executioners after bonding with their Jedi and having discovered themselves during the war . . . to just take that away and revert them to numbers . . . it's a twisted piece of work, fitting of Palpatine, and it certainly gives me a fair bit to write about.

    You have to wonder just how powerful those biochips really are - did any of the clones ever realized what they did? Did any of them fight the chips, at that? I like to think that Cody missed Obi-Wan on purpose - if he had any ability to fight against the chip's mind control, you know that he would of. [face_love]

    Aw, thank-you! I'm glad that you enjoyed. :) The "she" is just me, as an author. The title is a snag from Hamilton. Briefly put, while Hamilton is ranting about how he's going to make a difference/change history, his friends all aside together and say to the audience: "he says in parenthesis", and it's always been one of my favourite lines. So I stole it for the fourth wall fun. ;)

    I am still waiting for official word of what happened to Cody. Come on Filoni, make it so! :p But I am glad that you enjoyed these - even if it made for tough reading on your flight! [:D] *passes tissue*

    I thank everyone for reading, and taking the time to leave your thoughts - they are appreciated, as always. For anyone else who left likes, or simply read and enjoyed, I thank you too. [:D]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Week III: "A Strong Enough Foundation"

    XI. Helpless

    After years of loss, Breha Organa was finally a mother. She already loved Padmé's daughter, completely and without reservation. Yet . . .

    She cries as if something is missing, Breha thought. The girl was inconsolable, and the queen's arms ached from holding her - loath as she was to defer to a nurse when she finally had a babe to comfort. That was, Leia cried until -

    - once again, Bail reached over to take their daughter, and Leia quickly calmed in her father's arms. Her red rimmed eyes fluttered, exhausted and miserable; her sobs quieted. Seeing them together, something inside of Breha deflated, helpless.

    XII. Satisfied

    But her husband knew her too well.

    “Give her time, love; she's been through a tragedy,” Bail whispered. “I'm the only thing she's known since her mother . . . and, without her brother . . .” He sounded as helpless as she, and Breha understood.

    When Bail lifted his arm, she slipped wordlessly into his embrace. There, nestled against her husband, she brushed her daughter's cheek. This time, she marveled when Leia blinked – staring at her with an uncanny awareness for one so young. But she accepted her presence; she did not rouse to cry again. Exhausted, Breha closed her own eyes, content at last.

    XIII. Enough

    His daughter's presentation to the Senate filled Bail with pride. Leia shone with a light that was all Anakin Skywalker's charisma and Padmé Amidala's grace; Breha's sharp insight and his own careful practicality. Yet, for what Bail could so clearly recognize in his daughter, the Sith Lord too -

    “The Emperor wonders how you've kept such an . . . asset hidden on Alderaan for so long,” Darth Vader's observation resounded as a question - an accusation.

    But Bail refused to be cowed; instead, he stood up tall, prepared to divert Vader's curiosity. In the end, he only hoped that it would be enough.

    XIV. Non-Stop

    A blue light shone over her son's crib. Hesitantly, a ghostly hand brushed over the babe's cheek.

    “You named him after me.” Even as a spirit, Anakin Skywalker's voice was rough with emotion.

    “I did.” Her throat was thick, robbing Leia of her words. Instead, she could only stare. It was easy to see Luke in his face, but something about the set of his jaw was like looking in a mirror. His eyes were determined; stubborn. Non-stop eyes, she'd heard Han tease too many times to not recognize the same in her father.

    Unsettled, Leia could not look away.

    XV. Burn

    A long moment passed, and then . . . “The Organas did well by you,” Anakin finally said. Pain was a wound in his voice; she could feel his apology whisper across her spirit.

    “Yes," Leia agreed. "They did.”

    “I . . . am grateful.” Such small words, teetering expectantly on more.

    So, she sat down and indicated the cushion next to her - should he choose to take it. She tensed, but pushed bravely on. “As am I . . . Father.”

    With that single word, tears burned her eyes – but she yet refused to let them fall. The night was still young, and they had much to discuss.

  19. Ewok Poet

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    Helpless & Satisfied
    Wow, you're going the Briannakin route and writing about Alderaan! Interesting. A great view of Breha's past struggles and the chance to have what she wanted so much, a child, even if that happened in such a bittersweet manner. Funny how Leia is daddy's girl, tho. :)

    The thing Vader said can be read in so many ways. One has to wonder if he can feel something is quite special about Leia.

    Non-stop eyes? I have not heard this before, but if they're describing a caring mother in Leia, I think I get it. Now, if they're about little Ani...I kind of don't get it, because I did not arrive that far with Legends.

    LOVELY AU. Or wait, is she talking to a Force ghost? Intriguing, either way, and a lovely moment between the daughter and the father she never had. <3
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  20. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    I love these so much! I can totally see Leia as her father's daughter (meaning both of her fathers).

    Of course he would be. Both Leia and Luke were raised right.
  21. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    When I read your drabbles I felt helpless & satisfied at the same time.

    You put more than enough effort into showing how Leia came to be the woman she is, right under the nose of her true father and his master. Because she was adopted by a couple that gave her all the love that any child needs. Plus the stability a Force-sensitive child should have. Non-Stop commitment, really.

    Now my eyes burn because some fanfics, yours included, make me cry because they contain so much emotion.
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  22. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    A beautiful group, full of poignancy, and a wonderful look at Leia's connections to both her birth and adoptive parents throughout her life. Bail is such a sweet, caring dad and a perfect role model for Leia—he shows that one can be both a strong public advocate AND a genuinely loving, caring person, both of which Leia will eventually be herself. Though I totally feel for Breha in that moment of "OHMIGOSH baby would rather be with Daddy than me! AARGHHH!!!1!" :p You bring things satisfyingly (!) full-circle with the last two, and it's so lovely that Leia gets her own Force-ghost encounter with her birth father right there beside the cradle of her own Anakin. [face_love] He's as much part of her as her adoptive dad is, and they will indeed have so much to talk about—it's neat to imagine how such a conversation might go.

    Beautiful job once again—you always do a great job with Leia! :)
  23. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    I could not resist doing so, and I definitely had inspiration, you could definitely say. [face_mischief]

    Yep, for the time being, Leia is firmly a daddy's girl. But, to be fair, she's more conscious of her traumatic start than most babies would be due to her connection to the Force, and Bail is more comforting to her than Breha for familiarity's sake. Just give her time. [face_love]

    I like imagining that he had a very strong feeling where Leia was concerned - but of course he didn't trace it back to its roots, whether from denial or simply thinking such a thing impossible is hard to say. The Dark Side would shadow things even more. :(

    Honestly, I lost my tie-in to the prompt when editing the drabble, so I squeezed that bit in as a sort-of-awkward adjective. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been my first choice of words. :p I just meant to say that Leia is always going; she has a fierce drive, and a stubborn will - which is something that she definitely shares in common with her father. :)

    Force ghost it is! Leia naming her son Anakin was so beautifully symbolic that I had to explore more of it here. It's one of my favourite parts of the Legends 'verse. [face_love]

    Thank-you for reading, again! [:D]

    Because she so totally is. [face_love][face_mischief]

    Darn skippy they were! [face_love] That has to be such a bittersweet knowing for Anakin, but a relief in it's own right. :(

    Thanks for reading! :)

    Now that was as clever a reply as there ever was! :D =D= I'm glad that you enjoyed these. :)

    Thank-you! Leia really has both the bloodline and the wonderful parenting going for her, and Bail and Breha did so much to shape her into the strong, compassionate leader she grew to be. One of my favourite parts of the EU is the naming of Anakin Solo, and I have to imagine that would touch the spirit of Anakin Skywalker from beyond. The idea of just what their conversation would entail has been a bunny nagging at me, that said, and I may need to expand on it with a viggie. A drabble just wasn't enough. [face_thinking][face_love]

    As always, I thank you for reading, and for taking the time to leave your thoughts!

    To everyone who read and reviewed, or simply left likes, I thank you so much for the feedback! I hope that you continue to enjoy these as they go. :) [:D]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Author's Notes: Since I was feeling awfully nostalgic for the EU when writing these, here you have a grab bag of Legends characters. Enjoy. :)

    Week IV: "Requires Sorest Need"

    XVI. Hunger

    There was an old woman in the tunnels; a superstitious hag, most scorned; a witch, yet others whispered.

    Through experience, he'd learned to keep his head down - he knew what happened to those who spoke, to those who resisted - yet the words of Vima-Da-Boda appealed to him. No matter his initial skepticism, the idea of one vast entity connecting everything in the galaxy - connecting him to the sunlight and fresh air and freedom - resonated with him. He was hungry for everything the woman could tell him, and, when she was taken . . .

    Kyp Durron remembered what she said, and desired more.


    It took quieting every protesting voice within him to turn his back on Master Skywalker's offer, but he was determined. He'd made his choice.

    Zekk recognized Kyp Durron, leaning against one of the ancient Massassi stones, but did not realize he held his focus until: “Ignoring the Force inside of you, for fear of what's also inside of you . . . in a way, you're only letting the Dark Side win. Take it from someone who knows.”

    But Zekk was firm in his decision. He'd slaked his thirst for power once before; he'd never put his friends in danger by doing so again.

    XVIII. Itch

    Tenel Ka could feel his stare like a bruise. The heaviness of his guilt itched along her severed nerve endings, tingling across her missing palm until, finally -

    “This was through fault of my own, not yours, friend Jacen,” she firmly declared. When she drew his hand to touch the remaining stump of her arm, he sucked in a breath as if he was pained. But what he so feared was merely flesh and bone; healed, whole, strong. His skin was warm against her own, soothingly so. “Now, I will never forget my carelessness – my pride. This lesson I'll carry always.”

    XIX. Yearn

    There was a strain of jungle flu going through the apprentice ranks. Mara Jade was happy to nurse her niece through the outbreak, and Jaina quickly went from stubbornly insisting on her good health to miserably submitting to her mothering when the virus manifested. Mara, meanwhile, found something curious rise in her own heart, imagining . . .

    Luke caught the thought from her mind, and wrapped his arms around her from behind as she checked on the sleeping girl again. She wanted a child in their home, she gave her wish a name . . . and, with that truth acknowledged, she let herself yearn.

    XX. Impulse

    She could spend hours in the jungle, surrounded by the pulse of the trees, the heaviness of the water. Tahiri Veila had never known such diversity before, such life.

    “On Tatooine, the tribe valued me for my ability to find water,” she explained to the boy by her side. “But here, it's everywhere. Can't you feel it?”

    Powerful though Anakin Solo may have been, he'd grown accustomed to the vastness of the Force; it's presence was assumed. Impulsively, she took his hand and willed him to see: the universe was endless with possibilities, and, together, they'd follow where it led.

    Kyp Durron: Was taken as a child when his parents were arrested for treason by the Empire for protesting Alderaan's destruction, and was thrown into the Spice Mines of Kessel for hard labor. His parents were later executed, while he endured. He began learning about the Force while imprisoned, only to have a fraught journey of his own after Han Solo helped him escape as a teenager.

    Zekk: A orphaned street urchin who was befriended by Jacen and Jaina Solo. He had his brush with the Dark Side, and, for a time, swore off the Force for fear of harming his friends again.

    Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka Djo: Tenel Ka, the crown princess of Hapes and childhood friend of the Solo twins, rushed through her lightsaber construction, believing that the warrior themselves was more important than the weapon they wielded. Her lightsaber malfunctioned during a sparring session, and Jacen, unfortunately, severed her arm at the elbow.

    Tahiri Veila: Was kept by the Tusken Raiders after a raid on her family, and raised as one of the tribe. She was valued for her connection to the living Force, and could find water in the desert. I have to imagine that Yavin IV was wondrous to her, especially in the beginning. And, seeing as how canon later took one unbelievably awful spin after another for her and Anakin, I wanted to capture this youthful, happy moment here. [face_love]

    ~MJ @};-
  25. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    love to see you using the EU in your drabbles with all the nice characters like Kyp, Zekk, Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila and Tenel Ka
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