Saga [UDC VIII] "She Says in Parenthesis"

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    Vima-Da-Boda! :)

    You really gave your precious writer´s odem ups breath of life to this old skeleton, that was cowering in the back of my mind ever since I read the comics.

    Actually you managed to write about a lot of AU characters that I have not heard about in ages and made them as large as life. Thank you!
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    I was about to say that I don't know much about these characters other than what it says on Wook, but the mini-bios in a nutshell are quite handy!

    Hunger: I love the idea of Kyp seeing the light for the first time. The first time of seeing the light of any kind is so pure, idealist (or non-cynical) and I can see that Vima-da-Boda will serve as a great teacher for him after all that repression he's been through.

    Thirst: Kyp knows where he's coming from. But Zekk is young and his angst seems to be getting the best of him here. :( Unnecessary guilt much?

    Itch: Now, this guy leaves a path of destruction everywhere it goes, obviously. You have bravely chosen a hard moment to describe and described it flawlessly. I mean, I'm using adverbs here and I never do!

    Yearn: Is Mara wishing for a child of her own here? I'm a bit unclear on it.

    Impulse: I love Tahiri's connection to the living Force. One has to wonder if she was at least partial inspiration to the Story Team when they created Rey. :)
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    Thanks! The EU really did leave a fantastic cast to work with. [face_love]

    As always, your comments are lovely and touching! I'm glad that I could breathe some new life into a few old favourites for the both of us. [face_love][:D]

    Thanks! Back in the day, it went without saying that these characters would be known on the boards - but times have certainly changed, and I wanted to help anyone who was interested in reading with the EU. :)

    Kyp's story is such a fascinating one to me, that this first, metaphorical look at the light - and the way it leads to a literal return - was just too good to pass up.

    Oh, so much! Zekk can angst about the dangers of the Dark Side with the best of them. :p

    Which I take as quite the compliment! Thank-you. :) Honestly, Jacen was such a dear in the YJK, and he did go through a couple of interesting character arcs in the NJO - even amongst the rest of that mess. He could have materialized into a truly interesting character without turning him into a clichéd Sith villian - but the writers honestly dropped the ball on solid characterizations left and right in the latter days of the EU, who are we kidding? o_O

    Indeed she is. [face_love]

    Now there's a nice thought! Tahiri is another one of those characters who was just so interesting, with so much potential . . . but then: nada.:rolleyes: o_O But I'm glad to explore what good moments I could in these drabbles. I'm glad that you enjoyed these, again! =D=

    As always, I thank everyone for reading! More will be up soon. :)
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    Author's Notes: I intended for this set to be entirely light hearted, but then my muse had other ideas and an edge of seriousness crept in. Of course. :p

    Week V: “Old Enough to Die"

    XXI. Dinner

    Idem II was a bland, unremarkable world of low grey skies and dry, bleached grass. Its main city was filled with stacked, square white buildings; its populace was primarily human. The moon was one of the last way-stations with legally sourced fuel and legitimate commerce before the Outer Rim – which gave it value to the Separatists. (Before the 501st reclaimed it for the Republic, that was.)

    Now, while they waited for their shuttle to the Resolute, Ahsoka Tano didn't particularly expect the small cantina to have a palatable menu for non-humans, but she accompanied her Master and their squad regardless.

    XXII. Theater

    They had ground rules, of course – Idem's inhabitants saw little difference between their Republic liberators and their former Separatist overlords. They treated the Jedi with irreverence; the clones with outright distrust. Which meant:

    “No excessive drinking, and no hustling the locals over darts,” Anakin warned. He let his gaze linger on Fives, in particular. “Let's not give these people a show. We don't need a repeat of Carsettius now, do we?”

    “No sir,” was the affirmative chorus of replies, even if Fives, to Ahsoka's eyes, looked all too pleased to remember their last debacle planet-side. Echo elbowed his batcher, hard.

    XXIII. Pint

    Of course, there was a saying about good intentions.

    It didn't matter that they were unobtrusive as they filled a booth in the cantina. They were still stared at; they were still observed, judged, and found wanting. Her montrals itched, picking up on the whispers better than her human companions. She frowned at her menu, where, sure enough, all the drinks were grain based. As her boys ordered pints of the local brew, Ahsoka searched for protein, little relishing dining on another round of military rations. She continued to read, until -

    “ - she'll have to leave. We can't serve her here.”

    XXIV. Shot

    Five pairs of cool, identical eyes snapped towards the bartender in unison. “Excuse me?” Anakin likewise failed to conceal his annoyance.

    “The girl,” the bartender gestured. “She's underage.”

    Ahsoka was hungry, tired, and done with the thankless ways of war. She was old enough to die for these people, but not welcome to their hospitality? Thoughtlessly, she retorted, “For Force's sake, I'm older than every last one of them, and they can drink.” She jabbed a thumb at her men. “I just want a meal, anyway, not a - ”

    - but she realized her error. The bartender's eyes gleamed. “Haran,” Fives cursed audibly.

    XXV. Alcohol

    “Then the . . . soldiers will have to leave too,” the bartender smirked. “Twenty-one's the law here.”

    Jesse and Kix muttered; even Echo fought a frown. Fives ignored the bartender outright to finish his drink before it was taken from him. Rex, admirably, kept a straight face.

    Flustered, Anakin tried again, “Sir - ”

    “ - and you,” the bartender interrupted. “Where's your ID?”

    Anakin was two months from his twenty-first lifeday; he wasn't legal, either.


    “Well,” Echo cheerfully offered as they left, “at least we still have our rations.”

    Even Ahsoka couldn't blame Fives for swatting at his batcher's head, and that was that.

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    Week IV was wonderful; it was like a high school reunion only you don’t have to worry that you gained too much weight or that there is too much gray in your hair now. Everyone (including yourself) still looks Mahvelous. Loved visiting with old friends here. I especially liked the one with Tenel Ka, how she could sense Jacen’s guilt about her severed forearm but she takes it in stride as a lesson learned.

    Week V: Interesting set up. I like the idea of all of them hoping for a moment – just ONE stinking moment – of peace and normalcy in such a chaotic wartime existence. I was expecting perhaps that the tavern-keeper was not willing to serve the clones due to them being clones. Then I thought it was Ahsoka, because she wasn’t human. But the idea of them all being underage was a sweet misdirection. Loved the detail of Ahsoka futilely searching the menu for protein, since Torgrutas are noted hunters and are probably mainly carnivorous. A nice juicy steak would have hit the spot, I’m sure.
    Ironic indeed, they are all old enough to die for these people who not only don’t care but can’t even be bothered to accommodate them.
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    Dinner: It seems that Ahsoka can find unexpected surprises on this otherwise bland world. :) Took me a couple of reads to figure out what was going on, but once I did, I thought it was a fun slice-of-life moment.

    Theater: Ha! If that's not creative use of the prompt, I don't know what is. :D

    Pint, Shot and Alcohol - This story is developing interestingly, and the eventual realisation that NOBODY is old enough, even though some of them are just hungry, is jarring. Can't Anakin and Ahsoka perform a niiice mind trick here? I would.
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    love Ahsoka and her youngster clones in their quest for something to eat and drink
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    I would never go to that place as a customer again. [face_not_talking]

    But I was glee full when reading it. [face_rofl]
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    Week 4: Wonderful Legends grab bag here! I'm not equally familiar with all the characters, but you do such a lovely job of depicting these poignant, important moments in their stories that things all made sense to me (and I love that dear old Vima-da-Boda was one of your choices [face_love]). "Impulse" struck me especially, because Tahiri's awe at the feeling of all the water in the Force reminded me of Rey's reaction to all the green on Takodana. It's a big step into a new world for both Tahiri and Rey—but I love how here she reaches for Anakin's hand to guide him into a new vision of a world he already knows. :)

    Week 4: Oh gee, it's always something, isn't it? And after all the pains they took to be on their best possible behavior (even Fives—and yes, that was a very clever interpretation of "Theater" :D ). This situation would almost be humorous if it weren't for the fact that we're dealing here with the tired, the hungry, the war-worn—plus a child who belongs to all three categories herself. I'd like to think even the shadiest pub here on Earth would be willing to offer something to eat to a group that included a child—but not this place, apparently, with its trumped-up excuses about legal age. All right, if they're going to be that way, then they don't deserve Anakin's group's business! I just hope they'll find somewhere that's more welcoming where they can find some sustenance and refreshment—an army does, after all, fight on its stomach. ;)

    Wonderful stuff, as always! Thanks so much once again for sharing. =D=
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    [face_laugh][face_laugh] There's no better way to phrase it, is there? And you're so right! Legends have become golden oldies, and we're the old folks saying back in our day, but oh! What days they were. [face_love] I was glad to stage a bit of a revival here, and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the set as well. [face_love]

    I'll admit that I had quite a bit of fun crafting that arch - the tavern-keeper definitely had a few prejudices that culminated into one ridiculous excuse not to serve them, that's for certain. And you're right! It's all the more interesting writing about alien biology as, you know, alien. Poor Ahsoka here - and the whole squad, really. All too often, even in RL, soldiering is thankless work. At first, I just wanted to write something silly about their ages, and then it quickly sobered up into somewhat of a satire, in more ways than one. [face_plain]

    Thanks for reading! [:D]

    Oh, Theater was just fun to write! I'm glad that you liked it too. There's always bound to be a show when Fives is around. :p [face_love]

    Then, I think that having Ahsoka around makes Anakin play a bit more by the rules - elsewise, a mind trick definitely would have been something he would consider. ;) But, an unwarranted use of the Force like that probably steps on some Jedi principles, and Anakin knows when to pick his battles. This particular argument was just too ridiculous to fight.

    Thanks for reading, as always. :)

    Thanks! :D

    I know, right? [face_laugh] He just lost a lot of Republic business, that's for certain. o_O

    There really is a coorelation between Tahiri and Rey in that regard, you're right! I just love the wide eyes of these desert kids being shown a larger world. I have to imagine that Luke had a similar such experience on Yavin IV, as well. And, as for her bringing Anakin along - they really had so much potential before the NJO and later books decided to play loose and fast with ruining the characters' fates, but that's a conversation for another time. ;) I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed these!

    Almost humorous really is the only thing you can say - at first, I was just trying to write something silly . . . but it's not silly, honestly, when the GAR is using children to fight a war. Then they are fighting, largely, for star-systems who do not want or really need their help. It's a sad cycle, but yes! They really don't deserve Anakin's group's business anyway. So, there. :p

    Thank-you, again, for reading and taking the time to leave your thoughts! :)

    Alrighty, there will be more up in a few. :D
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    Week VI: "What We Could Be"

    XXVI. Dream

    Another potential Master came and went, leaving Obi-Wan behind yet again. Bant watched her friend despair, knowing that he felt every passing day as a weight slung across his shoulders: his thirteenth lifeday sped towards him, and he wasn't yet claimed as a Padawan. They were taught that every aspect of Jedi service was rewarding in its own right, but her friend had a dream, and Bant herself shared it for him.

    “They were not right for you,” she comforted with certainty. “You'll choose your Master as much as they'll choose you; the Force would have it no other way.”

    XXVII. Stars

    Siri Tachi may have been two years younger than him, but when she hit, she hit hard. Obi-Wan blinked as his vision swam with stars. Alarmingly, he couldn't immediately find his feet and bow to his opponent; his body betrayed him.

    “Oafy-Wan,” he heard Bruck sneer to the their own age-group of initiates. Obi-Wan's cheeks flamed - he'd never find a Master if he could not hold his own against a child.

    . . . but he would never deserve a Master if he allowed his loss to shame him. When Siri offered him a hand up, Obi-Wan ignored Bruck, and took it gratefully.

    XXVIII. Barricade

    “You're troubled over your decision; I can sense it.” Tahl was waiting for him – a bold counterpoint to the dejected boy Qui-Gon left behind. “Why do you not leave the past to the past, my friend?”

    Qui-Gon ignored her. “You counsel me for not taking a third Padawan, while you . . .”

    His deflection was weak. Tahl smiled; a knowing twist of her lips. “Someday, the Force may guide me to teach – you, however, barricade your heart while your senses scream at you otherwise. You'll not be able to continue on so blindly for long – mark my words, your fates are intertwined.”

    XXIX. Rain

    An artificial rain fell from Coruscant's artificial sky. The drops were cleansing after the dark and mire of Melida/Daan . . . only, the darkness was now permanent. She'd never see again.

    Yet the Force bolstered her remaining senses: the storm tasted metallic and sweet; exhaust and ozone tickled her nose; she could hear the buzzing traffic of the air-lanes and the soft, reassuring sound of Qui-Gon's heartbeat. She could feel his warmth - his grief and anger and disbelief. Tahl could see through the Force. She felt the rain.

    Melida/Daan stole her sight, but her sight only; she'd surrender no other part of herself.

    XXX. Home

    Obi-Wan Kenobi had left the Jedi Order. He'd found a higher calling, a purpose on a world called Melida/Daan. (Other, more uncertain whispers mentioned a girl, a freedom fighter who'd ensnared his heart – warning anew of the dangers of attachment.)

    Siri little understood: what higher calling could there be than that of the Force? Was greater purpose was there than the life of a Jedi? What kind of home did he expect to find away from the Order?

    And why, when she allowed herself to dwell on it, was his choice – his dumb, awful shortsightedness - something that troubled her so?

    So, I'm in the process of moving right now, and I found all of my old Jedi Apprentice books in a box. And oh, what a happy reunion it was! Seriously, Star Wars has always gone out of its way to craft good stories for young readers. Those, Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Quest series, the young Boba Fett books, and the YJK series - I had them all stored in one place, and it was like rediscovering buried treasure. They're still just as enjoyable to read as an adult, I found! These drabbles cover from book one to book seven in the series, (and a little bit before), for anyone who is curious.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: What is this foolery about him leaving the Jedi Order, you ask? Well, after being sent to work with the AgriCorps for not being chosen by a Master by the age of thirteen, a few subsequent adventures together with a very grudging Qui-Gon (who had a bad past with his previous Padawan, Xanatos) did eventually result in Qui-Gon taking him on as an apprentice. But, very early in their partnership, Obi-Wan got swept away with helping a group of freedom fighters called the Young on the planet of Melida/Daan. He left the Jedi Order, only to come back after a very long road of mending his fences. You could say there was a girl involved in Cerasi, but they really were just a meeting of kindred spirits; at thirteen, there was just a potential for something more between them. (Seriously, Obi-Wan understands where Anakin is coming from more than he'd ever guess. o_O :p)

    Which leads me to . . .

    Siri Tachi: Does grow up to be a love interest for Obi-Wan. They admit their feelings as adults, but they both choose their service to the Republic over any romantic inclinations, and remain good friends instead. She kicks all of the butt in the books, seriously. There were too many awesome female characters in this series to count, which is always refreshing. [face_love]

    Tahl: She has to be one of my favourite EU ladies, hands down. A Noorian Jedi Councilor, she was an initiate alongside Qui-Gon, and they grew up together. They remained close friends as Knights, and that, of course, developed into something more. Before her death, Qui-Gon wanted to leave the Order to start a life with her, but that was not to be. Their banter and ability to call each other out on the other's stubbornness was one of the best part of the series, as was the focus on her blindness. The series did an excellent job with portraying a Jedi adjusting to a handicap, along with using the Force in unexpected ways. ;) [face_love]

    Bant Eerin: A dear childhood friend of Obi-Wan's. A Mon Calamari initiate, she would go on to become Tahl's apprentice. [face_love]

    Bruck Chun: An all around bully, and Obi-Wan's childhood nemesis. Because every series needs one. ;)

    ~MJ @};-
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    I don't know anything about this era, but I really, really liked Bant from what I have seen. :) And the idea of Obi-Wan having had such a troublesome, rebellious youth sort of makes sense with Qui-Gon, out of all Jedi, eventually picking him as his Padawan. :)
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    Love to see Obi-Wan and Siri from the much loved series Jedi apprentice
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Your Obi-Wan, Siri & Qui-Gon are an exciting trinity to read about. @};-
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    Oh, Bant is such a sweetheart - she's one of those beautifully good characters that you just have to love. [face_love] And Obi-Wan's troublesome youth is rather fitting - just looking at his Master and own Padawan . . . [face_whistling]:p

    Thanks for reading, as always! :) [:D]

    It is always great to write about old friends. Thanks for reading! :)

    Aww, thank-you. [face_love] :)

    Alrighty, there will be more up in a few! :D

    ~MJ @};-
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    Week VII: "Those Who are Hungry"

    XXXI. Tangy

    The boy was all wide eyes and painfully thin limbs when Kenobi first brought him in. Pitifully hollow little thing, he was – with a shadowed gaze, so different from the wee Jedi un's Dex usually served.

    Anakin Skywalker looked, Dex thought, as if he'd grown up much too quickly, before it was fair to do so – but then, so did Kenobi. This was the first time he'd seen the Padawan as a Jedi Knight himself, without ol' Master Jinn in tow.

    And, sadly, Dex understood. “Try the zoochberries on your Panna-cakes.” He winked. “They're tangy.”

    He'd fill him right up.

    XXXII. Sweet

    The soldier looked as if he'd never seen a menu before; even the common-most staples were unfamiliar, as was his ability to choose. Seated beside him, the Togruta lass took great delight in explaining the different selections - uncomfortably confirming Dex's suspicions without a word.

    When he noticed how the clone - Rex, Skywalker called him – carefully savored a plate of Corellian waffles as if uncertain when he'd have the chance to do so again, Dex started up another batch. “Don't stand on ceremony, boy - I'm used to feeding growing Jedi! Fill out your bones - there'll be more where that came from.”

    XXXIII. Spicy

    Rare was it that he had a former queen and galactic senator gracing his fair establishment – not ever, really. But if the simple garb and unceremonious airs of Padmé Amidala said anything, it said that she wasn't looking to draw attention to herself. So, as a gracious host, he'd honor her privacy.

    “Are you sure you want to order that?” her Jedi escort teased. “It's spicy.”

    “Are you saying that I can't handle a bit of heat, Knight Skywalker?”

    “Oh, never that, milady.” Anakin's eyes twinkled, and Dex huffed. He wondered what else the couple truly thought they were hiding.

    XXXIV. Bitter

    Every Empire Day, Dex closed the diner – to better reflect on the glories of the Emperor, he'd say when asked. Truth was, he simply couldn't bear all those empty chairs on the anniversary of the Jedi's slaughter. For years, he'd given sustenance to those who needed it, but, now . . .

    The doorbell chimed; strange - he thought he'd locked up. He frowned, puzzled to see a woman - cloaked, but with a clear silhouette of twin montrals visible underneath her hood - staring at him.

    “We're closed, miss,” Dex rumbled.

    “A pity,” a familiar voice drawled. “I thought you'd be as hungry as I am.”

    XXXV. Bland

    There was something familiar about Luke Skywalker, and it didn't take old Dexter Jettster long to figure out what.

    “H'Kak bean soup – really?” Luke was surprised to find on Yavin IV. Surprised – but delighted.

    Dex remembered another homesick boy, and chuckled to say, “Too many would call this soup bland. I say it only takes a deft hand, an' subtlety, to craft richness from the desert.”

    “That sounds like something my aunt would say.” For a moment, Luke's smile was soft and far away.

    So, Dex ladled out a generous portion. “Eat up, lad. We'll have you full in no time.”

    The idea of Dexter Jettster cooking at the Yavin base is courtesy of Ewok Poet and Raissa Baiard. I merely adopted their head-canon as my own. [face_love]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Oh, I just loved how all of these revolved around Dex - particularly how in the first we see him feed a scrawny Anakin and how at the end he's feeding Luke.

    Ohhh. I wonder who you meant the woman to be. Was it Ahsoka, or was it Shaak Ti? Either way, I love it!
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    Tangy - Aww, sweet Dex wants to give Ani a taste of something he'd never tried before. This was heart-warming.

    Sweet - And poor Clones, not used to nice food either. And Rex should enjoy his food,absolutely.

    Spicy -I am not sure if this was meant to be innuendo, but if it is, it's clever and tasteful. And of course that a lady can handle spicy food, she was not made of sugar.

    Bitter - I supposed I am meant to recognise this character, it Ahsoka and is she hungry for revenge?

    Bland - Nice how the last drabble sort of ties to the first one, making this a neverending set. Both Tatooine boys like bland food and are surprised when they get something better.

    And thanks for using my and Raissa's weird fanon. :D
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    love to see Dex meeting all, from Anakin to Luke
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Loved that you used a series of 5 Dexter mini-stories for prompts about food! Well, done!

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Week VI: Such an interesting look at the people who in seemingly minor ways affected Obi-Wan's career as a Jedi. Whether they are supporting him or tormenting him, each of them spurred him on to a higher achievement. That's what's so special about Obi-Wan, to me: he easily connects with others. (Maybe that's why he got the epithet "the Negotiator.")

    Week VII: How creative to have Dex show us the peripheral world of the Jedi! I like the bookending of Anakin at Dex's with Luke's experience. Nice repetition of "filling him up" - both so that he isn't hungry but also so that he isnt' scrawny anymore. A diner is comfort food, after all; people show love by filling you up. My favorite is "Bitter" - and how bitter it must be to watch everyone celebrate the murder of those people he lovingly cared for by his cooking. No wonder he shut the door. And I think it's Ahsoka - after all, she's the one who brought Rex to the diner in "sweet."
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    6: I'm afraid I'm not hugely familiar with most of these characters either, but everything is perfectly followable, and wonderfully written, as always. Poor Obi-Wan... thirteen is a tough enough age without having none of the Masters want to take you on as a padawan! :( What a good thing that he has an understanding friend in Bant. And that, despite being at such a tough age, he has the menschlichkeit to accept Siri's win so graciously, even in the face of Bruck's taunts (and that is definitely a very original use of the "stars" prompt!). Though I know very little about Tahl, I love how vividly you describe her newly heightened senses—which in turn show us how much more there is to the sensory experience of Coruscant than just gray space-urban sprawl. And this last drabble... I take it this is a bit of an AU situation here, with Obi leaving the Order in order to be with this beautiful and mysterious beloved freedom fighter, though I don't totally blame Siri for feeling the way she does about it! =((

    7: Good ol' Dex, first in his diner and then in the Yavin IV cafeteria—what a perfect choice for this group of prompts! [face_laugh] So fun to see both his reactions to all the different characters he serves and everyone's reactions to his offerings: skinny li'l Anakin, the bewildered Rex who's probably never chosen his own food before (with Ahsoka, presumably, loving every moment of telling him all about all the food), and then an older Anakin, along with Padmé—and of course an experienced old fellow like Dex can tell EXACTLY what the story between them is, even from these few short moments. ;) I am guessing that's Ahsoka again coming back to the diner on Empire Day; even if no food is being served, solidarity sure is. (And what an interesting other view on the Jedi Purge there: of course it resulted in many empty chairs for Dex, since the Jedi were among his most faithful clients—an angle I hadn't thought about before, but that makes total sense!

    Then, much later... the fact that he's now the cook at Yavin shows that, in some way, he was able to rebound from the sadness and loss of the Purge. And who should show up but this one wide-eyed youth with a familiar look to him... of course Dex makes the connection. ;) There's nothing like feeling of finding familiar food in a strange place—I can see that small taste of home raises Luke's spirits immeasurably. And Dex? Just as he did with that earlier Skywalker, he will continue the tradition of filling 'im up! Let all who are hungry come and eat, indeed! :)
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    ;) =D= [face_laugh] Fun and wide spanning responses to the prompts.
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    Thanks! I couldn't resist with the food prompts, and then one thing led to another . . .

    Yes, that's definitely Ahsoka there. I figured that Dex had to be recruited to join the Rebellion somehow, and she was the most convenient character to use. [face_thinking] :p

    I will never be able to write enough about all of these dear broken boys. Everyone needs a Dex for comfort food, that's for certain. :p [face_love]

    Oh yeah, that turned into an innuendo. They think they're so sneaky, but Dex isn't nearly as blind as everyone else in the PT, apparently. :p [face_mischief]

    Yep, that's Ahsoka. I figured that someone would have to recruit Dex for the Rebellion, and she seemed optimally placed from the last drabble. :)

    I thank you guys for giving me an awesome fanon to work with. There wasn't anything weird at all about it! ;) [:D]

    As always, I thank you for reading! :)

    That's one of my favourite things about Obi-Wan! He has such a big heart, through everything. He easily connects to others; even his foes tend to bond with him, more often than not - it's a fascinating dynamic to explore.

    Thank-you! I had loads of fun writing that set, so I'm thrilled to see how well it was received.

    And it is indeed Ahsoka - someone has to recruit Dex for the Rebellion, after all. [face_mishcief][face_love]

    Thanks! :D

    I'm glad that you enjoyed them! (And I loved the sample of your art, as well. :))

    Thank-you! Obi-Wan really was in a tough spot at a young age - but he already had that determination and sense of duty that made him a fantastic character as an adult. The books, even though they are YA novels, are fantastic reads, and I highly recommend them - especially for the ladies. Tahl and Siri are quite simply the best. [face_love]

    Menschlichkeit - what a fantastic phrase! I had to google it, but that definitely fit the bill. [face_love]

    (And, believe it or not, Obi-Wan did detour away from the Jedi Order for a few months in his youth. A girl was slightly involved in Cerasi, but, mainly, he got swept away by a cause and let his heart get him in over his head. It made an interesting road to mend where Qui-Gon was concerned, however, and the plot presented all sorts of parallels to Anakin's later trials. It's honestly a pity that Obi-Wan and Anakin didn't talk more about matters of the heart - his Master could have helped more than Anakin ever could have imagined! :()

    That was one of those sets that just snowballed beyond my initial vision for it, but I love the avalanche it turned in to! It was all sorts of interesting to present a 'birds' eye view' to the characters we more famililarly know, and show how the downfall of the Republic and rise of the Empire hit so many more than just the Jedi at the same time. The Empire made as many rebels as it subdued, and Dex is certainly one of them! Anyway, I am glad that you enjoyed these sets, and, as always, I thank you for reading and taking the time to leave your thoughts! :) [:D]

    Thank-you so much, my friend! Again, it is so, so wonderful to see you back! I hope that you continue to enjoy the rest of these as they come. [face_love][face_dancing][:D]

    Alrighty, there will be more up in a few - I was without internet for a week, due to moving, but the offline time gave me time to catch up on the challenge, at least. Now, all I have to do is post them . . . :D

    ~MJ @};-
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Week VII: You Were a Revelation

    XXXVI. Rebellion

    The foremost goal of the simulation was to protect the interests of the Chiss Ascendancy. But there was a freighter in danger, with civilians onboard. Jagged Fel could help, he could -

    . . . lose half his squadron in engaging the pirates, apparently. His instructors frowned to criticize his irrational human emotions; they scorned his weakness for impartial judgment. The blue stripes over his shoulders felt heavy; inwardly, his Corellian blood pulsed. Even worse, he knew that his father would later have words to match.

    But he saved the freighter, and all those aboard. Jag met his instructors' eyes, and refused to feel shame.

    XXXVII. Revolution

    On Ithor, people of all species and backgrounds banded together against a common enemy. The cacophony of culture and noise was far from the strict order and stoicism of the CEDF, yet Jag was fascinated by the diversity. He felt as if he'd been sleeping for years, and was only just waking up.

    Shawnkyr worried for him, he knew. Wedge Antilles, overjoyed by his newfound kin, made it his immediate mission to introduce him to the Rogues; Jag already looked forward to beating their records.

    His world had turned. Then, when meeting the youngest member of Rogue Squadron, he felt it spin.

    XXXVIII. Freedom

    The end of the war meant freedom for so many, but Jaina Solo continued to fight. Jag could see where the loss of her brother, the tether of her twin, and her burdens as Sword of the Jedi all conspired to pull her under. He didn't know how long she could swim against such a current.

    Jag wanted to be an anchor for her, yet . . . “You can't make a home of another being,” Syal comforted him. “She needs to be at peace with herself, first, before she can build any healthy relationship with you.”

    So, Jag was determined to wait.

    XXXIX. Martyr

    “This is what every rebel dreams of, you know: the day their baby girl marries the emperor -”

    “ - of the new Empire, Dad,” Jaina retorted. With her raised brow and glittering eyes, she looked just like her mother. Han felt his breath catch.

    “I just want to see you happy,” he tried for levity, but his words were heavy. For putting the needs of the galaxy first, his family had sacrificed too much, for too long.

    “I think . . . I finally am,” slowly, Jaina admitted. “Not just because of him, either. I'm happy; I'm at peace. Now, I just want to live my life.”

    XL. Veteran

    The first class of Imperial Knights thrived underneath Jaina Solo-Fel's watchful eye. With her years of experience and strict military discipline applied to traditional Jedi teachings, the empress expected nothing but the best from her soldiers. The galaxy could no longer bear the brunt of unchecked Force-users.

    And she delighted in her favourite student, most of all.

    “What do we do?” she held her three-year-old son's hands.

    Solemnly, Anakin Fel answered, “Protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

    “And?” Jaina prompted.

    “Always remember who we are.”

    Fondly, she ruffled the streak of white in his hair. “Never, ever let yourself forget that.”

    Jagged Fel: The son of Baron Soontir Fel and Syal Antilles, he grew up in the Unknown Regions amongst Thrawn's Empire of the Hand and the Chiss people. He ended up fighting in the Vong war, where he started a romance with Jaina Solo that would run very hot and cold as the years went on - all culminating to his eventual rise as Emperor of the New Imperial Order, with Jaina by his side. Jaina being the first to lead the Imperial Knights, and the naming of Anakin Fel, is my own fanon, but it fit the drabbles here. :)