Saga [UDC VIII] "She Says in Parenthesis"

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    I have been remiss in keeping up with these.:(

    The Mandalorian arc is wonderful. I never knew there was such a complex backstory for Jango Fett! His sister Arla sounds like a brave and adventurous soul, yet there is such love there for her family. How sad that she goes to her fate without knowing whether her brother is alive or dead, and he does the same thing. Boba's defiant insistence that he has a name, not a mere number, reflects that pride in their heritage. Thank you for the author's notes, they were very helpful in understanding the situation here. The idea that Jango knowingly agrees to be the clone template so that he can get his revenge against the Jedi really exemplifies the idea that revenge is a dish best served cold. Boba Fett also embraces that revenge, feeling satisfaction as all the Jedi fall because his father's clones turned against them.

    The next group ties together so well - each person (Hera/Kanan, Mon and the other senators, Leia, Luke) - each one is that individual piece that Asohka understands must work together to create the forcet that will eventually bring down the Empire. Luke is appalled at the brutality of the Empire, Leia is distraught over the injustice, Hera is exhausted from the battles, and Mon seethes against the Empire's hypocricy. Eventually all the pieces will come together and it will be enough to overcome the oppression.

    Excellent updates!
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    Thanks! I'm so glad that you enjoyed these, again. [face_love][face_love]

    And Ahsoka has quickly risen in the ranks as one of my favourite SW ladies, it's true! I have so much love in my heart for her, and I'm only too happy to share that love with a fellow fan. ;) [:D]

    . . . I am not quite sure what you mean to say, but I love your enthusiasm!

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Thanks. :)

    Indeed they are. [face_love] Thanks for reading!

    Aw, thanks! All of these fearless fighters are so brave, standing up for their beliefs, but it's tiring work too! It was fun to showcase these more vulnerable moments, as well as showing how they support each other through it all, at the same time. [face_love]

    I do have a bit of a crush, don't I? :p But Ahsoka Tano is one fine lady, and she was the perfect character to pull all of these separate threads together - both from a writing standpoint, and from the point of view of the story. It all came together. :cool:

    As always, I thank you so much for reading! I greatly appreciate the time and thought you put into your replies! [:D]

    They will always be here when you are, don't you worry. :) [:D]

    It's almost Shakespearean, the amount of background drama and long, drawn-out revenge in this story arch, and it was a delight of its own exploring the Fett family tale in drabble form. I'm glad you enjoyed! :D

    Exactly! It's all of these smaller stories that make up the Rebellion, and they were beautiful to explore. [face_love]

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed these, and I thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts! :)[:D]

    Alrighty, there will be more up in a few! :D

    ~MJ @};-
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    So, I had something interesting happen this week. My original drabbles were too long to par down - I tried, and yet failed to do so. As a result, I have my *official* drabbles for this week, and then a bonus set of double drabbles. (I use the term loosely, of course - they are all approximately 200 words, but I didn't bother trimming them as carefully as I would an official drabble. [face_mischief]) I hope that you enjoy my extra verbiage, and, as always, I thank you all for reading! [face_batting] [:D]

    Week XIV: “From Light You Came”

    LXVI. Talk

    There were a brave few who disapproved of the crown not passing by blood enough to voice it outright. Mostly, the malcontents only whispered, but when Breha Organa found the courtier who had slandered her daughter outright . . .

    Her hands clenched, but she kept her expression serene as Leia confided in her – uncertain, and heartbreakingly miserable to be so.

    “You are my daughter, Leia,” Breha vowed – she assured. “I could love you no more had I borne you myself.”

    And you are still the daughter of a queen, she thought sadly. Alderaan could do no better in the years to come.

    LXVII. Silence

    It was an acquaintance he could not prevent, nor avoid when it came. But Bail Organa was not prepared for the sad, wistful expression that bloomed on Ahsoka Tano's face after meeting Leia for the first.

    She did not ask; instead, she simply knew.

    Silence passed, heavy with memories. Then: “I will do what I can to shield her as she grows – the Empire will find her otherwise, as strong as she is.” But her hard-edged promise next softened with an instant, all-encompassing love. “When she's ready – if you'd permit me, it would be an honor to train her myself.”

    LXVIII. Smile

    Mon Mothma had held her suspicions for years. It was common knowledge amongst the Senate ranks: the devotion between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala – a devotion beyond that of a knight and his lady, perhaps. But she'd never forced the secret from Bail's mouth. Instead, when Leia haltingly confessed her connection to Darth Vader – to Anakin Skywalker, Mon could only smile. Padmé, she thought with an aching fondness, how proud you would've been of your daughter today.

    “Anakin Skywalker may be your father,” Mon found cautious, hungry eyes staring back at her, “but, have you ever wondered about your mother?”

    LXIX. Laugh

    They had family on Naboo. Leia took Luke to visit them – leaving a protesting Han behind in Theed and promising to call when she was ready . . . when she needed him to process the burden of her heritage.

    Their grandparents were still alive, and amazed by their revelation. They had an aunt; cousins too. The Naberrie clan was vast, and Padmé Amidala lived on in their hearts.

    “You look just like her,” Sola showed her a moving holo - taken the day Padmé entered the Senate, and Leia could not contain an awed, disbelieving laugh for the familiar face smiling back at her.

    LXX. Cry

    The Naberries kept the house by the lake exactly as it was, all those years ago.

    Leia explored the empty rooms, feeling the echoes of another time, another place, press into her bones. There had been such love here; such happiness and hope. How had it gone so wrong? she wondered after finding a holo of Anakin Skywalker – smiling and confident and brimming with light.

    When she walked into the nursery, and saw the cradle that should have been hers . . . then, and only then, did Leia allow herself to weep for the family that was never hers to know.

    “In the House of Mourning”


    She could not deliver her news through the cold means of interplanetary communication . . . not again; not this time.

    Instead, Queen Breha Organa walked with her head held high through the Senate common, and kept a genial smile in response to the polite greetings and well-wishes she received. An heir for Alderaan; at long last, Your Majesty, so many enthused, yet she died a little more inside with each unthinkingly cruel word spoken. But they could not yet know of her wounds; only she knew just how badly her heart was bleeding.

    Her husband's office was empty when she arrived, and she settled in, ready to wait. When the doors finally swished open, Breha stood and dried her eyes with the back of her hand – she would not give into tears until she said what she came to say. But . . . it was not Bail, as she both dreaded and longed to see. Instead, Padmé Amidala's expression first brightened in surprised pleasure to see her . . . and then fell.

    “Oh, Breha,” she did not have to ask. She knew.

    And Breha could no longer contain her grief. She tried to swallow her sobs once . . . twice, and then Padmé's arms were around her and she was crying - crying for herself, for her husband . . . for their lost babe - another child whom she'd never have the opportunity to know.

    Padmé held her close, and soothed, “Someday, some child will be blessed to call you mother; I know it.”


    He was the last surviving member of his batch.

    It was an overwhelming emptiness: the silence in his helmet, where Echo's easy chatter was usually to be heard, no matter what was going on around them. There hadn't been time to grieve in the thick of combat; instead, there was only the mission, and his duty as a soldier. General Skywalker had ordered him onwards, and Rex grabbed him by the elbow and forced him to fall back. He hadn't been able to hold his brother through his final moments; instead, he could only watch as Echo's vitals slowly flickered before winking out completely in the corner of his HUD. The mission was more important than the individual, he was reminded, and it was not over yet.

    Yet . . . when they stopped in the middle of their escape to hold a vigil for the fallen Jedi . . .

    For the first, Fives looked on the Jedi as they eulogized one of their own, and felt resentment climb high in his throat. Even so, he stood at rigid attention and refused to let his grief bow his spine. To his right, Rex stood so their armored shoulders touched; Kix lingered at his left, with the medic clearly mother-henning him – little as Fives could bring himself to mind. They'd mourn Echo on their own, later, their unspoken support said. In that moment, they bowed their heads to support their Jedi, and prepared to march on.


    There was no naturally flowing water, not aboard the massive star cruiser as it ambled through space. More since she had since the destruction of Alderaan, Winter keenly felt the renewal of her grief. Somewhat selfishly, she wished that they had a new base discovered and settled, just for this. She knew that Leia shared her longing, even if her friend steeled her jaw and refused to voice her grief aloud. There's work to be done, Leia shrugged instead. There will be time for a Day of Remembrances next year.

    Winter had thought to agree with her, and, yet . . .

    “You can open your eyes now.”

    Guiding her with a gentle hand, Tycho's voice echoed in the spacious chamber. They were deep within the bowels of the ship now, on the engineering decks, she'd felt while walking; but, when Winter opened her eyes she saw where a coolant cylinder had been drained into the long overflow basin beneath. It was industrial and harsh, but it was still water, of a sort, flowing and free.

    Waiting, Tycho had candles ready to light . . . but he would not remember alone.

    Winter couldn't find her tears when, instead, such a smile split her face – with her joy then burning brighter than her grief. She threw her arms around him, knowing that, far as she was from a world that would never be again, she'd found a smallest bit of home.


    Luke Skywalker was at a quandary.

    On the one hand, he understood Kyp Durron; he empathized with the dark force he'd battled for control of his mind. Yet, on the other hand . . .

    . . . so many lives had been snuffed out. Kyp had the blood of billions on his hands, and their grieving families were demanding justice - fair and unbiased. Luke did not know what to do, and the impending, far-reaching ramifications of his decision weighed on his shoulders; his duties as Grandmaster threatened to pull him under in that moment, they conspired to drag him down. On a larger scale, he did not know if he was ready for enormous responsibility inherent to his role. Would he only do more harm than good if he was unable to successfully mentor the next generation of Jedi Knights? Perhaps, it would be better if . . .

    “ - so you'd throw in the towel, just because one student lost his way?” Mara Jade arched a red-gold brow when he tried to explain his trepidation. “Don't make me laugh; the Luke Skywalker I know would never run from a fight . . . and he'd never give up on anyone still consciously battling the Dark.”

    You didn't give up on me, he heard ghost from her mind, and look at how far we've come.

    So, he squared his shoulders, and prepared to face his responsibilities head on.


    His grief was still a seething, live current as it coursed through his veins. Leia helped, in what way she could. This helped, being back with her, with his family, where he never should have left in the first place. The warmth of her arms, the strength of her convictions . . . she grounded him, the same as she had unerringly done for years.

    He wasn't the only one mourning Chewie, he finally reminded himself. (And, some dark, insidious whisper yet knew that this war had only begun taking from his family. They weren't through with their grief yet.)

    Leia had yet to let herself cry, too busy as she'd been sheltering him through his despair. Han felt stronger then, holding her close and running a hand through her hair as she finally gave into her own grief. Marriage was a partnership, he reminded himself, and he'd forgotten his place there, beside her, for too long.

    “Chewie wouldn't want us to wallow,” Han finally found his voice to say. “He died protecting one of his cubs; there's no more honorable an end for a Wookiee . . . for a friend.” For family.

    Still, their pain was a raw, bruising thing; and they held each other close as they began to heal.

    Leia and Her Heritage: I have yet to read any of the New!Canon novels, so if this contradicts anything in Bloodlines and beyond, I apologize. It may be just different enough to be an AU, but I am fond of this set and hope that you enjoyed it too!

    Smile: Deals with the Day of Remembrances, one of my Alderaanian fanons, developed in "we'll take a cup of kindness yet."

    Laugh & Cry: Are both set in the Legends!verse - in the Jedi Academy Trilogy and the early books of the New Jedi Order, respectively.

    Silence: Deals with the Citadel plot in Season Three of TCW - a brutal, but fantastic set of episodes that showcased Tarkin's getting his start as, well, Tarkin, as well as showing how Anakin's thinking is border-lining all the more so on dangerous. But, as a counterfoil, it really took the time to prove how much Ahsoka has grown, which was wonderful. [face_love] Just . . . Echo's 'death' still hurts, and it hurts all the more so during Master Piell's funeral. :(

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    Adored both sets. Loved Breha with Leia and Ahsoka's promise and offer. SQUEE on Leia and Luke meeting their extended family. Now for the extended set, splendid! Please feel free to do that more often. Those were touching and gorgeous, Smile, Laugh, and Cry particularly.
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    I just read through the entire series, and this is exceptionally well-written (like everything you write anyway :) ) I would comment on each drabble separately if I could afford the time, but since I can't I'll just go for a few highlights

    Sacrifice -- The idea of Rex being on Endor and going to Vader's funeral pyre makes perfect sense, especially now that we know of his role in Rebels. It was deeply moving to see that because he knew Anakin as a Jedi, he can let go of the Vader persona. His comment on how Luke left a trail in the forest (besides the chuckle) was also a great way to portray a character who has always been in way.

    Name -- I loved your idea of the first meeting between Cody and Obi-Wan! This was cute, fun and touching all rolled into one, and the follow-up in Date was heart-warming and heartrending at the same time. Cody is back to being CC-2224, but there's still a little part of him that's Cody.

    Helpless & Satisfied -- Oh my heart, Breha as a mom to a tiny infant! She didn't realise it could be so complicated, so unexplainable, until Leia was there. But we all know that she'll learn how to handle the situation in the end.

    The Old Enough to Die batch did touch upon a serious theme, but it was hilarious nevertheless [face_laugh]

    And DEX!!! Dex in Those Who Are Hungry, feeding everyone as best he can. I loved how you showed the contrast between his various customers, yet his reaction is always the same. Plus, the "He wondered what else the couple truly thought they were hiding" remark was priceless.

    Oh, and thanks to In A Second Key, An Old Song Re-Sung just jumped to the top of my to-read list. I hope you're proud of yourself ;)

    And, lastly, Unite. So many complicated feelings here. I haven't watched Rebels yet, but I can imagine how painful that particular moment would be, and your little drabble gives it a lot of depth.
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    Oh you rebel you, breaking the rules. But I don't care. These were all heartbreakingly lovely.
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    Loved them both. Leia meeting her family on Naboo[:D]
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    [face_laugh][face_love] I'm glad that you enjoyed them! I'll definitely not hesitate to check my muse if she gets wordy in the future, then. ;) [:D]

    Oh my goodness, but still, I thank you for the wonderful review! It was fantastic going back over earlier sets through your eyes, and I appreciate the time and the effort that took - I really do. [:D]

    Rex is a character dear to my heart - and so I had to get into his head, in some small way at least, about Anakin/Vader - and Luke's relationship to him. This tribute was the best way to get all of those feelings out in a hundred words, so I'm glad that you enjoyed!

    Please excuse the clone feelings in this collection - there are just so many tones to touch on, it seems. :p

    Because Dex is DEX! He's always been a favourite supporting character of mine, and I loved showing his peripheral vision of the stories we already know and love. [face_love]

    Oh, so proud of myself! [face_mischief] I would apologize, but I am decidedly not sorry. ;) An Old Song Re-Sung is one of my favourite things I have ever written, so I was only to glad to showcase in what way I could here. ;) [face_love]

    Thank-you, once again, for the fantastic review! :D [:D]

    Who am I to protest when the muse feels like writing? ;) [face_mischief] I am glad that you enjoyed my overflow of words! :)

    Thanks so much! [:D]

    Alrighty, there will be more up in a few! :D

    ~MJ @};-
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    Week XV: "I Have Loved the Stars too Fondly"

    LXXI. First

    The first time Obi-Wan Kenobi met Anakin Skywalker, the Force swirled around him in disquiet; in apprehension danger warning. Later, he'd attribute his foreboding to a jealous heart – with the part of him that had struggled to become his Master's apprentice resenting that another eased so easily into Qui-Gon's affections.

    Yet: “I will teach you,” he ignored his doubts, and vowed. Though the enormity of his newfound responsibility threatened to bow his shoulders, he would rise to it -

    . . . even as a dormant instinct roused, sensing – unbeknownst to his higher reason – that he had taken one step closer to his grave.

    LXXII. Impressions

    Her dreams revealed hazy impressions of shadows, stretching across a rocky wasteland. A black-cloaked figure hunted her through long-deserted halls, rasping through artificial lungs and so, so familiar -

    - but Ahsoka Tano woke; her heartbeat thundering and tears burning her eyes.

    She couldn't return to sleep. Instead, she made her way to the command tent, where her Master was still pouring over holomaps. For a moment, she hesitated – (and some primal instinct inside her warned) – before Anakin smiled. “Nightmares, Snips?” his voice pinged off her montrals, familiar with warmth security home.

    “The worst,” she admitted, and shook her dreams away.

    LXXIII. Safer

    Strange dreams plagued her during the war. Aayla Secura navigated an alien forest, her men a shield, flanking her. They raised their weapons and she spun, searching the colorful fauna for an unseen threat, before -

    - she awakened to see Bly staring down at her with concerned eyes. “General,” he chided. “You were going to try and sleep.”

    “I was,” after a heartbeat, Aayla agreed. Her lekku twitched, strangely on edge.

    Bly noticed. “You're safe, sir,” he promised, affection softening his words. “We're watching your back.”

    “Of course,” she accepted his assurance. Of course. And she closed her eyes again.

    LXXIV. Check

    Depa Billaba made her peace with death many years ago. She'd always been susceptible to visions; to dreams. She sensed that her time was limited; she could feel that indisputable truth in the ebb and flow of the Force.

    Yet, for her Padawan . . .

    “Remember this, Caleb,” she found herself checking his course – subtly preparing him for the long, hard road she knew was ahead, “and you'll never be alone.”

    “But I have you,” the youth smiled; he did not understand. “I'm not alone.”

    Depa felt her heart clench. “Yes, you do,” she assured, despite her premonitions. “And, you always shall.”

    LXXV. Last

    When Luke took his first steps, Beru invited him to the farm.

    It delighted Obi-Wan, the familiarity he found in the child's bright blue eyes and impish smiles. It warmed him to have Luke's pudgy arms reach out to him, trusting him should he fall.

    Meanwhile, Beru steadily observed him. “I'm sorry for your losses,” she finally whispered. “It must be difficult . . . being the last one left.”

    “But I'm not the last,” Obi-Wan returned, his gaze still on Luke. And . . . he left unspoken, I would walk this path again; despite all that has happened . . . and all that yet will be.

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    I like Safer and Check drabbles the best.

    "You are safe, sir. We'll watch your back." Hahahah. *mad laughter* heeehehe GAH!
    *Clutches desk*

    Thanks MJ, thank you. Edit: Great sets again.
    *sniffs* of gratitude.
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    Gorgeous insightfulness & wonderful common theme of choices, dreams, silent fears, and courageous hopes. =D=
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    I love these - the eerie premonitions surrounding Anakin, and the dreams of all who will die. But ObiWan's hope at the end was so. Very fitting. Bravo!
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    Week XIV:
    They are all about parenthood - whether by adoption, or by birth; whether hidden or open. Ahsoka must feel a bond with Leia, having herself had such a strong connection to Anakin. It would be such a feeling of completion to train Leia as a surrogate for her own father. The last one, though – absolutely heartbreaking. She sees all the potential that was lost - -the years wasted where she might have had this wonderful extended family, growing up in the beautiful lake country with her two biological parents.
    This last one, though, is an interesting bookend to the first. In the first drabble, Breha IS her mother, and Leia IS the legitimate princess of Alderaan. In the last drabble, Leia sees the “what might have been.” Perhaps her sadness is for Padme and Anakin, because their joy became Breha and Bail’s instead. Breha defends the family that she has while the empty nursery shows the family that could never be.

    Week XV:
    Oh, these are so heartbreaking. Each person dealing with the profound, crippling power of grief. The first one is especially tragic. Breha must put on a brave front while inside she’s collapsing with grief over the loss of yet another pregnancy. And the great irony, it’s Padme who assures her that someday Breha will be a mother. Interesting twist with Laugh, as Luke must decide how he will handle the grief of others, caused indirectly by a failure of his own. The last line of the last drabble is the most important – they begin to heal in the arms of their loved ones.

    Week XVI:
    Wow- how creative! Each Jedi feels the dread of a danger sense pinging, a fatal attack about to occur. And the source of that danger is the one person who assures them that it will all be okay. Obi-wan puts aside his warnings about Anakin, who will eventually kill him; Ahsoka is assured by Anakin that the nightmare of the raspy figure in black can’t hurt her; Bly affectionately comforts Aayla – before he shoots her in the back. Caleb is reassured by Depa that she will always be there for him, and she dies in the purge, leaving him abandoned.
    The last one is really interesting. Obi-wan feels that all his losses are worth it, to see little Luke thriving with Beru and Owen. And yet, Beru and Owen will die because they have sheltered Luke. The cycle continues.

    Awesome and thought-provoking, as usual! =D=
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    Jul 11, 2014
    First, Impressions, Safer and Check make together one of those ominous stories where you want to yell at the characters "Watch out, danger is right in front of you!" I really liked how you gave each one of them a reason to dismiss their own concerns, to tell themselves that their premonitions weren't premonitions but merely bad dreams, or the result of stress. And how could it be otherwise, when the future threat that's right in front of them doesn't even know himself that he'll become a threat?

    Last, on the other hand, is a moment of sheer adorableness until we get to read Obi-Wan's final thought: "all that yet will be". I love how this connects this particular drabble to the theme of premonition that you chose for this series, with the difference here that Obi-Wan seems to have accepted his premonitions for what they are -- and he accepts that he must go along with them, which makes it all a little heart-breaking.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    love First with Obi-Wan and his insecurities and Last with him seeing the future
    Ahsoka and Aayla were insecure just as Depa
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    Apologies for being so remiss in keeping up—it in no way means I'm not enjoying these immensely and wowed by your wonderful writing. @};-

    14: What a beautiful series of glimpses of Leia and all her fraught legacy through the eyes of those closest to her: Bail and Breha, Mon Mothma, and the Naberries too—how wonderful it would have been if she had had the chance to meet her aunt and grandparents on that side, and to spend time in that beautiful lakeside villa that once was so full of memories and love! Leia walking those halls, seeing that beautiful scenery, eating in that dining room—just a beautiful image. (And how wonderful it would have been if the official lore had done more with the Naberries and their connection to the Skywalkers... ah, "what might have been"!) The idea of Ahsoka training Leia is very compelling; as I've said elsewhere I love the idea of Leia too getting a Jedi watching over her, just as her brother had back on Tatooine. Ahsoka would have been the perfect woman for that job ( That too probably should be filed under "what might have been"! :_| ).

    "In the House of Mourning": Woohoo, a bonus Mira set, and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that! So many different kinds of mourning and grief are explored here, all equally wrenching and poignant. There's Breha, who has to maintain her queenly composure even as she's being torn apart inside by yet another pregnancy loss; of course we readers know Padmé's right about how things will go in the future, but right now her comforting words probably aren't easy for Breha to hear. :( There's Fives, forced to go right on fighting despite the death of a valued comrade, even as the Jedi make everyone drop everything to mourn one of their own—ooh, I sure don't blame Fives for feeling steamed! [face_mad] There's Winter, filled with grief for her lost world and wanting so desperately to carry out the traditional Day of Remembrances rites; it's of course wonderful to see your fantastic fanon at work here again, and for a "memorious" type like Winter I can see where that ceremony would have special resonance. There's Luke, mourning the destruction wrought by his rogue student and at an impasse about what to do next—but only until the encouragement of his inimitable wife hits him like a trumpet call. And finally there's Han, the "scoundrel" with whom we don't tend to associate things like mourning and grief and even feeling, affected to the core by the loss of his greatest, closest friend, and mustering what strength he can to move toward healing. Thanks for sharing this poignant, plangent bonus set.

    15: Wow, very cool twist on the prompts here—the first and last, "First" and "Last," really do come full circle, back to Obi-Wan, in a way that really reinforces his central role in the saga. (There was someone once who wrote a very interesting "Nobi" AU—basically a GFFA without Obi-Wan—and that aspect of this group of drabbles reminded me of that.) We know, of course, that Obi-Wan's premonitions both times are right: yes, this young newcomer will be the death of him, but also no, he's not the very last one. Ahsoka shares the premonition of the darkness surrounding Anakin but reacts to it in a completely different way, by shrugging it off—which makes sense, because as Anakin's student her relationship to him is the exact inverse of Obi-Wan's. Aayla's drabble is wrenching—"watching your back"—yoicks, if only she knew what that really meant here, and how real her foreboding is about to get! I smiled to see Depa and Caleb here; this little moment is so true to the sincere, caring teacher-student relationship they seem to have (and I love that Caleb's words echo Baze's "I don't need luck, I have you" line in Rogue One—an intentional touch?).

    I've probably already said it before, but I'll say it again: you're an absolute ace at these beautifully themed drabble sets. Do keep 'em coming! @};-
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    It is a bit of an ironic line, isn't it? :p

    But, in all seriousness, Bly and Aalya's relationship just kills me knowing where it will end. It was cathartic to put a few words to those feelings here. :)

    Because you have to end an angsty set with a little bit of hope! Thanks for reading. :D

    Aw, thanks! :)

    First off, I wanted to thank you for the insightful review! I always appreciate the time you put into your comments; I love reading your thoughts. :) [:D]

    Then, this is what is great about the writer/reader dynamic on the boards, I hadn't even thought about the connection with Owen and Beru to those previous four drabbles - I was wholly concentrating on Obi-Wan when writing that. But you're right; they can definitely be counted amongst those who inadvertently find their ending through a loved one. But I don't think they'd change a thing, much as Obi-Wan wouldn't. :( [face_love]

    That's kind of the thing - how do you let yourself believe that something is dangerous/wrong when that premonition stems from something you love? It was an interesting thought to explore, and it certainly put these drabbles all aboard the angst-train. But, like with Obi-Wan at the end, I'm not quite sure what each of these characters would have done differently. I'm glad that you enjoyed this set. :)

    It's a double-edged sword, premonitions, that's for sure. :( Thanks for reading, as always. :)

    I never thought so for a second! :D

    I firmly believe that Ahsoka was the Jedi watching over Leia, just like Obi-Wan was there for Luke! And, honestly, you need some way to explain why the Empire didn't find such an incredibly Force-sensitive girl as Leia for so long. I like thinking that Ahsoka was able to sneak in some lessons before her death, too - without Leia being able to quite understand what those lessons were, of course - but that is all my fanon, bittersweet and wistful as it is. :( [face_love]

    I'm glad you enjoyed the extra sets! I just couldn't resist. :p

    Oh, the Citadel episodes inspire all sorts of pain for so many characters - but especially for Fives, who develops so much as an individual during the series! I was indignant myself when they had to leave Echo behind, but then dropped everything to have a Jedi funeral. The Republic, and unfortunately the Jedi by extension, were guilty of using an army of living, sentient weapons to fight their war, and there are very few ways to sugarcoat that into something nice in the end. :(

    And the Winter drabble! I didn't first put together what a day for memories would mean for her when writing this - but you are too right. This holiday has to be special for her with her own photographic memory, and that makes the ficlet all the more richer. Thank-you for sharing your insights!

    Aww, thanks. [face_love][face_blush][:D]

    As always, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and thought you put into your reviews. Writing these drabbles has been all sorts of good for my muse, and I am thrilled to hear that you are still enjoying them. I hope that you continue to enjoy the sets to come as much. :D

    Now, onwards with the drabbles we go. :)

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    Notes: So, this week too has a companion of 'overflow drabbles', only this time they continue on with the same themes found in the official set of drabbles themselves. I'm not trying to make a habit of this, it simply . . . happened, and I'm much too fond of the extra ficlets not to share them. :p So, here we go with a glimpse into the Legends!verse . . .

    Week XVI: Lights Will Guide you Home . . .

    LXXVI. Mountain

    For months, Jacen Solo fumbled to bridge the gap between his own awkwardness and the grace and strength that was Tenel Ka Djo. Then, his trials were simply those of every clichéd teenage holovid on the 'net – if his twin's eye-rolling and teasing was to be believed, that was.

    Yet, now, with the revelation of her heritage and the enormity of their accident standing between them, things were different. He didn't know how to fix them; this was a mountain he didn't know how to climb. He would be content simply recovering her friendship, without seeking anything more. Yet -

    LXXVII. River

    - she looked different here on Hapes; she felt different to his senses – like a stone standing firm against the currents of a white water river. The whispering light of the sunrise spilled in through the palace windows, catching on the copper tones in her red hair and illuminating the frustration in her pale grey eyes. Jacen blinked, and saw where she was trying, with limited success, to shape her hair into its familiar weave of braids. One-handed, she struggled with the task, yet proudly refused to give in and ask for assistance. She wouldn't; not for this.

    LXXVIII. Tree

    He moved without conscious thought. “Please,” he was not sure if the one word was a suggestion or a plea, but something in his approach had her hesitating - considering. She did not immediately send him away. Jacen felt sure of his course, as if he were a tree with deep roots; he could, he would, be strong for her.

    Tenel Ka did not say yes, but she did sigh . . . and tilt her head. Pushing aside how the silk of her hair felt next to the warmth of her skin, he instead started to weave the plaits together, and helped his friend.

    LXXIX. Earth

    It had been years since Leia had a child to fuss over – and years even more still since she had a girl who wanted braids in her hair. Her granddaughter was oftentimes quiet and withdrawn, but Leia could feel the contentment Allana found in the familiar routine, the peace.

    And Leia understood what it was like to be caught out of orbit, without a home of solid ground to be found underfoot. So: “Did you know that braids were a tradition of my people, too?”

    Curiously, Allana listened, and Leia did her best to create a new home for her.

    LXXX. Horizon

    Returning to Dathomir, the Queen Mother shed her finery and took counsel from the wise-women of her mother's people. At their bidding, she sojourned into the mountains to find healing for her spirit. During that last sunset, she sang the songs of loss – both for herself and Jacen – and severed her braids at the roots to bury in the soil. She stayed awake that night, somber and mourning by turns.

    When the sun rose, Tenel Ka was firmly reminded of who she was . . . and who Jacen had been. Then, her eyes on the horizon, she was ready to begin again.

    ". . . and Ignite Your Bones"


    As always, her heart ached within her mother's breast to witness her daughter's pains. Tenel Ka struggled with the weight of her birthright; with the handicap of her recent physical loss; with the turmoil she currently knew in her relationships with her friends.

    Teneniel was well aware of the place she held within her daughter's mind: Tenel Ka thought her to be at peace with her Dathomiri upbringing and her current place within the royal house of Hapes. As honed as any bladed weapon, Teneniel wore scaled armor alongside her fine Hapan jewels and silks; she was as merciless in the court with those who opposed her as she was with the Nightsisters of her own world. To the outer eye she persevered; she triumphed over the hurdles imposed by her adopted culture. Perhaps, in a few years Tenel Ka would understand that her struggles were shared, that the tide tugging her between two worlds was one that ensnared her mother also. For Teneniel herself, if was not for Isolder . . .

    - but she'd chosen her path long ago. She could not, would not, abandon it now.

    “It is possible to be both Tenel Ka Djo of the Singing Mountain Clan, and Tenel Ka Chume the crown princess of Hapes. You wound yourself by thinking them to be separate beings,” Teneniel whispered, taking the time to braid her daughter's hair where she could not yet do so herself. It was a routine that soothed the mother as much as it did the daughter; Tenel Ka sat still before her and leaned into her touch as if she were still a toddling child – as she had not done in many years. “Yet always know that you have a mother – and a father, who will be proud of however you choose to walk your path in life.”


    In some ways, the struggles both mother and daughter faced were even harder for Isolder to bear.

    “Will she be okay?” he was waiting for her outside their daughter's rooms. Concern shone in his eyes; softening his beauty from something ethereal to something tangible; something she could reach out to touch and cherish and hold.

    “She'll be alright,” Teneniel answered, the only way she knew how. “In time.”

    Isolder simply looked at her for a long moment, and then he sighed. She could read the weariness in the lines marring the tanned skin of his brow, in the defeated slump of his shoulders. “I hate that she is unhappy,” he muttered. I hate that it is my blood that chains her here, Teneniel heard ghost across his mind, though he did not say. Just as I hate, that you . . .

    “I am where I want to be, husband,” she stood firm against her own doubts in order to assure him. No matter the cloak and dagger politics - the whispers in the dark that was Hapes underneath its gild and glitter, she could feel the Force pushing her as if down the currents of a strongly moving river, and she would not fight it. She would not ignore her heart, and for her perseverance she was rewarded -

    - everything, she knew without question. As long as this bond remained between them, that would be enough.

    “And, in time,” she found her place in his arms to further assure, “Tenel Ka too will decide where she truly belongs.”


    She should have paid more attention to her mother, all those years ago.

    Though Allana didn't notice a difference – well, not yet anyway, not before she saw the finished result in the mirror – Jaina Solo certainly did. She didn't have Tenel Ka's knack for plaits and braids, and she certainly didn't have her mother's finesse when it came to the finer points of hairdressing. She was her father's daughter through and through, which meant that when she needed to tame her hair a quick tail or militaristic bun it was – nothing that the likes of Dathomir or Alderaan would consider up to par.

    But Allana cared only about the closeness of the act; the affection it conveyed – and Jaina could understand that. Even though caring for her brother's daughter still brought a lump to her throat, she could ignore her own pains to stretch her branches and give Allana what shade to rest under she could.

    It was the least she could do.

    And, yet . . .

    “My brother was better at this than me,” Jaina finally whispered, feeling as Allana went very still underneath her hands. The girl was silent, as if to better drink in every word she said. “He taught himself how to do this after your mother had her accident, just to help her.” He loved her so very much, she thought, but could not yet say. Just as I know he loved you . . . and me. Once.

    After she tied off the last braid, Allana turned to look at her with soft eyes, full of understanding. She placed a hand over her own, and Jaina returned the gesture, squeezing fondly.

    She'd make sure that Jacen, her true brother, was remembered, she vowed in that moment; she'd braid a thousand braids until she got it right.


    It'd long been dark outside. Leia Organa Solo was up anyway, reading over reports from the Chief of State's office and waiting up for Han – who'd taken Lando out for a night of sabacc and drinks hours ago. Past experience taught her to stay close by for a call in case they retreated too much into the ways of their youth, and so, there she was.

    She was surprised, however, when the soft knock at the door revealed her daughter – with an uncharacteristically uncertain expression on her face as she frowned and bit her lip. Jaina's arms were crossed over her chest, and her eyes were glassy; seeing off into the distance, far away.

    Leia waited, wanting to ask but knowing that any prompting could very well result in Jaina shrinking further away. Her daughter was so independent – she always had been, ever since she was old enough to voice her wants and wishes. Jaina feeling that she needed to stand so strong was something that Leia herself feared that she'd unwittingly influenced when trying to walk a fine line between her political career and her family in those early days. It was a regret she still couldn't fully shape into words.

    But, finally, Jaina wilted. Softly, she whispered, “I miss Jacen tonight, Mom.”

    Leia felt the ground underneath her waver; the room spun as her orbit shifted. Jaina had not talked about her twin to either of her parents in so long, and she had been waiting . . .

    Her eyes burned as her daughter – her last living child came up to her and said, “I think I need my mother right now. Would you . . . would you mind braiding my hair for me?”


    Augwynne Djo was old with many years when her great-granddaughter returned to the home of her foremothers.

    The Force had refused to let her go off into the land of song for so long now. Yet, with Tenel Ka's arrival she knew that she had one last task to accomplish before she left the Singing Mountain Clan to the hands of others.

    “You have walked so far from home,” Augwynne whispered, relying on the ebb and flow of the Force to convey her thoughts as much as she did the spoken word. “Dathomir sings in your soul; why have you ignored her, my daughter?”

    As if Tenel Ka was truly a fledgling girl-child once more, she shed her foreign silks and jewels and sat with her before the fire. There, Augwynne hummed as she braided her hair, just as she'd done for both Teneniel and Allaya, so long ago. Her wizened hands were still nimble enough, and Tenel Ka leaned into the affection, starved as she was for so simple a contact with another being after depriving herself of home - of clan – for far too long. Her own soul ached for all that was missing in her great-granddaughter's spirit; such a hollow thing, the girl had become, and Augwynne mourned for the losses her line had suffered.

    “I have walked so far that I do not know the way back,” Tenel Ka whispered. “I thought to understand what it meant to be both Dathomiri and Hapan at once. But, these years past, I feel . . .”

    Shame. Loss. Grief. Regret. Guilt.

    Each and all lashed against her heart, Augwynne felt. Some things could not be undone, not even with the most powerful spells, yet, still on the horizon . . . life was not through for Tenel Ka. And she would have this daughter of her blood yet live.

    “Return to the mountains, child, and follow your spirit's song,” she advised as she tied the last braid. “There, know your grief, and rise from it. The clan will be waiting to sing with you once you return.”

    ~MJ @};-
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Stunning, stunning. Like duh! You capture the emotions and the setting so flawlessly in 500 words, much less a ton more LOL

    Bravo on the insights and depth you give to Isolder and Tenneniel and the strength and resolve behind their affection and commitment.
    Tree, Earth, and Horizon are exquisitely eloquent, particularly in the latter/longer set. =D= I am rendered speechless with awestruckness. Happy happy chills. @};-
  20. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    love your new sets. Great to see the characters we know in what's now legends. For me they are the ones.
  21. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Week XV: "I Have Loved the Stars too Fondly"

    A perfect set of drabbles to focus on the Jedi we became so familiar with over the last couple of years. Each one lets on into his or her mind, a place that is usually forbidden for outsiders. "Much to learn there is!" I would like to say in a Yoda tone of voice. So much goes on under the façade of the monk-like warriors, who are supposed to be calm and serene. And on top, without fear. Because that leads to the dark side.

    Week XVI: Lights Will Guide you Home . . .
    To me it does not matter whether you stayed within the 100 words frame or not. This was poetic, tragic and fun, all at the same time. Your views on Tenel Ka are breathtaking and help me to appreciate her even more as an SW character. Legends or not.
  22. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    What a poignant set of drabbles and not-drabbles! I love how you wrote the act of braiding one's hair as a symbol for so many things -- love, compassion, identity, need, guilt... I was never much into this era of the Legends-verse but you are making me want to give it a try again, just to read it in light of the themes you developed. Thank you :)
  23. Sith-I-5

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    Week II: Rank and File

    I liked the arc of the Mandalorian-themed clones throughout this set, from Cody taking a risk and allowing his name to be teased out of him, and having it accepted with 'open arms'.

    That fact saving Obi Wan later when Order 66 went down.

    The clones calling Ahsoka buir - that alone hits me in the feels. :)

    I love what you did with the short exploration of the Togruta clan culture, and how it related to her care of her clones in training, and on the battlefield.

    I'm assuming Cut is an OC? Aww, his emotive progression with Suu, and her kid calling him 'Daddy'. Heartwarming and life affirming.

    The entire set is some great work.

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    Another gorgeous group. @};- I admit that I don't know this particular bunch of characters well, but with how beautifully you've written them here, and the nuanced way you describe them, nothing is unclear. The braids motif that you've woven (!) through the first (numbered) group is just plain awesome. As someone who has trouble doing up my hair in anything more complicated than a ponytail even with two hands, I can barely imagine what it would be like to try doing so with only one (and from what I remember of Tenel Ka, she really had an impressive amount of braidage)! It looks at first like the gentle help that she gets from Jacen here will be a first step toward repairing the awkwardness that's arisen between them—which makes Tenel Ka's chopping off of her braids at the end all the more of a gutpunch. (Of course we know what happens with Jacen means that things don't get repaired between him and TK.)

    The tie-in to Leia, her braids, and her beautiful, lost culture was a beautiful touch; one can hope that the beautiful tradition of binding things up, literally and figuratively, will continue in dear Allana. Lovely to see Jaina here too, getting to give her niece that same gift, even though it comes less naturally to her; it really is the closeness that counts—and I turned pretty much to a puddle of goo at the moment when she (Jaina) asks her own mom to braid up her hair, just to have that same kind of moment of closeness. [face_love] Finally, we get to see the closeness cross multiple generations as TK is welcomed back—unconditionally and lovingly—by Augwynne, her great-grandmother and clan matriarch. How fitting, somehow, that it's her oldest living ancestor who most clearly and affirmatively offers her this promise of continued life. But who would know better than Augwynne about the continued song of the clan throughout the ages? ;) What a beautiful promise for her scion. @};-
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    Author's Note: Hello, dear readers! I know - my coming in to dust off this thread is sorely overdue! It's high time I finished this challenge, and to do that, I have weeks 17 and 18 to offer for your reading pleasure. Week 18, is part of the The Great Poldopalooza. For those not familiar with this TLJ AU, I highly recommend checking it out! Simply put, in summary: Holdo lives, and a fling with Poe turns very serious very fast. It's been an absolute honor being a Pentasweet, and I have my own vignette to contribute to the thread once DRL allows me a moment to sit down and write. But, until then, I have my Week 18 drabbles to add to the craze. I hope you enjoy. ;)

    I thank you all for reading - and for leaving that last, wonderful round of comments I have yet to reply to - I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all. [:D]


    Week XVI: “The Skywalker Chronicles”

    LXXXI. History

    His name carried the burden of history.

    For the most part, Anakin Solo understood his mother's desire to honor Anakin Skywalker by refusing to live underneath the shadow of Darth Vader. Other times, his name was a burden - a reminder of just how easily the power thrumming through his veins could turn for the dark if he failed to respect its might.

    Yet, when mastering his gifts felt impossible, and glimpsing the future troubled more than encouraged him, he'd turn to the flicker of blue waiting in the shadows and accept his grandfather's understanding for the balm it truly was.

    LXXXII. Write

    Their mission to oversee peaceful elections on the planet Ghar was a success by all accounts. Yet Jaina Solo knew how she'd fought that day, with something more than merely righteous - proper - indignation as they subverted the inevitable attempted coup, and she feared -

    “ - you shape your own destiny,” Mara Jade Skywalker's smile quirked in understanding, as if the words she uttered were all too familiar to her own ears. Her Master's hand was strong on her shoulder. “You're not the names who came before you – you'll write your own story, and I can't wait to see it told.”

    LXXXIII. Archive

    Once, the Jedi Order refused to indulge attachments such as these; in the unearthed archives of the Old Republic, Luke explored their theories on spiritual enlightenment through emotional detachment. Their code held its own wisdom, of a sort, yet . . .

    Luke held his wife close to better feel the new life growing within her, as brilliant as any dawning sun; drowsily, he could feel Leia from across the stars, reaching out to him the same as she did every night, and he knew: nothing could ground him more than this. Without his family, he'd know nothing of gravity.

    LXXXIV. Artifact

    The blade sprang to life with a blinding blue brilliance, still as elegant and deadly as the day its crystal was first set.

    Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber had been retired by Luke Skywalker decades ago, but a little ingenuity and quick thinking freed the artifact from its tomb of glass and velvet in the Temple archives. Nat Skywalker gaped at him, wide-eyed to ask, “Well, what do you feel?”

    “I think it's welcoming me - welcoming us,” Kol smiled a slow, awed smile to answer his brother. “It has so many stories to tell.”

    And that story was far from over.

    LXXXV. Memory

    “You again.”

    Yet, try as he might, he couldn't quite hold onto his ire. He owed Luke Skywalker too much - for far more than the legacy in his blood. If it wasn't for him . . .

    Well, Cade Skywalker wouldn't be where he was – rocking a fussy infant in his arms while Deliah slept, his heart and mind finally at peace.

    “It's been many years,” wryly, Luke smiled, “but I still remember all-nighters with a Force-sensitive infant.”

    “You're always here to offer advice, aren't you?” Cade snorted.

    “Always,” was the spirit's reply.

    Cade gave in, and turned his daughter towards the light.


    Week XVII: “with another burning bright”

    LXXXVI. Air

    The first breath she took as the Raddus died in flames, she held. Then, almost giddily, Amilyn Holdo laughed as her pod tumbled and the stars wheeled. The sound was bubbling and bright and far too rough from disuse. Between one stolen heartbeat and the next, she decided that she would find reasons to laugh again; reasons to live; to love.

    How fitting, then, that the hatch swished open to reveal him.

    Well: somehow, she had cheated death when so many noble others had fallen for their cause. She wouldn't waste a single breath of that gift.

    “Hello, flyboy.”

    LXXXVII. Life

    Poe Dameron well knew the euphoria following a battle: that giddy feeling, knowing that, no matter the odds, success felt possible due to their being alive, together, and ready to fight.

    He'd made a few questionable life choices while cresting such a high before – but this felt different. Oh, their . . . whatever it was still threw him off his axis - but Amilyn's entire presence in his life had sent him reeling so far. Now, he merely looked forward to the irregularities in his course; he wanted to account for her gravity.

    He was ready to follow wherever this would lead.

    LXXXVIII. Hair

    It was just so . . . purple.

    Rey tried not to stare – honest. She'd known all sorts of sentients on Jakku, after all, and she'd quickly learned how vast and wide the galaxy was since then. Between Vice Admiral Holdo and General Organa . . . Rey frowned to twist the lower-most loop of her hair. Jakku had been plain and practical; ugly, even. The idea of beauty, just for the sake of beauty was -

    “My hair is a statement,” a wispy, smiling voice commented. Rey turned, just to see Amilyn wink at her. “I've made mine – you too can make yours however you wish.”

    LXXXIX. Conviction

    One couple at their victory gala garnered quite the fuss and speculation.

    But Leia Organa would never begrudge her old friend her happiness. If, briefly, she still felt a pang for her empty side – where husband son brother all should have been – she felt no need to fill that chasm as Amilyn did. Han had been quite enough for one lifetime, and she ignored the looks from the men who clearly hoped to convince her otherwise. She'd find her fulfillment in seeing the roots of the Republic set and Luke's memory honored through Rey; this time, she'd see their legacy thrive.

    XC. Sunshine

    It was amusing, how easily the sight of Poe and Amilyn set Finn's teeth to grinding. “Look at them – it's like there's no one else in the room,” Finn muttered as they spun across the dance floor. “It's disgusting.”

    “I don't know,” Rey couldn't quite agree. “I think it looks like fun.”

    “What?” Finn blinked owlishly. “Dancing?”

    “Yes,” Rey ignored her apprehension to boldly push forward. “I've never tried it before.”

    “Neither have I,” slowly, Finn admitted – and there. His was a face not made for frowns.

    “Well then,” Rey took his hand. “Let's see what all the fuss is about.”

    ~MJ @};-
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