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Horror Under Her Silver Tresses

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by chanbill5390, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    The night air spun out in misty swirls around the collective nostrils of the pack that hunted below. Shining eyes looked to and fro through the gaps in the foliage as the collected creatures scanned the trees for any sign of their prey. Finally with a slight shift of the wind the scent was caught. These intruders had passed into their territory for the last time and they were going to ousted one way or another. These people who had invaded the packs territory had brought only silence and death in their wake and the Alpha now sought vengeance for those they had slain...and he would have it. A loud howl rent the cold air and the pack burst forth in great numbers as it surrounded and soon tore the enemy apart. The pack was now free of the true monsters that walked the trees. At least for now.

    Hello everyone and welcome to "Under Her Silver Tresses" a werewolf themed rpg. In this game you will have the opportunity of being part of the pack, being part of a squad of humans bent on destroying the werewolves, of being some poor mortal caught in the middle of it all, on top of other such things. Vampires will be rare if only because between the hunters and the werewolves they try to keep themselves secluded from everyone else, they are by no means the power in this part of the world. On another note, no, the vampires will not sparkle in the sunlight, they will burn, very badly. Any further inquiries as to how these beings work in the world I am crafting for the game please direct them to my private message box.

    Character Sheet

    Character Name:
    Species: (Werewolf, Vampire, Common Mortal, Hunter)
    Age: (This will help determine your place in the pack etc.)
    Physical Description: (Will require two for werewolves)
    Pack Position: (Werewolves only)
    Hunter Rank: (Hunters Only)
    Occupation: (Everyone)

    -The Ten Commandments of this RPG-
    1. Thou shalt not God-Moding
    2. Thou shalt not take control of another players character without their consent, not even if given permission by myself the GM.
    3. Thou shalt keep the profanity outside, I'd like to keep things here PG-13.
    4. Thou shalt use OOC: for out of character posts crucial to the furthering of the RPG, IC: for in character posts, and TAG: for who you wish to communicate with in the game.
    5. Thou shalt not spam, flame, etc.
    6. Thou shalt discuss things in PM's and not clutter the thread with dribble.
    7. Thou shalt obey the word of the GM for it is law.
    8. Thou shalt PM all character sheets to me or any other GM's. (As of yet I am the only one though I will be looking for help from any experienced RPGers to Co-GM this.)
    9. Thou shalt follow the TOS and the Rules of the JC.
    10. Thou shalt enjoy yourself and have fun. Let us commence.

  2. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    GM Approved!

    Character Name:
    Marric Renar
    Species: Werewolf
    Age: 25
    Physical Description:
    -Human: Marric's pale skin tone sits in stark contrast to the much darker fur he has as a wolf. On the other hand his medium length black hair is very similar, though without the silvery-white streaks he possesses as a wolf. His eyes are the reverse of his wolf self, a moderately polished silver, with strands of amber weaving their way through the iris. His build is agile, belying his unnatural stamina and only hinting at his strength. His choice in clothing typically includes a dark t-shirt and black jeans. He wears a black leather belt with a faux silver wolf's head. His favorite piece in clothing a well worn and faded black trench coat, raggedy and worn along the fringes and has been in his possession since he was sixteen.
    -Wolf: Sleek black fur covers his muscular form from snout to tail save for thin bright silver white streaks that thread through his sides and the top of his back, also lining the edges of his ears. His eyes are a moderate amber, with miniscule strands of silver threading through the iris. His form is larger than many of the others, though a few are larger. He is not the fastest among his brethren(though certainly above average), but his stamina is astounding, enabling him to run or fight long past the point where others would have dropped to the ground, far to exhausted to continue. His strength is formidable but not the best, however added to his stamina and ability to endure lead him to triumph in the face of would be defeat.
    Personality: Patient, though his parents never see it. Self Control. He has the ability to remain calm when others can not, a trait that has benefited him well since he was bitten. He smiles and laughs easily, enjoying a good joke. Pranks are taken in an entirely different manner however.
    -Likes: Marric has always had an enjoyment for the woods and typically hikes through them often, though since he was bitten he often does so in his wolf form. He also enjoys a good book, spending many nights reading a story of some form or another.
    -Dislikes Impatience, Bar fights(new), and Hunters.
    Family: His father Marcus, mother Olivia, and younger brother William(16, And most just know him as Will).
    Background: Marric was born 25 years ago to Marcus and Olivia Renar in the same town they live in now, though it was much smaller back then. Barely nine years later his younger brother Will was born. The two have never really gotten along but would stick together if someone messed with either of them, and despite his saying otherwise Marric would sooner tear someone's throat out then let them hurt Will or anyone else in the family. And that was before he was bitten. Unlike some of the pack he would one day join, Marric was not born a werewolf, but was instead turned when he was 16. He didn't tell anyone, other than saying some large dog bit him, to cover up what had happened. During the early days afterwords, he was hesitant, unsure. After a brief period of time the teen embraced his new found "inner wolf" and his seeming natural talent as a 'wolf. His abilities and confident manner quickly saw him rise to the pack's beta position.

    Unfortunately his parents weren't so understanding with him constantly coming home late, sometimes not at all. Rather than tell them what had happened to him he moved out shortly after he turned 18, into a cheap apartment across town. He worked brief odd jobs, occasionally catching something more steady. For the past three months he has been working as a bouncer in a bar on the wrong side of the small town. Thus far he hasn't had the misfortune of running into a hunter, or of one of the rumored bloodsucking vampires, of which he only believes they're real because he himself is a werewolf. As for what comes next for him and the pack, he doesn't know.
    Pack Position: Beta
    Occupation: Currently a Bouncer for the local bar. Typically works odd jobs, occasiona
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