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    Title: Under The Sea
    Author: ardavenport
    Timeframe: pre-Episode I, pre-TPM
    Genre: drama
    Characters: OCs, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn
    Keywords: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi, Jedi Code
    Summary: Another Jedi calls on Master Qui-Gon, a Jedi with a reputation, for help.
    Notes: Typo is my middle name, with missing words and errors that spell checkers do not catch being my speciality - if you see any, just post a reply or send a PM with the what and where and I will kill them with no mercy.
    Disclaimer: All characters and the Star Wars universe belong to George and Lucasfilm; I am just playing in their sandbox.

    Obi-Wan tilted his arms and shoulders to his right, guiding the droid-swimmer to the side to avoid the two Kalamni coming the other way through the narrow tunnel. Passing them, the nearly naked adult ignored the two offworlders, but the child stared with wide blue eyes at the two Jedi in breather face masks, flowing robes, clothes and boots. Ahead of him, his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, went upward as soon as he emerged into the bright blue-green beyond the tunnel. Obi-Wan tightened his hold on a control grips on the swimmer to urge it faster and then upward in his Master's wake, the sound of water briefly loud in his ears with the sudden change in direction.

    They entered a large bright area of clear water, sunlight pouring down from the rippled surface above. On all sides, he saw a semi-regular pattern of thousands of round entryway holes in pale orange shell walls. Below them were the floating deep greens, purples and browns of a central garden. Kalmni younglings darted in and out of it with a few adults lazily drifting nearby.

    Qui-Gon's swimmer zoomed to their destination, his dark brown robe swirling and billowing around his legs. Holding on to the control grips with his hands, his feet dangling free after him, Obi-Wan stayed right behind him. He did not know where they were going, only that Jedi Knight Gu'usshuss had commed his Master for help. Qui-Gon did not say what was needed; he said he did not know and did not ask, though it seemed clear to Obi-Wan that he had an idea about what Gu'usshuss needed. But his Master refused to speculate about it and admonished Obi-Wan not to.

    Obi-Wan had objected to his Master keeping what he might know from him; he was nearly twenty years of age, an experienced Padawan. But Qui-Gon had only rebuked him about going into any situation with expectations that would prejudice his thoughts, tarnish his judgment.

    Qui-Gon slowed his ascent and Obi-Wan felt the water pressure change in his ears. His Master finally stopped at an entry hole about ten levels below the topmost one only a few body-lengths below the water surface. Their droid-swimmers turned themselves vertical, their blue side and tail fins retracting into their pale silvery bodies, allowing their passengers to alight in the entry hole. It was spacious enough for both Jedi to float free in it and the droids parked themselves in a side alcove.

    Qui-Gon reached for the triangular plate next to the door, but the pearly white barrier slid aside before he touched it. Jedi Knight Gu'usshuss floated just inside. He wore only minimal clothing over his smooth gray-green skin, beige tabbards covered his broad shoulders, crossed over and concealed his lower body, the long ends floating free. His lightsaber floated outward from the wide belt around his middle, a beige sash of fabric under that. The gill slits on his neck rippled when he saw both of them, but his large purple eyes remained expressionless. He moved to the side to let them in.

    An artificial image of a rippling, sunny blue surface covered most of the ceiling inside casing irregular shades of shadow and reflected blue light in the room. The oxygen in their masks, extracted from the water for them by the breather units, tasted saltier, more stale in the confined space.

    "Master Qui-Gon. I was expecting you to come alone." Gu'usshuss's low voice burbled in the water.

    Qui-Gon fo
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    Great job! Qui-Gon looks very convincing here: he really was one who understood the Jedi Code both deeply and widely, so that he believed it cannot really state anything against basic life components, and he was brave and steady enough to explain this to the Council and help others.
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    Love your surprising aliens and situations Obi and Qui always seem to encounter.

    Another of your great vignettes
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    TraderWatto: Thanks for reading! Qui-Gon was sympathetic to the other Jedi, but he doesn't violate the code, though he does have a reputation for going his own way.

    earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks for reading! I've been wanting to do an underwater story for some time, since you saw them go underwater in TPM, and I finally got to write one.