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Union of the Empires greatest Warriors (Thrawn, Vader)

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  1. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Star Wars is property of Mister George Lucas and Lucasfilms. I doing this just for fun, but if you have an Exekutor-Class-Battleship
    send it to me.

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors


    Dr. Tinar Harkas checked one last time the list of freight on the Lamda-Shuttle Omyrthium to make sure they hadn´t forgotten something. Data-Cards, bloodprobes, a hand full of Spaarti-Cylinders and other equipment. Harkas had a vague idea of what the Grandadmiral would be expecting from him and his team, after the failere with the upgraded clone of Major Grodin Tierce. The idea was fascinating and would certainly be the doom of the damned rebellion, should those anarchists somehow survive Bilbringi. And when the Empire was finished with the crazy, old wizard in the throne room. Rumors said that the Location of the Mount Tantiss Depor was no longer a secret. The scientist closed satisfied his checklist and was walking to the cockpit when a huge explosion rocked the hangar and the shuttle inside. Harkas was been thrown to the floor. Standing up he reached the cockpit where one of the pilots tried to start the engines. His comrade sat uncouncis in his seat. Terrified Harkas saw pieces of rock falling outside to the floor.
    "We have to start, damned", screamed the pilot.
    "My team", yelled Harkas back.
    "Forget them or do you want to be crushed ?"
    The shuttle leaped out of the hangar, flying strictly into the nightsky.Harkas looked back. The upper northhalf of the Mount Tantiss where the Throneroom used to be was completly blown away. Smoke and Fire emerged from other openings in the surface of the Mountin. The scientist feelt his throat tighten. This catastrophe would be a major setback to Grandadmiral Thrawn´s offensive against the rebels. Worse, the members of his team had died there. Men and women he had worked together, who had been his friends. Somehow the rebels had detected the location of the empires cloning-centre and send a Commando- or Sabotage-Unit. Another reason to make them pay.
    Harkas looked to the Lieutanant who piloted their shuttle, who deactivated the Hyperkom-Unit in the same moment. Somehow the Look of disbelief didn´t pleased him.
    "Take curse to the Bilbringi-Shipyards. Lieutanant. The Admiral has to learn about this desaster."
    The pilot answered with a low voice to Harkas order. "I have heard the message on Hypercom this very moment. Our fleet at Bilbringi was defeatet. Grandadmiral Thrawn is dead."
    /"Minions of Xanthos"/ thought Harkas devastated /"this guy will start every moment to cry"/
    "Calm down", he ordered, as his mind was searching for a solution. Without the unifiing influence and the leadership of the Grandadmiral the Empire was doomed once again. In this moment Harkas swore to never give up and let the Galaxy fall into the dirty hands of the rebel scum and their alien ally´s. But where should he go ? Then he had the saving idea. After a few moments the shuttle jumped into hyperspace with course to the sectores at the rim of the known, civilicated area of the galaxy.
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    Feb 5, 2000
    Good start!
  3. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    You can find my other stories under the following links:

    Works in progress:

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    The Colliding of Empire's - a StarWars/PerryRhodan-crossover-story (long)
    The tale of Darth Vader's Son - a SW-AU (long)

    Finished stories:

    Pride's Prize - a SW-short-story (155KB)

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Part One

    It is a time of hope. Finally decades of civil war between the New Republic and the Remanents of the once allmighty Galactic Empire are over. A peacetreaty was signed. On both sides all powers could be concentrated on rebuilding. But things didn´t calm down in the New Republic. The events around the destruction of the world of Chaamas have opened a lot of old wounds and feuds were brought to the surface, which are undermining the unity of the Republic. And from the sectors of the outer rim, after ten years of preparing a dark force rises, ready to shake the whole galaxy in its grounds.
  4. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    The World of Khomm - 16 Years after the battle of Endor.

    In the grand scheme of galactic events Khomm was an insignificant planet. Located near the deep core the planet followed its path around a typical g-star. Khomm had no strategic meaning, it was a perfect example of peace and harmony with only a few relations of trade to other systems. The main reason for Khomms isolated nature was based on a major trait of its population, a trait which would have offended most offworlders, especially the generation that grew up during the clone wars. Because the people of Khomm consisted of clones. Only one or two traders visited the planet every year, disturbing the quite peace of Khomm.
    On Khomm never ever happened anything.

    Krit-119 served as Operator on the only spaceport of Khomm, which meant that he had possibly the most boring job on the whole planet. But the Khomm were very orderly people and because of this Krit-119 was on his station, although his presence was needed no more often than twice a year. He was therefor very shocked when suddenly six spaceships jumped from out of nowhere into the system. His fear became worse when he recognized the dagger-like form favoured by imperial warships and the scale of the intruders. Two of the ships were 2,8 Kilometers long, the other four 600 Meters. But it was impossible. One year ago a peacetreaty was signed with the empire. Khomm posossed no weapons, no planetary shields, never before the planet had been attacked (in the opinion of the leaders of the Khomm the raid of the forces of Admiral Daala eight years before didn´t count and were long forgotten). In other words the Khomm were helpless. Krit-119 tried to use the holo-link to call for help, but discovered soon that all communications were jammed. The jamming devices used by the attackers were far to strong. Then Krit-119 saw dozens of drop-ships sinking to the ground, not only on the spaceport, but in other regions of the planet, too.

    The invaders meet no resistens as expectet. Troops and Hovertanks left the drop-ships followed by countless teams of technicians. The terrified Khomms were ordered to stay in their homes, while the invaders went to the Cloning-Centers, the object of their attack. After only four hours everything was over. Or nearly everything.

    On the bridge of the Flaggship of the Invaders, "Fireblade", Captain Gwendor reported to a huge, dark figure.
    "MyLord, our units are back without losses."
    "Exellent. How many cloning-tanks did we get ?" The voice of the big man was deep, smooth and full of authority.
    "Onehundred and fiftythousand, Sir." Gwendor shifted his gaze. "Sir is it really necassary ... ."
    "The sucess of this mission depends highly on the fact that there will be no witnesses."
    The red eyes of the man looked into the brown one of the Captain who tried to avoid them immediatly.
    "Activate tractor beam projector", the dark figure ordered. And to Gwendor. "The universe is a far better place without a race which lacks "fighting spirit" like the Khomm."
    "Tractor beam ready."
    "As you wish, Lord Vader."
    Gwendor was able to listen to his Superiors murmered last sentence. "And they were terrible, boring artists, too."

    By the tractor beam projector of the main hangar of the "Fireblade" a huge asteroid was catapulted with high velocity into space. The gravity of Khomm accelereted it even more. When the asteroid crashed into the surface of the planet it detonated with the power of thousand nuclear bombs. Countless tons of dirt and ashes were thrown high into the atmosphere. The air was burned away. Shockwaves of earthquakes were racing trough the crust of the doomed planet. The crew of the "Fireblade"saw nothing of this happen. Their ship accelerated in high orbit a few thousand kilometers away to fire second asteroid. And a third one. And a fourth one. The lucky Khomm died during the hits, were burned in the flames or were clashed by their crumpling homes. The less lucky survived this cheap version of a Base Delta Zero to die slowly by starvation or freezing. The news of th
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    Nov 7, 2000
    One Year later - Coruscant

    "Han, please try to behave. It´s just a little party to the third anniversery of our peace treaty with the empire." Leia said to her husband, who looked very annoyed in his new suit.
    "I don´t understand what´s so important about that party - if i remember your last dozend tells from council meetings there´s nothing to celebrate."
    "And because of that we try to give a signal. The treaty with the empire has proofen even to the last planet in the galaxy that the New Republic is an legitamete goverment", explained Leia.
    "A goverment who is hold together even after fivteen years only by hope, spit and an outside enemie. And now we have peace with this enemy." said Han.
    "Because of that this celebration is a necessary signal to the people. We must remember them, that we represent their interests, have fight for their freedom and will do it again if necessary. It´s a sign of our strenght and unit. The most heros of the Rebellion will be there."
    "Then why are Booster Terrik, Talon Karrde and Salla Zend not invited ?" , asked Han.
    "They have done more for the Republic than the most of the bereucrats or digniteries who are ?"
    "Really. Strange to believe. On the other side the list of guests was written by Tionna Melora and Fey´lya."
    "So you mean this Bothan Scum is playing politics again ??? Is this the only reason."
    "I don´t believe Counciler Melora would assosiate herself with Borsk just to play games."
    "No, but to cut any signs which could connect the New Republic with former Outlaws."
    "Han, we are no longer the Rebel-Alliance, we are an established goverment and ... ."
    "And we behave like one", was Leia interrupted by her husband. "It´s just one minor part of a bigger problem. Sign´s, symbols, all the whole propaganda ..., sometimes i think we are even worse than the Empire. There are real problems out there. Problems that will not be solved on parties."
    "That´s not true, the council is aware of the New Republic´s problems."
    "But they neglect it or as a diplomat would say : We try to solve it with as much possible dicretion so no one should panic."
    Leia´s face held suddenly an expression of sadness. "I know, i know. But we don´t want more worlds to leave the Republic to rejoin the Empire."
    Han knew exactly what this development meant for his wife and embranced her softly.
    "It´s not fair, Han. We - I - have fought years, no decades to free these worlds, to reastablish the Galactic Republic and now they willingly return into the Empires open arms. It is as if i have wasted my life for nothing !" Leia was near crying.
    "Shhhh", said Han, trying to comfort Leia. "You didn´t wasted your life. Because of you and the Rebellion, the Empire has changed in a way, that would have been impossible under Palpatine."
    "So, I should feel better ???" asked Leia grimly.
    "As long as things are developing to the better, yes", answered Han. "You have done a wonderful job, espacially under the given circumstances."
    "Perhaps, I should retire. Let the job be done by another one crazy enough. Spend some time with you and our children, before they go to Yavin, trying to life a normal life ..., hey, why are you laughing, nerf-herder ???"
    Han tried to supress the grin without success. "Because your worship, i´m unable to imagine you as a woman, totally satisfied with only the joys of kitchen and children. Admit it Leia, after one week you would die of boredem and want to return to this whole madness."
    Finally Leia smiled again: "Yes, you are probably right", than more serios, " but I think it whould have been wonderful to see my children grow without all the political distractions." She hugged Han stronger. "Han, I´m thinking a lot about it ... we´re not to old to have another child ... a child i can care for if i leave my position."
    "Are you sure about that ?" asked Han gentle, still holding her.
    "No, I´m not. Perhaps its just because Jacen and Jaina will soon start with their Jedi-Training. They will leave us, Han. Our babies will leave us."
    "That´s part of their growing up. It sooner or later h
  6. Sara_Kenobi

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    Sep 21, 2000
    This is worth the read. Great work!
  7. The Butler

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    Oct 18, 1999
    "And they were terrible, boring artists, too."

    Ha! This is a cool premise. I hope you follow up with a new post!!
  8. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Well, here is another part. Thanks to Darth McCain, Sara Kenobi and The Butler.

    Union of the empires greatest warriors.

    The celebration wasn´t as bad as Han had feared. To say the truth it was worse. Ambassedors, Councelloirs, Senators, to make it short every kind of dignitary was presant. Not to mention an army of assistences, servants and ..., Han was lucky when he saw two familier faces in the crowd.
    "Luke, Mara, over there."
    The three of them made it to a silent corner of the room.
    "Hello Han. Is everything allright with you, Leia and the children ?" asked Luke, starting the conversation.
    "Yes, we are all allright except for the average daily crises you have to face when you are living on Coruscant. And how are you two, finally finished with your honeymoon ?"
    "Never, i hope", answered Mara, kissing her husband on the check.
    "We just stopped on Coruscant to say hello", explained Luke to his brother-in-law, "we are on our way to the academy."
    "Problems with our future jedi-knights ?"
    "No, nothing of this kind. But a short time ago i sensed a disturbence in the Force and i want to discuss it with our comrades."
    Hans face became a grim mask. A disturbance in the Force meant trouble. Bad trouble. And most of the time his familie was in it.
    "How serious is it."
    "We don´t know for sure", answered Luke. "Mara hasn´t felt anything. So perhaps it is nothing."
    "Then why discuss it with the other Jedi-Knights ?" Han asked himself. "Perhaps Luke doesn´t want to upset me, until he knows more." Han decided to change the topic.
    "Well, why don´t you two stay for a while with me and the rest of the family ? There is something, Leia and i want to talk to you."
    "Let me guess, its about your childrens training as Jedi-Knights, right ?" asked Mara.
    Luke recognized Hans concerned face.
    "You still don´t like it, Han", he asked as careful as he could.
    "Yes. I´ve seen what this whole force-thing has cost our family in the past, not to mention the rest of the galaxy and i don´t want anything of that happen to my children."
    "And because of that they will need the training even more", said Luke as gentle as possible. "But we should speak about this on another occasion. And with Leia and the children, too. After all the things we are talking about are concerning their lives."
    "Yeah, you are right." Han had to agree with Luke on this point. For a short moment he asked himself if Leia enjoid her conversation with the senator from Sullust any more than he his talk with his brother-in-law.
  9. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Leia supressed a yawn while listening to the endless monuloge of the senator from Sullust.
    KalnBien. Instead she managed a friendly smile and an impression of undivided interest.
    "... so the economic strengt of the industries and companies of the Therilias-Sector, which is unbelievable high for an Outer Rim - Sector, is a constant threat to the well-being of the economy of New Republic Worlds. Because of this Sullust will vote for higher taxes of trading to nations outside the New Republic."
    "Sullust or SuruSub", asked Leia.
    "That´s one and the same", explained KalnBien.
    "That´s true", Leia had to admit. "But what will happen to our free markets if we increase the taxes ? After all under the reign of Palpatine taxes have been that high that they struggled trade and economic growth."
    "A risk we must take. We can not allow a nation with perhaps a tenth of our area but the half of economic capabilities to trade free with our worlds when most of them are still rebuilding and even offer help in doing that", KalnBien seemed to be enraged by that thought. "Their influence is growing from day to day."
    "Well i see nothing wrong, if somebody is helping our worlds to rebuild. And if you trade with somebody you aren´t going to start a war with him", said Leia. Then she spotted Han, Luke and Mara. "Would you please excuse me, Senator."
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Okay, its time for some action

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Part II

    Lallkarrow was a Jedi-Knight from Kashyyk. That was not the only remarkable at him, because he was Wookee with a fur as with as snow and eyes as red as glowing coals. In other words he was one of those poor albinos who normally died very fast on their homeworld. The white fur was a bad camoflage in the forrests and the deep floors of the dschungels on Kashyyk, so albinos were easy pray for all kind of predators. But Lallkarrow survived into adulthood thanks to special instinct he for himself was unable to explain. Then it was discovered that he was force-sensitive and one week later he was on the way to Yavin 4. Five Years later he had become an exellent Jedi-Knight and was part of a team with a human Jedi-Knight who´s name was Bron Terron. Bron Terron had been a ranger before he become a Knight and together the albino wookee and the human made a very sucessful team.
    Currently they were on the planet of Malvac a former colonie and a spaceport of increasing importance for traffic from the inner rim to wild space. Activities of different pirate groups on the side of the New Republic had increased in a way that a lot of systems pleaded for help or threatend to leave the Republic if they were unable to maintain law and order. Until today the tries of the varios police-organasations, the New Republik-Fleet and the Intelligence Services have all been a failure. So the officials had called for help from the Jedi-Knights and hoops ... here they were.
    "Rwrwrwrwrr", holwed Lallkarow a question.
    "No, i don´t know if its safe to meet with this informant. But this person is the only trace we have so far. If we don´t find a solution to this pirate-problem more and more of the rim systems will leave the Republic either to join the empire or to stay on their own", answered Bron. Another grunted question.
    "No, i don´t think its a sheme of the empire. They have their own methodes to deal with criminals and were capable to force them to leave their territories."
    "Yes, say about the empire what you want, but its methods are quite effective." The two Jedi didn´t know that somebody was looking over every steps they had made since their arrival at Malvac.

  11. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Two dark cladded figures were watching the two Jedi-Knights from the top of a building.
    "Are you sure it is the right thing to attack them ? If we kill them others will follow and they will be warned", asked the slightly smaller one of the two man.
    "That´s of no concern to us", answered the other man. "They´re comrades will not know what has happened here and will therefor be uneasy and angered, what makes them a weaker pray to us. And in a few weeks they will have totally different concers if they survive." The bigger man chuckeled darkly. "And i want to know if all your training will finally pay off, when you are confronted with a real Jedi, Eight."
    "I will not fail, One", answered the man called Eight.

    Bron Terron and Lallkarow entered a big Wharehouse where they were supposed to meet their informant. Nobody was there.
    "Hello", Bron shouted. "Is there anybody here."
    A cold shiver run down his spine and he sent Lallkarow a questioning look. His partner seemed to be as uneasy as himself. Both Jedi-Knights took their Lightsabres from their utilitybelts and walked deeper into the dark building.
    Suddenly the door behind them closed with a loud thunder. After that the big room was as silent as before.
    "Hooooowwwwhheeeeee", jelled Lallkarow.
    "Yes, i have a bad feeling about this, too", confirmed Bron. "And it gets stronger every second."
    A movement out of the corner of his eye, caused Bron to whirl around and to activate his lightsabre. Something was rolling to their feet. As the Jedi´s took a better look they recognized the head of the person they wanted to meet here.
    It seemed they had lost their trace after all.

    "He isn´t dead long. His murdereres have still to be here."
    "That´s right", said a deep voice a few meters away.
    Bron and Lallkarow looked up and saw two men in dark robes standing a few meters away. Surprised, because they had´t felt them approach. Bron and Lallkarow puted immediantly some distance between each other. Something on the two men felt wrong. The smaller of the two was still 6 feet, 5 inches high, with broad muscular shoulders. His face would have been handsome if not for the cold stare of his ice-blue eyes and the hard lines arouned his jaw. His dark-blond hair was bound in a ponytail.
    The bigger man was a nightmare. One foot taller than his companion was his pale skin nearly as white as the fur of Lallkarow. His long, platinblond hair was falling in waves between his shoulderblades. But most frightening were his eyes. Deep red they managed to shimmer as cold as the vacuum of space. Despite the different colours he could have been the older brother of the other man. The Jedi-Knights sensed the darkness emanating from the two and knew that they would have to fight.
    "The force is strong with you, Jedi´s. But you two are no match for the Dark Side."
    "Are you sure, Sithspawn", asked Bron. "Your over-confidence will be your undoing."
    "Perhaps one day. But not today. Today you and your companion will die. Now."
  12. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    "If you are so sure of yourself, why don´t you two tell us your names ?", asked Bron Terron. After all they needed every bit of information they could get.
    The bigger man grinned darkly.
    "Well, why not." He nodded to his companion.
    "He is Eight and i´m One. But not Obi-Wan. Die Jedi !"
    Listening to the Darksider a "whoooosh" had been the only warning, when a big cargo-container was leviteted against the Jedi-Knights from behind. Bron was able to evade the impact, but Lallkarow get hit at the shoulder. The wookiee wasn´t able to supress a sound of pain. Then their adverseries advanced against them, lightsabers ignited.

    Bron saw himself face to face with the smaller one, while Lallkarow had to deal with the big man. It was quiet a match. Altough the Jedi-Knights were highly tráined they had never been in a real lightsabre-fight till death. Simply because there had never been any kind of Sith or Darkside Users for years. Obviously their opponents didn´t had to deal with this problem. Bron was barely able to block the strong strikes of the other man. Although he was really tall, he was very fast, too. But Bron had never survived his career as a Ranger without a few tricks, that were not thaught at the Jedi-Academy. So after another strike from his opponent he let himself fall to the floor and rolled for ward, his lightsabre striking up ward against the torso of the Darksider. The man barely escaped Bron´s attack by saumersaulting into the air and behind the Jedi-Knight, ready to strike again. Bron nearly didn´t managed to stand up but somehow he succeded. Again the blades of the two men met.

    On the other side of the great warehouse Lallkarow had a hard time defending himself against the fierce attacks of his opponent.
    The wookiee had been sure for his entire life to have an advantage by the length of his limbs and his strenght. Now he discovered that this man was a more than worthy opponent. Lallkarow wasn´t sure but he got the impression that the human was just playing with him. Wookies are famous for their tempers and Lallkarow was no exeption. With a loud shout he tried to cut his adversery into two pieces, opening a hole in his defences. It nearly costed him his life. One stroke and missed Lallkarows body just for centimeters. The wookiee hoolwed when his white fur was burned by the laserblade.

    Brons head whirled around when he heard the cry of his friend, just for a second but it was enough for the man who caled himself Eight to cause a major injurie at the shoulder of the Jedi-Knight. But the former Ranger was no man who would give up that easy. Using the force he managed to throw a cabel around the neck of Eight. Fuming with rage the Darksider pulled at the cabel, trying to free himself. Bron was going to explore the distraction of his adversery, when he was hit at his injured shoulder with an object. And another one. And another one. Going down on his knees and defending himself against stones, machinery parts and other things he saw his opponent grinning.

    "You are not the only one who can use a trick like that."

    Finally Eight managed to get free of the cable. Slowly he advanced against Bron who had somehow lost his lightsabre and was nearly uncouncioss.

    "Time to die, Jedi-Knight."

    The last thing Bron Terron ever saw was the grinning face of Eight whilding his lightsabre against him.

    Lallkarow felt a tremor in the force and knew his friend had died. "There is no anger there is peace", he thougt. "There is no pain, but there is the force. But will it save me ?" He and One were looked into each other. Against every other human that would have been no problem for the wookiee, but One was incredible strong. To strong. While their blades were interlooked, One pushed them against Lallkarows face. The wookiee could feel the heat of them coming closer and closer. Activating his last reserves he managed to push his adverserie and his blade away. For a moment the tall man lost his balance and Lallkarows Lightsabre was cutting through his robes, but not de
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    Oct 18, 2000
    Interesting plot-lines. Can't wait for more!
  14. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    One day later on Coruscant

    Cheering the class of upper class children left their room at school. It had been the last day before holidays. Jaina Solo and her best friend Syal Antilles were walking togehter to the exit of the building.
    "Finally school is over", said Syal.
    "Except for that little project we volunteered for", remembered Jaina.
    "You volunteered. I just didn´t wanted you to do it alone. After all we are friends, right ?"
    "Right, Syal. And thanks a lot."
    "No problem. Any idea what your brothers will do ?"
    "No. Anakin has always been the family enigma and Jacen ... "
    "Perhaps you can persuade him to help us with our project", Syal tried to look innocent but without sucess. Jaina watched her best friend very closely until Syal started to blush.
    "Ahhhhh", Jaina finally stated. "Your reason to help me is you are hopping that Jacen will be there too."
    "Ehhhhh", stammered Syal "perhaps a bit."
    "Admit it", demanded Jaina grinning. "You have a crush on him."
    "Well why not", tried Syal to defend herself. "Your brother is really cute."
    "And most of the time a real nuisiance." stated Jaina.
    "Well you have to know it", answered the other girl. "After all he is your twin, Jaina."
    "Right. And because of that fact i´m the only one who is allowed to call him a nuisiance. Everybodx else will have to face me if he/she or it tries something on him."
    "Whauw, your really protective of him."
    "Yes, of course. I´m his older sister and you know how the boy´s are. Totally irresponsable."
    "Yes you´re right. But we can talk about them later", Syal changed the topic. "Would you like to come and have dinner with me and my folks ? Mom has made rysh´cate."
    "Sorry, Syal. But Uncle Luke and Aunt Mara are here and i promised to be at home as soon as possible."
    "Really ??? Luke Skywalker, the Jedi-Master ???"
    "Whom else. I have no other Uncle."
    "You know what i mean. I´ve seen him just once at his wedding. Dad and all his friends have told me so much stories about him, of their advanteres with him and ..."
    "Stop, stop, please. I understand your point." Jaina sighed. Sometimes it was a real burden to have so famous relatives.
    "Uhmm, Jaina", asked Syal.
    "Yes ?"
    "Could you ask your Uncle for an Autogramm ?"
    "Well, why not", answered Jaina. "But than i get one from your dad."
    "Here we are", they had arived at the exit where Jaina for the first time discovered one of her Noghri-Bodyguards. "Rark´mirn, how long have you been here ?"
    "All the time, young Lady Vader", answered the Noghri.
    "Well, see you later, Syal. And eat something of that rysh´cate for me."
    "I will enjoy every piece of it."
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    Aug 12, 2000
    Um... Am I the only one completely confused here? I really would like some info and backstory. Hint Hint:)
  16. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Some Explenations:

    Time of story: 17 Years after Battle of Endor
    between THoT-Duologie and NJO-Novels

    Jacen/Jaina are twelve
    Anakin is ten years old

    Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade are married for 2 Years

    People who know the original Thrawn-Triologie and the The Hand of Thrawn-Duologie will have an advantage and perhaps a clue were the story is heading. Sorry, but i want some surprises in the story.
  17. DMC

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    Nov 23, 2000
    Very good!
  18. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    When Jaina arrived at home the rest of her family was already there. They met in the living room. Jacen and Anakin were sitting on the couch, her parents and Uncle Luke in comfortable chairs and Aunt Mara was standing at the window. The girl joinded her brothers on the couch.
    "Well, finally we are all here", said their father. "Do you children know why ?"
    Jacen shifted himself somehow unsure.
    "It wasn´t me, it was Anakins fault."
    "Liar, it was your idea", protested the younger boy.
    "But i wanted to stop, when it become clear that it would be a failure. You insisted on continuing at ... ."
    Leia and her husband exchanged a look in wonderment.
    "What ???" they both asked at the same time.
    "What what ???" asked the boys back. Jaina recognized her Uncle trying to hide a smile. Then she sensed it, too.
    "We want to know what you two are telling about", explained Leia. Jacen and Anakin started to grin.
    "Nothing", said Jacen.
    "Nothing at all", added Anakin.
    "Just a little fun."
    Luke chuckeld.
    "It seems your sons have sucessfully pulled on your legs, Han, Leia."
    "Yeah", stated Han. "I want to know from wich one of us they got that ?"
    Everybody in the room loocked innocently at him. Han sighed. "OK, OK, forget it."
    "We have something serious to discuss with you children", said Leia. "Me, your dad and your uncle have talked about it for a while and now we want to know what you want to be one day, when you´re grown up."
    "What´s the problem ?", asked Jaina. "We are going to be Jedi-Knights one day of course."
    Anakin and Jacen remainded silent.
    "It´s not that easy, Jaina.", said Han. "We thought and said that and anybody else thought that, too. But nobody has ever asked if being a Jedi is what you want to be."
    "It is no easy live and you will have to live with your dissicions. It is possible that you will be happier in a totally different profession", explained Luke. "You are all strong in the force and it would be a waste of talent, but it will be your dicission alone. Your mother for example has never really completed her training or reached her full potential, but she lives a happy live and makes an extraordinary good job as president of the Republic."
    "All we want is what is best for you", said Leia. "But that doesn´t mean you have to become Jedi-Knights."
    "And because of this we want to know what your opinions are regarding that matter."
    For a few moments there was silence in the room. Finally Anakin started to talk.
    "Well, i would like to become a royal guard."
  19. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Don´t be afraid comments and critcs are welcome !!!
    Now would anybody please read my story. I want to know if its worth the try. (get hit with a gimmer stick. "Do it or do it not, there is no try.")
  20. Cyclonetrooper

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    Oct 14, 2000
    I'll teach you, young Anakin, or Kir Kanos can do it. Good one! :)
  21. Darth Zane

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    Apr 21, 2000
    pretty good story. keep posting
  22. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Anakin´s statement had caused silence again. Some of the Skywalker-Family looked shocked, others confused. Then the shouting started.
    "A royal Guard. Like imperial royal Guard ?"
    asked Han.
    "Just last week you wanted to become a pilot", added Jacen.
    Leia managed somehow to look curious and disappointed at the same time.
    "Why, Anakin, why ?"
    "Because they are cool", answered the boy. Jaina just rolled her eyes.
    "They are cool ? Where did you get that from ?" Han nearly yelled at his youngest son. Anakin with all the exitment of a ten year old didn´t recognized the decreasing temperature in the living room and stood up.
    "I´ll show you." He left and returned one minute later with a box. The adults and his siblings looked in awe when Anakin pulled a figure out of the box. It was an extraordinary exact fabricated figure of an imperial royal guard, 20 inches high, complete with red helmet, armor, cloack and vibropike. Han took the box and started to read the description on the outside: "Trained in the ancient martial art of endaichi the imperial royal guard is one of the best examples what training and discipline allows a mere human to achieve. Without the force the imperial guards were the best warriors of their time, totally loyal to their purpose. You are now the lucky owner of an Imperial Guard Action-figure buildt by "Alvacha-Toys" a company of "Alvache-Enterprises" ... a toy ?" shouted Han.
    "Yeah, really cool, isn´t it", answered Anakin.
    "If they had been that cool they had uprised against Palpatine", stated Leia. Anakin looked at his mother in wonderment.
    "That would have been mutiny."
    "Yes and it would have been a wonderful thing", explained Leia.
    "Fine. I´ll talk about that with uncle Ackbar when he visits the next time."
    "How much money have you spent on this toy?", asked Han, trying to change the topic.
    "Fifty credits. I couldn´t afford the modell of the AT-AT."
    "Well, i think we are going to have a long talk with you Anakin", said Han as serious as he was able to do.
    "Let´s come back to the childrens future professions", said Luke who wisely hadn´t interrupted the short discussion about "cool" toy´s between Anakin and his parents.
    "Anakin, i think we still have some time before its up to you to make a decission but what is with you two ?" he looked at the twins.
    "I´m quite sure i want to become a Jedi-Knight." said Jaina.
    "I´m not so sure", Jacen looked rather seriuos. "Mom always curses about her damned job, the crisis in the council, Fey´lya, but she´s still there and seems to enjoy it. And i have no clue how it will be to be trained as a Jedi."
    "Perhaps a visit to the academy would be helpful", suggested Mara who had been silent untill now. She exchanged a look with her husband. "You could talk with the other Knights and Students, get yourself some impressions and so on."
    "Sounds like a good idea", said Leia.
    "That would be great", Jacen beamed happy.
    "Yeah", stated Han. "Why not. What´s with you, Jaina ?"
    "Sorry, but no. I volunteered for a project in school about the holidays. Besides i´m sure i want to be a Jedi one day."
    "And i ?", piped Anakin. "Jaina will be busy with her project, Jacen visits the academy and i ´ll have to stay all alone the entire time."
    "Why don´t you and your father take the Falcon and visits Chewie´s family on Kashyyk", suggested Leia.
    Han looked surprised at his wife. "And you ??? Not afraid of being lonely ?
    "No. I hate to admit it, but my timetable for next week is full as a Hutt´s stomach. It would be no difference to me."
    "Ok, Than it is all said. Leia and Jaina will stay here on Coruscant, Jacen will accompany Luke and Mara to Yavin 4 and we two will visit the world with the big trees, Anakin, right."
    "Right, dad", the boy beamed.
    "But first we´ll talking about cool toy´s", interrupted Leia.
    "But mom ... ."
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    Nov 7, 2000
    In his office at the headquater of the imperial forces on the empires capitol of Bastion Admiral Pelleaon was reading a regulary updated report about the condition of the empire and its military. The last two years had been very good for the empire. Although more than threehundred worlds had left after the peace-treaty another eighthundred systems had joined his nation.
    They had established a second major shipyard and a third one would be operationel in two months. Finished with the report Pellaeon looked at the hologramm of the galaxy. It was a smaller version of the one they had in their big commandroom. With a sad smile the Admiral remembered his mentor Grand Admiral Thrawn (although Pellaeon himself was nearly seventy when he served under the warlord). Thrawn would have admired the holo as a piece of art both beaty- and useful. Detailed as it was it showed Pelleaon the puzzle of nations the galaxy had become after the fall of the Empire and its predeccor the Old Republic. Until now the biggest part showed the colours of the New Republic - more than 250.000 worlds and starsystems. The comman opinion between the high ranking imperial officers and bereucrates was that the New Republic was going to crush in another ten years. Resent events seemed to strengthen this point of view. The New Republic was unable to put an end to the dramatically increased pirate activity between the outer and the inner rim territouries of its space. Another problem was the constant struggle between its people: Ishori against Diamala, Bothan against Mon Calamari, Wookies against Tandroshaner and so on. Because of this some planets had already threatened to leave the republic and to join the empire again. Pelleaons advice in that matter had been to look for quality in negotiations with possible candidates for rejoining.
    Besides the Empire and the New Republic the hologramm of the known galaxy showed two dozens of sectors controlled by former imperial warlords, varios unions and federations of independent sectors and worlds who preferred to be isolated or totally independent. Together they formed the biggest part of the picture. Pellaeon concentrated his look on the sectors of former imperial warlords and - remembering his search for "quality" - thought that with a positive result of todays negotiations ...

    His kommlink beeped.
    "Pellaeon. What is it ?"
    "Sir, you wanted to be informed of Lord Raal Lordaq´s arrival."
    "Yes, i wanted. What´s the problem ?"
    "Perhaps you can come to the main controlroom. Immediatly."
    Curios Admiral Pellaeon left his office. The officer who had called him had sounded quite nervous. If this wasn´t really an emergency ... .
    Pellaeon arrived in the main controlroom of Bastion.
    "Now what´s this urgent, Captain. Are you and your crew unable to greet a petty warlord on your own ???"
    Pelleaon knew perhaps better than anyother person in this room that Lord Raal Lordaq was anything but a petty warlord but keept this information for himself. No use in rising hopes.
    "It´s not the arrivel of Lord Lordaq himself, Sir. Perhaps if you look at the tactical display of Bastions defence systems.
    Pellaeon now eyed the display really curios. And when he identified the designition of the vessel Lord Lordaq had arrived with his jaw dropped. He had expected a dreadnought or a Victory-Stardestroyer, perhaps even an Imperator-Stardestroyer.
    But Raal Lordaq had choosen another vessel for his visit at Bastion.
    A ten kilometer long Giel-Class-Battlecruiser.

  24. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Admiral Pellaeon caught his breath and managed to get his calm and (so he hoped) dignified expression of a senior officer back. The few battle-cruisers and battle-ships the empire had left were all out of active service, crewed only with the necessary men and women. Although things had improved the empire still wasn´t able to afford those ships operational. From constructing they were even further away. And now a man Pellaeon had called a petty warlord had used one of the biggest ships in the entire history of the imperial starfleet for his journey to Bastion.
    "Get me a real-life picture of that ship from one of our Golan-Defense-Plattforms", ordered Pellaeon. Moments later the picture of the behemoth become visible. As an old professionell Pellaeon recognized immediatly the differences between Lord Lordaq´s ship and the vessel the unfortunate Admiral Giel had used so many years ago to transport an unique creature called Teezl to Coruscant. The ship shared the dagger-like design of most imperial warships but unlike an Exekutor-Class-Command-Ship with its sleek, elegant form this ship was a massive brute.
    Its entire black hull was covered with more shieldgenerators and weaponenplacements than anybody in the imperial fleet had seen in a long time on a single ship.
    "Sir, they are hailing us and asking for permission to sent a shuttle and its escorts."
    "Permission granted", answered Pellaeon, still admiring the huge battle-cruiser. "Where did Lordaq get that ship from ??? How can he afford this monstrosity ??? And what is with the rest of his fleet ???" asked Pellaeon himself. "Give them the coordinates of the landingplattform where i´ll meet our guests", he said loud. For a short moment he wondered what surprises still waited for him.
  25. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Pellaeon had asked himself what further surprises awaited him with the arrival of Lord Raal Lordaq and he wasn´t going to be disappointed. When the shuttle emerged out of the clouds the old Admiral recognized its escorts as TIE-Defenders, still the fastes, best armed and most developed fighters in the entire galaxy. Until the Lambda-class-shuttle landed he summerized what he knew of the warlord.
    Warlord wasn´t quite the right designation for a man like Lord Lordaq. Born as a member of the nobility of the Therilias-Autarcie Raal Lordaq had been a senator in the last day´s of the old republic. As a military leader during the clone wars his name had become legendary like the names of General Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker or Garm Bel Iblis. Disgusted by the increase of corruption and anarchy Lordaq had later become a strong supporter of Palpatine and his promise to restore law and order. When Palpatine declared himself emperor and many of the core worlds of the republic tried to oppose the New Order Lordaq as Field-Marshal of the Empire conquered many of those worlds back, while Darth Vader was hunting Jedi-Knights. Years later when it became clear that Palpatine wasn´t able or willing to keep his promises Raal Lordaq returned as rightful ruler to the Therilias-Autarcie. After Grand Moff Tarkin died on board the first Death Star the title moved to Lordaq together with great parts of the Outer Rim territories. For nearly the last twenty years the man had keept a low profile. And in all those years nearly every side of the civil war had ignored him. Until the final end of Palpatine nearly ten years ago Lordaq and the systems under his control had simple paid their taxes and supported the imperial war efforts without ever making any difficulties. In return no imperial representive had ever put his nose into their business. Obviously the warlord had made good use of his time and resources. The huge battle-ship now in orbit around Bastion was just another evidence. If the intelligence reports Pellaeon were given had beencorrect their visitor was in direct control of over threethousand starsystems, ten known shipyards and co-owner of some of the most growing business-companies in the entire galaxy. Quite and in silence Lordaq had forged his own empire which was a force to be recooned with. And he was still increasing his influence by offering help with rebuilding to independent, New Republic and imperial worlds. And because of this Pellaeon wanted to meet with the man. Both the empire and the Therilias-Autarcie were ruled by nearly the same laws and principles, the beliefe in strenght, discipline and order. If he could persuade Raal Lordaq to join the empire again there was no doubt that all the other warlords would follow. And the empire would have made a great step back to its rightful place as ruler of the entire galaxy.
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