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Union of the Empires greatest Warriors (Thrawn, Vader)

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  1. Cyclonetrooper

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    Oct 14, 2000
    Why would they be so concerned about Praji if it is him....

    Oh, I see what you mean. I don't believe it!
  2. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    It was a new model of scoutship. Crewed only by droids and totaly independent. And on a long and boring, but necessary mission to map the stars and planetary bodies. Together with thousands of its siblings. Although the entire galaxy had been mapped millenia ago by the Old Republic events of the recent past had shown that an upgrade to the newest conditions of maps and charts was long overdue.

    The galaxy was huge.

    And although nearly everybody knew the names of Coruscant, Corellia, Kashyyyk or Bastion and Munilist, few or nobody knew of worlds like Dantooine, Mipis or Deval. No wonder with one million worlds and fifty million colonies and protectorates that once belonged to the empire. And although this was an unimaginable high number it was only a small part of the galaxy.

    The galaxy was huge.

    Much knowledge was lost during the wars. Stars had gone supernova. Planets had changed their paths. Entire sectors and systems had been forgotten. Ships with hyperdrive are able to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other, but it is mere coincidence if one of them arrives on purpose in one of the less inhabitated areas outside the core or the inner rim.

    The galaxy was huge.

    But not for much longer. At least if the high ranking militaries and members of the scientific institutions get their will. Together they had convinced the senate of the New Republic to start a new exploration-programm. And so a new type of scoutship was developed. The predecessors of these new ships had proven their worth during the Black-Fleet-Crisis and the war with the Yevethans. This new class of fullautomated scoutships was thirty meters long and resembled a correlian corvette. In his hammerhead-shaped frontpart were the most advanced sensors and scanning-devices incorporated and its huge thrusters allowed the vessel to achive velocaties in real space comparable only to an A-Wing or a Tie-Defender. Hullpaint and used materials made the ship nearly invisible to enemy scanners. That these characteristics changed the droidships to the perfect espionage vessel only few in the leading positions of the senate were aware of. And those responsible in fleet and New Republic Intelligence keept their mouths closed.

    Scoutship NRAS-10023 had achived thirty minutes before in this system of wild space. A g-type sun and six planets. The scout crossed the paths of every planet all sensors on active scanning. Size, paths, enviromental conditions, ores worth of exploitation, every possible information about the system was stored in the databanks of the scout. Nothing really surprising. Until the scout reached the other side of the second planet.

    This was unusual. Sensors were detecting energies of unknown origin. The scout changed its course to the direction of the detected energy-readings sensors on high alert. Somehow the space before the droidship seemed to be darker. Stars in that direction were invisible although the optical devices of the scout were looking to the core. There seemed to be shadows in front of the eternal darkness of space. As the distance was reduced the shadows took the shape of ships. Huge, daggerlike warships. Then a bolt of Turbolaser was fired, aimed at the automated scout. Hadn´t the commanding droid with inhuman speed decided to change their course immediatly the bolt had hit them. Those ships were clearly a threat. His duty was to warn the New Republic. The droids tried to send a signal but were jammed while they were persecuted and under fire. Then one of the shots hit. Although the shot nearly missed the scout it managed to damage it enough to stop its tries to escape. The droids recognized that they had only one chance left. Launching an old probedroid with the collected data, the droidship managed long enough to cover the probe with its own bulk before it was torn apart. But then the probe had already escaped to hyperspace.
  3. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Sorry, there is a mistake in the last post:
    It has to be: Scout NRAS-10023 arrived thirty minutes before ... not Scout NRAS-10023 archived thirty minutes before.
  4. Riin

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    Aug 14, 2000
    Wow, this sounds exiting(sp?)!! I can't wait to see more :)
  5. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    Coruscant - Building of the New Republic Senate

    ...69 percent of the votes. Suggestion Nr. 5436271 about "Taxes on Trade to systems outside the New Republic" becomes law at 11.35 on the 324th day of the New Republic year 14
    (in this fanfiction the NR-calendar starts with the conquest of Coruscant three years after Endor).

    Leia sighed. It was over. As much as she and her supporters had argumented and voted against the new law they had lost.
    The prices for goods and services from systems outside the New Republic would soon start to increase.
    Many independent worlds and sectors would follow the example of the New Republic´s policy by increasing their own taxes.
    Local businessmen and companies would use the higher taxes as an excuse to increase the prices on their goods, too.
    The smugglers of course would profit from the situation, too.
    And the lives of the commen people would become more expensiv.

    "Damned, shortsighted politicens", cursed Leia. In moments like this the old emperor Palpatine had her full sympathy for disbanding the imperial senate. Then she realized what she was thinking and was shocked.

    "Am i that confident, to claim to know better than everybody else what is right ?" Leia asked herself. She thought about the situation at hand for a few moments and decided that the new law was a mistake. Besides its economical consequences, diplomatic relations to outside systems would become more difficult.

    "And just because some senators want to protect the businessinterests of the worlds they represent", muttered Leia. She admitted to herself that the rules of an economy based on a free market are hard and that she thought them to be a bit disguesting. But she was also sure that a policy of protectionism and isolation was the bigger evil. Free trade meant growing prosperity, growing knowledge, the free exchange of ideas. All this would become more diffucult with that new law.
    If Leia remembered her history lessons well, something like this had been the first step for Palpatine to galactic power.

    "Your highness, is everything allright ?"
    "Oh, its you, Winter " Leia hadn´t recognized how much time she had spent thinking in her office. "Yes, its allright. I was just thinking. What is it ?"
    "Well", Winter shiftet uncomfortable, "Admiral Drayson has called for a meeting of the security council and he seemed to be very concerned."
    "Oh, no. If Drayson calls such a meeting it means serious trouble." Leia took a deep breath. "Well, well. Inform all members of the security council for a meeting tomorrow at 8.00."
    "As you wish your highness."
  6. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    Late in the afternoon Leia was doing some paperwork in her office when Winter informed her of a visitor.
    "Do you know who it is ?", asked Leia.
    "His name is Skra´skiss, Senator from Sehssteth." answered her aide and friend since childhood.

    Sehssteth. If Leia remembered correct the planet had held its neutrality after becoming independent until the signature of the peacetreaty. Its inhabitans were huge, spider-like creatures. The world was rather insignificant compared to other systems in the New Republic but its citizens had proofed to be loyal, hardworking and honorable people who caused less difficuties than many others. Now what was it their senator wanted to discuss ?

    "Let him in", answered Leia.
    The door to her office opened and Skra´skiss walked on his three pairs of legs into the room. Two huge arms with threefingered claws were spread wide in a gesture to show he was unarmed as it was a usual form of greeting by his kind. From the huge mandibiles of his jaw two smaller arms with small, finer fingers extended. Leia knew that they were used by the Sehssteth for more complicated handwork than the big, strong claws.

    "Senator Skra´skiss be welcome. How may i of help ?"

    The spider-like being reported to Leias greetings with bowing his entire torso to the floor before he errected himself again.

    "Your highness, Madame President. I have to thank you for your time spending with such a pathetic member of my world than me", came the translation of Skra´skiss speech from a translator.
    Leia rolled her eyes. These new tranylators were just as formal and stiff than protocol droids of the PO-Series.
    "I´m sure your far away from being pathetic", she assured the creature. "Now, what gives me the honour of your visit, senator ?"
    The non-human bowed his head as if in shame.
    "I´m sorry but i have to inform you about a decision of my government."
    "About what decision", asked Leia.
    "In case the sugesstion about the taxes on trade becomes law my goverment has ordered me to return to Sehssteth, immediatly."
    "I´m sorry, but i don´t understand. Is there something you have done wrong ? Do you need asylem or ... ?"
    "No, of course not", Skra´skiss seemed to be hurt in his professionel pride if he possesed something like this. "Please let me explain. I´m ordered to return to Sehssteth because there is no need for a senator in the New Republic."
    "No need for a senator ?", asked Leia. "But its a fundamental right for every world in the Republic to have its own senator in the New Republics government."
    "Not if my world is going to leave the New Republic."
  7. Cyclonetrooper

    Cyclonetrooper Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 14, 2000
    Well, well, well. Now do these NR senators understand what consequences are?
  8. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    "Commodore Freya, is it correct that the New Republic is now aware of the existens of your combat group ?", asked Two in a low, rumbling voice. "And just because you have been unable to destroy a mere scoutship crewed only by droids ?"
    Two saw how the holo-projection of the commodore shifted uncomfortable from one foot to the other.
    "Yes, Lord Vader", answered Freya finally. "I´m taking full responsibility for my failure."
    Two surpressed a small smile. It seemed the inferior officers were aware of his and his "brothers" disguest for cowards and their excuses.
    "You are aware of the meaning of your words, Commodore", he asked darkly.
    Out of reflex Freya´s hand grabbed at his own throat to protect it from an attack by the invisible claws of the man Freya was speaking to.
    "Yes, Mylord", he stuttered.
    "Fine. You will sent your logs and the reports of the supervision systems of your fleet to me. Now that you are discovered there is no need to hide in this backwater system anymore. Return to the Autarcie and contact me in three hours. Until then i will have decided your fate."
    "As you wish, Lord Vader."
    Two broke the contact without another word. Freya was an exellent officer, there was no use in executing somebody like him out of effect. To Two it was clear that the men and women under his and his "brothers" command were more useful if they respected their superiors, not only feared them. It was a question of pride. If their soldiers were proud to serve, if they were willing to identify themselfs with their superiors they would be more dangerous to their enemies.
    Two smiled sadly when his thougts returned to his origins.
    "No wonder Darth Vader was forced to rely on brute strength and fear in his subordinates. After all who can identify himself with a mask ?"
    For a short moment he questioned himself how things would have developed in the old empire if Darth Vader would have never been injured like he had been.
    But this things were in the past and Two had to concentrate on the matters of the present.
    With a small sighn the clone of Darth Vader returned to the tasks at hand.
  9. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    This will be a short one

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    This morning Leia had wokken up with a headache. After Skra´skiss had left Winter had informed her of another dozen world who considered leaving the Republic. Others had sent pleas for exceptions from the new law. What concerned Leia the most was that many of the worlds populated with humans seemed to see this whole mess as an excuse to leave and join the empire again. The prejeduces seeded by the empire were dying only slow. Twelve million people and eight out of ten are humans thought Leia. She wouldn´t cry one tear for those worlds that had joinded the Republic just because it was now the major galactic power. Except that most of those worlds were highly industrialized and very important to the New Republics economy. On the other side their actions made sense. The prosperity of those worlds depended on their trade with worlds outside the New Republic, their politicians for sure were under constant pressure by their big business-companies. Leia had to admit to herself that dealing with the issues of war and survival seemed to be much easier to handle than the exercises of economy.
    Silently she cursed the former interims-president Gavrisom. The Calibob had been a good solution for the being who was the head of state. If he only had volunteered for another period than Leia would have gladly retired. But Gavrisom hadn´t been this ambitous and the only other candidate had been Borsk Fey´lya. So Leia had forced herself to do the job for another period. It would be the last one anyway. After all the New Republic was a democracy and some people called Leia already empress. No wonder, after all she was president since ten years with only a short break during this Camaas-business two years ago.
    Leia sighed. She was sure that with the next elections Borsk Fey´lya was finally going to achive the position he had ever dreamed of.
    Fine with her. Let him have all the trouble.
    Perhaps it would be a just punishment for the Bothan.
    Leia had managed to be a sucessful president because of her sense of responsibility. This sense was the source of her strenght, had always been. Fey´lya on the other hand lacked this sense, he was only interested in the power. What he would think of all the more ordinary work of a chief-of-state without the opportunity to delegate it to an aide ? For a short moment she imagined the Bothan burried under documents, files and data-pads and it caused her to chuckle.

    "Well, we seem to be in a good mood this morning." a familiar voice stated.
    Leia turned around and smiled.
    "Talon Karrde, its a pleasure to meet you."
    "I´m the one who is pleased", answered the former smuggler with a polite bow.
    "So what is leading you here to the senate ?", asked Leia.
    "Originally i wanted to meet with Drayson to talk to him about something perhaps very important. When i told him about what he immediatly ordered me here to take part on a meeting of the NR security council. Do you know why ?"
    "I have no clue at all. But if you are here and ... . I fear it must be really something important."
    "Lets hope its nothing that serious", stated Karrde. "I´m getting to old for that much trouble."
    "Well, normally this is Hans quote but i have a bad feeling about this."

    Leia shivered. A cold hand seemed to have stroke down her back. Suddenly the headache was back.
  10. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greates Warriors IV

    Together Leia Organa Sola, President of the New Republic and Talon Karrde, former Smuggler and now the coordinator of the exchange of informations between republic and imperial intelligence stepped into the chamber of the Security Council. The other members of the council were already there.

    Borsk Fey´lya from Bothawuii, Dorman Beruss from Corellia, Challmarra from Kashyyyk, Tionna Melora from Aldeeran and Ikvin from Ithoth.

    The military was represented by Admiral Ackbar and General A´bath.

    Finally Admiral Dryson entered the room with some data-cards.

    "Well Admiral, what do you have to report to call for an emergency meeting like this", asked Fey´lya with a hint of boredom in his voice.

    "Much, Councillor, and nothing at the same time", answered Dryson "and exactly this is the problem."

    "You are talking in riddles. Explain yourself", demanded Ackbar.

    Dryson nodded.

    "As you all know by signing the peacetreaty the empire agreed to an open exchange of informations about fleets in service and shipbuilding capabilities on both sides and an exchange of informations about missions during the war."

    "An agreement signed against our advice", stated Ackbar.

    "Please, not again", Fey´lya rolled his violet eyes.

    "What´s concerning you", asked Beruss.

    "According to the informations we got the empire isn´t responsible for the destruction of Di´Xantia. And a report recieved short time ago through General Antilles and Bel Iblis is further proof of this claim. They identified one man from Di´Xantia. And if one of them is still alive ..."

    A cold shiver seemed to run down the spines of everybody in the room except for Karrde, A´Bath, Challmarra, Melona and Ikvin.

    "The empire not responsible for the destruction of something. Are you joking", asked Fey´lya.

    "I know i´m a new member of this council", stated Melona. Challmarra bellowed affirmitive. "Could somebody please explain what´s so important about this Di´Xantia ?"

    "Please excuse, councillor, this was before your time in the council. If i remember correct eight years ago."

    Dryson took a deep breath.

    "We had a high-security-prison on the planet for imperial prisoners. Engenieers and scientiest from the teams of Bevel Lemelisk, Umak Leth and Kirrlian Dogosek as well as Officers from the stuffs of General Veers, General Covell, Grandadmiral Grunger, Grandadmiral Pitta, Grandadmiral Takel and Grandadmiral Makati. Over twohundred men and women. The whole prison-complex has been a top secret facility."

    "Why wern´t these people put on trial", asked Ikvin. "After all we are talking about the people who invented things like the Death Star, the Sunchrusher and so on ?"

    "With what accusations, Councillor", asked Beruss. "Sure they invented and buildt all those horrible machines but they wern´t the ones who used them to kill. And as far as we knew then nobody of the officers has commited something you could call a crime during the war."

    "You mean they were imprisoned without trail, jugdement and any chance to defeat themself", asked Melora, not able to believe what she had heard. "Sounds like something the emperor would have done but we ... ."

    Leia winced at this accusation, but had to admit that the other woman from Aldeeran was right. She herself had felt relief when she had heard of the destruction of Da´Xantia, the deaths of those men and women, without the New Republic responsible for the attack.

    "Yes, Councillor, it was our doing." explained Dryson. "You have to understand we were not able to hold them prisoner without proccess and were not able to afford them running free."

    "And perhaps you wanted to make use of their knowledge", stated Ikvin dry.

    "Perhaps, but that option died with them or so we thought."

    "And now you want to explain to us that you suddenly discovered that dozens of the best minds of the empire are still alive and running free for nearly eight years without our knowledge."

    "And the empire didn´t know about their whereabouts too", completed Dryson.
  11. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    OKAY, i want at least seventy replays before i continue. Is there nobody who wants to comment, to critic ?????
    What do you want ???? More action ??? More character-development ??? More humor ??? Sex ????
  12. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    "If you and the other councillors are able to wait another ten minutes we´ll answer the "who" soon enough. As worse as this sounds there are things more disturbing." explained Dryson.

    "More disturbing ?", asked Fey´lya. "What could be more disturbing ?"

    Dryson activated the holoprojectors.

    "What you are going to see now is a message recieved by a droid-scoutship on a mapping-mission. The ship itself was destroyed but they managed to sent a probe-droid."

    Silently the members of the Security Council watched the droidship arriving in the star-system, the exploration of the outer planets and then the discovery of the foreign ships. Even watching them on a holo caused some of the councillors to back away. Away from those black, dark shadows. Away from the power they represented.

    "How many ships are there ? And more important: What kind of ships ?", this question was from Ackbar.

    "We counted fifty-nine", answered Dryson.
    "One cruiser five kilometers long, 6 ships we believe to be heavy destroyers with a lenght of 2,8 kilometers, twenty 600 meters long attack-cruisers and thirty-two frigates with a lenght of 300 meters.
    It seems that there are two sub-types of each class of vessel. The first seems to be a carrier with hangars in their sidetrenches in addition to the one in the ventral bulb, while the second seems to be a pure vessel for fleet combat. In this regard they are comparable to our Stardestroyers of the Nebula- and the Endurance-Class."

    "I´m still not able to see the threat in these fifty-nine ships for the New Republic. After all we are not in the same situation as during the Thrawn-Campeign or even the Koornacht-Crisis. Then we had to count every ship, so even the fourty-four imperial ships captured by the Yevethans were a dangerous foe, but today we are strong enough to deal with even greater enemies. Others not as strong as we should be more concerned about them, the imperial remanent for example." stated Melora from Alderaan.

    Ackbar and A´Bath exchanged a look of resignation. Politicens and pacifists. But it was Fey´lya who answered to Melora´s words.

    "Your naivity, even after the destruction of your homeworld and decades of war is touching. Our fleets and ships are still strapped thin although we tried to increase their numbers after the desaster with the Yevethans. And many of our ships are decommissioned because of old age and still not replaced.

    Then Dorman Beruss spoke.

    "I think our military commanders would agree with me if i say that these ships are a more serious threat to our safty than you want to believe. Even the best ships
    used by the Yevethans five years ago were Stardestroyers of the Victory- and Imperator-class invented and buildt decades ago. But these are a new design, new classes and i doubt they are the only ones out there."

    "Which brings us back to the question who is behind this", stated Leia.
  13. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Seems my fans are all on a vacation.
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    "I think its my part to answer that question", stated Talon Karrde rising from his seat.

    "Then do it."

    Admiral Ackbar wasn´t able to hide his disguest. Although Karrde had proofed himself again and again as trustworthy ally of the Republic Ackbar wasn´t able to forget Kardes former profession. And with the new knowledge about Di´Xantia and this fleet of unknown warships ... .

    Karrde bowed politely and showed a small smile. He knew that for the most of the politicians in the room he was nothing better than the average scum of smugglers and pirates. It was no surprise considering their present difficulties with certain members of this profession. Obviously the New Republic had already forgotten that their greatest successes in the war were based on the work of smugglers. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian in the battles against the Death Stars, Mirax Terrik during the conquest of Coruscant, her father Booster when Ysanne Isard controlled Thyfferra, Karrde himself and others against Thrawn and his double ... . It was a long list and in his younger years Karrde would have been tempted to mention it to show those damned politicians what he thought of them but not now.

    Because he was afraid.

    Because he knew perhaps better than those politicians in what condition the New Republic was.

    Because he was certain to know who was behind all this.

    And considering the background of this person and the fact that he had had at least thirty years to prepare things looked really bad.

    "Well", Talon Karrde said. "Does anybody know Raal Lordaq ?"
  15. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV


    The members of the New Republics security council looked at Karrde questioningly.

    "Raal who", asked Tionna Melora.

    Challmarra bellowed something, the councillor from Kashyyyk with over twohundredfourty years of experience had needed just a little time to remember.

    "Yes, you are right Councillor", stated Dryson. "Raal Lordaq of the Therilias-Autarcie."

    This statement rung a bell in Leias head. Where had she heard Therilias-Autarcie before ?

    "Which Raal Lordaq", asked Fey´lya with a hint of sarcasm. "The second or the third ?"

    "According to Admiral Pellaeon who gave me this information the original Raal Lordaq", explained Karrde.

    "Impossible. Lord Lordaq has to be over hundred by now."

    "Perhaps you should share your knowledge with us from the beginning", suggested Dorman Beruss. Karrde nodded.

    "Allright. As you all know since the sign of the peacetreaty the empire is working very hard to increase its influence in the hope to be someday the major power in this galaxy again.
    Something nobody of us wants to happen but nothing we can do against as long as they follow the set rules by the treaty.
    You know that there are nearly two dozen sectors besides the imperial remanent controlled by former imperial warlords. The imperial leadership hopes that they will sooner or later join the empire again.
    To accelerate this process they invited the leader of the Therilias-Autarcie to persuade him to join the empire, said Raal Lordaq."

    Karrde put a datacard into the holoprojector.

    "This is the vessel Lord Raal Lordaq arrived with at Bastion."

    Activating the holoprojector the picture of the 10 kilometer long behemoth caused silence again.
  16. Riin

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    Aug 14, 2000
    Hey, I'm here! I really like it, but if I have to come with a comment, you should put a little more action in.
  17. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Action is coming soon. More than you expect. Just a little patience.
  18. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors IV

    "That´s not the cruiser we´ve seen before", stated Ikvin simply.

    "No this ship is twice as long as the battle-cruiser from the fleet the scoutship discovered.", explained Dryson.

    "Twice as long ? Look at the wide and height of that ... that thing. Its volume must be comparable to an Executor-Class-Ship." Tionna Melora seemed unable to believe what she was listening.

    "And according to the data Admiral Pellaeon sent with the warning the "Paladin", thats the name of the ship, has three times the mass of a "normal" ship of the same size. The imperials counted alone 360 weaponemplacements, all quadturrets of the heaviest cannons known. Does everybody of you understand what this means ?"

    "Yes. It means that this vessel is armed to the teeth with weapons of a kind where only a superlaser is more powerful.", stated Leia.
    "And that there are at least fifty-nine smaller versions of this ship flying around."

    "But why is this Lordaq-Guy doing this ? And why now, when we are at peace ?", Melora looked pleadingly to Dryson.

    The Leader of the New Republic Intelligence looked helpless at the floor.
    "We don´t know. The galaxy is too huge and until last year we didn´t even knew that the Therilias-Autarcie still existed. The people of the Atarcie are even more isolationistic than the Corellians. They keept a low profile during the entire regime of Palpatine and the following years. Until today we didn´t even managed to place one spy into any position in the Autarcie."

    "And you, Mr. Karrde ? What do you and your smuggler-friends knew about ... ." asked Ackbar.

    "Nothing", explained Karrde with a grim expression. "Your Mon Calamari could hide behind the hate and disguest of the people of the Autarcie against smugglers or any kind of criminal. As far as we know they are a very hardworking, inventive bunch of people but at the same time very conservative and believing in the values of discipline, order and strong leadership."

    "Sounds like the perfect imperials to me", stated Doman Beruss, her face showing her disgust.

    "Not really. While Palpatine proclaimed these values for his New Order and the commen imperial citiezen the imperial upperclass lacked these values and they were enforced from above. If the empire had lived up to them it would still be the major power in the galaxy. The people of the Autarcie on the other side are living with them for centuries and are used to them." explained Dryson.

    "I thought you know nothing about them", wondered Leia.

    "I can only tell you what everybody else knows about them from the time during the Old Republic and the early years of the empire. Much information seemed to be lost and since Raal Lordaq left service in the imperial army to return to his home there are nearly no new reports about them. That was nearly thirty years ago. I prepared a report with more details about the Autarcie and what we know about its ruler for everybody of you."

    "Which leaves an open question. What are we going to do now ?" asked Leia. "I don´t want to rise any fears but this sounds to much like the Koornacht-Crisis to me."

    "Perhaps we should show this Lordaq whom he tries to mess with", suggested Fey´lya.
    "Let´s sent a fleet to the Autarcie´s capitol. After all we believe in the right of open space. Let them exercise some maneuvers."

    "First we don´t know where their Capitol is, second i don´t think a guy like this Lordaq will be impressed if its true what i remember from the stories of my father and as third we will look like the aggressor if nothing happens." explained A´Bath.

    "I have no problems with being the aggressor", stated Leia with a cool voice, "as long as we stop a war before it begins."

    A´Bath looked at her questioningly. "I have some different memories in this case."

    "Me too, General. And i don´t want to repeat the experiences with these "memories". But perhaps we can invite Lord Lordaq after the exercises of our fleet to solve all our problems like civilized beings."

    "Lets hope we´re doing the right thing"
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    Teosh Finn barely escaped the strike of his opponent. Jumping to the right he got his balance back in time to intercept the blade of the sword again. Breathing heavily he managed to start a counterattack.

    Fighting for less than two hours and he was already exhausted. Shame about him. His ancestors had been able to fight the whole day if necessary with much heavier armor on their bodies than him, wielding bigger and heavier swords.

    Through the visor of his helmet he could see his opponent blocking one of his own strikes. Finn could feel the power of the impact of the blades in his arms. He stepped back, hopping to gain some strenght in the few moments his adversarie would allow him, when the other man used his chance and attacked viciously again.

    Their blades met and the duel continued.

    Finn was now forced to retreat, persecuted through the entire room by his opponent barely able to block the strikes which would have killed him. He had to end this fight quickly if he didn´t wanted to be defeated.

    When his opponent made a powerfull strike from Finn´s right to the left which would have cut the young man in half Finn dropped to his knees. The blade cut through the air causing no harm. Then Teosh Finn leaped forward, ramming his shoulder into the other mans stomach. His adverserie smashed his fists into Finns back but the young man ignored the pain and rammed the other one against one of the rooms walls, captering him between wall and himself. Then his helmet met the knee of Finns opponent and he was thrown onto the floor. For a short moment everything went black and when Finn regained his consciousness he had the tip of a sword at his throat.

    "Do you wish to surrender ?" asked his opponent calmly.

    Teosh Finn nodded totally exhausted.
    "I give up."

    The other man stepped back and took his helmet off. His entire face was covered with sweat. "Your skills have improved, Finn. But your emotions still take control of you if a battle lasts longer than you wish for. In a real fight this would have been your undoing."

    Teosh Finn rose to his feet and nodded.
    "Yes, Mylord. You are right as always."

    Raal Lordaq smiled sadly. "If it were only true." Then his expression became grim. "But you sound like a courtier and not a man. Not like the man who someday will be the ruler of the Autarcie when i have left this world."

    Teosh Finn looked surprised at the old man. It was the first time ever that the old man spoke to him about his plans for him. Finn loved and admired Raal Lordaq, most of their people did. For over sixty years now this man had ruled them and he had done a damned good job. To think about this man could leave them ... . It was a thought to horrible to think further.

    "I don´t think i will ever be ready to walk in your footsteps", he answered.

    "Fate, destiny, call it what you want doesn´t ask you if you are ready to face your responsibilities. It throws them at you and you have to handle them as good as you can. And you will make your own footsteps that´s what i´m sure about", stated Raal Lordaq.

    An aide stepped into the training room, saving Teosh Finn.

    "Yes, what is it ?" asked Lordaq.

    "Mylord, reports from intelligence. It seems the New Republic is sending a fleet into our space."

    "Do we know which fleet ?" asked Finn.

    "The 31th, lead by an Admiral Brei´lya", answered the aide.

    "Order our leading officers to a meeting in one hour. And inform Dr. Harkas and his "boys"." Raal Lordaq looked at Finn. "Now it begins."
  20. Cyclonetrooper

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    Oct 14, 2000
    The NR upstarts are getting what's coming to them! If only Pellaeon and the Chiss were there. *sigh*
  21. FTeik

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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    Admiral Thar Brei-lya was sitting silently in his office and thought fuming about his new orders.
    As far as he was concerned this mission was a waste of time and ressources. An insult to the biggest fleet with the best ships the New Republic ever had and a personal insult to its commander.
    Sending a fleet of 120 combat-ships and their supportcrafts to the outer rim to impress some backwater-monarch of already old age at the time of the clone-wars could have no other reason.
    Brei´lya had no doubt that if this Therilias-Autarcie really embodied such a threat as explained by Ackbar, the Bothan-Spynet would have been aware of that. Which it wasn´t.
    He wasn´t even allowed to exercise the manouvers of his fleet at the Capital of this Autarcie but in the system of the world of Attil. According to information delievered by the imperial remanent - the empire imagine that - Attil was one of fifty worlds used by the Autarcie for Trade and contacts with foreigners or outsiders, which meant every person who was no citicen of their petty empire.
    "All right", thought Brei´lya. "If the high and mighty of the New Republic want a show they´ll get it."
    With this thought he left his office to inform his stuff of their new mission.

    Even in his worst nightmares Admiral Thar Brei´lya could have never imagined the show he and the 31th fleet were flying into.


    On Brussia the capital world of the Therilias-Autarcie Raal Lordaq, several aides, some of the leading officers of the Autarcies military met in a large conference-room. The meeting hadn´t started so far and they were still waiting for Dr. Harkas and his "boyes". Then the door opened and thirteen men entered the room. Lead by the more than seven feet tall Mitthraw the other twelve men looked like ducklings following their mother. Every one of them was over six feet, five inches tall, with broad shoulders, long legs and bodies covered with muscels. Everybody of them had blue eyes and blonde hair.
    There was no mistakening them for being what they were: Clones. But no ordinary clones.
    Mitthraw and the his "brothers" took seat, while Raal Lordaq took the time to look over them searching for some signs of individality.
    Of course Mitthraw caught his eyes first. The first one of all the clones was impossible to oversee. Thanks to experiments during his cloning to increase size and strenght Mitthraw was a full head bigger than the others. But together with this a mistake in his "colouring" had happened. Mitthraws Skin was gosthly pale, his hair white as snow and his eyes were red like the fires of hell.
    Mitthraw as the oldest had personally overseen the cloning and training of all the others. Dr. Harkas and his Co-Workers had originally cloned more than 192 men from the same sample. First they had been trained like the Royal Guards of emperor Palpatine then in the fighting skills and the use of the force like the Sith. They had fought against training devices, high numbers of ordinary soldiers and combat-droids. And then Mitthraw had put them against each other. First in groups, then teams of two and at least one against one until only twelve were left.
    Twelve men created from the body of the perhaps greatest and most vicious fighter the galaxy has ever seen. Created from the body of the man who personally had whiped out the most of the Jedi-Knights. The man who had been for more than twenty years the embodiement of the empire and the enforcer of its rule.
    Together with their leader Mitthraw thirteen clones of Darth Vader were sitting in the room.
  22. FTeik

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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    "Thirteen clones of Darth Vader", thought Raal Lordaq, "or to be more precise thirteen clones of Anakin Skywalker." He had meet the man and his master during the clone wars and although he had been very impressed with his performance, his skills as a pilot and a warrior, the self-confidence and, well cheerfullness of the younger man had sometimes annoyed the already old leader of the Autarcie.

    For Raal Lordaq it would forever be an enigma how this caring, cheerfull, bright man could change into a being like Darth Vader, but he had to admit the cold and professional attitude of Vader had been more after his liking.

    And now he had thirteen of this kind to deal with. Of course the minds of the clones were different than that of the original. Their minds were nearly pure Vader. Every connection to Anakin Skywalker had been purged.

    But this hadn´t been enough for their creators. Although Vader himself had been a very good and cunning warrior Raal Lordaq and Harkas had wanted more. And so they had upgraded Vaders mind-programming with the abilities of the greatest military mind the galaxy had ever seen, Grandadmiral Thrawn.

    Something like this had been done before when a member of the imperial royal guard had been cloned in an experiment to create a new class of imperial leaders. The this way improved clone of Major Grodin Tierce had been the military mind of an imperial plot short before the peacetreaty was signed.
    The whole galaxy should be convinced of the return of the Grandadmiral ten years after his death at Bilbringi and the plan with the imposter had nearly succeded (The Hand of Thrawn-Duologie).

    In a certain way the experiment had been a failure. Thrawn had wanted a leader, but what he had gotten had been a tactical brilliant stormtrooper, who lacked the vision of a true leader and was only interested in the destruction of the New Republic. Raal Lordaq had no problems with this. The visions were his responsibility after all and until now the clones hadn´t disappointed him.

    "Gentlemen, it seems the New Republic is sending a fleet for a visit. According to out intelligence they will arrive in our space at Attil in five days."
  23. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    The clones and the officers exchanged looks more or less surprised. Mitthraw showed a cold smile, while Two seemed to be thinking about something.

    "What do we know about this fleet", asked Vergo or Four.

    While the clones referred to each other with their number when together, they were identified by outsiders with a name every of the clones had choosen for himself, or with their title as Lord Vader.
    Some of the names had a connection to their originals past like Syn or Qui, others not. From the thirteen men only Two hadn´t choosen a name.
    Two was responsible for the supply and the equipment in the war to come.

    "They are sending their 31th fleet commanded by an Bothan Admiral Thar Brei´lya", answered Raal Lordaq.

    "Then we have nothing to be concerned about", explained Chim/Ten. "Bothans may be good at intellicence but they aren`t good fighters. As long as they have a chance to persuade you of their point of view they may be dangerous but when the fighting starts ... ."

    "I wouldn´t call a fleet of hundred and twenty combat-ships and their supportcrafts nothing to be concerned about", stated Lordaq. He looked at Mitthraw and Two who were talking to each other with lowered voices.

    "Is there something you two want to share with us", the ruler of the Autarcie asked with a nearly sweet edge in his voice.

    "No, not at the moment", stated Mitthraw, "please continue."

    "Of what kind of ships consists this fleet", asked Devas/Three.

    "Ten Endurance-class-fleet-carriers, twenty Nebula-class-Stardestroyers, thirty Majestic-class-cruisers and sixty Sacheen-class-escourt-ships", answered Lordaq.

    "No Mon-Calamari-Cruisers or ImpStars ?", asked Vergo.

    "No, this fleet consists of the New Republics newest classes of ships, although the first models were put in service five years ago during the war with the Yevethans."

    "Just to be sure, what are the main characteristics of these vessels ?", asked Vize-Admiral Clause one of the elder officers.

    "Let me explain them", answered Finn.
  24. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    "Although an old warhorse like you should know the charecteristics of a certain warship.", teased Finn.

    "Become as old as me and you´ll have met hundreds of classes of ships", laughed Clause.

    "Fine. The sole purpose of an Endurance-class-ship is its function as a fleet- or fighter-carrier. Its a ship with a lenght of 1,040 meters and only armed with twelve Turbolasers, twenty lasers and eight ion-cannons. It carries two wings of snub-fighters, normaly X- and A-Wing-class, but K-Wings too. With gunners the crew consists of 6,795 men and it can carry 1,600 troops."

    "Not much compared to an Imperator", stated Lordaq.

    "You are right Mylord, but please remember that the New Republic was never in its entire history interested in conquest, so they don´t have to carry all the heavy equipment for ground-warfare with them, like Walkers or prefabricated garrisons. But i admit that this ship is very undercrewed for its size."

    "Which will it make only more vulnerable to attacks against their automated systems", commented Paar alias Nine.

    "Right, please continue", demanded Lordaq.

    "The Nebula-class-Stardestroyer is in a certain way the combat-version of the Endurance-class. At the same size as the Endurance a Nebula carries 48 Turbolasers, 24 Ion-Cannons. Thanks to progress in weapons-technology the Nebula-Class is able to fight an Imperator-class-II-Stardestroyer or even an Allegiance-Class-Destroyer-Killer."

    "Impressive", stated Clause, "after all the Allegiance-Class as pure combat-vessel has three times the firepower of an Imperator."

    "Then you are going to like the New Republics Majestic-Class-Cruiser. With a lenght of 700 meters ..."

    "Ooooouwwwwwwwww", everybody in the room looked surprised at Lord Raal Lordaq who seemed to suffer from some kind of pain.
    "This abuse of correct naval terminology by the NR is a pain in the ...", then the old man remembered where he was. "You may continue, Finn."

    "As i said before with a lenght of 700 meters the Majestic has very thick armor and is armed with thirty heavy Turbolasers. 4,180 crew with gunners and 640 troops. Designed to fight Victories and Imperators. The Sacheen-Class is an escourt-vessel, 375 meters long, ten heavy Turbolasers, 8 Ion-cannons, a Class-1-Hyperdrive. They are used for screening and patrol-duties."

    "To make a long explaination very short the equivalent of ninty Imperator-Class-Stardestroyers, sixty heavily armed escorts and at least 1,440 fighters will arrive in five day´s in our space at Attil. Not to mention their supply- and support-crafts.
    Any ideas, Gentlemen ?"

    Raal Lordaq looked around in the room. The regular officers had become pale, but the clones were looking at their leader who just finished his little discussion with Two.

    "Yes", stated Mitthraw with a cold smile.

    "Then please tell us your idea.", demanded Lordaq with impatience.

    "Two has informed me about some interesting things i wasn´t aware of, but which will allow us to hit more than one target with the same shot. For our war with the Republic it will be of great advantage if the entire galaxy sees the Republic as aggressor. Thanks to our economical relationships to outside systems a group of "vips" is visiting Attil this week. Persons like Ambassodor Sefgah from Malastare, Senator Viul´vhil from Sluis Van, a Dalaima, even a Chaamasi. Imagine what kind of witnesses these people will be against their own government."

    "Yes, but what are we going to do against the Republics Fleet ?", asked Clause.

    "As Two has informed me too, that it will take at least a half year until the planetary interdictors are ready to close an entire system but they can be already used on a smaller scale, eight to ten planetary diameters. All i need are fifteen Victory-Stardestroyers, the help of three of my brothers, ... "

    It was the beginning of a long discussion as Mitthraw and Two explained their plan. The most of Lordaq´s senior officers were against it. It seemed to be a crazy idea. It would be a reckless enterprise, do
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    Don´t worry Cyclonetrooper, your wish will be granted.
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