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Union of the Empires greatest Warriors (Thrawn, Vader)

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  1. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    Only accompanied by one guard Two walked silently through the corridors of the only prison on Brussia.

    As honest people they were the inhabitans of the Autarcie didn´t need more. Despite this the prison was a top of the line facility, evidence of the perfectionism nearly every citizen of Raal Lordaqs empire showed.

    While walking Two was thinking about the coming conflict with the New Republic. Since he had been made responsible for the supply and the equipment Two knew better than any other person what the forces of the Autarcie were capable of and what not.
    They seemed to be strong enough to win but the part of him that originated from Thrawn reminded him of the possibility of defeat. After all war was a master who served no one but himself.

    If Mitthraw´s and his plan succeded they would deliver the Republic a blow devastating enough to end the war before it started. And if not ... . Well, he and his brothers were working on strategies to destroy the Republic for ten years now and Raal Lordaq had been preparing for nearly thirty years.

    What Two disturbed was the possible loss of material and personel, of ships and equipment. War is an expansive business after all.

    Two asked himself if the coming war was really necessary. Personally it wouldn´t matter to him if the New Republic and the rest of the universe went to hell as long as everything was alright with the Autarcie. After all they were increasing their influence and their territory step by step and silently. Given enough time they would conquer the entire galaxy without firing a single shot.

    But Raal Lordaq wasn´t the youngest and burning with impatience although he never showed it. The old man had his reasons two want this war both, well, noble and admirable as well as personel.
    Two smiled at the thought. In a certain way this was the same with him and his brothers. After all the New Republic was responsible for the deaths of their "parents". And as good "sons" it was their duty to avenge them.
  2. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    "Sir, this is the cell of the prisoner you wanted to see."

    Two remembered why he was here and ordered the guard to open the door. In the darkness of the room a vaguely humanoid figure was visible lying on the metal bank that served as a bed.

    "If my sense of time is correct there are still three days until i´m going to be executed", said the prisoner, eyes still closed with a smooth voice.

    "Perhaps you are going to live much longer if our little chat satisfies me", answered Two.

    For a short moment there was silence in the room.

    "You were arrested and found guilty for crimes against ruler and people of the Therilias-Autarcie. You tried to smuggle Brussia-crystals five million credits worth. The last time somebody tried something like this was over twohundred years ago. So you are eighter very brave or very stupid. Tell me, what you are."

    The man grinned while still lying on the bed.

    "Both, i think. After all members of my species are famous for their intelligence, but perhaps i´m an exeption."

    "Unfortunatly i´m not able to judge the intelligence of your people. Untill today only one member of your species was known to the rest of the galaxy and i willingly admit that he left quite an ... impression. Something i want to use, which is why i´m here. But you still haven´t answered my question. So why did you do it ?"

    "You said for yourself, the last time somebody tried to smuggle something out of your precious Autarcie was twohundred years ago. And the poor guy was captured. I´m new in this part of the galaxy and wanted to make myself a name. After all a good reputation is good for business. Especially in my profession."

    "I thought people with your profession make themself a name by doing the Kessel-Run ?"

    "Forget the Kessel-Run. With the empire nearly gone and done so often its no real challenge anymore. I´m in this business for the money and the exitement."

    Two smiled. This was going better and better.

    "So you want to be famous and you want exitement. I can offer you both. More than you ever dreamed of. You will just have to do what i say and you will not regret it."

    "And if i´m not interested in your offer ?"

    "May i remind you of your date with the executioner in three days. I don´t think you have much of a choice."

    "Thats a strong argument of course. Perhaps you should tell me what you want."

    "How would you like it if i promote you from captain of a smuggler´s ship to an Admiral in the Therilias-Defence-Fleet."

    The prisoner started laughing.

    "Are you joking. I´m a small scoundrel and no military mastermind, if its that what you want."

    "I don´t need a military mastermind, i´m one myself", answered Two.

    "Wow, your quite confident of yourself." For the first time the prisoner opened his eyes and studied Two with a redglowing look.

    "Do we have a deal, Captain ... Arik´ner´wnadua ? Is this the right spelling of your name ?"

    "Yes. But you can use my corename. Knerwn." The man smiled suddenly. "Admiral Knerwn. Sounds good, don´t you think."

    "So you accept my offer ?"

    "If you pay me five million credits if i´m still alive after this is all over, yes."

    "Five million credits ? Well i think the extra payment will depend on your performance. But be warned. If you try to betray us ... ."

    Knerwn interrupted Two, something nobody had dared to do in years.

    "Don´t be affraid. We Chiss keep our given words. Even the scoundrels."

    "We will see, "Admiral" Knerwn", stated Two cooly. "We will see."
  3. Lady_of_Death

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    Nov 25, 2000
    Well I just foud this and I think this is a great story.
    I hope to read more!
    Well I have wonderd when there will be something of Han or Luke or the kids again.

    This is only my 3 post and I'm still new here so nobody nows me. Too bad.
  4. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Thank you Lady of Death.

    I know how you feel (look at the "many" replies i got - no offense to those who sent them)

    Perhaps we should tell our friends of each others work. Just a suggestion.

    Everybody feel free to e-mail me on the board or at

    Next scenes will be Luke/Mara/Jacen. Promised.
  5. Cyclonetrooper

    Cyclonetrooper Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 14, 2000
    Well... now where is Pellaeon? I hope he doesn't get in a fight with Loraaq. I've seen enough Imp vs. Imp since the Great Mutiny. We certainly don't need anymore.
  6. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    Mara checked the consoles in the cockpit of her ship a last time before they would reach Yavin 4.
    The nature of hyperspace-travel was one of contradictions, although it made sense if you took a closer look. As a parallel dimension to realspace everything which can effect sublight-travel can effect hyperspace-travel too. Stars, black holes, planetary masses, all those things influenced the journeys through hyperspace.

    For example from Core-World Coruscant to Outer Rim-Planet Tatooine the trip through hyperspace took 22 days and 14 hours, but from Coreworld Coruscant to (former) Coreworld Alderaan you travel 16 hours and from Alderaan to Tatooine 7 hours. By travelling via Alderaan a traveller from Coruscant to Tatooine was able to cut a journey of more than one week to a trip of three days. Of course he would take a longer route and use more fuel but time is the most valuable ressource living beings have and in a technically advanced society like Lukes and Maras, fuel was nearly everywhere available and cheap.
    Another thing which effected hyperspace-travel were size and speed of the used vessel. A modern starfighter was fast enough to outrun nearly every capital warship in hyperspace but can´t carry enough fuel to travel vast distances.

    Mara for sure didn´t bother herself with those thoughts, when she entered the passenger-lounge of her ship, the Jadefire, where her husband and his nephew were sitting, legs crossed and meditiating.

    She smiled while she watched Lukes face, again surprised of the youthful expression and innocence on it. Unbelievable she once had tried to kill this man. Sometimes she wondered how her live would have been if she had succeded in fullfilling the last order of the emperor. A thought she didn´t wanted to follow further.
    But she had disobied her master, finally managed to cut the link between them and fate had rewarded her more than generous. With a husband she loved more than her own live, a real family, something the orphan Mara never had expierienced, the children of her in-laws and a close circle of friends which has welcomed her without a doubt despite her at least questionable past.

    Luke Skywalker opened his eyes and smiled.

    "Hello, Mara.", he said with a low voice.

    "Hello, Luke. What are you doing with your nephew ?"

    "Meditating. I want him to expirience his enviroment through the force. He shall taste the living force, the connection of all living things."

    Mara turned to Jacen.

    "And ? Do you succed, young Jacen ? Are you aware of your surroundings ?"

    Without opening his eyes the boy answered.

    "Of course i am. I´m doing things like this since i was a baby."

    Grinning Mara put a helmet about Jacens head and walked to the wall of the room, where she took some small leather balls out of a basket.

    "Are you really aware of the things around you ? I don´t want to hurt your pride."

    "Don´t listen to much, what my wife says, Jacen. She has a talent to tease and enrage people, which is, believe it or not, sometimes very useful.", stated Luke.
    "Open yourself to the force. Yes, ... calm, ... peace ... ."

    After a few moe seconds Luke nodded to his wife and Mara threw one of the leather balls at Jacen. The boy reacted with incredible speed and cought the ball in the air.

    "I got it."

    "Very good", stated Mara. "Here comes the next."
  7. Lady_of_Death

    Lady_of_Death Jedi Youngling

    Nov 25, 2000
    This was great.
    "She has a talent to tease and enrage people, which is, believe it or not, sometimes very useful." Will it be usefull to them in the future?

    Something gives me the impresion that Jacen wants to become a Jedi or am I wrong?
    I've read manny AU fiction. I've often thought what a great duo Thrawn and Vader would be, but this is the first story I'm seeing them realy "work together". What would the Empier be like if they would have ruled thogether?
    Hope the next post will come soon.
  8. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    Three hours later the Jadefire reached Yavin 4. After they identified themself positivly a gap was opened in the shield which covered the planetary surface-area around the Jedi-Acedemy.

    It was the same type of shield the Rebellion had first used at Hoth, manufactured by Gencor-Corporation and able to withstand even the heaviest orbital bombardement. It was no full planetary shield, instead it worked more like an umbrella.

    As Luke explained to Jacen the shield was partly a compromise. After an attack by Admiral Daala some years ago, Luke wanted to make sure that the Jedi could rely themselves on more than their force-abilities.
    Another reason was the growing number of students, many of them of young age, although not as young as Jacen, and lots of not-force-sensitive personnel who worked at the acedemy. Teachers, technicians, cooks, and so on. Someday in the future they might be replaced by Jedi-Knights but the Jedi had to rely on the outside help until the number of their members had more increased.
    It would have been unresponsible not to use every possibility of defences with children and "civilians" on the planet.
    After all the Jedi-Order had been close to be whiped out once before and was again becoming a target for everybody who had to fear the Jedi. Criminals, warlords, fanatics ... .

    Jacen was still thinking about his uncles explenations when the hatch of the Jadefire opened.

    The boy followed his aunt and uncle outside where they where greated by an old man and a man of the same age as Luke Skywalker. Jacen recognized him as Kam Solusar and the old one had to be Streen.

    "Greetings, Luke. Mara", Solusar and Luke shook hands.

    "Master Skywalker, Mara", greeted Streen. "And you must be Jacen."

    Jacen nodded politly.

    "Force sake, boy, how much you have grown", stated Solusar. "So you want to take a look at the acedemy, ehh ? Looking how the ordinary Jedi live ?" Solusar grinned, while Jacen blushed.

    "Yes, of course. After all i have to start my training soon if i really decide to become a Jedi."

    Streen gave him a knowing look. "You are not sure if it is this what you really want, right."

    Jacen didn´t knew how to react and looked to the ground.
    "Yes", he murmered.

    Streen putted his hand in a comforting guesture on the boys shoulder. "Don´t worry, there´s no reason to be ashamed. It´s quite normal to be unsure at your age about what you are going to be one day. Perhaps you want to accompany me and i show you your quarters. Kam has something to discuss with your uncle."

    The other grown-ups had watched the exchange between Streen and Jacen without saying a word. Jacen gave his uncle a questioning look and Luke nodded encouraging. The boy took his bag and followed Streen into one of the buildings of the academy.

    You seem to be concerned about something", stated Luke when he, Kam and Mara where alone.

    Kam Solusar nodded silently.

    "We lost contact with Bron Terron and Lallkarrow on Malvac. And i sensed a disturbance in the force."

    "I felt something similiar not long ago", said Luke Skywalker. "I wanted to discuss it with some of the others. Something dark ... ."

    "Are you sure ?", asked Mara. "I sensed nothing and until now you were not even sure if it is somehow connected to the darkside."

    "I wasn´t sure until i heard the news about Terron and Lallkarrow", answered her husband.
    "And the darkside is hard to recognize."

    "Its not impossible for a Dark Jedi to cloak himself with the force.", confirmed Kam Solusar. "Or for a Sith Lord."

    Luke shuddered by the thought of another Sith Lord. "It can´t be a Sith. Vader and Palpatine were the last ones. And as we know from Callista there are only two at a time."

    "Yes, but that was fifty years ago. And Callistas knowledge is based on the thales of the Jedi from thousand years before."

    "Well, you two have more experience with the darkside", stated Mara in a teasing voice, "but if we want to know what happened on Malvac we should simply go there and search for our comrades
  9. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    It was a Class-M-Planet, located in the Outer Rim. Or once had been. The original inhabitants of this world had extinct themself in a nuclear war millenia ago. Together with every other form of live, the water and the atmosphere were gone. Now only deserts and ruins were left. The gravity was three times galactic standard and radiation still high.

    It was a dead world.

    And for some people the perfect place for what they wanted to do.

    Twenty kilometers away from the ruins of one of the greater cities dropships landed. Opening their hatches AT-ATs, Repulsortanks and other vehicles emerged. A neutral watcher wouldn´t believe his eyes if he saw the caterpillar tracks on some of the vessels in an age where artificial gravity and repulsor-technology were in use for millenia.

    This was the 1051´Brussia-"Hammer and Anvil"-Battallion of the Therilias-Autarcie´s army.

    This Battallion consisted of six Regiments, each Regiment lead by an Gatar-Assault-and-Command-Tank, one of the vehicles with caterpillar tracks.

    The Gatar-Assault-and Command-Tank was an awesome and fear inspiring sight: thirty-five meters long, twenty meters wide and fifteen meters high. The caterpillar tracks themself were five meters wide. The entire hull with exeption of the necessary windows (which were covered by thick bars like a visor of ancient Knights) and openings, was armored with plates till four meters thick consisting of different layers of material designed to withstand physiskal impacts, to absorb heat and electrical radiation (as defence against ion-cannons, missiles and Turbolasers). For further defence the Gatar-tank was equipeded with the strongest shields possible for a vessel this size. Armed was this monstrosity with two Turbolasers with a beam of a wide of one and a half meter in its front side, six Turbolasers, beam wide a half meter, and four railguns of which each one was able to fire 1,000 projectiles per minute. And these were only the weapons in the front side.
    In the centre of the back of the vehicle was a massive, square tower. A cannonturret for a pair of Turbolasers with a beam wide of three meters. In six smaller and less massive turrets on the edges of the vessel a pair of blaster-cannons was combined with a single railgun for defence against enemy aircrafts. Emerging from the sides and pointed forward were four missile launchers, two for eight heavier torpedos each, two for thirtytwo smaller each one. Retreated into the main bulk of the Gatar they can be fully reloaded in twenty seconds. More blasters, railguns and even flamethrowers were covering the rest of the sides and the aft end of the huge tank. Fifteen men were needed to crew it and it can carry thirty troops with their equipment.

    Together with those six monsters, eighteen AT-AT´s, thirty-six repulsor-tanks and thirty tanks looking like Turtles moved forward to the vast city in ruins. Those were Urt-Tanks, fifteen meters long. Four bulbous structures were positioned were the legs of the turtle would have been. There was no mistakening them for anything else then gunturrets which covered all sides of the vessel. Like an AT-AT the main Cannons were in the head, two Turbolasers and two blasters and on its back it carried two missile launchers flanked by two railguns.
    As the Gatars the Urts moved on caterpillars and were equipded with shields.

    All in all 90 heavily armed vehicles moved towards the devastated city, followed by trooptransporters, fuelcarriers and other supportcrafts.
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    In the centre of the ruins of the once vast city a fortress had been established. Not a simple base but a real fortress.

    In the commandroom of the installation a figure was sitting in a massive thronelike chair, watching the approach of the enemy-troops on a big hologramm. It was very detailed and showed every vessel, its arnaments, its energy-readings and close range scans of the enviroment for each vessel as increased parts of the main hologramm. This was the upper half. The other one showed the positions and the status of the defence weapons and vehicles on their side. An aide stepped to the lone figure.

    "Sir, the enemy is five kilometers away and in optimal weapons range by now. We should attack now."

    "I have eyes of my own, Colonel. We will wait.", answered a low, female voice.

    "As you command, General." The Colonel in his darkbrown uniform stepped back to his station.


    In his commandcentre on board the leading Gatar-Tank, Major Montk was in a similiar situation.
    His orders were quite clear: Capture the enemy-fortress as intact as possible.

    To make his task more difficult he knew nothing about the strenght of the defenders and their equippment and he had to lead his forces into battle on city ground.

    Every sane tankcommander hated ground-warfare in cities. To many buildings, to many ways to hit civilians, to many places were resistence could come from, not enough room to manouver the big vessels.

    Victorious Groundwarfare on citycovered planets like Coruscant with populations up to 650 trillions of people was a nightmare if not impossible. Normaly the thread of orbital bombardement was enough to force the enemy to surrender but before an orbital bombardement could be started the planetary shields had to be removed. If it was a full planetary shield like on the most of the once one million capital worlds of the former empire the remove of the shield by groundtroops was pointless. As long as the shield was up they never would reach the surface. The use and the employment of groundforces made only sense to capture worlds that lacked full planetary shields and as occupation forces to secure the planet for the conquerors.

    "Sir, we will reach the target area in five minutes."

    "Exellent. Order the other Gatars forward together with the Urts. Diamantformation. I want our shielded vessels to protect our escorts. Until now we have no need for scouts and when we reach the city they are in the same position as the defenders. Are our scramblers and jamming devices ready ?"

    "Yes, Sir."

    "Activate them as soon as the enemy makes his move. I´ll give them two minutes."

    Outside the leading Gatar-Tank the other five Gatars moved in position forming the tip of the spearhead, the Urts in a straight line behind them, followed by the AT-AT´s at the sides and in the middle the Repulsortanks.


    Inside her Commandroom General Niranda Cleef took a deep breath. The enemy has come far enough.

    "Activate defence systems. Walkers and Repulsortanks be ready for battle. Anti-Infantrie-Cannons and Anti-Vessel-Weapons ready on my mark. Jamm all enemy communications. Now."
  11. Lady_of_Death

    Lady_of_Death Jedi Youngling

    Nov 25, 2000
    Great! A battel is coming!
    Who is in that base?
    Wantend to post sooner but rality wouldn't let me.
  12. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    As soon as General Cleef had given her orders shields were raised.

    Towers of Anti-Infantrie- and Anti-Vessel-Cannons were raised on hidden elevators.

    Covered by the ruins Walkers and Repulsor-Tanks moved into position.

    In the same moment most frequencies for comunication were jammed.


    On board the leading Gatar-Tank:

    "Condition one, Condition one. Enemy jamms communications. Enemy weaponsemplacements detected. Sensors and scanners useless to eighty percent", reported one officer.

    "Activate our own scramblers to jamm the frequencies the enemy may have selected for his own communications. Use lasers to communicate with our other units as long as possible. Main weapons of all Gatars aim at the shieldwalls, secondary weapons on the Cannon-towers. Fire on my Mark.", ordered Major Montk.


    The battle begun.

    Attackers and defenders were still three kilometers from each other away when they started firing. On this distance they were finally able to shoot at each other without the need for their targeting-devices which were useless thanks to the electronic warfare of both sides.
    Turbolaserbolts were fired from the Gatars through the endless night of the dead world, in deadly silence cause there was no atmosphere and hit the shields of the enemy.
    Heat, delivered by overheated plasma, hot enough to melt every known material, was spread about the surfaces of the energywalls. The answer came quick. The cannons of the defenders returned fire with a vengeance but without sucess. The shields of the Gatars were simply to strong.


    In his Commandcentre Major Montk congregulated himself silently for putting the Gatar´s into the first line. As strong as the enemy´s artillerie was the AT-AT´s and Repulsor-Tanks of his own force would have been slaughtered. Even the heavily shielded Gatars would have been destroyed by the onslaught if he hadn´t ordered their formation to rotate while driving foreward so that every few minutes another Gatar with fresh shields and cooled down Turbolaser-Turrets was in front. For their size the huge Tanks were really fast and only slowed down by the AT-At´s with a top speed of 65 Kph. Without losses till now the Attackers moved foreward.


    "Enemy advances foreward and has now only two kilometers till he reaches the city and the first line of defence."

    "Damned", cursed General Cleef. "Their to near now to use nuclear warheads."

    Of course the use of nuclear warheads would have destroyed the advancing enemy-forces if their missiles weren´t destroyed by the anti-air-weapons of the tanks, but even if they suceeded the seismic shockwaves released by exploding warheads necessary to destroy the shields and the Gatar´s would be strong enough to damage her base and her forces considerably, too.

    "Order Walker-Groups 3 and 7 to leave their positions and to move around the attackers. Same goes for Tank-Groups 2,4,6 and 8. They shall attack the support-crafts of the enemy. This will slow the enemy down and perhaps they will sent their Walkers and Repulsortanks to aid their troops- and fueltransporters. If they do that we will crush them between the our Tank-Groups and our Walkers."

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    Oct 14, 2000
    But it's Imp vs. Imp :-(
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    "Sir, our Supportcrafts have stopped and we discovered groups of enemy-walkers and tanks on their way to them. Their moving along our flanks, but out of direct reach", the concern in the voice of the officer was audible.

    "Don´t be afraid. They stopped because i expected something like this and are preparing a little surprise for the defenders. We will advance like planned", stated Major Montk.


    In her commandcentre General Cleef tried her best not to make a face. The attackers of the "Hammer-and Shield"-Battalion didn´t seem to care about the advancing thread to their transporters. And why did they stopp ?
    She was sure that the groups of walkers and repulsor tanks she had sent were enough to deal with the enemy support but her counterpart concentrated only on defeating her defences. The shields were already weakend and wouldn´t stand against the punishment from the Gatars much longer.


    Onboard his walker Captain Kael wondered about the enemy tactic. The transporters were still on the same location were they had originally stopped and seemed to fortify the place. As if they would have a chance against his forces without heavy artillerie. It would be a slaughter like the empire crushing the rebels at Hoth. The positions were nearly the same as long as he forgot the enemy-vehicles now in his back attacking his base. And he was in the position of the empire.


    Finally the shields were falling at one place in the wall of defence-installations.

    "Concentrate fire on this gap", ordered Major Montk. "We have our breaktrough. And change formation from Diamond to Wave."

    The Gatars stopped from changing their positions and moved to the sides of each other. The Urts were positioning themself between the gaps. As one they fired salvo after salvo against the collapsing shieldwall, destroying energy-projectors and ,with the shields gone, gun-turrets and cannons of the defenders. The number of enemy shoots decreased drastically until they stopped completly.

    "Launch missiles to destroy enemy-installations once and for all. I want nothing to survife in those fortifications."


    With teeth gritted General Cleef watched the onslaught on her first line of defences. The enemy-commander took no risk and made sure there was nothing left to oppose him. She knew the Enemy would soon start to advance against the city and the battle between her units hidden in the streets and the ruins and the attackers would start. Then he would need his troops which the enemy had left behind and at the moment Captain Kael should take care of them.


    Captain Kael smiled grimly. He had lost three repulsor-tanks thanks to lone groups of enemy troopers armed with mortars without inflicting casualties by himself. Because of this he had decided to put the two advancing groups of walkers and tanks together and to move foreward in a straight line (like the Tusken Bandits on Tatooine) to make himself and the vessels under his command a target to the enemy as small as possible. And now the hostile forces were moving backwards.

    Kael was somehow disappointed although he had expected nothing else from them. It would just take a little bit longer to crush them and then he could join the major engagement and attack the enemy from behind.

    "Sir, we suddenly detect a large number of objects burried around us", reported one of the pilots of his AT-AT.

    "Why didn´t you detect them sooner", asked Kael suddenly with fear in his voice.

    "Enemy-jamming was to strong, but now that they move out of reach ... ."

    "Increase speed and warn the others. Get us out of here", screamed Kael, knowing it was to late.


    The commander of the supports of the "Hammer-and Anvil"-Battalion pressed a button on a small device in his hand. A slight smile crossed his face w
  15. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    "Sith****", cursed General Cleef helpless, when she had to watch Captain Kaels forces being destroyed. Eight Walkers and sixteen repulsor-tanks lost. And the transporters which should have been destroyed by them were now advancing to meet with their comrades who were already in the city.


    "Eject Scoutdroids", ordered Major Montk. "They shall search for enemy vessels, troops, mines, hidden entrances and other surprises. When the main bulk of our troops arrive we will advance further."
    /Thats the only disadvantage of the Gatars/ thought Montk /with their thick armour and the fuel, the missiles and blastergas they carry there isn´t enough room for more than thirty troopers/.

    In the downside of the Gatars an opening become visible. Sphere-shaped droids the size of a mans head emerged. Flying on their repulsor-fields they spread about the area, searching as ordered for targets and traps.

    And then the troops of the 1051´Brussia Hammer and Anvil-Battalion arrived.
  16. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    Not all of the probe-droids had returned. A quater of them had been destroyed while searching the ruins. But the informations gathered by the rest of them was more than enough. Positions of enemy units, traps, entrances and so on were now downloaded into Major Montks battle-computer onboard his Gatar-Tank, the computers of every other vessel and the tactical computers in the helmets of the groundtroops.

    The influence of the military in the culture of the dominating group of people of the Therilias-Autarcie was very strong. Or to be more precise the legacy of their barbaric, in a warrior-society living ancestors, necessary on the cruel, cold worlds they had developed on.

    Worlds and enviroments where only the strongest and most clever beings survived.

    But the inhabitants of the Autarcies central world, Brussia, where the humans (or Brussen, like the called themself) of the Autarcie had originated, hadn´t been that barbaric to let the weaker members of their society simply die or to kill them themself.
    Individual weaknesses can be compensated by training and education and so as soon as a child was able to walk it was put through constant physical and psychical training, which later included the education at school, too. As a result the average citicen of the Autarcie of today was very disciplined, physically in top-condition and had a live-expectation above the galactic-human-norm, thanks to a very healthy way of live.

    Another result was that the ordinary groundtroopers of the Autarcie were only equalled by the best of the imperial stormtroopers.

    Onethousand eighthundred of those troopers now left their transporters, ready to invade the city and to conquer the fortress inside.

    They were an impressive sight. Clad from head to toe in heavy armor of black-grey colour. Carring helmets with wide, bulbuos visors they looked like cyclops from a long-forgotten past. Mounted on their left shoulders were launchers for mini-proton-missiles, on the right a projector of false holographic images as enemy-diversion when activated. Two broad belts with grenades, detonators and blaster-magazines reached from their shoulders to their abdomens where they were connected with another belt. On their backs they carried huge bags with portable energy-cells for a portable shieldprojector and other equippment.

    Everyone of them was armed with a blaster-rifle, connected to a grenade-launcher or a flame-thrower, a smaller side-arm, a big vibro-knife with a blade one foot long and two smaller knifes. Some of them carried additionally rail-guns and mortar-launchers.

    Equipted with the tactical information gathered by the robe-droids they devided into squads and platoons and advanced into the city, supporting the Urts and repulsor-tanks at the task of eliminating every cell of enemy resistance.
  17. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    It was a long and hard battle, fought with a ferocity unbelievable to everybody who hadn´t seen it with his own eyes.

    Soldiers of both parties were dedicated till death and fought like that. No surrender was offered and no mercy was given.

    Although the invaders had the numerical advantage and the knowledge about most enemy positions and traps they suffered heavy losses.

    The Gatars and AT-ATs of Major Montks force had split up and encirceled the city making sure nobody escaped, while the Urts supported by repulsor-tanks and groundtroops moved throught the ruins, methodically destroying one cell of resistence after another.


    Lieutenant Ksris was leader of a squad of nine soldiers who had advanced as far into the ruins as possible. Currently he and his soldiers were hiding behind a wall from a group of enemy AT-AT-Walker that moved on the streets into the direction of the Urts.

    For the shields of a single Urt-Tank the weapons of one AT-AT were to weak , but when two or three coordinated their fire ... . Fortunatly the troopers of the "Hammer and Anvil"-Battalion were prepared for that with perhaps the perfect Anti-Walker-Weapon. Ksris and his men were running as fast as they can before the enemy-walkers would round the corner of the building, reaching the street where Lieutenant Ksris men were preparing their trap.

    One man sprinted to the other side of the street carring a kind of grenade-launcher the projectile connected through a cable with another launcher, carried by a second man on this side of the street.

    And then the AT-ATs came in sight and advanced in the direction of Ksris squad, the following of the huge machines partly covered by the bulk of the leading walker.

    Ksris waited till they were all in the street, counted silently to ten and then ordered his men to fire.

    Both fired at the same moment, shooting along the walls of the street, aiming at the feet of the Walkers. Between the two projectiles the cable was straigthend and vibrated slightly.

    The first contact with the legs of the leading Walker showed the true nature of the cable. A wire, impossible to see with normal eyes, bound on a microscopic thin scale and vibrating like the blade of a vibro-knive, thanks to the two vibration-generators in the "grenades" emerged after the impact from the protecting hull of the cable and cutted through the armored legs of the Walkers like a knife through butter. Crippled the huge machines crashed to the ground while the vibro-wire cutted everything behind them it came into contact with untill it lost its momentum and sank to the ground.

    Ksris men didn´t hesitate and opened fire on the weak points of the lying Walkers in their necks. With small satisfaction they watched the huge machines explode one after another together with the crewers and troops onboard.

    "Sir, enemy repulsor-tanks coming from five o´clock", came the report of one of Ksris man.

    And then they were already there opening fire with their blaster-weapons, killing three of the troopers and forcing the others to seek cover.

    Everywhere in the devastated city the battle raged on.
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    Lieutenant Vird was the leader of a double-squad of defenders, which meant he was responsible for sixteen men including him.

    They had managed to encircle an enemy-squad and forced them into cover behind some kind of wall inside one of the long ago devastated skyscrappers.

    Now the sensors in his helmet were searching for signs of the enemy in cover:
    higher temperatures through infrared, the electronics of their battlesuits through microwave, even the movements of dust or molecules of air although this try was pointless on a world without atmosphere, everything without success.
    The battlesuits of the troopers of the "Hammer and Anvil"-batallion worked perfect as cloaks.
    Able to adept to the colours of the background, making the soldiers nearly invisible and emitting not enough of something to be detected by modern sensors.

    Typical. For Raal Lordaqs troops only one thing was enough: The very best no matter what it costs.

    "Sir, they called for reinforcements", one of his men reported. Vird had detected the signal himself but hadn´t been able to encrypt the signal from his position. This ment he would have perhaps a few minutes to deal with the surrounded enemy-squad before their reinforcements would arrive.

    "DF-10 and DF-12 advance, the rest of us will cover you", ordered Vird, knowing he was sending the two men to their deaths.

    He and the others threw grenades into the direction of the hidden enemies and then DF-10 and DF-12 started to run.

    Vird hopped the smoke and debris caused by the exploding grenades was enough to give the two a chance against the targeting devices of the enemy.

    While shooting with his blaster-rifle Vird finally detected the enemy-positions by their counter-fire. A scream and a red mark on his tactical display informed him about the death of DF-12.

    "Concentrate fire on two o´clock, vector 23 and on eleven o´clock, vector 48. Use grenade-launchers too. On my mark."

    Heavy blaster-fire, supported by the explosions of grenades launched destroyed the walls the enemy-troopers were hiding behind.
    Debris flew trough the air, rocks and dust were molten down, while the enemy was forced to leave his cover and finally activiated his portable shields (they were similiar to the shields the Gungans had used against the Droid-Army of the Trade-Federation with the only difference that the shield-projectores were embeded in the armor of their left wrists) and returned fire. Two more of Virds men died before they finally managed to kill the five men of the enemy that had escaped the onslaught when they were forced to leave their cover.

    "Not bad", thought Vird grim, "nine dead attackers against three dead defenders. As long as you are able to forget that the defenders were your comrades and friends."

    "Ok", he shouted, "we are finished here"

    In the same moment an Urt-tank broke trough the wall, its shields activated and its cannons ready to fire.

    "Sith****", was the last thought of Vird. "We are really finished."
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    Nov 7, 2000
    There are some hard weeks before me, so don´t be afraid, i´ll continue as soon as possible.

    Maybe another ninty posts and Anakin Skywalker will return from the death.
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    Nov 7, 2000
    I´m taking a break from real life, because the last days were horrible as will the coming weeks be.

    Of course its not very encouraging to find this story always on page ten when i´m looking for it.

    Enough of my whining and lets continue.
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    General Cleef was nearly falling to the shaking ground by the waves of an explosion.

    "Enemytroops managed to break trough outside defences and the entrances", came the report.

    "Allright, we´ll evacuate. Take our important data-stores with you to the hidden hangars. With a little luck you should be able to escape."

    "And you, General ?", asked a worried officer.

    "I´ll stay behind to activate the selfdestruction and to take some more of them with me. I´m responsible for this desaster and i´m going down with the ship."

    "We are army, General, not Navy-Idiots", protested another officer.

    "You should hurry. As a leading officer i can´t expect my soldiers to follow my orders if i´m unwilling to do the hard work myself. Now go. If you don´t escape i´ll have to destroy everything this way or the other."

    The sounds of Blasterfire outside had become stronger.

    "General", her men saluted Cleef and then left.

    The female General took a key from her pocket and put into some kind of controlboard, while looking at the door with her blasterpistol in one hand.

    The board was connected to the reactorsystem of the fortress by a wire so the signal couldn´t be interupted by enemy-jammming.

    Cleef hoped her men were able to escape before the enemytroopers would arrive and she had to activate the selfdestruction.


    Lieutanent Ksris was one of the leading men storming trough the corridors of the enemies fortress. From his original squad only two men were left and they were advancing together with the left members of another squad that had lost its leading officer.

    "Ksris", Major Montk was suddenly speaking to him.


    "You and your men have advanced further than anybody else so i order you to search for connections between the central of the enemy and their reactor and to cut them. We are able to scramble every signal so far but would be unable to stop a signal transmitted trough a wire."

    "Yes, Sir."

    Ksris and his men were using the sensors of their helmets and cutted every cable and every wire they found, while marching trough the corridors.

    On their way they met only little resistence while other units seemed to met heavier opposition.


    General Niranda Cleef watched the door to her commandroom slowly starting to glow while the intruders tried to burn it open.

    Her right hand was already at the key to send the signal to the reactor.

    She was still trying to get a connection with her men on their way to the hidden hangar and finally she succeded.


    "Sir", one of Ksris men shouted. "There seems to be a wire hidden in this wall. I nearly didn´t recognized it."

    "Good work. Lets take it out."

    Ksris pointed his gun at the wall and fired. Stones and other debris flew to the ground.


    "General, we managed to arrive at the hangar unopposed. We loaded the data-stores in one ot the ships and ... argggghhhhhh."

    Cleef closed her eyes when she heard the deathcries and screams of her men and at the same moment the door broke open.


    Ksris had to fire another shot at the wall to finally free the wire. He took his vibro-knife and leaned forward in the hole to cut it trough.


    Cleefs right hand turned the key, when she was hit by a blastershot.


    Ksris had his knife at the wire when suddenly the entire world on his visor became a blinding white.


    In his leading Gatar-tank Major Montk was rocked out of his seat and then everything went black.


    And a few moments later a voice could be heard by everybody who had fought in the battle:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are all dead."
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    Interesting battle scene. What is Cleef's affliation, anyway?
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    Well, the first hundred is nearly full and i want to thank everybody who has posted until now:

    Darth McClaine, who posted first
    Sara_Kenobi, who is writing on more stories then i have fingers
    The Butler
    jedipati, i hope your questions are answered
    Cylonetrooper, yes i too think that Pelaeon is a great charakter
    Darth Zane
    Lady of Death, hope you´re enjoing the forum and that you will show us your ideas of a good story

    Next post coming soon.
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    After this post we´ll return to our heros

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors V

    A few moments passed and then the light returned. But not the blinding white light of an explosion or the dim-light of the after-live.
    Instead it was a cold, blue light of artificial origin.

    General Niranda Cleef hat to take a few breaths before she remembered her whereabouts.
    The world and the battle created by the virtual reality-chamber she had spent the last few hours in had been better than in every simulator.
    On the other side of the room she watched Major Montk rubbing his forehead before he stepped out of his chamber.
    At her side she was able to hear Captain Kael´s words: "I´m alive. I´m alive. I´m not dead."
    "Calm down, Captain. It was only a simulation."
    "But as good as the real thing, don´t you agree, General ?", asked Montk.
    Cleef hesitated. "Yes. No difference at all. By the way, you and your men gave me a hard time."
    "Same goes for you and your team", answered Montk polite.

    "Enough of the chit-chat", were they interrupted. A man stepped into sight. Tall, broadshoulders, bald with a mustache. "We have to discuss this exercise."

    "Of course, General Armhan", answered General Cliff. Montk only nodded.
    Behind them the men of the "Hammer-and-Anvil"-Battallion as well as the men of the defence-team left the simulation chambers.


    Ten minutes later General Armhan, leading officer of the training facility, General Cleef, Major Montk and a dozen of other officers were sitting around a large table, discussing the entire battle they had fought in virtual reality.
    Every movement, every used tactic, everything.
    In dozens of other rooms the same was happening with the members of the smaller units and squads.

    The huge training facility with more than one million simulation-chambers was one of only fifty installations of its kind inside the Autarcie.

    While fresh recruited men and women were trained in simulators that were formed after the varios vessels used for combat before they were allowed to train with the real machines the simulators here were working directly with the human brain.
    This special facility and its siblings were used for the training of already existing army or ship units and the training of reserve regiments and ship-crews for four weeks once a year.

    It simulated ground warfare, ship-to-ship-combat, ship-to-ground combat, even gurilla-warfare and this with every member of the whole task force. Therefore the observing officers were able to watch the training units act under what they believed to be real, analyzing mistakes, tactical errors, hidden weaknesses of single members of the chain and the ideas developed and employed during combat. All these datas were stored, analyzed again and if something new or useful was inside it, it was added to the existing training programs.

    "Allright, Ladies and Gentelmen, your impressions, please", started General Armhan.

    "Well, the only weaknesses to the programm i think were the lack of theatre shielding on my side or the use of air support or an orbital bombardement by Major Montks forces."
    started Cleef.

    "While our goal was to capture the enemy base intact which made a bombardement useless, my collague is right about the lack of air support.", stated Montk. "If the defence-forces would have had a theatre-shield to prevent orbital bombardement the use of air cover would have been pointless."

    "But we were able to use repulsor-tanks", said Captain Kael", vessels that can´t pass an activated theatre-shield unlike slow moving vessels like catarpillar-tanks and Walkers."

    "Well, that was part of this simulation and you´ll never know every term or condition on wich you have to fight", stated Armhan. "Anything else in general before we start with the details ?"

    "Well", grumbled Montk."It would be good to have vessels that can transport more than thirty troopers like the Gatar-Tanks. Something like an AT-UH-Walker (All-Terrain-Ultra-Heavy-Walker). I´m not comfortable with the though
  25. FTeik

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    Just a small explenation:

    I try to use only technologies which are already established in the SW-Universe or are possible/existing here on earth.
    The only differences will be in size, scale or new combinations of them.

    After all we had enough superweapons.
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