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Union of the Empires greatest Warriors (Thrawn, Vader)

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  1. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Thank you.
  2. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VI

    Leia, Isolder, Teneniel and their children moved towards to one of the cafes at the sides of the great corridor.

    After taking a seat and given their orders the adults looked at each other, while the girls seemed to need some time to warm up with each other, Jaina, because the meeting with those friends of her mother had lead to a delay to get to the exhibit, Tenel´Ka, because Jaina had insulted her father.

    "So what are you doing here ?", asked Leia. "And incognito as it looks ?"

    "Indeed, we are incognito", answered Teneniel. "With exeption of an entire company of body-guards somewhere in the crowd."

    Leia supressed a sigh. Some things seemed to be everywhere the same. She just hoped that the presence of two groups of security-personel didn´t caused trouble.

    "We are on a kind of vacation trip"; added Isolder, "visiting the great sight-seeings of the galaxy."

    He stroke gently through Tenel´Kas hair.

    "And showing this young Lady some places, not on Hapes or Dathomir."

    "Really", Leia smiled now at Tenel´Ka. "My father took me on such a trip when i was twelfe. It must be very exiting."

    "Hmmmm, no, exiting would be the wrong term", answered the girl shyly.

    "Coruscant is the fourth world on our tour", explained Isolder, "and Tenel´Ka has never been on a world like it before. She´s very impressed."

    "I´m not impressed." stated Tenel´Ka. "This world is frightening and disguesting."

    Before any of the adults could answer, Jaina snapped.

    "Disguesting ? This is my home."

    "Home ? How can a place be home without green grass to walk on ? Without the murmer of wind in the crown of the trees ? Without the round sight of hills, the gray formatians of mountains, the presence of nature itself ? How ... ."

    "Tenel´Ka that´s enough", interrupted Teneniel her daughter. "Jaina has done nothing to offend you and you have no reason to argue with her. Excuse yourself."

    "But she insulted father." tried Tenel´Ka to defend herself.

    "And how, if i may ask ?"

    Tenel´Ka looked a bit sheepishly at Leia, but there was no turning back.

    "She claimed that father tried to steal this woman from her father whoever that is."

    "And ?" asked Leia and Teneniel nearly unisono.

    "And what ? First of all, father doesn´t has it necessary to steal women from other men, and secondly he has you, mother."

    The grown-ups looked grinning at each other and then started to chuckle.

    "Whats so funny ?", asked Tenel´ka enraged.

    "Exactly. Whats so funny ?" joinded Jaina the other girl. Suddenly the two girls seemed to form a united front against the adults.

    "Jaina hasn´t insulted me", explained Isolder. "She has simply told the truth, perhaps a bit blunt, but still the truth."

    Tenel`Ka looked from Leia to her mother and back.

    "But, but ... what about mother", she stuttered.

    "This was before i meet your mother. And perhaps you should ask her someday "HOW" she gor ME.", stated Isolder.

    Tenel´Ka looked sheepishly at Jaina.

    "I´m sorry."

    Jaina grinned back.

    "No need to. As long as you tell me first how your parents meet."

    Now it was Tenel´Ka who grinned.


    "Now that we have solved this problem", said Leia , nodding to the waitress, "enjoy your chocolates, girls."
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Just to see my stories on top.
  4. Lady_of_Death

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    Nov 25, 2000
    Oh that was wonderful! :D
    Thats going to be interestin. Jaina telling the story how her parents met. What will Tenel´Ka say? Death Star? Detentio block AA-12?
    Tenel´Ka:"Where was the romantic sunset?"

    :D Lady :D of :D Death :D
  5. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Sorry, but its Tenel-Ka telling Jaina how Isolder and Teneniel met (you know when she captured him as slave).

    Despite that thank you.
  6. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VII

    While Leia and Jaina were sitting in cafe chatting with the royal family of the Hapes-Cluster on the capital world of the Therilias-Autarcie Brussia another, less innocent meeting was going to be hold.

    Teosh Finn, the grand-nephew of Lord Raal Lordaq was in one of the gyms of the governmental residence, training hand-to-hand-combat armed and unarmed.

    He was just finished to beat the crap out of one of the training-droids, when he recognized that he was observed.

    Turning around he saw one of the Vader-clones standing silently at the entrance to the gym.

    "Satisfied with what you see ?", Finn asked calm.

    "More than satisfied", the clone stepped closer and Teosh Finn identified him as Two. "Your skills are remarkable."

    "You think so", Finn snorted. "The result of a long live of training. Every child in the Autarcie is trained in the martial arts as soon as it is able to walk."

    He paused for a moment.

    "And i´m not that good. Lord Lordaq is able to beat me and he is over hundred years old."

    "Perhaps he is using an advantage he isn´t aware of", suggested Two. "Might if i join you." Two seemed to switch the topic.

    Teosh Finn nodded.

    "Why not ?"

    Finn watched Two taking a training-sword of wood and exercising some movements to warm up. Then Two turned and took position.

    "Ready, if you are."

    Two and Finn started to duel. First with slow motions to get a feeling for the adversery, his strenghts and weaknesses, then with slightly increased speed.

    For an outsider it seemed to be a terrible mismatch.

    On one side the nearly two metres tall Two, with his bulky buildt, glazing blue eyes and blonde hair, on the other side a man, nearly a half foot shorter in size, with the lean, muscular body of a sprinter, tanned skin and black hair.

    Despite this, Teosh Finn stood his ground.

    They move through the room, forewards and backwards still entangeled in a kind of relaxed sparring, when Two suddenly started to speak again.
  7. Lady_of_Death

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    Nov 25, 2000
    Hey! What is Two going to say? Don't leave me hanging like this!

    What is this advantage Lord Lordaq isn't aware of? Could it be the force? But then the Emperor would have known and killed him if he saw a threat in him. What is it? Why dose Two know it and Lord Lordaq not. Hmmmm.

    I looking forward to your next post.

    Lady of Death
  8. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VII

    "Tell me about the Chiss."

    Finn, who hadn´t expected such a question nearly got hit by Two. Taking a step back he regained his balance.

    "Since when are you interested in the Chiss ?", he asked back.

    Two remained silent and after a moment Teosh Finn continued.

    "Perhaps since your little talk with that criminal", he snorted in disguest. "Whom you "promoted" to an Admiral, Two ?"

    "He´s from the same species like Thrawn. He said their people were Chiss. I´ve never heard of them before.

    Have you heard of them ?"

    Finn took a deep breath, before he answered.

    "Well, as species they are even more isolistic than the Autarcie.

    From our position they live on the other side of the galactic core in the unknown regions in neighborhood to the Sii-Rukk and other similiar pleasant species.

    They mature very quickly, not through a long childhood and puberty like we humans, are, as society, organized in clans or houses and don´t believe in offensive strikes, despite the fact that they are constantly at war with other species in their territory.

    If you want to know more, you have to visit them for yourself or ask your smuggler."

    Two stayed silent for a moment, then nodded his head.

    "Thank you", was all he said.

    Finn watched him suspiciously.

    "You still haven´t answered my question. Why do you want to know something about the Chiss ?"

    "Perhaps i want to know about my origins ?

    Where do i come from ? What is my purpose in this world ? Where will i go ?"

    Two looked at Finn with an intense stare.

    "My mind-imprint was partly that of Grandadmiral Thrawn, Grandadmiral Thrawn was a Chiss, so i want to know about the Chiss."

    Finn stared at the clone in disbelief.

    Disbelief and perhaps pitty.

    But being a man of practice, a man of action who normaly didn´t wasted to much time on philosofical questions, he felt obliged to put Two back on the path destinied by Lordaq and Dr. Harsk.

    "Many beings ask themself those questions.

    Most of them never find an answer.

    But in your case its quite simple: Your origins are not even hundred metres away in a clone-lab, your purpose is to defeat the enemies we chose for you, and where you will go, only fate and the gods know."
  9. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VII

    Two glared in cold fury at Teosh Finn.

    "That was a very diplomatic way to explain my position. Thank you."

    Finn smiled grim.

    "What should i say. Everything more nice would have been far away from the truth."

    Two had to admit that Finn had made a point.

    "Is that all i am to you ?

    That me and my brothers are ?

    Your slaves ?

    Simple tools for your war ?"

    Two asken in an accusing voice.

    "Of course not", shot Finn back.

    "You are a sentinent being of your own.

    Just ... equippted with certain abilities that will be very useful.

    And may i remind you that it will be your war too."

    "Why ? As you said yourself my origins are in a laboratory in this building.

    If i have to believe this, i have no connections to the past, no reasons to hate the New Republic and no need to fight them."

    Listening to this Finn raised curious an eyebrow.

    "But you have ?", he asked.

    "Yes", hissed Two. "I combine the abilities of two of their greatest enemies, that alone is enough reason for them to fight me, to hunt me down and to try to destroy me.

    I´m a clone, so that alone will be probably enough reason to hunt me down, too.

    I believe in fighting and competition as driving factor for human development and other values they despise, they believe in peace and cooperation, although i would call it complacency and lack of passion.

    And then there is the need, the hunger."

    "What need and what hunger ?", asked Finn who had listend to Twos ranting with a bit of fascination.

    "The hunger for victory.

    To proof myself. To proof i´m more than a clone, more than what you have given me.

    To be better than Vader, better than Thrawn.

    To succed where they failed.

    To buildt an order that will longer than the Old Republic.

    To destroy this disguesting anarchie the New Republic has created by replacing the Empire."

    Finn grinned.

    "The majority of beings would argument that they have freed us from the tyranny of the empire."

    "What a joke.

    They only succeded because they had somehow more luck than anybody would believe possible.

    The rebellion would have been whipped out already at Yavin if not accidently a force-sensitive pilot had shown up, who only succeded because a smuggler had a change of heart.

    Then Endor. The trap the emperor had sat was brilliant. But what happens ? The rebels who were sent to destroy the shield-generator are accompanied by a protocol-droid who convinces the primitive inhabitans of the moon to save the day when the rebels get caught and if not for Luke Skywalker, Vader would have lead the space-battle from the Executor.

    Coruscant they only conquered, because Ysanne Isard allowed them to conquer it, while other Moffs and Admirals all were to busy to fight each other than the Alliance.

    At Bilbringi they are only victorious because Thrawn is murdered by his bodyguard, not to mention the role Talon Karrde and his smugglers played."

    "So while everybody else has to work hard for his successes, they win more because of luck and coincidences.

    This alone should be reason to whip them out."

    Two was now clearly enraged.

    "Or perhaps the force is really with him", teased Teosh Finn.

    "The force ?", snorted Two. "Let me tell you something. The New Republic is that incompetent that six years after Endor the reborn Emperor needed less than six months to bring the entire galaxy back on its knees, despite the former condition of the empire.

    And if he wouldn´t have been poisended by his own bodyguard he would still rule."

    "Something we are all glad he doesn´t", interrupted Finn.

    "That´s another matter", admitted Two. "Point is, the empire managed at last to hold the crumbling Old Republic together for another generation, while the rebellion started a big war to aalow now all those countless species out there to fight all their smaller wars against each other.

    All in the name of freedom.

    How can you buildt, how can you create in such an atmosphere ?"

    "So you are more intersted in cr
  10. Lady_of_Death

    Lady_of_Death Jedi Youngling

    Nov 25, 2000
    Oh that was wonderfull! :D :D
    Two thinks about his origins and waht his purpose in this world is! That Finn seems a bit brainwashed: nobody is allowed to question Lordaq. As if Lordaq is some kind of god!

    I like it that Two dosen't just want to be a clone (and that his only purpose in his life is to serve Lordaq) and that he wants to know about the two men he consists of. The human part shows itself. :D
  11. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VII

    "Aren´t you ?" asked Teosh Finn.

    "Hardly. I don´t share the narrow point of view of the Sith, who were obsessed only with power and whipping out the Jedi-Knights.

    I´m not a member of an order that consists only of two men and i don´t wear black robes most of the time."

    "But what is with the use of fear, hate, rage and aggression to reach your goals ?

    And admitt it, you whield power.

    A lot of it."

    "Yes, i whield much power, but i´m also aware of the responsibility connected with it. Something i learned from you and your ruler.
    That power and responsibility have to balance each other. Otherwise you get corrupted.

    As to your concerns about my darker feelings ..., whats wrong with them, they are normal human emotions ?

    Whats wrong with hating injustice, in hating anarchie ?

    Those socalled dark emotions have lead usto the top of the food-chain, they are just the other side of the socalled light emotions.

    Isn´t your fear of death something else than your love for live ?

    Your love for persons you care about, something elsethan hate towards those who threaten them ?"

    "Interesting", Finn smiled. "Similiar thoughts are expressed in one of our holy books."

    "I wasn´t aware, that atheists like you Therilias-people have holy books", mocked Two.

    "Holy in the meaning that no one can question its wisdom.

    And we are no atheists.

    We believe in strenght, dicipline, order, that what makes us strong, what allows the single member of our society to follow his ambitions in a frame that secures the same chances for everybody."

    "But of course not everybody makes use of those chances offered."

    "Of course not. Everybody is different. Everybody makes different decisions in the same situation.

    We can´t hold the hand of everybody and we don´t want to.

    You are free, you are mature, you are responsible for your own live.

    Those who succed will help develop and strengthen our society, those who fail, fail.
    And live with thanks to the efforts by the strong."

    Finn nodded his shoulders.

    "Thats the way it is."

    Two smiled grimly.

    "So you don´t believe in gods. Or fate or destiny. Or the force."

    "My live isn´t controled by some mystical deities.

    And destiny is only an excuse for those who have no control over their own live, while the force is nothing more than an energy-field an interesting phenomenam and perhaps a useful tool.

    But nothing more."

    During their conversation the two men had stopped sparing.

    Now Two raised his training-sword again.

    "How narrow your view is. How small the world you live in", said the clone with pitty in his voice.

    "I think your lack of faith to be disturbing."

    Finn narrowed his eyes suspiciously. What was Two up to ?

    "It seems i have to reach you a lesson", stated Two.

    "DEFEND YOURSELF", roarded the clone and attacked suddenly with a vengeance, Teosh Finn was hardly prepared for.
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    Nov 7, 2000
  13. Lady_of_Death

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    Nov 25, 2000
    "I think your lack of faith to be disturbing."

    Well haven't we heared that befor? Yes we have, Vader said it to Tagge when he was on the Death Star. That would be Vader's side of Two. Poor Finn, even if he isn't my favourite.

    Oh, yes, I want more!

    I hope there are more people out there reading this story!
  14. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Thank you, i hope that too.

    And Finn is going to play a very important role as well as Two.
  15. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VII

    Teosh Finn barely managed to escape Twos first powerful stroke.

    The second one he intercepted in time with his own weapon, but the force behind the stroke shook his arms through.

    What is Two up to, he asked himself. If his itention is to kill me, there are easier ways.

    Then there was no more time to think, because the bigger man advanced again towards Finn, forcing him to retreat through the room, offering Finn no chance to counter.

    Again he had to bent down to escape Twos sword hissing through the air.

    The fast, powerful strokes were strong enough to kill, even with the swords consisting of wood and Two had to know that.

    For the first time Teosh Finn asked himself if Two had gone insane, finally started to suffer from clone-madness, Finn had heard so much about.

    It was a frightening thought, if one of the clones became insane it was perhaps only a question of time before the others did too and the damage they were able to cause ... .

    The sword of his adversary that missed his head just a few centimetres remembered Finn that something else was more immediate at stake: his very own live.

    Like most soldiers and citicens of the Autarcie Toesh Fin didn´t feared death itself, but the possibility to die a pointless, a death without reason or meaning frightened him a lot.

    To get killed by a mad clone fitted that discription and it caused fear to rise in Finns heart.

    I have to get back control, he thought desperatly. I have to beat him somehow. I have to get back the initiative.

    Something easier thought, than done, Two was simply to strong as adversary.

    If you have lost the initiative, you will lose the battle, remembered Finn his training as a young boy.

    A thought he didn´t liked at all.

    Through all the strokes and counter-strokes he could see Two smiling calmly. In their current situation it was a sadistic smile.

    The sight infurated Finn, who didn´t liked being frightened and already felt the side-effects of the adrenaline flowing through his veins and the exhaustion that caused his limbs to tremble.

    "You are weak, Finn", mocked Two, "Raal Lordaq is a fool to keep a whuss like you as an aide."

    The double insult in the single sentence enraged Finn even more, to call him a whuss was one thing, but to insult the man who had been in many ways like a father to him, a mentor, a man who had rewarded his years of loyal service with his trust and even friendship despite the huge age-difference, to insult the man Finn loved and cared about more than his own live ...

    Activating last reserves he fought back, ignoring hits on his shoulders and ribcage, ignoring the pain they inflicted, he stormed against Two, obsessed only with the thought of whipping out that grinning visage from the face of the universe.

    But Two suddenly stepped aside and caused Finn to stumble to the floor, hitting Finns weapon only slightly the sword left the smaller mans hands and sailed through the wide hall of the gym.

    In a matter of moments Finn was on his feet again, but this time unarmed, helpless at the mercy of the bigger man.

    "Seems i was right, when i called you a whuss", stated Two calmly.

    Finn stared at the clone in impotent wrath.

    The last humilitation had replaced the amok-like fighting with a cold fury.

    "I´ll kill you", Teosh Finn promised.

    "Unarmed ?", mocked Two and then it happened.

    Finns weapon left its place at the floor and flew towards his owner.

    Finn stretched a hand out and cought it out of the air, surprise clearly visible on his face, while Two smiled satisfied about the sight of something he had more or less exepted.

    But Teosh Finn wasted no time wondering how his weapon had returned to him, he had it back and that was all that mattered now.

    And he had a promise to fulfill.
  16. Lady_of_Death

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    Nov 25, 2000
    Can Finn use the force? Or was it Two, no I don't think it was Two.

    I want more!

    And more and more and more ...
  17. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warrors - Part VII

    When Finn attacked Two, he recognized that somthing had changed.

    His vision had become sharper, the contrasts were stronger, the colours more intense.

    And the smell.

    Fresh air like the trees of a green forrest after the rainfall with a hint of ozone.

    The cool air of the gym seemed to be loaded with electricity like the air before a purifying thunderstorm.

    Teosh Finn was like in a trance, despite that he moved faster than ever before.

    And still the two men fought, but Two seemed to move slower compared to Finn, the smaller man was suddenly able to recognize his moves before the clone even exercised them.

    He was now the one, who forced the other to retreat.

    The advantage had switched to him.

    Two was surprised how strong the force suddenly seemed to flow through his adversary and it terrified him a little.

    Two had never thought that much determination, that much passion and a will so strong, possible to be hidden behind the cool, calm exterior of the other man.

    But on the other hand he had felt it in Lordaq and Finn was related with the old man.

    Perhaps blood was truly thicker than water.

    And now Two saw himself faced with a problem:

    Finns original fighting skills in combination with those force powers might well prove to be to much for Two to deal with, at last as long as he intended no harm towards Finn.

    "Enough", he chocked desperatly, intercepting a stroke that was meant to smash his skull, but Finn didn´t stop.

    Further and further he forced the clone through the gym, without ever stopping to attack him, given him no break to rest.

    Stroke - Defense - Counterstroke - Defense - Counterstroke.

    But the duel was now clearly dominated by Finn, who wanted to kill.

    Finally Two was forced into a corner and faced with only two options: To loose his own life to the terrible force he had unleashed or to save his live and kill Finn.

    Or perhaps there was another solution.

    The clone deceided to trust his instincts and threw his weapon away, spreading his arms wide apart.

    "Allright, you have won. I surrender !"

    Finn hesitated, enjoying the moment of triumph. Finally the enemy was at his mercy, unarmed, helpless.

    He raised his sword for the killing blow, when somewhere in a little corner of his mind a small voice remembered him about the treatment of enemies, who have surrendered.

    Treatment demanded by Finns honour-codex.

    But honour meant nothing compared to the high of feelings Teosh Finn was riding on.

    Like a high caused by drugs.

    A drug-high ???

    Teosh Finn took a deep breath, when he realized that the clean and fresh smell of trees and rain had changed into the foul smell of tombs and the metallic taste of blood.

    Confused he let his weapon drop to the floor.

    Two sighed with relief, while Finn looked at himwith questions in his eyes.

    "What was that ?", he asked the taller man.

    "That my young friend", answered the clone, "was the Dark Side of the force.

    I suspected for long that there were forcepowers hidden deep inside you, but i never expected them to be that strong, when finally freed.

    Have you felt the power, the energy it has given you ?"

    "Yes, i have felt something like that", answered Finn.

    Then he remembered something Two had said before.

    "Is this the advantage Lord Lordaq isn´t aware of ? You think he is force-sensitive, too ?"

    "Yes, i do", admitted the clone.

    Teosh Finn smiled.

    "I hate to diappoint you, but Lord Lordaq has been tested three times by the Jedi of the Old Republic as well as every member of his family they could lay there hands on, but no one of them was force-sensitive."

    Two thought about this for a moment.

    "Then it has to be something else." Shaking his head he returned to the matters at hand.

    "You take it rather well."

    "What, being force-sensitive or that dark-side-high ?", shot Finn back.

    "You don´t seem to like it." It was a statement, no question.

    "Of course i don´t like it. I had lost control about my actions", shou
  18. Lady_of_Death

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    Nov 25, 2000
    Interesting outcome.

    Finn is a force-sensitive and Lordaq maybe too. Perhaps he was shielded when the Jdei tested him.

    I assume that you already know that I'm waiting for more.
  19. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Typical. The moment i want to post a new chapter this site has a breakdown. Now i have to do it again. S..t happens.

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors -Part VII

    It was late in the afternoon, when the small group of adults and children finally reached the galactic museum, where the exhibit was held.

    More than a dozen rooms had been taken to show the different aspects of hundred kinds of sports.

    To the great surprise of Leia, alone the part that dealt with pod-races was spread over three rooms.

    The first room showed models as well as original pods, together with all the equippment that surrounded that sport: tools, fuelling facilities, repair-boxes.

    To the great disappointment of Jaina nobody was alowed to touch the machines or to even take place in one of the cockpits, something to caused the adults to be slightly amused.

    Jainas disappointment was only a little compensated by the technical manuals and shematics of the engines, which cought her interest.

    The second room dealt with the history of the races, statistics, records and showed life-sized images and statues of famous pod-pilots, managers and promoters. To her great surprise Leia recognized one of them to be Jabba the Hutt.

    It was in this room where they met Sebulba, who was in the companie of a beautiful Twi´Lek-woman.

    Sebulba was a dugh, a small non-human with a horse-like head, whos anatomy caused him to use his arms as legs and his legs as arms.

    He was walking on a cane and his eyes had a milky-white colour.

    With some sympathy Leia noticed that Sebulba was nearly blind.

    "Greetings strangers, hobbady bodha, jeeee", Sebulba spoke a mixture of basic and huttese.

    "You are intersted in the oshovka, greatest sport of the colludra, damned universe, jeee.", he asked with a grin. "You´ve met the right man, i can tell you all about it."

    He chuckled. "After all, i was the best of them all. Only a hand full of races lost in my entire career and i always managed to cross the line."

    "Aren´t you forgetting something", his Twi-lek-companion asked in a teasing voice. "Wasn´t there this race on bontha-eve, fifty-two years ago, where you ... ."

    "Oh, shut up", shouted Sebulba. Turning towards Leia and her group he explained. "Ignore my nursemaid", he padded her gently on the butt. "She´s just talking nonsence."

    "On the contrary", the "Nursemaid" stated, padding Sebulba on his head, "this is a race he prefers to claim it has never taken place."

    "It was just bad luck and the circumstances were extraordinary."

    "Yes, yes, yes. That changes nothing about the fact, that you´ve been beaten by a minor human, a slave if i remember correct."

    "A minor human ?", asked Leia in wonderment.

    "I thought humans are not able to pilot pod-racers", stated Isolder.

    "Well, this one was", grunted Sebulba. "Not taller than me, perhaps ten years old and he won." He was quite for a moment. "Fortunatly he stopped participating in the races after that or i would have been forced to kill him as a serious competitor." Sebulba chuckled again.

    Leia threw a concerned look at Jaina. Noticing the shining look in her daughters eyes she thought, "Oh, no, what ideas does she have now ?" It needed no force-powers to conclude that the mention of a ten year old human capable of doing pod-races had ring a bell in the mind of the girl.

    "If you want i can show you a picture of him", said the Twi´lek-nursemaid.

    The group of humans followed Sebulba and his companion through the entrance into the third room of the exhibit, where a row of screens showed some of the best and most interesting races, as well as pictures and images in hangars, tribunes and from the watchers.

    The Twi´lek pointed at a picture that showed the inside of a mixture of tent and hangar, where a group of beings surrounded a pod.

    Remarkable were, as even Leias untrained eyes recognized the comparable small engines of the pod. If the pilot had won with these engines they had to be very powerful and a masterpiece of engineering.

    Then she took a closer look at the gro
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    Nov 25, 2000
    Don't keep me hanging here like this. That post was fantastic but where is the rest of it? Hope the next post comes very soon!

    Waiting for your next post where Leia hopefully finds out what her mother and especially her father did when they were still young and innocent.
  21. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VII

    Leia looked at the girl again.

    There was no doubt.

    It was her.

    The same chestnut-brown hair, the same angelic features, those same dark, kind eyes, Leia remembered so well looking sad.

    Although the exterior similarities could be coincidental, Leias instincts, if not the force told her the truth.

    The teenage girl was her mother.

    But what was she doing in this hangar ?

    And who were the other people around her ?

    "Mom, are you alright ?", asked a concerned Jaina, whohad noticed the change in the behaivior of her mother.

    "Yes, Jaina, i´m alright", answered Leia with a trembling voice.

    After a few moments she had captured herself enough to think about the irony of the situation.
    The vanishing of her real mother had left a gap that had never been closed, despite the love and care of her adoptive parents, but with time passing she got used to it until she didn´t noticed the feeling anymore.

    Like an old scar you are no longer aware of.

    When Leia had learned the terrible truth about her real father, she had tried to banish that knowledge into the less used corner of her mind, always comforting herself with the thought, that Darth Vader was perhaps her sire, but never her father.

    And togheter with him every other connection to the past of her family.

    From a certain point of view it was logical.

    To remember that kind, gentle and beautiful angel of her mother conected to someone like the dark, evil being that Darth Vader had been was impossible.

    With an increasing feeling of guilt and shame Leia recognized now, that with banishing her father out of her mind she had given up her mother as well.

    Once she had told Luke, that the past didn´t matterd to her, that he should start to accept that they were both orphans.

    Later she had felt ashamed of being injust to him, compared to her uprising inside the loving household of the royal family of Alderaan the sometimes harsh youth of her brother had helped less to cover the gap caused by the knowledge to be orphaned, if not left behind.

    And now she had to admit to herself, that she hadn´t only been injust to her brother, but to the memory of her mother, too.

    A woman she didn´t even with her real name.

    But perhaps fate or the force was willing to give her a second chance.

    Returning to the present, she became aware of the concerned looks of her companions.

    "I assure you, everything is fine with me.", she said.

    Then the princess turned to Sebulba. "May i ask you, if you know who that girl is ?"

    "Some girl from offworld", aswered the dugh.
    "She accompanied the man and this idiot of a Gungan."

    He pointed with his stick in the direction of the amphibean-looking creature.
    "I don´t know any of their names and i don´t care."

    Again he pointed at the picture. "All i know is that the man was the owner of the pod,that damned Skywalker-brat piloted to beat me."

    "Skywalker ?", asked the group of humans nearly unisono.

    "Grandpa ?", asked Jaina in disbelief.

    "Who else ?", grunted Sebulba. "The ónly human who ever won a pod-race, despite all my efforts to knock him out."

    Again the dugh pointed at the picture, hitting the dark-haired boy in the face with the tip of his cane.

    "Eh, Sebulba", was the ranting non-human interrupted by his "nurse-maid. "You are pointing at teh dark-haired boy, i thought you always cursed that blond slave-brat."

    "And i thought you already know that i´m blind", shot Sebulba acidly back, but he moved the tip of his cane to where he thought the blond boy to be.

    "Can you tell us more about him", asked in that moment Isolder.

    Leia suppressed a sigh.

    Instead of getting more information about her mother, all she would gain was more knowledge about her father, she wasn´t interested in.
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    Great post. What will Sebulba tell them about Anakin?

    If I remember correctly Sebulba didn't cross the finishing-line when Anakin won or did he just "forget" to mention it?
  23. FTeik

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    As the "Nursemaid" already explained Sebulba prefers to claim this special race never happened.

    Next post coming soon.
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    Top (i like my fanfics togehter)
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    This will be a short one.

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part VII

    "There is not much to tell", explained Sebulba. "he and his mother were slaves of Watto, the owner of a junk-yard.
    I´m not sure what happened to him after the race, but rumors said Watto had lost the boy in a bet to the offworlder, who took him with him."

    "And leaving his mother behind ?", asked Jaina with disbelief.

    "What should he have done, silly girl ?" shot Sebulba back. "After all they were still slaves and had to obey their masters, even if one of them was freed."

    Leia´s body trembled with rage at the casual tone Sebulba used.

    "Slaves, obey your master, what was with the anti-slavery -laws of the Old Republic ?", she nearly shouted.

    Sebulba chuckled. "How naive are you, woman ?", he asked. "Nobody in the outer rim cared about the laws of this dying republic, especially nobody on Tatooine."

    Leia caught her breath, while Isolder put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

    "Can you tell us something about the others on the picture", asked Teneldojo.

    "As i already said i don´t no who they were nor do i care", answered Sebulba.

    "Is it possible to get a record of that picture ?", asked Leia, who had regained her composure.

    "No, it isn´t", stated Sebulba with a grin. "But you can buy it."
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