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Union of the Empires greatest Warriors (Thrawn, Vader)

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  1. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    "Time till exit of hyperspace ?"

    "Five minutes, Admiral."

    "Very good. Are our fighters ready to launch ?"

    "They are ready to launch withing one minute after our exit."

    "Exellent." Admiral Brei´lya noticed the questioning look of the Captain of his flagship. "A question, Captain Forlon ?"

    "I wonder if its wise to launch our fighters that far away from the planet. We´ll give the enemy to much time to adapt to our strategy."

    "You forget that this should only be an exercise.

    This is a dangerous situation, Captain.

    Although we are only ordered to do some impressive manouvers, this entire operation is nothing else as gun-boat-diplomacy.

    And if this operation becomes more than an exercise i want our fighters outside their hangars. Or have you already forgotten the fate of the Endurance ?"

    The Endurance had been the first Fighter-Carrier of its class, but that hadn´t protected it from being destroyed by the Super-Stardestroyer Reaper with all its starfighters inside their hangars.

    It had been one of the last victories of the Empire during the decades-long Galactic Civil War.

    The embarressed blush of his Captain showed Admiral Brei´lya that the man truly had forgotten this hard-earned lecture.

    "Never forget, Captain Forlon, for soldiers like us, there is no difference between times of peace and war.

    If we are not ready to fight in times of war, we will be defeated and if we are not ready to fight in times of peace, the wars are started by others."

    "Only if the diplomacy fails, Sir."

    "Diplomacy !", snorted Admiral Brei´lya with some disguest. "The New Republic has neighter the diplomats to take care of all the local conflicts across our territory nor the military forces to hold the conflicting parties long enough in line for the diplomats to find a solution.

    And directing most of the central power and authority to the local governments three years ago hasn´t helped eighter."

    "But it was necessary. The New Republic became finally to big to be effectivly governed by Coruscant."

    "Tell me something i don´t know.

    The funny thing is that the now dead Emperor Palpatine in his wisedom had noticed the very same twenty years ago when he abandoned the senate and gave direct control to his Moffs and Governours over their territories.

    But contrary to us he had 25,000 Stardestroyers and hundreds of bigger ships to hold them in line and compare this to the perhaps fivethousand ships of the New Republic Navy."

    Forlon looked in disbelief at his superior officer. "Do you imply that Palpatine was right, Admiral ?"

    Thar Brei´lya glared at the young Captain.

    "Captain, when this is over, we should have a long and enlightening talk. Especially about the things they teach you today at the Academy." He looked at the clock. "When this is over."

    "Hyperspace-exit in one minute." came the call from navigation.


    The tall figure of Mitthraw Vader stood high above the crew-pits of the Bridge of the ten kilometre long Battleship "Warmaster", a sister-ship of the "Paladin", observing a tactical hologram of the entire Attil-System.

    The "Warmaster" was positioned in a nearby system, patiently waiting to close the trap the forces of the Autarcie had prepared, togehter with the ships of Task-Force One.

    The ships of the Task-Forces Four and Nine were positioned in two other systems, ready to jump.

    For a short moment Mitthraw wished to be on the bridge of the "Fireblade" with its loyal Crew under Captain Gwendor.

    Loyal to him, not Lordaq and his Autarcie.

    Mitthraw had to admit his admiration for the wise policy of the old ruler.

    During the War Raal Lordaq had offered refugees of any kind shelter and asylem in the Autarcie by becoming Autarcie-Citicens. The only condition of course had been to leave their former live behind and swear loyalty to the Autarcie.

    Alderaanians, Naboo, Chandrilians, Bothans, people from Toprawa, Verpines and countless other beings had found a new ho
  2. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Next update after i finished my exams. Sorry, but this will take some time.

    This story is not forgotten.
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Expect an update at the weekend !
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    It was in the afternoon that the small delegation of the New Republic that visited the Tradeworld of the Autarcie arrived at the centre of Attils space-and-traffic-control.

    What the dignitaries had observed during the morning had impressed them on the one hand, on the other hand it had disturbed them. They had been impressed by the maintainance facilities for starships, the exchanges for stocks, goods and contracts, the efficent ways everything was dealt with. What had impressed them too, was the huge number of non-human species among the humans of the Autarcie, most of them unknown to the People from the New Republic.

    What had slightly disturbed them was the explanation of Kird Yuun that all those non-humans originated from worlds the Autarcie had discovered in the terrerories of wild space and had integrated under its domain. Now they were all living under the same rules and laws as anybody else in the Autarcie.

    Disturbed even more had Ambassador Sefgah, Senator Viul`Vhil, Councillor Mephtadia and especially Iphos Bor´klas to being witness to a public punishment. A thief of minor age, a twelve year old boy had been sentenced to ten beatings with a stick. Next to him his parents were punished for neglecting their parental duty with ten beatings, too. But not with a stick, but with a whip. After the beating the delinquent was forced to wear a huge yellow shirt. As Kird Yuun explained the young criminal would have to wear this "shirt of shame" for the time of one month and to complete the punishment he would have to do public work, when not going to school for the time of one month, too. Asked if the entire procedure wasn´t to much and to cruel, Yuun answered with wonderment in his voice:

    "How can you expect a punishment to work, if it doesn´t hurt and is soon forgotten ? If this young, deeducated child is lucky, he will never get punished again in his life, because he has learned his lesson. And you would be quite surprised what kind of motivation shame can be. And the parents of this child have neglected their duty in raising this child to a honest member of the society he lives in. If this child failed, it was their fault. And if we don´t show those young, unshaped minds the way to behave from the beginning, if we ignore it when they err, we would be as guilty as them."

    "Have you no other ways of resozialiation ? How do you deal with adult criminals ?", asked Bor´klas, the Chaamasi.

    "Why should we use others ways ? Our ways work. And we expect our citicens to be sentinent and responsible. They are beings of age after all. Somebody who commits a crime with an intention will never get a second chance."

    The group from the New Republic needed a few seconds to understood what Yuun implied.

    "You mean, they are executed ?", asked Mephtadia with disbelief.

    "Thats what i said", stated Yuun.

    "But what about clemency ?", asked Sefgah, terror clearly audible in his voice.

    "Clemency is for those who deserve it", answered Kird Yuun. Recognizing how much this matter seemed he took a look around. Finding what he searched for, he pointed towards a symbol.

    "You see this symbol ? It shows an open hand and a fist. It symbolizes that we take care of our people and look after them, that we protect them from every danger may it be from the out- or from the inside. Everybody gets food, shelter, and so on, if he is willing to work and to ask. Nobody has to become a criminal for his immediant survival. Of course this doesn´t means that we carry those people through their entire life, we just help them to stand again on their own feet."

    "But how do you make sure, you have the real persons arrested ?"

    "For that purpose we have the Inquisitors, if there is not enough evidence", answered Yuun, without explaining what an Inquisitor was.

    After that the delegation followed the Second Attache without the good mood they had radiated after their breakfast. Even for the standards those high ranking persons were used to, it had been excellent. The Brussen had shown t
  5. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Lead by Kird Yuun the visitors of the New Republic entered a great hall, shaped like a half-sphere. On the floor the room was several dozens meters wide, seperated by walkways towards the centre in eight pits where people and droids were stationed at various controls, herding the thousands of incoming and outgoing ships towards their destinations. A broad walkway surrounded the room along the walls, giving access to other entrances and with niches for even more droids.

    Officers and senior controllers had their stations on raised plattforms observing the entire, chaos-like happenings.

    For a new-comer the amount of screens, holograms, terminals, droids and humans was totally confusing, so the dignitaries from the New Republic tried to block out most of their surroundings and concentrated instaed on the huge hologram in the centre of the room.

    In its centre it showed the planet of Attil itself in a light grey colour, while the numerous spacestations, satellites and spacehooks were shown in green. The defence-stations were in blue, forming a direct contrast to the yellow cones that symbolized the interdictionfields wherein the orange-marked freighters moved.. Surrounded was the hologram by a number of stations where a number of men were seated, that looked slghtly different then anybodyels inside the room.

    After a few moments Ambassador Sefgah was able to tell the difference. Those men wore uniforms and were oviously some kind of soldiers. Turning to Kird Yuun he asked:

    "I thought this to be a civilian installation, but what are these soldiers doing here ?"

    "This installation is not only the coordination-centre for the entire traffic inside the system, but the nerve-system of system-defences too. It shortens communicationways and the civilian officials profit from the superior sensors used by the military. Don´t worry, those soldiers become only active if the planet is under attack."

    The small group had reached the centre of the room to be greeted by an older, haggard looking officer with the rank-insignia of a General.

    "Gentleman, this is General Massac, General these are our visitors from the New Republic, Senator Viul´Vhil, Councilliour Mephtadia, Ipkos Bor´klas and Ambassador Sefgah.", introduced Kird Yuun the group.

    "Pleased to met you", stated Massac. It was obvious that he was anything but pleased and for a moment there was an uncomfortable silence, until Mephtadia made a gesture that included the entire room.

    "You have a very impressive installation here. Nobody of us would have expected something like this on a rimworld."

    "Just because we are far away from the core doesn´t mean we are uncivilisated barbarians or technically underdeveloped, if its that what you meant."

    "Ah, yes, ... i mean no. I didn´t wanted to make an insult", Mephtadia stuttered. The bluntness of the General seemed to intimidate the Diamala. Unlike what he and his companions were used to, the people of the Autarcie came straight to the point even on matters of a more sensitive level.

    Sefgah for his part could imagine their political discussions to be very short. "May i ask what those blue points are there in the orbit." He asked to help his collegue, pointing at the hologram.

    Massac turned his head. "That are the Stardestroyers of the third sector-squadron. Fivteen Victory-IVs, everyone 900 meters long." he explained with only a small hint of pride.

    "I always thought a squadron would consist of twelve ships. And i never heard of a Victory-IV-Class.", stated Bor´klas, the Chaamasi.

    "Unlike in the New Republic or the imperial remnant a squadron in the Autarcie consists of fivteen ships. As to the Victory-IV, ... we bought the blueprints for the Victories from Rendili after the Clone-Wars and buildt them in liscence. However we wern´t satisfied with some of their characteristics, especially the sub-light-speed and so we made a number of improvements.", explained Kird Yuun.

    Viul´Vhin was going to ask the next question, when a man with the insignia of a Lieut
  6. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Update at the weekend.
  7. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Yeah, sooner than expected:

    An update.

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    In the entire Starsystem of Attil the procedures and exercises Vronskr-III consisted of were set into motion.

    The Starhooks hoovered on thrusters and repulsor-lifts towards the planetary surface until they were inside the orbit of the planetary shield.

    On the battle-stations shields were raised, hatches closed and weapons made combat-ready. In addition to that, the stations activated cloaking-fields.

    The inhabitans of Attil who weren´t needed in facilities that continued working started to move inside shelters deep underground, in case the planetary shield should fail.

    At the same time still incoming merchant ships and freighters were directed towards the other side of Attil or directly ordered to one of the other Trade-Worlds.

    Unfortunatly, since those ships were crewed by civilians and beings not grown up among the citicens of the Therilias-Autarcie who were used to all kind of war-procedures and exercises, they needed more time to follow their new orders.

    To change the paths of a few thousand ships most of them still independently piloted, since they had left hyperspace only seconds or minutes ago and were still waiting for the systems central-traffic-control to take over and to move them to totally different positions in only a few minutes was simply impossible.

    However, the pure vastness of space and Admiral Brey´lya´s intention to leave hyperspace far away from the planet, could have prevented a disaster, if not for a small detail.

    Mitthraw Vader and the military leaders of the Autarcie wanted to show the New Republic as the aggressor in the coming conflict, not only in front of the New Republics own emissaries, who were at the moment wittnessing the events from the central control-centre, but also to the countless beings from outside the Autarcie.

    And thanks to Paar Vader, number nine of the clones, they were going to succed.

    To arrive in fleet-formation the nav-computers of the New Republics ships had been linked together and the programming of their course had been done by the navigational officer of the Flagship "Pride of Kothlis".

    All Paar had to do had been to influence the mind of the non-suspecting officer that the coordinates of the fleets hyperspace-exit would be close to the Trade-World, not far away.


    In the control-centre on the planet General Massac barked orders. After a careful glance at the Dignataries of the New Republic who watched in horrified fascination the events taking place, he nodded to one of his inferiour officers, who imediatly tipped a command into his console.

    What now started was going to be a masterpiece of deception.

    With one single command the control on the planet had been shifted towards a similiar, but smaller chamber only a few hundred meters away, normally used in emergency-cases as back-up for the main chamber, while the people in the main-control-room were now going to watch a modified version of the upcoming battle.


    Exactly the second General Massac had predicted the 31th fleet exited hyperspace, the ten Endurance-Class-Carriers in the centre, each of them covered by two Nebula-Class-Stardestroyers. The Majestic-Class-Heavy-Cruisers and the Saachen-Escort-Frigates formed a protective screen of thirty small battle-groups, one cruiser and two frigates each.

    It would have been an awe-inspiring sight had they left away from the planet as intended.

    But so a number of onehundredandtwenty warships left hyperspace with high veloceties very close to a world the New Republic wasn´t at war with, and, more important, very close to the shipping lanes of that world, where still a huge number of freighters was clustered.

    On all ships collision-alarms sounded and Admiral Thar Brei´lya who was already shouting at his bridge-crew, demanding an explanation why they hadn´t left hyperspace where they should have, paled when he watched one of his cruisers collide with a huge, three kilome
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    I just found this thread and I only have one thing to say about it: wonderful! :D
    By the way, I can't wait to see when Leia will show the picture of Anakin and Padmé to Luke. And do you plan to have post with Pellaeon in it soon?
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    The fourteen remaining Victories accelerated, moving directly into the New Republics fleet formation, making sure that their enemy was only able to make carefully aimed hits for fear of hitting his own ships.

    All around them fighters were engaged in dog-fights.

    Soon the leading officers of the New Republic ships realized that

    a) the ships they were facing were very different from the Victories they were used to,


    b) that the same went for the models and expected numbers of the starfighters the enemy used.

    The reasons for this were the following:

    Thanks to the Order of the Jedi-Knights and the fact that nobody had dared to attack the Old Republic in a war of grand scale the late Old Republic hadn´t employed a huge starfleet or a professional military.
    Sector fleets had existed, but their duty was more directed towards police-work rather than heavy fleet combat.

    This changed with Palpatines rise to power, when the new declared Emporer increased the strenght of the sectorfleets and created a force only responsible to the central government, in other words him, the Imperial Navy.

    Since there hadn´t been a major conflict for centuries the men in charge of this new military force lacked the knowledge a military body can only gain by experience, will say on the battle-fields.
    So the military doctrin of the empire had relied heavily on numbers and brute strenght, rather than tactics and cunning cleverness, although the tactical knowledge had increased with every planet the imperial forces had conquered.

    One result of this doctrin had been the wide-spread use of ships capable of fullfilling a multi-purpose-role like the original Victory-Stardestroyers and later the Stardestroyers of the Imperator-Class.

    Of course over time the balance had inevitable shifted from brawn to brain even in the empires military, but many of the brains defected to the Rebel-Alliance and after the emperors fall at Endor the remaining imperial brains choose to fight each other over the, in their eyes still insignificiant, rebellion, what had finally lead to the downfall of the empire.

    To say it blunt, the last thirty years of galactic history or galactic civil war had seen more progress in military tactics and weapons-technology then the two millenias before.

    The military forces of the Therilias-Autarcie were a totally different matter.

    First of all army and fleet enjoyed the back-up of the populations of their worlds. Populations that held combat- and fighting-skills in high regard.
    The percentage of men and ships employed by the military compared to the whole population had always been much higher than ever in the history of the Old Republic, the Empire or the New Republic.

    Furthermore the Autarcie had been constantly increasing its control over the parts of wild space and the unknown regions along its borders, constantly wagging wars in these territories.

    Compared to the shortlived empire or the still young New Republic the Autarcie was a solidified, monolithic block for centuries with huge experience on the battle-fields.

    One of the consequences of this was, that a main part of the doctrin of the Autarcie favoured the use of more specialized combat-ships over the empires multi-purpose Stardestroyers.
    The same could be said about the New Republics military, but not to the degree as in the Autarcie, thanks to the small size of the New Republics fleet compared to the territory it had to guard and defend.

    What the tactitians aboard the "Pride of Kothlis" had expected, as soon as they identified the ships they were facing as Stardestroyers of the Victory-Class, had been ships with slow sublight-speeds, outdated weaponary and shields and carring a maximum of three squadrons.

    Unfortunatly the engineers of the Autarcie had changed all of that, as soon as they had started to buildt those ships in license some fivty years ago.

    Had the original version of the VSD been buildt for fleet-combat, planetary defences and planetary invasion, this ve
  10. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    Update at the weekend.
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Admiral Trav Brei´lya had to watch helpless as the two fleets engaged.

    Capital ships already exchanging fire with each other, all of the fighters engaged in dog-fights.

    His orders had contained nothing of that. After all he was suppossed to show those Autarcie-guys what could happen, if they started a war with the New Republic.

    But as he could clearly see on his tactical displays and outside the transparisteel-windows the war had already started and the forces of the Atarcie didn´t seem to care that they were outgunned eight to one in capital ships and three to two in the numbers of fighters.

    He wasn´t even able to hail the enemies flagship or somebody on the surface of Attil since the Autarcies forces had already started to jamm any kind of communications and sensors.

    The only way Trav Brey´lya might be able to prevent a massacre and the beginning of a new war was to initiate the hyperdrives of his ships and to leave the system.

    But that would mean to leave the pilots of the Defender-Starfighters back, which weren´t equippted with hyperdrives. So the forces of the New Republic had to stay and to fight it out.

    Total madness.


    The squadron of modified Victory-Class-Stardetroyers cutted through the formation of the 31th fleet like a knife through butter.

    The ships flew in a cone-like formation, giving themself optimised fields of fire on the enemy warships, that were still trying to regroup themself after their chaotic flight through the shipping-lanes.

    The concentrated fire of four Victories at the same time towards the same ship had already lead to the destruction of another Majestic-Class-Heavy-Cruiser with its entire crew of 4,882 men and women.

    Several Sacheen-frigates suffered the same fate, before the crewers and officers of the New Republic started to fight back efficiently.

    Since the enemy had moved through their formation with high speeds they hadn´t been able to concentrate the fire of their battaries of Turbolasers to weaken the strong shields of the Victories enough to damage a single ship.

    But now as the ships of the Autarcie reached the obvious targets of their run the, by comparison, unarmed Endurance-Carriers they had to slow down.

    Not only that, but now they had to face the Stardestroyers of the Nebula-Class, that were covering the Carriers.


    "Designated target Nebula-4A, Nebula-4B, escorting Endurance-4", reported the Sensor-Officer of Victory-1, the Stardestroyer Two had chosen as his flagship.

    Jamming the entire spectrum with exeption of a few special frequencies the forces of the Autarcie prevented successful the use of sensors (like those in targeting-devices) and ship-to-ship-communication.

    Since they knew which frequencies they were blockading and which not, they had no problems with their own targeting and coordination of their ships, while the gunners of the New Republic fleet had to target manual. Of course as soon as the 31th fleet started to use their own jammers this advantage would be lost, but fortunatly there was a force-sensitive being on the bridge of their flagship leading them, who can´t be jammed by technical means.

    "Victory-2 and V-3 coordinate a volley of your proton-torpedos with us on designated target N4A. 14 TIE-D-Squadron prepare for second attack-run as soon as we are finished", ordered Two Vader.


    For planetary bombardement the original design of the Victory-Stardestroyer had been equipted with a total number of eighty launchers for Concussion-Missiles. They had been replaced with proton-torpedo-launchers and following Twos orders the Victories 1,2 and 3 fired a volley of a total number of 90 proton-torpedos towards the Nebula-Class-Stardestroyer designated as N4A.

    Those torpedos were the version employed by capital ships, nearly twenty-times more powerful than those torpedos carried by starfighters.

    90 of those were on the run towards the New-Republic-ship
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    Great post FTeik! ;)
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    Thank you very much, SithLady.

    We´ll see Pellaeon (after the next battle, not the next post) and it will be Leia of our favourite siblings who is in for a great surprise when she mets her brother again.
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    can't wait for it! :)
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Inside the center of Attils space-control, guarded by heavily armed soldiers the emissaries of the New Republic had to watch helpless how one ship after the other was destroyed.

    The chance to win the Therilias-Autarcie as an ally seemed to be lost, instead the New Republic seemed to have made itself a new powerful enemy.

    And with every destroyed ship it became more impossible to prevent the start of a New War, impossible to declare the entire inccident an accident, a regrattable misunderstanding.

    Ipkos Bor´klas, the Chaamasi prayed silently for the lost lives this day, while Ambassador Sefgah vowed to find out, who was responsible for this disaster by sending a warfleet into a territory, destroying the diplomatic work and preparations of months in a matter of minutes.

    Viun´Vhil wondered what had caused the New Republic to sent such a large fleet devoted to peaceful trade and if the officials of the Autarcie cared about their diplomatic immunity, when their small fleet was totally destroyed. And Mephtidia ... .

    Contrary to his enraged and terrified collegues the diamala Councillor stood with a stoney expression between them and listened and observed carefully what was going on, making mental notes that might become important if they ever managed it home.

    The battle and the reactions of the soldiers around them revealed a lot about their technology and their training. And what he saw and remembered was quite disturbing.

    First of all the sensor-technology.

    General Massac had told them that Attils sensors hade a reach of 500 lightyears, allowing them to detect everything inside a sphere with a diameter of 1,000 lightyears around Attil.

    The sensors employed by Stardetroyers and other capital ships had a reach of hardly 100 lightyears, while the most modern planetary facilities and space-bound sensor-arrays used by the New Republic had a reach of 250 lightyears, giving the Autarcy a forewarning of two to three minutes superior to worlds of the New Republic or the empire for that matter.

    Then the entire procedure of Vornskr-III.

    The speed with what a Coruscant-like world like Attil had changed from a busy trade-world into a battle-ready fortress was amazing.

    If this was typical for a world inside the Autarcie, those worlds were really tough nuts to crack.

    The same was to say about the soldiers. Despite the fact that their ships were doomed to loose, they showed no sign of concern, only a grim determination.

    Considering the losses the 31th fleet had suffered so far, it even seemed justified although in that moment the third of the Victory-Stardestroyers was destroyed.

    Mephtidia couldn´t help himself but be impressed with the damage the single squadron of the Autarcie had already inflicted.

    It was impossible to get a count of the destroyed fighters but the numbers of capital ships were recogniable.

    Two Fleet-Carriers, five Stardestroyers, five cruisers and eighteen escorts already destroyed. For each of their own ships the Autarcie had been payed with ten ships of the New Republic.

    Now the Diamala wondered why the two fleets moved towards the planet.

    That the Victories tried to get the cover of the heavily-armed defence-stations was logical, but why did the New Repblic fleet follow them ? Weren´t these idiots unable to see those battle-stations ?

    What Mephtidia didn´t knew was that the starlike battle-stations had activated cloaking-devices to fool the fleet of the New Republic.

    He also didn´t knew that the images on screen in the room, where he and his collegues were, were manipulated.

    The Autarcie didn´t wanted the New Republic to know about the planetary interdictor-fields, not now, and they wanted to underline the aggresive role of the New Republic and because of this the images shown on the screens and by the holograms showed the two fleets much closer to the planet than they actually were.


    Paar Vader was sitting in the cockpit of his Infiltraitor fuming wi
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    Nov 7, 2000
    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    178 warships had dropped out of hyperspace.

    The "Warmaster", a ship of the Paladin-Class, a dagger of ten kilometers lenght, four and a half kilometers wide and one point five kilometer high.

    Three heavy cruisers, five kilometers long, looking like a scaled-down Eclipse-Class-Superstardestroyer, if not for the 1,8 kilometer long gap in their keels right under a huge hangarbay and the fact that their "noses" were more pointed.

    Eighteen light cruisers with a lenght of 2,8 kilometers and a wide of 1 kilometer, six of the carrier-version, twelve purely designed for fleet-combat.

    Sixty picket-cruisers with a lenght of 650 meters (the reports of the New Republics scoutship had erred about the size of the smaller ships), twenty carriers and fourty combat-vessels.

    And finally ninty-six frigates with a lenght of 360 meters, 32 carriers and 64 of the combat-version.

    178 black-hulled angels of death formed an impenetrable wall with the "Warmaster" in the centre.

    As soon as this fleet had dropped out of hyperspace they had launched their fighters.

    Contrary to the wings aboard the Victory-Stardestroyers were the relation of Droidfighters to TIE-Defenders had been a 5 to 1, the relation of fighters by the new arrivals was a 2 to 1, with exception of the frigates where the relation was 3 to 1.

    The forces of the Therilias-Autarcie shared the doctrin of spezialisation of warships with the New Republic, but not in regard to their fighter-carriers. While for example an Endurance-Class-Carrier carried two wings of starfighters, it was only armed with twelve turbolasers, twelve lasers as pointdefences and eight ion-cannons.

    Same went for a Defender-Assault-Carrier, that carried 3 Squadrons of fighters, but wasonly armed with twenty laser-cannons.

    So while Carrier-ships of the New Republics new class of warships were not very heavily armed and dependent on their escorts, Therilias-Autarcie-Carriers followed the designs of imperial Stardestroyers as multi-purpose-vessels.

    Although shorter and less elegant, than their New Republic-Counterparts the carrier-versions of the picket-cruisers and frigates of the Autarcie were much more massive and bulkier, able to carry heavy weaponary as well, allowing them to participate in combat-situations after their fighters were launched.

    Each Carrier-Version of the Autarcies frigates carried three squadrons of fighters, one squadron of TIE-Defenders and two squadrons of Droid-Defenders, one squadron in a hangar in their ventral side, the other two squadrons in hangars in the left and right side-trench.

    The picket-cruiser-carriers brought a whole wing of ninty machines on the battle-field, sixty droid-Defenders and thirty TIE-Defenders each. Their hangar-configuration was similar to the frigates.

    The six light-cruiser-carriers carried a total number of thirty wings, all in all 1,800 Droid-Defenders and 900 TIE-Defenders, while a single one of the five kilometer long cruisers had two wings aboard, 4 squadrons of TIE-Defenders and eight squadrons of Droid-Defenders.

    As last the fighter-contingent of the "Warmaster", a total of six wings, two wings of TIE-Defenders and four wings of Droid-Defenders.

    Together with 178 capital warships, the already decimated forces of the New Republic had to face 4,680 Droid-Defenders and 2,340 TIE-Defenders.

    The situation looked very, very bad.
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    Nov 7, 2000
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Admiral Thar Brei´lya knew it was over.

    Only moments prior a Nebula-Class-Stardestroyer had been destroyed in a single broadside by one of the battle-stations.

    His officers at the sensor-stations had finally detected the huge interdictor-field they were trapped in.

    He had already lost a quater of his capital ships and force knew how many fighters against a single squadron of originally fifteen ships.

    And now 178 additional warships had closed the trap, twentytwo of them much bigger than his own ships.

    Given the attitude the forces of the Therilias-Autarcie had shown until now, he was preparing himself to die.

    Although the entire disaster was only partly his fault, he felt responsible. He gazed over the bridge with his crew and felt sorry for them.

    This was it then.


    "Get me this scoundrel on the bridge. Hail the "Pride of Kothlis" and make sure that the communications can be observed from Attils command-center", ordered Mitthraw.

    It was time for part two of their little mind-game.


    In a room behind the bridge of the "Warmaster" Teosh Finn was watching "Admiral" Knerwn nesteling nervously at the sleeves of his royal-blue Navy-Uniform.

    "I still think white would have been better", nagged the smuggler.

    "Our military forces have no white uniforms", explained Finn patiently for the perhaps umpteenth time. "Your face will have to do." More seriously he added. "You know your speech ?"

    "Yes, of course. Have some faith in my abilities", stated the Chiss.

    "Considering where Two found you, thats a difficult task", retorted Finn, "don´t forget, if you fail, we can´t sent the emissaries of the New Republic back to their goverment to cause discort and fear of our military superiority.

    We would have to execute them and even in war-times its a crime to kill people who have diplomatic immunity."

    "Don´t worry. The knowledge that i will accompany those useless diplomats if i fail is a great motivator." Knerwn grinned, while stroking over the fabric of his uniform. "Its time for my great appearance."


    "Sir, they have ceased firing and are hailing us."

    Thar Brei´lya didn´t hide his relief.

    Perhaps there was still a chance for him and his men to survive this mess.

    But the sight of the hologram from the enemies flagship was enough to bring his worst fears back. He could hear the officers and crewers of his bridge gasp in surprise and shock.

    A man-sized hologram of a head had appeared.

    The head of a man with cool-blue skin, blue-black hair and eyebrows and eyes, glowing like molten lava.

    The face of a man belonging to a species that had created the perhaps greatest military mind of all times.

    A Thyflin, a member of a race known for their superstitious beliefs, dropped to the floor and tried to hide behind a console from the intimidating glow of the red eyes.

    "Thrawn", gasped one of helmsmen.

    Thar Brei´lyas fur bristled. It couldn´t be. It was impossible. Thrawn was dead for twelve years.

    "Leaders of the 31th fleet of the New Republic", started the man to speack with a cool, smooth voice. "I´m Admiral Knerwn of the Therilias-Autarcies Defence-Forces.

    Your invasion of our space in times of peace can be only viewed as an act of ruthless piracy, if not an act of war.

    Despite the lack of a declaration of war, as it is commen among beings of civilisation you and your men will be treated as prisoners of war, if you lower your shields and surrender your ships to my men now.

    If you don´t surrender, we´ll take this incident as a decleration of war from your Republic against our people and react accordingly."

    "And if i refuse ?", shouted Admiral Brei´lya.

    "You will die, plain and simple", explained Admiral Knerwn. "And your goverment will get no chance to escape this mess peacefully."

    Brei´lya took a deep breath.

    If he surrendered the diplomats would perhaps find a way to avoid a new
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    Union of the Empires greatest warriors

    "Yes. That they are", confirmed Luke Skywalker with a low voice. "Bron Tullon and Rallkarrow."

    The Jedi-Master and his wife were standing in the mortuary of Malvacs capitol, together with Constabler Kojan, the head of the cities police-forces. In front of them were the dead bodies of the two Jedi-Knights, their corpes preserved in stasis-chambers.

    "We found them in an abandoned storehouse at the port", explained Kojan. "Not only them, but the head of a dubious individual known a Rellm. A small criminal who sometimes dealt with informations."

    "Only the head ?", asked Mara.

    "Only the head. The cut was cauterized like the injuries of those two", Kojan pointed at the dead bodies. "I have never seen wounds like this before."

    "They were inflicted by a lightsword", explained Luke Skywalker. He had seen enough of those wounds over the last years. "Are there any hints or traces that would give us an idea, who murdered them ?"

    The constable shook his shoulders. "I´m afraid no. Not after that much time has passed."

    "Very well", stated Mara Jade. "Can you give us the adress of the warehouse ?"


    "Why haven´t we taken a closer look at the police-investigations", asked Luke when they had left the mortuary. That would have been his next step of action AND then he would have probably investigated the warehouse. But thanks to Mara they had left Kojan to his work and were on their own again.

    "Luke, please. On how many worlds like Malvac have you already been ?", asked Mara. "The investigations of the police on this world are perhaps limited to wait a few months if relatives show up and if nothing happens to burn the body. Bron and Rallkarrow were off-worlders, so nobody is really interested. Especially if the police is on the salary-list of the local crime-organisations."

    Luke nodded. "You are right of course."

    In the years prior the iron fist of the empire had hold worlds like Malvac in line and maintained the order. But with that fist gone, their worlds on their own and the economy down, thanks to decades of civil war, the authorities of many worlds like Malvac keepted their eyes closed, if gangs and syndicates spread over their systems. As long as they stayed quite, caused no difficulties and spent their credits, smugglers and pirates found open ports and shipyards on such rim-worlds.
    What most of those authorities didn´t considered, was the fact, that they slowly lost every control over their worlds. On Malvac this development was in its early stages.

    Of course they could have joinded the New Republic, but after more than thirty years of benelovent rule of the empire most populations were tired of any kind of central goverment. The New Republic could do nothing about it, but to accept those choices and kept an watchful eye on those systems. Unfortunatly it was a very huge number of worlds to observe, since the empire at its height had controlled more than one million capitol worlds and fifty million colonies, protectorates and local goverments of planets of the second row. Not to mention all the more or less significiant worlds and nations out there that had never belonged to the empire or the Old Republic. It was a huge galaxy.


    Luke and Mara walked silently through the halls of the abandoned storehouse. It was obvious that a battle had taken place.

    But what kind of enemy was able to kill not only one, but two Jedi-Knights. More important Jedi-Knights that consisted of a former ranger and a wookiee, beings that could take care of themself, even without the force ?

    "Perhaps they used Ysalamiri", suggested Mara.

    "No, that can´t be", stated Luke. "I can still feel their force-signatures. But only those of Tullon and Rallkarrow."

    "But what about their attackers ?", wondered Mara.

    "Perhaps a former pupil, who had to leave the acedemy, because he wasn´t suited for the life of a Jedi-Knight", mused Luke. "But in that case i should still feel something."

    "What if he shielded his presence to surprise them
  22. FTeik

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    Up, with my other two stories (which i managed to update).
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Anakin and his father Han Solo enjoyed the dawn at Kashyyyk.

    The sun raising over the horizon, turning the dark forms of trees and their leafs into symbols of nature, symbols of live.

    The youngest member of the Skywalker-bloodline had his eyes closed and inhaled deeply the fresh air, while the warm beams of the sun stroke softly about his skin.

    "Still amazing", asked his father Han in a gentle voice.

    "Yes", confirmed the ten year old boy. "Its so different from Coruscant, so full of live. I can feel the force much stronger here, more in tune with everything."

    "Then enjoy it as long as you can", suggested Han. "After all, we are leaving today."

    "Ohhh, do we have to ?", asked Anakin with disappointment in his voice.

    "Yes, we have", stated Han, although the old smuggler was tempted himself to stay for another day.

    In his opinion a city-covered world like Coruscant wasn´t the right place for a boy of Anakins age or his older siblings. But now that they were older and the war over he might get the chance to show them the galaxy. He would have to talk with Leia about that. The thought of his wife reminded him of his responsibilities. "Your mother is already missing you and me too."

    "Jaina is with her", protested Anakin.

    "But your mother loves you all equally", contered Han. "Besides that, do you think Jaina is a good replacement for somebody like you ?" The older Solo had no problems to use a siblings-rivalry to his advantage.

    "Of course not", confirmed Anakin, "when will we take of ?"

    Han surpressed a grin. Force-sensitive or not, his son was still a normal boy for his age. It was a comforting thought.

    "We´ll depart as soon as you have eaten your breakfast. So eat everything up and show Mallatobuck what a well educated and polite boy you are. After all you want to come back here from time to time.", Han teased.

    "Dad !!!"


    Inside a secluded chamber aboard the "Warmaster" Mitthraw Vader was meditating, while the Autarcies - his - forces were securing the ships of the 31th fleet.

    He was quite satisfied with himself.

    Nobody before in the entire history had ever managed to capture more than ninty capital warships relativly unscatched. It had been a more than risky game, where millions of things could have went wrong, but he had won.

    And this was only the first part of the great decive, aimed against the New Republic.

    If all things went as according to plan, the portraying of the New Republic as the aggressor in this conflict, would paralyse them and lead to discord.

    The presentation of a man who belonged to the same species as the famous and dreaded Grandadmiral Thrawn would cause them to panic at first and make them cautious in their future reactions and plans.

    Of course the Autarcie would offer them peace or at least negotiations about the preventing of a new war, but unfortanatly the conditions would be unacceptable to the leadership of the New Republic.

    The leadership, not the population. If they accepted the Autarcie would reach its goal without a war and if the negotiations failed ... .
    In that case the New Republics leaders would face even more discord and problems at home and the Autarcie would take what it wanted by force.

    Yes, Raal Lordaqs original plan was genious Mitthraw admitted, but the clone of Darth Vader had its own plans.

    Plans that went far bejoind everything Lordaq had ever dreamed of.


    Raal Lordaqs hand closed itself around a piece of rock. Breathing heavily he pulled the weight of his own body upwards the crag of the mountain.

    Since he had been a child so many decades ago he had enjoyed climbing.

    For the ruler of a nation that enclosed several thousand starsystems he was in a very unusual situation. Totally alone, no aides, no secretaries, no bodyguards, no one there to help him for miles around.

    Just he and the mountain, Mount Crom.

    The way it should be.

    Years ago Lordaq had vowed that the day he would be unable to reach the
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors

    Yavin IV

    Jacen didn´t wanted to admit it, but his conversation with Kam Solusar the day before had confused him a lot.

    In the morning and during most of the day everything had seemed to be so clear, so simple. Especially when he remembered Tionnes songs and stories of the deeds of the Jedi.

    But now the uncertainity was back.

    Or perhaps it wasn´t the same uncertainity as the days before.

    Then he had wondered if being a Jedi was such a good thing, but now he wondered if HE was going to be a good Jedi, should he ever start the training at the academy.

    After all being strong in the force wasn´t enough.

    Exar Kun, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, they all had belonged to the most powerful force-sensitive beings walking among the stars, but they had been anything but good.

    The young boy sighed. He still had a choice to make. A choice forced up on only a few beings of his age. For a short moment he wondered how the Jedi of old had dealt with a situation like this, but if the few facts the Jedi of today knew now were true there hadn´t been a choice at all. In those days past the future Jedi had been recruited as soon as possible, at an age of one or two years.

    Jacen didn´t knew if he felt comfortable with that idea.

    Children, no babies, seperated from their parents, without a choice of their own, the only live they were going to know that of Jedi-trainees and Jedi in the end.

    How had they been supposed to understand the non-force-sensitive beings, the majority of people if they were raised sheltered away from them ?

    And what had happened to those who had shown to be not able to become Jedis ?

    Had they even wondered, if their lives could have been different ?

    Jacen didn´t knew the answer to those questions, but he knew that over the past three decades billion of beings had died, to allow everybody to make his own decisions, to live a life free from being ordered and pushed around.

    To allow everybody to make his own choices, his own decisions.

    Unfortunatly the existence of a choice didn´t freed him from the necessarity to make a decision.

    So Jacen started to search for the only person he thought to be able to give him an advice.

    A person he thought who would understand better than anybody else his problem, since he had been in a similiar situation not long ago.
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