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    May 26, 2022
    Hi I need a few Voice Actors for my lego star wars Civil War series.

    What is this stop motion series?
    Lego Star Wars Civil War is a star wars series set 145 years after the events of the rise of skywalker and sees a new war break out between the Liberated Nations (formally the republic) that have the jedi on their side and the Imperial Treaty that have the sith on their side. These two factions have never seen eye to eye and so now a war has broken out between the two. The series follows the story of the jedi order through the war along with a few episodes where it focuses on the sith. In this episode the senate has been taken hostage and two Jedi Padawan's have been sent in place of the corusant senators.

    These are the characters that are needed currently. (List may be updated in future)

    Darth Sanrax (Male Human)
    Supreme Chancellor Opal (Male, Human)
    Commander Noil (Female, Zabrak)

    If interested PM me for details. May the force be with you.
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    Sounds interesting indeed.
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    May 26, 2022