WANTED: Co-writer(s) for a post-RotJ/ST rewrite project

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    WOW! It's been a long time since I've been on these boards. I think I fell off some months after TFA hit screens. Since then I've written a Kenobi story (it's not complete, but I call it "The Kenobi Connection"). And after TLJ I wrote a story treatment for Episode IX that I thought could reunite the fandom. I have those stories posted on and Archives of Our Own. Heh heh...I even purchased WriterDuet and started a script for my Kenobi story. What I've found out from those two ventures is that I'm an idea guy, but not so much an actual writer. I can write some, but it takes me a long time to get things "down on paper" so to speak. I think I function best at brainstorming ideas (sometimes very detailed ideas), collaborating with others, and then as an editor (which, again, is where the ideas come into play).

    So, I'm an old EU fan, but when the Disney buyout was announced I was both fearful and optimistic. When the "Legendized" the EU I was worried, but again, still somewhat optimistic that perhaps they'd fix some of the things about the EU that I didn't really like (which wasn't a lot). However, the first Disney novels and comics came out and my optimism slowly disappeared as I started seeing what was happening. Now, years later, I'm so disappointed with Disney's SW that I began brainstorming ideas for a rewrite...starting at the end of RotJ. My premise was to keep everything from the 1-6 movies, most of The Clone Wars, most of Rebels (with some changes), and a lot of the EU (where it fits) up through the end of Ep. 6 (with a few of my own changes...namely my Kenobi story). post-RotJ I plan to use most of the EU characters (but may make changes to them) and add some new ones where needed. I have a couple pages of ideas/notes and really want to start putting some of those into story format...but...did I mention I'm not much of a writer? I shared my idea for the villian(s) with a fellow SW fan (who is knowledgeable of the EU, but also a lot of the Disney myself). His initial comment: "I would absolutely go see that movie!"

    That's where you (hopefully) come in. If this looks like something that might interest you, please PM me. I can't wait to share my notes/ideas with someone and really get this thing rolling.
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