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Saga War Machine

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Ani501st, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Ani501st

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    Mar 18, 2013
    Title: War Machine
    Author(s): Ani501st ( = CaptainRex2a on Rebelscum )
    Timeframe: The Clone Wars
    Main Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Note : This first story is in 3 parts. Part I and II are available and part III will be available in July.

    As a message allows only 20 pictures, I will post the story in several messages.

    War Machine

    PART I

    Plo Koon and his Wolfpack are trapped on Orvax IV.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    The Jedi Council has send Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in order to help the desperate group on Orvax IV.][​IMG][/url]

    In the hangar of the Venator cruiser The Negociator, Obi-Wan and Anakin are preparing themself for the fight.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin gives his orders to Rex for the ground mission.
    Anakin : While we make diversion, you'll join Plo Koon with the jetpack squad and help him until we arrive.
    Rex : Yes, sir.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : Be sure that all the starfighters are ready.
    Yularen : Immediately general Kenobi.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan and Anakin leave the hangar to launch their assault on the droid starfighters.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : All wings reporting.][​IMG][/url]

    Odd Ball : Gold 2 standing by.][​IMG][/url]

    Gold 3 : Gold 3 standing by.
    Gold 4 : Gold 4 standing by.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Gold 5 : Gold 5 standing by.

    Vulture droids and Tri-droids are coming toward the Republic position.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : It looks like we've got their attention.
    Obi-Wan : Battle position.][​IMG][/url]

    The ARC-170 launch their assault against the droids.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : Here's the fun begin.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : Rex, it's turn now.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex : Yes, sir.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex and the jetpack squad leave The Negociator.

    Meanwhile, the battle in the air continues.][​IMG][/url]

    Some separatist gunships join the fight.
    Gold 7 : A gunship is behind me, I need help.][​IMG][/url]
    Anakin : I'm on your way Stack.

    The gunship hits Gold 7.][​IMG][/url]
    Gold 7 : I'm hit, aaaah !

    Anakin tracks the Separatist gunship.][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    And destroys it.][​IMG][/url]

    Other gunships are headed toward Plo's position and attack Rex's gunship.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Pilot : We're hit, jump out of this ship captain.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex : Alright guys. Coric, Del follow me !][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon and his last troops are in a building fighting the droids.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Rex and his little squad infiltrate the building and meet Sinker and Boost.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Sinker : Hey Rex !
    Rex : The reinforcements are here !][​IMG][/url]

    Sinker : Only three, it's a joke !
    Rex : General Skywalker and Kenobi are fighting the droid starfighters. We're here to help until they arrive here. Keep fighting, I will take care of this MTT.
    Sinker : Good Luck !][​IMG][/url]

    The clones use their jetpack to reach the vehicle. Del put a bomb in the cockpit …][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013][​IMG][/url]

    Del put a bomb in the cockpit …][​IMG][/url]

    … while Coric get inside it to pose more bombs.][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon and his troops continue to resist against the droids assault.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    The MTT explodes …][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    … while Plo and his forces have destroyed the droids.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Rex, Coric, Del join Plo Koon.
    Plo : Thanks for your help captain.
    Rex : You're welcome.][​IMG][/url]

    The Negociator arrives at Plo's position, the battle in the air is over.][​IMG][/url]

    A gunship drops Anakin and Obi-Wan.][​IMG][/url]

    The separatist commander Ham is in his palace.
    Commander assistant : The Republic has drill our defenses.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Ham : It is impossible ! Gather the rest of our troops in the capital ! I don't want them to capture it !
    Commander assistant : Are you sure it is not a better solution to leave ?
    Ham : I have destroy the entire population of this planet with the Machine, I won't let the Republic take my new house !][​IMG][/url]

    The Republic officers are gathered in the building and are preparing a strategy to attack the enemy.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : We didn't detect any kind of big starship when we arrived …
    Wolffe : The Machine is not there anymore when we arrived it was already gone.
    Obi-Wan : We will find this Machine later, the separatist officer of this planet will lead us to it.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex : So what's our plan to take the control of the capital ?
    Plo Koon : We can only enter in the capital by the front doors. Ham will probably have gather his troops there. If we force the doors, the rest will be easy to do.][​IMG][/url]

    At the entrance of the capital.
    Ham : TC-95, kill every clone that you see, I don't want any survivors.
    TC-95 : Roer, roger.][​IMG][/url]

    The Republic arrives at the capital.][​IMG][/url]

    The MTT deploys its droids.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : Let's do what we have to do.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin and Plo Koon join their troops on the front line.
    Anakin : Wait for my signal.][​IMG][/url]

    An octuptarra droid fires on the clone.
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    Mar 18, 2013
  7. Ani501st

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    Mar 18, 2013

    Anakin and Obi-Wan fight side by side when the cannon is destroyed.
    Anakin : It looks like we forgot to destroy a gunship.
    Obi-Wan : Indeed, we have to resolve this problem quickly.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan contacts Cody.
    Obi-Wan : What are your losses ?
    Cody : Only the pilot of the cannon.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan contacts the Turbo Tank.
    Obi-Wan : Please destroy this gunship.][​IMG][/url]

    Pilot : Immediately sir !][​IMG][/url]

    The Turbo Tank uses his missle launchers to do the job.][​IMG][/url]

    The separatist gunship crashes on the battlefield.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : That's done.][​IMG][/url]

    Coric and Del kill two droids before attacking the octuptarra droid.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

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    Mar 18, 2013

    While Del fires on one of the eye of the droid …

    …. Coric poses a bomb on the head of it.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin destroys the last super battle droid of the battlefield.][​IMG][/url]

    Coric leaves the Octuptarra before it explodes.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Coric and Del joins the rest of the troops.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    TC-95 and a droid are above the doors and uses their cannon to attack the clones.][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon : Now we are in front of the doors, we have to destroy this cannon or we'll all be dead in a minut.
    Anakin : That's my job !][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin jumps on the leg of the Octuptarra and then jumps on the balcony where TC-95 is.][​IMG][/url]

    He kicks the battle droid and destroys TC-95 with his lightsaber.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Anakin : Al clear. Wait here, I'm going to open the doors.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : Don't take too much time Anakin.
    Anakin : What ? I always do my job quickly !][​IMG][/url]

    Ten minuts later, Anakin hasn't come back yet.
    Obi-Wan : Coric, Del find what happens behind these doors !
    Coric : Yes, sir.][​IMG][/url]

    Coric and Del reach the balcony.][​IMG][/url]

    Two minuts later they open the doors.
    Coric : No sign of general Skywalker.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : Where can he be ?
    Plo Koon : Ham has probably captured him.
    Rex : We have to save him now !
    Plo Koon : They are probably at the palace now with all the remaining droids to protect the main street. We launch the attack against the main street and we destroy the droids. Then Obi-Wan you could take some clones and enters in the palace by using the sewers.
    Obi-Wan : Oh … I already love this idea !][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon : Let's go !][​IMG][/url]

    The droid army is walking in the main street.][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon is hidden in a building with his troops.
    Plo Koon : All troops, wait for the signal !][​IMG][/url]

    The clones are hidden in and out of the building.][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
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    Mar 18, 2013][​IMG][/url]

    Only the MTT left.
    Plo Koon : We take care of this MTT and the droids in front of the palace, now you can go in the sewers.
    Obi-Wan : Rex, take Coric and Del … we're going in the sewers.][​IMG][/url]

    In the main room of the palace, Ham detains Anakin.
    Ham : Rrrh ! Your friends are heading toward my palace !][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : You'll be soon in prison !][​IMG][/url]

    Ham : Ah, ah, maybe … or maybe not but you'll soon be dead jedi !][​IMG][/url]

    Ham : Make him suffer !][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin is being electrocuted by the torture table.
    Anakin : Aaaaaaah !][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan, Rex, Coric, Del are in the corridors.][​IMG][/url]

    The little group reach the main room.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : It's time to surrender !][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : Ah ! Finally I got some help !][​IMG][/url]

    Ham : I don't think so !
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    Mar 18, 2013][​IMG][/url]

    Ham pushes the button on the table and destroys it and Anakin is being electrocuted again.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan destroys the battle droid and …

    he points his lightsaber toward the assistant of the commander.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex points his blasters toward Ham.
    Rex : Stop this !
    Ham : No !][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan uses the Force to take Anakin of the table.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin is unconscious.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : We need a medical support here.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex : I take care of it. Oh and commander this is for what you've done.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex knocks Ham.][​IMG][/url]

    Rex contacts Yularen.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Rex : We've got Anakin, send us a gunship outside the capital immediately please !][​IMG][/url]

    In the infirmary of The Negociator, Obi-Wan waits for Anakin to wake up.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin regains consciousness.
    Anakin : Where … where am I ?
    Obi-Wan : In the infirmary of our cruiser.
    Anakin : And what about Orvax ?
    Obi-Wan : The battle is finished, we're going back to Coruscant.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin leaves his bed.
    Anakin : Do we know where the Machine is ?
    Obi-Wan : No, special agents will interogate him at Coruscant.][​IMG][/url]

    To Be Continued …
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    Mar 18, 2013
    War Machine


    The Negociator arrives at Coruscant.][​IMG][/url]

    In the hangar of the ship, the clones are ready to take Ham at the Republic Prison.
    Obi-Wan : Anakin and I escort commander Ham to the prison.][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon : See you at the council.][​IMG][/url]

    The Republic gunship leaves The Negociator and reaches the Republic Base where there is the prison. Commander Fox is waiting for them.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : We bring you a new prisonner commander.
    Fox : We'll take care of that scum general.][​IMG][/url]

    The High Jedi Council is gathered for an important meeting.][​IMG][/url]

    Yoda : Stop this Machine we must.
    Ki-Adi Mundi : And find it too.
    Mace Windu : We have to hope that our special agents will get answers from commander Ham, he is our only hope to find it.
    Plo Koon : We have to hope it won't hit another planet before we destroy it.][​IMG][/url]

    Eeth Koth : There is an upcoming transmission from the Republic Base.][​IMG][/url]

    The hologram of commander Blast appears in the middle of the room.
    Blaster : Sorry to interrupt you master jedi but the prisonner only accepts to talk with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.
    Mace Windu : Thanks, they'll be there as soon as possible.][​IMG][/url]

    During this time Anakin is at the Senate Building spending some time with Padmé Amidala.
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    Mar 18, 2013][​IMG][/url]

    Suddenly he receives an upcoming call from Obi-Wan.
    Anakin : Come on ! We can't have an intimate moment !
    Padmé : Do your duty, we'll see us later.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin activates his comlink.
    Anakin : What do you want master ?
    Obi-Wan : I need you immediately at the Temple. We have to go to the Republic Base, commander Ham wants to talk to us.
    Anakin : I'll be there in five minuts.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin turns toward his wife.
    Anakin : Sorry I want to stay with you but …
    Padmé : I know …][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin kisses his wife.
    Anakin : I love you.
    Padmé : I love you too. Go now or Obi-Wan will be angry.
    Anakin : I know, I know.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin leaves the Senate Building with his Jedi speeder.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive at the base.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Commander Fox : Follow me.][​IMG][/url]

    The group arrive in front of the prison quarters.][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Fox : Your lightsabers and comlink please.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : Alright.][​IMG][/url]

    The jedi give their lightsabers and comlinks to the clone.
    Fox : Thanks. This way.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin and Obi-Wan enters in the cell of Ham.][​IMG][/url]

    Ham : Here you are my friends.
    Anakin : We are not friends.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : You said you wanted to talk to us so talk.
    Ham : Yes, yes my friends. You fear for your lives with our Machine and you're right to fear us. However, I think you should fear more something else.
    Obi-Wan : And what should we fear more than the Machine ?
    Ham : Our Death weapon which will be able to destroy an entire planet, not only the civilians but the planet itself.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin gets angry and threats the separatist officer.
    Anakin : Tell us where is the Machine and stop lying ! No one can build a weapon that can destroy a planet !
    Ham : Ah, ah and you thought no one can build a machine that can destroy every living form on a planet.
    Anakin : Tell me where is the Machine ! Now !][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : Anakin ! We do not threaten our prisonners.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : But he has answers !
    Obi-Wan : It's not a reason !
    Anakin : So what should he do ?][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Ham : I wanted to talk to you just to tell you that the Machine is just the beginning. You have lost the war.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : We'll find this Machine and destroy every separatist like you !
    Ham : You can still try.
    Obi-Wan : This is all you wanted to say ?
    Ham : Yes.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin and Obi-Wan are in Jedi Council room reporting what they heard.
    Anakin : He didn't talk, he only said that they are building another weapon more powerful … but I don't believe him.
    Ki-Adi Mundi : If what he says is true, we'll have to destroy it before it is operationnal.
    Mace Windu : For the moment we have to care about what is sure, the Machine is a reality.
    Anakin : We should report all of this to the chancelor.
    Plo Koon : I agree. What do you think master Yoda ?
    Yoda : Mmh, to concentrate on this Machine we have but ignore this possibly new weapon we can't.][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    In Palpatine's office, the jedi are reporting the situation to the Chancelor.][​IMG][/url]

    Palpatine : I must admit that all of this is quite intriguing. We must engage all our spies to find this Machine and discover more about this so-called weapon. Now I must return in politic, inform me of every detail of this case.][​IMG][/url]

    Windu : We will.][​IMG][/url]

    The jedi leave Palpatine's office.][​IMG][/url]

    Palpatine goes in his private chambers where he puts his suit of Sith Lord.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    He contacts Count Dooku who appears in hologram.
    Dooku : My lord.][​IMG][/url]

    Sidious : We have a problem. Commander Ham has reveal the existence of the Death Star.
    Dooku : It's unbelievable, we must convince the jedi that this does not exist !
    Sidious : Indeed, the jedi are not sure that Ham said the truth, they focus on the Machine but keep an eye on the Death Star. All the republic spies will be searching for the Machine so you must send the Machine on Raxus, the jedi won't have the courage to attack your capital, it is too heavily protected.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : Yes, master. And what about the Death Star ? Do we move the construction site ?
    Sidious : They will never find it, it is too far in the outer rim. However, I think it is time for you to free our separatists friends from the Republic Prison. I don't want Ham to talk more about our projects and free him only would be suspicious.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : Alright master, I will find a way to free them. I'll call the best bounty hunters.
    Sidious : The holographic disguise matrix will serve you well in this mission.][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    A ship leaves the hyperspace and reaches Coruscant.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    The ship lands in an abandoned building.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku leaves the ship.][​IMG][/url]

    He passes the corridors and arrives in a room where Cad Bane, Embo, Aurra Sing, Robonino, Cato Parasitti, Zuckuss and 4-LOM are.
    Dooku : Ahn you are all here, perfect !][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane : Why should I work with you ? You betrayed me for your chancelor's mission !][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : Indeed, indeed. You've done your work the last time and you deserves your bounty. Your bounty is in my ship. Sorry to have betrayed you but it was necessary in order to succeed my plan.][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane : Well, you failed, the chancelor is still there !][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : Unfortunately, yes. So are you with me ?
    Cad Bane : Pay the double for this mission and I'll be in.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : That's fair.][​IMG][/url]

    Aurra Sing : What is the mission ?][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : You will infiltrate the Republic Base and free my separatists friends from the prison sector.][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Robonino : Suicide mission !][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : No,no,no ! You will use matrix device. You will bring Bane in the prison. Once, you'll be in it, you'll be able to free the separatists officers and leaders.][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane : We can make it.][​IMG][/url]

    A Republic Gunship lands on the Republic Base and drops six shock troopers and Cad Bane.][​IMG][/url]

    The group arrives in front of the commander Fox.
    Fox : Well, well, well. It looks like we caught you again bounty hunter ! Bring him in his cell … again !][​IMG][/url]

    Clone : Yes, sir.][​IMG][/url]

    The group passes Fox and arrives in the corridors of the prison sector.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    The bounty hunters leave their clone disguises.][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane : Let's do our job ! Open the cells !][​IMG][/url]

    Embo, Cato, Zuckuss, Aurra, LOM and Bane open the cells and free everyone in the prison.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013][​IMG][/url]

    The General Whorm Loathsome leaves his cell.
    Cad Bane : We are here to rescue you !
    Whorm : At last !][​IMG][/url]

    Commander Fox sees the scene in the control room.
    Fox : Give the alert !][​IMG][/url]

    Shock troopers arrives in the corridors of the prison.][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane : Embo ! Aurra ! Take care of them ! Zuckuss, LOM, Cato, Robonino follow me we have to free the rest of the separatists !][​IMG][/url]

    The other non-separatists prisoners attack the clones.][​IMG][/url]

    Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Plo Koon are in the war room of the Jedi Temple when commander Fox contacts them.][​IMG][/url]

    Fox : Sorry to interrupt you but the prison sector is attacked ! Bounty Hunters are here to free the separatists !][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : We arrrive with reinforcements immediately commander !][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane has gathered the separatists Whorm Loathsome, Ham, Wat Tambor, Poggle The Lesser, Lok Durd, Cartlipt.
    Cad Bane : My dears, it is time to go.][​IMG][/url]

    Bane turns toward Cato.
    Bane : Open the road !][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Cato, LOM, Zuckuss goes forward the corridors.][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane and the separatists follow them.][​IMG][/url]

    They arrive in front of a dead end.][​IMG][/url]][​IMG][/url]

    Cato poses explosives.][​IMG][/url]

    The wall explodes.][​IMG][/url]

    A Turbo Tank is waiting for them.][​IMG][/url]

    Cad Bane : This is our way home ! Come on, get inside !][​IMG][/url]

    While the separatists are getting inside the Tank, Bane contacts Embo and Aurra.
    Bane : Join us now !][​IMG][/url]

    Aurra : We're on your way ! We'll be their in a minut.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan, Anakin, Plo Koon, Rex, Wolffe and a group of clones arrives at the Base. Commander Stone is waiting for them.
    Stone : Follow me !][​IMG][/url]

    Aurra and Embo join Bane.][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    They enter in the Turbo Tank and leave the Base.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan and the group arrives in the prison sector.][​IMG][/url]

    The fight between the clones and the prisoners is not finished.][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan : Try to not kill them ! Anakin follow me, we must find the separatists !][​IMG][/url]

    Obi-Wan and Anakin run in the corridor but do not find the separatists.][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : Where are they ?
    Obi-Wan : They must be somewhere.][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon joins them.][​IMG][/url]

    Plo Koon : I found a hole in a wall so it looks like they escaped from the prison.][​IMG][/url]

    In Palpatine's office, Republic officers and jedi have been gathering.][​IMG][/url]

    Tarkin : How can we allow this ? They attacked us in our own capital, in our own base ! Fifty five clones have been killed during the riot and we have lost our separatist prisonners including the separatist leaders Wat Tambor and Poggle The Lesser ! We have to strike back !][​IMG][/url]

    Anakin : We will have the opportunity to strike back when we'll have located the Machine.][​IMG][/url]

    Windu : Do we know how thse bounty hunters enter in our Base without being arrested ?
    Tarkin : They were disguised in clone troopers !][​IMG][/url]
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Obi-Wan : They must have used the matrix device.][​IMG][/url]

    Palpatine : Let the separatists enjoy this victory. It's not the end of the war ! We will have opportunities to obtain great victories.][​IMG][/url]

    Tarkin : It's not only about this, it's about the security of our capital !
    Windu : Reinforcing the security and the control of identity is the solution to this problem.][​IMG][/url]

    Palpatine : I agree with those words master Windu. This is on what admiral Tarkin and the council of Republic officers will work. Our meeting is over, we'll meet again when we will have the localization of the Machine.][​IMG][/url]

    The bounty hunters team is back in the abandoned building with the separatists.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku is waiting for them with the bounties.
    Dooku : Excellent work my friends ! Here's your bounty !][​IMG][/url]

    Robonino : It's always a pleasure to work for you.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : Please, leave us.][​IMG][/url]

    The bounty hunters leave the hangar.][​IMG][/url]

    Wat Tambor : You took years to liberate us. How is the war going ?][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : Actually, you're out of this prison because of your friend the commander Ham.][​IMG][/url]
  25. Ani501st

    Ani501st Jedi Padawan star 3

    Mar 18, 2013
    Wat Tambor : Really ?
    Dooku : Yes.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : Commander Ham, you failed on Orvax IV, that's something but telling the jedi that we are building a new secret weapon is another thing. I won't allow this again.][​IMG][/url]

    Ham : I did it because I thought they would be afraid of us.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : They are, they are but the Death Star supposed to be a secret until it's finished ! I should kill you for your mistakes !][​IMG][/url]

    Ham : I'm sorry … I …][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : I won't kill you, we need you, your skills of scientist are essential for our Death Star and Machine so I can't kill you. However, I will make sure that you won't be captured again.][​IMG][/url]

    Ham : Thank you Count Dooku.][​IMG][/url]

    Wat Tambor : You didn't answer to my question Count.][​IMG][/url]

    Dooku : The war is not in our advantage but not in the republic's advantage either. We'll discuss later, we have to return on Raxus.][​IMG][/url]

    Palpatine is in office with Mas Amedda.][​IMG][/url]

    The hologram of a Republic agent appears.
    Republic Agent : Chancellor, we have found the Machine, it is on Raxus.
    Palpatine : Thanks for the information.
    The hologram disappears.][​IMG][/url]