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Science Fiction Warhammer 40k: Hive Fleet Goliath

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Gloriam_Imperitor, May 13, 2013.

  1. Gloriam_Imperitor

    Gloriam_Imperitor Jedi Youngling

    May 12, 2013
    It is the 41st Millennium and we know only war.
    Ancient evils, gods of Chaos and blasphemous aliens scourge the universe with humanity as its only light, standing defiant against the cold dark that threatens to overwhelm them. The God-Emperor of mankind sits frozen on the Golden Throne on Holy Terra, locked in combat against the evils of the Warp. His psychic energy (the Astronomican), the very thing that allows humanity to traverse the stars, attracts not just the astropaths, but something more terrible than can be imagined.
    The Tyranids.
    A hive mind of multi-limbed, chitin covered beasts who swarm in numbers beyond imagination. They're ability to reproduce second to none. They feel not pain, nor fear or mercy. They seek one thing and one thing only: to devour. Driven by the insatiable will of the hive mind, the Tyranids will stop at nothing to kill all that stands between them and the planet that is to provide the raw biological material for the birth of more monsters. Three times a tendril of the Great Devourer has come into the material universe and attacked Imperial worlds, and three times they have been defeated, but at great cost. Each time they have come back larger, stronger and smarter than before. They're ability to evolve to meet the challenges they encounter has made them devastatingly efficient killers. Now a new threat looms, a tendril of the Great Devourer has entered Imperial Space once more and threatens the holy shrine world of Garm, the home of the greatest Space Wolf treasure, the Spear of Russ. As the Wolves rush to defend their shrine world a terrible knowledge is granted to them, the hive fleet they face is the largest yet. And it is not the only one. Ultramar is once again threatened as the Tyranids return in great numbers to destroy their home world of Macragge, while deep in space the Hive world of Scintilla requests the aid of the space marines to defeat the tendril that threatens their planet.

    Your job, should you choose to take it, is to decide your allegiance. You may play as follows:

    An Imperial citizen of Scintilla: you may choose to live in 1 of 2 cities (Hive Sibellus or Hive Tarsus). You can be a nobleman, or a gangster or clergy man, etc. So long as it is logical and fits into the lore of the Imperium I will accept it.

    An Imperial Guard: The regiment is up to you. Have a full bio for him prepared.

    A Tyranid: As far as the Tyranids go, there can only be 3 Norn-Queens. 1 per fleet of Tyranids. If you choose to play another Tyranid variation state what breed, the weapons it carries and you must describe its actions from a 3rd person perspective, as a Tyranid has no original thoughts. The only exception to this rule would be the Norn-Queen.

    And finally, you can play as a space marine. You can choose from these chapters:
    The Space Wolves
    The Mortifactors
    The Ultramarines
    The Imperial Fists
    The Blood Ravens
    The Dark Angels
    (If you decide that none of these appeal to you, and you have a favored chapter that you wish to use PM me and we can see what works)
    You can choose what company you belong to, so long as you are not the chapter master and that everyone is not a captain. There can be a maximum of 1 captain per chapter, excluding the space wolves (as they do not follow the Codex Astartes to the letter, they have different ranks. I.e. Wolf lord, grey hunter, etc) and the Ultramarines, whose worlds are threatened and will have more than one company present.

    Your character bio should include:
    Skin color:
    Eye color:
    Hair color:
    Chapter (if space marine):
    Company (if space marine):
    Role: (I.e. Apothecary, heavy gunner, techmarine, Chaplain, etc)
    Regiment (if imperial guard, or PDF):
    Species (tyranid only, I.e. Lictor, Norn-queen, hive tyrant):
    Armour Specifications (I.e. tyranid head shaped helm, specialized gauntlet designs, etc.)
    Armour Colors (tyranid as well, specify skin and chitin armour colors)
    Bio: (provide some background for the character, Tyranids included. Describe its incubation, the smells it smelled and everything it feels and does upon birth and arrival at the world it is assaulting.)

    Most of all, enjoy. Have fun with it, make it your own. Keep the story interesting and cool with twists and turns!