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    I remember there being a thread about this a long, long time ago but I've looked in the last four pages of this forum and can't find it so hopefully this isn't redundant.

    I'm fascinated and interested in hearing about the uninitiated discovering the Star Wars saga for the first time in chronological form. Has anyone tried this? This is a thread where we can post our experiences. With reaction videos becoming popular on youtube specifically with hit shows like HBO'S Game of Thrones, I would love if someone would make a youtube reaction video series of introducing someone to Star Wars for the first time.

    Imagine watching Star Wars 1-3, Rogue One, 4-8 for the very first time and being completely unspoiled about anything. Hell, one could even throw in the Clone Wars show and Rebels too!
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    I think ANH is the ideal entry point. So I'd go either:

    The second option preserves the Vader twist while allowing the prequel backstory to precede ROTJ for optimal impact
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    Here it is! Although it's been locked since 2006, so I don't think there are any issues of redundancy, especially since there are three more movies now than there were then (with two more due by the end of next year).
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    "It'll be a very different experience, because when Darth Vader walks into that spaceship with the princess, they're going to think, 'Oh my God, that's Anakin!' and they're gonna see Luke and think, 'Oh my God, that's his son!' And rather than a surprise when he says, 'I am your father,' it'll be like, 'Oh my God, finally he's told him!'"

    --George Lucas, Guardian Unlimited.

    "If you see them in order it completely twists things about. A lot of the tricks of IV, V and VI no longer exist. The real struggle of the twins to save their father becomes apparent, whereas it didn't exist at all the first time [audiences saw Episodes IV, V and VI]. Now Darth Vader is a tragic character who's lost everything. He's basically a bitter old man in a suit.

    "I am your father" was a real shock. Now it's a real reward. Finally, the son knows what we already know.

    It's a really different suspense structure. Part of the fun for me was completely flipping upside down the dramatic track of the original movies. If you watch them the way it was released, IV, V, VI, I, II, III - you get one kind of movie. If you watch I through VI you get a completely different movie. One or two generations have seen it one way, and the next generations will see it in a completely different way.

    It's an extremely modern, almost interactive moviemaking. You take blocks and move them around, and you come out with different emotional states."

    --George Lucas, The Making Of Revenge Of The Sith.
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    If you think about it; if you watch the OT first you know Anakin will turn in the PT, but if you watch the PT first Anakin turning is a shock yet it looks like Luke is going to turn as well.
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    I got into Star Wars and picked it up from a DVD rental, back when that was still a thing. I decided to watch it in release order. I still like the Prequels though.