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    I used to run a few Star Wars rpgs with my friends in high school and college, using the d20 system. I'm going to be dusting off my GMing skills to run a sequel game to an Imperial campaign that had run for nearly four years, which ended with two PCs heading off into the Unknown Regions to hunt down a renegade Sith apprentice that had appeared slightly before the Battle of Endor at Palpatine's order(an old school Sith who may have been unknowingly released from stasis into the galaxy by a simultaneously run rival Rebel group I was also running.)

    Those characters are coming back from the mission in 7ABY, to find the Emperor dead, Imperial Center lost, and the Empire fracturing. They'll be charged with finding a traitor amongst Imperial Intelligence's Ubiqtorate division, while running afoul of the New Republic, Warlord Zsinj's forces, members of Imperial Intelligence itself, and the rival Imperial Security Bureau.

    I'm using a hybrid version of the 2nd Revised Edition and OpenD6 Space. Does anyone know of any good d6 online resources? I'm mostly familiar with the Rancor Pit forums. Also, would anyone be interested in me doing some write ups from the sessions? I could use some feedback from a non-player perspective to help with planning and adjusting along the way.
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    I would be interested. I recently returned to the D6 fold, after years of not finding anyone to play Star Wars --and suddenly I'm directing three simultaneous campaigns.

    Other than the Pit, you can find some stuff at and, but the Pit is the liveliest by far.