Beyond - Legends Weird Wormholes! L/M for the Dare Challenge.

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    Note: This is for the Dare Challenge. I was to write a story where L/M act not like themselves (after TTT). They're not a couple. When things straighten out, there are interesting consequences.


    Luke and Mara were leaving a Smuggler's Alliance meeting that happened to take place on Kuat.

    They each left in their respective ships and encountered a wormhole.

    On the other side, Mara found herself married to Lando. They had 3 kids and 2 more on the way.

    On the other side of the wormhole, Luke found Mara engaged to Aves and broke up the wedding by announcing that he was crazy about her but didn't have the heart to admit it until he almost lost her.

    Shocked and discombobulated, they raced out of orbit of the respective worlds they found themselves on and popped back on the "right" side of the wormholes relieved they were still accessible.

    When they next saw each other, they both said: "You'll never guess what happened?!"

    When they shared their experiences, Mara said: "Eugh! I'm absolutely, not interested in Calrisian, or Aves!"

    "But I ..." Luke took a deep breath and plunged, "am very attracted to you, Jade."

    She gaped at him, then they simultaneously reached to fiercely embrace and lip-lock.

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    Cute, sweet and funny!

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    fun with the different looks from the hole and after coming back
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    Awesome! That would be great for a much longer, romanced filled story. ;):D
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    Oh man! The possibilities! I can't imagine FIVE little CalrissiJades! Yikes!
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    Nov 1, 2004 Mara was hooked up with different people on the other side of these wormholes...but what about Luke? Was he a lonely farmboy in all of these alternate dimensions? Or did the Farmboy go to another dimension--a dimension where he never found out that Leia was his sister and he discovered his AU doppelganger was married to a certain princess and had a bunch of kids?!?!?!
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    Whew, what a relief that that got sorted out so easily, is all I can say! [face_laugh] No wonder those two kissed with such a vengeance after all that. [face_love] Though I too wonder about Luke’s fate in both those alternate universes! Thanks so much for sharing such a fun little piece! =D=
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    Oh, I like the idea of alternative dimensions and alternative fates where Mara had different romantic partners, and it was cute that a glimpse of those other dimensions and fates made Luke declare his attraction to Mara and Mara kiss him with such gusto. Very cute and creative.