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    The JC FanFic boards are a community to share fan fiction in an accepting and friendly environment. Here you can post Star Wars fan fiction, read Star Wars fan fiction and socialize with your fellow readers and writers. Basically, it’s all about having fun.

    This Forum is for Star Wars FanFic only, if you would like to read or post non-Star Wars Fan Fic, please check out the NSWFF section of the boards.

    This is merely a brief introduction to this forum. The “FanFic” FAQ is where you can find the rules and policies of this forum. The Board-Wide rules and Terms of Service still apply here as well.


    We are the mods Briannakin and mavjade. We are here to answer any question or concern you may have, so feel free to start a conversation (also known as a PM or private message) with us.

    Yes, we're also here to enforce the rules. Moderators can be identified by their name in colors and a title that says "manager" or "moderator". The mods of a specific forum can be found in the top right of that forum. You can find the current mods online on the main page of the Jedi Council Forums on the right hand side under "Staff Online Now".

    Administrators are the heads of the forums overall. If you have an issue and don't feel comfortable contacting a mod, you are free to contact an admin. The current Head Admin is JoinTheSchwarz, the other admins are GrandAdmiralJello and LAJ_FETT


    Here in the Fan Fiction and Writing Resource forum, you can find many social threads, discussions on writing and reading fanfic in general, fanfic indices, character discussion threads, and even prompts and writing challenges. It is basically a place to seek assistance with writing and reading of Star Wars Fanfic as well as socialize with fellow writers and readers. Here you will also find important board information from your mods.

    Please review the Fanfic FAQ before beginning any new thread, but here are some pre-existing threads you may find helpful: the Writer’s Desk - If you have any question at all about your specific story, please post it there. If you are looking for a "Beta Reader" (an editor), you can do so in the Beta Reader Index.

    The Fan Fiction sub-forum is where you can find all the stories and where you can post your own fan fiction. All fanfic is posted here, divided into Before the Saga, The Saga and Beyond the Saga. Only Fan Fiction stories can be posted here.

    Please note the "Stickied Threads" at the top of both forums. Important threads such as this welcome thread, the FAQ and new rules will be "stickied" at the top for easy access and awareness.


    First, go to Fan Fiction and click Post New Thread. Type in your title and chose the 'era' tag by pressing the arrow beside no prefix. Next write or copy and paste your story (or the first chapter) in the body. It's that simple.

    Many writers like to use something like the following to give their readers more information about their story:



    Relatively long story short, in March 2012 we moved hosts. When we moved, posts got truncated after 10,000 characters and all our page addresses were changed. Our volunteers are working on fixing both issues, but there have been many setbacks.


    We've made a whole post with tips that is further down this thread, click HERE to go to that post.

    We hope this answers any initial questions. Please check out the Fanfic FAQ or PM us if you have further questions.

    Thank you,

    Bri and Mav

    Note - We've opened this thread to replies, if someone is more comfortable asking a question here rather than via PM, that is fine.
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    Prefix and Tagging system:

    As mentioned above, each story must have a 'era prefix' also known as tags. Below you will find a quick explanation of each tag so you can reference this list. This list can also be found in the FAQ and in this thread, where you will find many examples and can ask questions.

    Beyond Legends - Stories that take place in what is now known as Legends- the former Expanded Universe. If your story takes place after Return of the Jedi and in the timeline of the Legends Expanded Universe or with those characters, Beyond Legends is what you want to tag.

    Beyond the Saga - Stories that take place beyond the entire series of movies. So for right now, anything that takes place after Episode 9 and not part of the Legends timeline would use this tag.
    Any AUs that have nothing to do with Legends continuity or characters, but takes place after Episode 9, use this tag.​

    Before Legends - Stories that take place prior to The Phantom Menace in what is now known as Legends, the previous Expanded Universe, including games. If your story takes place in that timeline or with those characters, Before Legends is the tag you want to use.

    Before the Saga - Stories taking place before the series of movies. If your story is a prequel to The Phantom Menace but has nothing to do with happenings in the Legends EU, you would use this tag.
    Any AUs that have nothing to do with Legends continuity or characters but take place before TPM, use this tag.​

    Saga - This tag will remain for stories that sweep through different parts of the Saga, as well as for older fics that might not get changed.

    Saga- PT - Stories that take place from The Phantom Menace up to A New Hope
    Saga - OT -Stories that take place from A New Hope up to The Force Awakens
    Saga - ST - Stories that take place from The Force Awakens through Episode 9​

    Saga -Legends - For any story that takes place within the Saga, but is part of the Legends continuity. Stories that are a part of the Legends timeline or with major characters who exist within the previous Expanded Universe. (Example: A story about Mara Jade as the Emperor's Hand, would be under this tag)​

    Any AUs that take place without Legends continuity or characters and take place within the Saga should go in the most appropriate Saga tag.​

    -- As is the case now, if your story does not fit firmly into one of these categories, choose what you think is best. Whichever tag the vast majority of the story takes place or with the vast majority of characters, chose that prefix.


    You can make your story easier to find with tags. Tags include things such as timeline, characters, genre and relationship. The tags are added to your story post and then people can search for tags to find stories that match that criteria.

    Example: If you want to find a story about Luke that is angsty, you could search both of those tags and find stories that meet those criteria.

    You can find the post that fully explains the tags and has a complete list HERE
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    Sep 22, 2016
    Hi. My story is 109,000 words - 47 chapters. Should I post as one or is there a better method of posting so that the rest of the story doesn't get lost?
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    Nov 12, 2015
    I would suggest 1 chapter a week.
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    Hi and welcome, Suzannah.Pearce. :) Yes, I would definitely recommend letting some time pass between chapter postings, just to give the readership time to digest things. yahiko 's one-a-week suggestion is a good one.
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    If the chapters are overly long and you want thoughtful reviews, even 10-14 days would be OK.

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    Looks like our new friend does not know that we responded to this thread. So, since I do think that good stories should be read and since the internet can be confusing in general, I guess I'll go again. :)

    Suzannah.Pearce - if you want people to take a look at your (very promising) story, give them some time between updates and engage with them - thank them for their comments, respond to their questions. Most stories that are updated too often actually lose readers as much as those updated once every couple of months do.
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    One of the most often posted things from new users is asking how to get readers. While this is addressed in the FAQ and a few other places, we decided to make a tip guide and post it here so it is easier to find for new users. (This post is linked in the first post of this thread as well.)

    How do I get readers/comments on my story?

    None of the tips that follow are rules -you won't get a message from the mods if you don't do these things- but they are the things that we've noticed help people get readers here on these forums.

    Oldbies Top Tip: Get to know people!
    Post in the social thread, participate in discussions, participate in challenges. The more people see you around, the more likely they are to check out your story.

    Do unto others... If you want people to review your stories, you should review stories.
    Don't just post "Great story!" and nothing else, but comment on what you liked, favorite lines, how it made you feel, things along those lines. Meaningful comments make people see that you really took the time to read and they'll be more likely to give you the same.

    Challenge yourself: When a writing challenge comes up, join in! A lot of people tend to read other stories in the challenge if they participated.

    Start small: While epicly long stories are great, we sometimes need something smaller to get to know you. If you have a shorter story, start with that and build an audience. It's lets people know the kind of writer you are without having to commit a huge amount of time right off.

    What is the story? We want to know! Let people know what they are getting into. In the subject bar, tell us who the main characters are and maybe a genre. In the first post let us know those things and what we should expect from the story: timeline, genre, characters, maybe even a summary. You can see an example of a good way to do this in the FAQ.

    Format is a BIG deal: If your story is just a big wall of text, people will most likely click and then run away. Make sure to have a space between paragraphs and dialogue, otherwise it's just too hard to read.
    While length of posts that are most popular is debated, it seems that most people like shorter posts. 2,500 words tends to be the top end of what people like.

    A chapter a day keeps the reviewers away. If you leave at least a week between updates on a story, people are more likely to review. There are a lot of stories here and people can't always comment right away. Giving people time to comment or time to catch up can increase the number of people who comment.

    Final Tip: Be patient!
    It can sometimes take awhile to get reviewers, but keep posting, keep participating and they will come.
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    Sep 22, 2016

    Thanks for this reply. I didn't actually see it for some reason. These tips are very helpful, thank you. I have been trying to reply so will continue to do so. I have written a whole novel so am also trying to be patient and not post too often. I quite often forget anyway as I am writing my own independent novel at the moment which is taking up all of my time. Thanks again for your assistance and I hope more people will get enjoyment out of my story.
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    No problem, Suzannah.Pearce .

    Whatever you do to make it a bit more "you" and a bit less "me". That's one of the things that absolutely and totally works. Immerse. Participate. :)
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    Sep 22, 2016
    Can anyone tell me how you add the bits I see at the bottom of posts where it says what else you have written?
  12. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014

    A signature? Sure. :)

    Go to and enter it. If you're not good with BBCode, I'll get you started. Copy and paste what you see below and work around it. :) Note that you will have to press the AA button on top right for it.

    Check out my fanfics!
    [url='']The Betrayal[/url]
    Also, your most recent post is tagged wrong and formatted for books, but not the web. Since it's taking place right before The Force Awakens (or so it seemed at the first glance), it should be tagged with Saga - ST. Apparently, it's Saga - OT. Thanks, divapilot.

    As far as formatting goes, just leave an empty paragraph between each two paragraphs.

    Tell me if you need help with anything else.
  13. Suzannah.Pearce

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    Sep 22, 2016
    Thank you. I will sort all that out :D
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    Sep 22, 2016
    Hi again. I think the best thing is to delete and start again. Can you tell me how to do that? I can't find a delete button. Sorry to be an 'oldie' and ask loads of questions.:rolleyes:
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    Don't be sorry! :)

    There is no delete button, you can remove all text and then ask the mods to remove the thread for you.

    What helps me when pasting from programs such as Word is to use the aA button before posting anything and adding BBCode only where necessary.

    Here's the board's own tutorial on using BBCode.
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    Jan 14, 2017
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    It sounds as if it's Saga, and you might want to add (AU) to your title, signalling that it spirals into an alternate universe from the original. The Saga begins with the Phantom Menace. Originally it ended with Return of the Jedi, but I think now the Force Awakens is the current end. All these new Disney movies are going to mess us all up!
  18. Briannakin

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    It sounds like you would want the "Saga - PT" prefix as it it for anything that deals with events from "The Phantom Menace" to just before "A New Hope". I hope that helps!
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    Okay, this seems like a good time to raise an issue I have with the current tagging system. I don't agree with the definition of PT and OT as "everything up until the moment the next trilogy starts". Under that rule, something that takes place shortly before ANH and is intended as a prequel to it (*coughRogueOnecough*) would technically have to be labeled PT, which is a gross miscategorization because such a fic likely has nothing at all to do with the PT films and is far more of interest to OT fans.

    May I suggest that, instead of defining hard ending points, we adopt a rule saying that anything that takes place between trilogies should be tagged according to the trilogy that is more connected to, in the opinion of the author? Or should I raise this matter in the Press Conference thread?
  20. Briannakin

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    This is a matter for the press conference thread. I just want to say that we never intended our "quick fix" to be used this long (under the same logic, I never liked the fact that 'pre-TFA' fics had to be labeled OT). We were under the impression that we were going to have the update LOOOONG before this point.
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    how do i get a beta reader?
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    Jul 11, 2014
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    Jul 29, 2016
    Just wondering, how do you post pictures onto here?
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    EP is right, it has to be hosted on the web with something that allows hotlinking. If you have a picture you want to use that's on your computer you'll need to upload it to photobucket, flicker, or some other photo hosting site.

    Also, if you don't want to use the code, you can use the real text version. In the row of buttons above the box where you type your reply there's a little button that looks like a tree (in the same row as Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.). Click on that and it will ask you for a URL, you can just paste it in there and then get your picture. Some people find the code easier, some find using the buttons, which ever works for you is fine.
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