What are you wearing? (and where to get the gear)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Celebrations' started by gandalfbmg, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. gandalfbmg

    gandalfbmg Jedi Master star 2

    May 16, 2002
    OK, for all you non-costume-wearers out there (like me), I'm just wondering, what are you wearing?

    Me and my fiance want to deck ourselves out Star Wars style but not do the costume thing. Problem is, all of my Star Wars t-shirts are much worn and wore out, and she has none. So, where are the good places to buy Star Wars merchandise. We checked the official site, and their selection wasn't great, and not much impressed us. seemed to mostly have Episode I leftovers, and hottopic's online store had a pretty good selection, the sizes were hit and miss. Any other places, either online or in real life (we're in Kansas City, MO mind you) where we could look for t-shirt, caps, lanyard, any other kind of little bit of clothing or accessory?

  2. Grand Admiral Strife

    Grand Admiral Strife RSA Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 21, 2001
    clothing-wise, this past Christmas I picked up some shirts at Hot Topic and Suncoast Video.

    I'm sure by the time April 2 rolls around there will be plenty of shirts and stuff out there :)
  3. carmenite42

    carmenite42 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    ebay usually has fun things.
  4. echo-3

    echo-3 Former RSA star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 11, 2002
    Sam Goody just shipped out new EP 3 t-shirts last week.
    Hot Topic and Spencer's Gifts will also have new shirts. And yes, eBay is a GREAT place to find cool SW shirts.

  5. yodakarma

    yodakarma Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 9, 2004
    Ebay definitely! All kinds of stuff from both the OT and the PT. I have found new stuff that has been out of print for years.
  6. PrincessLeah

    PrincessLeah Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 1, 2005
    OMG...for sure eBay. Lots of goodies...just got done searching and am watching about 20 items in My eBay!!! Don't outbid me! ;)
  7. ZOOfo-Dyas

    ZOOfo-Dyas Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 3, 2004
    Most definitely eBay! I stocked up on my own t-shirt collection that way :) [face_devil]
  8. Cliodna_ben_Lhee

    Cliodna_ben_Lhee Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 4, 2003
    Another eBayer here. I only wish my budget were bigger because I had to pass on some really cool Tees that I had added to my watchlist
  9. Dal--Intrepid

    Dal--Intrepid Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 13, 2002
    Redundant thread -

    See [link=][/link]
  10. gandalfbmg

    gandalfbmg Jedi Master star 2

    May 16, 2002
    Redundant thread -

    See on_III/b10611/17130967/

    Sorry, now that you post that I remember seeing it before. Guess I knew it didn't have what I was after, which is recommendations for places to shop. Guess I shouldn't hide my selfish motives behind redundant threads :D
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