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Beyond - Legends What do we want? Mini games challenge Cozy Comfy Reads

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Oct 17, 2021.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    What do we want?
    Author: Earlybird-Obi-Wan
    Genre: one shot
    Timeframe: 139 aby
    Characters: Ivano Arvedai, Steve Magaron and Aaqu Maerhin
    After Second time around and Wonderful world.
    For the Cozy Comfy Reads and reaching the medium WIPtober goal.
    This story is inspired by tales from my grandfather when I went fishing with him and him pointing at factories that were destroyed by fire. I became a fire-fighter like him

    Medium goal
    Finish a given single-chapter on a untitled story inspired by the "Cozy Comfy Reads" from @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha .

    What do we want?

    Ivano Arvedai was satisfied. The metal that had held his bones of his left lower leg and foot together had been removed in a small procedure. He didn't have to stay in the hospital after Aaqu had offered a stay in a guest-room at his place. He had been there before when Aaqu had been away to teach at the healers academy in the valley of Eled-Hir. He had cared for the husans during that time, had thought that he had lost his diary but had gotten it back when Aaqu had cleaned a shed. That led to a new friend; the young black colt Nauran, now white and his riding-companion. For riding Nauran he had to wait and now he was – in a wheelchair – waiting for Halfir Majeski to take him to the home of Aaqu and Lynne and their children.

    “Good afternoon Karoun. Where can I find Ivano Arvedai?”

    “In the waiting-area. He is there.”

    Ivano had a surprised look on his face when he heard the discussion. “Steve, where is Halfir?”

    “He has exams to review from his students and asked me to bring you to the Maerhin cottage. Let me help you.”

    “Alright. And I hope he has no students getting a frog in his class-room.”

    “A frog?”

    “During my stay in this hospital after the draxin contamination Halfir came to visit me and told me that he was busy with his students getting a frog back to where it belonged when he heard the sirens. He told them and me about the meeting he had with a big frog on Tatooine.”

    “Ah the worrt. He has told me that when I was here recuperating from that incident in the darrin valley.” Steve took the guidance-bar and had Ivano very soon very comfortable on the passenger-seat of a red ground-speeder.

    “Not your usual ride?”

    “No. This one was in the parking and you like a red one since you were a five year old boy playing with me on the beach. And I know you still have that toy.”

    “Just like you have that blue one,” Ivano smiled. “The four mischief boys we were called at school by our teachers.”

    “But we had excellent grades and we all left on the same day.” Steve guided the speeder to the exit of the parking. “Halfir began his study to become a merchant. I went to the police academy to become an officer like my grand-father Ker.”

    “And I was headed with Jihan Eled-Non to the fire-fighter academy because visits to your dad's work had us wanting to become a firefighter.”

    “Dad was very inspiring for Jihan and you taking us to all the places where a fire had destroyed a factory. But I saw the police-officers in their flashing speeders and wanted nothing else.”

    “We were five and visiting your dad at the station when we got those toys. Jihan and I got a red fire-truck and you that blue patrol-speeder from your grand-dad.”

    “And we are here and Aaqu is waiting for you.” Steve parked the speeder and helped Ivano in the wheelchair. “Have a speedy recovery and don't use that leg until you are told by healer Maerhin. He can be grumpy.”

    “Grumpy?” Aaqu took the guidance bar. “A healer and former Jedi is never grumpy. We were taught since we were initiates to be kind and passionate or...”

    “You had to go to master Yoda.” Steve got into his speeder.

    “And that's another tale I will tell you after I get you in your room.” Aaqu guided Ivano inside.

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    Great reminiscences
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    Awww, this was nice, and it's lovely that it was inspired by your time with your grandfather!

    So sweet, and so many great memories for all of them shared here.

    Wonderful work, and congratulations on reaching your WIPtober goals! =D=[:D]
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