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Beyond - Legends What Good May Come?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth Invictus, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Not sure of that to be honest, if I think about the whole Alanna situation. Just how she used all the poor noble boys to hide her daughters true parentage, to the point these suitors apprently cut off their own arms to impress her. So it seems Hapes is just as bad as it always was when it comes to equality. Maybe Tenel Ka aptempted some reforms but given how afriad she constantly is about the Hapan nobility I doubt she achieved much.
    Was probably still better than Ta'a Chume but that isn´t saying much.
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    Aug 8, 2016
    I headcanon it as being between DNT and LOTF, not in 33 ABY. But yeah it should be done.


    At this point, they aren't an order devoted to peace and life-but rather winning a war at nearly any cost. Their basically assassins yes. Assassins and commandos. The GA gave up after Jacen died-for some reason. No Caedus supporter took the reigns, no one continued the war. Yeah it makes no sense.

    Luke is hoping he won't have to face his visions. Problem is, the can is going to come to the end of the road sooner or later.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5

    No food. No water, and the cold air was pumping at higher volumes, especially whenever he tried to sleep.

    Ben had lost track of time. He did not know if it had been a week or two weeks, a month, or ten days. He could not sense anything in the force, well anything outside of fifteen-meter radius, he knew there were no other prisoners, at least in this dimly lit corner of the hallway. Ben wondered, maybe all the other prisoners were removed from this cell block.

    It wasn’t impossible, maybe Jacen was dead and they had all been released? If that was the case, then why wasn’t he free yet? There was no way he could have been left forgotten in the bottom floor of the Justice Department’s Headquarters.

    There was no chrono, or any light from the outside, so Ben had no way of knowing what time of day it was. Nor even any prison intercoms or sirens to make note of passing days. In the past 48 hours, he had been simultaneously blasted with cold air that caused him to curl up to keep warm, so much his teeth had chattered and he had felt his skin beginning to dry out, and then hot air so hot it felt like he was in a furnace, scalding his skin as he desperately tried to protect his eyes and use the force to keep his body temperature from rising too high. Of course, this never killed him, whoever was doing this, knew to keep it at short intervals, no more than five minutes subjected to blistering heat or freezing cold.

    He had not slept either, whenever he had tried, he could hear a loud clanging noise, the sound of metal bashing against metal, interspersed with a low humming buzz.

    Tahiri was doing this. Ben surmised.

    It was an easier form of torture.

    One she likely had more stomach for and did not require her to be in his cell. It didn’t matter though.

    He did not know why, maybe she was dead. Maybe she had been captured, maybe she was off Coruscant, doing Jacen’s dirty work. Then again, she was responsible for my interrogation. Was she being punished? Or did Jacen re-assign her? I wish I knew. I just want contact with somebody. Even her.

    Ben forced back a sigh, whatever time it was, he had been up far longer than he would have been if were not a high value detainee. So, laying down on his bed, he worked to go to sleep.

    “There is no emotion, there is peace.

    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

    There is no passion, there is serenity.

    There is no chaos, there is harmony.

    There is no death, there is the Force.”

    “Through the mastering of emotion I gain peace”, “Through the pursuit of knowledge I conquer ignorance”, “Through the discipline of passion, I reach serenity”, “Through the purging of chaos, I find harmony”, “Through death, I am one with the force”.

    He recited this mantra, taught to him by his father again and again until he final fell asleep.

    “Wake up!”

    “What?”, “No!” Ben responded as he saw a blaring white light directly above him.

    Its blinding, was it, was it some sort of interrogation?”

    Ben felt a jolt of energy, and his eyes opened and then squinted to adjust to the light. He saw two GAG soldiers standing over him. They were holding blaster rifles and were in standard uniform, with helmets and visors, Ben could not see their faces, but through the force he could sense their indifference to him and dedication to carrying out their duty.

    Before he could speak, one of the soldiers turned the butt of his blaster rifle over his shoulder, and in less than a second, struck him and Ben lost consciousness again…

    He could feel his legs scraping against the floor, as they each held his elbows up to the shoulder. They spoke but he could not hear what they were saying, as he faded in and out of a coma…or sleep.

    They were on an elevator now, is it, is going down? The beeping blaring noise was indistinguishable from the muffled voices of the two soldiers, it accelerated, then decelerated…then he was in another hallway, that was even more dimly lit than the one before. Or perhaps his mind couldn’t make the difference?

    “How much, how much time had passed?” “Had it been thirty minutes, or an hour?”

    There was another door, larger than the ones before. “Or no, it was two doors” which opened to the soldiers.

    He was sat on a chair, facing a long smooth table.

    “Your relieved, sergeants.” It was Jacen’s voice.

    Above his head, there was a large circular room light, that blasted a searing light in his face. Ben moved his hands to cover his eyes.

    “Good morning, Ben”. Jacen said in a swaggering, voice. Through his squinting hurting eyes, Ben could see a wide smirk on his cousin’s face.

    “What, what time is it?” Ben forced himself to ask. Jacen’s lips curved upward.

    “Its 0400 hours local Coruscanti time”.

    Jacen responded, “I know the guards treated you a bit too roughly, I’ll have words with them later.”

    Somehow Ben doubted it.

    “I don’t know anything.” Ben said, in a rote monotone voice.

    Composure, you must keep your composure.

    Jacen waved his hand in the hair dismissively.

    “No need to worry about that Ben”.

    “You look sleepy, I know its early in the morning, so I brought caf for you.”

    A slit in the tale opened up, and raised up on the platform was a cup of caf, Ben took it and drank it eagerly, as hot as it was, it burned his tongue but that dowsed his sleepiness.

    Ben breathed in the smell, as he wiped his eyes of the mucus of sleep in his eyes.

    Jacen looked taciturn, but resolutely interested his eyes never leaving him.

    “What do you want with me Jacen?”

    “I don’t know anything about where my father is, or where the Jedi are.”

    “Leaving the transitory mists, according to my last intelligence reports.”

    “Then what do you want me for?”

    What could he want, if he already knew anything, I might have told him?

    “I think you deserve to know what I know Ben”.

    Jacen stood up and strolled over to where he was sitting.

    “You see, your father has abandoned you and has no intention of coming to your rescue.”

    Jacen looked at him with pity.

    “I’m sorry Ben.”

    Jacen put his hand on Ben’s shoulder, and now Ben saw his other arm was missing.

    “No!” Ben shouted.

    This was a lie, Jacen lied, don’t believe his lies.

    “You see Ben, Jaina is dead.”

    No, no, no.

    “As I am sure you know, she was sent by your father to assassinate me.” Jacen looked unmoved, but with a touch of sadness, touched the table as he paced back to where he had originally sat.

    “She died in the attempt.”

    “Shame she didn’t gut you like you deserved.”

    Jacen snickered and guffawed, “perhaps that is what I deserve, but Ben the universe is not so kind.”

    “I would have hoped you learned that.”

    “She tried to kill me when I was tending to the wounds of a soldier under my command.”

    “I dodged her blow, and she cut that poor man from collar bone to midsection.”

    “A violation of the Jedi code, and the laws of war.”

    Jacen paced around the room. He looked away from Ben and gazed at the wall.

    “l lost my arm in the process.”

    “A squad of GAG and imperials arrived and shot her in the back.”

    Jacen looked to be in tears, in the shadows from what Ben could tell.

    “I tried to save her, but the damage to her internal organs was too great.”

    “I used the force to keep her alive, she was screaming and in agony.”

    “I brought her to my personal chambers, and I tried to preserve her life long enough for her to be put in a bacta tank.”

    Jacen paced back to him and sat on the table, his legs leaning off the side.

    “I held her hand as she died, I couldn’t do much else except dull her pain.”

    Jacen looked down at the floor and back up at him.

    “And do you know what Jaina did Ben?”

    Hopefully, she cursed your existence.

    “She died accepting she was wrong.”

    “Your lying, she was the sword of the Jedi, she would never have defected!”

    Jacen’s brown eyes looked at him with a soft mirth.

    “When did I say she defected Ben?”

    “Except in her heart that is.”

    “She realized Luke had sent her to murder her brother, the brother she had no hope to defeat except through his cunning and the lending of his power.”

    “Did you know Luke had no contingency for her death?”

    “I could see it in her eyes, the sheer shock at the realization she had been used like a dejarik piece and cast aside.”

    “She was trying to kill you and end the war.”

    Jacen sighed.

    “That’s your father speaking Ben, you have your own mind, and more importantly your own feelings.”

    Jacen scooted closer to him.

    “Why did he send her when he could have faced me himself?”

    Uhh, I, uh I don’t know how to respond to this.

    “He, he didn’t want to risk falling to the dark side.”

    Ben spoke suddenly.

    I should never have admitted that.

    “Is that his reason?”

    Jacen began to laugh.

    “Luke Skywalker, Jedi Grandmaster, the hero who defeated the Empire and led the galaxy, fear of falling?”

    “Ben, Ben your father isn’t afraid of walking into the dark.”

    “He already has.”

    Ben spat on the table.

    “That’s bantha poodo, your lying Jacen, I won’t hear your lies.”

    “Think Ben!”

    “Why did he send you to Coruscant?”

    “He, he sent me to contact Shevu”.

    “That is what he told you.”

    “If that was his reason Ben your father would be a fool, sending his son to contact a mole. Exposing both you and the mole to the risk of capture.”

    “He sent you to distract Tahiri and myself.”

    Jacen looked at him as though he were the slowest child in a classroom.

    “He knew you would be captured, and he knew that Shevu would die for his treason.”

    Jacen hopped off the table and walked to his side.

    “Your father foresaw it.”

    Jacen continued, “He had hoped that Jaina would have killed me in the time you were captured.” “

    “Or barring that, you would escape and make trouble that would endanger Tahiri.”

    “He bet all his credits on Jaina killing me”.

    Jacen was speaking much with far greater intensity now.

    “He plotted, and schemed, and willfully threw away lives that he did not have to throw away.”

    “Every Mandalorian who died at Roche died because of him.”

    “He wanted to end the war, he wanted to defeat you!”

    Ben shouted.

    “Defeat me?”

    “No, destroy me.”

    “Don’t you realize Ben, your father considered you a disposable price to pay in his crusade for vengeance.”

    Ben was burning on the inside.

    He was lying, he had to be! Luke would never throw him away in the pursuit of a vendetta.

    “But that is what he did Ben!”

    Jacen got within a meter of his face, eye to eye.

    “He treated you as another pawn, in his pursuit of vengeance.”

    “He threw your cousin’s life away, he threw countless Mandalorians’ lives away.”

    Ben was sweating profusely now.

    He had to be lying, he had to be!

    “It has been nearly two weeks since Jaina died in my arms, Ben” Jacen said with a sorrowful matter-of-factness.

    “There has been no attempt to rescue you, and there won’t be.”

    “One just hasn’t been sent yet.” Ben said defiantly in response.

    “No Ben, there won’t be.” Jacen said his eyes burning deep into Ben’s own.

    “I have proof”.

    With a flick of his hand, Jacen pulled out a small device.

    A recorder.

    “Master Skywalker, we could be on Coruscant in a week, we could get him.”


    Ben could hear his father’s voice on the recorder.

    No, no, no. It can’t be true.

    Jacen looked at him with the kindness and tenderness Ben remembered, back when he had been so afraid of the force, so afraid to open himself.

    “Masters Katarn and Durron advocated rescuing you, and Luke turned them down.”

    “It’s a lie!” Ben shouted.

    “You faked this.”

    “Search your feelings Ben, you know I have not deceived you.”

    Jacen moved over to him and gently hugged him with his single arm. Ben would have tried to blast Jacen with all the power in the force had, but he was silent, his hands on his knees.

    There hadn’t been a rescue, why hadn’t there been? Why did Luke not fight Caedus himself, he’s more powerful, he would have won? Why did he send him to Coruscant and allow him to be captured? Jacen had said nothing that was demonstrably false, in fact he gained nothing from telling anything he had here.

    If, if your telling the truth, what do you want with me?” Ben asked meekly.

    “You’re a prisoner of war, Ben I want nothing of you.”

    “I am however obligated by my oath of office, and my love of life even the lives of traitors to treat you decently and with the bare respect you deserve.” Jacen walked towards the door in a slow saunter.

    “I can promise you no more than that.”

    “Anything else would be a lie.”

    Smiling as he opened the door.

    “Everything I tell you is the truth; you will find no lies in me”.

    Ben sat alone, his face in his arms on the table.

    It was cold, but he didn’t care, he barely felt it at all. He didn’t feel anything at all.
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    Just above he seems to know its three days tough. Maybe I´m missing something?

    Again someone brings up the fact that killing Jacen would likley have everything fall appart, really makes one wonder just how petty Luke is for not doing it.

    Defenetly, especially when compared to what Jacen went through.

    Actualy quite funny if you think about it: Compared to Jacen Ben is very ignorant seeing the galaxy as soley black and white, is defenetly very passionate, the Jedi coalition is more chaoctic than the GA and Ben is defenetly upset about his mothers death. So while he is going through the code, he doesn´t really seem to live it.

    Oh Jacen, you really go fully bad guy here aren´t you? Faceless goons?

    An utterly bold faced lie in the presence of a threatening individual, he is defenetly Leia´s nephew all things considered.

    Denial, but understandable, he has been raised believing these people to be unstoppable heroes.

    Isn´t pretty much everything Luke´s order does a violation of the Jedi code?

    Wonder if she felt similiar after killing Jacen in the OTL, especially when realizing her brother was 100 percent savable. But guess her parents drove that tought out of her mind in the years leading to FotJ.

    Its called dumb plot device Jacen, designed to keep at least an unce of tension in a war that you could have never won, cause Luke could litteraly kill you at any time.

    General logic behind this reminds me of the Primarchs in 40k how they where never more than tools to their "father" either.

    That would actually be the most logical answer, if he hasn´t tough it makes one wonder how he got it. Tough also notice, oh so heroic Ben is mainly concered with his savefty, things like a sacrifice are utterly alien to him.

    This is actually pretty silly, how do his feelings can tell him wether something he clearly has know way of knowing about is true or false?

    Jacen kind of becomes an anti Vergere here. And at least some of his claims are doubius, a "truth with modifications" at best I guess.

    Nice chapter, though I would ask you to rearange the dialogue bits, to actually clarify who is saying what. Having each sentence be its own paragraph makes that hard to see sometimes.
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    Sorry didn’t see that. Will go back and change it.

    the whole story Jacen tells Ben about Jaina is an obvious lie.

    Regarding Luke, it’s got both a plot purpose of convincing Ben Luke has thrown him away, and a meta reflection on said plot contrivances. As you can see, I work with what I’ve got.

    As for the dialogue. It’s basically Jacen monologuing, interspersed with Ben’s occasional response and his internal thoughts. Though perhaps I should have clarified that better.

    Re-read the last chapter.

    Less the force and more Jacen telling Ben to use his intuition.

    *Jacen is lying in about half of what he says here. But he is making Ben believe a lie is the truth.
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    They did this to us at USAF survival school....really sucks. And is really effective.

    This is really interesting, actually. The mantra Luke taught him is not quite the same as the Jedi Code. Mastering emotion is not the same as saying there is no emotion. Likewise with passion, chaos and death. I'm not sure if you've done this deliberately, but it seems that Luke was acknowledging that the true Code is almost impossible to uphold.

    Personally, I think this would have been more powerful for Jacen to tell the true story of Jaina's death here. Why? Because if everything is a lie, than it makes Ben's life easy...he knows not to believe anything. But...if Jacen tells the truth some, or even half, of the time? Then Ben won't know which is true and which isn't...sowing confusion and making him more fragile. Vergere does this: she says, ''ll find no truth in me....', but even that isn't true. She does say true things, which makes her all the more effective as a teacher. I don't know if you've read Only Right over on FF.N, but that is what Jacen does to Ben in that story....intersperses the lies with the truth. One last note on Jaina: the lie here is completely self-serving to Jacen and makes him seem petty...which might be your point. Ben is probably never going to know what actually happened, and those that do know are never going to know about this fabrication.

    One last thing: Anedon has a valid is tough to figure out who is speaking where. If you group some of the same-person conversations together, it'll be easier to read!

    Thanks for writing!
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    Its indirect torture yeah and weakened his mental and emotional state.

    Its related to it, but different. Ben uses the mantra to help him sleep and rest, but I can see it being used in understanding of just how hard the code is to follow.

    The story served of the purpose of breaking Ben psychologically, or at the very least convincing him his father had thrown him away. As for how true it is-Jacen fabricates the whole "die in bed and apologize" part, Jacen being attacked while healing, and a few other aspects-Jaina slicing off his arm, and being shot are both true. Jacen tells a story that's about 70-80% lie and 20% truth.

    I'm more than familiar with Only Right, I absolutely love it! Jacen uses lies there too, albeit with a different purpose in mind.

    Its mostly Jacen speaking, Ben's internal monologues are in italics. But I'll look over and see if I can address any confusion.
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    Chapter 6

    “Did you pay attention Tahiri?” They both looked through the one-way window to see a broken boy who was holding his head in his hands. Tahiri could see the tears dripping down from his fingers.

    “You didn’t touch him, and you broke him”. Tahiri looked at her master inquisitively as Caedus’ deep brown eyes looked back into her own.

    “There was no need, I simply told him the truth.” Caedus responded as they left the observation room adjacent to the cell.

    “Most of what you told him were lies.” Tahiri responded.

    “The lies I used, served the truth I wished to tell.” “The truth I wanted him to believe.”

    Her master responded as the elevator door opened for them both.

    “But what if that truth is false?” Tahiri responded.

    “What if Luke does plan on coming for his son?”

    Caedus pressed the button on the door as the elevator accelerated.

    “I know he will not.” Caedus stated in a blunt matter of fact tone.

    “I have seen him through the force, he sits alone to plot.”

    The elevator continued ascending.

    “He fears falling into the dark, far more than he loves his son or he hates me”.

    “That is the greater truth your lies served then?”

    “Precisely!” Caedus flickered a small grin, and for a brief second, Tahiri remembered what he had been a universe ago.

    “I used those lies to break Ben’s will.”

    “A will which was upheld only by his faith in his father”. Caedus put an arm on her shoulder.

    “Tahiri, a good interrogator does not need to use crude violence to break a suspect, they merely need to break the suspect’s resolve, and cut off what threads they cling too.”

    I’ll need to practice how do to that.

    “What do you plan on doing with Ben now?” Tahiri asked, as they walked out of the elevator to the ground floor level of the Galactic Justice Department Headquarters.

    “He is good leverage to use against Grand Master Skywalker.” Caedus responded coolly.

    “Bargaining?” Tahiri asked?


    “He has his uses.”

    Do you plan on replacing me with him, and if not, what game are you playing?

    Seemingly sensing her thoughts, Caedus’s lips curled in an expression somewhere between pleasure and disappointment.

    “I have a meeting with my staff and cabinet, I need to confer with the Imperials on fleet deployments and the logistical support of our forces in the mid rim.”

    “What do you want me to do master?” Tahiri asked.

    “For the moment, you are in charge of the GAG while I deal with strategic concerns.”

    “You know where my office is, and my staff will do whatever you need them to do.”

    That doesn’t tell me what my orders are.

    “Yes my lord, but forgive my lack of understanding.” Tahiri exhaled.

    “What is it you wish me to do, as your apprentice.”

    “I want you to learn how to manage the guard and from that, the government.” Caedus responded.

    “To meet the men and women who are fighting for the future we see, both the soldiers and the bureaucrats in their desks.”

    Is this a punishment?

    “That doesn’t seem very Sith like, I didn’t think becoming your apprentice meant I would be a glorified government employee.”

    Caedus couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Tahiri that’s exactly what you are.”

    “As you wish master.”

    Tahiri began to walk back to the elevator, to her master’s office.

    “Tahiri, do not backtalk my orders again. That is my only warning.”

    What would you without me? You would be alone, with no one to carry out your orders or secure your legacy.

    Caedus walked in a slow swaggering pace towards the front door of the building, he likely had a ship already waiting for him to take him to the Galactic Alliance Senate building. He did not so much as move the corner of his eye to look at her.

    Well I suppose, I better meet my co-workers.

    So, she began to walk towards her master’s office.
    Her master’s office was sparse, with no accoutrements or comforts of any kind. He had a few staff, civilian employees in the Galactic Alliance Guard who handled routine paperwork and bureaucratic minutiae, there was a stack of data pads on his desk.

    Tahiri sat down and began to go through to read. The first datapad she picked up had a message from some Senator she didn’t know, wrangling about budgetary allotments for the next galactic fiscal year, another she picked up was from Galactic Alliance Intelligence units in Hutt Space, from what Tahiri could tell, it was mostly speculation and hearsay as they had not been able to infiltrate the high levels of the Hutt clans at all. She picked up another datapad and tapping the screen, saw a message that read, “High Priority Report:” and so she read further.

    Above Top Clearance Only,

    We have firm reason to suspect malicious intent from our Imperial allies. Despite their aid in helping the Galactic Alliance prevail in recent engagements, it is the conclusion of GAG Intelligence that the Imperials are plotting to usurp the Galactic Alliance as the premier power in the galaxy. They plan on doing this using several methods. These include,

    • Weakening our forces while keeping their own mostly intact and unbloodied.
    • Tying GA resources down in secondary theatres and preventing negotiated peace making with elements of the enemy coalitions.
    • Hard line use of super weapons, including biological and ecological munitions which can be blamed on the Galactic Alliance, due to close collaboration of our forces and shared command.
    • Keeping channels open with the Corellian Confederation. Note: Turr Phennir, the supreme commander of the Confederate armed forces and the de facto first among equals of the Confederate governance structure is of course a former imperial himself. We believe with a high degree of certainty that the Moffs and Remnant Intelligence have been in communication with him, through indirect and possibly direct channels. The implications of this are obvious, if the war turns against the alliance then the Remnant can change sides or make a favorable peace with someone, they deem one of their own.
    Several recommendations have been constructed in response to these aims by GAG intelligence, Galactic Alliance Naval Intelligence, and the Galactic Alliance Diplomatic Service Corps. These include:

    • Tactfully insisting they contribute their manpower including the most elite Stormtrooper units to the frontline.
    • We must not allow our focus to become distracted from our primary objectives. The more spread out our forces, the more the Remnant benefits. Also, it is our recommendation to Colonel Solo that attempts be made to split the Jedi Order, with lenient penalties for their current status as terrorists and deserters.
    • Superweapons including the recent nanovirus project have their uses but must be used sparingly and with extraordinary caution. The Remnant must not be allowed to control narratives of super weapons use after the fact.
    • We recommend to the Chief of State that pressure be applied on the Imperials, through high level channels, including the threat of sanctions and other post war punitive actions.
    Joint Intelligence Directors of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances,

    I probably wasn’t supposed to read that.

    There were dozens of datapads piled up on her master’s desk, still unread. Tahiri sighed as she resigned herself to a day of monotonous boredom and managerial work.

    Is this what being a Sith apprentice is? Reading holo mail and signing mundane documents?

    Tahiri continued reading datapads, holomail notifications, and letters written on sheets of flimsiplast. It was boring, mostly mundane business of government, notifications of media reports, dossiers of known terrorists and subversive elements on Coruscant, and the occasional top-secret document, intended for her master’s ears. There were documents from as far back as two months before, and Tahiri struggled to keep everything organized and to make sure she had read everything.

    Tahiri heard a beeping noise at the door, and through the force she could sense the person on the other side was breathing heavily, having come here with great urgency.


    The door opened and entered was a young Duros male entered with great haste.

    “Lieutenant Veila, I don’t mean to interrupt, I’m one of Colonel Solo’s secretaries, we were informed that you were the senior officer present at GAG headquarters.” The man said, clearly huffing and from what Tahiri could tell, eager to please.

    “Is that so?” Tahiri replied sardonically.

    Is he going to give me even more paperwork?

    “Its my job to organize and stamp, Colonel Solo’s paperwork and read non classified documents. Saves him time and headaches.”

    “I wanted you to know you didn’t have to do all this managerial work, that’s for us staff and not yourself.”

    “And you didn’t show up earlier?” Tahiri asked, palpably frustrated.

    “I apologize, m’am, we were only informed of your presence here five minutes ago.”

    “Five minutes ago!” Tahiri was agitated now.

    Was this some joke on her master’s part? Some display of subtle disdain?

    “Colonel Solo was very busy for most of the day, he’s been in a high intensity meeting with the leading moffs and his staff. He informed me and the other civilian staff that he had forgotten to order us to assist you.”

    “Your lack of initiative is noted…”

    “I apologize it will not happen again.” The Duros looked at her with fear. Tahiri noticed how his eyes glazed down her torso, to her visible lightsaber clipped to her uniform belt.

    “I hope so.” Tahiri said in response. One of the things her master had taught her was to not discourage the fear of her subordinates.

    “Ideally, you don’t wish the men and women under your command to obey solely out of fear, but if they do, you should rely on the fear they already have to make the best use of them.”

    “Stack all these datapads and flimsipasts, anything you see that says Top Secret or Above Top Secret, set aside, also I’d like this office cleaned, its almost as musky as the swamps of Dagobah, and turn on the damned air conditioning, when Lord Caedus returns this office better not have anything less recent than the day he arrives.” Tahiri commanded firmly.

    “Yes m’am.”

    “I’m going to go get something to eat, I will be back in the hour.”

    I hear there’s a restaurant not far from here that serves GAG personnel, I think I’ve earned it.”

    “Also, what is your name?” Tahiri asked.

    “TaRachi SiRaal, m’am.”

    Tightening her shirt, Tahiri left the small office she had spent the eleven hours in.

    Over the intercom, another buzzer sounded.

    “Lieutenant Veila”, a female voice ringed.

    “Urgent message from Colonel Solo, please report to the Comms Room.”

    I hope this isn’t secretary work.

    Tahiri sprinted down the corridor towards the Comm Room, passing various aides, secretaries, GAG soldiers, and droids along the way.

    She entered the small room and saw the holoprojector, and before her appeared the visage of her master.

    “Tahiri, I have to leave Coruscant tonight, the Jedi have ambushed Admiral Bwua’tu’s Sixth fleet in the Harrin System, I’m leaving with the Galactic Fourth Fleet and the Imperial Second Fleet to relieve him.”

    Rebel alliance tactics, Master Skywalker wants to prolong the war and wear us down.

    “Won’t the Jedi be gone by then?” Tahiri asked.

    “The Sixth fleet was heavily damaged; the coalition fighters withdrew after sustaining moderate losses.” Caedus intoned.

    “So, are you hunting Jedi or relieving him?”

    I wonder if he hopes, I’ll discover the Jedi base again.

    If the force wills it, both.” Her master answered with a tone of brusque authority.

    “That is why you will hold Coruscant in my absence, I have informed Moffs Jowar and Rosset they are to treat you with the same courtesy they treat me, and you will reciprocate in kind.”

    “Understood master.” Tahiri said kneeling in obedience.

    “I have also informed the Advisory Council and the Senate of my departure, they will obey any order you give in my absence, and the garrison of Coruscant is at your disposal.”

    “My lord, couldn’t this be a trap?” Tahiri asked somewhat timidly.

    “Of course, it is.” Her master replied softly.

    “Luke wishes to lure me into a wild bantha chase, and I plan to spring the trap.”

    “You are to hold Coruscant and ensure no attempt is made, either by our Imperial friends to cause trouble or from ill conceived Jedi infiltration plans.”

    “Do you understand your orders, apprentice?” Caedus interrogated.

    “Yes master.”

    “Good, I will see you again when I return.”

    Tahiri felt out of breath and her sight looked cloudy.

    I’m in charge of Coruscant.

    She nearly fainted.

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    May 11, 2016
    That´s something a cult leader, or a maniac would say. Not sure to wich one Jacen is currently closer. ;)

    Again, Luke would consider both of these more important, gosh that stiupid plot device.

    As I said before everything Ben is, is because of his father. He never became his own person.

    That is defenetly a valid concern, Tahiri is already smarter than Count Dooku ever was.

    At this point keeping Tahiri as his aprentice kinda becomes problematic, if he has to rely on threats on even such a level it shows what a weak leader he actually is.

    Not a major suprise if one thinks about it, the imperials would have hardly any intrest to follow Jacen for real.

    Best idea would probably to scrapp superweapon projects and use the resoucres on conventional warfare.

    Probably not, but its still important.

    Luke never stopped being a rebel didn´t he?

    Here we get the answer, defenetly cult leader. ;)

    At least savy enough to get that.

    That is defenetly quite a lot of work.

    Nice chapter, good to see Tahiri´s point of view. Your version of her is defenetly infinitley superior to the one we get in the books. :)
  10. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    I really like getting Tahiri's POV in this was a long time in coming!

    Jacen seems to want unwavering subservience....which really isn't the roll of an apprentice. As Tahiri says:
    Jacen needs her and he should probably treat her that way...he could start by not having her kneel!

    I'm a little confused by SiRaal....he should have been organizing the mail whether Jacen was in the office or not! Tahiri needs a better secretary, methinks.
  11. Darth Invictus

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    Aug 8, 2016
    Caedus didn't bother informing his staff, that she was there and needed assistance.

    Jacen and Tahiri are both high ranking government officials, I do think it makes sense Jacen would in giving Tahiri orders forget to acknowledge he has a bunch of paper pushers to do the mundane shuffling and stamping for him and thus for her.
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    Paperwork. Truly, Darth Caedus is a cruel master.
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    Chapter 7

    “I can sense his presence, in the force.”

    “Can you sense his plans?”

    “You know it doesn’t work like that Dad.”

    “I’m sorry sweetie, I’m as concerned as you are.”

    “I know.”

    “Anyway, he probably hasn’t left Coruscant.”

    I shouldn’t be too hard on him.

    “I, I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

    “It’s alright dear, I’m just an old man whose doesn’t know all that much about being a Jedi beyond what his Jedi daughter tells him.”

    Perhaps I should have been a Jedi, and not a Queen. Perhaps I chose wrong. Maybe I should have encouraged Jaina to marry my father, maybe she would still be alive, maybe there would be no war.

    “I’m torn on what to do father.” “I had allowed myself to hope that Luke would have finished the war by now.”

    Isolder went over to the drink dispenser and poured two glasses of Corellian wine, one for himself and one for her.

    Handing her a glass, he said.

    “Corellian wine, 32 ABY a good year from what our Confederate friends tell me”.

    Tenel Ka sipped the glass and felt the taste. It was drier and thicker than the wine on Hapes. She was thankful regardless, as it calmed her strained nerves and relaxed her shoulders.

    “The Jedi have withdrawn from the Transitory Mists, the Confederation is licking its wounds, and Caedus outnumbers us.”

    “What courses of action are you considering?” Her father asked in a stern yet gentle voice.

    “I could withdraw all our forces back to our space.” Tenel Ka said, this being the easiest option to think of at the moment.

    “If you did that, Caedus might decide to simply cordon off Hapes and wage war on the Jedi and Confederation with us unable to intervene.”

    And then he could destroy Hapes at his leisure.

    “I know which is why I have dismissed a total withdrawal.” Tenel Ka said in response.

    “Our forces are weakened and scattered; I’ve seen my troops. Their beaten down and tired.”

    “This war has lasted less than a year and we have lost over half of our fighting capacity.”

    “Perhaps then,” Her father began.

    “Perhaps we should seek a more cautious approach, maybe Master Skywalker will put some trick out of his robe and a quick end to the war will be gained after all.”

    He already tried that once, and it got a good woman, a friend of mine, it got her killed.

    “The war is shifting in Jacen’s favor, the Confederation is on its knees, and the Jedi are reduced to Rebel Alliance tactics, a form of warfare which we are unsuited.”

    Her father rubbed his chin with his fingers, looking thoughtful, and then replied.

    “Rebel alliance tactics beat the Empire.” Isolder said.

    “It took twenty years of war for it do so.” Tenel Ka said in response.

    “Somehow I don’t think Jacen’s government is that stable.” Isolder said, with a tiny hint of optimism in his voice.

    “I’m sorry to disappoint on that father, but from what my intelligence reports tell me that is far from the truth.” Tenel Ka as she sipped her wine feeling a little bit lightheaded.

    “Oh?” Isolder’s mouth curled in surprise.

    “I’m not on your formal privy council, so my knowledge of these things is limited to what you tell me and what you allow your staff to tell me.”

    Keeping you in the loop would not make the situation any better.

    “Jacen is remarkably popular on Coruscant and in the core.” Tenel Ka said, straightening up on the bed.

    “The citizens of the GA, don’t know what he’s up too.” Tenel Ka sighed.

    “They don’t even know how he seized power.” Tenel Ka said in an exasperated tone.

    “There seems to be no way, at least no easy way to dislodge him and I am at a loss as for what Hapes can do the Jedi cannot.”

    Her father rubbed his eyes and in an entirely ungentlemanly way, guzzled down a large portion of his wine.

    “All I know to tell you is to endure.” Her father said.

    “Its something Master Skywalker said once, to your mother.”

    “The force always bends towards triumph of the light, whether it take a day or a thousand years.”

    If only things were so simple.

    Over the intercom system, a husky female voice spoke.

    “Queen Mother, the Princess wants to see you.”

    Isolder looked at her and Tenel Ka saw something she had not seen in a long time. He smiled.

    One of the doors to her bedroom opened and in walked a girl no more than five. Getting off the bed, Tenel Ka ran over and swept up Allana in her arms.

    “How was your day sweetie?”

    “I learned about adding and subtracting and proper etti...ettiquick.” Tenel Ka chuckled.

    “Etiquette sweetie, not ettiquick.”

    Despite the war, and their increasingly perilous situation Tenel Ka had ensured Allana did not fall behind in her daily lessons, from academic subjects like math, to more social subjects like basic etiquette, as Hapan Crown Princess, it was incumbent she receive a well rounded and more importantly excellent education.

    She carried Allana back to the Queen size bed and gave her to Isolder.

    “Grandaddy” The girl cooed, as she put her little hands on his face and hair.

    “How was your day sweetie?” Isolder asked as he looked at her lovingly.

    “It was good. I don’t like subtracting though.” Allana replied, her red hair bobbling as she bounced on the bed.

    “And why is that sweetie?”

    “Because I want to see things grow, to get bigger, not to get smaller.”

    She might be a conquering queen one day. Or she might rival the Muuns for business acumen.

    “Can I get you anything to drink sweetie before bedtime?”

    “Blue milk” Allana said with the sweetest smile on our face.

    Getting out of the Queen size bed, Tenel ka walked to the closet on the far side of the room, and opened a closet door, that was about a quarter of the size of the bedroom itself. Within it was a cooler in which drinks and snacks could be acquired, without asking the staff or ship’s culinary personnel to make something. Finding a large bottle of sweet blue milk, Tenel Ka walked back to the bed and handed it to Allana.

    It was probably more than she should have had at this hour, but Tenel Ka was in an indulgent mood for her, after so much bad news.

    Allana took big gulps as Tenel Ka and Isolder sat silently on the bed with her, finishing their wine glasses. For a moment, Tenel Ka relaxed and breathed at peace.

    “Well I’m going to retire for the evening, I recommend the Crown Princess do the same, its bedtime.”

    Allana looked sullen for a moment, but Tenel Ka looked her daughter in the eye, with a stern glare and she did not speak out of turn. She hopped off the bed, and walked toward the door, her room being merely 2 meters away from her mother’s.

    Seeing her off to her room, Tenel Ka was now alone in her bedchamber.

    If the war keeps on going badly, if Master Skywalker can not defeat Caedus, then, then I will have to face him down.

    Suddenly Tenel Ka heard a knock on the door.

    “Your majesty”. Someone yelled from outside in the hallway.

    Now in her pajamas, Tenel Ka sighed and walked to open the door.

    Behind the door was a Hapan Royal Guardswoman, her expression one of fear and utter anxiety, to say nothing of what Tenel Ka sensed through the force.

    “We have been alerted, to the presence of three enemy fleets heading in this direction.”


    Jacen was on Coruscant and B’wuatu had gone to Kashyyyk, last time she had heard the intelligence reports.

    “Which fleets?”

    “The Galactic Alliance Fourth fleet, the Imperial Second Fleet, and the Galactic Alliance Sixth fleet”

    “Fleet command wants to know what our orders are”.

    Outnumbered Three to One. If Jacen wants a battle, I will give him one to remember.

    “Caedus wants to strike now while we are scattered, while we are running and hiding.”

    “Summon the Home Fleet, though I doubt they will make it in time.” Tenel Ka said, now Queen Mother, not mother.

    “How long do we have to prepare?”

    “Five standard hours, your majesty.” The guardswoman replied.

    “My order is to hold position here, once they jump out of hyperspace, we will meet them with a barrage of rotating turbolaser batteries.”

    “I will inform the admirals, your majesty.” With that, the woman sprinted back down the hallway.

    So, Lord Caedus is coming for Hapes. For me. For Allana. And I will greet him with a Dathomiri kiss.
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    May 11, 2016
    She is pretty hard on everyone all things considered.

    That would have probably prevented a lot of suffering.

    This just tell us how little she actually cares for Jacen, instead of trying to reach out to him she just isolates herself and hopes someone else kills him.

    Has me think back to NJO where they loose their entire fleet and basically have it completly back a year later.

    And where, were you when your friend went to fight in the war?

    Wich is actually crazy when you consider Palpatine was a madman running a racsist sexist empire, whereas Jacen is pretty clam compared to that.

    That would make more sense, yes.

    Can only agree with that, hated math from year 1 to 12 in school.

    Tought at least you would avoid that meme. ;)

    Smart move, during the Vong War the Jedi used Hapes as a place to find shelter, takeing it quickly and thus denying them an ally should be one of Jacen´s top priorities.

    That´s defenetly a lot of bravado, maybe evacuating Allana might be smart here? Or at least hide her?
  15. Darth Invictus

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    Aug 8, 2016
    In fairness she's under a lot of pressure, and queen's don't have the luxury of generosity.

    I want to write or read a fanfic of a Dark Journey AU where Jaina does actually marry Isolder. And yeah it would prevent a lot of suffering.

    She gave up on him after Kashyyyk. Understandable given Jacen's actions, but yes she's resigned to hoping someone else does the dirty work and sparing her the pain.

    The hapans have three fleets technically, not including whatever ships the nobility can scrounge up. The Seventh Fleet(the one she's with) was rebuilt. In terms of total strength though, they are a lot weaker than at the beginning of the war.

    Allana likes to see things increase.

    How could I avoid it? :)

    Jacen may or may not know if Tenel Ka is actually here with this fleet. Smashing the Seventh fleet means the Hapans are reduced to the Home Fleet and another fleet far out of position.

    In the event the battle was lost, Tenel Ka would flee back to Hapes with Allana or rather that would be her plan.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    That seems to be a desperate approach...hoping that a miracle can save you.

    Well, there's always that third option: offer a cease-fire. Jacen probably isn't going to want to invade Hapes...that's too hard a slog, so offer terms and regroup.

    An interesting chapter, I always like reading Tenel Ka. I had assumed, though, that they were on Hapes vice aboard a Battle Dragon, so you should probably have something at the beginning telling us where they are!

    I'm not sure what Jacen has planned here....the whole point of his sithness is to save Allana, right? And he's going to risk getting her killed in a major battle? Seems a bit....odd.
  17. Darth Invictus

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    Aug 8, 2016
    Jacen may or may not be aware Tenel Ka is with the seventh fleet. If he was, he’d likely have a capture order on her and Allana.

    Next Jacen chapter will elucidate this.
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    Chapter 8

    The Singing Hutt was gaudier, fancier, and even more exquisite than what Tahiri had been told. Located about a kilometer away from the Galactic Alliance Justice Department building it was one of the most exclusive restaurants on Coruscant. The waiters were all dressed in old Alsakani finery, with a band playing classical music, from great musicians of the past twenty thousand years, paintings adorned the walls including the famous rendition of the Dha Werda Verda by ancient Republic artist Daran Saran.

    Tahiri sat by herself in a table made of marble and porcelain, sipping on her Chandrilan wine, and nibbling at her sweetened bread wafers. Around her were Coruscanti celebrities, financiers and corporate CEOS, alongside their dates, wives, mistresses, and smatterings of staff, politicians whispering, and other such notables all eating, drinking, and carousing. It was strange to sit among them, Tahiri despite being a former Jedi had never interacted with galactic high society and felt like a Tusken on Kamino.

    I ought not tell Lord Caedus I got in here without money, and simply used a force trick on the concierge as well as pulling rank on the manager.

    Tahiri chuckled at that, her master might be mildly displeased with her use of her time and the force for her casual enjoyment, but what was being the de facto chief of state, much less a Sith apprentice worth if you couldn’t enjoy yourself a little bit?

    From the kitchen, Tahiri noticed a Mon Calamari waiter walking in her direction, dressed in a suit which accentuated his fish like features, as his eyes contacted her own.

    “Lieutenant Veila, your bantha steak will be ready in around ten minutes”. The Mon Calamari waiter said.

    “Is there anything else I can get for you while you wait m’am?” He asked.

    “Just another class of wine please.” Tahiri said in response.

    “Yes ma’am” The Mon Calamari waiter said in response and then hurried over to a table across from hers.

    I’ll need to get back to the Senate building before midnight, just to check in before I got to bed.

    Reaching into her side pocket, Tahiri felt for her comlink, and looked at the screen.

    Five Notifications

    I’ll look at it later.

    Tahiri leaned back in her velvet chair and took a deep breath. Her master was going to relieve B’wautu and had taken most of the military forces on Coruscant with him, and all she had to do was keep Coruscant warm for him.

    If this isn’t some test, I’ve already failed.

    “Lieutenant Veila, your bantha steak is here.” The Mon Calamari waiter said.

    Tahiri took a bite with her knife and fork, exquisite, better than anything I’ve had to eat in years.

    “Thank you, its very good.” Tahiri said softly.

    “Your welcome, tell us if there is anything you need.”

    The waiter bowed slightly in respect and hurried back to the restaurant’s kitchen. Other staff hurried between tables taking orders, delivering plates, and hearing whispered complaints from customers. The customers seemed engrossed in their own little realities, utterly divorced from the ongoing galactic war or even the terrorist attacks that had happened mere months before on Coruscant itself.

    None of them seemed remotely interested in her, a GAG agent, sitting alone and eating in their presence. She had garnered a good many stares to be sure when she walked past the waiting area of the restaurant, though it wasn’t for her role in defending this world, and these beings, but merely due to her beauty and feminine charms.

    She leaned back in her chair, and remembered a different time,

    Anakin was training in the courtyard, a gaggle of girls standing less than three meters away, Twi’lek, human, Devaronian, and more species than she could remember, all staring at him with gaping eyes, hoping he would return the favor and look in their eyes, not look at the pack of them, but just the one.

    He turned around after striking an imaginary enemy, and his eyes met hers. She felt a rush of purest joy, and her face turned as red as Yavin’s clouds. He tilted his head and smirked and she felt her heart clawing out of her chest, he’s mine, he’s mine, he’s mine.

    A few moments later, the training session ended, and the gaggle of girls filtered out behind him, and Anakin walked over, “Hey Tahiri, I was hoping you’d join me in the training yard.” Anakin said with that deep soothing yet strangely solid voice.

    “I’m not nearly as good of a duelist, as you I’d have just made myself a joke for your audience.” They did spar privately, but Anakin won those bouts nine times out of ten, and Tahiri was sure he was letting her win the one out of ten.

    “Your too harsh on yourself Tahiri, and you know I would never let you be looked down on in public, especially in front of our peers.”

    He put his arm around her shoulder as they walked out of the Jedi temple. Placing a firm kiss on her cheek, Tahiri held him as hard as she could. Despite the Vong…their future, their lives together, had barely begun…

    The steak was half eaten, and many guests were leaving, Tahiri noticed a human man with a twi’lek woman walking arm in arm. They were both ornately dressed, with his hand hovering over her rear, and her fingers tracing along his back, as she slowly nibbled at his ear.

    Tahiri looked at the table again, and saw the waiter had put the bill near her wine glass. Tahiri looked at her reflection in the plate.

    I only have my master.

    The manager of The Singing Hutt alongside the waiter as she began to stand up, the alcohol making her stumble a little.

    “Ms. Veila, was your meal satisfactory?”

    The manager asked. A Togruta woman who from what Tahiri could tell was in her later fifties.

    “It was good, I just didn’t have as large an appetite as I thought I would be coming in.” Tahiri responded.

    “You don’t need me to pay for this.” Tahiri said, accessing the power of the force over the manager and the waiter at her side.

    In unison, the Togruta and Mon Calamari responded, “We don’t need you to pay for this.” They nodded in obedience. Neither being strong willed enough to even flicker with resistance when the force was applied to their minds.

    Stumbling a little, Tahiri pulled down her uniform and wiped off little flakes of food spilled. Slightly nodding to the manager and waiter, she hurriedly walked out of the building. Her speeder was parked on the side of the building, hovering above the artificial ground.

    I guess I better check my comlink.

    Sliding into her speeder, Tahiri pulled out her comlink and looked at it again.

    14 New Notifications

    Clicking on the screen,

    Lieutenant Veila, we have a crisis situation in Camp 0123

    We need assistance now, major riot in progress!

    Major GAG teams have been dispatched; the prisoners are armed!

    Keeping media offsite, risk of spread high

    Tahiri turned the comlink off and slammed a fist into the console.

    Dammit. Probably rowdy Corellians who managed to overpower a few guards and the desk jockeys at HQ are overreacting, I’ll head over there just to make sure its all settled. There’s no way could have started a full-scale uprising, at worst, at worst this probably a scattered riot. Worst thing would be letting the tabloids and “citizen” journalists get wind of this and blow it out of proportion. Then, then there would be a problem.

    Tahiri turned on her speeder, and drove quickly, swerving past the vehicles in the Coruscanti sky lanes, passing passengers out for the night, advertisement blimps, and larger transports moving past the sleek craft that zoomed across Coruscant.

    Moving her fingers to her lightsaber, she reflexively gripped the hilt and pressed her fingers to the blade ignition button.

    If I’m lucky, this will all have blown over by the time I get to the office.

    The Galactic Alliance Justice Department was now in sight, and Tahiri accelerated. Moving in a diagonal arc towards the open space at the front of the building, with the Galactic Alliance Guard headquarters not far away.

    Tahiri jumped out of the speeder, and rushed inside, moving so fast the environment began to blur around her. Sprinting to her office, she found the surrounding room populated by security droids and men and women looking at a viewscreen.

    “What’s going on here?” Tahiri asked loudly.

    Turning to face her at attention, the gaggle of soldiers and civilian staff looked askance.

    “Lieutenant Veila, there’s an ongoing a prison riot in Camps 0123, 0124, and 0126.” The man was a corporal in the guard, and he looked fresh, probably pulled out of the regular military.

    “How did this happen?”

    Jacen is going to be very angry, when he learns I was partying on the town when this happened, best he doesn’t know.

    “We aren’t sure, we believe there were external agitators amongst the inmates.”

    “Who?” “Jedi?”

    If Jedi infiltrators had triggered an uprising, if they had gotten on Coruscant in large numbers, the amount of damage they could do. They’d be able to coordinate the internees, provide arms and direction and engage security forces and they’d be able to win.

    “Intelligence agents on the ground don’t know, which is why we’re trying to get a handle on it via droid scanners and on-site operations.” The GAG corporal responded.

    “We were awaiting orders from you as de facto chief of state and head of the guard in Lord Caedus’s absence.”

    The men and women stood waiting, silently in appraisement and evaluation. Their expressions varied, and their posture formal, with no hint of displeasure.

    I don’t sense anger or disappointment, hopefully none of them hold my dinner trip against me. I hope they don’t. I have tortured and assassinated, and found hidden bases, surely, I can lead these men and women against some unruly insurrectionists?

    “Alright I’m going to go Camp 0123, and see if I can find the infiltrators, my comlink is open, and I will be expecting situation reports every half hour.” Tahiri said as she loosened her back and twitched her toes in her boots.

    “Is that understood?”

    The staff frantically bellowed, “Yes Mam!” in response.

    “Alright then, I’ll need you, you, and you”. Tahiri said pointing at the Corporal, a woman with a private’s pip, and a sergeant who stood at attention.

    Nodding the three GAG personnel moved to her back as she left the room.

    “We’ll take one of the Lambda shuttles”

    Tahiri said and her little squad nodded without a word.

    I need this, I need to prove I’m worthy of his respect.

    Tahiri took the controls of the shuttle, as she turned on the frequency.

    Maybe its already put down and I’ll just supervise clean up of the embers and re arrested inmates.

    The channel frequency was buzzy, and the static unbearable to listen to. Adjusting the signal, a little, as Tahiri piloted the craft over the Coruscanti skyline, she heard a beeping noise.

    “We need more men, the prisoners have overtaken the armory, the guards are barricaded in the commander’s office.”

    “Commander, this is Lieutenant Veila status update!”

    The buzzing hummed,

    “The prisoners have broken out of their cells and overtaken the armory and the maintenance checkpoints, some of our boys are held up in the lavoratory.”

    “What’s your ETA?”

    “I’ll be on top of you in thirty seconds, hold on!”

    Looking out from the cockpit of the shuttle, the internment facility was an isolated area, nearly 10 blocks long and wide, in solid duracrete, painted black, with walls around five meters thick and guard towers every 6 meters. Access from the ground was blocked. All built to defend the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

    Tahiri brought the craft into a hovering state, about a story above the command center.

    “Landing now, be ready to jump down from the roof”.

    Her squad nodded, as she moved the shuttle in a vertical dissent.

    What was that, oh Sith spit!


    The squad leaped out of the shuttle as Tahiri felt the impact of the blast, the shuttle veering as she tried to steer it to the ground.

    Beneath the window, she could see her squad on the roof, struggling to crawl downward, as the shuttle veered and jolted as it descended downward.

    “Lieutenant Veila going down!”

    I doubt anyone is in the area, other guard forces must be scattered on Coruscant.

    Holding onto the controls, Tahiri breathed in, as she created a force shield around herself, just enough to prevent the exploding engine from destroying her body entirely as the shuttle’s tattered remains slammed into the ground.

    There wasn’t much blaster fire, the skies looked clear, the occasional buzz and yelling in the distance.

    Standing up from the shuttle, it was broken into at least five pieces, her force shield had preserved the cockpit for a future museum, the rest of the ship was scattered across the pavement.

    The armory didn’t have shoulder fired rockets did it?

    Tahiri sprinted from the wreckage and saw her first enemy combatant. A Corellian man with a blaster pistol, dressed in rags with an identification number on what remained of his clothing. The man fired a shot at her, and she dodged the blaster bolt, as she sprinted in his direction.

    Pulling out her lightsaber, Tahiri slid her knees close to the ground, her head level with the man’s waist, and ignited the blade, her hair unclipped from the sheer force and swaying on the man’s side, which she cut end to end.

    The man was cut in half, his torso and head laying next to his legs and mid-section, as Tahiri sprinted further, across the open ground of the camp.

    Near her position, Tahiri could hear voices screaming.

    “Keep on blasting, we’ll dig underneath em if we have too!”

    “We ought to blow it up, building and gaggers and all!”

    Their trying to destroy the camp HQ, probably with improvised explosives.

    Offices and checkpoints surrounded the internment camp’s HQ, and the voices seemed to come from within them.

    Crouching in the open, Tahiri moved slowly to the largest satellite office, and briskly she pulled out her comlink.

    “This is Lieutenant Veila, I’ve engaged the internees. Status report planetwide?”

    “Eh, roger, we have probes orbiting the area, but we’re trying to keep this as low profile as possible, official policy in the event of an internee uprising is not to attract attention by putting a spotlight on the fire.”

    “Thanks, I could have sworn I read that in our field manual.”

    “It was actually in our contingency planning booklet”.

    Tahiri tried to suppress a laugh while crouching towards the main satellite office.

    “Most of the prisoners seem to be congregated in the barrack on your left, probably to avoid aerial bombardment and prepare an ambush”.

    “Thank you for the information, Tahiri out.”

    “Oh, uh what was your name again?” She asked softly over the comlink?

    “Jax Ryzan, I’m one of the analysts at GAG HQ”.

    “Thanks, I’ll be sure to recommend you for a promotion next time evaluations roll around.”

    “Tahiri out”.

    The sky above her was dark, and traffic in this sector of Coruscant had been cordoned off, Tahiri could see lights orbiting above her, miles ahead.

    Probably the probes.

    Sneaking closer to the cube shaped building, she could hear voices.

    “Tell the prisoners to attack on my signal, if we can’t blast them, we’ll storm them!”

    “Yes sir!”

    Their going to try and overrun the guard house, must not be able to sap underneath it or blow it up.

    Tahiri moved herself into position, and with a force empowered kick, the door slammed into the floor. Rushing in, she dodged two blaster bolts headed straight in her direction, leaping and swirling in a side ways motion, and then landing on her feet, cutting down the first target in front of her, a bothan, then the other two Bothans tried to run out of the building, through the blasted door.

    But before they could make the distance, they were slammed up and hit the ceiling, and then thrown into the wall, two times, three times, four times, and then onto the floor.

    Drawing her lightsaber, Tahiri stepped over the spilled flimsipaste and knocked over desks and pointed it at the stunned men on the ground.

    “Lay down your weapons and put your hands behind your head.”

    One of the Bothans tried to force himself off the ground, for his trouble Tahiri blasted him with a round of force lightning and he was back sprawled on the floor.

    The other Bothan started to chew his teeth.

    Oh no you don’t.

    Tahiri forced open his mouth with and she could hear his jawbone break from the power exerted, as a small colorless pill floated deftly into her hand.

    Suicide capsules, they must be, they must be Bothan intelligence operatives!

    Pulling out her comlink, and opening it up Tahiri spoke into it.

    “Ryzan, there are Bothan operatives in the internment facilities, I’ve captured two of them.”

    “Have you confirmed that?” The man on the other end asked excitedly.

    “They haven’t confessed to it, but one of them tried to take a suicide capsule, that was embedded in his mouth, and they seem to have provided the prisoners with a small amount of weapons, including anti-ship rockets.”

    “Orders?” Ryzan asked.

    “Get the Coruscanti police and the guard alerted, I don’t care if this disturbs or alerts the media or the populace, we could have a planned uprising on her hands.”

    “Confederate sleeper cells, are here, and are stirring up unrest amongst the detainees.” Tahiri spoke loudly into the comlink.

    “Yeah, right on it, do you want a show of force in the internment camps, or something broader?” Ryzan asked.

    “I want all police including the damned traffic police mobilized, I want any Bothan who is not already in an internment camp to be taken in for questioning, as well as any human with a Corellian accent.”

    “That’s not going to be possible, Lieutenant” Ryzan responded.

    “I don’t care, I want to overreact and avoid an insurrection rather than under react and let one happen while I’m running this planet.”

    “The Coruscanti police have been notified and all Guard units are on notice, as well as the garrison of Imperial stormtroopers.”

    “I hope…”

    “What was that Ryzan?”

    “I hope your wrong, I hope we haven’t had this spectacular of a failure in a single night.”

    Caedus will cut me to pieces if I fail.

    “For all our sakes, let’s just try and get through the night.”
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    May 11, 2016
    Ironically the Jedi in many ways have been the galactic high society under Luke´s leadership in recent times.

    So in the GFFA you also have to give your personalities when heading to a restaurant these days? ;)

    Oh I think we all know that.

    Things like that aren´t as unlikley as one might think, giving people their used routine is actually the great idea to keep everything ordered.

    So she is still remembering him, strange, his mom and need just needed one scene to forget he even exsisted.

    Honestly just how sick is that, isn´t Jacen paying her enough?

    Really makes you wonder how qualified Tahiri actually is for her job, given how she uses her powers to dodge payments and ignores actual problems.

    As so they continue digging each others graves, being dishonest towards each other creates problems, especially in a situation like this. Also unlikley for Jacen not to find out about it. Tahiri can´t mind whipe everyone involved.

    Thing is, so far she has done nothing in that direction, quite the oppositte.

    I still find this name utterly ironic given that it has always been anything but free.

    Sad that she isn´t able to see the true reason all of this happens, and sad to what low Luke Skywalker will sink to achieve what he wants. The prisoneers are nothing but a distraction, canon fodder.

    Honestly the dumbest thing to do in this moment, because it a) plays into the Jedi´s shemes by diverting police forces from where they are needed and b) will tick so many people off against the new goverment future riots are pretty much guranteed, now and illusion is broken.

    Yeah, great chapter I think it really shows how utterly incompeted Tahiri is at her job and greatly illustrates that being a great fighter doesn´t make you a great leader, something the EU authors tended to forget all the time.
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    Interesting chapter....I am looking forward to seeing who is behind the Bothan organization. Obviously, Anedon thinks it is the Jedi, but what if it isn't?

    We see how lonely Tahiri is...and Caedus does nothing to help her with that. Pity.
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    The answer was given IIRC in the chapter.

    Tahiri is a very emotionally compromised woman. That's why she's where she is right now.