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Beyond - Legends What if they could speak for themselves? (OC Comedy Challenge 2021)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Anedon , Jan 31, 2021.

  1. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Title: What if they could speak for themselves
    Author: Anedon @Adalia-Durron
    Characters: Ethan, Adrian, Ilona Malek, Amber, Adalia Tehanis, Marie Firestone and others
    Genre: Humor, Meta
    Summary: Various OC characters of Myself and Adalia meet and discuss their authors and plotlines.

    Notes: This story features characters from the Black Sheep and The Last Stand rpgs, plus one character from The Final Game a Story of Selenia, our Guardians of the Light characters as well from Adalia and mine Adrian/Marie verse, plus characters from my Jacen Solo trilogy.Also features @Warrior_Goddess character of Marie Firestone

    Its kind of a bit of a thank you to all the people who read an comment on our stories and with that I want to give a special shout out to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha our most dedicated reader. ^:)^

    Ethan: So did you guys expect we would ever get this far, from where we originally came?

    Adrian: No, but things change. When I was first tought up I had a lifelong crush on Jaina Solo, but that never went anywhere, just as your knee injury dad.

    Marie: I thought I was fighting another kriffin' war, then suddenly I'm all up in the grill of love. Where'd that come from? It's like she never met me.

    Amber: Lucky you, she's messing with my heart like it's a toy!

    Ilona: You are not the only one. Still don't get how he thought I would ever fall for someone like Welmo.

    Adrian: Wow he got the word right for once. But I can only agree, Marie makes a joke about buying me and bang I'm in love with her. Shouldn´t I have other priorities?

    Ilona: At least you´ve got an onscreen romance, he delays any stories with me and Tobin time and time again.

    Marie: Yeah, like I'd fall for a guy did nothing more than walked into a room! There's a skill!

    Amber: Like I'd.........nope can't say that,..........people are watching :eek:

    Rooty: All I wanted to do was relive my glory days! The woman is lacking romance in her Real life and so we all have to have it here!

    Tanja: A pain he knows as well, its why he can't really write romance.

    Alec: He put most of his personal luggage in my bag though.

    Ilona: And he gets it wrong again who would have thought?

    Amber: Personal luggage? Where did she find mine? Yeah her teen years were...........sordid, but my back story is five nightmare stories in one! I got it all!

    Marie: I was minor character in a fan fic from last decade and now suddenly in some stories I'm married with three kids and leading a clan!!! What the actual hell??

    Ethan: I went from being just an Eriaduan mercenary, to having been Tarkin's adjutant, then temporary surrogate son, and eventually became a Senator, well almost speaker of Eriadu even. So I defenetly know the feeling.

    Alec: Don't even ask what some of us are up to in AU universes....

    Jay: STANG!! Don't go there! I think I'm about to fall back in to my ex's arms! Force knows how that's going to happen.:rolleyes: He hates me.

    Erbas: I do not...........but it would be nice to know what you did to me.......I'm as confused as the next person.

    Jem: Hey, I'm the loving half brother she's not bothered to talk to for years and is suddenly willing to die with her, I win.

    Ethan: Well used to these inconsistencies as well. Sometimes I'm Ambers best friend, then other times we loose pretty much all contact after the war.

    Ilona: There is still that time when she took the two of us to the simulators on Coruscant and where I got to meet Adalia as well they really need to post that and have us reference in the story.

    Adrian: Best get in line then sister. I've been waiting to speak to Adalia again for quite some time now.

    Adalia: You're blaming me? Like I have any control. I'm the stupid woman who said NO to a Jedi Master THREE TIMES.... I have no control over anything.

    Amber: And suddenly we're close, because we share a grandmother..

    Ethan: I will admit the two of you are disturbingly similar sometimes.

    Titus: Kinda ironic how close our three, or even four families are linked if you think about it. Wonder why we never appeared in the books...

    Ilona: Copyright claims I suspect.

    Adalia: Naw, anything here they rip and me. She created the Shadow Sabers about 12 years ago with Adalia Durron as their lead.........go look at Wookie about 6 or 7 years ago...... she couldn't believe it.......


    Beat that one...........and now I'm supposed to fit in this somewhere.

    Amber: That is someone is stealing her ideas!?! That's rich!

    Rooty: So I might turn up in a real SW novel?

    Jay: In your dreams...

    Jesse: I win all this, my creation was based on a guy she met at archery and thought was nice! Half her age.....creepy much?

    Gaven: I've been running around with a redeemed Solo boy years before 'save Ben Solo' became a thing, so I know how that feels.

    Nev: Her archery place has a guy who looks like Keanu Reeves?

    Adalia: Naw, nothing like him, blonde and blue eyes, but a great personality. Apparently that's important in the real world, not just the chemistry. Who knew? She's made me some half love starved teenager who missed out!

    Amber: Passion is missing in her life these days.........long time married and all.

    Rooty: So she makes us all her love action figures?

    Erbas: Such fun.

    Jem: Snorts My girlfriend doesn't even have a surname............

    Jeen: I was her son in laws character, he's not her son in law anymore yet, I'm still here.

    Alec: And I'm glad to see you friend.

    Nev: Not having a surname? Well that's nothing, my real name has never been mentioned.

    Gaven: Its actually...

    Nev: Not a word!

    Amber: Giggles I know that feeling, can't say a thing about anything..........

    Jeen: Yeah, I'm here in the forgotten area of her mind.

    Zinnia: And I'm her motherly instincts in the form of a golden dragon.

    Alec: Right, that rpg I'm sure now you brought it up he wants to go there as well. Cause you know, I'm his creative side and his interest in all stories.

    Sebastien: I was set for another one, even had a character sheet but nothing came of it, guess that makes me his countless abandoned projects.

    Thorne: I'm his laziness and tendency to make excuses for himself. But also his bookish and studious side.

    Adrian: I'm his insecurities but also his caring and loving.

    Ilona: I'm his bitterness, cynicism and also his professional work related self.

    Ethan: I have some of his physical problems while also being his cautious idealism.

    Adalia: I'm who she wants to be........and never will be. Minus the issues with commitment.

    Amber: I what she wanted to be when she was younger............she was so weak back then.

    Marie: I'm, along with a few of us, are creations based on people she used to talk to daily, but she can't let go of as they were special to her. Right Jay, Rooty, Erbas and Jem? She has a shocking short term memory but her long term is really good.

    Leah: I am named after a dear friend of his with whom he lost contact long ago. She was a great SW fan as well and I'm a tribute to her.

    Adrian: He actually knew three Adrian's in his life so far, all three drastically different but I guess I have some elements of each.

    Nev: I'm named after a random NPC in the Mass Effect Series who got brutally killed. He felt sad for her so used her name for me.

    Adrian: I can take some solace in the fact that the real Marie approves of me.

    Marie: She does? snorts Sure, what ever works for her I guess.

    Adalia: That was mean, pretty sure he's right. As I'm a projection of her own lust, pretty sure she got my partner right. :rolleyes:

    Amber: Yeah, and how'd we both get to be such good pilots? You're telling me the Force creates pilots?

    Ethan: I was a soldier my entire life, yet I suddenly become a great diplomate overnight? Well those sudden skill discoveries are canon I guess.

    Ilona: What urges me is how they constantly have myself and Marie antagonize each other, apparently to create drama and how narrow minded she and I then become.

    Marie: More lies. pats Ilona's hand. we're good friends. Respect works both ways.

    Jeen: Hey, she tried hard for me to do the right thing and I lost the girl. I was a shoe in and she made me lose the girl with her choice.

    Erbas: Her choices....we're all at the mercy of her choices and some days her mood. Her mood swings are legendary.

    Ethan: He isn't much better in that regard....

    Adrian: Speaking of Marie tough did you know he gave me creepy dreams of her ever since I was a child?

    Marie: He did what? Yikes........sorry about that. [face_talk_hand] Since you were a kid?

    Jesse: You know she's slated me to die..............that's fun to look forward too.

    Adrian: Then there is that age difference thing, Marie and I are only four years apart, yet its still treated as an issue.

    Marie: Might have been when I was 16, and you would have been what? 12? Yeah, that's an issue, but not as adults I guess.

    Titus: Fun fact, Padme is 5 years older than Anakin, Han is in the old canon 10 in the new 13 years older than Leia, Zekk is also about 14 years older than his girlfriend Taryn Zel, while Lando might take the cake with being about 17 years older than Tendra. So I think the two of you really don´t need to worry about that.

    Ilona: Is he always like that?

    Alec: I fear he is.

    Amber: That could get old fast.

    Marie: Thanks for that..........I think.

    Titus: Our authors are even further apart when it comes to age. Not that there is anything between them of course.

    Adalia: laughs. No nothing, more like a mum/son thing there!

    Alec: He calls her his Australian mother when he is talking to his real one.

    Adalia : She'd find that know that?

    Moment of Silence

    Adalia: On the Upside, I got me a Jedi Master and a baby..........who knew I had it in me?

    Amber: Same......ultimately I get what I want.........but it's taking time.

    Jay: Time, yeah we have plenty of it

    Erbas: Smiles at Jay - Enough to get where she wants us at least.

    Jeen: Gotta keep positive.

    Jessie: Right..........sure....

    Ethan: I got a happy ending with the woman I love and two kids.

    Ilona: He promised me and Tobin will get our time eventually.

    Adrian: He gave us a future.

    Titus: Our story isn't over yet...

    Marie: A future, for sure.

    Adrian: Together.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] This is perfect for another kind of fiction write up called a self-realization fic where the characters "tease" their author [face_rofl] I adore the characters Marie and Adrian for reals & when I'm not participating in a Last Stand RPG, I actually can't wait for another one! [face_party] [:D]
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    Aug 22, 2007
    Man, if my OC's could talk about me like this....:eek:

    Rooty: So I might turn up in a real SW novel?

    Jay: In your dreams...

    Loved that.

    Excellent use of breaking the 4th wall. Funny how they complain at first then gradually feel lucky for what they have.

  4. Thumper09

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    Dec 9, 2001
    Great work! At least all your OCs have each other for a support group. ;) Being a fictional character is not for the faint of heart, as we can see. :) They're doing an excellent job, though.

    It's also fascinating to see the insights gained into other authors' creative processes via a story like this and realize how similar mine are with how some of my own characters came to be. :) It's a neat learning experience.

    Great story! =D=
  5. Kit'

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    Oct 30, 1999
    I really loved this. What a cool take on the prompt and I loved that although it had comedy, the ending was really quite reflective and sweet. Love it.
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  6. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Your breaking the fourth wall here was absolutely BRILLIANT! Even without knowing all of your OCs, I knew enough to have a good chuckle at their lamenting just how hard it is being an original character. [face_laugh] I really could have quoted all of this, but the lines that really stood out to me were . . .

    [face_laugh] These characters go right for the jugular, don't they? That's a great bit of meta working its way in there, too.

    . . . character development? :p [face_mischief]

    I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything here, because I probably would have spit it out. This was gold.

    Aw! This was the perfect way to wrap this story up. [face_love]

    This was such a fun, clever response to the challenge! Well done! :D =D=
  7. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    I'm sorry I never responded, I forgot we wrote this! Thank you guys and its true about Anedon and I, I'm like his mum ;) :p