Saga What would seem fantastical to SW universe residents, besides Force abilities?

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    The denizens of the Star Wars universe have got to have entertainment, just like us. But the majority of our entertainment is sci fi and fantasy— Star Wars being a major example; the MCU and Lord of the Rings being a few others. What would the average citizen of the galaxy consider to be a sci fi concept? What would be a superhero ability that even a Jedi would find implausible? What kind of technology would be more unbelievable than hyperspace travel? What kind of creature would the average galactic citizen not assume is a real species they simply haven't heard of before? I have to imagine fantasy may not be as prevalent a form of fiction in the GFFA as it is here. But say that it is— what concepts would be considered staples of in-universe fantasy? I'll go first and say teleportation devices.
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    Ninja'ed by the big green scaly guy.

    Maybe they like fantasies set in the past, either historical or mythical past. I bet LotR would play as well in the GFFA as it does here. Of course the villains need to have powers that most would consider... unnatural.

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    I think that also depends on individual societies. For example, if a planet does not have space travel then stories about that would seem fantastical. To a water-based society tales of life living on land would be fantastical.
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    Teleportation, absolutely.
    For most of them, I think some of the things Jedi can do is the stuff of legend. Most of them have never been near one and many likely don't believe in the things they hear.

    For people who know what's possible in the GFFA, though... They do have changelings, but a creature who could change into virtually anything of any shape and size would seem made up.
    As would gods.
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    Intergalactic travel/visitors

    Time Travel


    Post-Scarcity / Replicators

    An AI/Droid Civilization

    Transhumanism / transsentientism




    Flight/Levitation (no jetpacks or speeders, just a being that can float and fly like Superman)
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    For most, the Jedi and Sith.
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    I reckon they’d enjoy Transformers.

    Or how about exploring another Galaxy? We’ve never seen or heard anything past the SW Galaxy. I wonder what’s out there… and I’m sure the SW citizens would too.

    Maybe living planets, or planet sized creatures. Maybe they find a Galaxy completely overrun by AI with no sign of people whatsoever.

    And I definitely think they’d enjoy Lord of the Rings type entertainment. A pre-technology era.