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Saga What's the Word? Drabbles! (UDC VIII) 1/22/18

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by It Is Your Destiny, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. It Is Your Destiny

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Title: What's the Word? Drabbles!

    It Is Your Destiny

    Genre: drabbles

    Characters: lots of Saga characters

    Timeline: PT / OT / ST

    Summary: The Ultimate Drabble Challenge VIII: Return of the Drabble

    Author's Notes: This is my first experience with writing drabbles. If I just don't get it, please advise.

    Disclaimer: SW is not mine. I'm just playing with the sand.


    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...​

    Week One:

    1. Valor
    'Determination,' Vader mused. He could sense it through the Force. 'It creates motion.' Sure enough, his son ascended the stairs with confidence. 'Bold.'

    Bathed in eerie orange lighting, the boy's face reminded Vader of himself... once a hero, eager and courageous.

    Smoke was rising throughout the chamber. Now face-to-face with Vader's dark silhouette, Luke waited only a moment before igniting his blue-bladed lightsaber.

    'The audacity.' Though impressed by Luke's bravery, Vader still thought the boy foolish. His crimson blade snapped into existence.

    Luke stared hard at that black helmet, for his greatest challenge was about to commence. The blades clashed.

    2. Honor
    "By the stars," Obi-Wan muttered to himself. Sprinting, he headed for the council chambers. "He better be there."

    Honoring Qui-Gon's request had proven difficult these first three years. To mentor a Padawan was one thing. Instructing a twelve-year-old Anakin Skywalker was something else.

    The boy was supposed to meet with Obi-Wan before they received their new assignment. Naturally, Obi-Wan checked the designated spot. Then, all the usual locations Anakin frequented. He was nowhere to be found.

    Now running late, Obi-Wan coped with a harsh truth. Despite the tough challenges to come, training Skywalker would remain his greatest trial of all.

    3. Sacrifice
    Jedi Master Luke Skywalker chose Ahch-To as his sanctuary. Once he refused to leave with Rey, pangs of guilt crept into his psyche. Was he truly content?

    Sitting upon a serene cliff, Luke meditated. He reached out. Expansive hangar bay... Old Ben dueling Vader. 'That's it,' Luke mused. 'Ben let Vader defeat him.'

    Kenobi becoming one with the Force helped Luke in ways he couldn't understand at the time. Now... 'Could I do the same for the Resistance? Join into the Force on my own terms?'

    Three decades after the Galactic Civil War, Luke was still learning from Ben Kenobi.

    4. Defeat
    The Empire dealt a crushing blow. After rescuing Luke from Cloud City, Leia struggled to steady her mentality. Sadness and pain threatened to consume, but she still possessed a fragment of hope. As Princess of Alderaan, she would not be defeated.

    Aboard the Redemption, Lando took the brunt of Leia's anger. "How could you?!" she snapped with tears welling up.

    All traces of his happy-go-lucky attitude gone, Lando vowed to rescue Han. Could Lando's pledge repair the damage unleashed by his betrayal? Only time would tell.

    Leia gazed out the frigate's viewport with Luke. Her shred of hope became radiant.

    5. Victory
    Lando turned around to witness the destruction of Jabba's sail barge... a mammoth explosion against the perfect blue sky. Their plan to rescue Han had somehow worked.

    'At what cost?' Leia thought. She had destroyed Jabba herself. 'Is this what it means to be a Rebel?' They had eradicated dozens of sentient beings, and incited the future wrath of many Hutts.

    Had Tarkin considered Alderaan's fate a victory? Leia felt sick to her core. Luke sensed the conflicting emotions and squeezed her shoulder. "Go to Han," he suggested.

    The desert skiff rushed them all towards uncertainty. Leia held Han, tightly.
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  2. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Wonderful drabbles about beloved and familiar characters of the SW family, building bridges between the past, the present & the future.
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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    #1. Valor -- terrific and pivotal moment =D= #2. Honor -- LOL Anakin was definitely a challenge.
    #4. Defeat -- terrific resolve from Leia, and burgeoning hope. #5 Victory -- understandable mixed emotions there. She certainly doesn't want to think she's anything like Tarkin! :eek: Going to Han confirms and affirms what truly matters. [face_love]
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  4. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    *De-lurks and smashes like button*
  5. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    Excellent set of drabbles, @It Is Your Destiny! 'sacrifice' is my favorite. I liked the TLJ connection with Obi-Wan. Drabble are one of my favorite modes of writing and the OT is a gold mine of material.
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  6. It Is Your Destiny

    It Is Your Destiny Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 1, 2014
    Thank you for the kind reply. :) This being my first experience with drabbles, I figured 'building bridges' was the way to go. Using the time period of the entire saga allowed so much possibility.
    Thanks for all the input. :) Honestly, my mind went straight to the Bespin duel upon reading the 'Valor' prompt. Luke ascending the stairs is such a bold move IMO.
    Yeah, I plan to explore more of Anakin's training in future installments. As for 'Defeat', I think it's Leia's resolve and hope that allows her to eventually forgive Lando. Her mixed emotions during 'Victory' are quite understandable. There's such a fine line between right and wrong, and I can see Leia struggling with her decision-making process.
    Thank you so much for smashing the like button. :) I'll be delurking this week as well.
    Thanks, I appreciate the support. :) 'Sacrifice' was the toughest prompt for me... it took the longest to write. I definitely wanted to create a nice parallel between 'Ahch-To' Luke and Ben Kenobi. About 'drabbles' in general, I've wanted to try them for a while. Now that I know the rules, I find drabbles so helpful as a writing exercise. And yes, OT = gold mine!