Beyond - Legends When Last I Knew You (37 ABY ? Jaina is angry with Jag and Jag doesn't know why)

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  1. Killik_Twilight

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    Apr 6, 2005
    Title: When Last I Knew You
    Author(s): Killik Twilight
    Timeframe: 1.5 years after The Swarm War
    Characters: Jagged Fel, Jaina Solo
    Summary: Jaina is mad at Jag, and Jag wonders why
    Notes: Written for the first challenge of the Jagged Fel Index, located [link=]here[/link]

    Jagged Fel sat silently in his command chair on the Fell Defender, silently studying the Chiss command crew around him.

    They were so disciplined, so organized, so efficient?

    And yet, truth be told, he didn't particularly care for any of them. Emotion was not something the Expansionary Defense Force promoted currently, had ever promoted, or would promote in the future.

    In some ways Jag thought that was a shame. Though he had been brought up under Chiss ideals and had learned to adapt to them, he'd also experienced the other side of the coin, serving with Jaina Solo among the forces of the Galactic Alliance.

    It all came back to Jaina, it seemed?

    She had loved him, betrayed him, fought him, and went against all the ideas and beliefs he'd been brought up in and lived under for most of his life.

    He, in turn, had loved her, fought against her, and years ago ? though it seemed like a lifetime ? asked her to marry him.

    Jag occasionally wondered what the Swarm War would have been like if Jaina had been his wife instead of a Joiner.

    There was nothing he could do about it now, though. Jaina and the other Jedi who had been Joined to the Killik hives were not allowed in Chiss space, under pain of death.

    Jag still heard of Jaina on occasion, though. The Fell Defender ranged beyond the borders of Chiss space, patrolling the edge of the Unknown Regions, where few besides the Chiss had gone.

    He occasionally hoped Jaina would come to see him?

    ? Several hours later ?

    Jag was in his quarters when the comm began beeping insistently. After several swipes with his hands, he hit the acknowledge button and waited for the comm officer to give him the news.

    "Commander Fel, an Alliance fighter has dropped out of hyperspace off our starboard bow. Based on sensor scans and the reply sent when we queried the fighter, it appears to be Jaina Solo."

    Jaina, here? Jag was astounded. They were only a few light-years out of Chiss space, far too close for a Jedi like Jaina to normally travel ? that, and the Defender's patrol had not been disclosed to the Alliance military authorities on Coruscant.

    The comm crackled again. "She's asking to speak to you, sir. And, sir, she seems rather angry with you."

    Jag deliberated. If he let her on board High Command might start wondering what he was doing allowing a former enemy onto one of their Star Destroyers?

    Why was she angry with him? Jag had no idea what he could?ve done to elicit a reaction like that. Jag then touched the comm panel, and said, "Lieutenant, tell the flight deck officer to arrange for a landing space for the Alliance fighter? and have someone escort Ms. Solo to my quarters."

    "Yes, sir." Jag knew the officer would mentally question his orders, but regardless, discipline held.

    Ten minutes later there was a slight knock at the door, and Jag said, "Come in."

    Jaina Solo, scarred, changed, and as beautiful as she had ever been, stepped through the door.

    "What do you want?" Jag said without preamble.

    "I came to see you, Jag," Jaina said.

    "That?s obvious. For what? To apologize for ruining my family's reputation? Our finances? For fighting against everything that I hold dear, for fighting against my civilization ? do you honestly think you can apologize for that? I must say, Jaina, I never thought I?d see you again? here.?

    ?What? You think I came all this way to apologize, Jag? You?re as dumb as you are handsome.?

    ?What did I do??

    ?Jag, you told me you still loved me. I even did my best to keep you alive while I was a part of the Nest. But have we seen each other
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    May 23, 2005
    Like I said before, Great Entry!!! =D=


    C @};- S
  3. VaderLVR64

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    Feb 5, 2004
    "I wasn?t interested in meeting you again, Jaina. You betrayed my family. You always take care of your family.?

    ?Your family isn?t mine, Jag.?

    ?It could?ve been.?

    ?So, Jag? You just said it yourself ? you weren?t interested in contacting me.?

    ?Then I believe we have nothing to talk about, hmm, Jaina? Get off my ship.?

    She glared at him, daggers in her eyes. ?Gladly. And, of course, you won?t hear from me again.?

    ?Of course,? he said, glaring back.

    She left, leaving Jag to contemplate what had just happened.

    Loved the ending! Heck, I loved the whole thing! Nicely done! =D=

    Even with her absence, he still had no idea why she was mad at him.
  4. Killik_Twilight

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    Apr 6, 2005
    Thanks. :D

    Hahahaha, thank you very kindly. :)

  5. Kidan

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    Jul 20, 2003
    That was very interesting. The way they dance around each other, and their own respective issues concerning the other.

    Yet for all their dancing, they forget to settle down and figure out exactly what is wrong.

    And of course, that is the point of their relationship post NJO....

    Great job KT!
  6. Flowerlady

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    Dec 14, 2005
    Great entry...

    I have to agree with Kidan though...They never seemed to stop dancing long enough to take the deep breath they both needed and find out just what the other is thinking....

    FL @};-
  7. Killik_Twilight

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    Apr 6, 2005
    Thanks. :)

    Ain't that the truth? They fight and fight, but never just stop.

    Thankies. :)

    Yep. 'Tis sad; :(

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