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Census Which dictator is the least bad?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Lord Vivec, Mar 3, 2020.


Which dictator is the least evil?

  1. Emperor Palpatine

  2. Gul Dukat

  3. System Lord Anubis

  4. God-Emperor Leto II

  5. Emperor Staleek

  6. Head Admin JointheSchwarz

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. poor yorick

    poor yorick Ex-Mod star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP - Game Host

    Jun 25, 2002
    I read the the thread title as “Which director is the least bad.”

    The answer is Kershner, but obviously they’re all terrible.
  2. CT-867-5309

    CT-867-5309 Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 5, 2011
    btw I posted ITT but I did not actually vote. Seemed fitting.
  3. Darth Chiznuk

    Darth Chiznuk Superninja of New Films star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Oct 31, 2012
    First I need to find out how well their literacy programs worked. Only then can I make a decision.
  4. dp4m

    dp4m Also a Narc star 10

    Nov 8, 2001
    He's on my team, sorry.
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  5. vncredleader

    vncredleader Force Ghost star 5

    Mar 28, 2016
    Had the privilege of seeing him play in person IIRC
  6. heels1785

    heels1785 JCC Manager star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 10, 2003
    god-emperor leto 2, as he shares a name with an actor who participated in what was formerly known as the dc extended universe.
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  7. CT-867-5309

    CT-867-5309 Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 5, 2011
    I'm changing my vote to Korean dictator and former Diamondbacks submariner Byung-hyun Kim.
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  8. Adrian the Cool

    Adrian the Cool Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 3, 2012
    Besides Palpatine, I only know the Emperor from Dune, so I voted for Leto. I am not into cheesy sci-fi shows like Star Gate.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2020
  9. Lord Vivec

    Lord Vivec Chosen One star 9

    Apr 17, 2006
    wow okay
  10. Darth Guy

    Darth Guy Chosen One star 10

    Aug 16, 2002
    I see why you're called Adrian the Cool.
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  11. anakinfansince1983

    anakinfansince1983 Nightsister of Four Realms star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Mar 4, 2011