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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Sean Mason, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Double post
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    Wow! You continue to tell such a compelling story across all these eras and characters. "Shrine" and "Monastery" were especially haunting and powerful, but they were all great. Can't wait for more!
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  3. Sean Mason

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    Jun 22, 2015
    Bit behind this week as swamped with work (plus a few new projects) so this batch is up later than hoped.

    Title: WHISPERS THROUGH TIME (A Star Wars Anthology)
    Author(s): Sean Mason
    Timeframe: Throughout the saga
    Genre: Drabbles (Various genres)
    Summary: A weapon of immeasurable power intersects with many lives as whispers of evil echo for millennia...


    Mara slips back into the shadows, away from the neon glare of the street. She calls on the force as she leaps up the side of the building that will give her the best vantage point over the street below.

    Within moments she has assembled the rifle, one eye against the scope. Her nose wrinkles at the thick, dank smells that drift up from the Nar Shadaa sewers.

    There. The accountant on his way back from the Hutt’s vault. He looks nervous. The high powered scope picks out the beads of sweat on the Gran’s face. Behind him, two Weequay keep their distance.

    She fires. They go down. The accountant doesn’t even notice.


    With one last blast of his jetpack, Jango settled on floor of the temple. His blasters were on the verge of overheating but the metal monsters had been dispatched. Nothing stood between him and that blasted medallion.

    The ground shuddered. Loose dust fell from the ceiling.

    Jango’s shoulders fell. Sithspit.

    He turned to face the beast that awaited him, the monster who had risen from its slumber. It had six arms, each razor clawed. The creature was well armoured, a small but cruel face staring out from under its shifting shell body.

    No wonder Dooku didn’t come himself, he thought bitterly. Though a lightsaber or two might come in handy about now.

    Still, there was work to be done and Jango Fett wasn’t going to walk away from this job empty handed.


    Wedge rolled his X-Wing into a corkscrew, laser bolts from the pirate’s R-41 Starchaser going wide as he drew their fire, lining up the shot for Rogue Four.

    When pouring fire onto a fleeing vessel with failing shields they pirate’s had been formidable but against the pilots of Rogue Squadron, they were undisciplined and easy targets.

    “No such thing as a routine patrol,” Rogue Four said sardonically as her X-Wing unleashed a volley of blasts into the R-41’s engines. “All clear Rogue Leader.”

    “Great shot Plourr” Wedge said, flipping the comm to hail the fleeing freighter the pirates had been chasing.

    “Jeskard Deluth thanks you fine flyers for your service,” the freighter pilot laughed over the speakers, dipping his starboard side in salute. “Godspeed rebels!”

    With that, the freighter shot into Hyperspace.

    29. NO WARMING LIGHT – Excerpt from the journals of Davik P’Rul (FROST)

    One lone villager attacked us, madness in his eyes. I pushed out with the force. His body flew backwards. His skull cracked loudly against a rock. I had seen such corruption before. Trust me when I tell you that it was a mercy.

    Jorath was waiting for me. His body was wracked and weak. His power had consumed him, he had channelled all his strength through his medallion. There was to be no grand duel. He could tell I was disappointed and smiled as he passed into the force.

    I took the medallion from his hands. Perhaps I could use it for good.

    We returned to the ship. Perhaps the Chiss seek to take it from me. They will have to be dealt with.


    Swoops raced through the streets of Barons Hed, the riders eager to outrun the coming storm. Commander Woll understood the sentiment as he watched the shuttle emerging from the raging maelstrom as if the swirling sands were but an honour guard, the desert lightning a fanfare.

    He had long enjoyed his time commanding the administrator’s office and the city’s vital refuelling stations. He suspected with Lord Vader’s visit that command was nearing its end and this was simply the calm before.

    He lounged in his chair and admired the many gifts he had received from the smugglers and pirates that had passed through his modest little refuelling station without incident. Incidents, he reasoned, which would only have cost Imperial lives.

    Oh well, he mused, it was a good run while it lasted.
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    And another great set! I liked "Angel" and "Beast", and it was great seeing Rogue Squadron make an appearance. Very fitting use of the prompt. :D

    And I loved the imagery in this line.

    Fantastic job on these!
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    Jun 22, 2015
    Week seven and an opportunity to start tying some more threads together. I almost wrote the entire set around one character until inspiration took me elsewhere. And yes, when we see the word thrush in Britain we don't think of the bird first...

    Title: WHISPERS THROUGH TIME (A Star Wars Anthology)
    Author(s): Sean Mason
    Timeframe: Throughout the saga
    Genre: Drabbles (Various genres)
    Summary: A weapon of immeasurable power intersects with many lives as whispers of evil echo for millennia...


    Jeskard Deluth had always, quite literally, made his own luck so it wasn’t too much of a surprise that, when he needed the real thing, there was nothing up his sleeves.

    “You expected Derzik?” Jabba the Hutt laughed. “Derzik is dead.”

    “Jabba, I’m surprised they gave you a landing permit. Canto Bight has always attracted a more sophisticated sort,” Jeskard grinned through broken teeth. “A better class of criminal.”

    He tried to laugh, but just coughed up more blood.

    “I want the medallion Derzik hired you steal from Drakkus,” Jabba said.

    “Too late. I already passed it on to Derzik’s man,” Jeskard replied. “The blind guy. Find him.”

    This development troubled the Hutt. Derzik had no blind guy on his crew. Jabba chewed on that thought whilst he swallowed Jeskard whole.


    Jabba had wanted the medallion since that fool Zayr Longcraw had tried to use its counterfeit copy against him. Jabba had tasked Boba Fett with locating the real medallion, unaware that this was not the first time a Fett had sought the same prize, and the hunter had traced the medallion to Drakkus the Hutt who had purchased it from that wretched Aphra.

    Fett had reported that he had sighted many parties sought to claim the medallion for their own. A red-headed Imperial agent and the slicer and cheat Jeskard Deluth. Jabba knew by reputation his best bet was to intercept Deluth but the man had eluded Jabba’s pilots.

    His desire for this damn medallion was like an itch that no amount of scratching by a Twi’lek slave girl could soothe.


    The denizens of Canto Bight could hide their disgust as Jabba entered the casino. This was not a Hutt world. He was not welcome here but, thankfully, his credits were.

    This was fortunate, as it takes a lot to get a Hutt drunk and the wine in the casino was admirably extortionate. He ordered seventeen barrels of Galakian Red.

    Derzik had been his friend, or the closest a Hutt might have to one. Jabba had taken no pleasure in killing him but he would not allow anyone to try and use that medallion against him again.

    Jabba wouldn’t admit it but he was afraid, knowing there was such power in the universe, held by unknown hands. He raised a barrel of the Galakian Red to his lips and started drinking.


    “A most excellent vintage Lord Vader,” Commander Woll said, raising a glass of Galakian Red to his lips. He hoped the sweet wine would steady his nerves if not the tremor in his hand. I might just get away with this. “Hmm, yes. A very good year indeed.”

    “Do not waste my time Commander.”

    Vader stood, hands on hips, towering over Baron Heds chief administrator. Vader knew the wine in question had been a bribe, one of many, ensuring that Woll would not look too closely into the ships that came and went from his refuelling platforms. However, Vader had recently learned, whilst interrogating the captain of the Tantive IV, that dead men gave no answers. Woll’s punishment would wait.

    “Ah, yes, the shipping logs. My droids will retrieve the information you requested shortly,” the bureaucrat smiled. Just as soon as they have finished editing it.


    Mara watches Jabba the Hutt drink himself into a stupor. The accountant had been a wash out, the medallion had already been taken from Drakkus’ vault. She had investigated, identifying the slicer who had beaten her to the prize. Now it seems that she is too late again.

    The roulette wheel spins. With a nudge of the force, the ball jumps into the right slot. Mara wins again but there is no enjoyment in it. This place sickens her. She cannot believe that the Emperor tolerates it.

    No. That is unfair. Her failure sickens her and she knows the Emperor will not tolerate it.

    The dealer does not slide over her winning chits. Instead he slides over a key to one of the many rooms in the hotel above the casino.

    Mara picks it up but the dealer’s attention is already elsewhere. Perhaps there is hope yet.
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    Excellent with Vader and Mara =D=
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    Jun 22, 2015
    Couple of weeks of burnout meant I've fallen behind! Here is week 8 with weeks 9 and 10 due in the next few days. Very much enjoyed writing Luke and Han together.

    Title: WHISPERS THROUGH TIME (A Star Wars Anthology)
    Author(s): Sean Mason
    Timeframe: Throughout the saga
    Genre: Drabbles (Various genres)
    Summary: A weapon of immeasurable power intersects with many lives as whispers of evil echo for millennia...

    36. SOUP (CUP)

    Corral Nass took the cup of soup and held it, letting its heat warm their hands. They had worked hard and slept little. Hunger drove them now as the laser whips had driven them to work before. The hot metal of the cup stung their hands as the spice of the soup stung their eyes. The soup was still too hot to drink.

    The whip holder was approaching, wearing the uniform of an Emperor Corral’s people had never head of but to whom, they were told, they had always been slaves. Corral blew on the hot soup and began to sip at the edges of the cup.

    With a crack of a whip the cup flew from Corral’s hands.

    “Time to get back to work scum.”

    There was always work to be done.


    “Kid I smuggled a lot of junk,” Han said as they walked away from the crowded market. “Not sure I remember this medallion.”

    “Lando said he gave it to you directly,” Luke smiled; Han was still calling him kid after all these years.

    “Lando says a lot of things.”

    Luke truly did miss Han. Soon, Ben would be joining Luke for training and-

    “Han. We should turn back.”

    They turned only to find themselves surrounded. Four muggers, three human and a gamorrean, all wearing second hand stormtrooper chest plates that did not fit them well.

    “Did we just walk into-“

    “Uh-huh,” Luke nodded. “We’re getting old.”

    “Whatever you’ve got, hand it over,” the group’s leader said.

    “Bad idea pal,” Han smirked, revealing the blaster at his side. “Me? I’m a hero of the New Republic. Him? He’s a Jedi.”

    Han’s bravado was met by silence and then laughter.

    “There are no Jedi.”

    For the muggers, a lesson was learned that day as so many lessons are… the hard way.


    “I trust you are satisfied?” Commander Woll watched Lord Vader as the dark lord studied the shipping manifests. That damn interminable mask meant Vader was impossible to read, yet Woll started to feel like he might just survive this meeting. He poured himself another glass of wine.

    Without warning the glass shattered in Woll’s hand. With a flick of Vader’s wrist, Woll slammed into the transparisteel window. It cracked but did not give.

    “Your overconfidence betrays you Commander,” Vader said. “I am satisfied only that I have found the source of our missing Imperial resources.”

    Woll choked on his words. Blood, the colour of wine, dribbled from his mouth.

    The window shattered and he fell to the street far, far below.


    “Make your choice bounty hunter,” the count of Serreno drawled as he led Jango into the secret vault. Count Dooku placed an ancient Sith goblet in the bounty hunter’s hands. The goblet alone was worth a small moon.

    “I don’t want your trinkets,” Jango watched as Dooku lay the medallion on to a pedestal, activating the ray shield that would protect it from thieves. “I told you what I want.”

    Dooku was reluctant to authorise the creation of an unaltered clone. If the child was discovered it could ruin his masters plan. Of course, he was also reluctant to displease the bounty hunter lest he reveal that Dooku now possessed the Jorath Medallion. Dooku would use it against Sidious only when the moment was right.

    Jango returned the goblet forcefully. Dooku smiled.

    “So be it.”

    40. POISONED – Excerpt from the journals of Davik P’Rul (CHALICE)

    As we searched for Jorath, we killed anyone who crossed our path. We had to, should they be under the sway of the medallion, they would destroy us. We had to. Only the Chiss were spared. I saw it in the glowing red eyes, they craved the same justice as I. Or so I thought. Now there is a new glint in their eye, they hunger for power.

    Now Jorath is dead and the Chiss say they will help me return to the edge of Republic space. Their de facto leader, Aeyr’wauk’uadi, joined me at table this evening. We spoke as comrades. We broke bread and shared a bottle of spiced wine.

    I watched as the life left his eyes. A simple poison, but effective. The Chiss cannot be trusted with the power of the medallion. Only I, with the force as my ally, can withstand its power. I am strength. I am power.

    The medallion tells me so.
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    Superb, particularly Mug and Glass =D=
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    Hey, remember a few weeks ago when it looked like I was finally going to get back on track? Well that jinxed things somewhat didn't it? Turns out I was still pretty burned out. Anyways...

    Title: WHISPERS THROUGH TIME (A Star Wars Anthology)
    Author(s): Sean Mason
    Timeframe: Throughout the saga
    Genre: Drabbles (Various genres)
    Summary: A weapon of immeasurable power intersects with many lives as whispers of evil echo for millennia...


    The storm raged around Vader as one raged within. He channelled his hatred into raw power. The BFF-1 Bulk Freighter’s engines strained as the dark lord pulled it from the sky.

    The captain had hoped to use the storm to escape Vader’s wrath. With a final groan the engines exploded, sheered clean off by Vader’s pull.

    The freighter fell from the sky, twisting in the maelstrom. It ploughed into the fuel depot of Baron’s Hed. A funeral pyre for Commander Woll’s ambitions.

    Vader had neither the time nor patience to investigate who had been part of Woll’s conspiracy. By allowing the theft of imperial materiel, the late Commander’s staff had proven themselves either incompetent or complicit.

    Flames consumed the depot. Screams lost in the howl of wind and sand. Vader’s rage fuelled the storm. There was still work to be done.


    “No BB-8 they weren’t happy to see me,” she yelled over the roar of the wind. And the name Skywalker made them particularly angry. She would have time to think about that once she’d escaped.

    She put power into the engines of the stolen pod racer. Her pursuers were gaining. She may be fast but they knew these streets.

    Rey gritted her teeth. The street was narrowing. They were driving her into a bottleneck. An E-Web canon was waiting, nearly ready to open fire.

    She reached out to the force. To the Jedi who had come before her. It was another Skywalker who answered. Not Luke as she had expected. He guided her hands as she manipulated the power output on the engines.

    The E-Web swung into position…

    As Rey rushed overhead and out onto the open plains.


    Luke let the whorl of hyperspace wash over him. Alix sat at the controls of the Womp Rat, his hands moving expertly over the controls of the ship.

    “That’s the third time you’ve checked the systems,” Luke smiled. “Something on your mind?”

    Alix’s hands hovered over the sensor array. Luke sensed the conflict within the young Jedi in training but did not push him.

    “Every step of this journey has been stained with blood,” Alix said finally. “If we find this medallion, how do we know its power won’t consume us as it has so many before?”

    Luke considered all that he had learned of the medallion, of the force and the temptation of the dark side.

    “We don’t,” he replied honestly. “But we have to know.”


    Darth Sidious felt his grasp slipping. Vader’s destruction of the Baron’s Hed fuelling depot had been righteous, but the identity of those who sought to steal from the Empire remained shrouded from his sight. So too, had the Emperor’s Hand failed in her task to retrieve the Jorath medallion. And day by day the rebellion grew.

    Sidious’ power was waning. His body was slowly failing him. Had been since the day Mace Windu attacked him.

    The inquisitor stared at his emperor, fear and confusion consuming their every thought. Their fear fuelled their anger. Ripening the potency of their connection to the force. The emperor sensed that anger like one would enjoy the bouqet of a fine wine. The inquisitor were bound to the machine. Had been for days.

    Their power would restore the Sidious’ body.

    “I have served my emperor well,” the inquisitor said desperately.

    “You have,” Sidious replied. “And you will do so now.”

    45. A CHANGING WIND – Excerpt from the journals of Davik P’Rul (CHANGE)

    I did not expect the Jedi to welcome me back with open arms yet I did not expect them to shun me so either. They have confined me to this moon, guarded by those whom, once, I would call friend.

    The Jedi will not listen. There is sickness in the Republic. A cancer that, left unchecked, will consume all that we have fought for. I can bring peace to the turmoil. I can quell the fires of dissent.

    I shall make them listen. Already I have used the medallion on my would-be keepers which has allowed me to move freely about this abandoned temple turned prison.

    They will be the first of a new order. They will evolve. Or they will die.
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    Excellent with Vader and between Luke and Alix as they face the peril of the medallion but also the necessity of knowledge. [face_thinking]
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