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    Widow of Dracula: Florina

    Author: Ava G.
    Fandom: Dracula (with original creations as well as elements of various adaptations)
    Genre: Horror/Romance
    Summary: This is a retelling of the horror novel Dracula. Events take a drastic turn when the three vampire brides rebel against the Count. I've taken some creative liberties with the characters and settings, expanding or combining where I felt it was appropriate. For example, the three brides are (of course) named and given distinct personalities. I also combined the characters John Seward and Arthur Holmwood into Arthur Seward.
    Cast: Florina, Josephine, Levinia, Jonathan Harker, Count Dracula, Mina Murray, Lucy Westenra, Abraham Van Helsing, Quincey Morris, Arthur Seward, Carmilla
    Time: 1891

    ~ * ~ * ~ *~


    Florina ran her long tongue up Jonathan's neck. She savored particles of his youthful skin and felt his veins pulsate with hot, life-giving blood. It had been decades since her last man, and she intended to use him to the fullest.

    "Heaven forgive me." He took her by the waist and pulled her closer, mashing her breasts against his front. On either side of him, Levinia and Josephine caressed his wrists, arms, and shoulders, searching for the ideal area to tap. Their sharp canines elongated, and they bit into him. Jonathan reared back and gasped.

    Florina smiled as she felt him spasm under her. She sank her own fangs into his ripe flesh, right beside his throat. Nerves throughout her body tingled as his liquids flowed into her. She gulped as he moaned. The women periodically pulled their mouths away, licking their swollen and stained lips. The three vampires and their male prey intertwined on the four-poster bed of Castle Dracula, indulging animal desires.

    Reason returned to Florina's head and she remembered that there were important matters to discuss. She slapped away her sisters' hands. "Enough, enough." Levinia and Josephine whimpered, but rolled away.

    "How did I last for so long?" The man gasped. "And why do we stop?"

    Florina sat up on Jonathan's hips, making her torso an elevated focal point. "As your mind opens to our will, we turn your resolve to stone. This pleasure may last forever, but for one obstacle."

    "Point me to this obstacle," the man said. "I should destroy it for our sakes."

    Josephine's eyes widened with some revelation. "You mean for us to act against. . ." She moved to the edge of the bed and lowered a foot to the floor. "Our conspiracy was a fleeting fancy, sister."

    Levinia chewed her lip in thought. "I'm listening."

    "We're strong on this mortal man's blood. Our master is gone to the village far below, thus we are freed from the shadow that fills us with blind obedience for him." She attempted a warm smile at Jonathan below her. "Let's use this short hour to make the case to our guest."

    Josephine cradled herself and shook her head. "We'd fail. He would give us agonizing deaths beyond imagining."

    Florina flashed her fangs. "In some ways the Count is like any other creature. Is he not vulnerable while sleeping? Mr. Harker need only sneak to the Count's coffin during the day and make the first blow that weakens him enough for us to then finish him. But we must work decisively together."

    "You wish to destroy the Count?" Doubt crept across Jonathan's face. Florina felt and heard his heartbeat quicken. Josephine plucked at loose threads on a bed cover, internally shutting herself away. Florina turned to other adoptive sister, looking for support.

    "You speak true." Levinia sighed. "I shall help, if this mortal seizes that moment of bravery."

    "Do I seem like I'd be any match for such a demon?" Jonathan grunted as he tried to slide out from under Florina. "Surely he would cast my soul into the Pit."

    Florina's confidence waned. Sorrow dragged her down to lie on the bed beside the man. He may well have been their final chance for freedom, but he had failed them. Very well then, she thought. I've lived this waking death for centuries, I can do it for centuries more.

    "Pardon me, ladies." Jonathan sat up and started to button his shirt. "I must return to the guest room, before --" A draft from nowhere in particular blew out the candles on the nightstand. Everyone stiffened. Doors thudded shut somewhere below them. Florina's independent thoughts began to wither like rose petals on a winter morning, leaving instinct to dominate. Respect, fear, and desire for her master threatened to bury her former resentment for him.

    The doors to the bedroom flew open by the power of mind alone. Fog swirled and glided across the floor like a creature hunting. Was the fog carrying a statue, made to resemble a god of age and death? Florina, Josephine, and Levinia sprang to the walls and ceilings where they scampered to the shadows. Jonathan gripped his hair and muttered to himself, a man gone half-mad with fear.

    Count Dracula passed the threshold and stopped. He cradled a small bundle of cloth to his chest with those fingers of his that resembled a spider's legs. "Is your curiosity sated, Mr. Harker? Did your theories about me prove true?"

    "We beg you to let us have him," Florina said.

    "You've forgotten us lately," Levinia whined.

    The bundle stirred, and everyone heard a cooing sound. Dracula frowned up at his brides. "On the contrary, I come bearing a gift. Come feast on innocence."

    (Chapter 1 coming soon!)
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    Interesting piece.

    I came into it thinking that a Widow of Dracula, probably came into the arrangement with a reasonable expectation of never being one, only to discover that the brides are the instigators.

    Interesting that their thoughts are not so subsumed when Drac is out of the castle.

    No man for decades, and with three hungry mouths to feed, all the count brings back is a baby? Not exactly a provider, is he?

    Anyway, good one-on-one character descriptions and interactions. No red flags. Maybe a couple yellow ones.
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    Hello, and welcome to the boards, Ava G.! Horror's not normally my genre of choice, but you have a really interesting POV in Florina - I'm curious as to what her take on the Dracula tale will be.

    Thanks for sharing this, and I hope that you enjoy your time here! =D= :)
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    Not my taste but good luck. :)
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    Oooh, horror indeed if a babe is to be the next victim - I liked how Jonathan enjoyed the unexpected vigor coming from his association with the three (always liked them in the films, nameless beings notwithstanding:eek:) and how it almost made his position with the Count worth his while.=D= If this is online someplace else with further chapters, please PM! It's a good start. :):emperor: